Commercial Price Protection Plan and Payment Options (Closed)

Irving Energy’s Cap Program is open for the 2014-2015 heating season.


Pricing OptionQuestions to Consider
• Fixed Price: Your price will remain fixed for the gallons you contract for until May 31, 2013, or until those gallons are consumed.
• Is your business risk adverse?
• Does your business require a predictable fuel price for budgeting and peace of mind?
• Do the benefits of predictability outweigh the concerns of prices falling?
• Fixed Price Partial Usage: Your price will remain fixed for a portion of your annual usage, until May 31, 2013, or until those gallons are consumed.
• Do you want the security of a fixed price with the opportunity to benefit if fuel prices go down?
• Do you feel there is a strong possibility that prices will go down, but still require the security of locking in a portion of your business’ consumption?
• Are you comfortable with the risk of prices going higher after the contracted gallons have been consumed?
• Do you like greater flexibility?
• Variable Price: The price you pay is the current market price at the time of delivery.
• Does your company have a high degree of risk tolerance?
• Is fuel price predictability not a major need for your business?
• Do you want the flexibility of not being committed to a contracted price?
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