Ten Tips to Conserve and Reduce Energy Consumption for Your Business

Here are ten tips from Irving Energy to help your business use less, waste less, and save more.

  1. Keep your exterior and freight doors closed as much as possible.
  2. Keep your cooling and ventilation systems tuned. Maintain a regular filter replacement and cleaning schedule, and don’t forget to check ducts and pipe insulation.
  3. Replace old fluorescent lights with newer, more efficient models with electronic ballasts (such as retrofit T12 lights with magnetic ballasts to T8 lights and electronic ballasts).
  4. Keep evaporator coils clean and free of ice build-up with regular maintenance. Check levels of oil and refrigerant.
  5. Purchase insulated cooking equipment whenever possible (e.g., fryers, ovens, coffee machines).
  6. Preheat cooking equipment no longer and at no higher setting than the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  7. Fully load cooking equipment to use energy efficiently. However, be careful not to overload beyond the recommended capacity.
  8. Keep refrigerators full. A full refrigerator retains the cold longer and will cycle on less frequently.
  9. Using a laptop computer instead of a desk-top system can save 80-90% in electrical cost.
  10. Install lighting occupancy sensors that automatically turn lights on or off, depending on occupancy. These sensors work well in areas such as conference rooms, break rooms or individual offices that are not occupied continuously.


These tips were taken from the following websites: District of Columbia department of the environment, the California Energy commission, and Salt River power’s “energy savings tips for business.

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