You Asked We Listened. Answers to Our Most Commonly Asked Propane and Heating Oil Billing Related Questions

We compiled a list of questions that our residential propane and heating oil customers most commonly ask us. We hope you find the answers valuable and if you have other questions, please let us know.


Can I lock in my heating oil or propane price when I order a delivery?

The only way to lock in a price is through our Price Protection Program. Our customers who choose a variable ‘market’ price plan cannot lock their price. These customers are charged a price based on the market price for propane or heating oil on the day of delivery. That means a customers price on the day of delivery may be higher or lower than when they called to request the delivery. Over the last heating season heating oil and propane prices have been rising, so in some cases the price on the day of delivery has been higher than the price when the customer called us. In falling markets, our variable priced customers can potentially benefit from a lower price on the day of delivery.


I just received a fuel delivery. When is my payment due?

Unless you’re on a budget plan or have pre-paid in advance, you have 30 days from the date of delivery to make a payment. Just like any business, we also have to pay our suppliers and our employees, so we appreciate payment on time. If we haven’t received a payment in 30 days you may receive a friendly reminder from us. We know that sometimes life happens – a delivery slip may be lost, or could be put in the bill drawer. If at any time you are having trouble making a payment, please call or email us and we can arrange for a payment plan.

I have an equipment protection plan for my heating equipment. How often am I billed for this?

Our equipment protection plans bill annually or monthly depending on your preference. Don’t have a protection plan yet? Protect your home heating equipment investment with one of our New England Equipment Protection Plans or Atlantic Canada Equipment Protection Plans. Our protection plans take the worry out of home comfort and ensure that your equipment runs at peak performance. Let us worry about your heating equipment needs so you don’t have to.


I have a credit on my account for my fuel. Why were the charges from my last service call deducted from this credit?

Service charges are billed to the same account as your residential propane and heating oil deliveries so service charges are deducted from any credit on your account. However, your fuel credit will be replenished when payment is made for these charges.


Why are there late fees on my account?

Unless you’re on a budget plan, late fees will accumulate on a balance that is 30 days or more past due. To avoid this, we offer a number of convenient payment options. Want to go paperless to speed up this process? Give us a call at 1.888.310.1924 or e-mail us to set up e-billing at no extra charge.

We love hearing from our customers if you have any additional questions or comments we’d love to hear them! So don’t hesitate to leave them below or e-mail us. Erin, Senior Residential Account Manager, Irving Energy

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