Enter to Win Free Heating Oil or Propane by Telling Us Your Summer Plans

Winter 2010-2011 was cold and harsh. But with summer in full swing it’s time to forget the snow and bitter winds and think about where you’re going this summer. Let us know your summer plans and you could win a free tank of heating oil or propane.

Please only provide your first name and do not provide any information that you do not want to be made public. Your comment will become public in our comments section.

You must tell us your summer plans in your comment to enter. We will reward someone with a free tank of heating oil or propane. The winner must have a delivery location within our service area, and please make sure to review the contest rules for either the US or Canada. Thank you for participating and good luck!

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1,585 responses to “Enter to Win Free Heating Oil or Propane by Telling Us Your Summer Plans”

  1. Robin says:

    My front yard is right on the Bay. I plan to sit on my deck and just enjoy the scenery.

  2. Dave says:

    Took a week long, family trip in mid-July to Baltimore Maryland, and Washington DC. We drove the 8hrs(probably never do that again), saw 2 Red Sox Games in Baltimore. Camden Yards is even better in person. Toured the Inner Harbour, Aquarium, and the hotel were we stayed, is also where the visiting MLB teams stay. Had a Red Sox celebrity sighting while we were there.
    In D.C., saw all the Monuements, toured The White House, and a personal tour of The Capitol, also visited Annapolis. Had great weather, but a little too hot. Broke 100deg. everyday.

  3. Susan says:

    I live in the most beautiful province + Prince Edward Island – to spend summer. so this is where I will walk on the beach in the evenings before sunset.

  4. Tonya says:

    we have done lots of different things this summer…from daily beach trips to riding the motorcycle to white water rafting and camping, going to weddings and bbqs, spending lots of time with our friends as we cant afford to take time off for vacation so we are busy every weekend doing something…lots of functions still planned right through to the first weekend in October…that might be a little cooler though….

  5. john says:

    We saved money over the course of last summer,and took our first family vacation in almost 20 years.my wife and I and my son took a tour bus trip across the western usa.we stayed in several places for a day at a time,saw lots of awesome sights,and met alot of great people.This was a great experience for my family,and at a price that dont kill your budget.

  6. Dawn says:

    Getting used to retirement and a really warm summer; wondering what kind of winter we will have after all this. Looking forward to Fall because it is so beautiful in New England in September especially. Always fun to have a beach day in September though!

  7. Donna says:

    We decided since things were tight money wise this summer to stick as close to home as possible. We spent many days with our 2 kids at the beach. We went camping in Brackley, campfires in our own backyard, visiting family, air show, Charlottetown for day trip, anything to make our kids feel like they were on an adventure. It seems to have worked!! They’ve told me they are having a GREAT summer! As long as we do things together as a family, our kids are happy. Sounds like we’ve succeeded!! Thanks Irving for the gas to help us along the way!

  8. Jennifer says:

    We have spent our summer taking little trips due to the economy. Long weekends have been spent venturing to our honeymoon spot in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, the races in Oxford Plains Raceway, Oxford, Maine, and soon to the Great State of Maine Airshow, Brunswick, Maine. It’s such a beautiful state with so much to do! Of course, most of our summer has been spent BBQing on the grill at home using Irving propane. Campfires in the backyard have also become popular again!!!

  9. Lucy says:

    I am a single mom spending my summer working three jobs. My daughter did get to go on two real vacations this summer with her Grandmother to the beach, and PA with her former babysitter. So happy she got to do that. Thanks for all of you who helped make this happen.

  10. Debbie says:

    We spent the Summer Vacation home relaxing, went to Hampton Beach 4th of July weekend, bought a Patio set and enjoyed a Family cookout..what more could you ask for…

  11. Wesley says:

    We just wrapped up the fair season for the 4-H Dairy Group I am a leader of. Now I plan on working on my gardens and getting my produce saved up for the winter. I’m also planning on being busy with selling Christmas Trees this winter…Hope everyone enjoys what’s left of the summer!

  12. Nancy says:

    Lots of time near water.. riding my horse, floating in tubes, kayaking and beaching!

  13. Kathleen says:

    I have really enjoyed my summer. The flowers and schrubs were all so beautiful. Went to Maine and the Cape. Will go again to Maine in September.

  14. Melyssa says:

    Spending a lot of time with friends: swimming, picnics, camp fires, and relaxing!

  15. Nicole says:

    We’re spending the summer settling into our new home, and preparing for the arrival of our baby in the fall!

  16. Lise says:

    I’m planning to go to St-Georges de Beauce for my cousin’s wedding and then spending time with family in Quebec city 🙂

  17. Marie says:

    Spending the summer enjoying the company of family and friends. We stay close to home and enjoy all that New Hampshire has to offer from the mountains to the ocean. In addition, our daughter has autism and this time of year allows her the opportunity to learn from being out and about in the wonderful environment New Hampshire has to offer. Another wonderful summer in the Granite State.

  18. Joe says:

    We are really enjoying our first summer in Ludlow. There are lots of things to do an/or nothing to do! Happy to be here.

  19. Sarah says:

    Getting through the rest of the summer without any more rainy, cloudy, humid days would be nice. I’m still hoping to do some museum visits in Annapolis Royal, and just generally pretend I’m a tourist although I live a short bus ride away.

  20. Theresa says:

    Having lost our parents and older sibling, those of us who remain have started an annual celebration of family and life – Tomida. Named in honor of our parents – Tom and Ida, the event is focused on sharing memories and create new ones with our own grown children and each other. It is a time to stop to appreciate the sacrifices our parents made – long days and nights working in mills, going without so that we could have…to remember the love that bonds families together through the ups and downs and celebrate new milestones. Tomida 2011 was held at the Balsams. This summer Tomida included a celebration of our brother Micheal’s 50th with laughs and love. How lucky are we to have each other?

  21. Marie says:

    Just taking it easy this summer, with the economy the way it is.

  22. pierre says:

    LAST WINTER WAS SO BAD, We’re taking in as much SUN as possible. 1 week at the beach and the rest in the back yard. Trying to save enough money to buy the oil for this winter. Thru Irving, Of Course!

  23. Jon says:

    My summer vacation plans are to do lot’s of little weekends here and there, hiking, biking,
    swimming, canoeing, kayaking, motorcycling and whitewater rafting.. and finish the 48 NH
    4k peaks for the second time!

  24. Sandra says:

    Spending the summer in the oldest town in Canada just outside of historic Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia with its beautiful victorian ginger bread houses and valley crops. A tank of fuel would be a great blessing for our own 150 year old victorian house!

  25. Jacqueline says:

    The summer is almost over.This year we wanted to go to France to visit my 95 year old mother ,but so many things happened we did not make it ,we still hope to go in September.

  26. Mari says:

    My boyfriend and I bought a VERY old pontoon boat with a VERY VERY old motor.. we got it for less than you’d pay for a 1987Ford F150 today. We taught ourselves to fix the engine over the months of May and June, we learned how to patch holes and put down rug, how to back up and steer, and officially launched it in July … no seats, no frills, no bimini… just beach umbrellas and folding chairs…:) it’s the BEST !!!! We’re on the lake every weekend that we can afford the gas!!! Skipped all our “drive to the beach” Saturdays for this, and it’s worth it!!!!

  27. Scott says:

    Week one is a staycation. Week two off to Cape Breton! Hoping for good weather!!

  28. Mike says:

    Traveling to Acadia National Park to camp, bike and hike. Looking to tidepool and eat lots of seafood. Of course on our way stop for gas at Irving stations and use my rewards card for extra discounts.

  29. Anne says:

    I am planning on going to New Hampshire to attend my niece’s wedding.

  30. Mike says:

    We will be going to Indian Head Resort in Lincoln N.H. This place is a lot of fun to go to. There are many place to visit and enjoy in this part of the White Mountains. We have been there several timesand look forward to our next visit.

  31. eliza says:

    I am going to walk and ride my horse and enjoy the beautiful, soothing, grey rainy days!

  32. Emily says:

    I can’t wait to spend time with my two little nephews (one is three and a half and the other is three months old) this summer! Our family always goes away together on Labour Day weekend and it is something we all look forward to all year. Lets cross our fingers for some good beach weather!

  33. Jeanette says:

    A staycation for us this year. Went to Weirs Beach and Six Flags in Agawam. Beautiful weather…Thanks for the opportunity!

  34. Kris says:

    I’ve been enjoying the wonderful summer weather here in Maine and traveling to various parts of the state–literally Fort Kent to Kittery –to check out various local fairs, festivals, and other events.

  35. Winnie says:

    We did a two week camping excursion through the midwest, we explored all five great lakes.

  36. Jason says:

    Lots of camping around NL, fishing and a quick 3 day getaway to New York!

  37. Pat says:

    Went to Montreal to see a Paul McCartney concert! Going to Old Orchard Beach soon….can’t wait to feel the warm sand between my toes!

  38. Darlene says:

    Our summer began with taking 5 days to go camping in Maine. We tried this new campground(to us) and had a ball. My 13 year old son took a friend and had do much fun riding bikes around and meeting new kids all the time. The fireworks were perfect because you could see them from our campsite at Old Orchard Beach. They were beautiful! Than we took a week vacation up to Wells Maine. This is our 5 year season at this campground and it is wonderful. My son met a boy from Conneticut 3 years ago and they till keep in touch through out the year and try to be up there the same week. Had great week and than we went to a Fishercats game which was awesome. We will be attending the Thunderbirds air show this weekend at Pease. On Monday we will be going to of course Canobie Lake park! Than it will be back to reality and school soon enough. Well that is our summer so far!!

  39. john says:

    Went on a cruise, doing lots of fresh and salwater fishing. Going to vacay in maine. Going camping in maine too.

  40. anne says:

    I broke my leg in April, had surgery , still wearing a brace but walk with a walker so my summer has been a stay at home with doctor visits monthly and now Physical therapy so that is my tale of woe.Missed the wonderful weather.

  41. John says:

    We are spending most of our time in the outdoors either on our property or the woods close to home or swimming & playing at nearby beaches, it’s excellant therapy for our son who has a rare sensory condition .

  42. Al says:

    Doing some flyfishing in the warm weather.

  43. Don says:

    Enjoying the warm days, clear waters and fresh air in New England.

  44. Vivian says:

    My husband and i are staying home this summer as we are adding two rooms to our home.

  45. Robin says:

    Taking long weekends and spending time with our son this summer. Hopefully a weekend getaway or two!

  46. Judy says:

    Spending time at the beach, renovating my home library, seeing extended family members as they return home for vacation

  47. DAVE says:

    Spending time relaxing on the coast of Maine enjoying the food and views.

  48. Neil Rooney says:

    Fun in the sun while it lasts in Vermont!

  49. joseph says:

    i went out to monanta and show yellowstone park for my first time it was great to see all those animals like bisson,bears .eagles,wolfs,coyatos,and mooses .i love it see all the old mines and we saw nevade idaho wymaning its was beautifull scenicers and stuff and we enjoyed t with our family too ty very much

  50. Denise says:

    Getting ready to travel from the US to New Brunswick to visit family — always the highlight of the year!

  51. Kellie says:

    We will be spending lots of time at the beach and family time with our great kids.

  52. Donna says:

    It’s so beautiful around here in the summer that we will be enjoying the local sights of St. Martin’s and Fundy National Park.

  53. Valerie says:

    We will be spending a week at a camp in Maine, just a mile from the ocean, eating lots of good seafood.

  54. Doug says:

    Lucky enough to be taking a 10 day Northern European cruise to visit Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Russia, Finland and Sweden. First time in a very long time my wife and I will take more than just 1 week of summer vacation and we will be celebrating our 27th Anniversary while on board. Should be an amazing trip. Lots of memories to help us get through the coming winter.

  55. Lorraine says:

    My husband and I spent a considerable amount of time enjoying our grandchildren.We also did alot of gardening and are planning to do even more.

  56. Mike says:

    My wife and I will take a windjammmer cruse off the cost of Maine.

  57. Carolyne says:

    I planned and completed a Habitat for Humanity build in Kisii, Kenya.
    It was by far the greatest experience of my 54 years and hope to do it again some day.

  58. wes says:

    Flew to Saskatchewan to daughters wedding. At home now to work in my wife’s take-out and do yard work.

  59. Taryn says:

    I will be working all summer trying to save up sone money for September. Hopefully will be back to school in Sept.

  60. Don says:

    We are vacationing at home and are entertaining our Grandchildren who come to visit every summer. They all love for Grampie to take them boating and fishing and love Grammie’s great food.

  61. Julie says:

    I will be acting as a shuttle service for my two children !! Between swim lessons, sailing lessons, soccer camp, playdates and day trips I will be spending a lot of time on the road. But we love all the summer activities and busyness!!

  62. Allison says:

    STAYCATION! Work schedules have kept us close to home this year. Enjoying family get togethers, barbeques, firepit roasting marshmallows, picnics in the park, lobster boil, local pools and short trips to some of the beautiful places New Brunswick has to offer! Very economical! Loving the variety of weather, has been a nice mixture of everything! This is why we live and love the EAST COAST!

  63. Michael says:

    Hello we will be camping and kayaking up north at lake umbabog fishing in the north country enjoying the beautiful outdoor and so far the summer has been awsum a couple more camping trips will finish the summer in full swing enjoy!!!

  64. Margaret says:

    My husband and I will be taking our grandson to camp alone for the very first time! We’re all very excited. And he’s excited to show us how he can swim without floats!

  65. marjorie says:

    We plan to take in as many local music concerts as we can manage…..bluegrass, country, blues, what ever comes along…….also doing a bit of camping.

  66. suzanne says:

    Well, I will be working like crazy. Single mom, have not had a vacation in forever, but I will enjoy floating on the beautiful lakes in our area, walks in the woods with the dog and some trips to the beach!

  67. Christine says:

    We are spending the summer at our “new to us”camp on the lake.We are there as often as possible and are enjoying every minute of the summer months!

  68. Dave says:

    With my box camper and pulling a Bucc 18 sail boat I visit RV parks in the Maritimes that have a boat ramp to rivers, lakes and harbors in the Maritimes. Watch for my blue hull. Let’s go sailing!

  69. Tammy says:

    I live in beautiful Alton NH. Staying home and enjoying what we work so hard for all year round is my idea of a perfect vacation. Home is paradise to me.

  70. Trisha says:

    We are planning to take the family to Marshfeild,MA and do some surfing and then drive to the deepest woods in Maine and live off the land for a week. No running water or cabin just us and mother nature. Then we are going to North Carolina to move my sister home to Boston.Should be a fun filled month of August.

  71. Ken says:

    Going to the beach with grandkids.

  72. Tim says:

    We planned a trip to Ontario this summer. Spent time with family & friends, visited the Toronto zoo, Ontario Place and had a great time.

  73. Michael says:

    Thus far, our summer has been spent with family and friends at weddings and on vacation in both Canada and the US!

  74. ken says:

    we are planning to go to P.E.I. this summer like all the summers before but this year i have a new jayco camper wictch will be a new exparance because i had a pinch nerve in my back and could not walk for two months so i couldnt use tent anymore so camper will be better.. and i am walking better now just cant do the tent anymore…. thank you

  75. Ann says:

    Summer spent at our 65 year old family cottage on the Northumberland Strait. Friends and family always welcome. Fourth generation now using it.

  76. Patricia says:

    Every summer we explore differnet area’s of NL and take in some of the amazings sights. This year we also planned a Vegas vacation…Gotta love the heat!

  77. Bill says:

    Staying home, enjoying the warm weather and all the things to do around here!

  78. Shelley says:

    Vacation at home with new above ground pool!

  79. Jim says:

    going honor a family commitment and take the kids to Disney before they leave for university, since my daughter is off this fall…………off we go to see the Mouse!


  80. laura says:

    upkeep and improvements to the yard and deck.
    spending time with my children taking day trips and floating on the lake.
    Not taking any vacations so I can focus on paying off any and all debt.
    Not much fun, but necessary in this day and age.

  81. Charity says:

    My husband and I operate a non-profit children’s summer camp, so we spend the summers playing with kids and singing campfire songs!

  82. Jana says:

    We are planning to stay close to home for the summer. Spend time with family & friends & explore NL scenics 🙂

  83. roger says:

    Have taken a vacation to Vancouver and attented the first two games there between the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston. A second trip was taken from Grand Bay-Westfield to Cape Cod and return. Visisted the Kennedy Estate and compound at Hiannais Port and the Pilgrim Monument at the tip of the Cape. Also vilsited Plymouth Rock en route upon return to N. B.

  84. Kathy says:

    Doing a “Stay cation ” as of the high cost of fuel, can not afford to go far… The new word of the Day is “STAYCATIO”

  85. Paul says:

    Heading north the Acadia National park for a week of outdoor activites.

  86. Liz says:

    Building closets for our twin boys and 3 year old. Then taking a break and going to the seacost to the beach for a day or two then up to the white mountain area to storyland and few places up there. Also, going to see a few Fishercats game in Manchester with the boys, especially since they are big baseball fans. Just trying to enjoy each and everyday to the best we can as a family.

  87. Tammy says:

    It’s been a hard spring and early summer with the loss of some very dear friends and family. I plan to spend my summer enjoying what’s important … life … where ever it may take me but right here in the good ol’ maritimes. There is so much to see right here!

  88. Frances says:

    Attending my grand daughter,s wedding atPeggy,s Cove. Hoping I will have some visitors ,due to a recent stroke it is hard for me to go far and I love company. Sitting outside watching the birds at my birdfeeder and tending to my flower baskets.

  89. Frances says:

    Iwill be attending my granddaughter,s wedding at Indian Harbour Peggy,s Cove .Hoping company will come to visit me as I have had a recent stroke and can not go too far but love to have family and friends visit. Love to watch the birds at the bird feeder and tend to my flowers.

  90. Dorothy says:

    1st half of vacation was having overseas friends stay for almost a week. 2nd half of vacation will be in September when we go to Norfolk, VA. Also gearing up for being 1st-time grandparents in early November.

  91. Kathi says:

    My summer plans are to clean the basement so I can get to the oil tank from the inside!

  92. Phil says:

    Plan to spend Two weeks in a Cottage in Shediac N.B.
    Swim , sun , and relax .

  93. Bob says:

    My wife and I have been bringing teenage grandchildren to Maine for their summer vacations.
    Leaving Georgia and Alabama for the clear air and cool waters of mid coast Maine has been a delight for them and a treat for us.

  94. Elizabeth says:

    Going to the beach to relax, play with the kids and dig our toes in the sand.

  95. Chuck & Polly says:

    Have our furnce and hot water heater cleaned by Irving!
    Go campng a lot!

  96. Katelyn says:

    My husband built our 2 1/2 year old a tree house and we also have a new baby to keep us busy. Probably just fun in the sun at home and lots of ice cream!!!

  97. Bill says:

    Family with grandchildren coming from Alberta in August for two week visit.

  98. Shirley says:

    Staying in beautiful Nova Scotia this summer & plan to enjoy some of the many features of the area– beaches, sailing, gardens, vineyards, family & friends.

  99. Margie says:

    Summer plans are to continue enhancing our back yard with transpalnted wild flowers and small trees and flowers from gardening shops. We also added a second raised garden and quickly found out one does not need very many snap and snow pea plants to create a on ! LOL We have a humming bird feeder right in our bay window and are treated to an up close view of these beauties everyday. I guess you could say our summer plans are to spend it in our corner of heaven.

  100. Carol says:

    Being a caregiver for my husband, my mom, and my cat, all of whom have serious health issues. They say things happen in threes, so I’m done. Looking forward to a break, and maybe attending the League of New Hampshire Craftmen’s Fair in August for a day, while grabbing a quick dip in Lake Sunapee. Trying to eat more fresh fruit and vegies, keep in shape, but am still yearning for that twin lobster dinner with drawn butter……

  101. Laurie says:

    For me, this summer includes Brugge, Ghent and Antwerp on the other side of the Atlantic for two weeks, and Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine on this side for the remaining weeks before school starts again. In between traveling and events, I will prepare to teach 7th and 8th graders in the fall!

  102. Betty says:

    This summer I have set aside for visits all around our beautiful province… Cape Breton to see relatives; the South Shore, Summerville and Carter’s Beaches; PEI to bike with friends and visit The Dunes; and the Annapolis Valley with my grandchildren. Living in Halifax, I can host family and friends who want to take in some of the great events this summer. I never leave NS at this time of year if I can help it!

  103. Dwight says:

    Painting the house and deck and planning a visit to Ontario to visit family.

  104. Michael says:

    Teaching course in Borden, Ont. Heat here is unbareable at times. Can’t wait to get back to Cape Breton to be with family.

  105. Steven says:

    Was at Five Islands Provincial Park to do some weekend camping, now I’m in Matachewan, Ontario for 5 months – Working not camping. Can’t wait to get back to Halifax.

  106. Joyce says:

    I plan to stay in the maritimes this summer, it is to lovely to leave anyway.

  107. Jim says:

    Enjoying these sunny weekends in the garden and on bike rides…trips to the beach and our local lake are a bonus, too.

  108. Juliw says:

    My husband and I will be travelling to Lake Placid New York where he will be participating in his first Ironman Triathalon

  109. Fred says:

    Spend my summer in beautiful Heart’s Content sailing in the harbour,catching cod and strolling thru the woods picking bakeapples blueberries and partridge berries.

  110. April says:

    Well Summer 2011 has been amazing first place i went was Summerside, then I went to the Miramichi both very beautiful places now my children and i and my 2 Great Danes will explore Quebec and then maybe down to maine then i will be back up to Saint John NB and final destination will be Fredericton. Hope everyone has a beautiful relaxing and enjoyable summer 2011.

  111. Heather says:

    Best memories for the summer of 2011!!! My parents came up from North Carolina for a week to spend some time with our family. We setup a 10×10 camping tent in our basement for the kids to camp out in while their grandparents were staying with us. The kids had a blast!

    Imagine…our house was full to the brim….6 adults, 4 children, 5 dogs, one bunny, one hamster!!! Laughter echoed the hallways. We spent the beautiful week playing in the sun and water. You know…when it really comes down to it….family is all that matters!

  112. Jenn says:

    Enjoying Maine! I like to tour where I live–so driving from the coast to the mountains. Great place to live and vacation!

  113. Linda says:

    Went to Montana to visit uncle. Pretty relaxing Long walks with dog, sitting in the front yard and seeing the trucks go by on Rt 200, gazing at the nearby hills, hoping to spot elusive Bighorn sheep. Driving to and from Kalispell, and watching the clouds hang in the valleys.

  114. James says:

    Going up to North Conway NH and the white mts

  115. Kevin says:

    With a one year old baby trips have to be planned much more than they used to. But weekends on the beach and one or two trips within Nova Scotia or to N.B. or PEI and spending as much quality time with family as possible and its a full summer!

  116. Wayne says:

    Spending Valuable family time and also heading to Barry ON to visit Falily.

  117. Vanessa says:

    We will be heading to PEI to the Rodd Resort thanks to a deal a great friend here in Moncton got us for the long weekend and then in the middle of August we will take a road trip up to Quebec to spend a week with our children for some R & R and hopefully make it safe and sound through all the waterslides at Val Cartier 🙂 All this doesn’t include the regular weekend trips to Parlee Beach and Sandy Beach in Shediac, N.B. I hope everyone has a safe and happy summer

  118. Don says:

    It may not sound very exiting to others, but I plan to repair the sun-porch roof on our “new” house this summer. At the same time, I will be upgrading the insulation in order to make the house a cosier home. I also will try to extend the roof so that we will have a new veranda to sit out on and enjoy the weather and all the wild critters that frequent our little piece of heaven. After years of travelling all over the place, right now , there’s no place like home !

  119. Brent says:

    We are doing “staycations” this summer because the Maritimes have so much to offer. Have been to Brier Island and the Northumberland Shore so far this summer and are planning a trip to Prince Edward Island and further overnights in Pictou County.

  120. susan says:

    Road trip to United States and Port Elgin , Ontario from Nova Scotia…lots of sightseeing, shopping and to end it off a beautiful wedding..

  121. Linda says:

    Spending time just enjoying my yard and the nearby lake.

  122. cindy says:

    Hanging out with my 4 kids and husband. Maybe just a few relaxing beach days

  123. Denise says:

    We were planing to go to Lake Champlain on t6he Harley. Until We had a motorcycle accident 2 weeks ago. now wour summer has ended due to injures, and no money coming in.

  124. Janet says:

    is vacationing in Cape Breton at her family cottage

  125. mayleen says:

    We went to visit a friend in Haliax and we really have a good trip. Lots of fun. Gone to P.E.I. for a couple days. Visit Green Gables. Dressed like one.

  126. Theresa says:

    Upon our 1st retirement year, moving back home to New Brunswick after being away for 32 years, we are planning a staycation taking many mini road trips appreciating this beautiful province. Hopewell Rocks, St. Martins, Mactaquac, Kings Landing, Reversing Falls, beaches, trails, exhibitions, summer concerts, the list goes on and on places to discover, explore and events to enjoy. There are so many places and things to do for all ages, why go anywhere else.

  127. James says:

    We are planning a trip to Pennsylvania where we plan to watch the Pennsylvania 500 Nascar race in the Poconos. The rest of the week we are planning to visit Hershey Park, Dutch Wonderland, and visit some Philadalphia Historic sites. After Philadalphia we plan to visit with my Aunt and Uncle in NewJersey; we havn’t seen since our wedding 11 years ago. We plan to head back up the east coast and make a stop at the Museum of Science in Boston. After our visit there we are heading to Portsmouth, NH where we conclude out vacation by watching the Thunderbirds perform at Pease Trade Port

  128. Susie says:

    Spending time at the beach on Nova Scotia’s beautiful south shore. Can’t be beat!

  129. Leon says:

    We took a ferry fron Nfld to Nova Scota, then drove to Bangor Maine. The next 5 days were spent driving to Seattle Washington to visit Daughter #1 Then another drive to Coos Bay Oregon to visit #1 Son, then it was on to Bend Oregon to visit daughter #2 (left her the car to replace hers) We then flew down to Ontario Calif. to visit daughter #3. Due to a divorce at an early age, I had not seen #3 for 48 years, It was a fantastic reunion with all the “Kids” we then took the grandson who had accompanied us from Nfld. to Disneyland, the next day we bought a new Dodge Ram and Drove back to the Border at St Stevens. being retired is great because we had the time to do all this. PS: We used Irving stations whenever we could, and we have been Propane customers for the past 2 years.

  130. Janet says:

    I have been busy getting my house cleaned out. I am in the process of downsizing and have accumulated a lot of “good stuff” throughout the years. The sorting and recycling is most important to me but a little overwhelming at times. I’m planning a trip to Maine to visit the “Puffins” and my friends who live up there. I also will be traveling to New Mexico.

  131. Jenn says:

    So far this summer has been one of the best yet. I’ve spent days by the pool with my friends, gone to a few concerts and comedy shows, and have also enjoyed relaxing on Hampton Beach. Last weekend I drove down to New York state, and went boating on the Hudson River with my aunt. Before the summer ends I plan on going up to Lake Winnipesaukee with some friends for a weekend, and also take a camping trip on the Saco River.

  132. Kim says:

    Travelling to Jost Vineyards in Nova Scotia. Spending time with friends and family. Beach trips.


    Planning my wedding that is this September!

  133. Michael says:

    This is a new home with propane in-floor heating as primary, built with an ICF foundation and highly energy efficient. I’ve utilized Irving Oil for my energy needs for years and years and have always had a collaborative, objective, cooperative relationship. Given that I lost my job in December 2010 and the need to finish up, landscape, and organize and job hunt now that I am moved in, my Summer is limited. I’m busy with that, helping my neighbour who is also building, accommodating friends from Ontario with a place to stay for a few days, kayaking on the river beside my house, feeding the birds and chipmunks, entertaining two house cats, visiting folks who lost loved-ones this year, reading the bible & reflecting on God’s word, and working at helping the community. That’s it. Since success in this world is measured by opulence, I’m unsuccessful and ‘unopulent’ but trusting in providence and happy. The sun, fresh air, water, flowers and animals are my friends and get topped off with some healthy food and beverage and a sigh of gratitude. Blessings to everyone and have a very happy day !!!

  134. John says:

    My wife and I went on a trip to Alaska in late June. We saw bears, eagles, moose, sheep, caribou, a wolf, and a lady who put her mittens on an electric heater and almost burned down her cabin! We kayaked to a active “calving” glacier and saw humpback whales making a “bubblenet” to catch fish. A pod of Orcas swam leisurely across the bow of our boat on the way home. All in all, great sights and landscapes!

  135. Hubert says:

    Spending quality time with grandkids on our boat & at the beach.

  136. Scott says:

    This Summer we spent most of our time in our new home making it ours doing renovations and enjoying our nice big backyard with the kids and our puppy , Took a few days trips to moncton and fredricton and to a few beaches and such , just trying to enjoy the summer as we have long sometimes harsh winters:)

  137. Tom says:

    My in-laws came up from the south to visit us a few weeks ago. We went all over our state seeing the sights and the historical areas. A grand time – specially since they footed the bills. 🙂

  138. Anna says:

    My husband and I went to Newfoundland this July to attend my childhood friend’s wedding. She had to move to NFLD for her job and met the love of her life. We also had another friend from Toronto meeting us there so it was going to be a great get together, celebrating , reminising and laughing about old times. There was no place we would of rather been then with our friend on her special day. We had a wonderful time celebrating with our friend, her family from NB ,her husband, and his family, boy those newfoundlanders love to party. Newfoundland was absolutley breathtaking to see and we will definately be back to visit again. We also made our way to the famous George St. and got “Screeched In” we kissed the cod and now are honorary Newfoundlanders. It was one of the best adventures we had this summer.

  139. June says:

    Taking a motorcycle trip threw New Hampshire with some very good friends, then on to Boston, to take in a Ball game, see some sights, then take our time coming back home, stopping wherever we feel like. Then getting ready for a End of summer Party Horseshoe Tournament, and BBQ at our house will all our friends and Family. Can’t Wait. And of Course spending lots of time with my wonderful husband.

  140. Travis says:

    My wife, 4 year old daughter and I spend as much time as possible at our extended family’s cottage on the lake. We keep our camper parked there for most of the season and thoroughly enjoy the time with all our friends and family as well as adjoining lot owners. Our summer revolves around camping with all our friends.

  141. Robin says:

    Hi, I am planning to enjoy our State of New Hampshire this summer. With hopes to climb a few mountains with my four children. While climbing I hope to eat wild blueberries. We also would like to experience many beach days, along with swimming in our local rivers and lakes. I also have a family trip planned to go to New York City, to go to the MET. Summer never seems long enough. With all that we hope to do, I also hope to just have time to relax before the cold winter days are upon us.
    Thanks Robin 🙂

  142. Lindsey says:

    we went camping out Big salmon river and hiking for a few days. Plan on visiting grandpa in Ontaio if we save our money. Went to the movies and will go carting next week hopefully. Pretty laid back vacation, but we have a lot of fun, doesn’t cost a lot of money.

  143. April says:

    I am heading home to Newfoundland from Bangor, Maine to introduce my in-laws to The Rock!

  144. Patty says:

    Sightseeing through the White Mountains, working on the house, spending time with my family, and planning something for our 30th wedding anniversary in Aug.

  145. Donald says:

    We’ve had a great visit to Tucson Az to visit our family their. The desert is beautiful and very hot. We’ll be happy to be back in Maine and take trips to the beach

  146. Carrie says:

    It’s been a busy summer thus far in our New England household. Yesterday marked the two year anniversary of buying our first home together so we celebrated with a family bbq. We’ve been entertaining company often this season and it has surely kept us busy. We LOVE hosting our family and friends and having them near is wonderful! The biggest project for us this summer is rebuilding our small carriage barn. My husband builds post & beam style buildings and our barn is the first project he’s been able to do for ourselves. We’re thrilled and cannot wait to see the new frame rise up. Lot’s of hard labor will have gone into this project by autumn’s end and it will all be worth it. Along with four weddings in total from June to September and with a trip planned to Rehoboth beach in early September we’ll have had our fair share of a fun filled summer and be looking forward to the calm that the fall brings each year.

  147. Paula says:

    Our family is going camping locally in Freedom, NH. Our bikes, boat and fishing poles, along with our very tired bodies are packed and ready to relax and enjoy s’mores by the campfire. But most of all we are truly excited to spend time together!

  148. Laureen says:

    I just returned from a week in Ontario with my sister and her son along with my son. We visited Ottawa, Oshawa, Hamilton and Niagara Falls. Now back in Cape Breton and waiting for my family to come and visit me. Looking forward to fun times and great memories.

  149. Cathie says:

    We enjoy geocaching and go as often as we can. This great activity gets us outside, takes us to places we might otherwise not go to, and is a wonderful way to exercise and have fun all at the same time.

  150. Flo says:

    Just spend a week in PEI with the family playing golf. Managed to play 7 games without getting wet from the rain. Plan to do more travelling in NS while attending festivals.

  151. Blaise says:

    The family is off to Guelph Ontario July 28th to spend the day with the Stanley Cup as my wife’s
    neice is married to one of the Boston Bruins.Will also vist Canada’s Woderland!!!!

  152. Ed says:

    Have been doing a little of everything such as,$-wheeling;fishing;boating;and spending a lot of time getting to adventure around the new and beautiful area we recently moved to in NH.Hit Hampton beach once for a day and planning to go again w/hopes to spend a few days. I need not say as all of us are doing,enjoying not having to pay for heat due to its summer!

  153. Kelly says:

    Enjoying cottage life on the Amherst shore this summer…swimming, walking on the sand flats when the tide is out and enjoying friends during the day, family dinners and roasting marshmellows at the bonfire at night. Pure heaven!

  154. Eva says:

    We are spending a lot of time swimming in the Saco River in Conway N.H.. Then we will be spending a week in Tennessee white water rafting down the Big Pigeon River. We will also be canoeing with family and friends, enjoying them every chance we get. Living in beautiful N.H. (USA) their are always so many fun things to do!

  155. Bill says:

    Were going to stay close to home this year…we sacrificed a trip to Cuba 6+ years ago and put it toward a pool in our back yard and we haven’t looked back. Was one of the best investments we ever made. We’ll gather with friends and familly around the pool and enjoy the summer.

  156. Donald says:

    What do 82-year olds do? Bicycle, run, hike, garden, sleep.

  157. Amy says:

    My husband and I plan on travelling around Atlantic Canada. Perhaps the Cabot Trail or PEI. We plan on packing the car, grabbing our dog and seeing what is in our backyard.

  158. Linda says:

    Busy as usual! Retired just means you pick the things to do in your day, gardening, taking the grandsons to swimming class, going on a three day road trip to PEI with a friend, keeping the dogs groomed and cool, cooking for our house guests, visiting my Mum and family , seeing the sights, going on a deep sea fishing trip with my daughter and her sons, seeing outdoor theatre and the list goes on…….never a dull moment ! ENJOY LIFE

  159. Crystal says:

    Enjoying each day to the fullest. Swimming, picnics, birthdays, festivals, sports, camping and drag racing. Then after all our fun tucking the kids into bed at night and resting up for tomorrows adventure, whatever that may be.

  160. Tom says:

    We’re loving the summer weather and heading to Bar Harbor for vacation. Still thinking about our upcoming heating oil bills : (

  161. Barbara says:

    Our summer plans include lots of fresh air, food and fun. We plan on picking as many raspberries and blueberries as our freezer will hold so that we may enjoy the taste of summer in the winter months to come. Also we plan on getting lots of gardening done, with a new tree planted in our yard in memory of my son Scott who died on Memorial Day, we created a new garden space to be filled with transplanted annuals from around our yard and other gardens. And fun is easy to have in the summer with my 3 year old grandson around. Lots of pretend playing, walks, explorations and even some outdoor concerts. No need to take a vaction in the summertime away from Vermont, it’s the best place to be for me and my family.

  162. Kathy says:

    Well…seeings how Summer in Maine has just begun, Lots of Weddings, Reunions, Bike trips are planned and if the weather holds out, we should be able to accomplish all of them!

  163. stella says:

    i plan to spend a couple weeks at our trailer on the beautiful gulf shore in pugwash

  164. Sarah says:

    Spending time at the beach with my daughter!

  165. philip says:

    we just came back from Lincoln NH and boy was the weather hot! We found a great local river with a wonderful natural water slide into the cool Pemi River.
    What a nice week!

  166. Cindy says:

    We started collecting camping gear from friends and when it went on sale over the years. The tent, sleeping bags, cooler etc., fit on the back of out two motorcycles. We go camping in Canada’s parks a few times a Summer. In August, some friends put together an annual music festival at their cottage. Every year more people come. A hundred of us will camp and most will play or sing all night. You won’t find this festival in any guide book but the music is better than you’ll find in any pub anywhere. It’s the high point of our summer every year.

  167. Christopher says:

    We’ll be doing a little camping…we love camping. Also , a trip to Gettysburg and seeing some cousins.

  168. Eric says:

    We plan to stay home in beautiful PEI for the summer months, a bit of travel can be done when summer is over and we start using Irving Oil for heat. (which is a great provider with excellent service).

  169. shane says:

    I plan on spending a lot of time on my motorcycle.

  170. Raymond says:

    Having a couple weeks off and spending it with my beautiful wife just one day at a time.

  171. DAN says:


  172. Michael says:

    No far away trips planned this year. We are really enjoying our home in New Hampshire, with our new barn, our horses, two barn cats and dog.

  173. Paul says:

    Flew with my wife and daughter to Toronto, rented a car and did an awesome sightseeing tour around the Great Lakes going through Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Ontario. Spent the last few days in Toronto visiting the sights like the amazing CN Tower. Noticed that in the US they use 10% ethanol in the gasoline. Home with our 2 dogs for rest of the summer.

  174. Diane says:

    I am a widow[14 months now] and i plan on attending 2 weddings of 2 dear friends, one in truro and one in Liverpool. I have the most fantastic family God has ever given any-one.One son and one daughter and each one has 2 beautiful sons, so i am a grand-mother to 4. Lucky me. They include me in all their plans . Visits to the Island[PEI} and Cape Breton are in our plans, and possibly a trip to Bangor to do a little shopping. Shediac is also on the list. I am so blessed!!!!

  175. Susan says:

    After reading some of the other great summer vacation plans mine sounds pretty boring, as I will be spending the summer working, with hopes of getting to the beach once in a while. There is much work needed on the inside of the house and the yard work to keep me busy on my days off.

  176. Sandra says:

    Las Vegas BABY!!!! with our best friends 🙂

  177. Linda says:

    My husband has been going through chemo and radiation for the last year and is now doing well. We are planing on enjoying the summer by taking day trips around the maritimes and loving every minute of it.

  178. Krissy says:

    I plan on enjoying Nova Scotia’s beaches and beautiful lakes and hiking and walking trails this Summer so hopefully the sunshine will keep up. I have lived overseas many years and now I am truly appreciating all this lovely province has to offer. I will also head to the Mts. in Vermont to a spa for a get away.

  179. Kerrie says:

    We are heading out to New Hampshire to visit family and camp in their backyard.

  180. Sandy says:

    This summer I took my granddaughter to Storyland, water & alpine slides at Attitash and played video games in the arcades. As a new widow I have been learning how to mow a lawn and maintain a lawn mower, even how to use a gas can and paint the deck. I also going swimming and kayaking in the local lake. I started to learn zumba and kickboxing. Anything to keep busy because like life… summer goes by so fast.

  181. Ingrid says:

    Fun with Family, Familie, Famille, Familia, Famiglia!!!

  182. Betty says:

    We just came back from a 2 week Viking River Cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam. Absolutely the bext way to travel! Great food, nice company and a tour planned every day.

  183. Anne says:

    My husband and I are planning a late summer vacation by driving with a UHaul truck from West Covina, CA to New London, NH where were purchased a home. I am retiring in September and we have planned our retirement for the last year. We love our new home in New London and the small community of New London. Wish us luck on our 5 day trek!

  184. Mike says:

    A week in Maine and PEI hiking and swimming.

  185. Peter says:

    Close to home for now, receiving friends & relatives from N. Carolina and Houston. Hope to travel the province a bit in August.

  186. Richard says:

    my summer consists of greeting new friends from countries all around the globe and showing them the natural beauty of the magnificent Bay of Fundy eco system

  187. Pierre says:

    I’m about to start working on my landscaping around my house which in the end I’ll get to enjoy when i lounge in my chair on my front deck overlooking the gorgeous new scenery with summer finally here. I take much pride in the work i do on my house and i hope that all the people walking to little John’s convenience store will be able to admire all the hard work i have done to rejuvenate our little neighborhood. Summer has finally arrived and everyone should go out and enjoy it as well in their own way.

  188. Stephanie says:

    Spending lots of time in our yard with the kids and heading to the cottage for a week!

  189. kim says:

    We are just hanging around the house this year. Planting flowers, trees and lots of color, adding stairs, toys and entertaining items to have lots of summer BBQs with friends and family. We have a great back yard where the kids can play with water, yard toys and learn about nature. Sometimes it’s just nice to not have plans and go with the flow. Our biggest project however is to insulate our house before the winter comes again. Have a great summer everyone!

  190. Darcey says:

    we are taking out summer at the beach in parlee when ever we can … the new born loves goin out there to walk in the water for the first time 🙂

  191. Gary says:

    We will be going to bluegrass festivals.as my wife playes upright bass, also we will be motercycling with frienda and some U.S.A. frienda, have a good one.

  192. Jane says:

    ‘Summertime …. and the livin’ is easy ….. indeed very easy …. cottage time in P.E.I., week end adventures to St. Martins and even McAdam to not only rewalk my grandmother’s steps [she worked at the train station hotel] but sit on ‘Grandfather Rock’ and stare at the lake stillness. Did a week trip along the TransCanada to Montreal and that was delightful. But best of all thus far ….. strawberry picking with my son and his family! Some family traditions just keep on …. I picked berries in my childhood, with cousins, then with my now-adult son and here I am … doing the same with my grand child! Oh memories …….

  193. Leigh says:

    We’re just planning to stick close to home this year with some day trips thrown in here and there…a day at the beach, a day or two in Moncton, NB.

  194. Judy says:

    My husband & I celebrated our 45th anniversary this year. Our entire family was home to help us celebrate. They arrived from Florida and the Caribbean, there were 12 of us together for 2 weeks.
    Thanks to our heating system from Irving, that provides the hot water we needed, we never ran out.

  195. Thomas says:

    A visit to Italy with my wife and her mother.

  196. lu says:

    This is our towns 250 anniv and I joined the committee. I am heading up a town wide picnic on Aug 13 sponsored by the five churches in Cavendish and a pot luck dinner in Oct followed by the history of the five churches. On july 30, I am co-ordinating a town wide tag sale.
    Other events are also being held that I will take part in, ie, in Aug a play on the earily history of our town. I am playing Benning Wentworth and Squire Proctor. In Oct I will be decorating a hall for a dance in celebration of our towns anniv. In my spare time I am working on my big old house.
    Yes I am having a great summer.
    Thanks for asking,

  197. Jim says:

    I am spending the summer doing home renovations, yard improvements, and getting a game of golf a week (more when possible).

  198. stacey says:

    bbqs, camping and building sand castles with the kids.

  199. Matthew says:

    Heading to the Island to enjoy some Gobster…yes…Gobster- defined as the perfect vacation combining golf and lobster!

  200. Connie says:

    We are enjoying family this summer in Nova Scotia. U2 concert in Moncton starts my vacation!!Off to beautiful Cape Breton for a week, then on to PEI to visit with family. Meeting new nieces and nephews coming home from Ontario in later part of August. Doing a few renovations around the house for the rest of the vacation with small trips to the Annapolis Valley, Peggy’s Cove and Lunenburg with our company.
    Summer is finally here and it is wonderful.

  201. Debbie says:

    We are going to stay home in good old Newfoundland. What better way to spending our money in our own province. We have such a clean and beautiful province, what a history that speaks for itself.

  202. Anne says:

    This summer, my boys and I are sticking close to home. We went camping once at Twin shores for two days, we might go again in Aug. for two days. Our financial situation doesn’t permit anything more.

  203. Jennifer says:

    We are enjoying this years summer heat, and taking full advantage of our neighbors pond. We are finishing up on a few house projects that were started last year, but trying not to spend to much money on things, as we are saving for our wedding.
    We plan on spending lots of our time with our family’s and friends enjoying all there is during Vermont’s wonderful summer months.

  204. wanda says:

    we are just now leaving our little home in Jemseg N.B. for back to back reunions at the colonie just out side Sussex N.B. A yearly event we all very much enjoy

  205. Yolande says:

    Planning to receive family members from Ontario, Nova Scotia. Eating N.B. lobsters in the backyard and enjoying life in general.

  206. Kevin says:

    Staying close to home, working with the horse at EPR. Taking my wife on little roads trips to Bangor.

  207. Jenn says:

    I am spending my summer getting acquainted with my newborn baby girl!

  208. Judy says:

    I plan on spending most of my time weeding and planning for more flower beds….chatting with the neigbours over the fence, swimming in the ocean (my fave thing), spending lots of time relaxing – as much as possible – winter is way too long!

  209. Rob says:

    My plans for this summer include a bit of everything. First, we already spent a week sitting on the beach in PEI with the kids and the sun. Next we plan on doing some small home renovations bit by bit……thanks to Kent Building Supplies for my summer of blue fingernails and stubbed toes!
    I’ll also play a bit of golf if given the green light! Finally, before the summer is over and the kids head back to school, we plan on going back to the same beach in PEI near Wellington and be lazy sloths for a week.
    Sounds like a perfect summer to me!

  210. Nancy says:

    Hi, well my husband and I just did the Cabot trail for the first time, wow, beautiful. My neice, her husband and 5 kids are landing here tomorrow so there goes the next 3 weeks which we are extremely looking forward….beach, parks, BBQ, small maritime trips, etc…exciting.

  211. Jan says:

    We will be spending the summer in our own beautiful province of New Brunswick. We have a revolving door this year for guests from out of town. Currently have two grandsons from North Carolina with us , both 15 years old and their first trip on their own . What a privledge to have the opportunity to share with these special young men the history and wonders of this part of their heritage. The Irving Nature Park , Reversing Falls, Fundy Trail, Hopewell Rocks , Whale Watching just a few of our plans. How often do we spend our time going elsewhere when we have so much right here at home ?

  212. adam says:

    most of the summer we are camping all over the place and hitting the local spash park as much as we can. My kids love this time of year, it when we get to spend a great amounts of time as a family and travel with out the worry of snow.

  213. Scott says:

    Went to the National Conventional Pistol Championships in Ohio this month. The other part will be to fly to Chicago to help our son move!!!

  214. Margo says:

    I plan to having some family fun this summer, I am going to go camping with my kids, make smore’s in our backyard fire pit, go swimming on hot days, and shop garage sales on the weekends!

  215. Sue says:

    We will be enjoying summer here at our home on the lake..it’s like living at the cottage! Also have plans to go to PEI for a week or two to visit relatives coming home from BC. Lots of great friends, great food and great fun ahead!

  216. Alicia says:

    We just bought our first home so we plan on spending time doing things around the house and enjoying the sun on our own back deck, having family and friends over for bbq’s and potlucks, playing washers in our backyard, having campfires in our homemade fire pit, and enjoying every minute of sun we can get!

  217. Michael says:

    Ok, here’s one for the books…just returned home from an 11 day drive which started in New Hampshire and went to Miami, FL and back!…”Not that bad”, you say, well how about having a 2 and 7 year old in the van with you and your wife! It actually was a great trip and we really got to connect with each other. Life is hectic and seems to fly by so quickly. This trip was one that we all remember for the rest of our lives…after all, isn’t that what summer vacations are all about?

  218. Kristin says:

    This summer is filled with renovating our downstairs bathroom, going to a few weddings and baby showers, amongst trying to plan our own wedding this fall! As much as we would like to travel over the summer months, we’ll just have to put that off until our honeymoon in October. Having said that, when we’re not busy with all the other events & planning, we will try to enjoy what summer weather we can with friends and family 🙂

  219. Laura says:

    Enjoying the sunshine at the lake and in the backyard garden every chance I get!

  220. Sheila says:

    We will be enjoying family and friends with bbq’s and washer tournaments.

  221. Sally says:

    Staying close to home with family this summer: sleepovers with my granddaughters, biking, gardening, cook-outs and birthday party celebrations!

  222. Maria says:

    Instead of exploring and enjoying the bistros and history of Europe which is my usual holiday trip .. I’ve decided to explore what we have right here, what the Europeans come here to see. From The Caves, to Blomidon, to the Highlands, to our great restaurants (and bistros) .. the list is endless …. there is “so much to sea”.

  223. Tony says:

    Enjoying what Atlantic Canada offers…many road trips planned as we love driving!!

  224. Mary says:

    Well have just retired and looking forward to a new chapter in my life.
    Have just installed a new propane furnace from Irving and am exceptionally happy
    Will have a great time entertaining family this summer. Golfing is my passion and am looking forward to getting out as much as possible.

  225. Erin says:

    We’re getting out and doing as much cycling around our city as we can. We’ve already discovered a couple of new trails and rediscovered some parks. We’re also getting in some beach time and bbqs! At the end of summer, as a last hurrah, we’re going to Magic Mountain and then Mount Carleton to bike around there!

  226. james says:

    Well work my little heart out to afford winter heat. Life is what u make it.And we all need a warm place to go to

  227. wade says:


  228. Anne says:

    We drove to Florida, leaving NS on July 2. We visited St Petersburg and returned home on July 16. It was very hot and humid. It is nice to be home to the cooler temperatures of the maritimes. Looking forward to the annual Blues Festival in Truro, the Buskers in Halifax, and the Wharf Rat Rally in Digby.

  229. Kenny says:

    Going to Sydney to visit relatives and making a couple trips to Parlee Beach weather permitting

  230. terry says:

    Can you believe it I’m wishing for cooler weather because my husband and I are cutting wood.
    We are clearing an acre woodlot for our retirement cottage. It will take a while probably a few years but in the end it will be worth it.

  231. Dave says:

    We are spending most of the summer at home, but we’ll over to Gros Morne National park for two weeks in August. A great place hiking and canoeing and meeting with friends. Cheers.

  232. stella says:

    I live onBeautiful Cape Breton Island, but I will be taveling to Boston(usa) to join family for a family reunion.

  233. stella says:

    I live on beautifu Cape Breton Island, but I will be traveling to Boston for a a reunion with family and friends. It is going to be a real good time.

  234. Chris says:

    Staying at home and having a beautiful new patio installed!

  235. Kelly says:

    I am visiting a dear friend in Kelowna, BC. We have not seen each other in 12 years! Looking forward to lots of laughs, getting to know her two children.

  236. Tina says:

    We will be hanging out at the lake and the ocean, enjoying as much of the summer weather as possible. I love summer!

  237. Mitchell says:

    This summer we plan to spend time at Kedgi National PARK camping at a Wilderness campsite,some days. We also , will make day trips to the park for picnics and swimming. Besides,we will ride our motor cycle,to the park for a swim, and fish and chips for supper at the park canteen on other days. By, canoe we have discovered a sheltered cove for a private swim and picnic.One afternoon I was fortunate to come around the corner of a rock,while swimming and discouver a group of loons just a few feet away.They submerged, quickly. Also,last summer, we were coming into a wilderness campsite with paddles in hand when a baby loon bobbed to the surface between our canoe and another canoe which was leaving the campsite, as we approached.Two adult loons surfaced on each side of the little one. I was so excited and the other paddlers had no idea of how lucky we were to witness a new born loon.Because, of acid rain loons are not producing as many offspring. We are so fortunate to still hear their haunting call as we nod off to sleep in this beautiful peaceful, park.

  238. Peter says:

    We just bought a new truck and trailer in the spring and we plan to travel Atlantic Canada enjoying all our lovely scenic locations.

  239. john says:

    we are staying here at home in beautiful Nova Scotia, the best place in the world.

  240. Erika says:

    We just came home today from a little East Coast Tour. From NB, we visited PEI, NS and then did a little trip into Maine – stopping at Irvings along the way. Still the cleanest bathrooms around and with small children we visit a lot of restrooms 🙂

  241. Bob says:

    We will be spending weekends traveling around with our daughters to various softball tournaments. Always a great time! We’ll also get in a week of Camping with friends for some rest, relaxation, and party time.

  242. Cathy says:

    We’ll be doing a lot of close to home touring in our 14 ft. travel trailer exploring Provincial and National Parks in PEI, NB, and NS with our 2 dogs. Our 3 cats will mind house!

  243. Tim says:

    Going to stay close to home as we have a lot of renovations to do…. Gonna be a really busy summer!

  244. BEVERLY says:


  245. john says:

    I will be camping with my family and enjoying a relaxing campfire with some spider weiners and smores.

  246. angus says:

    going to spend some time with family and friends , do some traveling , camping, gardening ,just enjoying the nice weather .

  247. Faith says:

    We had 3 family weddings all within one week so just plan on staying near home.
    Visiting family and friends at our families cottages close by.
    Making jam and salsa and a few days at the beach if the sun does happen to stay long enough for the weekends.
    Relaxing and enjoying friends.

  248. Denise & Ron says:

    We’ve already gone to Boston for a week and have gone out on our sports bike a few times and still waiting on more beautiful weather for more Summer fun and are looking forward to yet another Boston trip coming up. We enjoyed a few ball games, fireworks, a few shows and Keith Urban the first time around and intend on having as much fun the next time.

  249. Kevin says:

    My wife and I went to Ontario from NS to buy a little sports car. We had a great
    road trip and lots of fun. Now we are enjoying our little car every weekend. Always
    stop for our Irving coffee on our trips. My wife is learning to drive the car so I can
    also relax and see the sights.

  250. Dick says:

    Biking , kayaking and swimming as much as possible. No need to travel far because There’s lots of good places to play in NH, VT and Maine.

  251. T-RoY says:

    We won’t be going to far from home this summer because of the gas prices but that doesn’t matter anyway. We just bought our first home in February of this year and we have been busy with our family and friends in our yard every chance we get!

  252. Ryan says:

    We are going to make a trek from city to city to see DINOSAUR BONES!!!! We have a date to drive to Fair Haven CT, then to NYC, Pittsburgh, then Chicago. Look out world (and all you museums), here comes the dino squad!!

    Next summer, we hope to make it to Wyoming and dig for our own dino fossils : )

  253. Julie says:

    I live in beautiful Vermont but love to travel to my home state and go to the Rhode Island beaches. I have been attending bluegrass festivals and picking my own fresh blueberries.
    I have an enormous bountiful garden to tend–trying to have my own CSA. Every other weekend seems like a journey to yet another beautiful place and good time with friends and family!

  254. Gordon says:

    Motoring to northern NB; soaking up the vistas of the Restigouche and Matapedia vallies. Mowing lawns and meadows. Escaping to our cottage in Lunenburg Co.; swimming to keep cool; firing up the BBQ; trying new recipes sharing good food and drink with family & friends. Bathing in the glorious weather we are having.

  255. Brenda says:

    We will be enjoying family and friends in the great summer weather – bbq, swimming, hiking, etc. Lots of fun with the grandchildren!

  256. Rob says:

    We had a wonderful week near Stanhope, PEI. Wonderful beaches!! We are also looking forward welcoming a number of family visitors from across Canada later this summer.

  257. Pam says:

    The start to the summer season, weather wise, did not start off to a great start. Our family will be spending our vacation / summer plans closer to home this year. The sunny, warmer weather finally seems to have found us and we are looking forward to spending many memorable days ahead with great family and friends.

  258. Bonnie says:

    We have not had very nice weather in Newfoundland so far, so not much of a summer here. We actaully have the furnace turned up 🙁 So, we may have to venture out of the province for summer holidays this year. Hoping that August warms up!

  259. Maura says:

    My brothers and sisters-in-law are meeting in a Pennsylvania State Park for some camping and a halfway-point reunion. In August I am visiting friends in Michigan and camping with them on Lake Michigan. In-between I am growing a bountiful flower and vegetable garden at my home in New Hampshire, along with lots of lawn-mowing!

  260. Angela says:

    Travelling to our favorite spot in PEI,Bedique.Also travel plans include Quebec city this summer,and a trip to the wonderful Annapolis Valley.

  261. Penny B says:

    We will be visiting family in New England and enjoying our backyard here in beautiful NH! 🙂

  262. Jamie says:

    Well, this summer I am busy with deck renovations. I have a large deck and a large yard that keeps me active. When it starts to cool off some, I plan a road trip to the US… maybe Tennessee and country music!!!

  263. Dave says:

    I will be hanging out by the pool enjoying the nice weather before the fall days arrive.

  264. Karen says:

    We are planning lots of “adventures” for our boys. We are visiting with family and friends and are spending as much time as we can outdoors.

  265. Marc says:

    We spent a week in San Diego, and then a week in Provincetown. Now we are enjoying the beautiful summer at home in Vermont.

  266. Gillian says:

    Soon we head to Ontario! We’ll be spending two full weeks visiting family, sitting on the beach, and playing at the park with lots of family and friends. Other than that we have spending lots of time just hanging out in our backyard thanks to the great deck my husband built last summer and enjoying the sunshine. Hopefully we can get a camping trip or two in sometime this summer as well 🙂

  267. Jan says:

    We are enjoying the summer, just hanging around, but the kids are missing school and the chance to socialize with all thier friends at once. As for the parent, enjoying the last of my time off before having to go back to work 🙁 Hope everyone enjoys the summer & the great weather.

  268. Katie says:

    This summer we are enjoying the outdoors! Last summer was spent having a baby and recovering that we didn’t enjoy the weather so this summer we are taking full advantage and making up for it! Swimming at the Grandparents houses and spending as much time as possible with our families! The children 1 and 3 are loving all that they can do at the beach, at the park, at the library and more!

  269. Heather says:

    After a long, hard, cold winter it is so wonderful to be outside working in my garden! My plans this summer are all about nourishing my raspberries, blueberries, tomatoes, cucumbers and potatoes. I’ll even put up with the bugs… it beats snow and cold!!!!!

  270. MAE says:

    Still on vacation and hope to retun in a couple of months. Left November 12th, 2010, left Nova Scotia Canada in a van with my husband and the Yorkie doggie, down to Florida USA, took 5 weeks cruising in the Cribbean, and eastern Mexico, drove across USA and toured all the way, went to San Diego and took cruise 2 weeks down western Mexico, went to Los Vegas, Palm Springs, up the USA western coast to Canada, Vancouver Island, stayed 6 weeks, traded in the van for a Rialta, started across Canada for the summer but the transmission went and here we are in Vernon, BC Waiting!!! $$$$$$. Should they find the parts we will travel across the rockies to Calgary, Lake Louise, to my sisters in Prince Albert , Saskchewan, to our sons in Toronto Ontario and see the 4 grand children, then back to Nova Scotia. This is our vacation, retirement celebration and first anniversary gift to ourselfs. Waint in BC, Mae, Jack and Sammy.

  271. Stan says:

    Mostly work but try to have summer fun with my family as much as I can.

  272. Margo says:

    my husband and i will be crusing the south shore of nova scotia in our sail boat. from saint margerets bay to hubbards to chester and then to mahone bay

  273. Jessica says:

    After this summer I am going back to work full time….I have been spending this last summer home with my three children ~ They are only young once 🙂

    Although its a stretch not working we are having lots of fun!

  274. Alf says:

    Having a home in both Boston MA and Grand Pre NS, I spend the summer traveling from time to time between the two places -two worlds of course. I travel by car and use as much Irving gas as my Prius allows. I wish of course that Irving would help develop an overnight, year-round passenger-vehicle cruise ferry between Halifax and Boston. It would be a winner for the region served as well as for Irving as a very suitable venture for Irving, not to mention me, who would be one of the most frequent customers.

    Now, my relationship with Irving, in addition to buying gas, is through maintenance for my tenant’s oil heating. My own house in Grand Pre is all-electric, except for a casual wood stove. In Boston, I use a lot natural gas (heating, cooking, clothes drying and hot water), leaving lighting and communications for electricity.

    Being 77 years old, I am retired, but not inactive. You can imagine that I read a lot, but I also swim and walk my dog this summer.

    Best summer regards and don’t forget the ferry…

  275. Gil says:

    We are busy tending the gardens, flowers and vegetables and enjoying the sunshine and visitors. Happy we have a generator powered by propane to protect the produce that we get from our work.

  276. Sheli says:

    We are spending the summer at Magic Mountain Water Park on the good days. Staying home and loving our new kittens on the rainy ones!!

  277. Renee says:

    I love summer! We’ll mostly be working but hope to enjoy some camping in our new tent trailer.

  278. Troy says:

    We are taking advantage of every single nice weekend and taking our kids camping. Many of our trips are last minute but we are creating lots of memories. So far we have gone to Fundy for an absolutely fabulous weekend. In a few weeks we are going to Woodstock to camp at Yogi’s for an fun filled halloween weekend. !!

  279. Mike says:

    Spending our first full summer in our new home we will be doing some small family trips and enjoying the cottage life when weather permits

  280. Andrew says:

    70’s Dance Fever Cruise at Lake Wini on the MS Mount Washington. Meeting friends in NY City and checking out the Jekyll and Hyde Club. And of course, cookouts with friends and family.

  281. Kelly says:

    Landscaping and gardening. Our child is enrolled in several summer hockey camps where we will be spending some hot days at the ice rink.

  282. Bob says:

    Since I live in a resort area, I don’t have any summer travel plans. I’ll just stay home and enjoy the New Hampshire weather and entertaining visiting friends and family.

  283. Sue says:

    I will be taking it easy and enjoying walking my dog after supper when the cool evening breeze begins. He enjoys walking around the neighbourhood seeing all of his dog friends.

  284. Jordan says:

    I as well am doing home renovations and trying to fit some R & R in between. We are also planning for our upcoming nuptuals.

  285. Kenny says:

    Just chilling in the pool with some cold ones ,doing some camping with the kids and going mackrael fishing,also working around the house doing matainence

  286. Ann says:

    Relaxing with family ..Doing some Motorcycle trips…..Camping and to end summer off a trip to New York City……

  287. Peter says:

    Children coming to visit this summer from as far away as Argentina. Having a Staycation this year.

  288. Evelyn says:

    Have already camped in Fundy National Park, NB and have plans to camp at Cape Chignecto Park in NS. Enjoying visits with our grandchildren, swimming, fishing, barbecuing( especially like eating outdoors). Simply enjoying the warmth of summer.

  289. Denis says:

    I took in Johnie Reid at the Cavendish Music Festival-he was GREAT.
    Looking forward to Gold Cup Day–Parade and family get together at my home.

  290. Faith says:

    Now that our son is home safe and sound from Afghanistan we can breath easy and enjoy the summer just hanging out with our family, bbqing, kayaking and camping in our awesome province of New Brunswick.

  291. Annette says:

    My daughter and I spend our summer weekends at my parent’s cottage, we have an end of summer party to celebrate both our birthdays the long weekend in Sept. Very excited to go see U2 concert!!

  292. Miguel says:

    Travel to Montreal to watch the Rogers Cup in August!

  293. amac says:

    Going to take it easy maybe a road trip to the States for a few days.

  294. Crystal says:

    My husband and I are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first born who’s due any day now. Once he is here we plan on spending the rest of the summer getting to know him and enjoying the beautiful weather outside!

  295. fred says:

    We are entertaining our children from Calgary, London,ON and Toronto at three separate times. Can’t wait!

  296. eric says:

    riding my 3 wheel trike motorcycle this summer!!!!

  297. Tom says:

    My daughter Bridget is having fun by step dancing all over the island during different events.
    Some which include summerside lobster bowl , Kinkora parade , crapaud talent show as well as dancing down town summerside on the sidewalk. Bridget and her dance studio also did a fund raiser and donated and danced for IWK on the water front in town as well as dancing on Canada Day at Victoria park.

  298. Gail says:

    The rest of the summer I am home, taking care of vacationing guests, of which I could use more!
    Spring is my travel time: A conference in Florida on Print Music (my other business); a trip to NC to reconnect with bassoonists and oboists at two wonderful Master Classes which used to be an annual treck for nearly 30 years; a family visit to see my 99 year old step mother and my graduating senior granddaughter and her special concerts; and a week to teach oboe and bassoon for the VYO Summer Day Camp. My Vermont home is really THE PLACE to be for the summer!

  299. Armand says:

    Having just retired, I will be enjoying the summer to its maximum. A few trips in the Maritimes and Quebec visiting friends, relaxation, enjoying the BBQ and good weather at home, and playing golf. Have a great summer everyone!

  300. Tracey says:

    Relaxing and enjoying the weather here and in PEI:)

  301. James says:

    Motering to Toronto and various other locations in Ontario and Quebec.

  302. Karen says:

    We are planning to go the beach for as long as the heat doesn’t get too extreme. We are also planning a few day trips within our lovely province of Nova Scotia.

  303. David says:

    We’ll be doing some family day trips around Nova Scotia

  304. kim says:

    I will be having a new baby in August! Along with that, we are moving into a new home this week, and selling our existing home. Phew! Exhausted just thinking about it, but thrilled.

  305. Yvonne says:

    We went to New York and had an amazing time.

  306. Glenn says:

    Spent a week in Banff Alberta visiting family. Remainder is a “STAYCATION” on beautiful PEI

  307. Suanne says:

    Lucky enough to relax on our great beaches along the South Shore of N.S., favorites being Summerville, Carter’s, Port Joli and hiking into Seaside Adjunct Keji. Fortunate also to be able to travel and spend time in B.C. with my daughter and house/dog sit 3-weeks on Salt Springs Island for friends while they visit family in N.S.

  308. Ron says:

    waiting at my cottage for summer , mybe next year.

  309. Jeanine says:

    cutting back from 2 to 1 full time job and hoping to enjoy familly for the summer

  310. Thom says:

    Spending some great days off at the cottage: sailing, the beach and relaxing.

  311. Pam says:

    Landscaping our garden. Making day trips in NS and visiting PEI in August.

  312. Kathy says:

    Considering the fact that global warming does not seem to have reached PEI, we will be trying to keep warm in the cool (make that COLD!) weather that we’ve been experiencing. We will do this by either sitting by a camp fire when we are tenting or by burning some good ol’ Irving propane to take the chill out of the house when home. Happy Canadian summer, eh?!

  313. kathy says:

    We are spending time with family and friends on the beautiful west coast of Canada! What a wonderful country to explore!

  314. Rosemary says:

    Retirement is grand and this summer my first thought upon waking – Is this a bike day or a golf day? I alternate daily between my ladies golf group and my cycling group where we do a 35km loop with a coffee stop. I love the exercise and the social aspects of both. As well I enjoy looking after my flowers and garden. Dinners out with friends and summer entertainment events are also on the list. I love early morning coffee on the deck and gently swaying in my hammock seat enjoying a fantastic rural view. I LOVE summer!

  315. Alison says:

    Though I would love to enjoy our first summer here on the coast just kicking back on the beach and relaxing…it is impossible with 4 little boys. We’ll be at the beach but certainly not sitting around:)

  316. Brian says:

    After a warm and cozy winter (thanks to Irving), we are enjoying the New Hampshire and Maine beaches to this summer.

  317. Karen says:

    I will be working most of the time but during my time off I will be helping my husband renovate the bathrooms. Also hope to do a bit of transplanting in my garden

  318. Dylana says:

    We are going to explore Nova Scotia this summer. We are starting with Camping at Rissers Beach for 4 days. Then later in August we are taking the kids to upper clements park to try the new zip lines and we will top it off with some sailing around the coast. We can’t wait to see it all!

  319. Jennie says:

    Relaxing, hoping for sunny warm weather, and more relaxing.

  320. Joel says:

    Cottage on weekends, swimming, bbq, campfires, nature, and of course relaxing (as much as you can with 7 & 9 yr-old boys).

  321. Kim says:

    We will be taking a family camping vacation; driving our truck with a pop-up camper to enjoy the beautiful sites of our home province. Other then vacation it is the normal work.

  322. Leo-Paul says:

    Planning to enjoy the summer sunshine, travel the Atlantic Provinces and enjoy various music festivals.

  323. Bob says:

    Not particularly inspiring. My wife and I are both facing some life-changing health issues. Our summer willl be spent understanding the options and probabilities of our continued quality of life. Thank heaven we live in NH near DHMC.

  324. Mary says:

    Spending a lot of time with our grandchildren, walking on our trails, reading traveling around New Brunswick visiting family.

  325. Elizabeth says:

    Working all summer,not in the hot sun for sure,visiting family especially my grandchildren.

  326. susanne says:

    I started the summer by celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary. We hired a band and had a big party at the paark that we camp in al summer.

    I also volunteer at thet park to help the park coordinnator plan, organize and run park activvities from May to Thankgiving weekend. Although my children are grown enjoy helping to make the kids summer exciting. We have kids horseshoe tournaments, fire works for July 1st, scavenger hunts with prizes, camp fires, bean bag toss games, a halloween costume party and the kids trick or treat in the park on Thanksgiving weekend. They just love it all!!!!

    To top this off we are also building our retirement home that should be ready by late fall this year. I am pretty busy with all of this. We have family visiting from Ontario and from Yellowknife. I expect time will really fly.

  327. Phyllis says:

    Just retired in Dec/10 after working for for 45 yrs. so am enjoying having a whole summer to do as I please.

  328. Steve says:

    Work and get married. Oh of course enjoy sun when we get to see it.

  329. Patti says:

    It’s been a long, cold winter and thank goodness the sun is shining again! … spending my summer touring around the maritimes on my motorcycle.
    ….. May the sun shine bright :)) …….
    PLEASE !

  330. Susan says:

    Catching every ray of sunshine available while I read on my newly painted deck and enjoy my plants.

  331. Stephen says:

    Insulating my basement to save money on heating 🙂

  332. Ross says:

    We are enjoying our Grandchildren & Family during the summer in our backyard swimming pool. The grand kids love it, barbequing each day, Life is great. But summer is going too fast!

  333. Cara says:

    Going to Toronto

  334. Richard says:

    My wife and I toured Kings Landing and the Acadian Village to appreciate the contrast between the 2. The Irving Service Station (circa 1930) was very impressive. The Acadian Village only recently opened the newest section where automobiles, trains and sophisticated machinery such as the sawmill and barrel factory were coming of age. We also motorbiked around the eastern coast of the province as far as Bathurst. We will tackle route 1 in Maine in August.

  335. Marilyn says:

    This summer ,like most, both my husband and I both have to work BUT we decided this year to take a week off in the late summer and do day trips around the Maritimes to places we have never seen…you know all those hidden treasures that make the Maritimes so beautiful. Very much looking forward to that week.

  336. maxine says:

    maxine i am enjoying my family and friends

  337. Krista says:

    This is our first summer in our new house and we are looking forward to alot of BBQ’s in our backyard!

  338. Bob says:

    Enjoying the beauties of Maine – the way life should be!

  339. Angela says:

    Working as much as I can to pay off bills…Relaxing as much as I can visiting my family. Summer heat is here now its gonna be a great summer.

  340. theresa says:

    I am spending the summer with my 9 year old grandson who is visiting me from Ontario. We will be picking berries, going to Saint Martins, ranking wood and making bread A regular maritime summer.

  341. thomas says:

    we will be going to a family get together in late aug.with family members from the uk.spending time with our grandsons,just touring sites in nova scotia.

  342. Brian says:

    Awaiting the birth of our second child…we’ll be sticking close to home.

  343. Larry says:

    Staying local, enjoying the natural attractions of NH and suporrting our local hoteliers, restaurants and tourist sites.

  344. Don says:

    I am going to spend the summer vacation with my family travelling around our home, New Brunswick. Then in my spare time I am going to be working on my snowmobile getting ready for this coming winter, among other things. We are fortunate to have the summer to enjoy, and for those of us who love the cold, we have the winter too! Whatever the season, get out in it!

  345. Christine says:

    We are going to be spending our summer camping around the maritimes and northern Maine. Glad to see the warm weather.

  346. nancy says:

    working,enjoying my swimming pool and BBQ with family.Trip to Boston with my family.

  347. Mary says:

    I put a 30 foot travel trailer at an RV park near the beach.
    Love walking along the beach and BBQ’s and campfires

  348. Roz says:

    My husband and I will be home on “The Rock” for a nice long break. We just finished a renovation on the old saltbox homestead in Perry’s Cove that included a propane pot belly stove. Looking forward to getting our tank installed by Irving and some cool nights to try it out!

  349. Leah-Ann says:

    Home reno’s – and enjoying the first summer I’ve had off since high school!!! Spending time with my boy’s….

  350. Ray says:

    Enjoying every moment of our short sweet summer with family, friends and the beauty all around us

  351. Sharon says:

    I recently graduated with my B.A. in May of this year. After spending the last four summers taking courses toward my degree I am now enjoying doing absolutely nothing but relaxing.

  352. Carmen says:

    Busy summer for us. Mostly working, camping and a trip to visit family overseas. At least it is warm!

  353. Kelly says:

    We will be spending the summer at our seasonal camping spot in St. Andrews.

  354. Pam says:

    We’ll be doing some family day trips on motorbike around the island.

  355. Jennifer says:

    We’re camping a lot and hosting some long lost friends in our comfy cool basement! Yahoo!

  356. Elizabeth says:

    Working most of the summer ; my husband is doing some renovations.

  357. Dan says:

    spend lots of time at cottage on lake…chop firewood when not too lazy

  358. Stephen says:

    I am spending my summer doing renovations to my home. What better time to insulate and put a new roof on. Hopefully by doing my part I can cut down on my heating costs =D

  359. Lee says:

    Enjoying the sun and watching rugby

  360. Gilles says:

    We’ll be traveling through the Maritime’s, enjoy our neck of the wood’s. The dunes near Bouctouche are always beautiful.

  361. Paul says:

    Camping around Eastern Canada and the Northeast U.S. Also planning to enjoy the U2 concert.

  362. Elena says:

    We have propane & oil from Irving. With the propane we have our fireplace for cool nights & the winter & in the summer we can barbecue with friends & family. Our daughter is getting married on Sunday, 7/24 & our family will be driving up from NY & spending the weekend together with us. We will get together on Saturday & Sunday evening as well as Monday morning before they head back to NY.
    We also have a few other weddings to attend, one in August where we will be on Lake Winnipesaukee on the boat cruise which will be a wedding reception cruise & then in Sept. we will head down to Pennsylvania for the wedding of the son or one of our dearest friends. In between we will take the grandchildren to Water Country in Portsmouth, NH, Lake Sunapee & Hampton Beach.

  363. Toni says:

    Home Renovations – New Windows and Doors and Siding Oh My !

  364. Joyce says:

    Camping in Thomas Raddall Park for the long August weekend; hiking the Seaside Adjunct to Keji Park; enjoying the fine summer weather we are finally having!

  365. Carol says:

    from NS visiting families, going to rodeos ect and camping in badlands

  366. Carol says:

    in Alberta/Sask. going to rodeos camping and visiting families.

  367. Tim says:

    Trying to achieve the seemingly unachievable balance of time between work, family and play. Summer ice hockey began two weeks ago and its a blast ! It’s time to start making plans for a bow hunt for moose this September. Woo hoo!

  368. DAVID says:

    My wife and I are taking a three week cruise to the polar ice cap. Iceland, Faro and Shetland Islands and other Northern countries. Also spending a couple of days in Amsterdam.

  369. Kerri says:

    Enjoying theses beautiful sunny days with family; here at home in Nova Scotia.

    Have a great and safe summer all!

  370. Jacquie says:

    enjoy the maritimes swim, hike, bike and soak up the bounty of fresh produce and veggies

  371. Tiffany says:

    I will spend as much time as possible with my 2 year old as she is growing up way too quick. Love watching her discover everything for the first time.

  372. Jim says:

    Company is coming..will be doing some BBQing and enjoying the sun.. otherwise will be doing some landscaping and home renovations.

  373. Doug says:

    Planning a stay vacation in beautiful Nova Scotia.

  374. Rebecca says:

    I am enjoying my summer off (mat leave) with 2 special boys. We have been walking, swimming, camping and enjoying each other’s company!! We have gone to Old Orchard Beach, Funtown/Splash town too. Love every moment with them!!

  375. Lorin says:

    The family is doing a lot of relaxing in our above ground swimming pool which is heated by Irving propane and I’m doing a fair amount of motorcycling and powerboating fueled with Irving petroleum. There’s a lot to be said about convenience, wouldn’t you say ?

  376. Wayne says:

    Spending time with our beautiful grandchildren swimming and doing some beachcombing at Spencer’s Island and Advocate Harbour……and having lots of fun!

  377. Deborah says:

    Getting together for a family reunion, taking my grandchildren to the beach and horseback riding, hosting relatives visiting fro Ontario.

  378. Jeff says:

    Making the annual summer trek to Maine

  379. ernesrine says:

    presently at my cottage in Cape Breton and waiting for the sun and summer. Holding out hope for August!

  380. peter says:

    Enjoying our back yard. My wife is recovering from surgery and can’t travel.

  381. Nahid says:

    Work and pay the loans 🙂

  382. Holly Fagan says:

    house repairs, gardening, bbq’s and trying to fit in some R&R!!!!!

  383. Susan says:

    Watching my grandson play on his slip n slide. It’s a little slice of heaven!

  384. Howard says:

    We plan to spend summer at the lake watching the Loons glide by!

  385. Elaine says:

    Enjoying my new backyard in our new home……..Spending loads of time with my grandchildren and living life to the fullest………

  386. Blair says:

    just to feel the warm sun in your face while thinking about shoveling the drive way and watch the snow plow returning for the third time

  387. Trever says:

    Spending as much time outdoors with my boys,plenty of BBQ’ing, partying with friends and trying to get to the beach at least once.

  388. Ross says:

    BBQin and fishing with my buddies in Hammond River N.B, beachin at Parlee beach and saving money to buy irving oil! A free fill up would help my vacation though!!! Ross Lenihan

  389. Erin and Troy says:

    Attending my best friends wedding and getting as much camping done as possible

  390. John says:

    Just enjoying the summer weather and activities in our beautiful Province. Maybe some whale watching and cycling to go along with evening BBQ’s.

  391. Vernon says:

    My twin girls are 5 and they will start kindergarten this September. So to make their last summer of innocence before they start school special, I took 8 weeks off work to play with them and do what ever they want. We have taken trips to across the US. Canada is next. The beach. Playgrounds. Parks. Hiking. Swimming. We stop at any playground they see on whim. I have given them no limits and I have to say I have never had so much fun living like a 5 year old. This is why I work. I thank them for showing me how to have fun again! We will all remember this summer.

  392. Dawn says:

    This summer is unique, it’s a family union in Halifax Nova Scotia, which I have not seen my sisters or brother since 2006 since we live across the country in Canada and U.S. At the same time, my widowed mother is getting married again at the age of 71 years old in my front yard in 2 weeks. My mom’s first marriage lasted 40 yrs until my father passed away with cancer and now meet a wonderful man who is 68 yrs old and are starting a new life together. It’s never too late to have a another new life and very happy. We are very excited to have all the relatives etc up to 54 guests attending from all over the country to attend. At the same time, we will have camp fires, go swimming, golfing, and some good old stories and cold beer and wine to complete a week of laughs and smiles. We are planning on having a lobster feast and all the good nova scotia seafood and fine wine. Cheers!

  393. Lori says:

    Enjoying BBQs and spending time with family & friends

  394. pat says:

    well taking a couple weeks off and do some work around the house and do some relaxing as well

  395. Irvine says:

    Relaxing with some down time, going on day trips and waiting patiently for the arrival of my new grandson!! Also doing my regular volunteer and community work.

  396. Sheri Gallant says:

    Heading to a family reunion, visiting with family and friends, and enjoying lots of BBQs!

  397. Sheri says:

    Heading to a Family reunion, visiting with family and friends, and enjoying lots of BBQs.

  398. bradley says:

    Enjoying the golf courses and music of PEI!!!

  399. Wayne says:

    Spending as much time at campground as possible.

  400. Tina says:

    Enjoying the easy life of summer in Nova Scotia and spending quality time with our children. Sleeping in and lots of laughing!

  401. Jenn says:

    Staying close to home, back yard BBQ’s and fire pits – mmmmmm s’mores!

  402. Ron says:

    anearly Spet. moose hunt in NFLD

  403. Juanita says:

    We are motoring to PEI this summer ,and use all Irving gas in our cars and truck.When we are there we will spend time on the beautiful beaches they have the ,My husband is from there so for 48 years we have been driving to PEI 2-4 time a year.

  404. Ron says:

    A Ssept deer hunt on Anticosti

  405. Ron says:

    A week on PEI for my wife

  406. Jillian says:

    To take advantage of all things ‘summer’.

  407. Jim says:

    Our summer plans are to enjoy our Back Yard full of beautiful flowers and BBQ all those wonderful summer foods. Hope to also spend time on The South Shore of Nova Scotia, S.W. Port Mouton, near Liverpool, a very special place with the most beautiful white, fluffy sandy beach. The bonus will be to see friends and family join us as often as possible. Hope your summer is wonderful too.

  408. Tim says:

    I am enjoying time on the lake with my family in Maine and may do some travel in Atlantic Canada in August.

  409. Glenda says:

    Enjoying my own province, and having family come from Alberta and Ontario for a big family reunion

  410. dennis says:

    This summer will be spent sharing time with family working arround house and working to pay bills

  411. Gord says:

    Travelling to Cape Breton to do some biking on their hilly roads.

  412. Jennifer says:

    Enjoying family BBQ’s and walks enjoying the sunshine.

  413. Blair says:

    Enjoying the beautiful weather while getting settled in our new home. Only planning on day trips this summer.

  414. Sean says:

    Swimming in the lake as much as I can!

  415. MARTHA says:

    enjoying my home plus travelling around n.b. ////want to go to g.m. if possible and st . andrews n.b, ,,no place like home

  416. Steve says:

    Camping at Keji and swimming at the beaches….

  417. Lisette says:

    Enjoying the beautiful weather in between my work days !!!

  418. Linda says:

    We plan to tour the province of Newfoundland (our home town is here now)
    and enjoy the ocean scenery, whales, dolphins & sincere beauty.

  419. Timothy says:

    My lovely wife and I will be spending every available moment at our cottage in beautiful Malpeque , Prince Edward Island…………….

  420. Amber says:

    We plan on enjoying ourselves at Clyde River Cottages and Campground in our home away from home (our travel trailer). Lots of great times: swimming, family gatherings and campground get-togethers with lots of food, and lots of BBQs! We’ve already started, and we definitely aren’t in a hurry to see summer end! 🙂

  421. Harvey says:


    I am a recently successful landed immigrant from Ireland to your beautiful country
    I plan to take the summer to visit as many places in Canada as possible
    booked so far are St John’s & Deer Lake in New Foundland.
    Quebec to see a very large fireworks display, Vancouver Island, Fredericton, Moncton, St John, Grand Falls and the River Valley tour route.
    For many years in Ireland we watched films made by your Canadain film board about Canada’s different life styles, history and it’s peoples. This wetted my appetite and i am sure i will not be dissappointed.

  422. Krista says:

    Going for nice long bike rides and reading a nice book and drinking a tall glass of ice tea.

  423. Geordie says:

    Taking a holiday and enjoying the peace and quiet and the beautiful weather during the late summer on PEI, just spending time with family and friends on the back deck enjoying the fresh air and BBQ food….

  424. Laura says:

    Enjoying time with my family; going to the beach, camping and lots of BBQ’s.

  425. karen says:

    On week-ends, we take drives following the coastal routes in our province. It is so beautiful.
    We, also, like driving to Portland on Route 1. There are so many beautiful places!!

  426. Diana says:

    I plan to go camping southern Nova Scotia.

  427. Mary-Lynn says:

    Spending time at the cottage with family and enjoying summertime in Nova Scotia
    and New Brunswick!

  428. Cheryl says:

    We will be spending our summer biking on the Confederation Trails, on the water with our little boat and hanging out with friends.

  429. Anna says:

    Playing lots of golf, gardening and taking my two dogs for lots of walks. Oh yes, did I mention, working also?

  430. P.J. says:

    Goin’ fishing for the first time in about 24 years !!!

  431. gerald says:

    Heading to Ireland in August to search for relatives

  432. Shelley says:

    Enjoying the beautiful beaches on PEI and lots of backyard BBQ’s!

  433. Sharon says:

    The kids and I will be hanging out by the pool and taking a few day/overnight trips. We’ll visit Peggy’s Cove (a tradition) and I’m sure the kids will out-pace me climbing on the rocks!! So happy to see the sunshine 🙂

  434. Pamela says:

    We’re spending our summer holidays at our cottage by the ocean. So nice & relaxing!

  435. Guy says:

    Plans revolve around water….sea&whitewater kayaking and sailing in beautiful Baie des Chaleurs.

  436. Debby says:

    Spending most of the summer at our trailer on the Canaan River but planning a few road trips to Mount Carleton & Nova Scotia. Just nice to enjoy the sun & peace when the weather co-operates.

  437. James says:

    I hadn’t planned on this for a summer vacation, but I am spending the best part of the summer in hospital, battleing pneumonia.

  438. Elizabeth says:

    I am on maternity leave with my first child this summer and we have been relaxing and enjoying the sunshine (when we can)! We will be spending the majority of the summer cheering on the hayfield team as they race the storm clouds to get the hay in on time! Soon enough my little one will be running around through the fields with them and helping her Papa.

  439. Shirley says:

    We are spending the summer in our camper at our own shore with our family who also have campers there.Our grandchildren visit every day.We also go sailing in our motorboat.Great times on PEI.

  440. carla says:

    We are spending the summer landscaping the backyard ourselves and to enjoy our pool more out there. We will head to NB to spend some time with family and celebrate my dad’s 65th birthday at the end of August!! Cheers!!

  441. Michelene says:

    We are having a great time at a campground in Oyster Bed Bridge….we have spent the last 9 years here every summer….its a beautiful spot to stay…in the fall we take our trailer and head south for a few weeks.

  442. Tammy says:

    Flower Gardening, swimming, fairs, friends, and just plain being outside and enjoying the warm weather.

  443. Tosh says:

    Have just got back from two weeks in our motorhome with our dog and cat at Sandy Beach, Cap-Pele NB. We are now enjoying a few weeks at home soaking up the sun on our deck and preparing our motorhome for our cross country trip to the west coast and back – for 3 months! I am looking forward to seeing the country!

  444. Joan says:

    We’re going camping in NS, PEI and NB. We love the beaches!

  445. Nicholas says:

    Going to spend some time in the Fundy National Park for the first time. Take in as much trials and scenery as possible.

  446. Carla says:

    We will spend 2 weeks camping with the kids in Dunvegan – hanging out at the beach, campfires and BBQ’s.

  447. Alana says:

    We are planning on camping around our wonderful Maritime provinces. The weather right now is perfect.
    We are so lucky to live here

  448. Adam says:

    My family and I are taking a trip to Niagara Falls. While there we will drop down to Buffalo to vist the zoo.

  449. Charlene says:

    I am enjoying my friends and family, we are spending lots of relaxing time around the pool.

  450. Shazia says:

    We’ve been in NS for three years now before we moved from Dubai. We are going to PEI and NB for the first time and looking forward to it.. Children are excited, but not my 17 years old. He doesn’t think he needs to go with family vacation any more:-) He’s old ENOUGH to go on his own with his friends.

  451. Jeff says:

    Sticking pretty close to home this summer, doing some work on the yard and playing with the kids.

  452. Karen says:

    My husband and I are spending a week in Boston and are excited to be exploring a port city that has a strong historical link to Halifax. We are planning to attend a Red Sox game, walk the Freedom Trail, visit the New England Aquarium and soak up the the sights & sound of a city that I have never visited before.

    My second week of vacation will be enjoying the beautiful beaches and scenery of my home provice ( Nova Scotia)

  453. eric says:

    i will be spending my summer salmon fishing on the great miramichi with my family & friends!!!

  454. Paul says:

    Touring the province in my convertible filled with Irving fuel!!

  455. Tracie says:

    I am looking after my children and expecting another. That in itself is a job. Just enjoying each day as they come.

  456. nanny says:

    Waiting for my 2 young grandchildren to visit from Ontario. Grampie is al; set to build a tree house with them. He even has a tool box all ready for them. This sould be lot of fun. Lots to do
    in the country a then we’ll take them to PEI for a couple of days.

  457. donald says:

    take it one day at a time and enjoy

  458. Ian says:

    My Family and I are spending alot of time with kids at rink and Soccer fields and planning several day trips to water parks in NS, and NB
    Also a trip to the Zoo
    A basement renovation all at the same time

  459. George says:

    My wife and myself are taking a cross Canada Via train ride to visit our son in Vancouver and the rest of our family in Quebec and Ontario. It should be a great 3 weeks. This should be the best vacation yet.

  460. Sonya says:

    I plan to work most of the summer because it is really hard to get holidays where I work in the summer time. However I do plan to go out west in the fall to visit my kids who are out there working. Really looking forward to that, Miss them terribly.

  461. Lesley says:

    Plan on spending time over in P.E.I. with my kids and having lots of fun with them.

  462. Susan says:

    Looking forward to a trip to Brier Island and some whale watching along with an over night at Digby Pines!

  463. Glen says:

    Spent some time camping and working on the backyard. August we will be taking in the exhibitions in the area and doing some home improvements.

  464. Sean says:

    Our family plans on sticking around beautiful Nova Scotia and taking day trips throughout the summer. That way we will be able to do more as we will not have the added expense of overnight accommodations. Plus, we will get to see more of our wonderful province.

  465. Trice says:

    Take my sons camping- rough it like we did as kids. Visit NL for a week; explore Fogo Island!

  466. derm says:

    travelling to Ottawa to visit with family

  467. Marie says:

    We are taking our girls camping for a weekin PEI. I hope there will be lots of beach days.

  468. Touria says:

    This summer I plan to stay home, in St. John’s where my only sister will be getting married. I’ll be here to help make sure everything runs smoothly and the entire family has some fun together. Any hot day we have, I’ll be going for a swim outdoors.

  469. Lynne says:

    Already spent a couple of weeks in MB catching up with family and a week in NS reconnecting with old friends. Summer has finally arrived on the Island, so looking forward to long walks on our beautiful beaches with my Honey. Summer rules!

  470. kimberly says:

    I will be heading to my hometown for my nieces christening where the whole family is getting together to celebrate.

  471. Kelly says:

    I am enjoying being home, gardening, running around with my kids to soccer and can’t wait for August for the rest of my family to get home to help celebrate my parents 50th anniversary.

    It’s nice to sit back and smell the roses………….


  472. Krystle says:

    This summer I plan on going home to Newfoundland for a week to spend time with my friends & family.

  473. Louanne says:

    We plan on taking a week off, grabbing the kids and some of their friends and heading for the camp to go swimming , 4-wheeling , kayaking, fishing and trying our luck at an adventure in panning for gold.Hoping to make beautiful memories before my kids are off to their first year of college..

  474. Veronica says:

    Biggest plan for the summer is volunteering for Camp Courage. This will be my 4th year volunteering and the 5th year for the camp. It is a camp for young girls between the ages of 15-19 and takes place over 8 days. The girls get to experience all the duties of a paramedic, police officer and firefighter. The camp provides information, education, inspiration and opportunities to experience the physical demands required, thereby providing a better idea of what it takes to perform in these roles. The ultimate goal is that the girls will leave with a sense of empowerment and the confidence to believe that they can achieve any goal, career or dream they desire. There are two days dedicated to each of the emergency services; the first day is a fund day to get to know each other and the last day consists of a grand finale scenario where they show off their new skills.

    This is the ultimate experience for these young women; 24 have been selected for this year. And as a volunteer it is not only a heart wrenching experience as you mentor the girls through their fears but it is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.

    Although the camp is only in its 5th year we regularly receive success stories of young campers entering paramedicine, policing and firefighting schools. Camp Courage has played an important role in inspiring these young women to achieve their goals, no matter what those goals may be.

  475. Dionne says:

    We have enjoyed camping this summer…getting ready to again soon! Oh yea and we tent, no travel trailers for us! Rain or Shine!

  476. Gerald says:

    Celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary with Family from across canada!

  477. Garth says:

    Last week my wife and I spent five days in New Brunswick and Maine and enjoyed that mini-vacation. We plan to take our son to Cape Breton (Fort Louisbourg) before he heads off to college in Sepetmber. Other than that, I will be busy doing yard work and other maintenance jobs in our home and on the property.

  478. Gayla says:

    I am working alittle, relaxing with family and friends.. Hanging out at the beach as much as we can and watching my 10yr old play some soccer..

  479. Katherine says:

    On my days off I want to take the dogs out swimming, relax at home in the sun, and we have our house for sale so hopfully we will sell it and spend some time moving into a new place!

  480. Brian says:

    If all goes well, to travel from Newfoundland, and tour the maritimes again. This has been a tradition of ours for the past 8 years. We usually try to get to Cavendish, Moncton and Halifax. Each place has something for each of us to enjoy. Our weather has been miserable this summer (so far) and we hope we meet with better prospects as we travel.

  481. Terry says:

    My first summer as a retiree and loving every minute! Gardening, reading, long, long walks and catching up with old friends!

  482. carol says:

    Headed to Pacific Northwest in August- ferry boats to remote islands, great food, crisp air and a quilt show!

  483. Juanita says:

    Exploring eastern Canada with our five young children so that they are able to experience our beautiful country and appreciate why we live in the best country in the world!As well spending lots of time with family and lots of time at the ocean.

  484. Wendy says:

    This summer we are preparing for the arrival of our second baby! We have been getting the room ready as well as all the things that we need for our new baby which should arrive around August 27th. In between getting the room ready we have been relaxing and enjoying our backyard pool and many BBQ’s with our family and friends. Some down time before the baby comes!!

  485. Nadia says:

    We spend time visiting the family from Moncton to Toronto, passing by Montreal and Quebec! Keeps us busy!

  486. Terry says:

    This is my first summer as a “retired” person and I plan on doing whatever I want! Gardening, reading, long, long walks, catching up with old friends!

  487. Murf says:


  488. Lester says:

    We will be spending a lot of time boating, walking and enjoying the beach..

  489. Mary says:

    Relax and have fun with friends.

  490. Melanie says:

    We’ve just set up a really cool salt water pool and the kids love it. Our plan is to take a few day trips (like the trip we just came back from to Saint John to see the totally amazing performance by Cirque de Soleil) but this year we’re going to love a “staycation” with pool fun, lots of barbecue and maybe a little something cold to drink. Sounds like the way to go to me!

  491. KIM says:

    MY job is seasonal so I work all summer.But having said that, I do get weekends offand what better place to live than the vally,N.S.WE are just a hop to so much !!!

  492. mark says:

    Just relaxing, enjoying family and friends. The summer is too short to make plans just let it unroll the way its meant to be!! cheers(glasses clinging)

  493. Vern says:

    Now that summer is finally here in Nova Scotia, visiting the beautiful wine estates in the Annapolis valley and enjoying the wonderful food and wine of our Province.

  494. Pamela says:

    Trying to find a good balance between working and spending time with my 14 month old son. Already got to take him to the local fun park and the beach a couple times. Other than that there is an annual family picnic that we all look forward to during the first weekend of August sometime! Plus there is always Jubilee in New Glasgow, NS. Definitely the highlight of the whole year for this quiet town!

  495. Linda says:

    Gardening and having good times with family and friends

  496. Mary says:

    My plan is to golf at least twice a week,and relish the fact that I don’t have to turn my heat on LOL.

    Enjoy your summer!!!!!

  497. Carl says:

    Going to PEI for a week, then on to New Brunswick for a couple of days, and visiting family & friends along the way.

  498. Robin says:

    we are having an 80th birthday party for my aunt and having 75 people for a barbeque, wouldn’t be a good time to run out of propane 🙂

  499. andrew says:

    living every day to it’s fullest as if it’s my last. enjoying it rain or shine. every day is a great day.

  500. Tim says:

    Travel by motorcycle is always an adventure. Past vacations have opened my eyes to the stunning and quiet solitude the South West US states have to offer, not to mention the dry heat’s healing powers found there. Last year was the coastline of Nova Scotia to soak up the fresh, cooling airs and hidden visual jewels along the Atlantic while this year is the coastline of Canada’s smallest and more importantly, comfortable Provinces, PEI. Looking forward to my next adventure – hope any rainfall encountered makes me appreciate the sun even more!

  501. Christine says:

    Summer is all about music and camping. I’ve been to two music festivals and hope to go to a few more! Also, visiting some beautiful little known beaches around Nova Scotia and hiking around the Bay of Fundy makes summer perfect!

  502. Krista says:

    Well it is not AS busy as last summer but still pretty busy! My husband and I just got married last year and this summer we are buying a cottage! We will take possession of it this week, we are excited about spending as much time there as possible (even to do some snowshoeing in the area in the winter). I also have to do some travelling for work in July and when I come back I will have classes for all of August (I work and go to school full time). I will be finished of all of my classes in time for our one year anniversary!

  503. Heather says:

    Enjoying long weekends in my back yard paradise 🙂

  504. Marlene says:

    We travelled to Alberta by plane and to British Columbia by car through the mountains and Vancouver Island.

  505. Alex says:

    Working and spending as much time with my family at the beach and the festivals close to home.

  506. judy says:

    we will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary, both our cchildren will be home,

    we are having an open house with family and friends

  507. Chad says:

    Building my sister’s dream home with my father and her husband

  508. Kirk says:

    Spending summer at our cottage near Basin Head, Prince Edward Island!

  509. nancy says:

    We will be enjoying the summer weather as much as possible, with lots of hiking and barbecuing and hope to do some surfing at Point Michaud, |Cape Breton and on the south shore of Nova Scotia.

  510. Dave & Jan says:

    We plan to travel around our province of Newfoundland and Labrador for the month of August. Will be visiting family and friends. Walking the many wilderness Trails, Salmon fishing on the many rivers and trout fishing as much as possible. We most look forward to enjoying the coastal views including ice burgs and the panaramic views offered by visiting the Long Range Mountains .

  511. Steve says:

    My fiance and I have spent most of the summer planning for our wedding; which is happening on August 27, and we couldn’t be more excited!

  512. Sarah says:

    Hi there,
    My summer plans include golfing, playing ball and running (when it isn’t too hot). My husband and I adopted a dog in February, so we are still working on training him. I was hoping he would be my running partner, but he hates running as much as my husband! 🙂

    It goes without saying that our favorite summertime meal is BBQ!


  513. Anne says:

    Enjoying the heat and sunshine after a rainy June!

    Looking forward to three weeks holidays in August to just do things around the house..And doing pilates on the riverfront in Riverview and hoping to do some yoga on the beach in Shediac!

  514. Natalie says:

    We will be going to the beach on our days off. The kids will be swimming in the babysitters pool and I will be working at the hospital.

  515. Jenster says:

    Just Chill… 🙂

  516. Nancy says:

    We are lucky enough to live by one of New Brunswick’s many beautiful lakes. Although we are somewhat isolated in winter, we reap the benefits spending our summers on the water, boating with many wonderful friends. New Brunswick is blessed with clean air, fresh water, beautiful scenery and the friendliest people you’ll find anywhere. We’ll be enjoying all of the above this summer – rain or shine!

  517. Anna says:

    My husband is an avid angler so we have been out in the boat fishing, going for long bike rides on the weekend and trying to make the most of the summer weather. We have also started renovating our kitchen! We are taking our time and doing all the work ourselves, learning lots along the way. I am an artist so I spend rainy afternoons drawing and painting, sipping tea and listening to the radio. We enjoy all seasons here in Nova Scotia and don’t have any plans to leave the province, perhaps just get out and explore it a little more. Happy Summer!

  518. Stacey says:

    There have been no official plans for the summer. Having said that I have been fortunate enough to have great visits from family and friends. I’ve taken a day here and there for vacation to enjoy some “me” and escape with some great summer reads.

  519. Andrew says:

    Camping in Newfoundland… Soaking up the fog…

  520. John says:

    I plan on burning as much diesel fuel as possible while boating along the Saint John River!

  521. Don says:

    Lots of quality time in the the convertible. Bring on the sunshine and open roads!

  522. Kirk says:

    This is our family’s first full summer in Nova Scotia after moving from the North. We’re looking forward to exploring Nova Scotia, doing lots of camping, maybe taking a trip or two to PEI and a trip to Maine and New Hampshire. We’re looking forward to seeing the sights, enjoying the warm weather and spending time together as a family.

  523. Doug says:

    Planning on camping with our family around Cape Breton and other parts of Nova Scotia. Basically relaxing, hit some beaches, have some BBQ’s and maybe a few beverages:)

  524. Doug says:

    We started the summer with the planning and having a 60th Wedding anniversary and renewal of thier vows for my parents. We are now enjoying our grandchildren, and our garden as enjoy the summer weather.

  525. arlene says:

    we are going to Halifax to the titanic museum, then to the titanic gravesite.we will also take a tour on a pirate ship and tour ciditel hill.

  526. Gilles says:

    Just returning from a trip to Ottawa and Montréal, and we are planning to spend the rest of the summer at Clearwater lake Nova Scotia with relatives and friends 🙂

  527. Don says:

    Heading to our vacation home in Kississimme, Flordia and enjoy the sun shine

  528. Shannon says:

    We will spend the summer months hanging out at home, playing baseball and swimming in the pool. Irving has always been there for us and our heating needs, and we look forward to many more years as a customer!

  529. Annette says:

    We will be using up the many “air-miles” we’ve accumulated over the years to fly to China to visit the exchange students that had stayed with us in the past. We have plans to visit the cities of Beijing, Hong Kong & Shen Chen. We find that some of our Maritime summer days too hot when the temperature reaches 30 degrees and higher… In the southern part of China, where we are headed, the summer temperatures are at 38 degrees for a normal, and their coolest temperatures are still in the 20s for normals. This might explain that when these exchange students were staying with us, they would wear their jackets to dinner, but would return to their room where the thermostat was set to 30 degrees or more! Having exchange students stay with us were great experiences, and now we look forward to experiencing their culture.

  530. Doris says:

    Spend time with family, enjoying our new rent home and the comfort of neat and clean oil heat during winter. Thanks Irvng

  531. Natalie says:

    Our family of 5 will be spending the summer at home. Can’t afford to go on holiday.

  532. Rose-Marie says:

    My daughter is getting married in August, so all our energy is going towards the wedding, it’s such an exciting time for the family, she’s my oldest and the first one to get married in the family.

  533. Sherry says:

    ROAD TRIPS…staying at home in the beautiful province of Newfoundland and discovering it for myself (ourselves). Have seen KISS in Grand Falls-amazing four days – taking in the “Ferryland Folk Festival” with great local/Nfld. acts…and working during the week at an awesome, funfilled environment…got to love it here!!

  534. jenn says:

    I just got back from a trip to ontario to see my family! it was great!

  535. Patti says:

    My summer consists of doing what I love the most – spending lots of time with my family. We have two boys who play soccer for different teams so we spend alot of time travelling with them….. we wouldn’t want it any other way – throw in a few softball games, some trips to the cottage, and our 25th Anniversay coming up…. summer in Nova Scotia – couldn’t be better!

  536. Joe says:

    I’m being reborn!
    Got divorced in November. Decided to make a nice life! It’s Summer and I’m still renovating the ManCave while working full time and a part time job as well. On top of that I’m meeting new people and hanging out with a couple of friends that I was so fortunate to have met in my lifetime! Some nice evenings and nights, I take out my sports car or join one of those friends in a high-speed Zodiac! Life is wonderful! Going camping in the next couple of weeks. Planning on vacationing in Atlantic Canada because the scenery and people surpass the usual foreign destinations.

  537. Clare says:

    When I’m not working, I’m spending time with my puppy. She’s been keeping me moving and gives me a great excuse for getting outside – even when the weather’s not perfect. The staff at the Irving station / Circle K on Robie (in Halifax) give her a treat when I drop by to buy water. My dog now tries to lead our walks in that direction.

  538. Darlene says:

    My daughter, 8, and school mate, 8, and myself are heating up in the sun (outside in the gardens, yard, and nature) and cooling off (outside in the pool) – not using any electricity to heat up or cool down. We are conserving energy and saving money!!!! Wish it was summer 9 months of the year.

  539. Wendy says:

    Staying home and driving my 5yr old to various summer camps!

  540. Krista says:

    Taking a trip to see family out west next month and every little bit I can save for that trip helps!

  541. Shannon says:

    I am getting married!!!

  542. shelley says:

    family home to enjoy summer. lots of golf and beach days and of course, lots of lobster. ENJOY!!!

  543. milly says:

    we are just enjoying the summer ,,husband has to work full time socan not go far but planning our home repairs and thinking on getting fuel and other things ready for winter ,,early but things need tobe planned ahead ,,

  544. Julianne says:

    We are spending our summer around home, hitting the beaches and the parks and spending time with friends. We have friends coming from Penn. and are looking forward to sharing the wonderful sites of New Brunswick. A free tank of heating oil would be a terrific way to top off a fabulous summer.

  545. Janet says:

    Well, I am just trying to enjoy the summer with my husband and two kids, we try to get to the beach when we can, or to the neighbours pool. There is a wedding in our family in a couple of weeks, so all our family from away will be coming home, and it will be great to have everyone together again. I see lots of barbecues and get-togethers in our future. It would be great to have a free tank of fuel for the winter when things are a lot slower paced. Would love to be so lucky!!!

  546. Laura says:

    For us, summer means enjoying PEI. The kids are teenagers now, so there’s lot of biking (many stops at the dairy bars), days at Sandspit, time spent at the beach, and many days hanging out with friends and family. We also plan to get down to Newfoundland for a week on the rivers, and to head over to New Brunswick to check out Stuart’s Tubing as we have never done that before. Whatever makes the most out of the summer sun!!

  547. Paula says:

    Summer vacation for our family is a time to just kick back, enjoy and spend some time together.

  548. Deanna says:

    Lots of camping and beach days.

  549. Christina says:

    Virginia is the place we love to visit!

  550. Suzie says:

    Heading to Gros Morne ! Can’t wait, never been to Newfoundland before and have wanted to go for years. Looking forward to camping, hiking, kayaking & most of all relaxing 🙂

  551. radwan says:

    My wife and I don’t really go anywhere for a summer vacation . We Have had a great summer so far.Enjoy the beautiful Halifax Summer in my garden Spend time with family camping in our back yard Just LOVE the summer!!!!!

  552. Joyce says:

    Summer is a great time of year and we spend it enjoying life in the Maritimes,nothing any better.

  553. Tony says:

    Two weeks in England in May/June with a busy fall coming up make for having a quiet summer in the Maritimes!

  554. John says:

    It is a Maritime summer for us. Aready we have taken a visitor from England to the south shore of N.S. staying over in Lunenburg and then travelling to the Annapolis Valley. She loved the historic homes open to the public – Haliburton House (Windsor) and Prescott House near Canning. At the end of July we are taking other friends to visit PEI and will take in the Indian River Festival which has become an annual trek. Great music in a beautiful historic church near Summerside.

  555. andre says:

    Doing renovation on the house,golfing,going ti Levis Quebec at the end of July to visit family and to go to a concert by Rod Steward.

  556. Sharon says:

    Just enjoying my Grand children and the occasional trip to Halifax.

  557. Emily says:

    I can be found enjoying one of the many hiking trails, or taking a dip in the ocean/lake. If I’m not there I’m probably at work, or enjoying a BBQ with some friends. The weather has been great! What better to do than spend time with your favourite people eating good food and sipping on some wine!? Ahh summer!

  558. Dale says:

    spending 10 days in PEI with daily golfing & dining with my siblings & spouses…11th consecutive year! Great family connections.

  559. Rita says:

    The responses above sound wonderful – however, no travelling or much else for me. I’m a senior on a fixed income so will be sticking close to home and enjoying the summer months walking around the neighbourhood with my dog or on my own. Fortunately there can be lots of variety in those walks as I strike off in any direction and I do live in a nice place with a wonderful view of the harbour. I have the option of walking along the water front or along some beautiful tree lined streets.

  560. Virginia says:

    Virginia says:
    This summer we are busy having our driveway paved and doing some landscaping. I will be off the first two weeks in August and plan to enjoy the George St. Festival, The Royal St. John’s Regatta, possibly a trip to various locations in Newfoundland and maybe take a cruise (other wise known as the Ferry) over to Nova Scotia to visit family. On the other days of summer I will continue to enjoy family get togethers with backyard fires, guitars , BBQ’s and boil ups. Of course there would be a few spirits to indulge in as we go.

  561. Charlotte says:

    We enjoyed a week on the beach in ME, will enjoy a week at the Shore in NJ and then enjoying my children in our wonderful back yard before school starts. Staycation day trips to the beach, the parks and friends houses. Relaxing is the goal!!!

  562. Angela says:

    Will be doing some minor home renovations and traveling to T.O. to visit family.

  563. Barb says:

    This summer is about relaxation, rest and enjoying everyday!

  564. Charlie says:

    I plan to go mackerel fishing when ever I can in the canoe and relax by the pool on nice days.

  565. Mike says:

    Playing lots of golf and enjoying the beautiful days with family and friends.

  566. Barbara says:

    We are spending our summer at home enjoying our garden and also traveling around our Province, taking in some of the beautiful scenery that we haven’t seen in a few years.

  567. Jamie says:

    Concerts at Meadowbrook pavilion in NH. Music on the big lake is the best!

  568. Jim says:

    After moving into a new house a couple of weeks ago there is not a lot of time to spend vacationing. We plan on camping for a couple of weekends, the rest of the time will be spent organizing the house and doing landscaping, all of the fun things to do with a new home!

  569. Jeff says:

    Playing ball and ultimate frisbee, then travelling with my girlfriend to Switzerland and Belgium at the end of the summer

  570. Terri says:

    We’ve wanted a sun room for a very long time. This year we decided to get it done. We’re both seniors and figured what the heck. We won’t be here forever. Good decision! Even our little dog is enjoying it! We sit and listen to the rain falling, watch the birds feeding, enjoy our friends and neighbors visiting just simply enjoy the quietness. What a rush! However, we need a name for our sun room. The theme is tranquility. Any suggestions?

  571. Kevin says:

    Hopefully every second weekend exploring nova scotia, visiting grandparents with the boys. In august my sister is coming down to see us and finally get to meet my boys 3 and 19 months. Being a stay at home dad we get a chance to roam arou d the hrm parks and beaches

  572. Stan says:

    Working on getting in shape. Myself and my wife are doing the Tely 10 – 10 mile road race and my son and I are doing a bicycle run of the Irish Loop, approximately 360 KM.

  573. Bob says:

    My girl and I are getting married Aug. 13.

  574. Donna says:

    With living in such a beautiful part of the Country, I am going to stay close to home and welcome cruise ship visitors to this area and do a bit of “Love New Brunswick” promotion with them.

  575. peter says:

    My summer is spent helping other people have a good summer and vacation as we operate a B&B. The first challenge of the day has been to greet everyone with a good morning smile, even though the weather has been just terrible. Then to tell them that the Cabot Trail may be fogged in for most of day , or that the whale watch boats are not going out in this rough water. So instead you get out the maps and quickly find their likes and dislikes to try to help salvage that one day . And sometimes they send you a “thank you” email.

  576. Bob says:

    My wife and I are working in our garden which we both love and give tender loving care to. Last year we were voted best kept garden in our town for which we received a lovely framed picture and a $50.00 gift card. I am also working so that we can take a driving holiday to Ohio in September. We plan to take a nice leisurely trip and enjoy the scenery, attractions and places of interest along the way. My propane tank is empty now and I would very much appreciate a fill- up before the long hard winter that will be coming much tooooo quickly!!!

  577. Janey says:

    Can’t wait to start our vacation – gassing up at the local “Irving” and riding to Cape Breton on our bikes (street cruisers) for “Thunder in the Highlands” an annual biker rally. The whole family is going. Gonna cruise the Cabot trail, see some awesome sights, mingle with other biking enthusiasts, and thoroughly enjoy Mr Matt Minglewood on Sunday July 31 in Sydney!

  578. Sylvie says:

    Have been working on garden and maintaining property as well as working

  579. Don & Ephetas says:

    Rented the house in PEI and moved the family for two months to the north shore of the Dominican Republic (Caberete), so that Ephetas could visit with her sister who lives in Santiago. (their house in Leogane, Haiti was flattened by last years earthquake) My 13 year old nephew is still undergoing various surgeries to get him back in shape after he and his younger brother (deceased) were electricuted while watching a rain storm on a neighbours roof in Leogane!
    Our two boys are having a great time learning Spanish and French from their cousins and teaching them English while we all enjoy the local hospitality and the beautiful beaches of this wonderful country

  580. Lynn says:

    I am busy helping families, because thats what I do. I am taking a week to go to Vegas, part business and part pleasure. I am also taking 3 of my grandchildren to Prince Edward Island with my husband . Also my 2 siblings and I are meeting my 4th sibling in Montreal. We haven’t been together for a few years.Then to top it off we have a granddaughter due to be born in August. Its all good!!

  581. Virginia says:

    So far this summer, my husband and I have vacationed to New Hampshire, USA, enjoyed quiet time at our oceanfront property, and taken motorbike trips in Nova Scotia. God has truly blessed us with good weather so that we have been able to visit family and friends and enjoy life while getting reacquainted with other relatives, and receiving rests in between. With thanks to Irving, we have been able to save cost and rest assured that our home is safe with their furnace and our propane stove. It was also nice to get Irving gas in the States and this was the only place we had no problem cashing our American Express Travelers Cheques. Irving, thanks again.

  582. Aaron says:

    Going to Calgary to visit with friends and family.

  583. Paul says:

    We’re spending two exquisite months in beautiful Prince Edward Island, enjoying island culture, and the peace and quiet that comes from the laid back lifestyle of the warm and wonderful people there.

  584. Don says:

    Spending lots of time at my summer cabin! No electricity — just propane!
    I can see the stars just fine on a clear night!

  585. Davidk says:

    Spending lots of time camping with friends, and going to cottages. Going away to Montreal for the long weekend to see a festival in a couple weeks. Staying outside and active will be important this summer.

  586. DANNY says:

    We went to Montreal and to St. Jean sur Richelieu for our son’s graduation from his military basic training. We took in some sights in Montreal when there and had a great time. We have a wedding coming up and family coming for a visit. So with all that a keeping our lawn mowed and garden’s weeded, that is our excitement.

  587. John says:

    We will be hiking and entertaining guests.

  588. Desiree says:

    My husband and I will be packing up our 4 children (3,5,6,7) for a week of camping @ Glen Meadows Camp ground in NH and a day trip to Storyland with the grand parents. Kids have been counting down all summer and we can’t wait. We’re ending the week with a day at the Kahuna Laguna Indoor Water park. It’s gonna be a blast!

  589. Anne says:

    Took a trip to Toronto in June to visit friends. Weather was great and not too hot. Now that I’m home I’m trying to get some projects done.

  590. Kim says:

    Every weekend this summer my husband, son & I are boating, fishing and doing as much as we can afford to do on the lakes in NH. So far we have been to Northwood Lake, Ossipee Lake & Winnisquam lake. We have also been to Funtown/Splashtown in Saco Maine. I am working PT and looking for FT employment. So my 11 yr old son and I are spending the days together. Everyday I go to the gym first thing in the morning, then I spend the rest of the day gardening, cleaning and going to baseball, football or whatever sport my son is involved in on that given day. ( which is pretty much everyday of this summer). My son & I also are going to try to go to as many beaches as we can, this week we are going to Ogunquit in Maine- my personal favorite!

  591. Deanne says:

    This summer we are simply planning on enjoying the comforts of our new home and the beauty of a Nova Scotia summer after a long and harsh winter and spring. We are enjoying each day as it comes and trying not to plan too much of anything. Sometimes it is best just experience each day as it comes and to appreciate it for what it is.

  592. DAVE says:

    Summer will be spent preparing our present home for sale in the fall. We are presently searching daily for our future home.

    We will however be attempting to take short vacations throughout the Maritime Provinces when family schedules allow us the opportunities.

  593. Steve says:

    Time with my wife: two great concerts, Steve Poltz and KISS…time with my family: new boat and all the watersports we can handle, fishing, tubing, skiing, wakeboarding at Ocean Pond…and time for me, staying in shape training for triathlon and bike races…making the most of what I work hard for and lucky to have around me!

  594. Mark says:

    Our family is really enjoying our summer with our 3 year old daughter and 1 year old son. We’ve just been Camping in Keji on National Parks Day, and we are headed to Ontario to visit family. We’re gassing her up at Irving here in Halifax for a great road trip with the little ones. Camping in New Brunswick, Quebec, and then a nice stay with the great-grandparents in Ancaster, Ontario.

    No better way to spend a summer!

  595. Sheri says:

    Not doing too much this summer. Swimming lessons for the boys each morning for the month of July. Best friend is coming home to Nova Scotia from Alberta for a week and a half in August for her birthday, looking forward to that. Other than that it will be a few trips here and there around the province. Upper Clements Park in a few weeks. Summer is going by too quickly – July will soon be over with already! 🙁

  596. Mary says:

    My summer so far has been busy with a number of volunteer commitments so relaxation has not been available. As with many retirees, we are overextended and busier than ever. But life is good, we are healthy, our children are healthy and we have 2 more grandchildren arriving this year. We are simply grateful for the quality of life we have in this beautiful country.

  597. Paulette says:

    I am planing to go to Barbados West Indies to meet my in-laws for the first time since my husband I have been married.We have been married for 16 years in November

  598. Kim says:

    Relaxing times soaking up the sun with our family, enjoying NB’s beaches every chance we get.

  599. Chris says:

    Try to enjoy family as much as possible in the summer season.

  600. Alison says:

    This summer has been GREAT so far, despite the weather!!! We have had many pool parties with friends and neighbours, some unexpected and other planned…they all work out really well either way! Having family visit and tour around NS, possibly a trip to PEI…otherwise it will be gardening, lounging and hanging out with the world’s BEST friends. I also am trying to spend as much time as I can with my little boy, who will be starting school in September, so we do TONS of stuff together when I am not working!!! Gotta LOVE life & summer!!!!!!!!!

  601. Lisa says:

    I just came back from Seattle & Alaska. I had a work related trip, took my son along & we made the most by making a little vacation out of it. We went to Glacier Bay National which was absolutely amazing. Then we went to Juneau hiked the Mendenhall Glacier National Forest, next day off to Sitka, Ketchikan & the Misty Fjords. Alaska was absolutely beautiful. The last leg of the trip we went to Victoria BC, & Seattle. While in Seattle we went to the Space Needle, Aquarium, Pioneer Square & Pike Place Market. Seattle was a fun city with so much to do. Someday I hope I can take my dad back so he can explore Alaska with us. It was time well spent.

  602. Ted says:

    Getting to know my home province by traveling around New Brunswick by car to Saint John, Fredericton, Kings Landing and the Fundy Coast.

  603. Ruthanne says:

    We’re staying home this summer!! We live in a small village by the Bay of Fundy where the water and pastoral views, cool southern breezes, and local fresh farm and sea food are as abundant or more so than the many vacation places we have been. You see, we came to this beautiful village that we now call home just because it was for us the “perfect vacation” place. We bought our dream vacation, a beautiful old Victorian shipbuilder’s home and began restoring “her” six years ago. We hope to continue to give her the repairs and attention that we feel she deserves, and a tank of home heating oil for our beautiful home will help us continue our dream. The children come all the way from Berlin Germany and Eugene Oregon to vacation here with us even in the cold winter time of year as we keep the home fires going with the help of Irving. Thank you Irving for faithfully servicing our heater and providing fuel, and helping to keep our vacation dreams coming true even in the cold winter season.

  604. Ann says:

    In an effort to cut our travel costs and also to learn more about our own province we are going to try to attend all the little festivals around the province yhis summer.

  605. Edson says:

    My whole family is here in Halifax and we are going to stay at cottages in Malignant Cove where we will do some swimming, some biking and lots of lazing around, hopefully in good weather.

  606. Rosemary says:

    WOW! We are so-o-o-o busy this summer! One daughter is moving lock, stock and barrel and family all the way from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. So far in June and July, we have made four trips to their home in Annapolis Valley to help them donate, recycle, relocate, sell and pack all their belongings for the move. We even drove a 14 foot truck from the Valley to Cape Breton with boxes, boards, benches, bikes, and buffet for storage! In between these trips, another daughter turned 40 and we organized a big birthday bash for her! This same daughter developed walking pneumonia so we had her two children for 2 weeks in July to help her out. Another daughter who already lives in British Columbia had a baby and her husband got a job 4 hours away and so we went out there to help her pack up their apartment. She actually moved when their new baby son was just 10 days old!!!!!!!.
    So far this summer as you can see, we’ve not been sitting on the deck sipping mint julips! What’s to come???? Well, were going back to the Valley on the 24th for four days to put the finishing touches on the packing there and while there we’re going to celebrate our son’s 35th birthday. The last weekend in July, I am personally busy with a fundraiser for our local hall…..hoping to raise about $5000.00!!!
    After that…………. I’m hoping for a little R & R. However who knows? And to think that my husband and I are retired seniors!!

  607. John says:

    As little as possible. Enjoying the heat.

  608. Carolyn says:

    We will be spending our vacation in PEI in late August. A nice way to finish off a Canadian summer. Until that time seeing friends, outdoor concerts, cycling and gardening in the city. Not to mention our nightly BBQ, what could be more representative of summer than that.

  609. Ghada says:

    Will spend quality time with family members coming from abroad.

  610. Cecile says:

    Jumping in the pond after a hot day at the office; picking bouquets in the flower garden; cooling off with Bragg Farm maple creemees; finding treasures at yard sales; taking an art class; relaxing in the sun with a good book; spending time with friends; trying new things and going new places. Hope to get to the ocean, Thunder Road, new local roller derby… trying to appreciate every minute of this gorgeous weather.

  611. John says:

    We are in the process of buying land for a cottage on the miramichi river.

  612. Philip says:

    Competing in various local triathlon and running events throughout Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick with my main race for the summer taking place in New Hampshire, USA at the Timberman half Ironman! Luckily we have a cottage in PEI and the ocean, local terrain and roads are fantastic for training! Would Irving like to sponsor me for my 2012 goal – a full Ironman? Of course being that we have such short summers, spending as much time at the beach with my wife and 2 kids takes top priority as life is busy enough so when there is a bit of downtime in the summer – it’s family first! Have a great summer everyone !!! Peace.

  613. Sheldon says:

    Spending the weekends at our cottage, which is fully powered by Irving propane! Propone lights, fridge and stove. I grew up there and now we have 3 kids of our own to take back every weekend 🙂

  614. Marco says:

    Home renovations are my vacation plans. I like to save $$ but I have to spend some $$ to keep warm this winter. Insulated the house and putting in a new kitchen. If moma is happy then everybody is happy 😉

  615. Karen says:

    My father who was employed by Irving for 30 years is turning 80 years old. Our family and friend are going to NFLD, where he was born to clelbrate. He has had a battle with cancer and is the eldest of 16 children so all of us are using our holidays to celebrater with him.

  616. Carole says:

    We went to Grand Manan and rented a cottage for a week and took all the grandchildren whale watching. We saw Minke whales and 17 Finbacks. Am going back in August to see the Humpbacks and Right Whales.Later in August we are renting a cottage at Parlee Beach for a week and are also taking all the grandchildren. We love New Brunswick.
    In December we are taking the grandchildren to Disney World…I wish Disney were in New Brunswick, but, hey, you can’t have it all!!!!

  617. Sandra says:

    Hi, I am looking forward to spending time with my family. We have relatives home from Nova Scotia and it will be wonderful hanging with them. There is a family celebration for my Parents 50 wedding anniversary.

  618. ABEW says:

    Getting my pool set up for the summer, complete building my pool deck and pumphouse, and hit the trails on the wheeler!!

  619. Bill says:

    Heading to the west coast of NL to visit L’Anse aux Meadows, Rocky Harbour and Gros Morne. Visit friends in Gander and just have a nice relaxing vacation at home in NL this year!

  620. Cindy says:

    We are moving to our new house in Nova Scotia after a trip to Toronto for basketball nationals! Very exciting – can’t wait to visit the wineries and eat lobster on the beach!

  621. Judy says:

    Enjoying the sunshine at the beach and the beautiful New Brunswick evenings with friends in the backyard at the chiminea!

  622. Eamon says:

    We have been of to stay in Tatamagouche at the fantastic Railway Station in where we all slept in a caboose!! We went to Joggins beach and looked at fossils over 300 million years old. We then went to stay at Oak Island Resort where we made Smooors!
    We are going to end the summer by seeing Brad Marchand bring back the Stanley Cup to Hammonds Plains.

  623. Kari says:

    We are going to head to Boston for a walk around the Freedom Trail

  624. Steve says:

    I have travelled to both Victoria and Toronto. I will be spending the rest of my time at home enjoying family.

  625. yvonne says:

    I have been busy working at a great National Park in Nova Scotia. I greet people from all over our wonderful Country and many others. I get to tell them all about Kejimikujik and how to enjoy Nature at its best while helping maintain the pristine wilderness they are enjoying!

  626. Carman says:

    We plan to spend the summer with our grandson at the beach. Play golf and dine at our favorite family restaurant the Irving Big Stop.

  627. Dennis says:

    Hanging out in Hanover

  628. Steve says:

    Having fun with our family!

  629. Pauline says:

    We been to Parrsboro,n.s. for a couple of days. We camp at Town & Countryin Sussex, n.b.
    Take the grandkids to the lake on hot days. We are going to P.E.I. camping in Aug. for a few days.

  630. GWEN says:


  631. Andrew says:

    Ride my motorcycle as much as possible.

  632. Christine says:

    This summer my family went to Alberta to see the Mountains and Stampede. We are also going to PEI with six other families to relax and have fun! Hopefully the weather will improve and everyone has a great safe summer!

  633. Blair says:

    WE be going to monton magic mountain with grand kids,off to cape breton,for a nice swim in the lakes,camping,i work all year and the summer time is when i spend the most money love to travel all over the maritimes

  634. Allan says:

    I want to plan to have an new oil tank installed in the basement of my house as this will be more energy efficient than the outdoor tank. Then I will be kayaking around the La Have Islands and hiking with a with a friend visiting from Scotland.

  635. Shirley says:

    This summer we are enjoying the new-to-us home we moved into in June. The electric heat is turned off and we are looking forward to using our propane fireplace. Lots to do – pictures to put up, lawn and flower gardens to care for, and a back deck and a front verandah to sit on.

  636. pam says:

    My family and I will be moving to a new home this summer and hopefully be able to squeeze in some camping and swimming in bueatiful New brunswick Canada.

  637. Paula says:

    Enjoying the cottage in” Beautiful” Prince Edward Island as well as all of the Golf courses they have to offer there

  638. Lorraine says:

    Spending time on PEI with family.

  639. Mona says:

    Hi I have a rare condition called Cold Urticaria, allergic to cold ( hives and burning skin), which can be life threatening if I get cold and go into shock.
    This is a medical condition that keeps me indoors all winter. I cannot go out for a walk during the winter or alot of things you take for granted during the winter. Very long winter for me!
    I need to keep extremely warm or I get very sick.


    This summer I plan to get outdoors and enjoy the sun as much as possible, the best things in life are free. I am going to soak up all the warm weather and sun that I can.

  640. Noreen says:

    Will be working and spending time with relatives visiting from Ontario during the month of July and looking forward to going camping counting moose in NFLD for two weeks.

  641. Robert says:

    well after losing my wife to cancer and feeling lost for some time I decided to take on a pet kitten from the local shelter. The kittie (Bandit) and I hit it off almost immediately, so much so that I joined
    the board of directors of the local shelter and have become active in providing for stray animals
    I even had my picture in local paper to show how pets can help seniors in time of crisis.

  642. Lou says:

    we will be spending as much time as possible at our trailer overlooking the beautiful Brasd’Or Lakes Cape Breton Island N.S.

  643. Steve says:

    Having a great summer with the family, going to Canada on the weekends to see the International Fireworks Competition and visiting the parks.

  644. craig says:

    off for the summer, but staying close to home as I have a broken leg and mobility is an issue. Would much rather be doing a million other things, especially in this heat. But you have to look on the bright side, there are people who deal with issues like this daily, some with bigger issues, mine is temporary … with all this heat winter seems so far away – a free tank of propane would be a nice little bonus especially if this winter is as cold as last 🙂

  645. Amy says:

    Enjoying wonderful weekends at the cottage here in New Brunswick with friends and family! Finally, after a long, cold winter 🙂

  646. Nat says:

    Lots of beach days.. Canoe trips at Keji..

  647. Karen says:

    After a 3 1/2 year absence from work following an injury, I retired in May because I wasn’t able to return to my previous position. Unwilling to give in, I applied for & received a position working with young people at a summer camp. Talk about an eye opener! But I’m enjoying it emmensly – those kids are teaching me a lesson or two about life. What a great way to pass the summer months!

  648. Matt says:

    Cottage, cottage, cottage and then my brother’s wedding Labour Day weekend in PEI. It should be a great summer rain or shine.

  649. Linda says:

    My husband and I are cruising around New Brunswick,Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island and Maine on our Harley Davidson motorcycles on the weekends.Lots of beautiful scenery and it’s nice to get off the beaten path and explore some of the small towns.Meeting some great folks and good eats along the way!

  650. Lisa says:

    We are going to see U2 and do some camping in our tent trailer!! Can’t wait!

  651. lisa says:

    Our family spends the summer at the cottage. It is a nice break from running the kids to ice rinks, pools and gyms. At the cottage we are enjoying the outdoors. We are biking, swimming, canoeing, surfing, waterskiing, boating and fishing. What a time to be with family and enjoy nature. Best part is having those camp fires with the kids and making hotdog spiders and smores. This is what brings memories.

  652. Clem says:

    Usual summer of out door activity. Swim, paddle, cycle. My wife and I are fitness conscious. Will skip traveling to Europe this year as we have a daughter who is pregnant with twin girls in Nov and will be staying close to home.

  653. Miriam says:

    We have been enjoying summer in our new house and also been doing a lot of gardening. My wonderful husband has been busy building a new deck for us to enjoy the warm summer nights. We are looking forward to a visit to wonderful PEI, our little boys just love the beach.

  654. sheri says:

    This summer is just flying by! My family and I have been spending all our week-ends at my in-laws cabin; we have been installing new windows,doors and siding. In between working on the cabin, we have been spending time together doing things like fishing and having camp-fires.
    Our daughter has learned to ride a bike and how to prep a fishing pole. We have also set a field of our own potatoes.
    Time at the cabin has allowed us to enjoy our time with family and nature and to truly get back in touch with what in life is truly simple yet beautiful…I do however enjoy coming home to indoor plumbing and running water…

  655. Erin says:

    We are spending time this summer with family and friends. Some camping, time at the beach, bbq’s and a two week road trip to New England. Its flying by fast, despite the so-so weather :o)

  656. Darlene says:

    I am enjoying a staycation, installed a swimming pool in our back yard and am gonna just enjoy having friends and family around. The weather has not been cooperating . It has been extremely cold for this time of the year! A tank of fuel would be awesome and maybe Irving may have a heater to warm up the water, or a month of hot weather would be nice too!!!!

  657. Len says:

    Going to China to preview a school trip that I might do with my high school in March of 2013.

  658. Alex says:

    Last summer we got a serious BBQ for the cottage: no messing around with charcoal or waiting or lighter fluid any more – just instant flames, instant heat and perfect grilling. Steaks, burgers and shark – sure: but you just cannot beat grilled vegetables! Peppers! Onions! Zucchini! All fabulous!

    This year we put up a gazebo, which is great during the daytime. But when you add a propane firepit, it’s great right through the evening & into the early hours. It means we can enjoy being outdoors with all our friends, bug-free & toasty-warm for hours and hours and hours.

    That’s what propane can do for your summer – it’s simply liberating!

    (d’you know of a propane-powered flat-screen TV?? Then we’d have a ton more friends!)

  659. Eric says:

    Eric says we are spending the summer in beautiful Waverley, Nova Scotia and the winter in Puerto Vallarta.

  660. Gwen Wier says:

    It would be nice to hang on a beach or sit with the wind in my hair, but life in an old farmhouse never leaves much for those opportunities. This summer I was going to spend training my horse to harness, but have ended UP tearing out my bathrooms to discover
    what horrors lie beneath and why there are so many building codes. I still don’t have an indoor shower or an indoor toilet, but I DO have hot running water in my kitchen (thank you Irving!).
    It’s been a long (old house) haul, with no end in sight, BUT I do take time to watch the sunsets here on the South Mountain and thank my lucky stars, for I never knew how much I would appreciate hot running water or how thankful I’ll be to get real indoor plumbing.

  661. Pat says:

    Summer 2011 will be celebrated with family n friends sharing my 65th birthday and retirement. So looking forward to having all the family together n sharing some great times.

  662. Chantal says:

    This summer we’ve been to the Splash Pads and to Fundy Park with our family of 3 kids. We’ve also been out for lots of walks and bike rides when the weather is permitting. We are preparing for a visit to Ontario where we can enjoy the fresh water lakes and not worry about seeing jelly fish or crabs and are looking forward to visiting with friends and family.

  663. Melilot says:

    I’m working all summer; I recently got a full time job and I have a small business and I sell at a two day weekend market so this keeps me pretty busy. Once the market finishes in September I plan on taking a week or so to just kick back and relax, maybe taking a day trip or two with my boyfriend around the region. I’m looking forward to that!

  664. cathy says:

    Relaxing in backyard and enjoying our two grandchildren for 8 great days. We bought 2 wading pools so they each had their own private swimming pool and listened to them laughing and screaming “cannonball!!!”all day. What fun and laughter we have!!
    Of course a trip to our beautiful local beach in sunny Nova Scotia was the hit of the week…

  665. Mary says:

    No travel plans – now that it seems that we’ve had all the rain we need for 2011, I plan on enjoying the summer weather (20F temp.) and tending to my lawn, plants, children, grandchildren, greatgranddaughter and the Newfoundland scenery.

  666. Greg says:

    I plan on doing some camping with the family this summer somewhere close to home on Cape Breton Island. The great outdoors is a great way to relax and take your mind off work and other matters. Hopefully, when I do decide to go, we’ll get some nice weather. I also plan to do some hiking and swimming in the backyard pool when the weather permits.

  667. Roxy says:

    I’m a Camp Director and I LOVE IT! I get to spend 12 amazing weeks creating magic for campers between the ages of 5-17 years of age. I get to train teenagers to become great young leaders and nurture them to love kids and care for them. From fun campfires, theatre, to visual arts. I get to create amazing art programmes for kids and watch them become more culturally aware and artistically and socially adept. Summer time.. Always a great time. I hope all have a great summer.



  668. Richard says:

    Summer in Nova Scotia for me is about boating on the lake, playing golf, visiting friends and family and enjoying the sun when it shines.

  669. Rodger says:

    Just kicking back & enjoying this great summer God has blessed us with. Its been a long time coming, but its here & I going to soak up every sun ray I can. Blessings to all who read this.

  670. Crystal says:

    After my family has spent 2 weeks in the US visiting my husband’s family, we all get to reunite and head to Twin Shores Campground in PEI for 8 days of tent camping. Camp fires at night, sunny days on the beach with a great book in one hand and a cold drink in the other, red clay sculptures on the beach, local seafood in a huge pot at the camp site. I enjoy every season of Atlantic Canada, but I’m from Florida originally, so I am truly grateful for my Irving oil!! ;0)

  671. Danny says:

    I decided this summer to build a barn and expand my hobby farm. I learned to milk my goat and make yogurt and cheese. Its been a great time so far. I have passed on my new skill to the neighbors children and a few friends. Its all about getting back to nature. Its what summer is all about

  672. Melissa says:

    This year we went family Camping alot, also went to Prince Edward Island for a Vacation. We saw famous Country artists form Canada and the US. We had a blast:). Other then that we have been enjoying being around home and going to our local beach to swim, make bonfires, and just playing in the sand with my daughter Hailey.

  673. Pat says:

    My husband and I are working hard on trying to finish as much of our cottage as possible this summer. This will be the fourth summer since we started building it ourselves. Learning how to do alot. Our old cottage flooded twice and we had to tear it down as the smell was so bad we couldn’t use it. Building yourself is rewarding. It feels good to see it all coming together. We only work on it on the weekends and our two weeks vacation. Hopefully next summer we can completely enjoy using it.

  674. Walter says:

    Spending time with our Grandchildren from Whitby ON and Kelowna B.C. They are visiting with us in N.B. and doing Maritime Sightseeing with them.

  675. Reggie says:

    We have just been hanging out in our beautiful province of Nova Scotia being a tourist. I really encourage people to try this, it is really great fun.

  676. Elizabeth says:

    Summer seems to be the best time to get together with friends and family, and we find ourselves camping and barbequing and just hanging out. It is a slower pace and there is time to stop and smell the roses…..

  677. Bessie says:

    As I am a caregiver to my husband and daughter, my summer is spent mostly around home. At least two times a week I take them to town. I have flower gardens and shrubs to tend so that makes it more enjoyable to be around home. In August we will be married 50 years, so that will be interesting. I have had two sisters visit and we all enjoyed them. Before fall I hope to take our daughter to Upper Clements Park.

  678. Tinka says:

    I am rejoicing in summer in New England – kayaking, hiking, swimming, fine music, good lectures – why go anywhere else?! STMcA

  679. Renee says:

    Having a great summer with visits to Ontario and Montreal. Went to the Toronto Zoo, it was amazing and spent a couple of days at the Montreal Jazz festival. I’m back to work now but still enjoying swims, BBQ and weekend getaways.

  680. Marie says:

    We are spending the summer with our street rod, cruising the car shows, auctions. Sunday we went to Buctouche to Irving Memorial Chapel , the Dunes, LePays de Sagouinne. More to come this weekend. The Atlantic Nationals were the best – lots of friends, good conversation and food.

  681. Ed says:

    A wedding in Halifax and to see the beautiful Cabot Trail in Cape Breton

  682. Jordan says:

    BBQing on the back deck, washer toss, and bonfires.

  683. Dan says:

    Going on vacation to PEI, Moncton and Shediac for vaction with our new baby girl!!!

  684. Jayson says:

    I am working, and staying home with the dog and cat while my wife and kids visit all the grandparents back in Ontario for 5 weeks! Every night they tell me about how great it is…Marineland etc.

  685. Nancy says:

    My husband won a trip to las vegas to play in the wsop.now I’m going to PEI to spend time with my daughter and grandson,then maybe a trip to North Carolina to visit my son and grand daughter,so wonderful to enjoy family.

  686. Raymond says:

    I am the president of a car club and we plan to do a lot of travelling in the Atlantic Provinces this summer. As well, our son and his family are coming from Ontario for a couple of weeks and we will be touring with them.

  687. Lori says:

    We are going to Newfoundland to spend time with family and friends…we plan to enjoy our time out in boat fishing and enjoying the ocean air. We have enjoyed some nice days relaxing by our parents pool and of course I have enjoyed running!

  688. Rick says:

    Spending as much time biking and boating as possible!

  689. Alexandra says:

    going to New York. Love it!

  690. Darlene says:

    I plan on ‘being’ where I am: lots of sun, beach walks and memories in the making with family and friends….

  691. Don says:

    I am going to try to build a rustic clay bake oven at my cottage this summer. Year’s ago I saw a design in Harrowsmith magazine but haven’t able to find that issue again. Oh well, I’m sure I can track down a good design on the web.

  692. Robert says:

    Looking for work in my dying trade of printing, looks like that I will have to leave the Province to get work if necessary. Might go back to school here though.

  693. Mike says:

    No travel plans for this summer. After work, I am going to sit on my deck and watch the clouds pass by.

  694. sandy says:

    Awaiting the opening of Cabot Links in Inverness,also looking forward to a visit from our son and grandchildren from ontario Hope to get a ticket to Elton John in Sydney (centre 200)

  695. Gina says:

    I’ve been working on laying new flooring in my rec room, where I have had a propane fireplace installed over a year ago, but have not enjoyed it because I’ve used the rec room as a storage area for just about everything. I woulld love free propane to totally enjoy this winter cozied up on the couch with my cats, especially during a winter stormy day which we get alot of here in St.John’s Newfoundland.

  696. Rob says:

    two weeks of camping, in a tent, in the woods with 2 kids. no electricity, no running water. if my marriage survives it will be a miracle

  697. Frank says:

    Enjoying visitors from Ireland and showing them our beautiful province.


  698. Danny says:

    This summer we are hosting relatives who are visiting us from the Toronto area. First, my wife’s sister will be coming and later in the summer, my sister and brother-in-law will be joining us for a week.

    We plan on showing them all that New Brunswick has to offer.

  699. Lori says:

    Camping for a week with my two girls at Lake Carmi in VT. Would love to spend another week as there is nothing like the outdoors. Great time fishing, family games, toasting marshamallows and having the Mallards show up every morning, noon and evening to eat right out of our hands! Great time without the TV or telephone!

  700. Sharon says:

    We are going to New Glascow to the IWK 250!

  701. Alex says:

    We are having a great summer at the cottage enjoying the Maritimes at its finest. We have so much to enjoy in New Brunswick we seldom leave in the summer. Thanks for the opportunity to express our thoughts.

  702. Jackie says:

    We’re going to Nova Scotia at the end of August for our son’s wedding, plus we had our daughter’s family from Toronto for a week in May and our son’s family from Moncton in July.
    The rest of the summer , I work outside doing some landscaping and sidewalk It occupies most of my time because my husband can;t help because he is disabled due to a chronic illness.

  703. Don says:

    Cottage in Pugwash.

  704. Mary Ann says:

    We are building a long-awaited workshop for my husband and then I can submit my “honey-do” list to him when it is completed! He has chosen to heat with propane and winning a tank of propane would be the “icing on the cake” for this forty- plus year old dream of his.

  705. Rita says:

    I am running a B&B all summer so I’ll be helping others have a good time when they visit us at Whale Song B&B in Newfoundland.

  706. Phyllis says:

    I am babysitting my grandson this summer as his regular sitter is having surgery. We are having a wonderful time together and are both experiencing new things.

  707. Phil says:

    My wife and I are working part time, but we will be going to Ontario to visit with our youngest daughter , husband and 2 grand children for almost 2 weeks They will help me celebrate my 75th birthday. We also plan on looking up my brother who is 79 in August. As a retired couple we sure can use a tank full of oil this winter.

  708. Jeff says:

    We went to Ottawa for Canada Day to see Prince William and Catherine. We had an awesome time (along with about 400,000 others!!). Then we went to various parts of Ontario that none of the family had seen before; we had a great vacation.
    Hoping to do some camping along the beautiful Saint John river. Maybe to New River Beach near Saint John, NB.

    Maybe even go up to the Restigouche river in northern New Brunswick and go canoeing. Summer is such a wonderful season, we are so lucky in NB to have such beautiful countryside along with places of great heritage in our towns and cities.

  709. Margaret says:

    Spending summer enjoying Nova Scotia, and a visit from daughter and her husband who will be home from Afghanistan for a short R & R.

  710. Dave says:

    Already hit up PEI, after of course our beautiful baby boy was born. We are hitting Moncton for u2, he will not be with us, and Parrsboro. Basically it is a summer of staycation in the Maritimes, promoting the local economies!

  711. Linda says:

    We have friends visiting the Maritimes from BC for the first time. We plan to show them the beauty of our coast. We want to take them to Halifax, Peggy’s Cove, Lunenburg and Mahone Bay. Then move on to PEI Of course we will tour NB. The Rocks at Fundy Bay National Park and all around the sights of Moncton.

  712. Trisha says:

    Not having lived very long in Nova Scotia, we are still exploring and finding some hidden gems. We are expecting two groups of family – one from England and one from Ontario – this summer and will be proud to show them around this beautiful Province. Every time we show visitors around, we find previously undiscovery jewels- Nova Scotia IS our holiday destination!

  713. Darren says:

    I am currently unemployed right now but my wife and I are going to our special place were we went on our honeymoon. This place is the South Shore it is very beautiful down there

  714. Alex says:

    My son & I did some fishing at the start of summer, but the long hot days of summer will be spent in the back yard by the pool with wife ,family , friends & big old BAR-B-Q.

  715. Vladimir says:

    I am going to stay home and enjoy the quiet of summer.

  716. Heather says:

    Will be showing long-time friends from Australia why I fell in love with Newfoundland when I moved here over thirty years ago – icebergs, whales, birds, magnificent coastlines, great people, terrible weather!

  717. Emma says:

    Summer is spent at the cottage….entertaining family and friends….enjoying grandchildren…. One of my favourite times is at the bon fires, enjoying s’mores, listening to guitar music, hearing the lapping of the waves from the bay. Travelling takes place in the fall. Wish everyone a lovely summer.

  718. Paul says:

    Our summer plans center on watching the kids play soccer, paddling and baseball. Outside of that a mini vacation to Maine to check out Old Orchard beach and another back to Newfoundland to see the Stanley Cup make its return to the province.

  719. ada says:

    My husband and I plan to visit different places in New Brunswick as there has been a lot of places we have not visited and can be done as day trips. We do not get much time off together as we both work and our days off do not happen together and when they do we go visit a new town or a new tourist ….we still want to go to Kings Landing and Hopewell Cape Rocks…Time to tour our own provience

  720. Carol says:

    Mu husband and I are going to Ontario for 2 weeks to visit family. Then in early September, five of my close friends and I are renting a house near the beach for a week, a girls get-away. We all love the ocean. We are all seniors and are looking forward to relaxing, day trips and guilt-free wining and dining with no housework, appointments or other commitments.

  721. Randy says:

    Summer this year will be spent enjoying our home in Nova Scotia, gardening, golfing, and taking the odd trip to the beach. The free tank of propane would be appreciated to ward off the cool fall nights that will follow.

  722. Shruti says:

    We have been busy with outings every weekend whether it is barbeque parties, zoo trips, parks, camping with kids etc. Can’t believe summer is here and so much to do with such little time. We might visit NB, PEI, Cape Breton in August-Sept. Looking forward to more beech days this summer.

  723. Emma says:

    Up until now we have been repairing all the damage to our cottage from the storm surge in December 2010. It’s now time to relax at the cottage, enjoy family (especially grandchildren) and friends. Bon fires, s’mores, building sand castles….simple summer pleasures ahead.

  724. Denise says:

    This summer we planned a road trip from our home in Nova Scotia down the east coast to Virginia Beach. We will attend a few concerts and baseball games. The rest of the summer will be spent at home with our family and friends. Hopefully we will get some camping in and lots of swimming. I also look forward to spending a lot of time with our new puppy!

  725. John says:

    Visiting PEI to visit friends and to see Anne of Green Gables

  726. Leo says:

    After being diaognost with Multyple Myeloma my summer time is being with my grand kids at soccer fields, cottage time, swimming, kayaking, ect. no other way to spend it with your family, take it while you can. Visits friends, and tour our beautifull province of Nova Scotia.

  727. Dave says:

    Spending the summer traveling the Maritimes with family and renovating my house.

  728. Lesley says:

    I am spending my summer home in Newfoundland where I will be hiking the East Coast Trail, biking, picnicing, walking my dogs and sea kayaking. Already this summer I have seen porpoises, whales, puffins, eagles, sea otters, murrs, picture plant, orchads, etc. The weather has not been great but I take advantage of everyday decent day to enjoy the great outdoors. Sunshine is medicine for the soul.

  729. Bernie says:

    Enjoying my swimming pool in my back yard!

  730. deborah says:

    just had installed a propane fireplace. finishing downstairs so we can enjoy this winter.

  731. Sheila says:

    Spending the summer right here in fantastic Vermont! I have a wonderful flower garden and spend as much time as possible working there, as well as trimming the brush and trees on our property. I love to be out on the Oompompanoosuc rowing or pedaling my small boats, too. Although it’s nice to go for a day or two to the White Mountains or Ogunquit, there is no place like home!

  732. Maryanne says:

    Having recently retired I am taking advantage of all the free time and spending quality, one on one time with each of my grandsons. Just had my nine year old grandson with me for several days and we did what he wanted to do – hiking, fishing, painting, baking, etc. We spent this afternoon at wonderful Melmerby Beach.

  733. Timothy says:

    My wife and I are spending every moment we can at our cottage on beautiful Prince Edward Island………….there’s nothing quite like it…….

  734. stewart says:

    I plan on spending as much time as i can at Lawrencetown beach surfing as much as possible. im also going to put a new roof on my house and put a bar inside my house. Lots of work and lots of fun!

  735. Dorothy says:

    Because my husband is disabled and travelling is difficult for him, we have become a travel destination, people come to us. Years ago my husband said he would fix this little camp into a retirement home and he did…hence the name “Sed-a-wood” above the door. We have a lot of family and friends who will make their way here to the banks of beautiful Taylor Lake. They all love summer at Sedawood.

  736. Joseph says:

    I have been busy with my flower and vegetable gardens. Soon i will be picking peas,beens,lettuce,kohlabi and zuccini. They all are organic!!

  737. michelle says:

    Well I’m off to Newfoundland to see my family that I haven’t seen in 2 years, the last time I was there was 2 years ago when my mom went into the hospital where the doctors said she will not come out, well as you can tell she did and is doing good, so that is where my vacation will be in a few days. Happy summer.

  738. Brenda says:

    I never leave Nova Scotia in the summer, it is such a nice place in the summer sun. Our home is on a lake and we enjoy the boating and water-skiing here. I am also working on my golf game (a work in progress) and enjoying our beautiful province.

  739. Ashley says:

    I will be spending my summer enjoying it with my husband, son and daughter. We’re hoping to go away in august to Halifax and take the kids to the buskers and the waterfront. I’m on mat leave right now but my husband works full time so it’ll be nice to have some time together as a family and not have to worry about work.

  740. Martin says:

    We’ll be travelling to Boston to watch a Red Sox game and to tour the city.

  741. Amanda says:

    Our plans for the rest of the summer are to spend as much time at the beach, straighten up the flower beds, spend time with the kids dirtbiking and maybe a trip to Moncton for back to school shopping. Our oldest spends alot of time with hubby in the big rig seeing the eastern seaboard of the US and Canada. It’s a great chance for him to see the countryside and learn alot, even though we don’t tell him it is a learning experience, it is something he couldn’t get from a text book:)

  742. Melanie says:

    Planning on doing as much as I can during the summer : Hanging out with my kids at the beach, visiting family in New Brunswick, going to see U2 in Moncton, trip with friends to visit PEI, trying a mini triathlon in July, doing a full sprint triathlon in September, running a 10K race in August just to name a few things 🙂

  743. paul and sonia says:

    we are enjoying the summer on our new decks and we have a canopy with a propane fire table soon it will be cold and we will be inside sipping on white hot chocolate and being curled up by our free standing propane fire place I will be baking on my propane stove convection is wonderful winning would help us out a lot so thank you for the chance to enter

  744. Valerie says:

    I am spending the summer working and then taking off every weekend camping and enjoying New Brunswick. Going home to Newfoundland in Sept.

  745. Tom says:

    My children and grandchildren will be visting from Ontario at which time we will arrange to see part of the beautiful provinces of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. THis is something that we have been doing for the past three years

  746. John says:

    I am getting married this summer after 62 years of bachelorhood and our wedding theme is Christmas In July. So we will have the best of both seasons.
    When the party is over we will be moving our new house plans into high gear. The house planning is great fun and we have toured Nova Scotia looking at some beautiful houses for inspiration.

  747. Janice says:

    Soaking up every ray of sunshine I can get! And when there is no sun, trying to make our own with marshmallow roasts in our backyard, trips to the beach (who cares if it is raining! you are going to get wet anyway!) and family movie nights. Looking forward to a trip to PEI in August for some relaxing and unwinding.

  748. Reta says:

    I am spending my summer with my husband , dog and friend by going out in our little Cape boat and swimming and having lunch on the Islands. That is when i am not working and helping my 2 brothers with errands. Hoping to go to PEI and New Brunswick. Haven’t been to the Island in years. Thank you.

  749. Charline says:

    This year was a great summer for me. I turned 50 July 9. June started off with 5 friends whom I have been friends with for 30 years took me to a wonderful spa for the weekend as a gift for my 50th birthday. We were pampered and relaxed at Complexe 2 Rivières in Tracadie-Sheila. I planned my own dance party for July 9 and close to 60 of my closest friends and family showed up to dance the night away. My 5 friends of 30 years composed a song and performed it for me. My daughter, sister and niece also performed a short skit. It was an amazing evening of dancing, laughter and a few tears – memories I will never forget.

  750. Paul says:

    Going to school for July, and enjoying the heat in August (hopefully!).

  751. Sue says:

    Have been in Mexico early in June. Loved it. Going to Ottawa a couple of times to visit Children

  752. Paul says:

    Spending summer at cottage, playing lots of golf with my boys and grandsons. Tons of family time

  753. Judy says:

    I am not working this summmer , I was sick. So i am looking after my gardens and going to visit my children in British Columbia for two weeks with my husband.

  754. Walter says:

    My wife and i are going around the province,visiting communities we haven’d visited before.

  755. Floyd says:

    As usual. Visiting grandchildren in Moncton and attending graduations. The local grandchildren spend time with nanny and grampie at our house. Always a pleasure. Youngest 4 and oldest 24.

  756. Elaine says:

    I retired this year, and will spend time with family in beautiful Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.
    Next triip will be to Ottawa to see more family. It nice to have the freedom to just go and not have to worry about being back at a certain time.

    Come enjoy and relax in the beautiful Maritimes

  757. Barbara says:

    I spent a week in Edmonton followed by a few days in Montreal . Later this summer we will travel to New Brunswick for several days vacation . I must say I also enjoy just being at home , especially this time of year ! We are so fortunate in Canada to have such a beautiful country coast to coast !

  758. Steve says:

    I plan on doing the three R’s: Read, Reflect and Relax

  759. Sheila says:

    I am spending the summer relaxing on the beach as much as possible. I like to spend time walking, breathing in the summer air and capturing all of beauty summer has to offer.

  760. Kim says:

    I have been going between home and a family summer cottage, Spent a week in Newfoundland, went by boat, would love to get to Halifax to visit family this year and maybe go on a duck boat ride.

  761. Jim and Marjorie says:

    My wife and I are retired seniors and we enjoy one day trips thoughout Nova Scota. I am a
    member of the Nova Scotia Lung Association Golf Program and play golf on the average of twice
    a week. We always take time for a road trip in the late Spring and early Fall to Bangor/ Portland/
    Freeport/ Kittery, Maine and Portsmouth, N.H. This gives us the opportunity to visit relatives in
    Moncton and Fredericton, New Brunswick. We use Irving Propane for our fireplace and Irving
    furnace fuel for our furnace. We have the Irving Platinum Service Plan and continue to enjoy
    the great customer service of all of their employees.

  762. Jonathan says:

    Probably a road trip to visit Nana in Mississauga and few weekends at Kejimkujik and maybe Cavendish Beach.

  763. Brendan says:

    Working on house and on lawns. Going south to Florida for two weeks. Retired.

  764. Kim says:

    We will pack picnics on the weekend and go where ever the wind takes us. Last picnic we took a drive around Kingston Peninsula, through Hampton and stopped at Meenan’s Cove beach. We had a beautiful day to picnic and the kids got to tire themselves out swimming. Quality family time is how we’ll spend our summer!

  765. Jim says:

    Am off for two glorious weeks in PEI, Rocky point our summer home, can’t wait golfing, playing with my grand kids and just plain relaxing, PEI here i come.

  766. George says:

    We willl be spending our summer touring the out of the way places in Newfoundland.

    During the time we are at home we will be insulating the basement walls to help reduce the heating cost and make the house a bit warmer.

  767. James says:

    Slaving away for another month,then a week of camping in New Brunswick.

  768. Raymond says:

    Going to Vancouver to visit our children then spend what time we can the rest of the summer fishing and playing golf

  769. Frank says:

    Kids (with children) visiting from Montreal and Calgary. We’re splitting our time between South Shore (beaches, boat tours, attractions) and the Valley (horse riding, visiting petting farms, and other delights). A stop at Ross Farm mandatory. So, mostly enjoying family and some of the summer pleasures that Nova Scotia provides.

  770. Anne says:

    Who could leave here in the summer? We do a series of road-trips to see friends and family and to take in local theatre gems as we go. There’s Parrsboro, Ross Creek, Antigonish & Chester in NS – Ch’town,
    Summerside & Victoria-By -The-Sea on the Island – and we’re just starting a list for NB.
    Long beach walks, sailing on the Kennebecasis, attending HS reunions with long- lost (and tried & true)
    old friends, sharing the finest local food & wine…it’s perfect, but over all too soon!

  771. Bluenoser says:

    This is the summer of renovations! I have foregone the golf, biking and fishing to get my house more energy efficient and try to save money for a Christmas Vegas vacation. Wish me luck!

  772. Paula says:

    My summer is all in September, starting off with a weekend in the Magdeline Islands. Then I hope to be sitting in front seats when Elton John hits the stage at Credit Union Place in Summerside! After that, I’ll be off to Ireland for a week, and when I get back, I’ll take in the Boston and Montreal game in Halifax. Pretty hard to beat this September!!

  773. Brendan says:

    Working on house and lawns. Going south to Florida for two weeks. Retired.

  774. Karyn says:

    Our family of five is getting to know our province Nova Scotia. Of course Halifax, where our three childen (5yrs and under) will go on Theodore the Tugboat and we visit the Museums. Then to the Cabot Trail in which we will planned a treasure hunt for “special” leaves and rocks for the kids. Also to the Valley to explore the Zoo and to Upper Clements Park.
    And of course we must try ice cream wherever we go to cool down this summer.

  775. Steve says:

    We love living in rural South Shore, Nova Scotia. With so many beautiful locations in our vicinity we have planned day trips with a few nite sleep aways. This summer we hope to visit Halifax and stay at the Waverly Inn. We are really looking forward to strolling in Halifax Public Gardens and walking in the downtown area to see what interesting shops we can find. It is very exciting to be able to stroll along the streets in the downtown core and get a taste of the vibrant colors , people and entertainment that may be present this summer. We will enjoy a meal at the Lord Nelson in the Victory Arms Restaurant . We plan to antique to Great Village and visit locations in and around that we have never been to before. Our plans also include camping a night or 2 at Kejimkujik National Park . We also hope to enjoy sailing and some merriment at Pirate Days Regetta in lovely Mahone Bay .

    With so many exciting places within our province this summer our goal is to visit areas we do not reach often and really enjoy a taste of Nova Scotia.

  776. Jean-Claude says:

    We are leaving this week for a family reunion that will see three generations get together to ensure that cousins, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, and moms and dads regenerate our ability to share and participate in getting to renew our relationships. Nothing is more precious than family ties and our ability to help each other in time of need and also in time of rejoicing. That will also mean that the Irving family will be with us whether it is a family car gasing up or enjoying a free tankful of heating oil this next winter.

  777. Rebecca says:

    We’ll stay at home this summer. A few trips to beach, zoo and berry picking would make this summer wonderful.

  778. Debra says:

    Resting and enjoying the sun.

  779. Lionel says:

    I will be going to my sons place in Hubbards NS And will be joined by my three son , two from Calgary and one from Edmonton and 5 nGrand Children For the month of August after that My Wife and I will travel to Maine for 5 days to shop and in October will be going to New Hampshirl
    for four days vacation

  780. Lisa says:

    With 4 kids at home for the Summer we are hitting the beach and splash pads as much as possible. Hopefully we’ll be spending the next part of the Summer at our new cottage on the Bouctouche River!

  781. Robert says:

    i just finished winning the battle over Bladder Cancer, so will enjoy all that life has to off me and my wife as one never knows how luckey we are to have this wounderful county to injoy. so take life by the horns and see all that you can but into 24 hrs. also stay thursty my friends. iam 73 years young and will cover Nova Scotia from south to the east .

  782. Scott says:

    Our plan is to stay home and enjoy the summer here in Cape Breton Nova Scotia. I don’t feel that there is any need to go away, everything is here in our home community that we need and enjoy. I don’t need to escape anything! Will be a summer full of golf, BBQ’ing, gardening, and swimming, right here in Cape Breton, in our new and first house!

  783. Dawn says:

    My four year old and I plan to finish renovating our “new to us home” (150 year old church manse) and move in! We are also planning to pick out two brand new kittens to bring with us. She also plans on getting ready to attend big school.!

  784. Bob says:

    I was really lucky to go on the UNB Spring Session in France. I had a glorious week in Poitiers and two weeks in Paris. I saw the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame cathedral and an incredible number of sites and museums. I really enjoyed myself while earning UNB credits. This was the best summer I ever had.

  785. Gail says:

    Spending time with our children, going to the beach, having BBQ’s with friends.

  786. Myles says:

    My wife and our little boy are going to visit family in Ontario for our summer vacation. We are going to Presqu’ile provincial park in Brighton, On. We are looking forward to enjoying some boating, swimming, biking…..all the other amazing things summer has to offer.

  787. Karen says:

    My fiance and I bought our first home way out in rural Nova Scotia, and are busy getting it into shape so that we can host our wedding at the end of August. Our days are busy scrubbing, painting, gardening (for the first time ever!) and learning how to install new electrical outlets… it’s been such hard work, but seeing this little bungalow turn into our home has made it all worth it! We can’t wait to finally get all settled in in time to celebrate our wedding… it’s been our best summer ever!

  788. Georgie says:

    Nothing beats the beautiful Belleisle Bay and a 10 month old grandson to share it with. The Belleisle is a special place where friends and family drop by and it is easy to expand the table with all the fresh veggies around.

  789. Adam says:

    Week long camping trip with the whole family, cant wait to try out my new camping kitchen. Nova Scotia Here we come!

  790. Teresa says:

    We are taking a road trip to New York! The Empire State building, the Bronx Zoo and Times Square… can’t wait.

  791. Ginger says:

    I have been attending school all summer to change my career after 20 years, and get into the medical field. I am unable to work due to school. I was able to go on a camping trip to Maine for a weekend, and one in VT as well. Enjoying my BBQ at home and spending time with friends makes the summer enjoyable. Having a free tank of fuel would be incredible, so maybe i can swing a ski trip over the winter:) Thank you!

  792. Donald says:

    Vermont is our vacation home location, so we gather with the extended family there as often as we can. Can’t beat the location on the lake, with boating and tennis, etc. Just can’t count on the weatherman to provide all the great summer days that we would like – but gardens must grow, as well as families.

  793. Lori says:

    Camping in Maine.

  794. Tim says:

    We are spending as much time on the boat fishing and camping as possible.

  795. Doreen says:

    Summer in VERMONT! What could be more beautiful??
    I spend my free time roaming the family farm in Craftsbury VT. A farm that has been in the family since 1909.. 102 years! How fortunate that we, the family could keep it all of these years. Recently we held a family reunion there where brothers great grand daughter (the fifth generation )played in the fields that grandfather tilled… I feel so blessed to have been raised on that farm where all good food was produced and preserved and STILL IS!


  796. Trish says:

    We spend as much time enjoying Maine, our home and our family’s home on Sebago. Why leave Maine in its most awesome splendor~summertime!!!!!

  797. Ben says:

    Spend time with family in back yard at the pool.

  798. Susan says:

    We are planning on spending as many days at our lake house in Meredith, NH as possible. With our new furnace (installed by Irving), we can enjoy the cool water and breezes at the beach and the central air at the house! What’s better than the lake and a mountain view?

  799. Jen says:

    We went to London and Paris this summer! We saw all the sites and had the most amazing time.

  800. Amy says:

    Swimming, Camping and sunning in VT!

  801. ALICE says:

    Watching our new grandson while his parents are at work, and going to visit our other son and daughter in law this summer, and enjoying the warm weather.

  802. Chris says:

    Enjoy the beautiful New England Summer in my garden and at the lakes and the ocean. I travel in the Winter and Spring.

  803. Dorothy says:

    Trying to stay cool – this summer.
    Family reunion – day trips with friends – and ice cream “trips”.
    Live back in the woods – enjoy watching baby foxes, wild turkeys, ducks, deer, etc….
    coon not that much ….

  804. Karen says:

    Have had a great summer so far. Spent last weekend at our camp in Pittsburg, NH and headed to Oxford Plains Speedway this coming weekend for some stock car racing. Have lots of other activities planned for the rest of the summer right here in NH including the Moose Festival in Pittsburg, NH in August.

  805. Christine says:

    Spent the weekend at the races in NH, kids had a great time. Otherwise just spending time with the family and enjoying the warm days by the pool.

  806. Shawnna says:

    Last year we bought our first home, so this year we thought we would keep it low key and teach the kids to potty train, not as low key as I had hoped. If they fully potty train by summer’s end, we’re going to StoryLand!

  807. Doug says:

    Spending the first week of August in Midcoast Maine at the family cottage in Bremen, a peaceful recharge. We’ll be taking two days in Bar Harbor for cycling and kayaking as a separate excursion. Hopefully the gas prices hold steady for the rest of the summer, though they’ve been rising recently!

  808. irina says:

    We are in France right now, close to the Alps. My husband is from here and our children are visiting their grandparents and cousins. It is a bit chilly today makes us think of heating :), but no, tomorrow the sun will be up again and we are going to put on out bathing suits.
    Hurray Hurray it`s a holy-holyday!

  809. Marshall says:

    We are going to take the kids to a summer cottage on the shore of Lake George in upstate NY. The kids can swim and play all day and I can sit on the boat dock and read a book in the sun. The best thing is… no cell phone reception.

  810. mindy says:

    We love Vermont’s swimming holes- hope to find new ones in addition to our favorites.

  811. Meena says:

    I will be spending my summer on the West Coast, in the other lovely state, Oregon. I am greatly looking forward to spending lots of time playing with my grand-daughter, as well as camping and hiking with rest of the family.

  812. Darrel says:

    Enjoyed a great week camping in NH after the 4th, and looking forward to several long weekends in July and August boating and enjoying the beautiful NH lakes; also a late summer visit to the coast.

  813. David says:

    we actually started our summer a little early with a trip to new orleans for our oldest daughters wedding . We had a great time. We also spend every other weekend at our summer home in Harrison. We are going camping up in Rangeley at the end of July. We are planning on being at the air show in Brunswick .

  814. Tom says:

    Great trip to Costa Rica and then spend the rest of the season on Lake Winnipesaukee with family and friends.

  815. Terry says:

    Yard work, pool time, and time with friends.

  816. Dennis says:

    My wife and I took a late Spring trip to Jamaica. This Summer our house in Vermont has become a vacation destination. We have had four guests visit us so far.

  817. Bill says:

    We have a nice porch and will sleep out on it every night. The bugs will be on the other side of the screens.

  818. John says:

    Much to the chagrin of our children, there are far fewer than “104 days of summer vacation” however we will be making the most of the days and nights allotted. We have enjoyed visiting with family and friends, barbecuing, fishing, sand castles and waves at the beach, and making s’mores. Camp and swimming for all and a fun staycation as well. Still finding time to work on some math and reading. Hoping everyone else has such good fortune.

  819. Carl says:

    Yarmouth Clam Festival is over ; family has gone back home ; and we are packing the camper for a trip to Quebec for a couple of weeks

  820. Patricia says:

    My husband and I ran taking a motorcycle ride to Niagara Falls,NY then to Hell, Michigan that is. From there we’re riding up through MI into Canada and back around into the states to reach home in N.H.

  821. Ken says:

    I retired last year and moved to NH to be closer to family and to get away from the east coast rat race. A year later we are still settling in. This summer is all about day trips and living for the moment. We were down the shore in NJ a few weeks ago and on 7/17 took in the Nascar race in Loudon, NH. Have taken in a few minor league baseball games in Manchester, NH and have made a few trips to the lake region here in NH…will be going up to Lake Winnepauskee to visit an old work buddy…other than that we are continuing to find excellent restaurants in NH and I’m enjoying getting out on the golf courses and also the local roads and trails to stay in shape..just bought a new bike a few weeks ago…man its great being retired, life is good!!!!!!!!!!

  822. Jeannete says:

    i am taking a four-day vacation this October at White Point Beach Lodge while the Liverpool Ukulele Ceilidh is there. Three days of music and one more day to relax. For me that’s the ultimate of enjoyment.

  823. Janet says:

    I work in a restaurant but when I am not doing that I am an avid road cyclist. Rode in my 10th century ride and love hanging out on the lake with my kids and dog. Enjoy getting together with friends and family for cookouts and out door type activities. Just LOVE the summer!!!!!

  824. DOREEN & BOB says:


  825. Maureen says:

    We will be spending family time at our vacation house in Belmont, NH…hopefully on the beach soaking up the sun!

  826. Suzanne says:

    Although I don’t really go anywhere for a summer vacation, I do enjoy a bit of “retail therapy” on the weekends, as well as walking and playing tennis in the evenings.

  827. Kim says:

    I am mostly hanging out at home with my two kids this summer. I work 10 months of the year, so spending time with the kiddos is top priority during the summer. A highlight – in addition to the beach and regular summer fun activities – is to take the kids to a Broadway show in August. They’ve been listening to showtunes and asking questions about different shows since May, so my husband and I decided we would surprise them with a show before school starts again. Looking forward to it!

  828. Hilary says:

    We went to London for a week. It was a wonderful week spent with family and friends soaking up the spirit of London. We went to a service at Westminster Abbey, saw the Changing of the Guard, visited the Royal Mews, took a boat ride on the Thames River, visited the Hampton Court Flower Show and Gardens, and went on a couple of London walks.

  829. Monte says:

    We took a motorcycle trip to Booth Bay, Maine. We plan to take another one to Hampton Beach, N.H. and possibly to White Face Mountain in New York. With the cost of fuel and the economy, we are not traveling long distances or for extended periods of time.

  830. amy says:

    We just moved into a new house that we built. Our summer plans are to unpack! And sand and drill and paint and varnish and stain and on and on. Maybe next summer we’ll be able to enjoy ourselves 😉

  831. Heidi says:

    I am enjoying my new inground pool and having lots of fun family gatherings. I have more friends and company now than I ever had. Irving just came and delivered two new propane tanks, one to run the pool heater and one to run the fireplace. I switched over from another company because Irving was much less expensive!

  832. Ellen says:

    My family enjoys the great outdoors! Although we won’t be travelling too far from home, we will enjoy summer in New England! We will make multiple trips to Hampton and Salisbury beaches, enjoy the plethora of museums in MA (Free Fridays!) camping in Acadia National Park, ME; and wrap up the summer in the white mountains! So many plans so little time ;- )

  833. Helen says:

    Fortunately Vermont is a nice place to be in the summer as I intend to stay home and save money.

  834. Tiina says:

    I will be taking my two children on our family vacation up to my long time family camp up at Frye Island on Sebago Lake in Maine. We are going to spend our time fishing, tubing, playing tennis, boating and doing some fun tubing. Also, can’t forget to looking forward to ending the day with a traditional Finnish Sauna and cooking some Keilbasa on the rocks : )

  835. Richard says:

    Will participate in a “bucket list” event I have wanted to do for a long time: run in the Falmouth Road Race at Falmouth, Ma. on Cape Cod.

  836. Dwight says:

    Am self employed with several properties to maintain, so I need to stay close to home. Daytrips to Ogunquit Beach occasionally and kayaking on Marblehead Harbor are my intentions this summer, as much as possible!

  837. Nancy says:

    I love summer but I have to say I love winter too……. This summer so far is a great one! We just got home from 2 weeks spent at Hampton Beach NH. We plan on spending lots of time at Horace Lake and hiking around beautiful NH.

  838. Grechen says:

    Working. But making the best of the beautiful summer evenings and weekends spending time with family and friends, especially my two children.

  839. Elaine says:

    We will enjoy day and weekend trips to lake Winnepsauke in NH, where we boat on stay on our 23 foot cabin curiser. We’ll float on rafts, swim with our family and dogs and grill yummy meals including breakfast. It’s kind of like camping and floating at the same time.

  840. Dotti says:

    Our summer plans
    My husband on ssi and me laid off it is going to be a simple but loving family vacations. We have eight grand-children and three great at the moment. (soon to be 5 greats Identical twin boys in October) We are planning day trips with each of them to one of their favorite places beach, mts, lakes. parks etc. At the end of summer in September we hope to have a family cookout with the whole family. Our children and spouse, grand children and great grand children and Aunts and uncles most important great,great gramma will be here to share her love and stories with the younger generation. Good thing we don’t have a large family ha ha.The summer will be simple vacations but filled with lots of fun, one on one time, family and lots and lots and lots of love sharing and giving. Our Priceless Vacation 2011

  841. Lynn says:

    Relaxing and reading books after a swim in the lake and a walk with the dog. Maybe a tip to Grand Manan in August.

  842. Brian says:

    My wife and I and our six children are living and working in Guatemala with nearly 8000 children…the poorest of the poor. It is very challenging work, but so rewarding! We will spend our summer getting reenergized at our cottage in Alton Bay, NH! We arrived in June to very chilly nights so were thrilled that Irving had come right out and filled up our propane tanks! Thank you Irving for always being prompt and for having such great people working in your customer service department!

  843. Karen says:

    Having lost my job in February, our summer plans are distinctly simpler than in the past. My husband and I have spent lots of time in our garden – which is flourishing, walking the dogs by the Mad River and reading (and sleeping) in the hammock! Short weekend trips to visit family, including a celebration of my parents 50th wedding anniversary, have rounded out our simple summer vacation. But honestly, why would anyone want to leave Vermont in the summer? It’s too beautiful – and the weather is virtually perfect!

  844. martha says:

    Camping at Acadia national Park – New England’s gem!

  845. Beth says:

    Relaxing, reading and hiking for a week up in Lincoln, NH. It is pure heaven!

  846. David says:

    Returning last Saturday from eleven days in Florida, we found it hotter and more humid here in New Hampshire! Maybe we should look for snowmobiling down south this winter!

  847. Sue says:

    Going to the ocean/beach with the family! Can’t wait!!

  848. Beth says:

    Spending the summer at home mountain biking, hiking and swimming….what a great summer we are having!

  849. George says:


  850. Catherine says:

    With our own business it is difficult to get away so we try to do the most we can with the family with cookouts and just spending time with them. We will go to watch our children play in their basketball games and ride bikes together. It keeps our family close and we make it fun wherever we are.

  851. Jacqui says:

    Retiring after 37 years…starting my own business…..riding the Harley with my husband…

  852. Mary says:

    Cape Cod!!! I love the ocean!

  853. rachel says:

    Enjoying the water on the pond and entertaining my two daughters and their families when they visit from Colorado………..so wonderful to have the kids and grandkids around !!

  854. jeff says:

    Pool parties at home with the kids and friends kids and the neighbors kids, wow this is alot of kids. Maybe we should find something else to do. hmmmm…

  855. Ray& JoAnne says:

    Travelling, travelling and more travelling. There is nothing like a house on wheels….this is the way to go! We’re free!! We are travelling to Acadia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Lobster $3.75lb at the docks, mussels $1.50lb and clams $2.50lb..what’s not to love!! We are feasting….wish we brought a bigger lobster pot. Kayaking and fishing wherever we see a place of interest. Exploring back country roads…so much to see so little time!

  856. Jessica says:

    I am training my German Shepherd to perform dance moves, beginner agility, and hopefully to be a therapy dog someday! I am also completing a project of building a king size bed, so it will be ready for the winter months!

  857. pam says:

    Riding , riding , riding. Bought a gorgeous scarlet red Harley Street Glide in April and want to get as much use out of it as possible with this gorgeous weather we have been having. If you see me go cruising by you on the highway or back roads ,,,give a wave.

  858. Lynn says:

    We went to my husband’s aunt’s camp on Success Pond. There is no electricity so we have gas lights and gas stove. No computer, TV or telephone. Great way to “unplug”.

  859. chrisma says:

    Playing in Northern New England!! Haying, gardening, camping, and swimming in Vermont, Hiking in New Hampshire, and Fishing and Camping in Maine. Dodging thunderstorms along the way.

  860. Sara says:

    My 20th high school reunion, time with friends and at the gym!

  861. Steve says:

    A bunch of day trips, mostly. Bromley Mountain, Weir’s Beach, Kittery ME.
    Fishing Lake Warren and a trip to California in September for our niece’s wedding!

  862. Bob says:

    Will be leaving this week for the first Mt. Washington Hike with our 10 year old grandson we will stay at the Lake of the Clouds Hut and return the next day. This is the rd summer we haved done challenging hiking sojourns with Sam as we introduce him to the beautiful hills and mountains of New Hampshire

  863. Erica says:

    My husband, a self-employed painting contractor, endured a long hard winter and has been working 7 days a week since Spring to catch up with overdue bills. It’s not easy for him to miss out on spending time with me, our eight year old son and our family, but his determination and hard work will help put the household and business back on track. We are planning a vacation to Colorado in August and soon we will be sitting on a plane waving goodbye to NH for a while. There will be absolutely no work in the plans, just play!! We plan to sit on the Arkansas River, cast a fly into the water, hike, bike, kayak and visit with an old friend.

  864. Dave says:

    I recently had a very nice trip with 4 other guys. We transferred a large cabin cruiser from Long Island through the Hudson River and up the Champlain Locks. We eventually anchored the boat in Malletts Bay. What a great trip.

  865. Rejean says:

    Doing a lot of work around the house. Putting in a new stone walkway with a fire pit. The end of July we are heading to Canada for a family wedding. August heading to Fryberg ME to go down the Saco River. Summer is always a great time with lots of good friends and family. Hope everyone has a great summer.

  866. katy says:

    Ahh, summer!!! HIking in the Whites and more hiking, volunteering with the Appalachian Mountain Club(AMC) at the AMC Huts, enjoying having the young adult kids home!!

  867. Linda says:

    We are generally enjoying our home with family and friends, and our animals friends. Lots of cookouts, gardening, horseback riding and a few motorcycle excursions especially on the Kangamagus. A good mix of fun, relaxation and also some physical exertion getting ready for winter by stacking wood….ugh (hard but rewarding in the end)

  868. Brenda says:

    Day tripping – kayaking – BBQ’s with friends and family –

  869. Petroulla says:

    After the passing of my husband of 25 years in January, I thought I could not afford to go to TN to visit my bestfriend and her family. To whom I refer to as my TN family, but Irving Energy worked with me in order to be able to afford my oil payments. Thank you Irving Energy.

  870. alexandra says:

    Building stone walls, bbqing and going to the beach. I love working on my garden and taking long walks. There is nothing like a summer in Maine!

  871. Mary says:

    I am planting a huge new garden designed by the Divine Gardener (check her website on facebook) with side trips to my favorite New Hampshire lakes and beaches. Just got back from a day trip to the Nubble.

  872. Scott says:

    Staying close to home and enjoying the lakes and mountains.

  873. Kitty says:

    Enjoying two blissful weeks at a resort in Lincoln, NH. Swimming in the multiple pools, enjoying the various activities in the area, and having great family time. The little ones, 5 and 1 year old, are a real trip and having a great time. Short trip to Cape Cod in the late summer or early fall.

  874. Lorie says:


  875. Jan says:

    I have already been on one, three-day pleasure rides, one judged, pleasure ride and have 2 more three-day pleasure rides planned all pretty close to home. Also trying to keep up with the garden and the lawn. We also just painted our house. We are enjoying this beautiful area we live in. No need to go anywhere far in the summer. Planning a trip to Florida in the Fall/Winter to visit family.

  876. Karey says:

    We can’t wait to go to grandma’s house in Maine in August. We are planning to go to the beach, make blueberry jam, hike around the islands, and make grandma happy!

  877. Andrew says:

    Summer is busy season for my job, so in September we’re planning to take our camper from our home in Vermont up to Quebec City and on around the Gaspé, and home through New Brunswick. Must dredge up my high school French!

  878. Kurt says:

    We’ll spend summer in the North Country

  879. Cindy says:

    Spending the summer enjoying our beautiful New Hampshire. Going on our boat on Lake Winnipesaukee as often as we are able. And possibly a few days in Canada taking in the sights of Montreal.

  880. David says:

    I will travel to Lake Umbagog with my wife and grandaughter. This will be a return trip to enjoy the quiet and serenity of the near wilderness. David

  881. Bill says:

    We had a great sailing trip on a 42 foot Oceanis with our two grand children and son and daughter in law. We traveled to Tortola in the BVI and sailed to Virgin Gorda, Anegada, Yost Van Dyck and Peter Island over 10 days. Great family fun and learning experience for the grand kids.

  882. Lynn says:

    I’m hoping to visit with my granddaughter on my day off and camping for a weekend later in August with my step-son and his wife. Mostly working and trying to save for the long winter ahead.

  883. Darcy says:

    Ah, the lake. Northern Vermont, listening to the eerie loons at night, marshmellows by the fire pit, sunning the deck, swimming in the cool glacier waters, listening to the breeze through the cedars. No phone, no internet, no television- a few good books and daydreaming.
    Utopia at last.

  884. Mary says:

    After being unemployed for over 2 years due to a layoff, I have another job and I am happily working Monday to Friday 9 to 5. Believe it or not, it feels great. In between, I’m doing lots of bicycling and enjoying the gorgeous weather we’ve been having.

  885. John says:

    A few long weekends camping on the ocean at Winslow park in Freeport–a real gem. Growing lots of corn, tomatoes and potatoes and well, just grillin’ and chillin’!

  886. Lori says:

    I went to Disney World and it was just as magical now as it was 35 years ago!!

  887. Sonya says:

    Heading to Sturgis, SD for the Motorcycle Rally in August.

  888. Sophie says:

    We will be hitting the beach. As often as we can! Other day trips to museums and historical sites. Lobster dinner and maybe some horseback riding. I hope we can fit it all in before Labor Day!

  889. Carole says:

    Nothing but spending as much time as possible in the boat on the lake!

  890. Barb says:

    enjoying fresh local food, friends, outdoors and my hammock

  891. Chris says:

    Summer kicked off with a week of ocean and beach time on Block Island, RI with the family. What’s next for summer at home in the White Mountains of NH? Lots of hiking, woods explorations with the kids, swimming at local lakes, and wandering IN local rivers to beat the heat!

  892. Sarah says:

    Camping in the Katahdin Iron Works area! Excited to enjoy relaxing time by the lake with friends!!

  893. Lorna says:

    I must say that my summer vacation is more of a working vacation. I have been on disability for 7 years due to an injury I received at a job. So this summer I decided to take the bull by the horns and take that “label” and turn it around. I can not go back to what I loved working with alzheimers residents. But I can make my hobby into a living.
    I decided to just start my own candy shop. It is mind boggling at times. But I push forward as it is so enjoyable to me.
    I can not do alot of things that most people can. I can not travel any more and be without pain. I can no do what most do for vacation. So I will do what makes me happy to do.

    It has been a very full summer for me. All leading up to my opening in Sept.

  894. Judy says:

    Taking my kids and associated significant others on a white water rafting trip in Maine. Gives us all a chance to work together as a team while having an utter blast on the Penobscot River!!!

  895. JOHN says:

    Photographing Loon families in New England from my kayak!

  896. Judy says:

    My name is Judy and I was planning to have a quiet stay at home vacation with my family, but my mother got sick and ended up in the hospital and I spent very day and most of the night with her and praying she would be ok. Today she is in rehab. So, not all summer vacation plan turn out the way you plan them.

  897. Arlene says:

    Plan on doing a lot of boating on the lake & sitting on the deck enjoying the company of our good friends and family.

  898. Robin says:

    Traveling to Colorado for the first time to visit two different sets of friends. Will be relaxing, hiking, motorcycling, dancing, reading, swimming, eating and sleeping.

  899. Tim says:

    Do as little as possible!!!

  900. Melissa says:

    I want to enjoy my summer as much as possible! So I have a few goals! I love hiking its great exercise and there are always wonderful views so I would love to hike Mt. Washington this summer! I also want to try something new but it’s hard when you have a tight budget but my biggest goal this summer is to go sky diving!! I have always wanted to do it and I love the sound of the thrill! I am also into water sports so I am going to try to water ski and wake board a lot!

  901. marge says:

    I have always wanted to travel to Niagra Falls, the Am. side and the Can. side. After 43 years or marriage we are finally going in Aug. Hala lu ya

  902. Fran says:

    Sitting in the pool trying to beat the heat, looking forward to vacation!

  903. Patricia says:

    My child loves the lake, so we are squeezing in time on the water after work, and on weekends. We take advantage of kid-friendly activities: the farmer’s market, concerts on the green, and creemees. Everyone in our town is out walking, bike riding and enjoying the warm summer weather, just like us. We are doing our best not to think about winter, but will enjoy it when it arrives. And, we will appreciate the great service and competitive pricing we receive from Irving during those long, cold months.

  904. Wess says:

    Great week relaxing and reading in Provincetown with friends and family. I left with a huge stack of books, and actually got through an impressive number of them!

  905. Dave says:

    Plenty of day trips! Polar Caves, Lost River, Storyland, The Ocean, beaches. The kids are having a blast!

  906. Ethel says:

    Gardens Gardens and more gardening. A dip in the Pompi for heat relief, and a soak in the hot tub for muscle relief. A bike ride, a little kayak trip and with good fortune, a trip to Maine in August to eat crustaceans! Acadia maybe if time and cash permit. And to top it off, a visit from a dear friend and her two Dobermans. They live in D.C. so a field romp followed by a dip in the river, is their idea of heaven.

  907. Jennifer says:

    Planning a weekend at Block Island, and a trip to Montreal in late august. Most weekends we also enjoy Swimming and kayaking on Little Lake Sunapee.

  908. Sallly says:

    Doing lots of day trips in NH. Enjoying what our state has to offer with hiking, biking, scenic drives, etc. And, taking our 8 month in the lake to get used to water. So far he’s loving it, he’s a natural!

  909. Dianne says:

    I just got back from a short stay at Hampton Beach. The weather was amazing! I plan to spend another few days there in August when I go to see Ron White at the Casino Ballroom. Otherwise, I’ll be taking day trips on my harley.

  910. Anita says:

    We’ve opted out of an out-of-state vacation this year and have decided to remain at home to do more with our adult kids and grandkids. We like to bicycle and backpack so will complete riding Rte 100, Rte 15 and 16 this year along with smaller rides. Yesterday we completed Rte 2! One of our grandkids has taken interest so we are bringing her for short local rides to help her get accustomed to short distances (5 miles). We will also do the Killington to Bennington stretch of the long trail now that it’s drier. We LOVE summer and summer spent with family is the best!

  911. Ellen says:

    Summer? Vacation? I didn’t know either of those existed. I’m a medical student and my ‘summer vacation’ starts at 7 pm when I leave the hospital and ends at 4 am when I go back to the hospital. Enjoy it out there, those of you who can!

  912. paul says:

    we plan to vacation at hampton beach in august and to visit Camden Maine also later in the summer. I hope to buy a camping trailer this summer.

  913. angel says:

    who needs to go on vacation in the summer, when u live in NH? I am planning to take a Summer vacation in February!!! My “bucket list” trip to the Mojave Desert!!! I’m going to bake my old, rickety bones. I’ll be thinking of you, LOL

  914. Liisa says:

    Heading off to Peaks Island Maine for a glorious week of walking, kayaking and reading. Re-roofing the house to keep our precious heat in and working around the farm in general.

  915. Robert and Janet says:

    Our vacation travel starts in September,with a flight to visit Janet’s son and new wife near Sacrament, CA.; then drive to visit Robert’s son and family near Palo Alto, CA; and next drive to Madera CA to visit the first pilot of the B-17 bomber which he and I (as copilot) were flying in WWII.
    Lastly, we will fly to Seattle for the 65th Reunion of the 305th Bomb Group (WWII), thenh return to NH.

  916. Maureen says:

    Swim with my daughter, catch a few fireflies AND paint the house.

  917. April says:

    Planning on visiting the state parks with our passbook, getting as many stamped as possible:)

  918. Elizabeth says:

    This summer is my 25th High School Reunion! This is the first official reuion for my class and I can’t wait to see everyone! My family and I are also planning a trip to the Cape later this summer. The Cape is one of our favorite vacation places.

  919. molly says:

    Lots of swiming in the river,hiking,riding my horse.Working in the garden and stacking wood…the other source of heat..getting together with friends and enjoying a summer of being out doors

  920. Bill says:

    My summer plans are all about two weddings. One is out of state and the other is local. In addition
    there are five birthday parties in July and two anniversaries in August. I need vacation in September.

  921. Tim says:

    I’ll finish getting the old Triumph running, and in late July – early August make a day trip toward Campton and do some hiking, then maybe try the Mount Washington Auto Road and ride up into the cool weather on a sunny summer’s day.

  922. Bill says:

    My wife and I are spending our first retirement summer moving to our dream retirement home in Vermont. Can’t wait until we’re fully settled in Vermont. Of course, some biking and kayaking as we move forward.

  923. Kathleen says:

    My vacation consists of roughing it smoothly at the beach in the motorhome…….with our best new canine
    friend who is just as excited us we are. There is nothing like being on the water in the summer!!!!! That is what we work hard for, BUDGET for and dream about the other 11 MONTHS of the year. CUSTOMER SERVICE isn’t easy, but it PAYS to be NICE and COURTEOUS. It PAYS to be PREPARED and BUDGETED!!!!!! Now that is smoothly roughing it!!

  924. Cheryl says:

    Our son Jack wants to go to culinary school after he graduates next June. We traveled to London and Paris to try different cuisines. We had our fill of fish and chips in London as well as a trip to Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey restaurants. In Paris we enjoyed the street food like crepes and gelato as well as buying fresh bread, cheese, fruit and pastries to enjoy in our apartment.

  925. Bill says:

    Staying home in New Hamphire – live in a tourist area — what could be better!

  926. Joyce says:

    Biking and hiking in and around the White Mountains.

  927. KK says:

    My summer plans have consisted of looking for a job and in the mean time trying to soak up some sun.

  928. Shirley says:

    Shirley says, I will be spending a few vacation days on the lake in July. I plan to do some kayaking and swimming. The grill is out and the patio is ready for some family get togethers in August.

  929. Fred says:

    My plans for the summer got off to a bad start, when I broke three bones in my ankle, in mid
    May. I did manage to go to the moxie festival in July and hope to spend a week camping at
    Bar Harbor in late August, after a family reunion August 14th.

  930. wylie says:

    Celebrating family member’s 90th birthday on the beach with an old fashion lobster bake, clams
    corn,sausage and,of course, water melon, so long as we don’t mix any sand with festivities.

  931. Ken says:

    main reason for having a home in NH is to enjoy it. This summer, like all summers, the lakes/rivers/ponds: boating/waterskiing, tubing, fishing, jet skiing, kayaking/canoe. The wife likes shopping in North Conway and I enjoy long motorcycle jaunts though the mountains and country side. Recently rode though the little town of Stark, NH, which I take it is named after Gen. Stark. As you can see I like History and NH has it’s share, so I enjoy and will enjoy the many places I come by this summer. Eating at different and off the main road places like the Corner House Inn in Sandwich and find resturants that I may ride by on my MC and revisit.

  932. Sue says:

    Enjoyed a vacation in northern Virginia with family! Able to take in a visit to Washington,DC and a Nationals game along with fireworks in Fairfax! Family and the Smithsonian, what could be better than that!!

  933. Marguerite says:

    We took a three week vacation with our trailer and visited the West. Saw Yellowsxtone, The Badlands, Mt Rushmore and the Wisconsin Dells. Simply overwhelminmg! Great time.

  934. Tony says:

    Cruising to Alaska where it’s nice and cool…

  935. Art says:

    Hopin the prices are going down for the fall.

  936. Terri says:

    Planning to play with the penguins at Mystic Aquarium this summer.

  937. randi says:

    With four kids and not a lot of money we have to make our own fun. We BBQ a lot and go to the beach. We do want to make a picnic and get to the ocean once.

  938. margaret says:

    I am having a wonderful stacation. I will garden, hike, walk, ride, cook, attend chamber music concerts and pray.

  939. Kim says:

    Balancing sports, work, horses and lots of fun with friends this summer is the order of business! Enjoy the sunshine, everyone!

  940. Richard says:

    Spending the summer making house improvements and enjoying my garden. 😀

  941. Patrick says:

    Just got back from a fantastic week at Hampton Beach with the family. Looking for the NFL lockout to be over so we can take in some Patriots training camp in Foxboro.

  942. Polly says:

    We are going camping and to the beach every chance we get. Just being outdoors, hearing the birds and the wind in the trees is heavenly! These are the days we dream of all winter.

  943. Brian says:

    Hi folks,

    Great summer! In early June, we spent two weeks hiking the Cumbria Way in England. Fantastic hiking and scenery. A great 63 miles.
    The rest of the summer will be spent hiking and kayaking in New Hampshire and Maine; the greatest hiking and kayaking in the US. Always hoping for great weather. But it would not be New England without a little heat an humidity.

  944. Tom says:

    My wife and I enjoyed a week in Costa Rica and will spend other time with our family on Lake Winnipesaukee

  945. dree says:

    I plan to be the ultimate summer tourist in my own state. I want to visit The Flume, the Polar Caves, take a tour on the Mt. Washington, listen to music in the park, see the play in Prescott Park, eat on decks, walk the beach, hike Mt. Major, bike the little streets of my town and surrounding towns and share food and drinks with as many people as I can on my deck at home.

  946. Lynette says:

    Enjoying the sun and great weather every weekend, then going to Maine in August with girlfriends to enjoy the beauty of Acadia, share some laughs, and have a cocktail or two on the beach.

  947. Jean says:

    Kayaking, hiking, gardening – being outside as much as possible!

  948. Sue says:

    My July vacation will be spent relaxing at my home by the Merrimack River. I enjoy the birds, Canadian geese, the crane, the eagle and the beaver. They are fun to watch. In September, I will take day trips to the Ocean. New Hampshire is a beautiful state!

  949. Roger R. Provencher says:

    Since we celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary recently we are taking our sons to Orlando for a week in October. Everyone is working hard at this time of the year so we will delay until October.

  950. Elizabeth says:

    Summer cottage in VT, sitting on the beach watching my toddler play

  951. Bev says:

    This summer I am a caregiver for the elderly,this helps me do something meaningful and also gives me time to enjoy one of my favorite past times the beach!

  952. Jessica says:

    Outside, Outside and more Outside goodness!!! Lakeside at Kolelemook with my little man, pool side with our friends, daily walks, fresh air, and sunshine on our smiling faces! 😉

  953. Loreen says:

    We will be driving down to Alabama to meet friends, then on to New Orleans for a Convention! While driving back, stopping to see my brother in North Carolina before heading home! Then off to the Bahamas in October for some REAL fun!!!!

  954. Joyce says:

    Went to Petosky, MI in June for a college reunion. Many family members have visited for a week or more at a time and more will be arriving in the next few weeks. It is always fun to get together. Everyone wants to come to Vermont in the summer.

  955. Mary says:

    I travel around the New England states on weekends and garden at home.

  956. rebecca says:

    my husband, two children, and I will be taking our family vacation at my parents house in rhode island. They ave a house on a lake and my sister and her boyfriend live on the same lake. We are all taking time off of work to spend time together as a family. We will be boatng, fishing, and playing bocce ball.

  957. Mary says:

    Bicycling, kayaking, hiking and visiting friends in Maine and nearby are the agenda for this summer.

  958. Kathy says:

    We’re going to take the kids car camping and to the boat show in Rockland, Maine.

  959. Dave says:

    We have an exciting summer planned! First we are taking the whole family and trecking up to British Columbia to do some hiking, exploring, and awesome fishing. Next we are going to go camping while visiting some family in Alaska. Hanging out with some of the local grizzly bears! In late August, before the kids go back to school, we will be traversing down the rapids on the Colorado river. What a summer this is shaping out to be! Peace:)

  960. Maureen says:

    It’s been a busy summer so far – we celebrated our son’s graduation from college with a party at our home and have attended a few other grad parties. We plan to visit our older son who is now living in Massachusetts and spend time in the beautiful Marblehead area!

  961. ANITA says:

    I am going to Maine on a Mission Trip with my church and Larry is still cleaning up from the flood that hit us the end of May. I also work for the State of Vermont Parks Department.

  962. jan says:

    working and working………..
    sad face

  963. Richard says:

    Kayaking and hiking in beautiful Killington, VT. !

  964. Jim says:

    Some alone time with the wife, lazy days hanging out by the pool, easy listing music, with some cold drinks, with umbrellas, in our hands. A day trip to Maine to visit some old friends that live on a sail boat. And to wrap up the week, just jumping in the wife’s convertible bug and seeing where it takes us????????

  965. Linda says:

    As part of the sandwich generation, I spend my summer visiting grandchildren and my mom!
    Not too bad with pools and ocean breezes!
    Never can have enough lobster!

  966. Mark says:

    We are heading to the Maine shore for a week, then a weekend on lake Sabago. We’ll be trying to spend as much time in our kayaks as possible once we get back to Vermont!

  967. Pam says:

    One full week with three generations on a lake house on Paugus Bay in Winnipausakee, a few weekend camping trips to places like Bear Brook and Lazy River, and day trips to Newcastle Commons and York Beach. We like to keep it local. The kids play at the Greater Manchester YMCA’s summer camps when we aren’t on vacation and Dad and I are begrudgingly at work!

  968. Young says:

    Up at the lake swimming, boating, and most of all having fun in the sun!

  969. Brenda says:

    With leg in brace and rehab for few months my summer plans went up in smoke.Boating with friends is what my summer is about.Hope you all enjoy yours.

  970. Kim says:

    Family time, trip to see sister’s family in Florida. Trip to see sisters family in Ohio. Then two week cross country adventure!

  971. mary says:

    l’ve already done 4 exciting things and hope to relax the rest of the summer, besides two more trips! lve’ been to the beach (Cape May NJ), daughter has been for her visit, l’ve camped at the Finger Lakes, and now hope to spend time tending my garden and mowing the grass, until my next trip to Denver and then driving out to Ohio, and BTW, l buy Irving gasoline whenever possible on these car trips!

  972. Bob says:

    My wife is on a 1 month work assignment in northern Italy. I just joined her for the final week and will sightsee myself until she is done. Then we are driving around Austria, Switzerland and southern Germany for 10 days

  973. Jed says:

    We will be going to the Maine seacoast and NYC, the best of both worlds when you live in New England!

  974. Pat says:

    Spending a week a boy scout camp at Camp Napawon in WI. Family reunion in Hamberg IN. Booting on the Fox River in IL. Having a great time with the family while the weather is great.

  975. ROBERT says:

    Riding my motorcycle to VT. To visit my son, his wife and granddaughter. Then continuing South on secondary roads thru Vt, Mass to the coast of Ct. Then following the coast of Ct,RI, Mass, NH to Portland, ME. Then North thru Grafton Notch into Errol,NH. Continuing on Rt 16 thru 13 mile Park and Pinkham Notch back home.

  976. Matthew says:

    Travelling a bunch! Enjoying the weather. Going camping with family….cookouts – the whole 9 yards 🙂

  977. June says:

    I spent a renewing week in Southern New Hampshire and am looking forward to a few day trips around Vermont.

  978. Kristin says:

    Take advantage of the beautiful lakes region where we live and make some wonderful memories with our family and friends.

  979. Erica says:

    Remodeling our 200 year old antique cape – new windows, siding, front door and roof. Hoping to fit in some kayaking and camping time in between!

  980. Brenda says:

    Been enjoying our vacation time in Wells, ME. Soaking up the sunshine, and not thinking of the wind, cold, and snow coming our way in just a few more months!

  981. Pam says:

    New Hampshire has one of the least-known, best places to take a vacation: Star Island, part of the Isles of Shoals, 10 nautical miles east of Portsmouth. My son and I are going to spend a blissful week there in August, staying at the only inn, which is a huge old Victorian hotel. The food is incredible, the tiny island is peaceful and quiet since there are no cars on the island, and the sunsets alone are worth the trip. There is an art barn full of supplies, waiting for visitors like us to wander down and draw or paint. We can use one of the hotel’s row boats and row across the inlet to Smuttynose Island and have a picnic, or take a boat over to Appledore Island to see Celia Thaxter’s gardens. Or just relax on the enormous porch of the hotel and read books, knit, or nap. A tiny, old stone chapel is the highest point on the island, and services are offered (by candlelight, since there is no electricity in the chapel). Being there is one of the most important things we’ve done together as a family, and we hold on to that vacation throughout the year. In the midst of winter, we go through our Star Island pictures and make scrapbooks, talk about the warmth of the sun, the smell of the salty air, and make plans for the next vacation on Star.

  982. Sally says:

    We dropped our son off at the Naval Academy at the end of June and will be returning in August for Parent’s Weekend to hear how his Plebe Summer has gone.

  983. Cassie says:

    Enjoying the summer watching the garden and children grow. We’re headed to Maine in a couple weeks to enoy the ocean, water parks, the zoo and go to Cabellas to stock up on winter gear in preperation for another long cold winter!! Brrrrr……..

  984. Russell says:

    Mt Washington dinner cruise and to Old Orchard Beach for a week. After that just staying around the house and working out in the yard.

  985. Elisabeth says:

    Spending every minute with my four month old – life couldn’t be better!

  986. Steve says:

    We do all kinds of stuff during the summer “staycation”. No major travel. Hiking and such in the mountains and possibly a trip to the beach. Yard saleing is something my wife and I like to do on the weekends. You never know what you will find.

  987. Ellen says:

    Mostly we are doing day trips in the northern mountains of new hampshire. I love to watch the cog go up the mountain and it costs nothing. Hoping to get to Hampton Beach this year.

  988. Anthony says:

    We usually are not able to get away in the summer due to the fact that we have rental property that needs to be taken care of. Instead we choose to go to Aruba in March and that way we get away from “mud season” in the Vermont/New Hampshire area. When we get home it only a brief period until spring and no snow is finally here.

  989. kris says:

    i am teaching summer school. my daughter and son will be visiting in august.

  990. Eric says:

    BBQ with the family, several nights at Fenway and a road trip to the Baseball HOF in Cooperstown, NY!

  991. Gloria says:

    Enjoying life on the lake, listening to the loons, watching magnificent sunsets and having friends and family around to share the fun, this is the way life should be…

  992. George says:

    We are planning a 2 week vacation at the Mountain View Cabins in Pittsburg, N.H. with my brother-in-law and his wife. We love it up there and look forward to doing this every year for the past several years. It’s so peacefull and relaxing up there. A good way to recharge the old batteries.

  993. Gerri says:

    When I’m not conducting Search and Rescue operations with the Coast Guard I will be spending time with my 7 year old son and wife. We have plans to head to the White Mountains and to the beach in Maine.

  994. Lisa says:

    I am writing from El Salvador, where I have been working with science teachers to help them implement a hands-on science program, and my husband has been teaching art lessons. It’s been tons of fun We are returning tomorrow to NH. We are planning a few day trips around VT and NH, and I’ll go to MI to visit my mother in August.

  995. Donna says:

    I will be going to the beaches in NH, once a week. The rivers , water falls, and lakes here are the best. Also working in the yard with plants and flowers.

  996. Clayton says:

    Will be getting things ready to travel to Olkahoma to see my great grandson that will be born on my 80th birthday,8-12-31. he has two brothers. Also will stop in Arkansas to see two other greatgrandsons.

  997. Matthew & Heather says:

    We’ve been going camping with our three children, including our 7-month old baby girl. We have also been painting our 1923 farmhouse. More camping to come in August in Maine too!

  998. Wendy says:

    Beach, college visits, deck-hopping downtown, family, friends and more!

  999. cathy says:

    Enjoying our garden, flying and getting ready for ski season

  1000. R. says:

    On our way to North Truro Cape Cod, MA

  1001. Tom says:

    Will be continuing a 35 year tradition with my family by going to Higgins Beach in Scarborough ME. Between 30 and 50 family members will congregate the same week to enjoy all that the Portland area has to offer. Where can one find horse racing, swimming, ocean fishing, whale watching, beautiful beaches, diverse shopping, great shows, golf, etc. etc. all withing a short drive of most any cottage location. It’s the best value to be found for vacations. But don’t believe me, go there and find out for yourselves.

  1002. Kim says:

    I am staying home watching my granddaughter and pregnant dog, they are both so precious. Expecting puppies any day now, so exciting! Then we have to repair our stone foundation basement, devolped many serious leaks this spring with all that rain. So glad for the summer weather!

  1003. Ric says:

    Relaxing with family and friends at our new home near Lake Winnipesaukee. Enjoying barbeques and boat rides to the vaious islands.

  1004. Bob says:

    We plan on camping with family and friends, boating on local lakes and going to the Cape.

  1005. Mike says:

    We are going to Seattle to visit the space needle and see the view. We are also going to check out the EMP, a music experience museum with displays on Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix. After that we will do some camping in the cascades and see the views of Mt. St Helens and Mt. Rainier and see what old growth forests look like.

  1006. Chris says:

    Swimming in our pool, cookouts with family, my niece visiting from NY for week, shopping and some girls nights.

  1007. Rita says:

    There is no plans for the summer, except to do what we like to do like going to the bean suppers and meeting with friends.

  1008. Bethanne says:

    Staying home with my kids and new puppy! Taking time to enjoy what we have.
    A small trip with puppy, to a family wedding to enjoy our family.

  1009. Deb says:

    Family spent a week at family camp in June. Now teaching at summer language camp. Tent camping in Acadia in August.

  1010. Larry says:

    Travel by train to visit family in PA.; camping and kayaking at Mascoma Lake in NH.; attending country fairs while our grandchildren show cattle.

  1011. Pam says:

    We are renting a cottage on a pond near Lake Sunapee, NH. It’s nothing special, but our favorite vacation. There is no tv or internet access, which makes it very relaxing.

  1012. Tom says:

    Sailing with my brother & his wife between New Bedford, MA and Nantucket.

  1013. Jean says:

    We’ll be staying home most of the time and also spending time at the Ocean in Wells, Maine for one or two weekends at our son’s home. Friends from WA State are coming to spend some time with us and go to some of the Fairs to watch the Horse Pulling as they don’t have any where they come from. We have horse pulling and they have rodeos! The bbq will be used a lot while they are here to keep the heat out of the house.

  1014. Mellissa says:

    My Family will be spending a week at Wells Beech next week. Hoping for another great week weather wise.

  1015. Rene says:

    To ride my harley up and down the coast of Maine, New Hanpshier, Rain or shine.
    Live to ride!!!

  1016. Carol says:

    We plan on using the pool often for we will be remodeling. Having the pool nearby will help us cool off!

  1017. Cathy says:

    This is the best summer ever, welcomed our 1st grandchild into our lives a special little boy, spent the weekend on the coast doing walking and just enjoying Maine. Spending time with family from Florida and Arizona.

  1018. Shawn says:

    Drove to Florida with the family and stayed at Universal Studios. It was a great family vacation with no similarities to the Griswold’s journey to Wally World!

  1019. Doris says:

    How wonderful it is to have survived this Vermont spring and now sit on my deck with a glass of wine watching the flowers grow, enjoying my grandchildren’s visit, swimming in a local pond, enjoying great concerts in neighboring Manchester–even humbling myself regularly on my mountain golf course. I have been almost around the world but it doesn’t get better than this Vermont summer.

  1020. Ron says:

    I don’t know if this counts a a summer vacation but my wife and I are planning a motorcyce trip to Tennessee, Houston, Santa Fe New Mexico, Kansas and then home. Hopefully we will return to New Hampshire before the snow flies!

  1021. Charity says:

    I am spending time on my favorite running routes admiring the beautiful green foliage and blue skies that surround me. I will also drive to visit my sisters in Maine and my parents on the Cape for some salt water fun. In August we are celebrating my father’s 90th birthday and my son’s 21st birthday. So much to be grateful for – warm weather and wonderful memories to share!

  1022. I. says:

    Tennis and golf at home, some day trips to Massachusetts and 1 week in Florida before a surgery.
    Fun and games and reality.

  1023. Julianne says:

    “Little as Possible”……. Enjoy the warmth ,water, sunshine,being together,and relaxation. All before the rush of school, sports, and clubs begin again.

  1024. Tom says:

    Had a nice week in Acadia in June, planning a family re-union in NJ in July and going to the Outer Banks, NC in August! It’s a great summer!!!

  1025. Jill says:

    Hiking, biking, kayaking and canoeing and have cook-outs with great family and friends. Then in late summer traveling to Sedona, Arizona.

  1026. Patti says:

    Lake Placid, NY, for a week to see Mom & sisters and now off to Lake Sunapee in NH for a week with immediate family. LOVE summer…boating, swimming, hiking, and NO shoveling snow!

  1027. Robert says:

    Kayak on lakes and ponds and drive around beautiful Northern New Hampshire.

  1028. Jane says:

    I have been to Drakes Island in Wells, ME to visit my parents. A beautiful place, the ocean was even warm enough for me to swim. Now I will no longer be able to travel as I am working during the week and the next 4 weekends to save up for my winter heating oil. Luckily I live in Vermont and the 80 miles I drive back and forth to work is very scenic.

  1029. Liz says:

    Kayaking this summer – have graduated from ponds to rivers. Going to the Cape for a few days in August with son, daughter-in-law and grandaughter, Chloe!

  1030. Cindy says:

    Looking forward to a camping trip to Maine and a cousin’s wedding.

  1031. Debbie L. Seaver says:

    Our summer plans are working at our jobs saving as much as possible pay the property taxes get our budget together for the winter months and hoping to go to Maine for one weekend. Never know if you will have a job throuth the winter. Wr will try and spend as much time with our son before he goies back to school in late August. One day at a time. Enjoy your summer. Thanks Debbie

  1032. Meri says:

    Spending 6 weeks in VA. being with my daughter and Navy son-in-law for the birth of my (first) new grandson.

  1033. Andrea says:

    Working alot but just returned from a 10 day cruise to the caribbean!!!

  1034. Jeff says:

    This is a summer of traveling to weddings. We’ll get to visit with family and friends.

  1035. dave says:

    Hangin’ close to home in the mountains. Short trip to Newport RI for change of scenery.

  1036. Beatrice says:

    We have decided to make this summer about family time. We are taking our boat out each sunny weekend and enjoying our time together out on the water. No vacation plans as of yet, but at least we have the local lakes to enjoy.

  1037. Elene says:

    The problem with a job where I get laid off in the winter means I have to work like a fiend in the summer. So much for play time

  1038. Louise says:

    Summertime in Maine means hiking with my husband, friends and my greyhound. It also means a trip to Camden for my birthday for dinner and a visit to the Farnsworth Museum. Do not forget beachtime and a picnic dinner at Fort Williams or 2 Lights overlooking the ocean. I LIVE for summer in Maine – it is the only way to get through the winter!

  1039. Claire says:

    This is the best time of year to stay home and enjoy the lakes and countryside right here in NH. So much to do including performances at the many sites in the Upper Valley. There is no where I’d rather be!

  1040. Rachel says:

    I have three grandchildren, all under the age of 2 1/2. Two live in Boston and one in Brooklyn. I am looking forward to visiting with them and going to the zoo, playground, and water parks.

  1041. Moe says:

    I’ve decided to spend the summer working on my home…. painting, fixing etc. this winter
    and spring was bruttle on us for repairs….. so you do what you must do…

  1042. Steven says:

    We plan to sit next to the lake all summer long.

  1043. janet says:

    Every summer, I have 3 goals in mind: to be outside as much as possible, to move/exercise every day, and to read as many books as I want, even if some are re-reads. I love to roam through the town libraries, whether I’m in Maine or home in New Hampshire, and see what catches my eye, and this summer I’ll be able to bring my granddaughter with me, back upstairs to the children’s room! And as for running, well, jogging, I can end my run at the lake or at the ocean and just jump right in!

  1044. Amy says:

    It has been a long start to summer but thus far we have travelled to the coast of Maine for a week, we should of taken our oil tank (which is half full of Irving Oil) /furnace with us as it was so cold the last 4 days it was not enjoyable! We have been busy as bees in our flower gardens and getting normal household things done. We all work, so vacationing is tough to schedule and expensive…we tend to just enjoy our days off. We are on alot of committees so meetings and events fill our spare time…..
    Have a safe and happy summer everyone!

  1045. Georgia says:

    Summer vacation is always in Maine. We will be camping in scarbourogh enjoying a wonderful campground and hoping the trolley when we feel like the beach.

  1046. Amy says:

    I just finished a course at Champlain College–my project was due today. Will spend the rest of the summer doing projects at home–a lot of purging. I’ll also spend time at the coast in Maine in August with family and friends–been doing this for 20 years, and it’s always so much fun!!!!

  1047. Bo says:

    This summer we’ll be driving (if the car makes it) to the Wild West to explore Cody, WY!
    I hope those cowboys can understand my New England accent.
    Giddy up, cause this Red Sox fan’s headed to the Rodeo.

  1048. Ann says:

    We enjoy all the pleasures of New Hampshire right at home! Having our son returning soon from two years in Afghanistan is all we need!

  1049. Ann says:

    We can stay at home and enjoy all that New Hampshire has to offer! Having our son back from Afghanistan after two years there brings us enough joy to last for a LONG time!

  1050. Jerry says:

    Being lakefront homebodies we spend the summer enjoying the woodlands, water and walks around the lake. Friends from near and far come to relax at our no cost B&B, sharing the blessings of living in such a peaceful New Hampshire environment. We venture out to area lakes and marshes in Kayaks, hike woodland and mountain trails, find farmers markets and local festivities such as Town Old Home Days, attend Concerts in the Park, Barn Theater productions, lectures at the HOP and share our days with friends and family. It’s a wonderful life!

  1051. Sandra says:

    We had a lot of plans to go camping in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire…. But my oldes son got into an accident and we will be spending our summer by taking him to the hospital and helping him in his rehab, he almost lost an eye and we are hoping that he will see by the time he enters 6th grade….not what we had in mind 🙁

  1052. pegs says:

    the summer started off with back yard camping and 4th of july celebrations! then a couple’s weekend in stowe vt – lots of hiking, rock climbing and of course the beautiful balloon festival. we move on to a family weekend at the end of july in providence rhode island – to see the fireworks water show!!!!! a trip to canobie lake park with the kids – more back yard camping and lots of yard work in between. the dogs are loving the travel and so are the kids!!!!!
    campfires at night with smores rounds out each week – and we end up with kids back to school in sept and a trip to ireland in oct for me and the love of my life! a good time for all!
    enjoy the great weather – today is spectacular here in new hampshire!

  1053. Connie says:

    Besides relaxing on weekends at the camper in Hampton Falls, NH (right close to the beach) will spend the time visiting my grandchildren-Canada, Massachusetts and local.. They grow up way to fast and I love to go watch them play T-ball, soccer, do gymnastics, etc. Family is a big part of my life and I don’t want to miss out on them growing up. When you look back, time passes way to quickly.

  1054. James says:

    Just enjoying the Lake Sunapee area, nothing better!

  1055. Chris says:

    Our Summer kickoff is usually the Fourth of July fireworks, the we Start out our summer each year by incorporating a series of long weekends to local swimming holes, lake houses and adventures within an few hours drive, Like our recent weekend trip to a friends cottage on the ocean on Latimer Point in Mystic CT., then we end out our summer by spending a full week vacation from weekend to weekend in Maine at a Wells Campground, where we spend our time being lazy, enjoying each others company, eating good food, having smores by the bonfire, and picnicing on the beach in Ogunquit.

  1056. Ryan says:

    This summer we will be spending some time on the coast first, then headed to the western mountains shortly after for a short period. Possibly taking in some views of the mountains and streams around the moosehead region towards the end of summer and trying to fit in home renovations and yard work somewhere in between!!!

  1057. Liz says:

    Going to the Cape for a few days in August with son, daughter-in-law, and grandaughter, Chloe! Going Kayaking, too-have graduated from ponds to rivers–very slowly though!

  1058. Bernard says:

    We are 2 old people hoping to stay warm this coming winter.

  1059. Connie says:

    We plan on a trip to Prince Edward Island since we have never been. Hopefully this will allow for a leisurely drive through northern NH and through Maine. We haven’t had time to do this in the years we have lived up here and it’s always been on our wish list.

  1060. Stephanie says:

    We are going to spend two weeks lolling on the beach on cape cod with our family. Highlights will be going ona whalewatch in Provincetown, eating oysters and digging clams at Snow Landing in Orleans. We’ll bring our kayak down, which spends most of its time gently floating on Vermont ponds and lakes, to explore the estuaries of Pleasant Bay. We can’t wait!!!

  1061. GEORGE says:

    Outside yard work and house maintenance before the white stuff and cold weather returns,blue grass festivals, maybe fit in a couple days of fishing, eat lots of garden fresh veggies,peas,corn,tomatoes,cukes, Yummy.

  1062. Maura says:

    Going to the beach for some R & R and looking forward to finally reading a book from start to finish!

  1063. Roger says:

    We have a pool and large deck, pool water is at 83 degree and my greatest challange is to move the umbrella to keep sun off lounge chair. Its tough work but somebody has to do it.

    Have a great summer,


  1064. Robert says:

    I will be teaching summer school this year and working on my yard during my spare time. The kids will be going to camp and enjoying the great outdoors. Sunday evenings will be spent unwinding with my softball team on the diamond. The family will be visiting the beach as often as we can and we will try to squeeze a trip to Canobie Lake into the summer before we go back to school at the end of August

  1065. Laura says:

    We are having family come in for a graduation, and for visiting. Hoping to show them some local sights. Also working a lot on our yard and vegetable garden.

  1066. Nancy says:

    We are experiencing the gamut this summer: Deck…kiddie pool for feet… books and iced coffee to a wedding in Pasadena, CA! Perfect balance!

  1067. Karen says:

    I will be busy watching my son play baseball during the summer and hopefully spending some time between the ocean and the lakes region for vacation.

  1068. Nicolette says:

    I just purchased my house this spring so most of my summer will be spent getting it ready for winter.
    I spend every non raining morning on my back deck with a cup of coffee, book and my two dogs. My back yard is fenced in so the boys have plenty of room to run.
    So far this summer I have spent two weekends running a family garage sale. I am hoping that 3 is a charm. My daughter has found a love for BINGO so that is our Friday night ritual. I have managed to take my 78 year old mother to the coast of Maine once so far and am looking forward to taking her on a few more adventures there this summer.
    Entertaining friends and family with back yard BBQs and some beach time are all on the docket for me.

  1069. Rebecca says:

    Summer vacation will only be for weekends. But have a great place to go and relax every weekend in beautiful Bath NH. The serenity up there is great for replenishing our “human energy” for each week of work.

  1070. Eugene says:

    We will be spending a week in Maine with the family and our new grandson.

  1071. Diane says:

    New to the Irving family! keeping close to home this summer. Celebrating 10th wedding anniversary. Spent a great week at a large family reunion and enjoying their company.

  1072. Peter says:

    We just got back from Bar Harbor Me. We were there 32 yrs ago on our honeymoon. Still just as beautiful. Both my wife and Bar Harbor.

  1073. Tim says:

    Spending time w/ family & friends. Planning a trip out to Cedar Point, OH to have some fun on the rides and really excited to publish my book – the conclusion of a 6+ year journey. Now a new adventure begins 😉

  1074. Jay says:

    Our home has become the summertime destination spot for our entire extended family. Our daughter and first two grandchildren (girl age 2 years and boy age two months) visit from Montreal for weeks at a time all summer long. We have other grown children from Chicago, Salt Lake City, and Manchester, NH popping in for long weekend visits; and extended family members from Wisconson and Massachusetts make the pilgrimage for stays as well. You might say we have the best free B&B in all the Upper Valley!

    To make sure everyone stays comfortable during their stay, we installed central airconditioning and a back-up generator — fueled by Irving LP gas — that will power the entire house in the event of a power outage. And, while the generator is not running (and it has not had to yet this summer, knock on wood) we are buring that LP in our backyard grill — which is hooked directly into the line fed by our Irving LP gas tanks.

    Lots of showers get taken here with all the company; and we have an extra-large hot water tank heated by our Irving-oil-fueled forced hot water furnace. So, with the cold weather behind us for the season and no need for the heat from our furnace or desire for the ambiance of our gas fireplaces, we still depend upon Irving to keep the lights on when the power goes out, the hot water from running low when all three shower are being used at once, and the grill turning out steaks and burgers all summer long.

    I sometimes wonder if we should have “Irving” on our mailbox!!!

  1075. lynn says:

    We are stqying home qnd finally doing all the lawn/garden projects but will go to North Carolina in September

  1076. judi says:

    We had made plans to do a little camping, but with one family member needing emergency surgery, we ended with one short camping trip. Three weeks, so far, of being out of work and recouperating put things on hold for a bit (but our plans can wait).. The main thing is to get the sick and hurt well again. Love having the grandchildren every minute we can. We do fun things around the house, go for small rides, walks and out for ice cream. Sounds boring, but it really isn’t. Family stuff is great!


  1077. KATHEINE says:

    We are going to spend 8 days in Boothbay Harbor, ME. We were married there last summer and we’re celebrating. We’ve been together for 21 years already!

  1078. marlene says:

    It is all about the grandchildren! Have Gramma and Papa will travel! We have a great time, lots of smiles and lots of laughter.

  1079. Tony says:

    Went to Utah in June, staying hoem the rest of the summer with some daytrips planned! Love Vermont in the summer!

  1080. Mark says:

    The wife and I at Old Orchard Beach, sunning, walking the beach holding hands and a nice oceanfront room listening to the waves at night.

  1081. Sue says:

    My family will be spending most of the summer hangin’ by the pool with a few day trips here and there. We have already gone to Whales Tale water park in Lincoln, what a great day! Both of the kids will spend time next week at summer camp which will allow for my husband and I to spend some quality time together. So far the weather has been smashing, but as always the warmth of the sun will end too soon.

  1082. Nancy says:

    Lots of golf.

  1083. Rita says:

    Wewill be spending time at Peaks Island with family and friends !

  1084. Erin says:

    Our daughter just graduated from high school and is joining the Air Force, so we want to get in some quality family time before she leaves. We are going to New York City for a few days to visit the Stature of Liberty and see the World Trade center site. We were lucky enough to have visited in Nov of 2000 for the Macy’s parade and got to the top of the World Trade Centers.
    We are also going to ride the new mountain coaster at Attitash in our homestate of New Hampshire. Just some good family fun!

  1085. Ryan says:

    A camping vacation with the in-laws!

  1086. Sonja says:

    Our family is planning a stay-cation this year. Our house desperatly needs painting, so my husband and I are going to tackle that ourselves. We will spend weekends at the lake, so we plan to have a little fun in the sun!


  1087. Laura says:

    My vacation will be simple. I have most of the summer off and I am already enjoying it with as much biking, swimming and being involved in music as I can. I will get in a few day trips to the ocean and work on my garden. I will attend the VT Solar Fest to learn more about conserving energy. I will visit family. I will spend time appreciating the beautiful Upper Valley and surrounds of Vermont. I will do a little kayaking maybe even tube down the White River. I will spend time with friends and work on making new friends. I wish everyone could have a vacation this great. Laura

  1088. Deb says:

    We’ll be spending 2 days in the Philly area visiting with family (one member in hospital) followed by a 10-day science program in Wyoming exploring Yellowstone and Teton National Park.

  1089. Bob C says:

    I’m a grandfather, who that has two grandauthers of who I’ll be watching over the summer as to try to keep cost down for Mom and Dad with day care. We will be going fishing , swiming, bowling, Movies and just hanging out. Should be great, I had two boy’s and now I have two girls. Nice everybody have a wonderful summer and be well.

  1090. Neil says:

    Dear Mark:

    We are Mainers but had the opportunity to live in Campton NH for 2 years between 2005 and 2007. My daughter (in 2nd grade at the time) attended several summer camp session at Squam Lake Science Center. We were happy to return to our home in Maine in 2007, but we miss so much of the Holderness/Plymouth/Franconia & Lakes Regions! Have a great trip!! [Don’t miss Lost River – your boys will LOVE it!]

  1091. David says:

    We hope to get away for a couple of days to the coast of Maine otherwise why travel when you live in Vermont. Look around the state is a great place to live.

  1092. Lindsay says:

    With current budget constraints, we will be taking advantage of the vacation opportunities right here in Vermont. Tubing on the White River and camping in local campgrounds will be highlights of this summer. Our big splurge will be travelling to camp by the beach in MA for a long weekend. Wherever we are, being outdoors is key.

  1093. Neil says:

    Tomorrow my kids and I leave for a week’s vacation on Mt. Desert Island. We’re Mainers and so spoiled to have Acadia relatively close by. For over 20 years now we have been granted the wonderful opportunity to stay at the family summer home of a friend of mine. Her grandfather built the place in the 1920s and I describe it as rustic elegance. View from the front porch is of a secluded cove looking to the islands west of Mt. Desert. Over the years we have seen eagles, osprey (pulling fish from the water), seals, porpoises, baby jellyfish blooms, hundreds of starfish and more. You get to fall asleep listening to the water sloshing along the rocks and the loons calling each other. We were not able to make it up last year and on-and-off all winter the kids kept asking me if we could go to the Bungalow this year. My son graduates from High School next year so this may be the last easiest opportunity to go as a family.

    While overall the weather has been cool (and rainy) this summer, it’s nice to know that if night-time temperatures drop to chilly levels this coming week, all we need to do is start a fire in the huge fireplace rather than turning a thermostat up for some relief from the chill. (Sorry Irving!!)

  1094. Kate says:

    We just bought a house, so we’re spending our vacation getting settled in the house, clearing out brush and deadfall from the back yard, and planting shrubs and perennials that the birds will like. Joy!

  1095. Cathy says:

    As newlyweds, we will be enjoying a “stay-vacation” honeymoon right here in beautiful Quechee, VT. We will be taking advantage of local attractions such as VINS and Simon Pearce and otherwise relaxing at home surrounded by the woods, a creek, and a firepit. We feel quite fortunate live in such a beautiful area and have no need to go elsewhere!

  1096. Julie says:

    Our family will be having back-to-back vacations this summer, which we call the “P to P” Plans–Plush to Primitive: We start out at a resort in Disney World, visiting the theme parks for a few days. Come home to Vermont for a day of unpacking, laundry, and then re-packing for a trip to Cape Cod: We’ll stay with dear friends at a light house, without any running water or electricity. But we’ll get to live on the sea, swim, and sail!

  1097. Carl says:

    Family camp in New Hampshire

  1098. Maureen says:

    While we will be making our yearly visit to Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia, we have been making the most of our beautiful Vermont summer! It’s nice to travel, but even better to stay here and swim and enjoy the warm days and cool nights.

  1099. Elizabeth says:

    We adopted a very cute little lab puppy — so lots of puppy socializing and play are planned for this summer!

  1100. DENISE says:


  1101. Jessica says:

    Spending as much time playing softball and watching the New Hampshire Fisher Cats as possible!! Oh, and a little trip to Walt Disney World!! Back to teaching at the end of August!

  1102. Deb says:

    We are celebrating our 30th anniversary this summer so will be spending time over in Maine on the ocean. Can’t wait! Deb

  1103. Pauline says:

    Every summer my family travels to Kokadjo, Maine for a week long vacation at our family camp on Roche Pond. Kokadjo is about 20 minutes from Greenville, Maine and boasts a population of “not many….” Our camp is on the lake and we spend our days kayaking, fishing, swimming and hiking. It’s a great family vacation.



  1104. Neil says:

    Grandsons and family are going to take a Zipline adventure in Lincoln, NH, swim at Sculptered Rocks and enjoy this fine New England weather that is summer!!!!

  1105. Danni says:

    I am going to teach my 18 month old son that beach sand and waves are not scary after all!

  1106. Colleen says:

    We love New England in the summer — and we encourage all our family to visit and enjoy our pool, the local shops, museums, and historic sites. Our personal “vacation” is a list: a beach day, a “bucket list” item (this year is Strawberry Banke Museum), a new recipe on the grill, and watching the grandkids’ ballgames. Family, friends and New England – it doesn’t get any better!

  1107. Martin says:

    Gardening, bicycling, and paddling.

  1108. Gayle says:

    It will be a stay-cation. We’ll be putting up a fence for our 2 old beagles. Hopefully, I’ll be starting a job, as I’ve been out of work for almost a year. Not overly exciting, but useful!

  1109. Joe says:

    Looks like we’ll be staying close to home this summer. Swimming in the pool, taking bike rides, enjoying some summer concert series etc…

  1110. Rich says:

    Working on the lawn & gardens and heading to the beach whenever possible. Rich

  1111. Margo says:

    We will be wonderfully busy with visiting family and friends, summer jobs, Sea Dogs games and summer concerts, going to farmers markets, working for an arts non-profit, and getting 2 daughters ready to go off to college in August.

  1112. Jolene says:

    My family will be spending time by our pool. Last year before my oldest goes to college so every minute counts..

  1113. lois says:

    We are driving to Massanutton Resort in Virginia with our children and grandchildren to watch our grandchildren swim, bungy jump, run racing cars, feed the deer, play in the water park, and have fun any way they can. “If we had known grandchildren were so much fun, we would have had them first!!” Aren’t grandchildren wonderful???????

  1114. Kimberlee says:

    I will be spending time with family and friends at their camp in Maine. Camping up in the White Mountains.


  1115. Bobbi says:

    Our summer has been AWSOME! That is what the WWE Pro wrestler THE MIZ would say. Just a few days ago we surprised my sons Ethan 11 and Owen 7 with tickets to WWE SmackDown in CT. All the superstars were there BIG SHOW,Randy Orton RKO KANE,and Great Khali. All but my youngest favorite John Cena.
    We went to our friends camp”Rock Lodge” north of us on Lake Averille VT. Ethan and classmates are earning money for six grade trip.They sold items at July 4th fireworks. Me and another mother and her two children took a night trip to see friends in MA. In a few weeks my boys will be going to Rec. football camp. After that off to see family in Marshfield MA. Owen will end the summer with his 8th birthday. These boy are filled with light that warms your up.I tell them all time time that life is about making memories.Lets make them………A Thankful Mother, Bobbi Rhoad

  1116. Jen says:

    This summer our daughter will turn two, which we figure is the right time to introduce her to the joys of paddling and camping. First we took her on a day trip to Kettle Pond, in Groton State Park in Vermont. She loved riding in the kayak and calling back to the resident loon. We just returned from two nights of car-camping at beautiful Flagstaff Lake in Maine, where we figured out the details of how to get a two-year-old to sleep in a tent. (Lots of books and familiar stuffed animals and blankets, combined with exhausting days playing in the water and sand and woods.) Our next venture will be to combine the two and paddle to a campsite, probably some place along the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, where there are great backcountry campsites along the water. At some point, we’ll have to get to our summer plans of adding insulation to our new (but old) house, as we have piles of pink foam insulation stacked in our back yard. But for now, the woods and water call! Next winter, which will keep us warmer – the newly insulated walls and floors and ceilings, or our memories of playing in the sun? Hopefully, both!

  1117. Sarah says:

    My summer plans are to spend as much quality time with my family enjoying all nature’s beauty while kayaking, camping, bbq’ing, swimming and just plain ol’ relaxing!

  1118. Dana says:

    I will be BBQ’ing and enjoying my yard with family and friends…. And of course lots of fireworks!!!!!

  1119. lois says:

    We are driving to Massanutton Resort in Virginia with our children and grandchildren to watch our grandchildren swim, bungy jump, run racing cars, feed the deer, play in the water park, and have fun any way they can. “If we had known grandchildren were so much fun, we would have had them first!!” Aren’t grandchildren wonderful???????

  1120. Jim says:

    Summer always means spending, whenever we can, lazy days at our lake house. The pace slows and it is a renewing experience! Seasons are like that.

  1121. JOHN says:

    Three weeks in New Hampshire

  1122. Ed says:

    We will be spending the good part of our summer in our beautiful Londonderry, Vermont vacation home.

  1123. Steve says:

    We’ll be spending a wonderful summer enjoying Lake Winnie and the surrounding area. But there will be two week trip to Sturgis, SD for the motorcycle rally….

  1124. Jennifer says:

    This past few months have been tough from myself and my boys as I am now a single mom, but we have some really great friends and are planning a camping trip to Wakeda in North Hampton. We are going to the air show at Pease and visit the Albacore in Portsmouth. Past and Present history and some fun in the sun. Can’t beat the local tourist spots!
    Happy Summer-

  1125. Donna says:

    My summer plans include taking walks in the evening after a hard day at work, or just relaxing in my home. I also play volleyball on Sunday afternoons in my backyard with family and friends. A couple of weeks ago I went to a classic car show in Worcester, Massachusetts, and in September I am going to spend a week at Lake George in New York.

  1126. Sylvia says:

    I will be flying from Maine to Los Angeles in August to meet my daughter for our annual road trip to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada for the week long Burning Man Festival!

  1127. Nancy says:

    After two miserable summers of illness and losing my husband, I will celebrate my oldest sons’s wedding in Scarborough maine in august. Vacation can’t be better than family celebrating a new beginning.

  1128. Scott says:

    We are spending a couple weeks and every other weekend at our lake house on beautiful Lake Winnipessaukee. Swimming, fishing, boating, mini-golf, etc… Tons of fun expected.

  1129. Jennifer says:

    Super psyched to go camping…9 wonderful nights in the woods of Vermont. It’s an affordable way to get away with the whole family. There is no cell service or tv and we love it. We are true campers and tent it the entire time. We have a huge setup we call the MASH tent. People are always amazed at our site when it’s all setup.
    I have two girls, ages 16 and 13, and they can’t wait to go. What a great feeling! We have some awesome memories from camp each year – I’m sure we will this year too!

  1130. Tim says:

    We are heading out to Winnipesaukee for a week of fishing and kayaking and other outdoor fun! No matter the weather my whole family will be there and it will be great!

  1131. Donna says:

    I go to my “home away from home” York Beach Maine. Just spend a week there and will go back for a long weekend in August! It has been my special place for 17 years!

  1132. Shields says:

    We will be splitting our summer plans between the beach and the moutains, hopefully a week at both. If I’m lucky I hope to get in a few rounds of golf this summer too.

  1133. Carolyn says:

    My summer plans consist of sitting outside, enjoying the beautiful sunshine, a cool breeze, smelling my surrounding flowers with a drink in my hand and a good book in my lap. I can’t think of a better time than staying home, avoiding fighting traffic, and enjoying the fruits of my labor, looking at a green lawn, the pretty flowers, and watching the vegtable garden grow

  1134. JJ says:

    We will be hosting a Fresh Air child for two weeks and revisiting the local attractions in the Upper Valley. Sneaking off to the favorite swimming hole in Barnard is big. An official week off from work will find us at the Cape and hopefully a book or two will find its way into my hands.

  1135. John says:

    Waiting to travel to Germany for the wine harvest on the Rhine and Moselle Rivers.

  1136. randy says:

    Our big plan is to go to the granby zoo in canada. we live in vt and have not been there yet. we will be taking our 3 kids to see the animals

  1137. Diane says:

    Will be spending a week on the beach in Boothbay Maine with family and friends.

  1138. Paul says:

    We spent some time last week at the ocean and hope to make it back to the Wells, Me area in the next few weeks.

  1139. Betty says:

    My husband retired so we have taken our vacation. We got a babysitter for the pets and house and went to Florida to find a winter get-a-way. It was definitely different, it was just as hot here as there.
    We will still need propane for the Winter and the housesitter.

  1140. Steve says:

    Heading to Alaska for a cruise!

  1141. Kerrie says:

    Off to Yellowstone National Park and then weeks of relaxation in southern VT. Yea!

  1142. sandy says:

    we will be spending a week in a rented chalet in the white mountains. all our children will be joining us including our oldest daughter and husband who will be moving to Australia for 2 years in august. we will spend our time hiking ,kayaking,sitting by jackson falls and just enjoying family time together.

  1143. Candice says:

    This summer I will be loving life hanging out with my 2 children and my niece each and everyday. We plan on taking a weeks vacation to the beach somewhere and hanging most days at the lake. We will be swimming, having campfires, roasting marshmellows, staying up late and just loving being together and thankful for all our blessings!! Happy Summer everyone!!

  1144. Rita says:

    Our summer vacation plans include going to our boat in South Portland and up to our camp at Upper Dam, Maine. Our plans also include spending much time with family and friends.

  1145. Jeremy says:

    This summer, the kids have summer camps to attend and as a family, we will camp in Baxter State Park in northern Maine. Looking forward to hiking, swimming, biking and running this summer.

  1146. Daryl says:

    Lots of camping in the New Hampshire and Maine areas, a great way to relax and enjoy the summer!

  1147. Dawn says:

    Work, work, work and trying to figure out what I did before I had a child since he will be in KS visiting his grandparents for 5 weeks! Single and childless is REALLY not as much fun as I remember!

  1148. Bob says:

    I’ll be spending some time in Kennebunkport ME

  1149. Jack says:

    We use a shared Google calendar to navigate the packed events scheduled for the summer. It includes swim practices, Speed and Agility camp, 3 separate week long soccer camps, a one week long boy scout camp at Hidden Valley, a week in Chautauqua, NY, a week to visit grandparents in sunny CA. We started the summer vacation with an excellent week vacation at P-town. We also squeezed in 4 swim meets with my wife and I run the concession stand with lot of others helping. My son and I also squeezed in 4 MLS soccer games at Gillette, in addition to some golf and tennis. On top of all that both my wife and I work full-time, but we have a wonderful 17 year old that helps out with pick up and drop offs. I even had time to teach motorcycle for 3 weekends and did some woodworking. I guess you can say we stayed busy.

  1150. Linda says:

    Riding with my two best friends on our Harley’s from New Hampshire to South Dakota, stopping whereever and whenever we want. Two weeks of pure joy!

  1151. Rayna says:

    I will be flying across the country for my first trip to San Francisco! Followed by a music festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. 12 days away from work!

  1152. Carissa says:

    During the Summer we turn our heat off to conserve oil. Our house runs mostly on oil, we do use propane for our dryer only. My husband and I are hoping to lat as long as we can during the summer without having to be fill, due to the high oil prices. I am expecting the prices to lower soon (hopefully) as it is getting harder and harder to heat the house. With two young children under the age of three we keep that house at a min. of 70 degrees. We plan on making renovations to the house this summer to help with the cost of oil this winter.

  1153. Teresa says:

    We will be happily enjoying the NH lakes this summer as we always do!

  1154. Beth says:

    Since I’m retiring this summer, it will be the first in 40 years that I can actually every day that’s part of a, hopefully, beautiful and warm summer. I’ll be swimming in the lake, playing tennis, enjoying my gardens and partying with friends. It doesn’t get any better than that!

  1155. Susan says:

    This summer is all about spending quality time with my family, boating, swimming and just enjoying the summer weather.

  1156. Julie says:

    After a cold, long winter, the warm sunny days are a welcome change. I will enjoy the sites and share the many beautiful places in New England with my son who, now lives in Idaho and will be bringing his girlfriend for her first visit to our fine area. I can’t wait to share the experience with her. We plan to visit all of the points of interest in New Hampshire, will spend some time in Vermont, will spend some time on the coast of Maine, OOB in particular, and last but not least, the great city of Boston, might fit in a Red Sox game if they’re at home…….It’s going to be a fantastic couple of weeks…….

  1157. Aaron says:

    Around the Northeast with friends and family. I hope to get my daughters to the beach, and in the mountains as much as possible. Then we have a reunion of sorts in the Adirondacks.

  1158. Laura says:

    I’ll be hosting two children from NYC through the Fresh Air Fund. Swimming in the pond, gardening and swinging in the hammock!

  1159. Marie says:

    Going to North Dakota to visit my “National Park Ranger” son and his family. Six members of my family are going. Never been there before.

  1160. Rosie says:

    Having just purchased a 97-year-old fixer-upper home, my goal is to get some of the rooms completed and the house ready for another Vermont winter!

  1161. Brenda says:

    I will be happily working in my flower and vegetable gardens at home. Fresh veggies….Yum!

  1162. Rob says:

    There is nothing like a week at the beach to celebrate summer. This year we’ll be going to the Cape, building sand castles and eating fresh seafood.

  1163. Marie says:

    My family and I will be taking our annual trip to Mt. Desert Island, Maine. We love it there and can’t think of a better place to go!

  1164. Eileen says:

    As we live in a most beautiful area by the beach in Rye, NH, we will be having the Grandchildren with us again this year. We are very fortunate to have the room to have our friends and family join us during the summer months.
    Vacations for us come in the Fall when the grandchildren return to school.

  1165. Deb says:

    Leaving for Costa Rica with my daughter, son-in-law and grandson!
    Surfing lessons on the beach and hiking up volcanos! Who could ask for more!

  1166. Mora says:

    Planes, Trains and Ferries – I am headed to Scandinavia! I will be cheering on my Danish AFS (exchange program) brother in an Ironman competition in Copenhagen, Denmark, traveling through the fjords of Norway before heading to Oslo and then investigating Stockholm, Sweden for a few days. I am so psyched for this adventure!

  1167. Heather says:

    Bottling heat to release in January.

  1168. Fred says:

    Putting a new roof on the Vermont house in preparation for retirement. Then a week at the beach in North Carolina.!

  1169. Sherry says:

    My husband and I will be spending three idyllic days camping at a remote site on Lake Umbagog. We are looking forward to peace and quiet, paddling around the lake with our dog, and watching the sunset over the north woods. After this period of solitude, we will be joining a group of 50 friends and family members for more camping and canoeing in Errol. This annual trip includes rope swings, jumping off the swimming bridge, tubing, and rollicking sing-a-longs around the camp fire. It’s the highlight of the summer!

  1170. Sandra says:

    Although we live in “The Oldest Summer Resort in America”, Wolfeboro, NH, no summer is complete without a trip to the Ocean. This year we will head to the outer part of Cape Cod, Massachusetts to camp for a week. Our family of 6 packs up the minvan and spends time together tenting. We don’t “rough it” by any means, we have a huge tent, use air mattresses, and enjoy some delicious meals cooked over the campfire.

  1171. Pam says:

    My summer plans are to drive with my daughter to Nova Scotia to visit relatives. We try and make this drive every summer. The drive is 11 hours.

    I also have a son who moved in May to California. I would like to visit him as well. He is right near the beach. The San Diego zoo is only 1/2 hour from him. We plan on taking a trip to the zoo.

  1172. Peter says:

    We will be staying home and enjoying summer in Vermont. Since our daughter is going to be in France for her last year of high school, we need to save money to pay for her stay there.

  1173. Scott says:

    Going up to Moosehead lake fishing with friends and taking the family to the Cape for a few days.


  1174. Patricia says:

    A stay-cation in beautiful New Hampshire.

  1175. Jason says:

    Our family took a trip to a campground in Saco and took in a Sea Dogs game and then spent a day in New Hampshire at Strawberry Banke museum seeing how a neighborhood had changed over 200 years. But it is not just taking a trip and seeing stuff, it is about spending time with family and cherishing the moments in life with your children.

  1176. kyle says:

    my boy’s and I will be camping,biking,hiking and swimming. Love summer.

  1177. linda says:

    i grew up with a grandfather and mother from newfoundland. some years ago, i visited that province and unlike their description of it as “just a rock,” i found it to be very beautiful. eventually, i went back looking for land to buy, and stumbled across the land my grandfather grew up on in Blackhead. the land overlooks the sea and a path runs around it called, Mulley’s Lane. each year, i try to get back there (it’s a long way and involves a 15 hour ferry ride from the tip of nova scotia, another 15 hours from where i live in vermont) as i’ve now built a small cabin there, completely free of amenities. so this summer that’s where i’ll spend a few weeks.

  1178. Brenda says:

    My plans are simple…my dad has been given 2 months to live, so I plan to spend every minute possible in Maine with him.

  1179. Phil says:

    We suprised the kids with a trip to Boston to tour the USS Constitution, followed by the July 4th Red Sox game, and Fireworks on the Charles river, which were the best we’ve ever seen. Rented a pontoon boat for a week on Lake Winnipesaukee, in which we visited many islands, saw lots of sunsets, and hiked the full length of Rattelsnake Island, the tallest island on the lake. Next is a week long camping trip to the outer Cape Cod, including a whale watch, biking on the national seashore, and movies at the still active drive in theater in Wellfleet. Both kids will do a week at their favorite camp, Paul Newman’s Hole In The Wall Gang Camp in Connecticut, (our daughter is a cancer survivor, and thanks to Mr. Newman’s legacy, all survivors and their siblings get to attend a week). Day trips have and will include Castle in the Clouds, and some of the White Mountain National Forest places, such as The Flume, Cannon Mountain, and climbing up to Artist’s Bluff overlooking the Franconia Notch State Park. Trips to our favorite beaches, Drakes Island in Wells, Maine, and Cape Elizabeth are also on the list. We love what New England has to offer!

  1180. Robert says:

    I will be spending the summer helping take care of my mom (form of dementia) and her place. I will also be working on my place and hopefully take a little time to sneak in a couple of motorcycle rides. I would like to at least get to the coast this year, been a while since I have been over to Maine. I was hoping to maybe sneak in a weekend motorcycle ride to explore some of Pennsylvania. I will be doing some bicycle riding for exercise and will be helping my retired neighbor do some haying and get his wood pile together………. Other than that hoping to get some time with family……………….

  1181. Linda says:

    I plan on staying in Vermont, kayaking on as many nearby ponds I can find! That and doing some walking and hiking of Vermont’s beautiful roads.

  1182. Nancy says:

    I have no summer vacation plans just some long weekend trips within Maine, NH and Ma.

  1183. Nina says:

    My vacation was a staycation and I worked on making my yard and home a wonderful place to be!

  1184. Dan says:

    Wife is unemployed and studying for her Masters in Special Education. Our summer vacation included a weekend at a family cottage and a one day trip to Six Flags in Mass. We will probably do a bit of fishing as a family.

  1185. Nicole says:

    At the Beach!

  1186. Dana says:

    After spending what felt like 11 months of cold weather, the Learn family is going to spend a week at the ocean enjoying the sun and sand. We are going to travel each day by car and stay over night at the end. We are hoping to store sun in our hearts to last through the cold weather but have Irving as our backup plan to assist us in staying warm all winter long. Thanks Irving!

  1187. who da' Man says:

    This summer I will stay at home and make day trips from The house on my Harley. ( my Harley gets about 44 miles per gallon )and go on vacation after labor day ..on the off season at the Beach. ( they have reduced rates ) it’s ALL about being frugal this YEAR.
    Not living large .. and Loving it ..In “This down economy”

  1188. DeWitt says:

    Lots of Riding on My Harley is Tops! Three Benefit rides to help Aid different Charities and causes! Couple Antique Modified races to raise money for a Toy Drive so some Children may have Christmas Gifts this December! Lots of Cookouts with My Beautiful Wife at our Fireplace! & some Fishing with My Dad 🙂 Life is Good 🙂

  1189. Ray says:

    It is camping time for the COTE’s.
    The time of year where family and distant friends meet together and go camping AT The BEACH.
    Yes, a beautiful place on the ocean at HITHER HILLS State Park, Long Island were the tents and campers go up and the week of fun begins.We have made this our family tradition each year and enjoyed many years here. You are literally on the ocean with only the dunes between you and your campsite. This is a very family kid friendly campground with some activities such as arts and crafts, softball, movies outside at dusk. Nearby are many hiking and bicycle trails.In town, you will find many places to eat and shop. We love John’s Drive In for the best Ice cream! Of course, no trip to Hither Hills is complete without a drive to the Montauk Lighthouse! Going here forces us to slow down, relax and have fun as a family!

  1190. Margaret says:

    My summer is filled with wedding planning as my only son is getting married. My son and I are having fun organizing the rehearsal dinner and thank you breakfast. We planned a yard sale to purge stuff that he no longer needed or wanted to carry to his new home and married life. The yard sale was great fun.

    I have multiple appointments for wedding attire fittings and rehearsal dinner fittings. I re sized all my rings to wear for the wedding. You know as one gets older our bodies change; hence, I couldn’t get my wedding rings on. But now they fit great and sparkle like stars in a clear evening sky. i also will take this opportunity to wear my mother’s wedding rings to keep her in our memories on this special day.

    I am having trial hair styling sessions, facial interventions with Spa Medique (a great place by the way), and mani-pedicures. I am sharing information with my future daughter in law concerning family and friend guests as to where they are staying, special accommodations (as some of my family have medical needs) and other pertinent information.

    Additionally, I renewed my cake decorating sense and baked and created a beautiful shower cake and cupcake tower. All were impressed. i guess they may have thought I was too old. However, some things are like riding a bike, you never forget. You may be a little wobbly, but it all comes back to you.

    I have also been working on floral decorations for the tables at the rehearsal dinner making sure to coordinate with the wedding colors and keeping them colorful, elegant and in good taste. I have prepared little touches to add to the memory of the rehearsal dinner by providing key guests with mini digital video cameras to document the event, wedding tissue favors for the female guests (i know I will need a tissue or two), and wedding fortune cookies for after the meal to add a little fun. I will be adding colorful chargers for each place setting to create an elegant table setting for guests as they arrive rather than just an empty table with flowers and napkins. Candles will add a bit of romance.

    In addition to wedding planning, I volunteer at a non-profit as often as I can to keep busy and give back. I enjoy meeting the many people that stop by and enjoy their stories. Many of them are elderly and enjoy sharing their life stories and I am willing to listen.

    All in all there is lots to still do. Last minute guest counts, dog care to plan, and financial obligations to meet. So it is no wonder that a free tank of oil would be a God send especially since my son will no longer be assisting us with home expenses as he will be blissfully married and beginning a new chapter of his life. I am full of joy for my son and his future bride and could not have asked for a more considerate, kind and loving son. I am so blessed and look forward to what the future may bring (maybe grand children). Don’t get me wrong, I love my sons dogs, they are like family, but grandchildren would be great too.

    So, my summer is full and I am looking forward to both families getting together to share this momentous event. Thank you for listening.

  1191. Rene says:

    Working to pay bills.

  1192. June says:

    Summer is great for hiking and biking….so plans to enjoy the great out doors are on my calendar.

  1193. Veronica says:

    This summer I am having a baby!

  1194. Lisa says:

    Spending vacation at our camp in beautiful York, Maine!

  1195. Kathy says:

    Hi – My husband and I have one week off in August. We’ve been working on a small addition to our house over the last year, and we’re taking our vacation time to put in a new bathroom and enlarging our bedroom! Sheesh! What a vacation!!!

  1196. Peter says:

    We plan to bike and kayak in Acadia National Park in September.

  1197. Albert says:

    Summer plans had to be put on back burner as to a hip replacement. JOY!!! JOY!!!

  1198. Laurie says:

    Our exciting summer vacation plans are to stay at home and assist a contractor who will be putting a metal roof on our house. My husband will help on the roof and I’ll be busy making the lemonade and lunches. (My husband is a very smart man and discourages his less than graceful wife from going near a roof or a power tool!)

  1199. Mike says:

    Have been an Irving customer for several years and can say they are a pleasure to do business with. I expect to do some kayaking, fly fishing and hiking over the summer. Ultimately waiting for heating season, beacuse I am a die hard skier and enjoy the snow more than summer, may sound odd but let it snow.
    Thanks Irving, your customer service rannks amongst the best.

  1200. Jessica says:

    Working making dreams come true – I’m a wedding planner! When I’m not making dreams come true we are camping and laying on flotation devices!

  1201. Doris says:

    Planning to stay around home for the summer and enjoying ourselves

  1202. Sue says:

    We have a “great” summer planned, if you call work great!! We decided to open up our yard to allow more sun and dry up the area so grass can grow instead of moss. Our fun started at the end of May. Meeting with different contractors was the pits. Each had there own obnoxious speal as to why we should hire them. Anyway, the work got underway by cutting down at least 24 trees and trimming others. Then a swale was made using large boulders from the property (one neighbor asked if we manufactured rocks/boulders, as there were so many) on the side of the yard that we get the neighbors runoff from to further help dry out. All the stumps, etc. were removed and the area leveled off. There was also a 20×30 shed that had to be emptied (took a2-ton dumpster) and taken done and loaded onto another dumpter. then loam, feed, grass and mulch was laid all during the hot spell. So, where it was hot, we needed to water the seed a lot. In the process, we discovered we were not getting enough pressure from the artisian well. Come to find out,the pump inside the well was broken. Another expense. We replaced the large shed with a 10×10 garden shed which needed to be painted to match the house. Took 2 weekends to do that ourselves. Now, there are more things to do, suchas planting shrubs, flowers,adding mulch,etc. So,that is the summer fun for two older folks!! Care to join us?

  1203. Bethany says:

    We’ll be visiting my sister in Pennsylvania, attending the local fair and enjoying the summuer weather!

  1204. Francis says:

    My wife Joanne and I will be riding in the “Bon Ton Roulet” at the end of July. The Bon Ton is a seven day bike trip around the Finger Lakes in central New York State. More than 600 people are signed up for the ride this year. Riders choose a long or short bike route each day and bike a total of 350 to 400+ miles over the course of the week.

  1205. Christine says:

    The 2011 summer has had a wet start but has leveled out to a very nice summer so far. My summer plans include some camping with friends and family with many bbq’s and camp fires. Plans will also include preperation for the upcoming winter with furnace repairs and storing pellets. Love the pellets but almost as much we love our furnace for backup. It will be a busy and fun summer with many more to come hopefully.

  1206. SHEILA says:

    Trips to include time at the cape and also on Lake Ossipee. Will enjoy spending this time with grandchildren.

  1207. Mark says:

    This will be the first time that my family will be taking an entire week together, our schedules always get so busy that we are not able to coordinate a whole week. In the past we have taken a couple of long weekends throughout the summer, this summer is going to be different. I am looking forward to taking an entire week to spend with my fiance and our two young boys in August. We are going to be staying in Ashland, New Hampshire and will be taking advantage of the great things that our state has to do. The kids love going to Squam Lake Science Center and walking around seeing all of the different animals, some relaxing days at the beach and maybe a trip into Meredith to the boardwalk, go-karts and possibly take in a drive-in movie (something that the boys have never done) and lots of ice cream! We are all counting down the days until our first official summer vacation begins 35 in case you are wondering.

  1208. William says:

    My family will be enjoying our own back yard this summer. We had an above ground pool installed this spring (much to the delight of our six year old daughter) and will be sharing the fun with family and friends as much as possible. So far we have hosted at least four weekend water events that everyone has enjoyed! Looking forward to many more!! Our house has become the unofficial hub of summer for some of my family.

  1209. William says:

    Summer plans: A “staycation.” I’ll be painting the house.

  1210. SHEILA says:

    Summer is being spent within New England with short trips .

  1211. Peggy says:

    My summer plans include vacations on the coast of southern Maine at our beach cottage in Wells. Othersiwe, enjoying beuing outdoors at home!

  1212. Daniel says:

    WE went down to visit our daughter and son-in-law on Long Island and for the first time went fluke fishing in the bay off Oceanside. Caught many fish and had a great time.

  1213. Arthur says:

    As summer unfolds here in Vermont, our family vacation time now becomes, “let’s appreciate Vermont time”. In the past we have traveled out of state. Several cross county camping trips and visits to hot and muggy mid-Atlantic states. We came to realize our own state, including nearby Canadian Provinces provide the most relaxing experience. Camping, Kayaking, natural and historial sights are all close to home. We consume less fuel, time and reduce our carbon imprint. In the winter we are now taking time to turn down the heat for a week and visit friends in warm climates. Last year we had saved enough money on our summer vacation to enjoy a cruse from Boston to Bermuda!

  1214. Thomas says:

    A trip to the Grand Canyon in Arizona and a week on our own lake Winnepasaukee.

  1215. Frank says:

    As retires we hike, fish, & entertain family & friends at our White Mountain (Easton, NH) home during the summer. This fall we are planning to spend five days in Bar Harbor, ME to bike and hike the trails throughout Dersert Island.

    Life is good – enjoy the summer.

  1216. Cathy says:

    I’ll be taking my sons to college in Ohio and Oregon, then hopefully having a little time to myself to nose around interesting sights on the way back.

  1217. Martin says:

    We enjoy short in-state trips – so far have been camping at Katahdin Shadows twice for a long weekend and to Jo-Mary Lake for a week. Next week will be at Searsport Shores campground for the weekend, and in August we’ll be at Abol Bridge Campground for a week.

  1218. Gary says:

    Playing golf, visiting friends and family, relaxing at the camper. That’s my summer!

  1219. Shawn says:

    Sell our house.
    Spend time with our newborn son and 3 year old daughter.
    Go to the beach.
    Eat cheeseburgers!

  1220. Sandy says:

    Mostly I have to work during the summer; however, I will get some time off in August. I’ll be escaping to Maine to spend some time with my daughter and her husband. We will be going to one of Maine’s coastal islands for a week of R & R on the ocean. Oh yeah. Good times to be had in August.

  1221. Kristopher says:

    Our summer plans are to take advantage of the nice weather and spoil our daughter before the new addition comes. We have a new baby on the way (due in September) so the fuel would help us allot this winter keep the new addition healthy and warm.

  1222. Millie says:

    We are off to the outer banks of North Carolina–Kill Devil Hills stopping at friends in New Jersey on the way. Then to visit friends in South Carolina, West Virginia and Ohio before we head back to New Hampshire

  1223. Steven & Patricia says:

    Our summer plan is to celebrate our daughter’s wedding. We will be having the ceremony and reception at our home in August. Until then, we are getting ready for the big event.

  1224. Kevin says:

    I will be drinking alot of beer and enjoying my free tank of propane !!!

  1225. Millie says:

    We are off to the outer banks of North Carolina–Kill Devil Hills stopping at friends in New Jersey on the way. Then to visit friends in South Carolina, West Virginia and Ohio before we head back to New Hampshire

  1226. Kristen says:

    This summer I will be going to Old Orchard Beach for 1 week with my family. I will also be in my cousin’s wedding at 7 months pregnant! It is a great summer so far!!

  1227. Dalmer says:

    Will join the many generations with family and friends who think Vermont is the top vacation destination.

  1228. Carol says:

    I have no summer plans, the yard need mowing and the bushes need trimming

  1229. Thomas says:

    My plans for summer,
    include eating fresh fruit
    in a new Hummer,
    after gasing it up at Irving
    for more fun driving.

    With memories of sunsets filling the day’s afternoon,
    and the anticipated delight of the rising blue moon.

    My plans for summer above all, is resetting the pace
    and practicing existing in peace!

  1230. Jane says:

    My summer plans will be to go up to Wells, Maine with my daughter and her family for a few days at the end of July. I recently lost my husband a few weeks ago and it has been quite hard adjusting to being alone after being married for 61 years. However, I know that I need to get out so I am going to go to the beach and try to relax and have a good time. My husband and I always loved to go up to Wells every summer and visit my daughter and her family so I know that he would want me to go. I am looking forward to it and just getting away for a few days. I live in Newbury, NH and am a current customer of yours. I sure could use a little help with heating this winter. Have a great summer. Jane

  1231. kevin says:

    Every summer we try and visit somewhere new. Usually it is in New Hampshire, but this year we are going to…Vermont! Just a chance to spend time with my wife and two kids is the best part, we always enjoy ourselves no matter where we go. We do like to check out new sites, my wife already has the Ben and Jerry factory pegged as one stop and we will check out Friendly Farm. New England is great because we have friendly people, clean air, and lots of family friendly places along the way.

  1232. Barb says:

    Weddings, weddings, weddings! My family and I will be spending a big portion of our summer (and salary) attending weddings along the east coast.

  1233. Dennis says:

    My wife and I went to San Diego, CA for a week of sight seeing the week of the 4th!! Great vacation!

  1234. Robert says:

    Just going to Maine for a little time and taking day trips from home in Hew Hampshire.

  1235. Cynthia says:

    We are having a Vermont summer! Instead of going away for vacation, we are exploring parts of Vermont we don’t know well and enjoying all Vermont has to offer in summer!

  1236. John says:

    No real vacation this summer. Taking a few days off after a meeting in Quebec to tour the area.

  1237. M says:

    We have two small children in daycare and each took a 3% cut in pay as state workers so our summer plans are to just sit by the little pool in our back yard, go to Lake Groton or play at the Barre Rec Field since times are tough and we pray that next year we can plan a bigger excursion.

  1238. Ed says:

    Put on a great wedding for my daughter.

    Vacation on the coast.

  1239. Dave says:

    The Pettit family is camping this summer in our new Jayco camper! So far we have camped at Twin Tamarack Campground in Meredith NH. We are camping in Lake George NY and then heading north to Ontario Canada. We are really excited about this trip as we are taking the Grandparents with us. I hope 5 people in the camper is not too much! Our final trip will be to the Miller family reunion in Ocean City NJ.

  1240. Todd says:

    My wife Sara and my two girls Kaitlin and Morgan and I plan on a fun filled summer including Basketball camps, gardening, swimming, bbqs with family and friends and most of all just spending quality time togather.

  1241. Robert says:

    I plan to spend the summer playing golf and undertaking a major landscaping project at our home. We are turning our side and back yards into perennial gardens and are completing year 2 of a 3 year project. Your delivery man will see the most beautiful gardens when he delivers propane to us once the job is completed. In the Spring, the yard will be a carpet of pink surrounded by hedges of lilac bushes and other flowers and flowering shrubs. Maybe we will install a bench by the tank so he can relax while he fills our tank.

  1242. Carol says:

    I plan to spend a week at Molasses lake in Maine with my daughter and twin great-grandsons,It is remote so the boys can make as much noise as they want and we can sit on the deck and watch them in the water as it is only a few feet to the water. It doesn’t matter what I write as the rules say the winner will be selected at random,so I don’t understand why it’s necesesary to write any thing at all! !

  1243. John & Kathy says:

    We will be spending most of our summer here at home in Vermont. Enjoying our gardens, playing golf, bicycling, hiking and the like.

    We will be visited by family and friends from time to time and enjoy parties and celebrations. Come fall we will start to hunker down and prepare for winter which will hopefully be less severe this year.

  1244. Anne says:

    Horseback riding here in Central Vermont. I have two older senior horses, ages 34 and 24, and they are wonderful companions. With my friend, Solange, we saddle up and take lots of old logging roads, sugaring roads, and farm roads covering about 500 acres of beautiful forest, streams, hills, and gullies. When we tire of that we strike out on backroads and tour Tunbridge, S Randolph, E. Randolph, and Brookfield. The weather is just great right now, and we are loving our hobby of trail riding with our “horse” friends.

  1245. Theresa says:

    Since I’ve been away from the beautiful area of new England for over 40 years and have now moved back home to New Hampshire, my plans for the Summer include adopting a dog from the SPCA and exploring the beautiful lakes and mountains of New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. I really did miss the beauty of this area during the time I was away. Granted, other areas of the United States and Europe are beautiful but there just is not any other area in the world like the New England area. It has the best of mountains, lakes and the ocean. We also get the best of all seasons. Summer is the most beautiful of all the seasons. It brings out the beauty of the lakes and mountains and they seem to call out to each and every one of us to look and explore the beauty each of them has to offer. With not enough time in ones life to explore the beauty around them, now that I am retired I have that time and I intend to use that time to explore all the beauty I have missed and hold so dear.

  1246. Todd says:

    I plan to spend the summer hanging with my kids who are 13, 5, and 3 at our camp in Northern Maine. Swimming, beach play, 4 wheeling, bean bag toss, and just being together. Relaxing and fun!

  1247. Diane says:

    Hi our summer plans are the go camping with our kids a few times. Always a great time spending it with my family. Also we plan to travel to CT to see some family and spend some time at the pool with our cousins. Maybe have a cookout with some friends and we are ending the summer with a trip to the Champlain Valley Fair in Essex, VT and going to see Lady Antebellum before the kids go back to school. It should be a great summer 🙂

  1248. Joanna says:

    We are planning to have our grandchildren from Iowa visit us to help us cut.split and store wood for winter as usual. We are also planning a 3 day visit to Montreal with our other daughter in August. And that is it. We could really use the free tank of fuel or propane!

  1249. tim says:

    This summer our family will be going to VT for a week to visit family and friends. We plan on going tubing down the white river, hiking white rocks, and hanging out at Tinmouth pond with our friends.

    We also have some long weekends planned for some camping in northern NH and Maine (near the ocean ).
    Then one more long weekend in VT where we will attend a sweet second annual end of summer party at my buddies house. Kids are staying home that weekend. Adults only.


  1250. Jeremy says:

    My plans for the summer are to spend the most time i can with my 4 children and my beautiful wife, we are going to go camping and fishing, hiking and swimming all summer long!

  1251. Linda says:

    This summer our plans are wide spread. We always go to New Hampshire for the 4th of July. There is a boat ride on Squam lake and bonfire and BBQ with fireworks. We also took a swim on the Pemy river. This past week we went camping on an island in lake George New York. Definitely an addition to our annual summer trips. last, we will be going to Seneca lake in New York for a week with family and friends to celebrate my mother-in-laws life and my husband’s 50th birthday. Looking forward to many more warm days of summer.

  1252. andy says:

    Hello Irving,

    My girlfriend and I are spending the summer fixing up the house we purchased last fall. We are doing the work ourselves to save money. Our projects include shoring the wood studwall foundation to level the floors, patching the cracks in the seams of the sheetrock caused by the foundation settling and painting everything, Insulating the ceiling in the garage and finishing the insulation in the walls, painting and installing underlayment in the bedroom and painting it, splitting wood, trimming overgrowth around the house, skirting the porch with lattice work, disposing of debris left behind in the back yard, installing new pipe exhaust vent for the furnace, installing a new roof over the bedroom and kitchen so we don’t have ice forming in the soffits and running down the house and behind the siding again this comming winter (getting help with the roofing), get a fresh coat of paint on (and in) the kitchen and bathroom cabinets,resecure the railing in the stairwell, replace the broken window on the garage door and make a stairway from the road to the oil and propane tanks. I”m sure other projects will present themselves as work progresses that we will have to contend with but these are our summer plans.

    Thanks for your consideration,

    Andy & Gwen

  1253. Martin says:

    We will be heading to our favorite place Quebec City where it is just like taking a trip to Europe. And the food is out of this world. Life could not be better up country in Canada and out on the Isle where they make great wine. Super place to visit and also love PEI and the little villages along the coast. Just like the coast of Maine

  1254. Richard says:

    We are going to the ocean this September. We will spend a week at Wells Beach

  1255. Sheila says:

    My plans this summer are very different from past years. My sister will be visiting my home in Vermont for the very first time. You see my sister and I have been separated for sixty years as she was adopted. My sister lives in New Orleans, LA and will be arriving at Burlington International Airport;we have plans for her to meet her aunts, uncles and cousins. This will be remembered as the best summer of my life!

  1256. Shannon says:

    Looking forward to chilling for a week in Mount Holly, VT. Sitting in the sun in the backyard reading a good book and listening to the wind.

  1257. MICHAEL says:

    My summer plans are to enjoy the pool as much as I can by using my solar heater to heat the water. Once my solar heater does not work any longer, I know winter is not that far away. Then it’s time to have heating equipment checked and tuned too get the most out of my oil furnace. Just like a squirrel, we get ready for the changes of the four seasons. Summers my favored.

  1258. Louise says:

    I plan to enjoy nature by tending to my garden and taking auto trips throughout the New England area.

  1259. Norma says:

    We will be taking some bank sponsored day trips and vacationing locally doing some kayaking, canoeing and biking.

  1260. Rhonda says:

    This year our family decided to buy a season pass to 6 Flags Theme Parks- we will be taking off for Springfield, MA this Sunday- spending a day- then off to CT for the night- while we are there- we will visit NYC (our children have never seen it)- then we take off for Jackson City, NJ where the largest 6 flags park in the US is……after that we are showing the kids Atlantic City….

    2011 Hardaker road trip should be the highlight of our year!

  1261. Tyler says:

    I am going to the beach, soak up the rays, and have a campfire with friends. it is going to be fantastic!!!

  1262. Garrett says:

    Going to Nantucket for a week at the beach!

  1263. Clyde says:

    We’re paying attention to our large garden, (5000 sf) and enjoying the fruits of our labors. Also taking part in the many 250th celebrations in the upper valley.

  1264. Larry says:

    Our family is going to Word Of Life Family Campground on vacation.

  1265. Andrea says:

    Summer plans: vacation to Kansas to visit my parents and drop off my children, who stay with them for a month. Trip includes visits to zoo, lake, movie theater, and visiting them at their coffee shop.
    After returning home (kid free), taking hikes, bike rides, attending a wedding, cleaning out the house for a yard sale, and relaxing.

  1266. Mary says:

    We are planning on spending lots of time on the ME coast and outside on our porch grilling and soaking up the sun.

  1267. Patrick says:

    My wife and I will hang out by the pool when not at work. Yee-haw!

  1268. gary says:

    The summer of 2011 we will be moving into our new house in Freedom NH.We like to call it a vacation packed with packing.

  1269. Alexandra says:

    Heading off to the Penobscot River and bay in Castine, ME, to paddle, hike, swim and read!

  1270. Doreen says:

    My family will be spending our fourth summer at a wonderful cottage located on a dead end road in Island Pond, VT. 7 Adults and 3 boys, ages 4, 1 1/2, and 11mths. The cottage has 3 bedroom, comes with all appliances, an sits on it’s own private beach. It is our own private heaven!

  1271. Hollis says:

    Great at Lake. Plan to stay here until fall. Lots of guests add luster.

  1272. Richard says:

    My Summer Plans are to relax in my back yard and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air! Hopefully I will get the opportunity for a few week-end or days trip to the beach at Ogunquit too! Nothing exotic on my budget! I could sure use a free tank of propane!!!!!

  1273. vin says:

    I will be in bed following major surgury on my knee

  1274. Allen says:

    Attend a couple family reunions out of New England, spend time with the kids and grandkids and probably a trip to Maine.

  1275. Marjorie says:

    Summer plans, include keeping cool, mowing a lawn and enjoying the nice weather. No thraveling me.

  1276. Carl says:

    We will play some golf, sit on the deck, and visit some friends on the Delaware coast.

    Life is good!

  1277. Rose says:

    My summer vacation is a staycation, I’m gardening, taking care of my beautiful grandbabies and going to camp. Of course anytime I travel I go to the gas station and fill up on irving gas.

  1278. michele says:

    Friends and family on my new hampshire porch and lazy days at the beach!

  1279. will says:

    My summer plans are to explore the same great New Hampshire trails that I discovered this winter. Exchanging hiking boot for snowshoes and to hear leaves underfoot instead of snow.

  1280. michele says:

    Friends and family on my porch in New Hmpshire, and lazy days at the lake.

  1281. Peter says:

    Will be spending 11 days in Paris and Normandy

  1282. Barbara says:

    Traveling to British Columbia, Victoria Island for golf, hiking and tea.

  1283. Kristi says:

    This summer, my husband, two children and I are traveling from the heat of NE to the HEAT of the southwest. We will be heading to Arizona to visit family for my brother-in-law’s wedding. It will be a time of family fun, family visits and triple digits (for the temperature)!

    Our vacation will keep us warm this summer, and the free heating oil would sure work wonders to keep us warm this winter!!!

    Thank you,

  1284. Debra says:

    I am out of work, so will enjoy most of the summer working on my gardens, walking my dog and socializing locally. I do have one wedding in Maine I hope to be able to get to.

  1285. Frank says:

    I am planing to attend as many native american pow wow as I can and thaks to Irving oli I will be able to attend them because the gas prices is very good

  1286. KM says:

    Finally clean out the attic — and maybe find some long lost treasures !
    Have a lawn sale and use that “found” $ to take a trip to the ocean !

  1287. Steve says:

    My wife and I have a camp on Danforth Bay in Freedom, Nh. We will be spending several weeks this summer camping, hiking, and biking there. Come and join us!!

  1288. lisa says:

    Taking time to enjoy my daughter and pets at the water. Enjoying spending time with extended family and getting to meet new baby. Relaxing at the fire pit with a cool beverage.

  1289. Stephen says:

    My family and I will Be vacationing in Beautiful Oregon this summer. Salmon fishing, Cannon Beach, Multnomah Falls, Oregon State Fair,golf and family memories. The ABSOLUTE PREMIUM FILL-UP on fun for a family vacation !

  1290. Shelle says:

    June 22, 2011 my husband and I eloped too expensive to have a wedding. It was the best day of our lives no stress or drama just sharing our love for one another.
    July 3,2011 spent the day at Lake Sunapee relaxing watching the kids swimming and playing all day. Then off to see the fireworks at Sunapee Harbor.
    Many weekends spent going to HAMPTON BEACH eating lobster rolls,corn on the cob & having an ice cream for dessert. It’s the simple things that make us happy to be alive & living in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA home of the free. Pray for our soldiers everyday.
    Heading out for our honeymoon. Driving to South Caroline then onto Florida.

  1291. Mary says:

    Eighteen months ago I was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer. Last summer I spent every day in June chemotherapy and radiation. The rest of the summer is a blur. Thanks to God and to modern medicine, I am here this summer and able to get out and enjoy life.
    That diagnosis was a wake-up call for me in realizing that the joy in life is not how much we have, or how big a house we have. Rather, the joy is in the privilege of getting up every day and having the choice of going out and doing something. I realize now that the experience does not have to be an expensive play or an expensive restaurant. It is rather making the most of every day and night–and learning to appreciate the opportunities that surround us.
    This summer I am going to enjoy every sunrise, every sunset and every day that I have food on the table. I will perhaps do some day trips to local attractions. I will open my eyes to that which has been around me for years. I do not mind that I can’t travel far (yet!). I have made a list of local attractions for families that don’t have much money for vacations and will be doing some things from that list every week. I am going to the local restuaurant that everyone raves about, the museum that tells our town history, and my longest trip will be to the University of New Hampshire with my newly graduated daughter to partake of their free seminars and movies that are part of their summer program.
    I am content with the small things in life and am amazed at how many activities and programs that our communities produce for their residents–only to sometimes have few attend. I am also taking advantage of some of the online courses that are offered through the community and colleges.
    I am going places I have never been before and accomplishing things I have never done before because I learned to enjoy the simple things in life. I stopped judging by other people’s standards and learned that my own The important part is that I am alive and able to partake of life in our small town…and I wouldn’t change a thing

  1292. Amber says:

    Staying around and enjoying our very own New Hampshire…..from the trails and lakes of the White Mountains to swiming and concerts at Hampton Beach.

  1293. debra says:

    .Hi my name is Debra and my plan for the summer is to spend as much time at the ocean as i can. Some hiking and biking.

  1294. val says:

    Horsecamping in NH in July and a week at the beach in August!

  1295. Mike says:

    Will be celebrating my 65th birthday at the end of this summer. Taking some Medicare classes too. Till then I will be working walking my dog and trying to get to the beach.
    I work for CASA with Mentally and physically Challenged people…. We take the whole bunch to the beach and parks whenever we can… I work the overnights so I help in any way I can. [I know it sounds like this is made up to tug at your heart strings, but it is true] Happy Summer…

  1296. Kate says:

    My daughter already ran away to join the circus for two weeks this summer (Circus Smirkus, that is!). I took advantage of the quiet freedom to visit Rauner Library at Dartmouth where I was able to hold in my hands a letter written by my great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather in 1785 to his son. How cool is that?! A little later in the summer we’ll visit the Keene Valley in the heart of the Adirondacks for camping, hiking and a good dose of beer at the annual Fireman’s Field Day. Hooray for summer!

  1297. David says:

    Busy, lots of miles on the van and lots of fun too with 11 and 13 year old girls. We’ve already traveled to Michigan to visit family and see U-2 in East Lansing with 70,000 other people at Spartan Stadium. Left Michigan for Momtreal and spent a couple of days in Montreal and saw Katy Perry at the Bell Centre. Returned to Vermont and have spent time at Smugglers’ Notch’s pools and waterslides and the beach at the Elmore State Park. Today is July 14th, just finished seeing Taylor Swift at the Bell Centre — great show. Two more concerts. Selena Gomez in NH and the girls will see Bruno Mars at the Champlain Valley Fair. A long weekend camping at Lake Carmi is in the works too. Busy and fun summer so far.

  1298. John says:

    My wife is going to a high school reunion in Falmouth, MA. The gasoline and hotel will almost equal the cost of a tank of heating oil. I will stay home to tend the garden and take care of the dogs. We have no other vacations planned for this year.

  1299. Tracy says:

    We are going camping for 4 days in NH and we will go to Maine and stay near the coast.

  1300. Melodee says:

    Spending every possible minute with my three year old grand daugher!

  1301. Susan says:

    My summer plans are to enjoy our back yard – gazebo and swimming pool, barbecues, garden, have campfires, and just relax. Since we put the swimming pool in, we don’t feel the need to go elsewhere to beat the heat. We will probably take a few day trips – mini golf, an amusement park.

    My daughter returns from Kuwait at the end of August and that will be something worth celebrating. 🙂

  1302. Frederick says:

    My wife and I have found a new hobby, and this time it is one that we BOTH like. It is geocaching. It is taking us all around our area and finding great views and adventures that we never could have imagined. We are also getting great exercise in the process, We love it!

  1303. Valerie says:

    I am spending the summer celebrating my 50th birthday. By camping, boating grilling and enjoying friends.

  1304. Linda says:

    Summer plans include a trip my daughter is taking to Honduras to bring clothes, soccer cleats and soccer nets to boys at Flor Azul – part of the Hope for Honduran Children effort. When she is in NH, she works at a local farm, Apple Hill in Canterbury. I will be taking a week off work to go camping and kayaking in the north country of NH. Summers are short, but the four seasons in NH all have their own beauty.

  1305. Brenda says:

    We are tent camping on family property. Visiting with cousins, amusing our grandson and great nephews, and dodging mosquitos. Sleeping in a tent, hauling water, listening to noises in the night, and playing board games instead of video games are new to the grandson and nephews. It is a challenge to keep them from getting bored.

  1306. Heidi says:

    We are planning a few day trips, taking advantage of our new Parks and Recreation plate in NH that allows everyone in the car free admission into just about all the state parks. We are appreciative of this new incentive by the state of NH since we have 4 children, and one more to be joining our home sometime soon, through the NH Foster Care system, whom we plan to adopt, as we have 3 of our 4 children. We are thrilled to have such amazing weather locally this summer, there really is no need to travel far to find joy and relaxation. Our state is beautiful, it’s more economical to stay local and if our children are there laughing and playing and our cooler is full of PB&J sandwiches and fresh fruit, everyone is happy! We are so blessed by good health, family and friends! Praise the Lord for all he has done for our family, we are grateful. Thank you for allowing us an opportunity to attempt to win a free tank of gas. It would help tremendously with all the mouths we have to feed, but no matter what, we are Blessed! May God Bless you all 🙂

  1307. lee says:

    had a week away at lake willoughby planned; turned into an eventful few days. my sweetie won her age group in a triathlon; i had volunteered to help, and ended up as a first responder organizing a rescue and helping do cpr on a competitor who collapsed. two days later, my sweetie had a bad bike accident and i was first on scene. fortunately, although she has injuries that will take time to heal, she is up and about and still with us. firefighter/first aid training can be very helpful.

  1308. Peter says:

    I am going to take my 6 week sabbatical that I receive from my employer every year and spend time with my 3 girls and lovely wife. It isn’t sexy, extravagant or expensive but it is exactly what I need after dealing with a stressful job year round.

  1309. Tammy says:

    This summer, my daughter who is almost 4 is learning how to swim. She has been deathly afraid of going under the water. NOW, she is almost an expert! 🙂

    She is now swimming without her floaties on. I am a very proud mom at the moment. This summer we are going to spend most of it just being together! Bonding, sharing memories, just plain old fun. Beaches, walks, sand castles, pools, friends, and family. What more can anyone ask for? (Other than a tank of oil! LOL)

    I am a very proud mom of my baby AND my other kids. Too bad summer has to end so soon! 🙁

  1310. Mark says:

    Looking forward to seeing my family in mid-August, when we gather in Fort Worth to celebrate my mother’s 90th birthday!

  1311. Tuncay says:

    We are planning weekend trips to the ‘north’ country and enjoy easy hikes with our 2 children.

  1312. Mort says:

    We go to Florida for the worst of the winter months, but when the weather gets too hot there, we head back to New Hampshire because my wife and I are avid tennis players and that is what we do for most of the summer. As we are both retired and on “permanent Vacation”, we each play tennis on our beautiful HarTru, AKA clay, courts. My wife and I both play team tennis for Eastman and our teams have been good enough this season so that both will be in the Upper Vally League tournament in August. When one loves a sport, we can never seem to get enough if it.

  1313. Paula says:

    This summer it’s time for a road trip down south where it’s hot and tropical after a blustery winter. Virginia Beach is the destination of choice. There is lots of sun, sand, and palm trees. The only thing that’s cold is the water! The kids will enjoy the waves of the ocean, the water parks, mini golf and time spent as a family! This vacation will give us the strength to endure the upcoming chill and banks of snow!

  1314. Karen says:

    Our plans this summer include refinishing our bathroom, replacing old fencing in the yard, and camping in Vermont and New York! We always look foward to camping with our friends, it’s so relaxing and we have a lot of laughs.

  1315. Karen says:

    One of the best reasons to live in Vermont is because of the summer! Our travel plans are just a few days away from home – maybe to the beach – other than that, we simply enjoy what we were longing for all winter – beautiful Vermont – and the view from our house.

  1316. S says:

    I am spending my summer 2011 by traveling in the canadian provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Islands. I am touring these provinces in a diesel motorhome pulling a diesel truck behind for sightseeing. I really like Saint Andrews, NB and would like to go back there again next year. I also attended bikeweek Atlantica this year in St Andrews. I love canada as the places are beautiful and most importantly the people are the niceset i have ever met anywhere in the world. I wish many parts of the US could learn from atlantic canadians. I will be adding Newfoundland in my future trips.

  1317. Scott says:

    In June we traveled to Los Angeles to witness our second son’s wedding, bringing together our four sons, daughter-in-laws, two grandchildren, my wife’s 81 yr old parents, family and friends. The end of July we will go on our annual retreat to the rocks and ocean and lobsters of Pemaquid, Maine! As much as we love our family, it will be good to be away from the 6 lanes of California 405 and instead, be winding along in one lane on Maine Rt. 32! Ahh, don’t forget to roll down the window for a whiff of marine air! August will find us back at home in NH enjoying the beautiful waters of Bow Lake. We’ll be swimming with our two year old puppy Cosmo and preparing our 16 yr old son for driver’s ed as well as his junior year of high school. Throw in some hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, and some cold beverages in the fridge and we think we will have more the filled our summer plans. PS don’t forget a couple yard sales and gift shops to get a jump on Christmas!

  1318. Kathleen says:

    We are actually Spending time enjoying this amazing stretch of fabulous Weather right now and pulling the infinite amounts of weeds out of the Veggie garden!! Later on we are going to Cooperstown,NY to go to the Baseball Hall of Fame and do some camping…low key…not spending too much energy or money! Feels good not to be racing off anywhere!

  1319. Rebekah says:

    Our summer plans this year are to exercise a lot, spending as much time outdoors and playing with our sons as possible!!!

  1320. Susan says:

    We plan on swimming in the pool, heading to the water parks as well as Canobie Lake Park with the kids, spending some time in the north country, and in general enjoying the great state of New Hampshire!

  1321. Janice says:

    kayaking, biking, beaching and boating…along with some time to repair snow/winter damage to my home are on the agenda…at 65 yo I try to keep busy and enjoy nature!

  1322. Paul says:

    I will be going to Odon Indiana to have a reunion with a group of Marines that fought on Koh Tang Cambodia, the 15th of May, 1975. This was considered the last battle of Vietnam. We lost 41 and rescued 39 from the merchant ship called the Mayaguez. I haven’t seen some of these men in 36 years. Then I will drive back to Northern NH and get the house ready for winter. That is all I can afford to do this summer but it’s worth it to me. You probably wanted to hear about an amusement park or an Alaskan vacation. Sorry to disappoint you if that was your expectations.
    Semper Fi.

  1323. Lisa says:

    In August I will be returning to Walt Disney World with my 20 year old daughter in college, because I always promised her we would visit again together. And this year she chose her one week vacation between summer and fall classes to spend with me.

  1324. Richard says:

    I’m going to be tending to my gardens, cutting wood for the winter, working on the house, continuing my civic volunteer efforts and getting ready for the 2012 Elections. Oh, and I might try to get a nap in here and there…

  1325. Melissa says:

    This winter was long and torturous in Vermont so thank goodness summer is finally here! We feel lucky to live in such a beautiful place this time of year and plan to do a lot of free and inexpensive day trips. Some of our favorites are: exploring local swimming holes with our 2 boys ages 7 and 3, riding with the jeep top down, checking out the local farmer’s market, going to free concerts and hitting up some local fairs! Next February we will be asking ourselves again “why do we live here?” Hopefully our memories of summer can carry us through!

  1326. Michael says:

    We plan on doing some hiking, playing some golf, a couple family cookouts, and finally backpacking across Italy in August.

  1327. Rene says:

    We are going to be flying to FT Riley Kansas to welcome our sone back from Iraq after serving a year doing route clearance. We are excited and can’t wait.

  1328. michelle says:

    We live in NYC gut own a house in NH. My brother lives there now and we go up every month or so to visit and paint and work in the yard. We went for the 4th for 4 days and hit the beach. We will go back in late Aug. Our favorite thing is to go to Hampton and get lobster rolls at Marky’s. My daughter loves seafood, she is 7 and I have never seen another kid like fish so I am so happy she loves my favorite thing. There is a lighthouse in Brookline not to far from our house we plan to see too.

  1329. Viveca says:

    Going to Niagara Falls and Ontario and then a family reunion in Virginia. Following that, enjoying Maine’s best season – summer!

  1330. clifford says:

    My summer plan is to wake up warm every morning saying “tomorrow I die”-this hopefully will get me to enjoy my free tank of fuel come the heating sseason.

  1331. Laura says:

    I do not have plans for this summer as I decided to go back to school after 30 years, to further my education, so my summer is consisting of work, school and homework. My vacation this year was to take care of my husband who had hip replacement surgery. We have had many wonderful vacations in the past and normally travel. We will be back to those types of vacations in a couple of years. We enjoy the weather in Florida and can enjoy it year round at the beach, walking, biking, sitting by the pool etc.

  1332. bonnie says:

    Bill and I have been Irving customers for a number of years. We plan on going to Acadia National Park in September to celebrate Bill’s 70 birthday. He is a major hiker and we both love the ocean so this seemed like a good choice.

    Hope we win!

  1333. suzanne says:

    Summer Plans? I inherited a farm in Woodstock that my Father purchased in 1946 for $10,000. The property taxes are now $40,000. I am a widow–formerly a teacher at the United States Naval Academy–as was my husband. To pay the property taxes, I rent two houses on our farm for short term guests touring Vermont. My present guests are from Paris and London. Next come Australians, followed by two people from China. China is a first! I spend my summers washing sheets and towels, cleaning bathrooms, and the two houses, and trying to keep up with the garden. I have guests coming from Canada and many repeats from the USA. I also have a small business–www.woodstockcountrywalkingtours.com To summarize summer plans, I try to be a good ambassador for Vermont. I don’t go anywhere because I can’t and the truth is why would I want to? The world seems to be lined up to come here. Right here is where I like to be. If anyone has a more beautiful view in Woodstock, I have yet to see it. I am content to have no summer plans.

  1334. Darryl says:

    With the economy the way it is, we are just going to do some local travel around New England. Hope to get to do some fishing & camping or a little golf. Any extra time will be spent fixing up the house to get ready for fall. Deer season isn’t far off either. Have a great summer.

  1335. valerie says:

    please help us
    its been a rough year

  1336. David says:

    Staying home. Day trips.

  1337. Michele says:

    Summer plans consist of sitting by the pool and enjoying the beautiful NH summer sunshine. A side trip to Hershey, PA for some rides and then it’s hockey camp at Waterville Valley. August will wind down with driving two of the three kids off to college! Sadly, school starts on Aug 25 this year 🙁

  1338. Davina says:

    Weekend day trips on the motorcycles or on the boat fishing with a couple of long weekends motorcycling, with friends of course.

  1339. valerie says:

    our whole family has thru hell this year ever since my father died 2 days before my birthdayjan. 5 2011 my husband got hurt on his job he has a brain injury n his father is in ICU right now life has not been good to us as a family since jan. 5th .Our summer plans are to stay together thru out our disappointments we hope an pray life is going to get better but we do not know

  1340. Bruce says:

    Time in the garden and yard, a weekend at Longwood Gardens for a concert, a long, glorious week in Maine searching for lobster, lobster, lobster!!!

  1341. Susan says:

    I’d love to win some free heating oil!!

    This summer I will be attending college part-time and planning a fun week in August with my children to the Boston area; aquarium,zoo….the corn maze, which we do every year and this year it’ll be with my two year old grandson running through there…what fun! I’ve been with Irving for many years and swear by their service! Thank you……

  1342. James says:

    We are planning local Maine mini vacations with long weekends to controls conts.


  1343. Capt. Tom says:

    Summer Plans! Well, a Jack & Jill Wedding Shower at our place by the Pond for our daughter and Fiance in July, A trip to visit Grandchildren in Pa. in august, several Birthday parties, a fishing rip, just got back from a successful Canadian Hunt fish trip ( Spring Archery Bear, Walleyes & Pike) at Domaine Shannon near Lac Le Notre. and much more!

  1344. Donna says:

    After all the snow and winter we had in Vermont, I looked forward to better weather and a good summer. I had planned to attend the ‘Stampede’ in Calgary, Canada which I did this week and when I’m back home in three weeks (Vermont is my home), I’ll be spending a few days in Wells Beach, Maine as well as driving the coast line.

    Hiking and swimming are in the plans, but travel is there as well. I’ll traveling to Banff, Canada for summer hiking as well as the White Mountains in N.H. Summers are so short in the north east that a person has to pack in a full schedule, after all, winter is around the corner again!

  1345. MJ says:

    I’m spending most of my time trying to acclimate my 2 cats and 1 dog to live in harmony after the loss of the dog’s brother. They were together 11 years.

  1346. Michelle says:

    My summer vacation is being spent with my daughters doing lots of work with our 4H Dairy Club. My oldest daughter has a Holstein heifer that she is working with and preparing to show in two area agricultural fairs. She is nine and this is her first time working with large animals. From knowing the parts of the cow, down to knowing the right end of a poop shovel! My younger daughter who is five is right there with us, “Learning the ropes & getting ready for my own cow when I am 8!” she states. It is a great way to spend time with my kids & others of the group, work on socialization face to face & communicate without technology (something that is lacking in today’s society), and also doing community service projects to give back and support others. The rest of my summer is working my part-time jobs and gearing up to teach school for my 14th year in the fall.

  1347. Lindsay says:

    Staying at home because I live on a lake!

  1348. Roger says:


    Long days of sun

    Visits, family and friends

    Forgetting white beauty, winter solitude,

    Comfortable warmth, green summer


  1349. kenneth says:

    Our plans for the summer are to stay pretty close to home, except for visits to our daughter who lives in Georgia, Vermont. New Hampshire is a wonderful place to be in the summer, and it offers fishing, hiking, and many other attractions. So, staying near home is no sacrifice. Ken

  1350. Linda says:

    I live in the beautiful state of Vermont. I recently lost my mother after taking care of her for the past 5 years. I am not complaining, she lived a long life and passed on 2 months before her 92nd birthday. Although I miss her very much, I am also feeling a new sense of freedom. I plan to explore what Vermont has to offer on my vacation in August. I have a canoe & have scouted out Shelburne Pond, a Nature Conservancy site & would like to canoe & fish that area. It looks fabulous. I also enjoy just siting in my yard, I live on the Berlin Pond, and listening to the birds & the pair of loons that inhabit the pond and curling up with a good book & my lounge chair. I have my two wonderful cats to keep me company & love being outside in this beautiful weather.

    It’s a wonderful staycation & hope you agree.

    Sincerely, Linda

  1351. Boolie says:

    Our summer plans are to keep our three, small children outside as much as possible…it’s a futile attempt to keep our house reasonably clean. It isn’t working so far…

  1352. Jeff says:

    Washington DC for a week with the Dalai Lama and a week lounging on the beach on Block Island, RI

  1353. John says:

    My wife got a new job so we are staying home. Will spend our time in the pool

  1354. Anne says:

    We are in Belgium this week watching our son, TJ, compete in the Men’s Junior World’s Squash tournament !

  1355. Sarah says:

    We have a blended family with two older kids (13 and 9) and two younger ones (3 1/2 and 1). Our summers get pretty busy and because we only have the older two kids every other week, we have half of the summer to get all of our family fun in. This year we sat as a family (well those of us who could write) and wrote down our top 5 things we wanted to do this summer. We shared them one by one and found many overlapped and some were clearly top priorities. We made a list and posted it in our kitchen so that when things get busy we don’t forget what it is that we want our summer to be all about. So far, we’ve done 4 of the 10, and have 3 of the 10 booked for later dates in the summer. Its funny to be so intentional about summer vacation plans…but so far this is the only summer that hasn’t passed us by.

    Here’s our list!

    This Summer We Will…

    Play a bunch of tennis

    Build a whiffle ball field

    Go to Six Flags

    Go to the OCEAN

    Hike Camel’s Hump (or other fun hike)

    Tube down the river

    Go to a drive-in movie

    Go camping

    Cook something we don’t usually (preferably seafood)

    See/Hear an outdoor concert

  1356. Nina says:

    My husband, my youngest daughter and I along with my eldest daughter and her husband will be rendevouing in Italy for a family vacation. It’s been a year since we have seen our oldest while she and her husband are teachers in the Middle East. This is our first family vacation in many years and we are all very excited. WE plan on visiting Venice, Florence, Rome and traviling south to see the runs of Pompeii. WE are all history buffs. Of course we are looking forward to eating lots of authentic Italian food and spending lots of time with each other.

  1357. Gayle says:

    We are going to the Great North Woods of Maine to a remote rustic camp to rest, fish and delight in the beauty of nature.

  1358. Betty says:

    Stay home vacation and appreciate all that I have that is local and be grateful for all that I do have and be thankful for heat in the winter and a company that does provide me with great service. Need to have money for heat and stay warm in the winter than a vacation in the summer time.

  1359. Maggie says:

    I am sorry to say that I wont be able to do anything fun this summer. Gas prices are far too high and so I am going to work all summer to get enough money together for my oil this winter. That is more important than to spend a lot of money for a vacation. Maybe next summer I will be able to have fun?

  1360. Suzanne says:

    We plan to enjoy summer by not be overly scheduled given that the other seasons are just the opposite. With 3 boys 4, 9 and 11 our goal is to do things together as a family that are fun but don’t cost a lot (since we have to save for heating) Now….if we won a free tank of heating oil on the other hand…..hmmmm….summer could kick itself up another notch 🙂

  1361. Renee says:

    This Summer we are expecting our first child!

  1362. ROBERT says:

    My summer plans include a Motorcycle trip around New England, Starting with a stop in Vermont, going across the mountains to MIddlebury to visit my son, his wife and my new Granddaughter. Then continuing South, taking secondary and back roads only, thru Vermont, Mass. to the Ct. Shore in Fairfield county. After a few days in Ct, We will continue up the Ct shore into RI. and following the shore In RI from Point Judith thru Narragansett and then to Newport. From Newport we will head to Plymouth, Mass. and then North into Boston and to Rt1 into NH and the coast of NH. From there we will head back to Rt 1 into Maine to Portland and then North to Rt26 into Errol NH and then south on Rt 16 thru 13 mile woods and thru Pinkham Notch and back home

  1363. raymond says:

    My kids play Junior racquetball, they competed in the US Junior Racquetball Championships in Beaverton Oregon. The younger child took second place in doubles representing NH. Both of my kids work so hard all year around for this event. I am so proud of them. They also teach other junior kids who want to play racquetball, my kids are 13 and 15. Though we spent 5 days watching them compete, it was rewarded after, we went to Kentucky for 3 days, to visit friends, and ended the vacation with a week in sunny florida, in which we relaxed and spent quality family time, which is important to us, this is another reason we moved to NH, a great place to raise a family.

  1364. Fred says:

    We have already spent (1) week in Ogunquit, Maine with our children and grandchildren at the Beachmere Inn. We plan to go to Maine again in a few weeks, we’ll stop in Ogunquit, Maine first to see Peter Yarrow (from Peter, Paul and Mary), then head to Boothbay Harbor, Maine for (3) night, then continue on to Harpswell, Maine for (2) nights, and back to Ogunquit for (3) nights. Can you tell that we really love Maine?????

  1365. Karen says:

    Sitting by the pool with with the family drinking lemonaide.

  1366. Samantha says:

    This summer my roomate, her son, my daughter and myself have vowed that we will attend the beach in our home town every day that we can, cookout on our grill every night. Each day we have made date with our kids to play ball, ride our bikes, walks in our neighborhood, visits with our neighbors. With love to bring hte kiddos to the beach and park each and every day the weather allows us too.

  1367. Fill 'er Up says:

    As a college coach, this is our busy time with recruiting and scouting. However, it’s important to take some “me” time. My plans starts with a drive down to South Carolina to take my son back for his sophomore year at Coastal Carolina University, which is 7 miles away from Myrtle Beach. We will make stops in Maryland and North Carolina. After a few days at the beach, we will start the drive back up to the Upper Valley

  1368. Tina says:

    relaxing at home, getting caught up on reading and things.

  1369. Katie says:

    We plan to spend some time at the beach and lots of days biking and hiking with our children and camping out.

  1370. joe says:

    To stay home and enjoy my family. What on earth could be better than to be home with ones family and friends.

  1371. Marita says:

    In one’s twilight years, vacations don’t have to be far or fancy. For my Irving customer, deep in the throes of senile dementia, happiness is just moving a very short distance down the dirt road to her cottage by the sea. While leaving others to the pleasures of roller coasters, travel or sun and fun, she takes great joy in simply rocking and watching sea gulls flock around the back of an incoming fishing boat. She points to lobster boats skimming from buoy to buoy in hopes of a big catch. Planes glide across the sky and they bring a smile as she wonders where they are going. A tanker leaves the channel having discharged its oil – a common sight for her the past 83 years – the Pilot boat waiting to bring the guiding Captain back to Portland. As sunset approaches, the lighthouse beams flashing lights into the small living room. While perhaps not exciting to others, these simple things continue to bring her joy and a sense of contentment. While bees buzz around the rugosa roses … another summer will come and go … leaving fond albeit fuzzy memories. We should all be so blessed for such a life.

  1372. Mary says:

    Staying close to home to garden, swim, and play outdoors as summer is the most beautiful time of year to hike and explore northern New Hampshire.

  1373. Kathy says:

    I planned to get a job this summer and I did…. I will spend some time by the pool, go camping and hang out with my family. No long vacation because I just started a job.

  1374. David says:

    My family and I are from just south of Boston and we love to go up to the nothern New England and vacation up there as much as possible. We love to go snow skiing in New Hampshire, especially Bretton Woods and the surrounding areas as they are all close by to drive to.
    In the summertime we like to travel to Vermont also, as we have lots of friends and relatives there and it’s an enjoyable ride through the countryside.
    Also, we’ll take daytrips and head up to Maine every now and then. Lots of places to see and things to do.

  1375. George says:

    In order to escape the cold and snow this winter we headed south. We went to Florida for the month of March. This summer we are staying pretty close to home to enjoy the 3 months of gorgeous weather on Newfound Lake. We went to Portland, ME for Father’s Day and had a fabulous dinner aat the restaurant 555. Then we went to Lenox, MA for the 4th of July weekend. We went to Tanglewood and saw James Taylor. Now it is just golf and tennis with cocktail cruises on the lake.

  1376. Gifford says:

    Dear Irving Energy … indeed, the brutal winter of 2010-11 still resonates with many of my housemates. Unfortunately, I was chattering my teeth in another part of the world: West Antarctica.

    Now that summer is in full swing, I plan on doing much to thaw from my more recent polar experience (a 1450-mile traverse of the Greenland Ice Sheet). In fact, my summer plans are simply to enjoy the warm embrace of a northern New England summer, filled with gentle breezes, evening swims and aromatic barbecues.

    I’m a graduate student here in New Hampshire, and aside from the typical workload of a science PhD hopeful – learning how to work lab equipment, and then camping out in the lab to push said lab work out in a timely and efficient manner – I hope to do 3 specific things this summer: (1) increase my participation in the Upper Valley’s premier improvisation acting troupe (Valley Improv), (2) participate in a road bike ride of at least 25 miles length, and (3) be a regular participant in a weekly sand volleyball gathering at the local volleyball pit. Simple, yet effective.

    There is much to be said for exploring this wondrous world, exploring remote and romantic corners. In the past, I’ve been fortunate to have had fantastical summer plans. With two trips to the higher latitudes of both hemispheres this calendar year, however, I’ve come to the realization that the best holiday I could “plan” would be a “stay”-cation in the simplest sense. There is so much to enjoy here in New England, and I hope to soak up every breezy moment with glee!

    Here’s to a fantastic summer for all!

  1377. S says:

    For our family, this year’s vacation is more of a staycation. We want to spend time in our local environment and try to do as many local things as we can. Amazing how you don’t have time to do all the great things that are so close to home. Don’t get me a wrong… there will be a few day trips to the beach!

  1378. Kathleen says:

    Swim, Swim, Swim and play in Lake Winnisquam every day!

  1379. Linda says:

    My husband & I will be driving the coastline of N.H. – Maine.

  1380. Tatyana says:

    Lots of weekend day trips in the new england areas. A few camping weekends. Day camp for the kids. The beach ofcourse and spending lots of time with our families.

  1381. joan says:

    My husband and I will be enjoying a stay at the best spot in New England! The accommodations are homey – small rooms with lush gray carpeting and computers, wall-mounted t.v., no-frills kitchen facilities with stocked refrigerator and shelves, bathroom with jet tub AND corner shower. The flower gardens are colorful, there is a woodland trail with a small pond, and fresh tomatoes and squash may be picked from a tub garden just beyond the relaxing farmer’s porch. The weather is perfect whether it shines or rains, because the “neighborhood” features mountains, crystal-clear lakes and ponds, morning walks, deer and moose to watch; yet we’ll be near convenient stores, summer theater, farmer’s markets, concerts, and many popular restaurants. The facility welcomes our friends and family, too, and many good times are shared with them on the premises.

    While we are here in this idyllic spot, Rod will be able to indulge in his favorite pastimes – golf, cutting and stacking firewood, enjoying sports; and I can spend many enjoyable hours singing, dining out, writing, and cultivating flowers.

    With accommodations like these………there is no reason for us to want to leave our comfortable lodging: our Sunapee home.

  1382. Jennifer says:

    We plan on using plenty of propane to BBQ while watching the beautiful Androscoggin River from our back deck! We will be gathering fresh vegetables from our garden to enjoy with our grilled meat. We will also be training our puppy, enjoying campfires and s’mores, and using the slip-n-slide with our children all in the comfort of our back yard. Staying close to home and enjoying what we have is the way to go this year. Cascade Flats is our little summer haven!

  1383. Pia says:

    This summer I will be working hard delivering babies at our local hospital, tending my garden, and enjoying my peaceful backyard! I will also be taking my daughter to visit colleges in Washington D.C. and visiting with family in N.Y…..

  1384. Lynda says:

    Summer is the reprieve we all look forward to after a ” long winters night”. We can travel afar or stick to the familiar. We choose to welcome family and friends from distant cities who cherish there escape from crowded freeways and hot cement sidewalks to the wonderment, we oft take for granted ,found in the country. Spending the day in the cool shade offered by the rich pine scented forests, meandering back roads, sitting beside hidden streams of crystal clear water that can quench your thirst just by looking at them. Buying bushels of fresh picked delectable treats from the local farmers. One could never find such treasures in the city. Wile away the days tending to our garden, that will all to soon be gone, yet sustain us with summers memories each time we enjoy a taste of its bounty from the freezer or the canning cellar during the coming seasons. Delighting in the smile on our grand children’s faces as they pick a beautiful bouquet of flowers for the supper table.” Look, Grandmother, I picked these for you”, they all shout trying to out do the other,as they unknowingly trample my favorite gladiola bed. We end the day reminiscing about how quickly the years have gone and share our dreams for what will be in the years to come. We snuggle by the outdoor fire, the smores dripping all over, the children in their “jammies” nodding off to their own sweet peace. Everyone relaxed and satisfied after a long day of new adventures. This is the way I shall spend my summer. One need not travel far to see what this world has to offer. Who could possibly want for more?

  1385. Gary says:

    We plan to stay in Quechee this summer, having visits from various family members. In the fall, we will try to find a bargain last-minute fare to take a river tour in Europe.

  1386. Ruth says:

    My summer plans have been to take a week off with my husband and go to Maine and enjoy the beach and the ocean breeze. This vacation will help us rest and relax Since gasoline is so expensive we are not traveling very far away this year. The rest of the summer is going to be used to repair, paint and work on our home and get prepared for the winter.

  1387. david says:

    We plan to give our almost 2 year old the summer of fun.
    We will bring her to Santa’s Village, Storyland and Old Orchard Beach.
    And when we run out of money we will stay home and fill her kiddy pool and barbeque.
    Its all fun as long as our daughter is having fun.

  1388. Delores says:

    We will be having a “staycation” and plan on working quite a bit at the local family center/food shelf

  1389. Carl says:

    Each year our granddaughter, Mia comes to Vermont from Seattle, WA. to spend the entire summer with us. She enjoys swim lessons at the Woodstock Rec Center and is on the Woodstock swim team. This keeps us all busy. We have a camp along Lake Champlain in Milton, VT and we try to go up there every weekend to swim, bike and fish. Lots of fires in the rocks along the beach and plenty of baked marshmallows and smores. In August we drive Mia back across the country in our Chevy Express conversion van and try to visit historic or natural sites of interest along the way. Just a great summer all in all.

  1390. James says:

    I am going to be entertaining friends at home this year on my deck and in the yard. We will be having barbecues, bonfires, and playing yard games like horseshoes or bocci ball. Me and my wife
    also like to go hiking and camping. We hike Mount Major alot and go camping at Elacoya State Park.
    We will definetly be joining family and friends at their camps in Maine and New Hampshire.
    We will mostly be staying home this Summer due to a tight budget and rising fuel cost’s. We don’t
    let a lack of funds spoil our season, we just do what we can afford to due and make the best of it
    during these difficult times. “Life is too short to worry enjoy it while you have it each and every day.”
    Happy Summer Irving and to all your patrons enjoy the Summer.



  1391. sheila says:

    We plan to work in our garden and pick berries this summer, when we are not working.

  1392. Mike says:

    We are enjoying the summer by visiting the coast and doing daytrips around the state of maine.
    We Love this beautiful place.

  1393. Kathleen says:

    redecorating…new windows and doors leads to new paint leads to new curtains, drapes, etc. The slippery slope begins…

  1394. Fred says:

    This summer I plan on staying at home to enjoy my great surroundings in Northeastern Vermont.

  1395. Chuck says:

    On our way to Acadia National Park. A wonderful place on the planet. Can’t wait. chuck

  1396. Rachael says:

    This year, to celebrate our 60th birthdays, we are packing up our dogs and the cat into our RV, hooking up the trailer with our motorcycles and kayaks, and heading to Eastport, Maine to spend two weeks on the seashore. We plan to ride our bikes into Canada and tour around, visit Campobello Island on the Bay of Fundy to see the Roosevelts’ retreat there, play some golf in New Brunswick and maybe do some deep sea fishing. We plan to do our very best to put a sizable dent in the Maine lobster population and quite possibly even do some scuba diving, something we haven’t been able to do for a long while. We’re looking forward to playing with our dogs in the surf and enjoying the sand and sun on the beautiful northeastern shore of Maine.

  1397. Chuck says:

    On our way to Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor. Time to visit a wonderful place on our planet. Can’t wait. Chuck

  1398. Anne says:

    Not really going too far, but we’ll take a lot of day trips before our big day on September 4th when we finally get married!! That’s a pretty good summer plan from our view point!

  1399. Carla says:

    We will be camping on the coast of Maine for 5 days! This will be our 2.5 and 4.5 year olds first experience with camping and we plan to make a lot of memories!

  1400. joyce says:


  1401. JOHN says:


  1402. Hugh says:

    My wife and I will traveling to Haines, Alaska. Our trip will take us from Boston to Seattle to Juneau and then by ferry to Haines. While there we will be visiting our son and his family and doing what the locals do along with some typical tourist sightseeing. We’ll also be enjoy a variety of Alaskan seafood and wild game topped off with watching bears feeding on salmon. We might even squeeze in a little fishing too.

  1403. Chris says:

    Summer plans for us are to introduce our 7 month old son to the outdoors. We have already started with our first hike of Mt Kearsarge.

  1404. Thomas says:

    Summer is a busy time of year for my self . I breed parrots and the breeding season starts in March and ends in July . If some of the breeders produce fertile eggs . I spend about 4 months hand feeding before finding homes for the baby parrots . My family and I don’t take vacations , but we do end up making a few day trips in the summer . We love traveling up to the NH sea coast and into Maine . For the 4th of July we went to Canobie Lake Park . We have a 18 ft above ground swimming pool that we very much enjoy on those hot muggy days . We make the best out of what time we have to spend it together and enjoy each others company ..

    Happy Summer Days to you Irvings !!

  1405. Rudolph says:

    stayvacation finishing up projects at home ,new deck,gardens ,landscaping.

  1406. Stephen says:

    WE are playing golf, going to shows, enjoying time with friends and the good weather

  1407. Rudolph says:

    A stay vacation finishing up projects around the house ,Deck , Garden ,Landscaping .

  1408. Larry says:

    With summer and warm weatrher upon us it is off to Queschee Gorge State POark in Vermont. Eating, drinking and relaxing. That is what summer is all about

  1409. K says:

    Enjoying the warmer days, cooler nights, not so much the rain. Traveling to dog shows (all outdoors) in CT, NJ, NY and PA. Projects around the house in between travels, cooking outdoors and enjoying any time we can get with friends and family. Rides on parents’ antique boat in their new NH homestead. Looking forward to tomatoes from the garden and local corn on the cob. Hope everyone has a safe, healthy and enjoyable Summer!

  1410. Carole says:

    Now that my husband and I are both retired, we have planned a couple of trips that we’ve been wanting to do for some time, but could never seem to fit in while working. We plan to do a few days at the Shelburne Museum in Vermont and also do a bus/boat trip to Cabbage Island Maine for a clambake.

    One other annual trip is on the docket also – a day trip to Clark’s Trading Post to see the trained bears!

    Retirement is great!! How did we ever find time to work?!

  1411. Debbie says:

    I am traveling to Robbinsville, North Carolina to see my dear friend who is a doctor there and who is fighting her second bout with Leukemia. A very strong woman, healer and spirit who has helped so many in her years there in so many ways.
    This is in the Nantahala Valley – Cherokee for Land of the NoonDay Sun. Most beautiful mountains – in the Smokies.
    Hope you all have a nice summer and thanks,

  1412. Alisa says:

    Well, with prices so high these days we will be hanging around home and swimming in our local lake. Thankfully, the summer weather has been perfect so far!

  1413. Susan says:

    Vacation on the beach and a week of horseback riding.

  1414. Miyoko says:

    I do church volunteer work and will be visiting friends and family this summer.

  1415. James says:

    I plan to fish and swim, then we are going to Pennsylvania to a family wedding. Also stacking two cords of wood since oil prices are so high.

  1416. Julie says:

    I’m a teacher and have summers off, so I plan on spending nice, long, semi-relaxing days with my kids and enjoying every minute of having nothing scheduled. Backyard, swing set, beach, here we come!

  1417. Barton says:

    Going to Sedona, AZ to enjoy the heat and see the west.

  1418. Brian says:

    We will spend some time on the Lake Champlain islands in August.

  1419. Ken says:

    Our summer plans started in Lake George then to Howes Cavern and next week to Newport, RI then a weekend in our Home state (Beautiful Vermont) for a Redneck Party Theme then off to Ma to my sister’s daughter baptism and then finally a weekend camping at Lake Dunmore south of Middlebury, VT. Were ever we go we always find an adventure. If it is simming at night or taken a hike we always enjoy the New England Landscape. I also can not forget my 20th High School Reunion on June 25, 2011


  1420. Tara says:

    I am spending my free time this summer training my Australian Shepard agility training. He is blind in his left eye due to an accident and had to interrupt his frisbee training which I replaced with agility. He doing great and enjoys a swim in the river after his workout.
    I am also doing alot of gardening and fund raising with veggie plants and flowers for a fellow employee with advanced breast cancer. So far, so good on the funds and her health.
    I am spending many Sundays pulling Draft Horses at local fairs in the heavy weight division with my best friend.
    Weather is great.

  1421. WILLIAM says:


  1422. Greg says:

    We plan to go geocacheing this summer which is one of the best things to do, it involves hiking, being a detective and good old ingenuity. We also plan to take a trip to the beach and make it down to the Boston Aquarium as well as enjoy a few softball tournaments.

  1423. Janet says:

    I work a full time job in the Littleon area and I am also Justice of the Peace. This a a job that I absolutely love to do and it takes me to so many picturesque areas of our beautiful state. Besides sharing the joy and exhiliration of joining a couple in a new life together shared by friends an families ( most of the time ) I get to get to see so many gorgeous views in the lovely White Mountains and beyond. I never dreamed that seeing the scenery would be such a great perk! Being outdoors and experiencing the joys of summer is far beyond what I could have imagined last winter when it seemed that it would never stop snowing!

  1424. Wanda says:

    This will be the first real excursion with our Nordic Tug, and the first real vacation together in about 5 years. We plan to go down from Rockland toward Boston, stopping along the way wherever the spirit moves. Of course we have the tug filled with Irving diesel fuel.
    Of course we are hoping for nice weather, but will have secure coves and hopefully a few marinas with available slips should we want to be tourists or get fresh supplies.
    I am hoping for calm seas, as I (unlike my husband) was not born with gills, and the swells can send me into a state of uneasiness. Having candied ginger and a nice comfy berth helps in those situations.
    Hope I find my sea legs.

  1425. Paul & Maureen says:

    Our 5 children & 7 grandchildren will be visiting us throughout the summer. The plans are for camping,sitting around the camp fire telling family and ghost stories. They will be hiking, biking, going to Santa’s Villiage, Clark’s trading post, Story land, Whales Tale; swimming in local rivers & streams.. biking. We had a family cookout & fireworks on July 4th, which was a great success. Some of us adults are planning to see a couple of plays at the Weathervane theater and movies at the Colonial theater in Bethlehem.
    Most of our summer will be spent out doors doing whatever moves us for that day.
    We are a close family from young to old and enjoy working and playing togeter.

  1426. Corinna says:

    We take almost every weekend as a fun summer get away (even if its just down the road) and go camping! We have a fifth wheel camper that is just perfect for our family, with all the things we “need” camping. Hot dogs cooked over a campfire, yummy, ooey, gooey smores and quality time with family. Our summer plans are great!

  1427. Jose says:

    This summer my plans are to explore this beautiful state of Maine that I moved to in 2008. My wife and daughter are finally here to en