Meet One of Our Propane and Heating Oil Delivery Drivers in Halifax, Nova Scotia

We have been asked the question many times, “Are you a local heating oil company?” and our response has been a resounding “YES!” Irving Energy has been in the delivery business for over 87 years with a presence in New England and Eastern Canada. This blog is a chance for me to learn from the people who do what we do best; keep our customers warm…

Meet Danny one of our local Halifax, Nova Scotia propane delivery drivers. He has been with Irving Energy for over 23 years! He and his wife Jane and daughter Amelia live just outside of Halifax.

What is one thing every customer should know about Irving Energy?

Danny’s Response: “We have an extremely experienced team. We have heating oil and propane deliver drivers that have been working for Irving up to 40 years. I work with a great team that strives and is committed to working with our customers.”

When customers ask you why choose Irving or what separates us from our competitors what do you say?

Danny’s Response: I work with a good group of experienced drivers. We are a “one stop shop”, we have experienced local drivers, certified heating equipment service technicians, a variety of payment methods, equipment sales, maintenance agreements, auto delivery, and I could go on and on. My customers know me – they even know my work schedule now. 

What have you accomplished that you are most proud of in your career?

Danny’s Response: We have a team that laughs and jokes. I am proud of the fact that I have worked for Irving for 23 years and that I am trained to drive an oil and propane delivery truck.

I am also proud of how we train our drivers. We are a company that trains experienced drivers to be able to train new drivers. I am a driver trainer and proud of that.

Do you have any favorite places to go in Halifax, like restaurants or parks?

Danny’s Response: Downtown Halifax is beautiful; people visiting must go to Citadel Hill. If you are a history buff or like architecture, Halifax has some of the oldest churches and cemeteries, St. Matthews is nice. If you need a spot to eat my wife and I like the Steak and Stein, it has great charbroiled or derby steak.

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