Over 99% On-Time Heating Oil, Propane & Diesel Fuel Delivery

Delivering heating oil, propane and diesel is serious business and we are proud of our over 99% on time delivery performance. We make over a million deliveries each year.  Homeowners rely on us to make sure that they are warm on the most frigid winter days and businesses rely on us to make sure that they operate without interruption. That’s why we work hard to ensure that our fuels are delivered on time, every time.

In fact, we take it personally. You’ll see us dragging hoses over stone walls, around buildings and through 3 feet of snow.

You can choose to get your deliveries in one of two ways, automatically or will call.

Automatic Delivery

When you choose Automatic Delivery, you can take one more thing off your “to do” list. By using sophisticated computer software, we’ll predict when you’ll need your heating oil or propane and get it to you before that date.

Our program is constantly re-calculating delivery dates for our customers. If the weather gets colder, a delivery date will move up on the calendar.  And with each customer’s delivery, the software has new information to further improve its ability to predict. So it just keeps getting more accurate.

Will Call Delivery

You may choose to control when you get your fuel delivered, and in that case, opt for will call delivery. You call us — we’ll deliver.

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