A Taste of Safety for the Holidays

Tis the season for homemade festive feasts and fresh baked holiday treats, cooked with care in your home’s kitchen. Some of our homes have propane fuelled ranges and kitchen appliances, which have numerous benefits such as immediate heat impact and even distribution; many professional chefs favour gas for cooking!

If your range is fuelled by propane, here are a few facts and safety tips to help keep you safe this holiday season:

• Propane smells like rotten eggs. If you suspect a leak, evacuate your household and contact 911 or your local fire department immediately. Then call Irving Energy at 1.888.310.1924. Do not return to your home until the fire department or qualified service technician determines the area is safe.
• Propane burns with a bluish hue. Any other colour flame should be assessed by a technician to ensure your equipment is working properly.
• During power outages, your range should not be used as a source of heat.
• If your propane range or appliance is not working properly, schedule a maintenance call and have a trained technician service your system. This is not a job for the household handyman.
• For additional information and safety tips, click here.

It is always good to be prepared and keep safety in mind when using any household appliance. To learn more about propane and its benefits or to set up automatic delivery so you can focus on this festive time of year, call us anytime at 1.888.310.1924.

Happy Holidays from Irving Energy!

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