Propane and Heating Oil Delivery Tip

Our propane and heating oil delivery drivers take pride in keeping you warm. Winter is a busy time for heating fuel companies and to ensure proper delivery to your home and business our drivers send along this friendly safety reminder. Please ensure that we can easily access your propane tanks and fuel fill pipes and that your driveway is clear and safe. Use special caution when clearing snow around tanks and lines to ensure you do not damage them. Additionally, ensure the vents on any direct vented heating appliances are clear from snow that my have fallen off your roof or your deck. If you have any other questions concerning propane or heating oil delivery please call 1.888.310.1924 or visit our Safety Tips. Propane users can find more safety tips online at and

Please help us keep you warm this winter. Your comfort is very important to us and we appreciate your help so that we can deliver your fuel safely.

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