Win Free Heating Fuel with Irving Energy’s ‘Name the Newsletter’ Contest

We are happy to announce the first edition of the Irving Energy Newsletter, where you can read about trends and tips, enter contests, and receive savings! We want your help maintaining it. We’ll give whoever suggests the best name for our newsletter a FREE tank of heating oil or propane.

Go to the comments section below and complete the ‘Leave a Reply” form. We’ll pick the best name and reward them with a free tank of heating oil or propane.

All entries must be received by May 24, 2011 to qualify for entry. The winner must have a delivery location within our service area. Please review the contest for US or Canada and note only one entry allowed per household. Thank you for participating and good luck!

If you did not receive the Newsletter and would like to please email or call us at 1.888.310.1924

This contest is now closed. Enter our current contest where you could Win Heating Oil or Propane for a Year.

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2,154 responses to “Win Free Heating Fuel with Irving Energy’s ‘Name the Newsletter’ Contest”

  1. HUGH MOAR says:

    I think it should be ” IRVING “101” NEWS”

  2. Maureen McDermet says:

    How about The Irving Energizer or

  3. Stephanie MacKinnon says:

    Energy e-Source
    Watts New
    Irving Insight

  4. jennifer Johnson says:

    The Heater

  5. Kerri Curry says:

    Inside Irving’s Note

  6. MARTHA ONEIL says:


  7. Kathleen says:

    The Irving Connection…
    The Irving Connector…

    Hope you like it.

  8. Jessica Nichols says:

    Irving’s On-Energy Newsletter

  9. Michael Tischbein says:

    The Comfort Times

  10. Robin Wanger says:

    Here is my entry, short and sweet yet cute!

    “Fuel-ish News”

    Thank you.
    R. Wanger

  11. Irving Serving You

  12. Lee Moore says:

    “In the Neighbourhood” e-newsletter

  13. Kevin Trudeau says:

    IRVING SYNERGY…energy from our family to yours.

  14. Martha Peters says:

    I suggest The Heat Wave

  15. Martha Peters says:

    I think it should be called The Heat Wave

  16. John Wells says:

    “Fuel Lines”.

  17. Barbara Troxell says:

    Thermal Talk

  18. Debra says:

    Heating It Up

  19. mike fleurie says:

    since i read about this on the Internet, why not call it the “Irving Inter-tainer”??????

  20. nancy edmunds says:

    The Local Gas

  21. Branka J says:

    reliable countable service

  22. stewart riggs says:

    “C.H.A.S.E.” conserving heat and saving energy.

  23. Tara Monk says:

    Irving Insider

  24. Michael McNally says:

    Fuel For Thought

  25. Katy Cates says:

    Positive Energy Source

  26. Megan Michelakos says:

    Irving Advisor
    Fired Up
    Energy Counselor
    Heater Leader

  27. Jeannette Byrne says:

    Sirving You

  28. Ross Haynes says:


  29. Alyssa Stanton says:

    The Flame

  30. leo mathieu says:


  31. S. Hatem says:

    What’s Boiling

  32. L. Hatem says:

    What’s On the Burner

  33. Mary Doucet says:

    Heating News Source

  34. Barbara Sibun says:

    Warm Greetings from Irving

  35. Cliff.."Fuelistic" says:

    “Fuelistic News”

  36. Albert S. Hardy says:

    “The Heat”

  37. Joanne says:

    Bring on the Heat

  38. Warm up to Irving, they really warm up to their customers, and the need for flexible payment plans!
    Keep Warm with Irving

  39. Bill Slocum says:

    Smart Energy Savings

  40. Donna Foster says:

    Energy, Life and Community

  41. Cecilia Augustine says:

    Irving heating all the way

  42. Jeannette Byrne says:

    Sirving You

    Sirving Your Energy

  43. Roger says:

    Irving Energy…..Making Life Easier

  44. Elizabeth Blossey says:

    My entry:

    Irving Oil: Service and Sense Ability.

  45. Nancy Shute says:

    The Heat is On!

  46. Lynn hartford says:

    I think the newsletter should be called “Irving Centsaver”

  47. Carl Michelakos says:

    “The Heat Is On – e-News from Irving”

  48. Chris Fallis says:

    i.e. It’s a Newsletter

  49. Kim Hartell-Britt says:

    Fuel for Thought

  50. Larraine Butler says:

    Beat the Heat

  51. D.G. Findlay says:




  52. Jeannette Byrne says:

    Beat the Heat

    or better

    Heat the Beat

  53. Jeannette Byrne says:

    Beat the Heat

    or even better

    Heat the Beat

    165 Union Street
    Liverpool, N. S.
    B0T 1K0

  54. Catherine Talford says:

    The Irving Insight is my choice for a name.

  55. Frank Hart says:

    Earth oil news

  56. Irene Hagemann says:

    “IN HEAT”

  57. Heidi Hanson says:

    “Irving’s GAS Vent” or “The GAS Vent”

  58. Lita Arnold says:

    The PipeLine

  59. ALL SEASONS where here for you YEAR ROUND



  60. Tami Milner says:

    “Heat up your life” is my suggestion

  61. Tami Milner says:

    Heat up your life

  62. keith says:

    heat and service news #1 heat and 24 hour service always the best irving news

  63. George Crawley says:


  64. Angela says:

    Irving Insight

  65. Deidre says:

    Comfort Times

  66. Bruno says:

    The Irving Energy News

  67. Cheryl Connally says:

    Fuel for Thought

  68. Bob St Pierre says:

    Irving Energy Saver

  69. ANNA R TUCKER says:



  70. Michael Legendre says:

    Irving Energy Extra

  71. Nancy Legendre says:

    Irving Ink

  72. Torey Haydon says:

    Warmer Times

  73. Rowena Wilks says:

    Irving Energy Update

  74. Larry Gurevich says:

    The Irving Connection

  75. Kathleen Billings says:

    Irving Post sounds like a good name to me.

  76. Schuyler Gould says:

    Irving Energy, Serving You

  77. Richard Martineau says:

    “The Yankee Saver”

  78. Richard Martineau says:

    “The minute Reader”

  79. Brandi Sheehan says:

    Fuel for thought post

  80. Brandi Sheehan says:

    Fuel for thought

  81. William Keeshan says:

    Name contest–Irving Energy on Call

  82. Joan Spaulding says:

    I suggest the newsletter be named “Irving Issues”.

  83. Harold Shaw says:

    Automatic Delivery

  84. Harold Shaw says:

    Notes from the Attic

  85. Lori Couitt says:

    My Suggestion “Energy Matters”

  86. Frank Spitters says:

    My suggestion for your newsletter would be “Irving Serving Deserving Newsletter”

  87. Marty Jacobs says:

    Heating Things Up

  88. Matthew Duguay says:

    Irving Eco-Letter

  89. Craig Brett says:

    “Not Just Hot Air” is my suggestion

  90. Dave Evans says:

    Natures Life Source

  91. TAMMY FLANAGAN says:

    Beaver Blog

    The Beaver Buggle

    The Buggle

  92. Jan Clark says:

    My title is “Dollar’s In Your Pocket” – seems that’s what we all want!!

  93. J. Bruce Wambolt says:

    “The Irving Beaver”

    The beaver was adopted as the company’s emblem signifying the industrious and loyalty of Irving employees. What better way then to adorn the top of the news letter with the Irving Oil Beaver logo symbolizing Irving as a community builder through hard work, commitment and trust.

  94. Lindsay Perry says:

    My suggestion for the newsletter: “Warmed and Informed”

  95. Vandee O'Neill says:

    The Irving Oil Rag
    That is “rag” as used to denote newspaper.

  96. robert murray says:

    Irving The #1 in warmth !!!

  97. Linda Gilbert says:


  98. Glenn Mottau says:

    “Weekly Pipeline”
    “Monthly Pipeline”
    “Irving Pipeline”
    “Whats in the “Pipeline”

  99. Robin Arthur says:



  100. Joel Blackmer says:

    “Hot Stuff”
    “Monthly Irving Serving”
    “Fuel School”

  101. Carol Henderson says:

    Heartwarming News

  102. John Moffatt says:

    “Our Refined Ways”

  103. Robert Latture says:

    The Northern Light

    Irving Energy News for the Growing Family of Irving Customers

  104. James Smith says:

    Irving in Depth

  105. Suki says:

    Spring News With Love and Joy



  106. alan harris says:

    “Irving Insights”

  107. Cheryl Lubrano says:

    “Hot Topics”
    “Heat Topics”

  108. Gary Camp says:

    Lets talk Irving Energy Saving’s

  109. Greg Smith says:

    Straight Talk from Irving

  110. Stacey McCarthy says:

    Irving’s Monthly Top Up

    Rationale: Because in addition to the services Irving provides, you are now providing an extra service for your costumers through tips and savings opportunities – a complimentary “top up” so to speak.

  111. Stacey McCarthy says:

    The Irving Think Tank

  112. A. Patten says:

    Well, since they’re typically called “e-zines” how about Irving Ener-zine?

  113. Carl Hero says:


  114. dynamic energy by irving
    energy 4 u from irving

  115. Allan Fleming says:

    Sugested name:-
    “Irving Enernews”

  116. Alisa Harris says:

    Energy E-Notes

    Irving E-Notes

  117. Helen Nicoletti says:

    My suggestion is:

    Energy Cents $$$

  118. fernando nunes says:


  119. Denise Muise says:

    The Irving Energy Comfort Report

  120. Karla D says:

    The Irving Informer

  121. Christine Brewer says:

    “The Comfort” get topped up with Irving

  122. Theodore Natti says:

    The Warm Glow

  123. Robert L Smith says:

    Winter Warmth with Irving

  124. Irving Energy News You Can Use

  125. I submit ” lamplighter ‘ as the name of the newsletter

  126. Warm up to Irving Emergy

  127. Michelle Mackinnon says:

    Irving Inquirer

  128. Vicki says:

    Energy Tidbits
    Irving Info.
    Energy Efficient Education
    Energy Efficiency
    Irving Energy Newsletter
    The Fuel Source

  129. Geoff Woodford says:

    East Coast Connection
    The Irving Pipeline
    The Irving Commuter
    Irving Flame

  130. Russell Kennedy says:

    Heating,s the game…Irving,s the name

  131. Bill Dobbin says:

    My suggestion is to call the newsletter …”The Energyzer”

  132. Larry Pettengill says:

    In Your Corner with Irving Energy

  133. Rosann savidant says:

    Irving Energy Wise

    A Sense of Comfort
    Warm Sense
    Comfort Sense
    A Sense of Warmth
    Heating Sense
    Energy Sense

  134. Darryl Jacobs says:

    Irving is the name, Great Tips is the Game!

  135. Loretta Chard-Kean says:

    The Energy Buzz

  136. Martine Kopaczynski says:

    “Fuel Focus or FuelFocus”
    “The Fuel Line”
    “Fuel Talk”
    “Feel The Heat!”
    “Feel the Energy!”
    “Irving Energy-The Fuel (or Life) Line
    “Irving, Give Me Energy! or Give Me Energy”

  137. Spruce C. Wheelock says:

    The Irving Scoop

  138. Brian O'Shea says:

    “The BTU Bugle”

    “The Hot Zone”

    “Deep Core”

    “The Cozy Corner”

  139. reid schenck says:

    Irving Info

  140. Elizabeth Graham says:


  141. Roger P Dumas says:

    Roger says:

    The Contrarian Thermometer

  142. Dan Newhall says:

    How about

    “THE TANK”

    Thanks Dan Newhall

  143. Eleonore Imrie says:

    The Irving Courier

  144. Tom says:

    Hot Topix

  145. J. Ralph says:

    How about: The Irving AD-Vantage

  146. Kathy says:

    Enernomics by Irving
    Irving Enernomics

  147. Sunshine G says:

    Irving Express, Hot Off the Press

  148. Steve MacArthur says:

    “What’s Hot”
    “What’s Hot…What’s Not…”
    “The Energy Express”
    “The Irving Energy Express”
    “Fueling Your Life”

  149. Don Mailman says:

    “Burners On”

  150. Carole says:

    The Irving Insider

  151. Heather Knickle says:

    Fuel For Thought

  152. Margie Fortune says:

    How about-
    Warm Thoughts
    Oil Delivery

  153. Corinne Sutherland says:

    My suggestion is “Full of Energy”

  154. Lisa says:

    “The Innovator”

  155. Jim Sumner says:

    Warm & Fuzzy News

  156. Robert O'Leary says:

    How about you call it “the recycler”

  157. Dawn T. Erickson says:

    “Energy and You”

  158. Nancy Cutler says:

    My suggestion for a Newsletter Title:

    Irvinnomics – Your Fuel Efficiency Source

  159. Dawn T. Erickson says:

    I would like to suggest “Energy and You”.

  160. Pat says:

    Irving Energy Is Here To Serve YOU.

  161. Shannon Sibley says:

    Let’s Talk Heat, Heat Talk

  162. Darcy says:

    “Fueled News” by Irving
    Your Energy News… fueled by Irving

  163. Cal Felicetti says:

    Bringing the HEAT

  164. how about
    Greenergy News
    Olive Oil News

  165. C. Wright says:

    The Irving Initiative

  166. Colleen Murphy says:

    How about “Fuel For Thought”

  167. Colleen Murphy says:

    “Fuel For Thought”

  168. Roger Therrien says:

    Irving’s “Insulator”

  169. Marjorie Hubbard-Doiron says:

    “Gas What’s New?” (Guess What’s New?) get it?

    “Irving Energy News Special Delivery”

    “Crude News”

    “Fuel to Heat Up Your Home”

  170. Carl Ferrando says:


  171. Ron Stiles says:

    Fuel For Thought

  172. Ron Stiles says:

    “Fuel For Thought”

  173. Mary Ann Dennis says:


  174. sheila drake says:

    Fuel For Thought

  175. steve winters says:

    The” Irving Energy Informer” is my suggestion for the name of the newsletter.

    Thank you.

  176. Julie McCarthy says:

    1. Stoke Up
    2. Fill’er Up with Irving
    3. Cozy Tidbits

  177. E. McMahon says:

    The Heat Beat

  178. Lisa McLean says:


  179. gary norcross says:

    energy at a glance

  180. Mark Kunstman says:

    The Irving Communicator

  181. Cheryl says:

    Oilcents or Oilsense

  182. Gordon & Carolyn Stanley says:

    Fuel Sense

  183. Joyce Neeser says:

    one more:

    “Irving–Nobody is Hotter”

  184. KRISSY BIRON says:


  185. Amy Bailey says:

    The Warm & Cozy

    The Heat Beat

    The Thaw

    The Degree of Warmth

  186. Joyce Neeser says:

    Here is a suggestion

    “The tank”

  187. John R says:

    I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do about the “Website” so I’ll just ignore it!

    I am an Irving Customer.

    My submission is; The Irving Times, (second line) advise and news for the Irving Family of employees and consumers!

    John Russell

  188. Lene von Fisker Bennett says:


  189. Liz Scarnati says:

    Irving Energy’s Hot Topics
    Trust Us to Keep you Warm

  190. Sue says:

    The Irving Fuel Post

  191. robin c says:

    The Fuel Fill
    or Fuel My Fire

  192. Linda says:

    Fuelishly Speaking

  193. Kevin Chauvette says:


  194. Jean Lauretti says:

    The Irving Energy Express

  195. The Past, The Present ,The Future

  196. Barton Green says:

    The Burning Issue

    Fuel For Thought

  197. thomas davis says:

    The Irving Insight

  198. Dennis S says:

    ‘The Thermostat’

  199. Josh Boylen says:

    The Ir”Vine. A take off of the “grapevine”

  200. Debbie Canning says:

    My entry is: Heating It Up Newsletter

  201. Diane Mellinger says:

    “The All Heat Journal” (a play of words on The Wall Street Journal)

  202. marlene w. smith says:


  203. John Krasowski says:

    “The Warming Notes”

    “Irving Cares”

    “Irving Warming Notes”

    “Irving Warming Update”

    “Irving Serves”

  204. Jeanette says:

    Chat with Irving.

  205. Peta Brennan says:


  206. R Revoir says:

    The Oilinator

  207. Sheila Savaria says:

    Tank Talk

  208. Kurt Beek says:

    “Our Energy Today”

  209. WAYNE LESLIE says:


  210. Jim Vezina says:

    Energy Managed Solutions

  211. laura bourassa says:

    Irving News

  212. Kathy Towle says:

    The Fueled Insider

  213. Pam Benjamin says:

    Warming Trends
    Warm Up with Irving!

  214. Kathy Towle says:

    Fueled Insight

  215. Steve Schmidt says:

    “Irving’s Delivery” Or simply, “The Delivery”.

  216. Here goes (from Loreen Daniels):

    Words & Blurbs
    Fuelish News
    Fuelish Words
    Fuelish Update
    Fuelish Info.
    Irving Notes, Irving Chatter, Hot News, Hot Stuff, Hot Update

  217. Linda Warford says:

    Heating Time with Irving
    Keeping Warm With Irving

  218. Charlett Aulenback says:

    How about “The Insight”

  219. janice duggan says:

    Beaver Tales
    At Your Service
    The Benchmark
    In Step With Irving
    A Good Neighbour
    Our Irving Promise

  220. Vicki MacDonald says:

    The Irving Update

  221. Keith Ryan says:

    “Fuel Matters”

  222. Cynthia Neil says:

    “Greasing the Wheels”


  223. HUGH MOAR says:


  224. Rita says:

    The Hot Gabber

  225. Lily says:

    I (stands for irving)-Oil, I-Oil means My Oil.

  226. Tom Krzyski says:

    To portray cleaner energy

  227. Dave Smith says:

    Our entry: “IrvingServingYou”

  228. William Bennett says:

    Bill says name for Irving’s Newsletter
    “Irving’s FYI”

  229. K. Fisher says:

    Toasty News

  230. “Warm Thoughts”

  231. Kim Sleigh says:

    ” Don’t Be Fueled By What You Read”

  232. Gary Carter says:

    I think “The Irving Informer” sounds good…

  233. Geo says:

    1. “The Atlantic Green Zone”
    2. “Enviro-Matters”
    3. “Energize Yourself”
    4. “Delivered With Care”
    5. “Smart Living”

  234. Betty-Jo Leary says:

    O.I.L. Our Information Ledger!!

  235. Joyce T. Boulanger says:

    I suggest : The Irving News Update
    {Be Informed}

  236. Rob Paquette says:

    Fuel your mind

  237. Bert L says:

    Irving Review

  238. William Diener says:


  239. Roger W. Dontonville says:

    How about “Smoke Signals”

  240. Jeff Johnson says:

    The Fireside Chat

  241. Roberto C says:

    Irving Up

  242. Joyce Neeser says:

    some ideas:

    The Irving Slick
    The Irving Gazette
    The Amazing Irving….feel the warmth!
    Keep you house warm…with Irving!
    Irving’s Inside Scoop
    The Irving Report

  243. Jill D says:

    Light up Your Day

  244. Debra Lamontagne says:

    “HOT TOPICS”-Your Energy Source

  245. Theresa R says:

    Top Tank News

  246. cecelia dauphinee says:

    “I NEWS”

  247. Art Lemire says:

    How about ( The Irvinator )

  248. Margaret DePalo says:

    “Burn the night time oil with Irving”

  249. Luvia Webster says:

    The Pipeline Connection

  250. Randy Macdonald says:

    Hot Stuff

    Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

    Lean on Me

    Irving Share

    Irving Footnotes

    Irving Blues

    Fueling The Future

  251. Doris Savoie says:

    Let us fuel Newsletter might be nice

  252. Doris Savoie says:

    I think that Let us fuel might be funny

  253. Harold Gunter says:

    A name for your newsletter: Warm Tidings

  254. ‘Keeping Warm’

  255. chad nielsen says:


  256. linda says:

    The Irving Insider

  257. Josh Richtmyer says:

    ‘Keeping Warm’ or possibly ‘Keeping warm with Irving Energy’

  258. jamie lawrence says:

    newsletter : Energy in motion

  259. Robin Kenney says:

    “Leaking Information”

  260. stay warm during evey storm with irving oil

  261. stay warm during every storm with irving oil

  262. romeo beland says:

    Irving news letter on the web keep informed.

  263. Ron says:


  264. John McHugh says:

    The Irving Oil Informer
    The Irving Oil Update
    The Irving Oiler
    The Irving Oil Voice
    The Irving Fuel Forum
    The Irving Oil Rig
    The Irving Fireplace
    The Irving Oil Blaze
    Any combination can be with or without the word Irving or Oil. eg The Irving Informer, The Oil Informer, or The Informer.

  265. Carole Hebert says:

    “Fuel Phenom”

  266. S.E. Cottle says:

    Newsletter idea: At Your Service

  267. Susan Carmichael says:

    The Warmth of Home

  268. Matt Esenwine says:

    “Neighborhood Notes”

  269. Isabelle M says:

    Hot Stuff


  271. Sarah says:

    “The Heat Wave”

  272. William Greenwald says:

    Newsletter names:

    Fuel News
    The Fuel Dispatch
    The Fuel Buzz
    Fuel Tattler
    Fuel talk

  273. Richard A Serio says:


  274. Susan says:

    Fueling Direction
    Fueling Ideas
    Fueling Thoughts
    Fuel 2 U
    Heat Matters
    Heating Matters

  275. Dorcy says:

    Energy Issues

  276. Anne Arsenault says:

    Irving’s Weekly Tidings
    Irving’s Monthly Tidings

  277. Donna says:

    Hot Stuff

  278. Carleton Wilson says:

    Irving Comfort Zone News Letter

  279. Ralph W. Mueckenheim says:

    Irving Informative

  280. Dotti Albert says:

    Informative Information
    Keep informed with Irving
    Sharing new Ideas with Irving

  281. Heidi J says:


  282. Peter says:

    “Fuel For Thought”

  283. donald palagi says:

    “The Irving Insider”

  284. Wally Malley says:

    Let’s try: “Times Irving” or “Irving Pipeline” or just “The Flame”

  285. Malcolm Love says:

    Newsletter name: “The Electrode”

  286. Damian says:

    How about “Irving express”

  287. Andrew says:

    Half Full

  288. susan says:

    “Irving Trends”
    “The Leading Edge”

  289. Beth says:

    Newsletter Names:
    2) “HEAT NEWS”
    4) “WARM IDEAS”

  290. Andrew Clark says:

    My entry is “THE BLUE FLAME “

  291. Roger W. Dontonville says:

    How about “Pit Stop”

  292. Steve Tate says:


  293. Josh Boylen says:

    Ir”Vine”….a take off of Grape Vine

  294. Barbara Reale says:

    How about The Irving Insider

  295. Keith Carpenter says:

    How about
    “Tanks to You”

  296. Charles says:

    How about “Oil Slick”

  297. Laverne MacInnis says:

    My suggestion:

    “Irving Energedit”


    “Fuelish Times”

  298. Glenda Cluett says:

    ‘The Irving Pipeline’

  299. Debbie Duffy says:

    Serving Irving

  300. Margo M. says:

    Fuel Of Info !

  301. Ed Kirpolenko says:

    I didn’t realize hot topics was taken. How about Service update.

  302. Mary Carrigan says:

    Newsletter name: Speedy Delivery

  303. Ed Kirpolenko says:

    How about Hot Topics.

  304. Rina says:

    Let’s Get Energized!

  305. Connie says:

    Energy Boost

  306. Connie says:

    Cool Warming Delivery

  307. Cheryl B says:

    Extra! Extra! HEAT all about it!

  308. Bill says:

    The Irving Energy Insight

  309. David Ely says:

    Irving Country – Delivering More Than Fuel

  310. Susan Spence says:

    I would like to suggest ‘Fueling New Brunswick’ or ‘Fueling the Maritimes’ depending on the circulation area.

  311. Leonard Mosher says:

    suggested name “Hot Fuel Info”

  312. G.R. Wight says:

    Petroleum Gazette

  313. Melissa Carlisle says:

    I think a good name for the newsletter would be the Irving Insider News

  314. Christina Waters says:

    The Promise Review

  315. Judy Lidie says:

    Irving’s Fuel Facts

  316. Lewis Walsh says:

    “Fueling the Way”
    “The Heater”

  317. Peggy Hammer says:


  318. Pat Dixon says:

    I think a good name for the news letter would be
    The Blue & White
    Brisk & punctual.

  319. Jim LaRiviere says:

    Irving Impressions

  320. Jim LaRiviere says:

    “Irving Insights” or “Irving Insight” or “The Irving Monthly” or “The Irving Update”

  321. kenneth moran says:

    The Blue Flame-r
    The Blue Canoe-r
    The Irving-izer
    The Hot Spotter
    The Fuel Saver
    The Energy-izer

  322. Terry Stewart says:

    Irving’s Atlantic Energy E-News

  323. Chuck Hamilton says:

    “Oil, The News That’s Fit To Print”

  324. Betty Larrabee says:

    ‘Warm Words’

  325. tom marrone says:

    “The Irving Update”

  326. Cindy says:

    Irving Ink

  327. Irving Energy News,”What a Gas”

  328. Lynn says:

    “The Black Gold Gazette”
    “The Flame”
    “Oil Enlightenment”
    “Slick Times”
    “Heat seeker”

  329. I suggest: The Wingless Refueler

    News and views for our comfort level

  330. Linda says:

    “Heat Exchange”

  331. Shirley Ford says:

    I like “Warm Salutations”

  332. Sheila & Duane Mable says:

    1. Inside Irving
    2. Energy Expo
    3. In Touch with Irving
    4. Energy Tips
    5. Irving’s E-tips
    6. Focus on Energy

  333. Diane Keith says:

    Newletter name: “Beat the Cold” “The Irving Post”

  334. Donna Perry says:

    I think it should be called “Irving, Caring and Sharing”

  335. Patricia says:

    Top It Off, keeping you warming, furnace saver, clean heat, heating you up, friends at Irvings,

  336. Donald Jackson says:

    Irving-Warmer Times
    Comfortable Living Times or Gazette

  337. Kim Jay says:

    1) All Tanked Up

    2) Hot topics

    3) Irving Interests

    4) The Think Tank

    5) Heating Hints

  338. Janice Jackson says:

    Newsletter title ideas:
    1. “Irving Energy Times”
    2. “For Energy’s Sake”
    3. “Oil About Us”
    4. “Energy News Today”
    5. “Irving Energy News”
    6. “Irving Oil News”
    7. “Irving Oil Times”
    8. “Irving Energy Today”
    9. “Irving Oil Today”

  339. michelle munro says:


  340. jim mafera says:

    comfort zone

  341. Debi McGrath says:

    “Energy Insights” – Irving heats it up

  342. David Jackson says:

    “Irving’s Comfort Zone” could be the newsletter title.

  343. Debi McGrath says:

    Energy Insights

  344. Rebecca says:

    Tank Talk

  345. John B says:

    Perhaps a good name would be “Staying East”

  346. Ruthanne Miller-Haas says:

    A name for your newsletter: The Irving Energy Edge

  347. Rose Angwin says:


  348. Josh Boylen says:

    Ir”Vine”. A take off of “Grape Vine”

  349. Elizabeth Smith says:

    The name of the newsletter could be “THE IRVING OILER”! 🙂

  350. Nancy Brooks says:

    I think the newsletter should be named-

    Irving-always there for you

    because when I think of Irving I know the company has always been there for me and continues to be there for me-no matter my problem, no matter my question, no matter the weather.

  351. Suki Hughes says:

    My submission for a name is:

  352. Tabitha Weisberg says:

    Heating Highlights

  353. Denise Branchaud says:

    My suggestion is “Fuel for Thought”…speaks for itself, I think.

  354. … Per kids….. More…

    The Warm Zone
    The Warm Spot
    The Heating Zone
    Irving’s Burner Zone News

  355. Kerry Gallant says:

    How about these Titles:

    1.) The Oil Tanker;

    2.) The Maritime Heater;

    3.) The East Coast Oiler;

    4.) The Heart of the Heat

  356. Jean says:

    To go along with the picture of the Irving driver waving, how about:

    1. Hello & Thanks Newsletter
    2. Thank you for choosing Irving Energy
    3. Here’s some tips from Irving Energy
    4. Hi & Thank You Newsletter
    5. Hi Energy Newsletter

  357. Gilbert A Soucy says:

    may i suggst that you name the newsletter the IRVING OIL CONTACTOR

  358. Patti says:

    Warm times

  359. Debra Droney says:

    The Monthly Heat Index

  360. Pam Walker says:

    I like the name “Get Fueled!” for the newsletter, hope you do too:)

  361. cathy burke says:

    Irving Info

  362. Cheryl B says:

    Extra! Extra!
    HEAT – all about it!

  363. Kristie Woods says:

    How about naming the newsletter “Irvings Energy Edge”
    Or “Irvings Energy Express” with a logo of a tanker truck following.
    Thank you,

  364. E Hebert says:

    “Irving Seacoast Bulletin”

    “Seacoast Bulletin”

  365. Jules Poirier says:

    Irving’s News

  366. Donna says:

    Irving Connector, Irving Connection, Irving Today, Irving Alert, Irving Educator, Irvings Cozy Insight,

  367. Donna says:

    Irving Resource
    Irving Educator
    Irving – Fuel for Thought
    Irving Update
    Irving Today
    Irving Connection
    Irving Happenings

  368. Mark Seibel says:


    The Fossil Report

  369. James Ranagan says:

    I think your first website periodical should include the trusted Irving name “Irving Internet Newsletter” or IIN

  370. Pam Walker says:

    My name would be “Get Fueled!” for the newsletter.

  371. Sonya Brunelle says:

    I think “The Irving Oil Rag” would be a great name

  372. George Bradbury says:

    We suggest: “ATLANTIC OIL NEWS”

  373. Margie Dozois says:

    The Irving Informer

  374. Dennis Doucette says:

    My suggestion for a newsletter name is: ‘Heart to Hearth’.

  375. Carolyn Pirri says:

    Keep Fuelled With Irving

    Irvng Keeps You Fuelled

    Irving Fuelled Coast To Coast

  376. Stacey Mason says:

    I like The Irving Chronicle!

  377. Nancy says:

    Name for the news letter: THE IRVING NEWSLETTER

  378. Helen Johnston says:

    How about “Tank Times”

  379. Peter Swierczynski says:

    Delivering Fuel for Thought: Irving news straight to your door

  380. E.S.Thomas says:

    Oil Blast!!!!!!!!!

  381. Mary Kate Grey says:

    Irving’s Learning’s
    Irving’s News Tank

  382. E Hebert says:

    Irving Seacoast Bulletin

  383. “The Busy Beaver”

    because that is your emblem. The beaver is part of your company and means a lot about your company.
    I think that would be the best name for your newsletter.

  384. Sonya Walsh says:

    Irving HOT Spot!

  385. J. Marshall Burgess says:

    Suggested: Irving Energetics

  386. S. Walsh says:

    Newsletter name suggestion”

    ‘Irving HOT spot’

  387. Marshall Burgess says:

    Name of newsletter: IRVING’S ENERGIZER

  388. S. Walsh says:

    Newsletter name suggestion:

    ‘The Hot Spot’

  389. Tony says:

    I think a great name for your newsletter would be
    “Fueiling around town” A news letter from your home town oil family

  390. Phil Bascom says:

    Irving Energy Conservation Wire

  391. Dave says:

    The Irving Saver

  392. Carol Saunders says:

    THE IRVING CONNECTION …sounds awesome

  393. Dave Archibald says:

    How about:
    “Irving Mainline” or “Irving- No Fracs, just Facts”

  394. Oksana N. says:

    NIFTY (stands for News from Irving Fuel To You)

  395. Marv says:

    Gas Lights

  396. Christina Breen says:

    Irving E-Delivery

  397. Marilyn Dunten says:


  398. Mary A White says:

    “Hot Facts”

  399. michael driscoll says:

    The Irving Friends NewsLetter

    The Irving For You NewsLetter

    The Touch of Irving Newsletter

  400. Joan OKeefe says:

    The Irving Energy Post

    Home Heating News

    The Irving Wire

  401. Harvey Reich says:

    The Thermostat

  402. Bill Raiten says:

    News To Warm Your Hearth

  403. bill fielding says:

    News Letter name – Signature Value

  404. Donna Orlando says:

    How about “Tanks to You”

  405. Ralph Mohammed says:

    how about
    Olive Oil
    or Greenergy

  406. Jean Moss says:

    How about The Cozy Times

  407. Barbara Fox says:

    The Irving Oracle

  408. N. Stewart says:

    My entry for the news letter. ” Irving Serving”

  409. Karem Doran says:


  410. Sondra says:

    I thought of some more:

    The Scoop
    Irving Heat
    Oil Press
    Pipeline Press
    Shootin The Breeze
    Irving Brief
    Barrel Brief
    Irving Heat Examiner
    Irving Daily Star
    Irving Discovery
    Irving Dispatch
    Irving Journal
    Heat Messenger
    Irving Planet
    Irving Today
    Heat Watchman

  411. Karem Doran says:

    My entry for the contest is THE CRUDE TALE




  412. Brian Landry says:

    “Degrees of Freedom”
    A common way to think of degrees of freedom is as the number of independent pieces of information available to estimate another piece of information. Such as a newsletter would offer to the reader.

  413. Stephen Berger says:

    The title for the newsletter:

    Suggested title for newsletter:

    “Irving’s ENERGY INFO”

    Please tell Mr. Irving I am wearing the Moncton Wildcat tee shirt he kindly sent to me after a conversation about hockey on an airplane a number of years ago. Thanks again!
    I am an American McGill grad living in VT.

  414. Linda says:

    Irving Energy Gazette

  415. Margaret Lake says:

    Heat Smart

  416. Margaret Lake says:

    The Tanker

  417. Margaret Lake says:

    Happy Tank

  418. Margaret Lake says:

    Warmer Visions

  419. Dennis M. says:

    “Irving’s There” for all your energy needs

  420. Dee Pouliot says:

    Given the seasonal nature of New England and energy usage, call the newsletter “The Irving Oil Almanac.” Ben Franklin would be flattered.

  421. javaqen says:

    Irving Times

  422. Marc Maurais says:


  423. Colleen says:

    Keep it simple – “Irving Energy Newsletter”.

  424. Janet & Peter G. says:

    ” Home Comfort Energy Update ” would be a good simple name.

  425. Janet & Peter G. says:

    A good name would be ” Home Comfort Energy Update ” .

  426. Maura Morrison says:

    My name the newsletter suggestions is, “Power Surge”

  427. Luvia Webster says:

    Fuel for Thought

  428. Erving S. Westcott says:

    The Generator

  429. wes macewen says:

    comfort zone

  430. william power says:

    I think ‘ OIL PRINT’

  431. James says:

    “Home Heating News” or “Bringing the Heat”

  432. Veronica Factory says:


  433. Gordon MacDonald says:

    Comfort from the cold

  434. Gordon MacDonald says:

    You’ll warm to us

  435. Naomi Barrows says:

    “Irving Energy Express”

  436. Sherry says:

    I think it should “Fuel ‘er Up!”

  437. Marilyn Matthews says:

    My suggestion is ” The Irving Express”

  438. Chandra Pollard says:

    The Heat Beat

  439. Kate Perkins says:

    Our family submits the following:
    Beaver Bites or The Beaver Post

    It’s fun, catchy, eco conscious, and family friendly just like Irving oil! And with a name like that it’s not an instant delete. Most newsletters are so painfully boring but they don’t have to be. Also the letter head logo should be the beautiful pin scuplture recently comissioned (and now you’re starting to brand the beaver).

    good luck!

  440. Roberta Whittemore says:

    how about Home is where the heat is

  441. Alan Shea says:

    Just simply —-The Tank

  442. Patrick Brewer says:

    Here is are a few!!!!

    The Slick
    The Sweet Crude
    The Crude New

  443. Patricia Fagan says:

    My name for the tank is COMFORT

  444. Thann Chase says:

    The Fossil fuel Flyer

  445. Thann Chase says:

    fossil fuel news of the day

    Tanks for the memories

    Brunswick Courier

    fossil fuel

  446. Robert McCabe says:

    I think it should be!!!

    “The Irving Family Herald”

  447. Dan Desgrosseilliers says:

    Here is the winning entry…. “Energy Matters with Irving”

  448. Elizabeth P. says:

    Irving Warming

  449. jerry sheehan says:

    My pick for your new newsletter name id:


  450. r. allen says:

    The Irving Sentinel.

  451. Gary Smith says:

    Stove Pipe

  452. Pat pace says:

    The informafuels

  453. Dottie Fillmore says:

    “BETTER TIMES” published by Irving

  454. Nancy Lewis says:

    ‘Irving Fuelsletter”

  455. Carolyn Morton says:

    Irving Oil Catalyst
    Warm & Fuzzies from Irving Oil
    “All Your Heating Needs”
    E-News from Irving Oil
    Irving e-Gazette

  456. Mary Fran Stafford says:

    Newsletter name possibilities:

    Fire Up

    Warm Words

    Irving Informer

    Tank Times

  457. Janet Burke says:

    I think a good name would be “Conserving with Irving

  458. Margaret Ross Link says:

    I have submitted twice. I hope you have received.
    My suggestions:
    “Joules and Pearls”
    “Hot Stuff” or “Hot Tips”
    “The Meter Reader”

    thank you! Margaret Ross Link

  459. Margaret Ross Link says:

    “Hot Stuff”, “The Meter Reader”, “Joules and Pearls”, “Kindling”, or “Seasons”

  460. James says:

    “Energy News” as a name for your news letter.

  461. Pierre Larin says:

    Irving Energy Saving Tips

  462. Susan Rice says:


  463. Christina Hillery says:

    The newsletter should be named “Positive Energy” Irving Energy’s monthly newsletter.

  464. Seth Watson says:

    “Heat Beat”

  465. Bob says:

    I suggest “Family Fuel” as the name for your newsletter.

  466. Gus Mac Calder says:

    Irving Energy News

  467. jean Macgillivray says:


  468. Vania says:


  469. richard louzier says:

    The irving Noreaster

  470. richard louzier says:

    The Irving Noreaster.

  471. Kathy Meyers says:

    Irving’s Energy Delivery Newsletter

  472. Carole Digregorio says:

    The Hot Spot or
    The Savings Place or
    The Savings Space

  473. Karena Sturges says:

    My suggestion:
    Irving E-News

    (The E would stand for Energy and Electronic Newsletter)

  474. Pat LeBlanc says:

    I suggest “Hot Air Monthly”

  475. Brett Gillies says:

    Newsletter Title……”The Irving Heat Beat”

  476. Barry Wenig says:

    Here you go:

    “Fuel for Thought.”

  477. When I think of my oil company I think of “Irving Country Comfort”, so that’s the name I would pick for our news letter.

  478. Crosby Fan says:

    The Irving Wailer

  479. Sondra says:

    Here’s 8 ideas:

    Under The Weather,
    Irving Marks The Spot,

    Oil of My Eye,
    Finding Heat,

    Go For Oil,
    Head Over Heat,

    High on Heat,
    Heating it Up

  480. Reta Doyle says:

    Energy News Update

  481. Reta Doyle says:

    The Energy Forum

  482. What could be more appropos the, “The Energizer”.

  483. Nancy Olivet says:

    How about”From The Top Of The Tank” or “News From The Top Of The Tank” or maybe, “The Think Tank”

  484. sandy mollica says:

    i think you should call your news letter, The irving comfort zone.

  485. Barry Lovett says:

    Please name the newsletter “FUEL’S GOLD”

  486. Bill Fielding says:

    Signature Plus

  487. George Warchol says:

    “The Lamp Lighter ” it heats and lights our way.

  488. barbara devoy says:


  489. Beth Bursey says:

    “I Energy Spotlights” (with the I being a bit larger and Italicized).

  490. Lorna MacDonald says:

    title Heated Discussions an E-nergy forum

  491. Tanya says:

    Can’t Beat the Heat

  492. andrew says:

    Irving: Serving You

  493. torin finser says:

    1. crackling news
    2. news to use
    3. warmer by the minute

  494. Jane McIntyre says:

    Read Oil About It

  495. Matt Caron says:

    Newsletter name “Energy Insights”

  496. Mark says:

    “Hot” Topics

  497. Susan P. says:

    How about “The Pipeline”

  498. Nadine Shalala says:

    Extra! Read Oil About it

  499. Dottie Fillmore says:

    “BETTER TIMES” with Irving!!!!!

  500. Gary Bennett says:

    Irving News and Views

  501. Barb Ekstrom says:

    Newsletter Suggestion: caption to read : Irving talks
    Helping to deliver the Customer Experience

  502. Robin Chase says:

    1.Irving Informant
    2.Energy Extra

  503. Liz says:

    News Tank

  504. barbara says:

    newsletter name cozy corner

  505. says:

    Irving Saver

  506. bill neville says:

    tips and trends from irving

  507. Sean Tibbetts says:

    Topped Up

  508. Joseph Michael Clorey says:


    IT ~ is where it’s at!

    “I” ~ Irving
    “T” ~ Tips … (as in “News” tips, tips for “trends” and tips to “teach” us on how to improve all sorts for ourselves regarding materials, financially and environmentally !)

    (Perhaps the letters “IT” could be published in bold green in order to promote “Environmental”)

  509. Peta Brennan says:


  510. Tracy Dickerson says:

    My Entries are:

    1.Expanding Energy Horizons

    2. Energy Horizons

    3. Expanding Efficient Energy

    4. Expanding Energy Efficiency

  511. Vic Jensen says:


  512. Darlene Porter says:

    Kindling Community as a name for the Newsletter

  513. Name for newsletter: Irving In Sight

  514. Ken Roberts says:

    Name the newsletter — the oil slick

  515. "HEAT BEAT" says:



    “Irving Energy – Above & Beyond”

  517. Jeffrey Lessard says:

    Bringing the Heat

  518. Strang Mather says:

    For your newsletter title:

    “The Maratimer”

  519. Judy Giannou says:

    Irving Energizer

  520. Barb says:

    A Word from the Hearth

  521. Cindy Pirkey says:

    Irving Hot Topics

  522. Dan says:

    My suggestion for the newsletter is:

    Hot Stuff from Irving

  523. Cindy Pirkey says:

    Irving Energy Inspirations

  524. david reeves says:

    News letter name— TANK TIMES

  525. Gerald Heffernan says:

    Super Heating News

  526. david reeves says:

    Name your newsletter—-“Fuel for Thought”

  527. Alice Gould says:

    The Irving Energizer would be a good name for the newsletter.

  528. Brian Armentrout says:

    Daily Fuel

  529. Heidi Graham says:

    The Hearthside Monthly

  530. Bob Slusky says:

    The heating Season

  531. Walter Nudd says:

    Over a Barrell

  532. C B Wetherbe says:

    “Irving Times”

  533. Laura says:

    How about “A Full Tank!”

  534. David Taggart says:

    I think a good name for your news letter would be “THE ARK”

  535. Kelly Mahoney says:

    Irving’s Energy Informer

  536. Kirk S. says:

    “Fuel For Thought”

  537. Cynthia Miller says:

    “The Irving Energy News Leak” 😀

  538. Meredith Wallace says:

    Fireside Chats with Irving

  539. David says:

    newsletter name “Heating Up”

  540. Heidi Heim says:

    Warms the Heart, Home and Hearth!!

  541. Heidi Heim says:

    Warms the Heart, Home and Hearth!

  542. Scott Greenwood says:

    The Ups an Downs of Heating $$$$

  543. Sue Jacobs says:

    Warm and Fuzzy Info……with Irving

  544. Kim Sleigh says:


  545. Irvings new newsletter could be called “Shivers Away by Irving”

  546. Darryl Proudfoot says:


  547. Barbara Keans says:

    Irving Energy Matters

  548. Louise Jameson says:

    The Irving Gazette

  549. John Berry says:


  550. John Berry says:


  551. Gerard Gagne says:

    Don’t be fuelish, read the Irving energy news!

  552. Wayne Robinson says:

    “Oil” The New That Matters!

  553. Vic Jensen says:

    Call it “Your Irving Report”… or ……” ThermoStatus”….

  554. Darlene Garland says:

    I think a good name for your newsletter would be:

    J. D. Irving Communiqué

  555. Shirley Cormier says:

    How about simply The Irving Insider…

  556. BOnnie says:

    “The Heat is On…with Irving!”

  557. Brian Johnson says:

    The name of the newsletter: “A Warm Community”

  558. Tammie Stammers says:

    “The Tanker” is my suggestion for the newsletter because its full of information!

  559. Kaye Taylor says:

    Fuelin Around with Irving

  560. Marianne McGraw says:

    Energize with Irv

  561. Wanda says:

    Energy Talks.

  562. ray zablaska says:

    irving energy,s newsl letter

  563. Major says:

    “The Irving Heat”

  564. Major says:

    “The Latest Heat”

  565. Peggy Plunkett says:

    Energy Matters

  566. Chuck Laufer says:

    “The Monthly Heater”

  567. Fred S says:

    Irving’$ $aving$ $en$e

  568. Clare Morash says:


  569. Jan says:

    newsletter title ideas:


  570. Enjoying Your Day With Irving

  571. Jerry Marshall says:

    The Voice of Irving Energy

  572. Barb Boss says:

    Fueling Knowledge
    or Fueling Advice

  573. Kathryn Stickney says:

    Refined Times

  574. Stewart says:

    “Irving Insights”

  575. jenna says:

    The Hearth and Home

  576. Judy says:

    FUELED, Irvinator or Irvination.

  577. Francis Lanzetta says:

    The Irving Informer

  578. penny says:

    Irving Energy Savings

  579. Jill Lessard says:

    Think Tank

  580. Pauline Michaud says:

    ‘Fuel for Thought’

  581. Lawrence Whitman says:

    The Irving Insider – Your Fueled Newsletter

  582. Wendy says:

    The Comfort Times

  583. Colette says:

    Warm Homes by Irving

  584. Diane says:

    Energy Times

  585. Larry Cotnoir says:

    ” Irving’s Energy Store Newsletter “

  586. iriving and the maritime newsletter

  587. ANNA ST ANGELO says:

    How about calling the newsletter “Warm-up”

    The fuel company that keeps you warm all season long.

  588. Richard says:

    Tank Talk

  589. Marilou Suchar says:

    My suggestion: IEI Irving Energy Insights

  590. Kevin Downey says:

    The Fuel Factorial

  591. Linda T. Luce says:


  592. Craig Finney says:

    Warmth Weekly or Warmth Monthly (depending on how often you publish)

  593. Saunders says:


  594. Dianne says:

    Community Comfort Connection

  595. joanne pullen says:

    Here’s Irving

  596. Randy C. says:

    Delivering the HEAT!
    on the top of the newsletter you could have an Irving delivery associate standing at the rear of a delivery truck at an angle holding the end of a oil hose and on the other side a truck at an angle with a deliery associate holding a propane hose.

  597. MV says:


  598. I love dealing with IRVING! I needed some more oil, & started talking to the man about the prices of oil, & he told me todays prices, but , he said at the end of the week, no gaurantee. I told him, GEE, I might run out by then. He goes, OK, we will come by in the morning, & gave me the same price for that day! Then he told me about this website! I learned a lot, & am very happy! I will be even happier if i win!!!! IRVING RAVES!

  599. Robert morton says:

    “Hot off the Press”

  600. john chroniak says:

    keeping warm

  601. Sally Shea says:

    “The Irving Energy Leader”

  602. Eunice Abaga says:

    “Warmth & Comfort”

  603. WIL ROSS says:


  604. Sally Shea says:

    Irving’s Servings

  605. Kitty WHELAN says:

    My suggestion for the name of the News Letter is: The Energizer or The Energizing News

  606. Matt Taylor says:

    “Crude Courier”

  607. JEFFREY NICHOLS says:


  608. Carole Titus says:

    “Irving Items”

  609. JEFFREY NICHOLS says:



  610. Alexander Nestervich says:


  611. andrea shaw says:

    All Warmed UP!

  612. Barbara says:

    Irving Energy Hot Topics

  613. Shuyuan Li says:


  614. Kathleen Ragonese says:

    Changing my initial idea: The warmth from (our) hearth, or Our warmth from the hearth.

  615. Ashley says:

    “Irving Edition”

  616. Judith Moar says:


  617. Lorie Gallant says:


  618. Judith Moar says:


  619. Judith Moar says:

    IRVING “101” NEWS

  620. Pierre Guitard says:

    ENERGIZE with Irving

  621. Doug Laffin says:

    ” Warm Views “

  622. Cozy up to Irving !

  623. Kathleen Ragonese says:

    The Warm and Comfortabile Life…

  624. Kathleen Ragonese says:

    Friendly fueled

  625. Howard says:

    Nozzle News

  626. Kathleen Ragonese says:

    Creating Comfort

  627. Dale says:

    The Tanker

  628. Kathleen Ragonese says:

    The Cozy corners

  629. Misty Macomber says:

    “Irving News, Keeping You informed”

  630. Kathleen Ragonese says:

    My submit for a newsletter title is: “The Warmest Hearth”

  631. Nicole DiDomenico says:

    The Heat Index

  632. Gerald Heffernan says:


  633. Another great name for your newsletter would be : “HOT NEWS AND VIEWS” from Irving Oil

  634. Brian Smth says:

    Fuel Lines 4 our time

  635. Norma Bellamy says:

    Irving Now

  636. Brian Smth says:


  637. I think the best neame for your newsletter would be: “HOT NEWS” from Irving Oil

  638. oliver wittasek says:

    Irving Energy Newsletter

  639. reggie says:


  640. Carol Crane says:

    Northeast News

  641. reggie says:

    call it “THE HEAT”

  642. Toni says:

    Fuel for Life

  643. Oksana says:

    (N-ews from I-rving F-uel T-o Y-ou)

  644. Colin Ogden says:

    The IrVine. So you can say you heard it through the Irvine.

  645. Bruce says:

    The title could be.

    The Daily Heat

  646. David Hall says:

    Irving Energy Northern news

  647. Anne says:

    ” The Irving World News” I feel it sounds important!

  648. Agnes Pomerleau says:

    Energy Facts

  649. Mellissa Maille says:

    “Hot Topics”

  650. Ian Strickland says:

    Irving Express

  651. John MacFarlane says:

    How about–“ATLANTIC HEAT” OR “IRVING ATLANTIC HEAT”. “ATLANTIC” gives the customer possession and a sense of home-Atlantic Canada , also the home of the company (St.John,N.B.) and “HEAT” speaks to home comfort,especially in wintertime.

  652. cmiele says:

    The Energizer

  653. tony hiscock says:

    fuel the mind with IRVING

  654. Carol Olwert says:

    Warmth Thoughts

  655. Chris Walker says:

    Warm thoughts.

  656. Donna Willis says:

    Hot Topics

  657. John Trumbull says:

    Fuelish Thoughts

  658. Joy Gaine says:

    Fuel News that You Can Use

  659. Mike says:

    Clean Energy Chronicle

  660. john says:

    The Irving Informer

  661. Nancy Bazin says:

    How about the “Irving’s Energy Monitor”!

  662. Tammy Cousino says:

    Hot Topics

  663. R. Monti says:

    I’d call it “The Fuel Line”

  664. Carol says:

    “Carbon Footprint”

  665. Dan Roisman says:

    A Serving of Irving!

  666. Jeremy Field says:

    Irving Info

  667. Mark Muise says:

    Tank Talk

  668. KAREN SHEPPARD says:

    My suggestion for your newsletter is:


  669. Karen says:

    The Roasty Toasty

    Irving Servings

    Irving…Where Warmth Matters

  670. Robert Bolus says:

    IRVING GasPropanOil

  671. Rizwan Nomani says:

    Warm Winter News from Irving

  672. Ernie Adsett says:

    The newsletter shall be “Hot off the Press”

    Ernie Adsett

  673. D Wilberg says:

    Irving’s Energy Flash

  674. Doris Bass says:

    Irving’s Hot Tips

    Irving’s Fuel Facts

    Irving’s Tank Topics

  675. Eric says:

    Irvings Energy Spotlight

    “Comprehensive news that effects all your future energy needs”.

  676. Laila Glanville says:

    May I suggest
    “The Irving Thermostat” …………The ultimate controller.

  677. Orman Davis says:

    The Comfort Zone

  678. Nancy Grant says:

    All Energy Gazette

  679. ERIC says:

    Irvings Energy Spotlight
    ” Comprehensive news that effects all your future energy needs”.

  680. Janet says:

    How about Tripple I’s

    Irving’s Informative Issues

  681. Linda McMullen says:

    “On Line with Irving”

  682. Caseydog603 says:

    My suggestion is “The Irving News Pipeline”

  683. Ray MacLellan says:


  684. Bill Brown says:

    Irving Relationships

  685. Mitzie Burger says:

    I think “Irving Energy” would make a great newsletter name

  686. david ryan says:

    home comfort news

  687. Peter McDonald says:

    Tanks Magazine

  688. Anne Pappas says:


  689. Mark Giordano says:

    Fuel Frontier

  690. Neva Stewart says:

    Irving Informant

  691. Margaret Ross Link says:

    “Joules and Pearls”
    “Hot Stuff”
    “The Meter Reader”
    “Hot Tips”

    those are a few. I will keep thinking.
    thanks for this challenge!
    Margaret Ross Link 24 North Peak Newbury NH

  692. Brigitte Giordano says:

    The Irving Venue

  693. Rachel Akerman says:

    “The Heat”

  694. Ralph Currie says:

    Energy Wise…..from Irving

  695. Jennifer B says:

    Fuel Facts & Fun

  696. Ralph Currie says:

    ‘Energy Wise’ from Irving

  697. nick H says:

    “spoils of oil”(title) staying warm in a cold world(catch phrase)

  698. nick H says:

    “Irving Oil Filter catching the news from the source”

  699. Mark says:

    The Well

  700. Rick says:

    “Irving Energy Newsletter”

  701. nick H says:

    how about “Warm thoughts an Irving Oil Newsletter”

  702. DG says:

    The Heat

  703. Mark says:

    The Pipe Line

  704. Frank says:

    My suggestion is ” Powerhouse”

  705. Troy says:

    Fueling Your Knowledge – Irving Energy

  706. Anita Clarke says:

    My name for the newsletter is Irving Light.

  707. nick H says:

    how about “Irving’s Heat Beat”

  708. Neva Stewart says:

    Irving – Making Life Comfortable

  709. Priscilla Bourgeois says:

    I chose “ECO Chat” as the name for the Irving newsletter.

  710. Tammra Kelleher says:

    “Irving’s Refining Times”
    From Our Family to Yours!

  711. Greg Russell says:

    “Irving Notes ‘n News”

  712. John says:

    I think a cute little title would be “Fuel Leaks”

  713. Stuart Nutter says:

    “The Irving Newsletter”

    Above is my submission to the contest.


  714. Wayne MacInnis says:

    Forward Glance

  715. Jamie Playfair says:

    “The Comfort Zone”

  716. Leanne says:


  717. Kevin Johnson says:


  718. Adam Harris says:

    “the Heat Beat”

  719. Mary L. Reed says:


  720. J n says:

    Fuel News

  721. Bob McMullen says:

    I think the best name for your newsletter would be
    Bob McMullen

  722. Robert Barasch says:

    “Warm Mornings”

  723. Steve Hickmore says:

    Irving E-Report Info-Share

  724. Kate Warner says:

    “The Irving Insight”

  725. Alex Schettino says:

    The Fuel Times

  726. Jordan says:

    “Your Source”

  727. John Lyons says:

    newsletter suggestion: The Comfort Connection

  728. elena says:

    How about irvings engery news




  731. michelle says:

    Customer Connection

  732. Hugh R. Diggins Sr. says:

    The “Irving Energy Informer”

  733. Hugh R. Diggins Sr. says:

    “The Irving Energy Informer”

  734. murdock j. burton says:

    Irving Oil Heats.

  735. K T B says:

    Irving Insight

  736. Barbara Badger says:

    “Fuel for Thought”

  737. Jean says:

    “Irving Ease”

  738. Patty Bishop says:

    home comfort news

  739. Vic Jensen says:

    Newsletter Name : Thermantics or Therm-antics which , according to the Oxford Dictionary , means heating or producing warmth .

  740. Brenda says:

    The Latest Gas

  741. Gail Prince says:

    Irving on the go

  742. Gail Prince says:

    suggestion—“Irving” to go

  743. Christie says:

    “Hot off the Burner”

  744. Georgina MacDonald says:

    “The Energy Line”.

  745. Anna Caldwell says:

    Irving keeps your feet warm.

  746. Susan Boyce says:


  747. Irving Customer says:

    Home Comfort with Irving Fuels

  748. Judy Ashe says:

    Irving Ingenuity

  749. Marlene Caron says:

    How about…..FUEL-IT!

  750. Robert Dicks says:


  751. Susie Cross says:

    My suggestion for the name is “Energy Outlook”

  752. Jon says:

    Heat Exchange

  753. Jon says:

    Fuel for Thought

  754. Jon says:

    Energy Exchange

  755. morgan archer-shee says:

    The Irving Express

  756. Dale Ashfield says:

    “The Irving Heater”.

  757. Michel Robichaud says:

    ” Warm me up OIL “

  758. Goldie says:

    Tips & Trends

  759. Gary Camp says:

    Let’s Talk Irving Energy Saving’s

  760. Goldie says:

    How about….

    Tips & Trends…

  761. Gary Camp says:

    Let’s Talk Irving Energy Saving’s

  762. Eleanor Ryan says:

    My suggestion for the Newletter is

    The Irving Netletter
    From Our Home to Yours

  763. g.khan says:

    irving save enegy news

  764. robert dreher says:


  765. KT Snyder says:

    I think the name of the Newsletter should be “Hot off the Press”

  766. Richard Bottelli says:

    My nwesetter name suggestion is” Heating Headlines”

  767. Dave S. says:

    How about “Warm Thoughts” ?

  768. I submit the Irving Energy Interlink

  769. Mainer says:

    North Atlantic Energy Solutions

  770. Fred Probst says:

    “Hot Topics”

  771. Bernard Jansson says:

    “Irving Messenger”

  772. cathy willis says:

    Fuel Flyer


    Taking the word “NET” from NETWORK/NETWORKING/AND the word, NET, referring to the bottom line (as in the latest, most recent, updated company and energy information) and the word “LINE” from fuel LINE/gas LINE/pipe LINE/and the medium’s email: on-LINE, my submission is:

    “Irving Energy’s NETLINE”

    Thank you for this opportunity to brainstorm with Irving.

  774. Jane Naugler says:

    Call it – “Dependable Energy”

  775. Jane Naugler says:

    Dependable Energy

  776. Gerald Cooper says:

    Newsletter Name:

    – Sustainable And Value-based Energy

  777. Gerald Cooper says:

    Newsletter Name:



  778. deb russell says:


  779. Ellen says:


  780. jim says:

    1. ReNew(s) – As in renewable resources, sustainability
    2. Irving Insights
    3. Seventh Sense

  781. J. Guy Isabelle says:

    Irving Times

    “Home is Where the Heat is”

  782. I would name the newsletter to honor and remember the founder and his boundless energy and the name I suggest is


  783. Ian says:

    “The Full Tank”

  784. Kim says:

    From our house to yours

  785. LeRoy says:

    Save with The Irving Team .

  786. Lorraine Stewart says says:


  787. Carol McKenna says:

    Heat Flash

  788. The Energy Link says:

    The Energy Link—–that’s the title of the news letter I am submitting

  789. Bryan Dunne says:

    Warm News

  790. Maureen Grille says:


  791. Urszula Mansur says:

    Pumping Up Savings with Irving

  792. Mary Stevens says:

    Hot Stuff

  793. Faye Blenkhorne says:

    Name for newsletter:

    Current Energy News by Irving

  794. Josh says:

    Irving Oil – Summer Savings

    (and then “Winter Savings”, “Fall Savings”, and “Spring Savings”).

  795. Irving Energy Insights

  796. Ron Hrasna says:

    The Irving voice

  797. Mary Van Den Heuvel says:

    Love Irving Energy.

    My suggested name for your newsletter is “Tankfull”

  798. Mariah Mansur says:

    Serve up some fuel with Irving

  799. Claire Rivard says:


  800. Jason says:


  801. Woody Eckels says:

    “Energy Matters”

  802. Claire Rivard says:


  803. Deb sears says:

    The Irving Herald

  804. John w. Martignetti says:

    Energy Outlook.

  805. Uncle Irving Speaks

  806. Troy KIllen says:

    IE Weekly (Irving Energy Weekly)

  807. Kim says:

    Fuel facts monthly

  808. Ray Levy says:

    The Fuel Line

  809. James Worster says:

    Irvings Energy today

  810. Corinne says:

    News Splash

  811. Peter Hosker says:

    Fill’er up!!

  812. Dennis Kelley says:

    Irving News & Tips

  813. Carolyn Kemp says:

    Fuel Between the Lines

  814. Dennis Kelley says:

    Newsletter name suggestion: Irvings News & Tips

  815. Marilyn says:

    “Hot Stuff”

  816. John Schultz says:

    Warm Winter Times

    Irving Icemelter

    Hot off the presses

    The Heating News

  817. Catherine says:

    “Irving’s Cozy Corner”

  818. Hugh Sutherland says:


  819. Perry A Cousseau says:

    The Fuel Saver

  820. The IRVING Energy “Connection” Dispatch

    IRVING’S Energy and Service Bulletin
    (where the latest in savings and innovation is our goal)


  821. Marlene Thompson says:

    Tanks A Lot !

  822. Mary says:

    “Updates With Irving”

  823. Peter Hosker says:

    Fill ‘er up!!

  824. din seaver says:

    Online Irving Life (OIL)
    Irving’s Heating Oil, & Propane (HOP) Stop
    i-fuel update

  825. Lillian says:


  826. Melissa says:

    Irving Energy eNews

  827. Jill says:

    i.e. = that is, the news
    [with Irving Energy underneath the “i.e.”]

  828. Jean Clary says:

    The Irving Spotlight

  829. Stacey says:

    The Irving Informational
    Irving Insights

  830. Laurie Lee says:

    Monthly Maximizer

  831. Linda T. says:

    Ask Irv!

  832. Guy Theriault says:

    Irving Energy Peace of Mind Newsletter

  833. Kim Nickerson says:

    Irving there for consumers Newsletter

  834. Teresa says:

    1. Irving Intuitiveness
    2. Irving’s Words of Wisdom

  835. Tom says:

    The Irving Experience

  836. Linda McMullin says:

    “Fuel Up With friends ” with Irvings eco responsible newsletter.

  837. John says:

    The Energy Buzz

  838. Anthony Tremblay says:

    Topping Off

  839. Dawn says:

    Deserving IRVING

    Let’s stick together (economy based!)

  840. Linda McMullin says:

    How about “Fueling Up For Friends” with our Irving Newsletter

  841. Del says:

    Hot Topics
    from Irving

  842. Ed says:

    In the Heat of the Night

    Combustible News

  843. Dawn LeMay says:

    An IRVING Serving

    (list the areas you serve/ and then serve your customer with articles embellishing noteworthy stories and special savings ie. ‘dishes’ you’re offering each month)

  844. Dan Wright says:

    Irvings how to heat.

  845. John McKenzie says:

    The Irving Connection

  846. Jenster Mac says:

    The Monthly Gasket

  847. Scott says:

    Beat the Heat
    The Heat Beat

  848. KRISTEN says:


  849. Betsy Bowse says:

    Energy News

  850. The Irving BTU (Beneficial To You)

  851. Gary Bennett says:

    Irving “News and Views”

  852. Karin says:

    -Energetic Essence
    -Irving’s energetic Newsletter

  853. Dawn Hamilton says:

    Energy News and Solutions

  854. Ted Sobozenski Jr. says:

    “The Irving Solutions”

  855. Gary says:

    Irving – Pumping Energy Efficiency

  856. Alice Lohutko says:

    My entry in the name that newsletter contest –

    Hot Topics

  857. Steve Kenny says:

    In small type…”Here’s what” (optional)
    And in large bold type “Irving is Serving”
    It conveys what you wish to say: As a news letter it is serving you with the latest news from Irving. As a company It is who we are –
    Irving = serving.
    It just doesn’t get better than that!

  858. Tom Rogan says:

    “In the Heat of the Night”

  859. Kelly says:

    The Irving Perspective

  860. Bettyann Vakauza says:

    The Irving Warm-Up

  861. Heather says:

    The Monthly Irving: Fueling You Up with Information

  862. Grant says:

    Fuel for Thought

  863. Pat says:

    Irving Energizer Miser (your monthly guide to energy saving tips)

  864. Karin says:

    Irving’s Energetic news

  865. Tom Clifford says:

    Irving’s Energy Extra

  866. Jim Elliott says:

    “The Irving Enviro-friendly Informer”

    A nice ring…

  867. Gloria Beuree says:

    Our Daily Heat

  868. We have been receiving oil and furnace purchase and maintenance since 1959 and have been very pleased with the service and professional service persons maintaining our heating system.

  869. David says:

    Irving Fuelture News

  870. Mary Doud says:

    Irving Living

  871. bruce veinot says:

    Energy News

  872. Scott says:

    “The Motley Fuel”

  873. Hubert Robichaud says:

    Submit name (News Energizer).

  874. C. Clark says:

    Irving Energy Solutions

  875. James says:

    Irving Insider

    Warm Words

    Natural Gas News

  876. Jean says:

    Snuggle Up with tips from Irving

  877. Kenny Saxe says:

    EN-Irving News

  878. Steve says:

    Energy Matters

  879. Jean Black says:

    Jean says: Warm Heart and Hands

  880. randy haight says:

    Fuel Good News

  881. Ken Pokallus says:

    Energy Express

  882. Jon says:

    The Energy Source

  883. Paul Tesoro says:

    The Irving Warmup

  884. Jennifer says:

    Cozy Up

  885. Cliff.."Fuelistic" says:

    The above name for the upcoming nrewsletter is hereby submitted and that is “Fuelistic”

  886. janice duggan says:

    Irving Benchmark
    The Benchmark
    At Your Service
    Irving A Good Neighbour
    Irving The Extra Mile
    In Step with Irving
    Irving Our Promise

  887. Travis says:

    Irving Insider

  888. Tracy Werenka says:

    Down the Line

  889. Heather says:

    Irving Insider
    Irving Hot Spot
    Customer’s Corner

  890. MARY ANTLE says:


  891. Dave Campbell says:

    How about “The Comfort Zone”

  892. Mike says:

    The Pipeline

  893. Elaine Cliche says:

    As the fuel burns

  894. Tony Ferrara says:

    Warm Words

  895. Joyce says:

    Get Pumped!

  896. Mary O'Hara says:

    Fuel Digest
    Irving Fuel Digest
    Irving Monthly Fuel Digest
    Irving Fuel Intelligence
    What you need to know by Irving Fuels
    Keep Informed by Irving Fuels
    Irving fuels information network
    Fuel News by Irving

  897. Pat says:

    The Irving Energizer
    The Irving Inquirer

  898. Dennis Sharpe says:

    The Irving Advisor

  899. Cynthia Holden-Plummer says:

    Irving Energy News & Information
    Informational Tidbits from Irving Energy

  900. Sheila Chisolm says:

    Irving Gazette

  901. Vernon Pearce says:

    the refiner

  902. Heather D says:

    The Good Neighbor 🙂

  903. Wendy Fecteau says:

    Fuel for Thought
    Heat Speak

  904. Randy Gilby says:


  905. Diane Lewis says:

    Irving Energy News–Fueling Your Future!

  906. Jim Mithoefer says:

    1. As the Oil Flows.
    2. Straight From The Burner.
    3. From Canada With Love.
    4. Hot Tips From Irving.

  907. Cynthia Holden-Plummer says:

    Irving Energy News & Savings
    Share Information from Irving Energy

  908. Diane Lewis says:

    Irving Energy News–Fueling Your Future

  909. marielyford says:

    Irving keeps you going

  910. Paul O'Brien says:

    Newsletter Name; “Irving Informer’

  911. Michael says:

    Irving’s Big Read

    Full to the Brim

  912. Carol Nadeau says:

    I think the newsletter should be called “The Sizzler” as Irving just “sizzles” with energy efficiency and heating ideas. Other ideas: “Hot Stuff from Irvings” or “Irvings Heats Up New England” or “Irving’s Hot Flash” or “The Heat is On with Irvings”.
    Carol Nadeau

  913. Jerry Dandeneau says:

    how about the “HEATER”

  914. Sandra L. Spencer says:

    Hot Flash

  915. Angela says:

    The Heat

  916. Peter Fancy says:

    The Atlantic Key

  917. Neva Stewart says:

    IRVING – Making Life Comfortable


  918. Susan Hansen says:

    Irving Insights

    Irving Insights – Latest Industry News

    Irving Insights to Fuel Your Knowledge

    Irving Industry Newsletter

    Irving Insights and News

    Irving – Your Online Portal to Information and Savings

    Irving – Fuel for Thought Newsletter

    Irving Newsletter – Fueled with Knowledge

  919. Judy MacDonald says:

    Name of newsletter: Irving Serving You…

  920. Brad Goulet says:

    Irving Energy News

  921. Qi Cao says:

    torch in the winter-stay warm with irving

  922. Bonnie Sauter says:

    Irving Energy believes you should know
    “The Facts”

  923. Vernon Pearce says:

    “in from the cold”

  924. Brad Goulet says:

    Energy News From Irving

  925. susanne walsh says:

    Newsletter suggestion


  926. Bruce Carter says:

    Your Lifeline – Irving Newsletter

    Fill er up – Irving Newsletter

    Irving News – We fill , so you don’t feel no chill

  927. Carl Axelrod says:

    1/Irving Info
    2/The Irving Pipeline

  928. Cindy Foote says:

    Fueling the Future

  929. susanne walsh says:

    Tank Talk

  930. Julie Nelson says:

    My suggestions:
    High Energy
    High Energy News

  931. Margaret Hague says:

    “Mainely” Green

    The origin of the name IRVING comes from a town and river of the same name (IRVING) in Ayrshire Scotland, which means “Green Water”.

  932. Karla Chappell says:

    ” Heat & A News Treat “

  933. Bas de Leeuw says:

    “The World According to Irving”

  934. Bruce White says:




  935. Brian Sayers says:

    The Pipeline

  936. david lariviere says:

    “oil savings and tips” from irving

  937. Kelly Bushey says:


  938. Brian Sayers says:

    Here’s a few ideas:

    “Irving Energy Dispatch”
    “Irving’s Digital Dispatch”
    “Irving Energy Advisory” or “The Energy Advisory” or “The Irving Advisor”
    “Irving’s Fuel Facts”
    “The Irving Fuel Flash”
    “Conservation Conversations”

  939. K. York says:

    Irving Innovations

  940. Eric Werner says:

    Irving News

  941. Thomas Goyette says:


  942. Mel Gallant says:

    When I think of Irving, I think: energy, environment, innovation, Atlantica, customers. When I think of the geography, I think of a strong French-speaking presence. When I think of the newsletter, I think: news, tips, advice, tidbits, fun. This is obviously ‘way too much for a snappy title. Therefore, I propose:

    The Irving Ener-Source; or Irving’s Ener-Source; or Irving: Ener-Source;

    or, simply: The Source / La Source

    – Mel

  943. John Berry says:

    Irving’s Heatwave

  944. Mary Doud says:


  945. John McKenzie says:

    Suggested names for the Irving Newsletter:

    Irving Insider


    The Irving Connection (Connection to the people, oil and gas line connections )

  946. Rob Ruppel says:

    I like:
    Comfort Food
    Hot Stuff

  947. suzie mclean says:


  948. Kurtis H. Coleman says:

    Irving Feulish News

  949. Marianne Munjone says:

    “Irving Ignites the News” “Irving Fuels the News”
    “Irving Dispatch News on Fuel” and “The Transmitter of News.”

  950. Dawnna Smith says:

    F= FUEL
    L = LIST

  951. Nancy Paquette says:

    Inside IE

  952. g.khan says:

    my name is” irving energy saver”

  953. Doug allen says:

    suggested name:

    BTU 2 U

  954. Kazuo Shimizu says:

    “Fundy Handy”

  955. amy hardy says:

    Fueling News
    What’s New With Irving Energy

  956. Michael Payson says:

    Proposed Title:
    “Some Like it Hot”

  957. Tamara Morgan says:

    “Fuel for You”
    “Irving Energizer”
    “Fuel Up!”
    “The Catalyst”
    Irving’s “Hot News”
    “The Flame”
    “Natural Gas”

  958. Peter Ericson says:

    Home Comfort News

  959. Tom Colp says:

    I suggest “The Irving Oilcast”

  960. Hunter Yager says:


  961. Andi Axman says:

    How about “The Irving Pipeline”?

  962. Patricia Wheeler says:

    Hot News

  963. Sue Dobbs says:

    The Deliverer

  964. John Reid says:

    ‘Fuel Details’

  965. Mike Benard says:


  966. you could also just call it

  967. Mark Dantos says:

    Proposed Newsletter Title:

    Distilled Ideas from Irving

  968. Robert C Chambers says:

    The Irving Buzz

  969. Ron Mac Donald says:

    How about “IRVIEWS” as title?

  970. Pat Ivey says:

    Irving Energizer or Irving Inquirer

  971. Denice Gagne says:

    The Irving Chronicle

  972. paul says:

    irving keeping it simple

  973. Shane Audette says:

    The Irving Invite

  974. Mike Ryan says:

    ” The Pipeline ”
    News and Views from Irving

  975. Pat Ivey says:

    The Erving Energizer or The Irving Inquirer

  976. A M Denver says:

    Warm Tidings

  977. David Grosse says:

    Energy Matters- from Irving Oil

  978. Susan Rann says:

    The Jed Report….

    as in Jed Clampett 🙂

  979. Francis Pineau says:

    Irving Items of Interest (III)

  980. Jodie says:

    ” Fuel For Thought .. Online”

  981. Maralyn Ralph says:

    How about,” The Irving Comfort Zone” that cover both gas and oil.

  982. Carla Arsenault says:

    Energy Insights

  983. Rob Ruppel says:

    ‘Comfort Food’ or ‘Hot Stuff’

  984. Rob Caron says:

    Warm Thoughts from Irving…..or….Think Heating….

  985. Beverly Pappas says:

    Energy – your way

  986. Pat Ivey says:

    Irving’s Think Tank

  987. Anton Gorjans says:

    Fuel for Thought

  988. Tom Doran says:

    How about—–” Heating Trends”

  989. Amy Fowler says:

    Irving SIrvings- Helpful hints for Energy Usage and Conservation
    or just SIRVINGS- The heating newsletter serving you, our valued customers.

  990. Karen Harrison says:

    “Irving Update”

  991. Rob Caron says:

    Warm Feelings from Irving…..or….Let’s Talk Heating

  992. Les Chosed says:


  993. William Abbott says:

    “Irving Energy Times”
    “Irving Energy Examiner”
    “Energy Matters”


  995. Judy Burgess says:

    Warm thoughts from Irving

  996. bernise cole says:

    Information and savings by Irving energy. (Or quarterly)

  997. Ruth Brunault says:

    Irving News Gazette

  998. Susan Parker says:

    Irving’s Hot News

  999. Mary Anne Stillman says:

    Irving Energy Insights (logo) Ignite Your Mind

  1000. Lucila Lloyd says:


  1001. Trudy Spooner says:

    The Think Tank

  1002. Daniel Bevin says:

    Giving R Energy

  1003. Sally-Travis Scott says:

    suggestion for Newsletter name “Fuel for Thought”

  1004. Linda Irving says:

    suggestion for Newsletter name “Fuel for Thought”

  1005. Kenneth Shewmaker says:

    “Always There:” Irving Oil.

  1006. Sally-Travis Scott says:

    enter the contest for free oil the name of new letters “As The Oil Burns”

  1007. Marti Fischer says:

    Fuel Lines

  1008. Real Chiason says:

    We live in a period of electronic communications. We have papers named ” Times ” “Telegraph ” Globe and Mail ” ….Why not have one named ” Webber ” So this is why I suggest the name of your Newsletter could be ” Irving Webber ” or ” Irving Webber’s ” This is a newsletter on the Web.

    Real Chiasson
    Client since 1961

  1009. phyllis buck says:

    what about: “Irving Serving News”

  1010. Tanya Boudreau says:

    Irving Energy
    Hot Tips and Cool Topics

  1011. Steve Miller says:

    The Energy Zone

  1012. Shirley Leslie says:

    My entry-The Oil Line

  1013. David Grosse says:

    “Energy Matters”- from Irving Energy

  1014. Ed Lawrence says:

    Fuel the Fire
    Feed the Fire

  1015. catherina bannon says:

    Warm and Cozy

  1016. Woody Eckels says:

    Energy Matters

  1017. Heidi Brown says:

    Warm and Informed

  1018. Ed Lawrence says:

    Feed the Fire
    Fuel the Fire

  1019. Kelly Arrison says:

    The Home Comfort Journal

  1020. Eugene Saul says:


  1021. Laurie Eager says:

    Fuel News

  1022. Virginia Mangiaracina says:

    Warm thoughts

  1023. Pat Ivey says:

    Irving’s Fuel Cents
    Irving’s Fuel Sense

  1024. Virginia Mangiaracina says:

    Warm Thoughts…………………

  1025. William ladd says:

    Irving Energy’s Monthly TIP (TALK IT UP)

  1026. Jim Platt says:

    Irving’s B2U

    (A bulletin highlighting a variation of BTU–get it?)

  1027. clifford stowers says:

    Warm News

  1028. Woody Eckels says:

    How about “Energy Matters”?

  1029. Ron Mac Donald says:

    How about “IRVIEWS” as the Newsletter title?

  1030. Stephen Wheeler says:

    Irving Insight or Irving Insider

  1031. Marilyn Gilbert says:

    How about:

    Irving Community Read
    DDS delivery,service,savings

  1032. Betty Martin says:

    Heat Wave

  1033. Ruthie Luck says:

    Fueling your Mind by Irving

  1034. How about” LET’S GET COZY”

  1035. David and Sharon Kay says:

    Possible names for your new Newsletter:

    “INSIGHTS from Irving”


    “Irving INSIGHTS”

  1036. Abigail Hambrook says:

    Iriving’s Hot News

  1037. Francis Lanzetta says:

    The Irving Insider

  1038. The Irving Informer says:

    Beverly J. Nixon

  1039. George Fairclough says:

    The Irving Oil Patch

  1040. Lynne Clough says:

    Irving Energy’s Hot Wire
    Irving Energy’s Hot Topics
    Irving Energy’s Warming Trends
    Warmest Regards, Irving Energy
    Irving Energy’s Fuel Flash

  1041. Laura Cone says:

    Fuel Facts

  1042. The Irving Gazette would be a good name.

  1043. Frank Leoncyk says:

    Keeping you warm

  1044. The Irving Gazette I think would be a good title.

  1045. Ken Henry says:

    Fuel For You

  1046. Jim Murwin says:

    How about “The Monthly Top Off”

  1047. Gail Gutterman says:

    Newsletter name :
    Prometheus Proposals

  1048. Debra Perkins says:


  1049. David and Sharon Kay says:

    Here’s another suggestion for the title of your new Newsletter:


  1050. Got Irving!
    Fill me up!

  1051. Tim Shenton says:

    Keeping You Warm

    – I was trying to get Gas into the name, but all of my ideas conjured up baked beans…

  1052. Judy Ciesielski says:

    How about the “The Irving Fuel Informer” or “The Irving Engergy Informer”?

  1053. Heather Porter says:

    The Heat Wave
    The Oil Globe

  1054. Lorna MacDonald says:

    suggested title Heated discussions ! Your online resource for everything energy

  1055. Heather Porter says:

    The Oil Output
    The Heat Wave
    The Energy Globe

  1056. Mark Nelson says:

    Supply Points

  1057. Glenn Derbyshire says:

    Irving’s-Fuel for Thought

  1058. Carol Longue MacDonald says:

    How about “The Heat from The Beat”

  1059. max eaper says:

    Warming Trends

  1060. Tami says:

    Irving Energy Heating News

  1061. Lindsey Fraser says:

    The Irving Informant

  1062. Ed Lawrence says:

    Fuel the Fire

  1063. D Putnam says:

    Top it OFF

  1064. Arthur LeClair says:

    My entry is “Fuel For Thought”

  1065. David and Sharon Kay says:

    Our suggestion for the name of your new Newsletter:


  1066. Gillian Kugel says:

    How about “Petroleum Patter” or “Petro Patter” or
    “Oil Gusher”

  1067. Bess Brackett says:

    Tank Up

  1068. Amy Margolis says:

    Energy Today
    Energy News Now
    Straight Talk/Fuel Talk

  1069. Mary Sweeney says:

    I’m thinking “The Enerwiser” or perhaps “TankTips”. Thnak you.

  1070. “Fuel For Thought”
    “Comfort Fuel”
    ” the heat goes On”

  1071. Amy Margolis says:

    Energy Today
    Energy Matters
    Straight Talk/Fuel Talk

  1072. Gillian Kugel says:

    “Petroleum Patter” or
    “Gusher Info”

  1073. John A King says:

    IrVine News: “Heard it through the Irvine”

  1074. Tom Tewhey says:

    Fuel School

  1075. Lorraine Taylor says:

    Since you boast home comfort what about ‘The Comfort Zone- from Irving Energy’

  1076. Doris Bussiere says:

    “Fuel for thought”
    “Hot News”
    “Comfort Fuel”

  1077. R Mason says:

    newsletter name suggestion: I E N…
    Irving Energy Newsletter

  1078. Michael Ferris says:


  1079. Irvings News_ this covers all aspects

  1080. Sue Salsman says:

    Fuel Line

  1081. Shelby Lang says:

    “The Irving Igniter”
    “All Fired Up”

  1082. Carol Cook says:


  1083. Ian Grainger says:

    Name: I-FUEL

    An acronym for Irving’s Free User Energy Letter.


  1084. Walter Cunningham says:

    The Irving Monthly

  1085. Jason Broussard says:

    What’s hap-Irving? OR Irving Talk

  1086. kim lohnes says:

    The Oil Slick

  1087. Jan Rosen says:

    The Crude Facts

  1088. Mary Sweeney says:

    I am thinking “The Enerwiser” or perhaps “TankTips”

    Thank you.

  1089. Wendy LeClair says:

    How about “Fuel For Thought” ?

  1090. Patrick says:

    Irving Energy Power Periodical

  1091. Barb says:

    The Irving Argus

    The Irving Oil Argus

    Fuel Today

    Noteworthy Fuel Facts

    ION (Irving Oil Newsletter)

    The Gas Gazette

    The Oil Archive

    The Irving Report

    The Irving Review

  1092. mPecor says:

    Savings for warmth

  1093. shirley bertin says:

    irving exclusive

  1094. Cathie Robski says:

    “Catch the Heat” is my suggestion to name the Irving NewsLetter

  1095. Myrtle Corkum says:

    “Fuel Notes” or “Irving Fuel Notes”

  1096. Kristen says:

    “Hot Topics
    …a few drops of information to fill your tank”

  1097. andy Petrin says:

    “The Irving Comforter”

  1098. Bryan Turnbull says:



  1099. Lisa Arnold says:

    “Energy Today”

  1100. Josh Arnold says:

    How about . . . “News about Fuels” or “Irving Times” or “The Humdrum Oil Drum” (jk)

  1101. Donna Lizotte says:

    Irving Energy Newsletter

  1102. Kenny Saxe says:


  1103. Bon says:

    Fuel for Thought

  1104. Ron says:

    Irving Fuel Times

  1105. Paul Foote says:

    My entries:

    1. Irving Insights
    2. Irving Energy Newsletter (Boring, I know. But it tells people exactly what it is.)

  1106. SUE says:


  1107. J. B. Nowell says:

    Hot Stuff

  1108. lisa walsh says:

    Irving Fuel Facts

  1109. Doris Wells says:

    “The Irving Energizer” is my suggestion to name the Irving Newsletter.

  1110. Susan Angel says:

    Irving Echo (Echo being hearing something come back to you)

  1111. nmillerpeterson says:


  1112. Sundee says:

    The Heat is On

  1113. roxie davis says:

    I think a neat name for the newsletter would be


  1114. Anne K. says:

    Warm Thoughts

  1115. Serena says:

    “Hot thoughts and Cool tips”

  1116. john coldwell says:

    comfort news

  1117. Dr. Khalil Al-Mughrabi says:

    Energy Smart

  1118. Irving's Best says:

    Irving’s Best

  1119. Stan Norsworthy says:

    Fuel for Thought

  1120. Name sugestion

    Irving’s Fuel Bits

  1121. Lori Moeykens says:

    Irving & You

  1122. Katy Archambault says:

    Hot Topics

  1123. Joe says:

    How about
    Warmly Yours
    That warm feeling

  1124. John says:

    The Irving Energy Watch

  1125. Katy Archambault says:

    My suggestion is….Here’s What’s Hot

  1126. Erin says:

    Fuel Talks or
    Irving Community or
    Irving Info or
    Irvinfo or
    Fuel Fodder or

    Thanks Irving, you seriously are better than your competitors!

  1127. Kelly Mace says:

    Liquid Gold

  1128. Serena says:

    “The Times and Tanker”
    “Energize your Thoughts”

  1129. Gerry Posanka says:

    “Irving’s Heat of the Month Bulletin”

  1130. Kelly Woodward says:

    The Irving Serving

  1131. Ray Cote says:


  1132. KW Bennett says:

    Irving In Touch

  1133. karen Macrury-sweet says:

    my suggestion is The Hot Oil times

  1134. Julie Herrick says:

    “The Generator”

  1135. Steve Mosbey says:

    I would suggest a few titles

    1. The Heating News from Irving
    2. The Fuel Insight – Irving
    3. The Irving E-notes Express

  1136. D Lovegrove says:

    Home Fires

  1137. Rachel Barenbaum says:

    Heat Beat
    Refuel Your Tank

  1138. Richard says:

    “Cosy Home Newsletter”

  1139. Margo McClure says:

    Irving Power Report

  1140. Barbara B says:

    IRVING “Worry Free” Times (Similar to New York Times)

  1141. ANITA L CHADDERTON says:


  1142. Sandie Barton says:

    The Irving Energizer! (Unlike the Bunny!!)

  1143. R Gordon says:

    Fuel for Thought

  1144. B D Haley says:

    I think perhaps ‘The KC Times’ would be a good name for the newsletter. Lets everyone know where the brand started. It could maybe feature a small photo or drawing of KC Irving on the mast-head of the letter itself.
    Thanks for the opportunityn to participate

  1145. T. Didehbani says:

    A Serving of Irving…

  1146. Doug Smith says:

    “crude” facts

  1147. Seth says:

    The Irving Top Off
    The Irving Fueler
    The Irving Pipeline

  1148. Deirdre Furtado says:

    what about:

    Gas O Lines



  1149. Thomas Weston says:


  1150. Flora Gillis says:

    IRVING Energy – Future Energy Today

  1151. Christina Waters says:

    The “Promise” Review

  1152. Carolyn Bembridge says:

    Irving News – from our House to Yours

  1153. Susan DePopolo says:

    How about “Irving Energy News” or “Energy News”

  1154. evelyn peters says:

    I suggest this name. Irving

  1155. William Higgins says:

    The Heat

    The NE Heat

  1156. gregg faber says:

    Energy Matters

  1157. Celia says:

    Fuel for Thought

    Fueling Ideas

  1158. Stephen Harrigan says:


  1159. Keith Akerley says:

    The Irving Oil Energy Info-News-Tips

  1160. Chris Evans says:

    Run With Irv!

  1161. Ed Knapp says:

    Here are a few suggestions for a title:

    Irving’s Servings

    Oily News

    At Your Service

    Inside Irving News

    Warm Thoughts

  1162. Susan DePopolo says:

    How about “Irving Energy News”or “Energy News”

  1163. Celia says:

    Fuel for Thought

  1164. Bob says:

    “Hot Stuff”

  1165. Stan Veinot says:

    Irving at the top

  1166. Chris says:

    Irving Connect

  1167. Tracey McAskill says:

    How about ” Irving Insight”?

  1168. Nancy Bean says:

    Energy Matters

  1169. Margaret says:

  1170. Robert Baier says:

    Fuelish News by Irving

  1171. Sheila Lilley says:

    IRVING at your SERVICE! Sales and Service to Satisfy your energy needs.

  1172. Stacey Cool says:

    The Petro Press
    The Irving Insider

  1173. Beth Dermody says:

    Fuel Forum
    An Irving Newsletter

  1174. Esther Prosser says:

    I like ….Irving Says or Irving Energy Says ……

    I don’t know about the newsletter name but I would like to hear the old advertising ditty from the 60’s…Irving stove and fuel oil keep your feet from freezing,Irving stove and fuel oil keep your nose from sneezing.,It may snow for 90 days,might even snow forever ,but with a good supply of Irving Oil ,you can beat the weather….the kids on my bus laugh their heads off when I sing this to them ….

  1175. Don Norman says:

    How about the
    The Irving Informant

  1176. W. White says:

    How about:
    Fuel Of Comfort

  1177. Daryl Albert says:

    Energy Up

  1178. Denis Rioux says:

    Grab there attention with:

    “Save with Irving News”

  1179. Otelah says:

    “On Delivery” news from Irving

  1180. Kimberly McCall says:


  1181. Nickolet Simpson says:

    Lets try. Irving’s EnewsGY (twist on energy and news)?

  1182. Bruce Goldsmith says:

    *** Irving Fueled News ***

  1183. Bruce Wilson says:

    The Scoop (which you would send headed by “Here’s The Scoop)

  1184. I like “The Irvingway”

  1185. K White says:

    Irving “Ease” News
    Irving Energy Rant

  1186. Devon Pitt says:

    My suggestion would be the:

    IRVING Beaver

    This is Irving’s emblem.

  1187. Comfort Times says:

    “the Comfort Times”

  1188. Norma McDonell says:

    Energy Essentials

  1189. Cindy Perry says:

    Here’s a few ideas for the newsletter title:
    THE FOSSIL (you could come up with some cool logos for this one!)
    The Fume
    Irving Fumes
    The Irving Fume
    Fireside Chat
    The Hearthside
    The Irving Intelligence (with ‘The Irving’ in small letters, and ‘Intelligence’ in larger letters)
    What’s Cooking

  1190. Sylvie Pomerleau says:

    Keeping you warm

  1191. Cheryl Olson says:

    My entry for the newsletter name is: HEAT WAVE

    Our account is under the names of David Boyer and Cheryl Olson

  1192. Diane Blaha says:

    Irving Advice
    Irving Ignites
    Energy Connections
    Irving Connections
    Irving Intelligence
    Insights from Irving

  1193. S Morin says:

    The Top Off

  1194. Robert Beauchamp says:

    Irving Horizons

  1195. Daniel Cormier says:


  1196. Stephen osman says:

    Oily news

  1197. BJ Church says:

    Irving’s Hotspot

  1198. George Buchanan says:

    In the Tank
    From the Tank
    The News Refinery

  1199. Debra Hall says:


  1200. Judy Brett says:


  1201. Beatrice Delaney says:

    “Fuel for Thought”
    Latest news, updates, tips and customer information from your friends at Irving.

  1202. briana driscoll says:

    The upper valley is very much about the community.. I would call it “The Irving Community” or “The Irving Community News”

  1203. The upper valley is very much about the community.. I would call it “The Irving Community”

  1204. Cindy Jarvis says:

    Fuel the fire

  1205. M. Asselin says:

    Hey Neighbor!

  1206. G Greene says:

    Warmly Yours

  1207. Erin says:


  1208. Smanson says:

    Irving Tips and Tricks

  1209. Mary says:

    Tank Talk

    The Heating Heads-up

  1210. amy says:

    Inside Energy

    Powerful Info

  1211. Doug D. says:

    Irving’s Timely Top-Off

  1212. Krista Sanford says:

    My suggestion is


  1213. Dawnomah Dubois says:

    The Irving Express

  1214. Carol Ciarla says:

    Irving Imprint

  1215. Deborah Manning says:

    Hot News

  1216. The Hot and Cold of the Irving Oil.

  1217. Gwen Desamarais says:

    My name would be : Irvings Green Bridge Companion

  1218. Naomi Claggett says:

    The Heat Is On

  1219. rhoda mandell says:

    Irving Fuel Up

  1220. Carol Crane says:

    “Fuel for Thought”

  1221. Stephen Kroll says:

    How about “The Energy Gazette”.

  1222. Christine Hamel says:

    “Beat the Heat”

  1223. VNB says:

    Irving News

  1224. Kevin Hughes says:

    The Irving Home News

  1225. Aaron says:

    The Globle and Fuel

  1226. Cynthia Davis says:

    1 Helping Hands

    2. Place an X over the Ir, above or below it place a Gi, and add the words “You the Latest.” It would read as though it said “Irving – Giving You the Latest.”

    3. Focus on Fuel

  1227. Scott says:

    Fuel Facts
    Energy Wise

  1228. Barry Arseneau says:

    Irving Image

  1229. Sherry Dixon says:

    The Cozy Review

  1230. Anne Rising says:

    How about IRVING IN THE KNOW

  1231. Dick Salcito says:

    My choice would be “Fuel for Thought”, which is a parody for “Food for Thought”. Another might be…”Energy Insights”…”Irving Insights”…”Energy Matters”

  1232. Kathy Arseneau says:

    Irving Imprint

  1233. Terry Middleton says:

    How about “Warm Tidings” or
    “The Heat”

  1234. michael kennedy says:

    “The Irving Difference”

  1235. michael kennedy says:

    “The Iriving Difference”

  1236. David Bruce says:

    Fueling Your Energy

  1237. Tammy Craig says:

    The Irving Informer

  1238. Pat Barrette says:

    How about:
    Click, Save and Learn by Irving Oil
    Save with Irving e tips

  1239. Tim Dauphinais says:

    Not sure if this was submitted

    The Irving Express

  1240. D. Brink says:

    Irving Notes

  1241. Betty Gilpin says:


  1242. Paul Terrio says:

    The Pipe-Line

  1243. Darlene Spears says:

    Irving Energywise

  1244. Tracy Dickerson says:

    Energy Horizons

    Expanding Energy Horizons

    Irving: Expanding Energy Horizons

  1245. Mark Anibal (NH) says:

    How about something simple like ” Irving: Trends, Tips, & Savings”

    Another title might be ” Irving: Cashing in on the savings”

    A radical title might be ” Irving: The definitive Fuel Choice”

  1246. Rick Draper says:

    How about “Fuel for Thought”

  1247. Marty Hebert says:

    Irving Energy
    “Staying warm and informed” (make this italicized)

  1248. Kim Cornish says:

    My Irving News

  1249. Brenda Shepard says:

    Heat Assurance or Ensure Heat

    The Freeze Zone!!

  1250. claudine wallace says:

    Flashy and simple ,like ” IRVNEWS ” or ” IRV-NEWS “

  1251. Sean says:

    how about Irving eNews

  1252. Jacques says:

    How about Supreme Heat!

  1253. claudine wallace says:

    Something simple and flashy , like “IRVNEWS ” for example .

  1254. Mary Teti says:

    “The Heater”

  1255. beth Billington says:

    We don’t fuel around!!!!!

  1256. Lori Abelman says:

    The Green Times

  1257. Mick Bulmer says:

    Hot Stuff!

  1258. Virginia Palmer says:

    “Always on Watch for You”

  1259. Dwight says:

    Got Gas?

  1260. C Gelinas says:

    My suggestions are:

    Go and Save!
    Irving Energy Info!
    Fun with Fuel!
    Irving Cares!

  1261. Laura Wallace says:

    Irving Connections

  1262. Trish Littlefield says:


  1263. Kathleen Hayes says:

    Rise Up with Irving Energy

  1264. Marge Devine says:

    I submit the name: Irving’s “Heat Beat” as the name of your newsletter.

  1265. Karolina G Wasson says:

    Fuel-to-Go News

  1266. M Smith says:

    The Irving Energizer!

  1267. Knowledge is Power (fuel & you) says:

    Short and to the point

  1268. Carmen Bailey says:

    Name the Newsletter: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  1269. Janet MacAulay says:

    “Maritime Warmth”

  1270. A. Kilgore says:

    The Oil Rag (Rag being a synonym for Newspaper/Journal)

  1271. K Smith says:

    Energy Connection… connecting our customers with news, information and topics of interest

  1272. Jt McDonald says:

    The Warm Feeling

  1273. Richard LaPlante says:

    Irving Informer

  1274. david duchesne says:

    fuel run-down

  1275. George Feneis says:

    THE Irving Way

  1276. david duchesne says:

    the energy bulletin

  1277. june rice says:

    Irving Delight News

  1278. K Piotrowski says:

    “The Irving Energy Fuelsletter”

  1279. david duchesne says:

    Irving’s oil announcements

  1280. Jim Bridge says:

    The Irving Informer

  1281. I thing it should be called The Irving Informer

  1282. Fred Schlabach says:

    The Heat Source

  1283. david duchesne says:

    the heat is on

  1284. Dan Banks says:

    Irving’s Open Access

  1285. david duchesne says:

    can you take the heat?

  1286. ” The Irving Flow”

    It just rolls off your tongue

  1287. Tracy Richards says:

    Irving Informer

  1288. E Deshaies says:

    i.e. news

  1289. Craig Skelton says:

    IRVING Fuel for thought

  1290. Richard Barany says:

    Check the fuel news with Irving.

  1291. scott b anton says:

    NRG Almanac

  1292. Chad Brake says:

    Comfort Connection

  1293. Tyler Guazzoni says:

    Fill ‘er up

  1294. Anne Paris says:

    “Warm Thoughts”

  1295. Mike Milne says:

    “Irving Energy Update” Short and simple, but to the point.

  1296. Renee Lecaroz says:

    house warming news

  1297. Renee Lecaroz says:

    Filling you in!

  1298. David Mercer says:

    My suggestion would be “Comfort Zone”

  1299. Renee Lecaroz says:

    News that Fuels!

  1300. Lisa Milchman says:

    Hot News from Irving

  1301. Glenn Mottau says:

    “Irving Pipeline”

  1302. Tim Chick says:

    The Irving Insight

  1303. Beverly L Prescott says:

    Friendly Comfort

  1304. Laura Whitcomb says:

    Home Comforts eNews
    Energy information from your friends at Irving

  1305. Susan D. Cripps says:

    The Heat Beat

  1306. Cheryl Chase says:

    I like:

    Irvings Tips & Savings

  1307. Jonathan Hopkins says:

    “Comfort Pipeline”

  1308. Energy Edition
    Fuel Facts
    Got Fuel?

  1309. T.Hofmann says:

    I thought of a couple:
    Energy Matters
    Oily Matters
    Irving Energy News

  1310. Marc Chabot says:


  1311. Cheryl says:

    How about:


  1312. Ryan Braze says:

    I think the news letter should be called Irving “Hot off the Press”.

  1313. mark aubin says:

    “Fuel for your FIRE”

  1314. Virginia Whitten says:

    My suggestion for the newsletter is “The Energy Star”

  1315. Al Hamilton says:

    energI info

    Use the Irving capital I – the lettering in blue encompassed with the red Irving logo

  1316. K,Brown says:


  1317. Mary Cantlin says:

    Warm Thoughts

  1318. Katie Kenworthy says:

    Irving Insider

  1319. Toni White-Goodridge says:

    The Current

  1320. Pauline Gosselin says:

    Fuel Talk
    Heating Up
    Irving’s Newsletter

  1321. C Meehan says:

    For the name of the newsletter:
    Energy Lines

  1322. Frank Hart says:



  1323. Bruce Tasker says:

    IRVING ENERGY INSIDER—” Progress in Energy”

  1324. Laurie Berthiaume says:

    “Savers!!Savers!! Read All About it!!

  1325. Sharon Verge says:

    Irving ,Ready to roll in Service /or news.

  1326. Stephanie Blackman says:

    The Petroleum Gazette

  1327. Paul Jewers says:

    How about the “filler-inner”?

  1328. Kristi Menter says:

    “The Fueler”

  1329. Fred Bedard says:

    “The Sorce”
    Moving towards a Warm future together.

  1330. JASON EVANS says:


  1331. Roy Martel says:

    Irving Energy Adviser

  1332. Elise Hug says:

    The Irving Pipeline

  1333. Roy Martel says:

    Irving Energy Insider

  1334. Joseph Carrier SR. says:

    IEN Newsletter

  1335. Brian Pattie says:

    The Energist

  1336. Paul Richardson says:

    Home Comfort

  1337. Sue Jones says:

    The Irving Express

  1338. Derek Levin says:

    My suggestion for your name.


  1339. Debra MacArthur says:

    Fill up with all the Irving news, don’t be fuelish!

  1340. Sharon Buck says:

    ” The Refueler” Newsletter

    “With Warm Regards from Irving”

    “Comforting Words from Irving”

    “Irving Has More Energy to Burn”

    “Warmth to Live By”

    “The Pilot Light”

  1341. Carmen Hunter says:

    The Energizer

  1342. Sam nasralla says:


  1343. Sharon Buck says:

    ” Warm Words from Irving Energy” Name for Newsletter

  1344. David barretto says:

    Irving info

  1345. Sharon Buck says:

    Name for Irving Newsletter:

    “Irving Issues”

  1346. Michael Morin says:

    ” The IRVING Insider “

  1347. Mary B Boisvert says:

    Irving Efficiency

    The Irving Advantage

    The Irving OPD Home Blessing

    The Irving Source

    Irving-Environmental Logic

  1348. Philip MacVicar says:

    “Energy Editor”
    “Energy Audit”
    “Fuel for Thought”
    “Warm Feelings”
    “Home Delivery”
    “Hot Air”
    “Fuel Facts”
    “Energy Reporter”
    “BTU Broadcaster”

  1349. Sharon Buck says:

    Suggestion for Irving Newsletter Name: “Fuel for Thought”

  1350. Barry Boisvert says:

    The Irving Home Advantage

  1351. Mary B Boisvert says:

    Irving Efficiency

    The Irving Source

    The Irving Advantage

    The Irving OPD Home Blessing

    Irving- Environmental Benefits

  1352. Sydnee Boucher says:

    Irving’s Fire and Ice

  1353. Monica Landry says:

    Warm Thoughts

  1354. Kerry Gillard says:

    Getting Around with Irving
    Keeping you Informed ( Irving )
    Get Onboard with Irvings Tips & Trends
    Irving Comford Tips & Trends News Letter

  1355. psaunders says:

    Irving Express
    Irving Generator
    Irving Enterprise (synonym for energy)
    Irving Heater

  1356. Nathaniel Alvarez says:

    My suggestion for the naming of the newsletter is Irving & You.
    Thank you.

  1357. Pete Taussig says:

    Irving eNews
    Irving Blast
    Inside Irving
    Hot of the Press
    Instant Energy

  1358. Maurice Heller says:


  1359. p. chauvette says:

    Fuel Matters

  1360. Ron Currier says:

    The Irving Inquirer. Tips & suggestions on conserving energy & saving money. Comments, Tips & Questions from Customers Posted with answers.

  1361. Linda Hoover says:

    The Delivery
    The Fuel Line
    Heating News
    Energetic Times
    Heated Times

  1362. Roger Mier says:

    Fuel for thought.

  1363. D Gillis says:

    Fuel for Thought

  1364. Lee Krohn says:

    Irving Insights – keeping you warmed and informed

  1365. Monica Landry says:

    The Irving Oiler

  1366. A few suggestions:

    Irving Energy Journal
    The Energy Journal
    Irving Energy Review
    The Irving Review
    The Irving Initiative
    The Irving Report
    I.E. Joules (Irving Energy Joules)
    Irving News-to-Know
    I.E. Updates (Irving Energy Updates)
    Energy Updates
    Irving Works
    Irving Energy: Keeping You Warm, Saving You More

    Good luck to all!

  1367. danny nguyen says:

    Irving way of living

  1368. Susan blackburn says:

    “Heats Up” ……with Irving

    Irving Ink

    Irving infonews

  1369. April says:

    “Keep your nose from freezing” with Irving Stove and Fuel Oil.

  1370. steve g says:

    Cuel Fuel

  1371. FILL-UP NEWS


  1372. Steve Ramsay says:

    ‘Energize’ – ties tot he energy business theme and also carries a positive connotation on being action orientated as a result of the content within teh newsletter.
    Cheers, SR

  1373. J Driscoll says:

    Irving Tanks

  1374. L. Cote says:

    The Fuel Line
    Fuel Lines
    Energy Notes

  1375. Paul Wood says:

    Cosy clips newsbits or Cosy Clips and tip bits

  1376. Charles J. Eddy says:

    Name the Irving Oil news letter, “KC’s Corner” in honor of Irving Oil’s founder, Kenneth Colin Irving. Even though he’s departed, his legacy lives on…

  1377. Steve Ramsay says:

    ‘Energize’ – ties to the energy business theme and relevance but also give a positive brand feel associated with doing something as a result of the content it’s going to contain. Thanks ,SR

  1378. stephen giunta says:

    Fuel Tools
    Irv’s Fuel Tools
    Fuel Tools News

    The Fuel Patch

  1379. Maureen Guilfoyle says:

    Fuel Your Life

  1380. Christiane Green says:

    Positive Energy

  1381. Joseph Terrio says:

    Tell us oil about it, or,
    Telling us oil about it

  1382. Betty Jaworski says:

    Eyes on Irving Energy

  1383. Joan Zaia says:

    The Best of Irving—That should be your news letter heading

  1384. Jean Cote says:

    Fuel Facts
    Irving E-News

  1385. Stacy says:

    Hot Topics
    The Pipeline
    Fuel for Thought
    Tank You Notes
    The Heat
    Refining Thoughts
    Top of the Barrel
    High Octane

  1386. Joan Zaia says:

    The Best Of Irving

  1387. Jen Sylvia says:

    Heating Times
    Heated Times
    Time to Heat
    Heating Life
    The Hot Life
    Hot News

  1388. D. Schell says:

    Fueltastic from Irving

  1389. Stacy says:

    The Pipeline
    Hot Topics
    Fuel for Thought
    Tank You Notes
    The Heat
    Refining Thoughts
    Top of the Barrel
    High Octane

  1390. Sandy Sadja says:

    “Hot Stuff” From Irving

  1391. J crowley says:

    Irving Hotwire

  1392. Paulo Brilhante says:

    How about:” Fueling Around “

  1393. Paul Wood says:

    Irving ‘s “Cosy Tips”
    or Cosy Tips and clips

  1394. David R says:

    How about the Irving Star or the Irving Pilot ???

  1395. Wm & Suzanne Driscoll says:

    How’z about “Irving’s Warm News”

  1396. Dwight Allenson says:

    My suggestion for the name is

    “Heated Discussion”

  1397. Michel Noftle says:

    Serving Irving

  1398. Dawn Harsh says:

    Sneak-a- Peek Into Irving Heat

  1399. H Sweet says:


  1400. John DeCaprio says:

    Irving Insights

  1401. IRVINFO

    Actually – cancel the G on the existing logo and add red letters F O to the end.

    It Looks Great!

  1402. H Sweet says:


  1403. Jerry L. says:

    The fill-up

    The Tank

  1404. Janet Conrad says:


  1405. J.E. (Ted) Cole says:

    I would like to offer the suggestion for the Irving Newsletter: “N R G-Wise”
    N R G (energy) as an acronym could stand for News, Reviews & Games.

  1406. Ken Grillot says:

    My suggestion would be: The Irving Energy “Warming Glow”

  1407. Eddie O'Connor says:

    Irving – Warming your thoughts

  1408. S Morrison says:

    Fresh off the Oil Press
    Oil Press
    Energy Press
    Hot Press
    Hot Times

  1409. IRVINFO

    Take the Logo and add Red letters F & O to the exiting logo for IRVINFO

  1410. Tracy Dickerson says:

    Irving: Expanding Energy Horizons

  1411. barry garnick says:

    Irving Informer

  1412. Eddie O'Connor says:

    Irving Home News

  1413. Anthony J Daniels says:

    Newsletter Name Suggestion –
    Irving Insights

  1414. Eddie O'Connor says:

    Irving Home Herald

  1415. Robert Gage says:

    Irving BTU News

  1416. Eddie O'Connor says:

    Energizing your world

  1417. Emily Killinger says:


  1418. Eddie O'Connor says:

    Petroleum Provider

  1419. Melodee Guyette says:

    Fuel for Thought

  1420. Eddie O'Connor says:

    Patrons Provider

  1421. Grace DeSisto says:


  1422. Eddie O'Connor says:

    Fuel Thoughts

  1423. Greg MacKay says:

    Re: Irving Energy Contest

    Suggested Title: Irving’s Think Tank

    Rationale: Encouraging open dialogue about the industry,
    new technology, and news from the Irving family… With
    a clever “tank” reference thrown in

  1424. michael oconnor says:


  1425. Allan Berggren says:

    Name for newsletter:

    Warm mornings press.

  1426. Bob Curry says:

    Irving! Winter months with you is like being snug as a bug in a rug. And that ‘s a good thing. Keep the home fires burning. You folks do a great job, keep it going . BC

  1427. Marie Norton says:

    Irving, Fuel with a Smile!

  1428. Puissance Enlightened (energy informed)

    Underground Secrets

    Fossil Fables

    Tharr She Blows

    Just the facts.

  1429. Dan McCann says:

    The Irving Gas Connection or Irving Has Gas

  1430. Leonard Emery says:

    The Delivery

  1431. Ann Gilbert says:

    Warm Regards

    Fueled Again!

  1432. Peter Whiting says:

    How about “Fuel for Thought”

  1433. Lori Abelman says:

    The Green Times
    Energy Chronicles
    Greener Times

  1434. Carol Weingeist says:

    Energy & Heating Herald

  1435. Mike Turk says:

    How about:

    The Irving News Wire
    The Energy Wire

  1436. william l munson says:

    suggested title “We’ve got Energy!”

  1437. mike macinnis says:

    fuel for thought, oil!

  1438. Johann Tienhaara says:

    Beacons: Irving Energy News

  1439. MJ Turcotte says:

    Irving Serving

  1440. Connie Gaudet says:

    Warmer Times

  1441. T Ouellette says:

    “Irving’s News Servings”

  1442. Robert D. Fletcher says:

    Burning Questions and Powerful Answers

  1443. MJ Turcotte says:

    Irving Serving!

  1444. Norman says:

    “The Heat Exchange ” newsletter

  1445. T Ouellette says:

    my newsletter name entry is
    “Irvings News Servings”

  1446. lindsay says:

    Insight to Irving

  1447. Enid Chandler says:

    Newsletter Name Suggestion:

    Fill-up Times

  1448. Loralee O'Neill says:

    The Heat Beat from Irving or Time to beat the Heat

  1449. ronald pelchat says:


  1450. Top It Off says:

    this is RAndy and Sue Blaise of Windsor , Vt. 05089

  1451. Enid Chandler says:

    Newsletter Name suggestion:

    Fill-Up Times

  1452. Jeannette Bursey says:

    Irving Fuel Log
    Fuel World
    Fuel is the Word
    Heating it up

  1453. Eddie O'Connor says:

    You matter to Irving

  1454. Mark Frattarola says:

    How about Fuel Lines?

  1455. P Miller says:

    Energy News

  1456. Wayne Keup says:

    The Irving Update

  1457. Jon Marines says:

    The name of Irving’s Newsletter should be:

    Top It Off Times

  1458. Floyd Wheeler says:

    Comfort Zone

  1459. Eddie O'Connor says:

    Heating Headlines

  1460. Keep it simple.

    ieNews(letter) – Irving Energy News(letter)

    iNews Irving News(letter)

    eNews energy News(letter)

  1461. Jay says:

    Hot topics

  1462. Win Turner says:

    My entry for the newsletter

    “Hot off the Press”

  1463. Eddie O'Connor says:

    Providing for you

  1464. Eddie O'Connor says:

    Irving Matters To You

  1465. Heatwave Express

  1466. Eddie O'Connor says:

    We Provide

  1467. Juanita Leudy says:

    Household Heating Hints
    Irving Investment
    Irving’s Heating Salvage
    Free Facts on Fuelishness
    Effective Energy

  1468. Lorraine Otto says:

    Newsletter Name Entry: Hot Topics

  1469. Simon Wilkin says:

    Customer Energy Connection

  1470. nas says:

    Hot Spot

  1471. Richard Rowe says:

    Suggested Newsletter name is “Irving Energy News”

  1472. Peter Guest says:

    Irving Energy Newsletter

  1473. Richard Rowe says:

    Sugest edNewsletter name, “Irving Energy News”

  1474. Rowena M Harding says:

    Newsletter name entry: Turn up the Heat!!!!

  1475. Hope Hale says:

    Irving Informer

  1476. Kathi says:

    Thanks for the fuel.

  1477. The Irving Informer

  1478. Ray Levy says:

    The Energy Source

  1479. Annmarie Mulkerron says:

    My suggestion is “COMFORT ZONE”

  1480. Ray Levy says:

    The Fuel Source

  1481. MJ Robarts says:


    Energy Extension

    Engage In Energy

  1482. Katie Madden says:

    Warm Words

  1483. S Weston says:


    The Refueler
    The Fuel Informer

  1484. Roberto Gautier says:

    Fossil Juice

  1485. Lorraine McAllister says:

    Fuelish Notions

  1486. John Anders says:

    The Gauge
    Keeping you on track for the winter…..

  1487. My suggeations is “Fuel to Go!” You deliver fuel, your gasoline helps us to go.

  1488. Danik Inselman says:

    Energy Exchange
    Irving Exchange
    The Irving Connection
    Happy Homes
    Power Points

  1489. D Putnam says:

    How about some heat and hot water

  1490. Marjorie Ciotti says:

    Here are my newsletter name suggestions:

    Energy E-News by Irving

    Irving’s Energy Update

    Irving’s Fuel Flash

    Irving’s Fuel Flyer

    Fuel Tips & Trends by Irving

    Marjorie Ciotti

  1491. Ken Woods says:

    Newsletter name entry:

    Energy Matters

  1492. Shelby Reed says:

    How about Heat Happens?

    Hot Topics?

    Heat Exchanger?

    Thermostat Times?

    Warming Times?

    Energy Star?

    Heated Up?

    Heating Herald?

    Fuel Friendly?

    Combustion Chronicle?

  1493. Brian says:

    Irving Daily
    Irving weekly
    Irvings gazette

  1494. Turn up the Heat 🙂

  1495. Michael kennedy says:

    “the heat wave”

  1496. Jeannie Piercey says:

    essential energy..
    fine lines of energy…..

  1497. Brian says:

    Irving weekly or Daily
    Irvings heating testimate

  1498. Gail Greaves says:

    Irving Global has the environmental touch!

  1499. Kristy Heath says:

    How about “S-Irving You”or “The Hot Line.”

  1500. Shiri Macri says:

    “The Heat Beat”

  1501. Kerrin McCadden says:

    The Fuel Line

  1502. kenny dorey says:

    Oils Well With Irving Energy

  1503. Gail Greaves says:

    Global Irving is my choice, perhaps yours also!

  1504. Denise Nash says:


  1505. George J. Khoury says:

    Irving Insight

  1506. Salyne Ting-eo says:

    Power Plus

  1507. I am a current Irving customer. My submission is:

    “The Irving Insider”

  1508. George Bogosian says:

    “Learning with Irving”
    “Irving Energy Answers”
    “Energy Answers”
    “A Newsletter full of Power”
    “Power for You to Use”
    “Useful Power Newsletter”
    “A Powerful Newsletter”
    ” A Power Full of News”
    “Energy Matters”

  1509. Paula Kondos says:

    Irving’s “HOT OFF THE PRESS”

  1510. Paula Nulty says:

    “The Fuel Line”

  1511. John Wilson says:

    The Booster

  1512. Gary Cowles says:


  1513. Paula Nulty says:

    The Fuel Line

  1514. kenny dorey says:

    I think a good name for your news letter would be……(Oils well with Irving Energy)

  1515. Gloria Dennis says:

    Irving C.A.R.E.S
    Community, Answers, Responsibility, Energy, Service

  1516. Shelby Reed says:

    I think you should name your newsletter….The Pipeline.

    🙂 Thanks!


  1517. Mary says:

    how about “Hot Stuff for Cool Savings” ?

  1518. sam brown says:

    Name for the newsletter: Fuel For Thought

  1519. Fuelish Thoughts says:

    Newsletter name: “Fuelish Thoughts”
    Submitted by: David Emerson

  1520. Norma McDonell says:

    “Up Dates on Energy” brought to you by Irving

  1521. Kenneth Mazerolle says:

    “Clean Talk” from your clean energy company.

  1522. Karin Holmes says:

    My entry for the new newsletter is:

    “Fuel For Thought”

  1523. Fred Lerner says:

    How about “Fuel for Thought”?

  1524. Karen Phipps says:

    newsletter should be

    Warm Up With Irving

  1525. Stephanie Lehman says:

    Potential Energy!

  1526. Denise Dellamano says:


  1527. Ron Hickey says:

    Name of the Newsletter should be “VING”

  1528. jack hilchet says:

    i have been using irving oil for years

  1529. Melinda Norris says:

    Fuel for Thought

  1530. Erving S. Westcott says:

    My name for the newsletter is ” The Pipeline”

  1531. Janice Murphy says:

    My suggestion is “The Source”. I think this would sum it up nicely as it is a great source of information from the providers of a great heating source.

  1532. Jim Anan says:

    Newsletter Name entry:

    Energy Times
    Energy Essentials
    The Pipe Line
    Fuel Efficiencies
    Heating Hot Line

  1533. Rhonda Hughes says:

    Here are a few ideas for your newsletter:
    The Pipeline
    Tanked Up
    Smoke Signals

  1534. Kelly MacLeod says:

    My name for the Irving Newsletter is: ‘Heat Wave’ or ‘Heat Waves’

  1535. Kathey Renaud says:

    Name the newsletter “Irving Says”

  1536. Andrew Jurashen says:

    Irving Insider

  1537. Tammy Begin says:

    Fuel For the Body and Mind

  1538. Judith Englander says:

    The Heat Beat

    Fuel Forum

    The Irving Banner

    The Irving Community News

  1539. Call the news letter:



  1540. Rick Rohr says:

    My suggest is “Fuel For Thought” newsletter.

    Rick Rohr

  1541. ROBERT J. GRAY says:









  1542. Tammy Begin says:

    Fuel For Thought

  1543. the name of your newsletter should be “As the Fuel turns”

  1544. Ping Lou says:

    Living at Irving

  1545. Richard Sealey says:

    Warming Trends

  1546. Will Collier says:

    Newsletter name: “The Flame”

  1547. Cindy Leggett says:

    My entry for name the newsletter is…. “Irving-nomics” Or “Irving Oil’s Blog zine”!
    Hope I win!

  1548. Jim McFadgen says:

    My suggested name for your newsletter is “Cozy Notes”

  1549. Dominique Grey says:

    How about “Migration Times” to name the newsletter.

  1550. Dennis Tatro says:

    The Irving Oil Burner

  1551. Dominique Grey says:

    Let’s call the newsletter, “Be Tankful”

  1552. Robert says:


  1553. Leigh Roche says:

    My entry for the Name the Newsletter Contest is:

    Irving Energy’s Burning Bright News

  1554. Newsletter name: Our Footprint

  1555. Katie Rayner says:

    Fuel for thought

  1556. Michael Hellein says:

    Extra, Extra, Read Oil About It
    Home is Where the Heat Is
    Keep the Homefires Irving
    The Comforts of Home
    Yours, Irving

  1557. Ruben Zaiotti says:

    “Oil Stories” – Irving Energy’s newsletter

  1558. RUSS STEINHILBER says:


  1559. Albert Douglas says:

    Newsletter Name should be:


  1560. William D. Shea MD says:

    “Easy Energy”

  1561. TIMOTHY LABELLE says:


  1562. Sylvia LeBlanc says:

    my submission is “The Source of Activity”

  1563. TIMOTHY LABELLE says:


  1564. The Heated Word or

    The Hot Topic

  1565. Stuart Levasseur says:

    The new name of the newsletter is: Irving Insights

  1566. Dave Herrick says:


  1567. Edson Castilho says:

    The Energizer

  1568. Jackie says:

    Heating up Atlantic Canada

  1569. Irving’s fuel Delivery Newsletter

  1570. Johannes Otter says:

    IRVING Energy News

  1571. Newsletter name…..Future Footprint News

  1572. judy cechetto says:

    the irvingoiler

  1573. Steve Hardy says:

    The Irving Energy Insider

  1574. Stephen arsenault says:

    Energy Matters

  1575. Mary tighe says:

    “Irving Keeps You Informed!”

  1576. Gordon Piercey says:

    I’m not sure if you have received my submission, I got an error prompt when I submitted my comment.

    My suggestion for the newsletter title is “The Toasty Times!”

    I apologize if this has been received in duplicate.

    Many Thanks

    Gord Piercey

  1577. Aaron Power says:

    “The Bazaar” for newsletter name

  1578. Madeline Kerstetter says:

    “Name the Newsletter” contest – my choice is for “Irving Insights on Energy”

  1579. my comment is to name the newsletter the following:

    Tips, Trends, Energy IRVING Newsletter”

    i ALWAYS appreciate any tips, etc. to help me and my family find ways to save the planet and our budget!

  1580. Darren Marsh says:

    I would suggest “Fuel Line”



  1581. Anthony Cirelli says:

    The Heat is On

  1582. Margaret Higgins says:

    Energy News from RED – WHITE & BLUE

  1583. “Tips, Trends, Energy IRVING Newsletter”

  1584. David Parent says:

    Irving Rosourcefull Energy Newsletter


  1586. David Parent says:

    Irving Resoursefull Energy Newsletter

  1587. Ron Joiner says:


  1588. Contest name: Together With Irving

  1589. Deb Sorli says:

    Name for the newsletter:

    Irving’s Insights

  1590. Ted Whelan says:

    Irving Inquirer

  1591. Kenneth Brown says:

    Newsletter name suggestions:

    The HEAT

    Cozy connection

    Chill chaser

    Put the kettle on

    Hot flash

    The hearth

    The gentle flame

    The campfire

  1592. Carol A Frechette says:

    Contest Entry: Together With Irving

  1593. Don Langille says:

    My submission for the name of your news letter is “WARM TIDINGS”

  1594. Matt Bennett says:

    “Hot off the Presses”

  1595. Deena Piercey says:


    My newsletter title suggestion is “The Cozy Chronicle”


    Deena Piercey

  1596. Matt Bennett says:

    My submissions:

    1. Warm Up-date
    2. Heat Rave
    3. Hot of the Presses

  1597. Brent Turner says:

    My suggestion:

    “Irving: Voice of Energy”

  1598. mary lee smith says:

    irving energy chat

  1599. Carol A Frechette says:

    Contest News letter name entry: Together With Irving

  1600. Jane Lipson says:

    Irving’s Comfort Zone: Well-informed consumers are our best customers!

  1601. Megan Lussier says:

    I think Irving Info would be good or something like iEnergy Weekly. Good luck!

  1602. The Fireside Chat is my suggestion for a name

  1603. Scott Manning says:

    Irving’s Energizing News

  1604. Gordon Piercey says:

    My newsletter suggestion is “The Toasty Times!”


    Gord Piercey

  1605. Angela Keefe says:

    Cozy Corner

  1606. Patricia Glowa says:

    Irving Energy Chat

  1607. Amy Landry says:

    Irving Info

    Energy E-News

    Fuel Forcaster

    Petro Chatter

  1608. Paul Hackett says:

    “Fuel for thought” is my entry.


  1610. TOM KELLEY says:


  1611. Erin Shelton says:

    “Conservation Conversations” by Irving Energy

  1612. charlie mcnamara says:

    Energy World Report

  1613. Shawn/Joyce Lundrigan says:

    IRVING OIL not just another name , and we don’t play the game “WE CARE”

  1614. Ronald Keefe says:

    Warm your Heart

  1615. “Irving Insights”

  1616. Ronald Keefe says:

    Newsletter Submission name

    Warm your Heart

  1617. Jim Comeau says:

    “GOT HEAT”

    Is the news letter weekly, monthly,quarterly ???
    Thanks Jim

  1618. Diana Mellar says:

    Irving Informant

  1619. Name for newsletter: “Irving Insights”

  1620. Jeff Silverstein says:

    1. The New England Energizer

    2. The Energy Communique

    3. New England Fuel and Energy

  1621. Rachel Nickerson says:

    News to Use

  1622. The Newsletter, The Good & Save Newsletter.

  1623. Valerie Moss says:

    Irving Oil Newsletter

  1624. Sylvia LeBlanc says:

    submission of newsletter//”the Source of Acitivity’

  1625. Patricia Lockyer says:

    A good name for your newesletter would be ” THE BURNER”

  1626. Tim Tattrie says:

    The Irving Era
    I would totally read a publication with such an impressive moniker.

  1627. james a leach says:

    Irving Services

  1628. Steve Russell says:

    My suggestion os to call the newsletter “The Comfort Zone”

  1629. Valerie Moss says:

    Irving Oil Newsletter

  1630. Howard McDowell says:


  1631. Stephanie Macdonald says:

    Heat Source

  1632. Nancy McAvoy says:

    Heater Feeder Updates

  1633. Sabina Freedman says:

    Serving Irving News!

  1634. Jim Miller says:

    The Oil Can

    Where Irving pours on the advice and solutions

  1635. Michelle Goodearl says:

    Hot Topics:
    Is my idea for the newsletter

  1636. Brad Taylor says:

    How about “What’s Irving Now” or the “Irving News”

  1637. Valerie Moss says:

    Irving Oil Newsletter

  1638. Lori Langlois says:

    Irving Serving You

  1639. Norma J Dube says:

    “The Irving Bugle”

  1640. Tanya says:

    “The Fueled News” should be the name of your newsletter : )

  1641. Mike says:

    The Essential Oil Press

  1642. Nicole Tang says:

    Here’s what it’s oil’s about.

  1643. Jeff Aarons says:

    Cretaceous Times
    Fossil News Fit to Print

  1644. Arleigh Hood says:

    How about “Irving Informer”?

  1645. Cindy Conroy says:

    Irvings’ 1st Edition Trends & Tips Newsletter

  1646. Steve Doucette says:

    energy saver

  1647. Dale colford says:

    “Fuel” for thought

  1648. Learn to Burn
    and $ave(italics)-

    suggested name for the newsletter

  1649. Sabina Robbins says:

    -Staying Warm
    -Warm Feelings
    -Toasty News
    -Glow Worm
    -Toasty Toes
    -Energy Info
    -Hot Tips
    -Safe Living
    -Warm Feelings

  1650. Jody Young says:

    A good Name for the Newsletter is.

    I.E. News

  1651. Bob Rego says:

    IEN-Irving Energy News

  1652. Deborah Ferrell says:

    Call the newsletter: Irving Energized

  1653. Robert Conway says:

    “DesIRVING the Best” newsletter. In the word Desirving I would use capital letters for “Irving”
    and I would have them done in the blue color that you use
    for your logo.

  1654. Joanne Crepeau says:

    Hot Topics!!

  1655. john laderoute says:

    The Watchful Light

  1656. David Bain says:

    Irving HOPES Newsletter



  1657. Eileen Regen says:

    I like the look of the newsletter – – clean and clear and solid coverage of the issues that “burn” for us.
    Thank you for doing this. Eileen

  1658. susan carl says:

    my enrty for a newsletter name;

    Irvings Hot Flash

  1659. Jason Russell says:

    The name I would give the first edition of the Irving Energy Newsletter would be, “Ensign of Energy”.

  1660. Edith Roma says:

    Liquid Energy News

  1661. Eileen Regen says:

    Newsletter Name: Fuel for Thought

  1662. john laderoute says:

    The Burning Bulletin

  1663. donna cahill says:

    “Hot Stuff!”

  1664. Thomas Rounds says:

    ” We Will Keep You Toasty”

  1665. Irving Oil: Products Consumers Can Trust Day or Night

  1666. john laderoute says:

    Inciteful News

  1667. Lesley Terris says:

    I suggest the name “Earth Sense” for your newsletter

  1668. William Beebe says:

    Suggested name for newsletter


  1669. PHIL DECONINCK says:


  1670. Blair T. Comer says:

    New Horizon Energy Guide

  1671. Frank Dunham says:

    “Name the newsletter” contest.

    “You Wanted to Know”

  1672. Chet Wigley says:

    “The Irving Community & YOU”

  1673. ranod says:

    1. irvingstar
    2. fuel heater
    3. fresh oil/gas
    4. life bank
    5. irving king

  1674. Ellen says:


  1675. john laderoute says:

    The Lamplighter

  1676. Theresa Ouellette says:

    I would like to enter the following name for your newsletter:

    “The Irving Item”

  1677. William Beebe says:

    Newsletter suggested name
    Hotstuff !!!!

  1678. Helena Smith says:

    East Coast Energy News

  1679. Sandy Bentley says:

    My entry for the “Name the Newsletter” contest is;

    Irving Energy Newsletter

  1680. Margaret Lanphear says:

    ISLE which stands for Irving Supplies Local Energy.

  1681. Stephen Chisholm says:

    We all know that every penny counts, but where do people learn to save “every penny”? Most publications, news articles, “how-to” shows and pamphlets are intended for people living in Toronto (or other major metropolitan areas).

    A down-home maritime source for these tips and suggestions would naturally fit into an Irving Energy “Makes Cents” newsletter.

  1682. Thomas Hickey says:

    Newsletter name:
    Irving Connects To You
    Irving For You

  1683. Dave Pickering says:

    Call it Hot Topics ..Heating is your business after all///

  1684. Jan Wiersma says:

    Fuel For Thought, would be my suggested name for your newsletter. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

  1685. Connie Grant says:

    Irving Insight is a good name.

  1686. Helena Smith says:

    Fuel for Thought

  1687. Glen Steeves says:

    “Hot Off the Press”

  1688. Martin Rigoulot says:

    The Energy Saver

  1689. pat davy says:

    Irving’s Sustainable Oil & Propane Newsletter

  1690. Wayne Stone says:

    I think a great name for your Newsletter would be The “HEAT” is on

  1691. Davis Clouthier says:

    Irving On-Time

  1692. Matthew Keith says:

    Name the newsletter

    The Irving Heat Beat

  1693. Brian HUghes says:

    How about “Tank Talk”?

  1694. Davis Clouthier says:

    Irving Tip and Trends

    Irving Tipster

  1695. The Irving Energizer News

  1696. john laderoute says:

    Hot Times

  1697. Beverl J.Nixon says:

    The Irving Informer

  1698. Angela Sears-O'Donnell says:

    ” Irving Doing the Best for you that we can” my entry for name the news letter

  1699. Nicole Townsend says:

    The Irving Deliverer

  1700. John Easter says:

    Newsletter name, “The IRVING EDGE”

  1701. Terrie Whalen says:

    My suggestion for a name for your newsletter is “At Home with Irving:.

  1702. ERLEEN SAMPSON says:

    The name for your newsletter that I am choosing is – ‘eIRVING NEWS’

  1703. Pete Mull says:

    Service You Deserve – Irving Energy.

  1704. Terrie Whalen says:

    “At Home with Irving”

  1705. hans fischer says:

    Heat Press

  1706. Theresa Nelson says:

    I think the newsletter should be named “The Irving Energy Solutions Newsletter”

  1707. Cynthia Brown says:

    Irving Insite

    It looks like you will be giving lots of insite on different areas of Irving so how about “Irving Insite” for your Newsletter Name?

    Have a Great Day

  1708. cecelia scott says:

    I think your news letter should be “Energy Info”

  1709. Duane Gallant says:

    Too Hot To Handle

  1710. Darlene Scruton says:

    The Irving Connection

  1711. Corinne MacLean says:

    My suggestion for the newsletter is “Energy Wise”

  1712. Adam Ascah says:

    How about The Pipeline?

  1713. Heidi Gennaro says:

    How about, “Tanks-a-million news” ?

    It sounds cheerful and makes me feel like you appreciate me as a customer—-also “million” puts in my mind the feeling/notion that you have lots and lots of happy customers! ” )

  1714. Yvonne Neal says:

    A good name for the newsletter would be………..Fuel To The Fire………..

  1715. Darlene Scruton says:

    Newsletter name: The Irving Connection

  1716. Sheryl Bain says:

    I think the one true choice is…..The “Irving” News……

  1717. Kenton Powell says:

    Irving notes and news

  1718. Tom Quackenbush says:

    How about “Irving Insider” or “Irving Insight”

  1719. Jessica Hitchcock says:

    Irvings Outlook

  1720. Kenton Powell says:

    Hints and Help from Irving

  1721. Jennifer Brining says:

    Newsletter Name: Fuel For Thought

  1722. will delaney says:

    Irving Fuel Smart Newsletter

  1723. Theresa Tetirick says:

    NORTHERN COMFORT….evokes image of warmth in the winter, fuel for your cooking, and overall provision.

  1724. al jones says:

    New newsletter suggested name:


  1725. Bev Parry says:


  1726. Donna Lee Bury says:

    K See News!

  1727. cheryl vaught says:

    Suggestions for the newsletter:

    1. Irving Energy: Power to the People

    2. Irving Energy Insights

    3. Irving Community Connection

    4> Irving Community News

  1728. janice mccoy says:

    Fuel for the Mind

  1729. Krista Wells says:

    I suggest naming the newsletter “Fuel for Thought”.

  1730. Karen Oldfield says:

    How about:

    “Irving Fuels It!”

  1731. Alison Thomas says:

    “Energy Essentials”

  1732. Kathy Shuster says:


  1733. Brett Myers says:

    Spreading The Warmth

  1734. Kathleen Wells says:

    The new name should be The Irving informative

  1735. heather roy says:


  1736. Moira Schrader says:

    My suggestion for the Newsletter name is “Hot Topics”.

  1737. Kenton Powell says:

    Oil Online

  1738. James Raia says:

    Newsletter Title entry

    “Irving Insights”

  1739. Sandy Robinson says:

    Name for the Newsletter ….THE HEAT IS ON

  1740. Karin Lewis says:

    Name the newsletter “Fuel Matters.”

  1741. Davis Clouthier says:

    Irving Conserver

    Irving Ignitor

    Irving Cons-Irving

    Irving Insider

    Irving Informer

    Irving In Action

  1742. The Irving Fuel-onomics

  1743. Bert Kendall says:

    Newsletter should be named “Irving Energy Epistle”

  1744. Dave Gallipeau says:

    Irving’s Monthly – “News For Neighbors”

  1745. Kenton Powell says:

    Heating Hints

  1746. Pam Taylor says:

    How about “Irving’s Inklings”???

  1747. Linda Palmer says:

    Boiler Consumption news

  1748. Sandy Robinson says:

    Name for Newsletter….”HEATING UP”

  1749. “What’s Hot @ Irving….” suggested title of Newsletter.

  1750. Eleanor Lovett says:

    My choice for the name of the newsletter is oilleaks(fashioned after wikkileaks) Eleanor R. Lovett

  1751. Elena Pavlov says:

    iHeat – Irving Energy Saving Tips and Insights

  1752. Debbie Buffa says:


  1753. Laura Russell says:

    The Irving Inquirer

  1754. Joy Gawor says:

    The Irving Joule Newsletter

  1755. The newsletter should be called


  1756. Ken Thompson says:

    Irving Energy Newsletter

  1757. Mary O'Hara says:

    Energy scoop

    Irving energy scoop

  1758. Janet Swan says:

    Heartwarming News

  1759. Linda Palmer says:

    Light My Fire

  1760. Kevin Berry says:

    Heating it up sounds like a good name hope this works

  1761. Richard Tingley says:


  1762. Linda Palmer says:

    My Irving, my Oil news

  1763. john lapierre says:

    The Irving insider

  1764. Margaret Staab says:

    Irving Energy Newsletter:

    “Fuel For Thought”

  1765. Mark Storozum says:

    Name the Newsletter:
    Hot times
    The Irving Times
    Irvings Edge

  1766. I would like to enter the name “Irving Energy Envoy” for your newsletter.
    Thank you.

  1767. Linda Palmer says:

    Irving Hits

  1768. Richard St Cyr says:

    I Save Oil
    Oil 24/7
    Oil All The Time
    Save With Oil

  1769. Stephen Drahos says:

    The Fuel Line Connection

  1770. Debbie Davis says:

    My suggestion for your newsletter name:

    Warm Thoughts

  1771. Timothy J. Lord says:

    My suggestion for your new newsletter: “Keeping You Warm”

  1772. Dianne Brand says:

    Comfort for all Seasons

    Sharing the Warmth

  1773. Francine Hall says:

    Hearth Warming News

  1774. Elaine G. Smith says:

    “The Heat Is On”

  1775. Roxanne O'Connor says:

    “Hot off the Press”

  1776. Linda Palmer says:

    Oil or Nothing

  1777. “Irving Illumination”

    Illumination means to : create a clear understanding, bring awareness, clarification, edification, education, insight, inspiration and enlightenment. I could go on and on.

    I think your newsletter will do all these things and more!

  1778. Tom Dudman says:

    Power Source

  1779. Don McLean says:

    How about Enerwise Irving or Irving Enerwise. For Irving’s Wise use of Energy…

  1780. Dale Dunne says:

    Call the newsletter:Irving’s Warmest Moments

  1781. Linda Palmer says:

    Oil R us

  1782. Im entering you newsletter contest.the name that I would like to see is save energy, money for tomorrow

  1783. Deborah Rent says:

    The Irving Edition.

    Irivng’s Update

    Irving …For you

    Your Life, Your Irving

  1784. Jacqueline Berghorn says:


  1785. Martin McNeil says:


  1786. Robyn Goodwin says:

    Clean the Air Newsletter by Irving

  1787. Joan Mark says:

    Newsletter name suggestion: ” Fuel for Thought”

  1788. Rich Tichko says:

    Name for the Newsletter: “Hot Stuff”

  1789. Emma Dann says:

    Name the newsletter suggestion: News about how things are Heating Up

  1790. Martin McNeil says:

    I propose the following name for the Irving news letter: “IRVING FUEL FOR THOUGHT”. It just makes sense.

  1791. Deborah Rent says:

    The Irving Edition.

    Irivng’s Update

    Irving …For you

  1792. Newsletter- The Irving Pipeline

  1793. Linda Palmer says:

    Newsletter name …fossil review

  1794. Jacqueline Berghorn says:


  1795. Irving On The Rise

  1796. FRED MARTIN says:


  1797. Gary Wells says:

    I suggest “Stay Warm” or “Keeping Warm and Safe””

  1798. Name for the newsletter: The Pipeline or The Irving Pipeline

  1799. sandy says:

    FUEL for Thought

  1800. Michael Bailly says:

    “The Heating Times”

  1801. R C Mansfield says:

    Proposed name for newsletter:

  1802. Hello there. What a great contest. We lve in such difficult times that to win such a gift as heating oil would be so appreciated. My suggestion is a play on a popular phrase and I think quite appropriate.

    WTF or” What The Fuel”!#:@#!or any variation with the same theme

  1803. Ryan Bouton says:

    Warm & Cozy

  1804. Dave says:


  1805. al peterson says:

    not sure if my prior suggestion was accepted…. is it street mail adr or email adr?

    ErvEnews or Ervenews or ErvENews

  1806. lev macleod says:

    my suggested name for the newsletter is:(THE BLUE NOTE)

  1807. Robert Perakis says:

    Nor’easter News

  1808. John Perkins says:

    I suggest calling your news letter “The Energizer”

  1809. Donna McLaughlin says:

    Energy News Letter

  1810. Sandra Haase says:

    Irving’s Synergy News. If willing to leave off the “brand” just Synergy News with a byline of “from Irvings”

  1811. Irving Energy Informer says:

    I’m not sure what you want for mail so I put my e mail address. My home address is P.O. Box 38 Rt. 3A Hill N.H. 03243 .
    I have no website .
    Thank you !

    Edwin Blados

  1812. David Clarke says:


  1813. Lida Currie says:

    Irving’s Readers Voice Indicates Growth

    I always thought the Irving Groups listen to their customers needs and implements the needs by dong even the small things like having clean washrooms at all there business. To great food and great customer services etc.

  1814. Joe Mack says:

    Irving’s “Fuel of News” Newsletter

  1815. Gisele C. LeBlanc says:

    My suggestion would be: Enviro Friendly Newsletter

  1816. Alexandra Howell says:

    The Warming Trend Newsletter

  1817. Davis Clouthier says:

    Irving Conserving

  1818. al peterson says:

    Ervenews or ErvENews


  1820. Natasha LaBelle says:

    The name of the Irving Energy Newsletter should be ‘The Energy Spectrum’.

  1821. Gisele C. LeBlanc says:

    A suggestion for naming your Newsletter would be: Enviro Friendly Newsletter

  1822. STEVEN WIGHTMAN says:

    I suggest the following name: “The Energizer”. This brands what Irving does; it energizes people, vehicles, homes, and of course businesses with power.

  1823. Susan G. Gifford says:

    My suggestion for a name on the newsletter is:

    Irving SmartNews

  1824. Mary Lou Rockwell says:

    As a play on the old ‘special delivery’ mail term, and as a reference to the manner in which the product reaches the customer, I would suggest that your newsletter be called : “SPECH-OIL DELIVERY”

  1825. Nicolette Currier says:

    The Irving Resource

  1826. Timothy Bryan says:

    The best name for a newsletter would be “The Refiner”.

  1827. Maureen Brandon says:

    Fuel News

  1828. Frederick H. McShea says:

    My suggested name for your newsletter is “Oil’s Well”.

    Fred McShea

  1829. Bill Bernsen says:

    Potential Energy

  1830. Marie Arsenault says:

    Irving Energy’s Comforting news at home!

  1831. Shirley Chambers says:

    I think a good name would be “Warmth for our Homes and Hearts” or Warming our Homes and Hearts” since you provide oil for our homes and also provide gas through the “Fuel for the Care” program.

  1832. The name of the newsletter should be, “Clean Energy”.

  1833. Tom Wilhite says:

    “Name the Newsletter” Contest Entry:



    + ENERGY

  1834. John Reid says:

    ‘The Fuel Monty’

  1835. Daniel Gaspard says:

    Crude News

  1836. Heatin’ up the News………..

  1837. Barbara V. Robinson says:


  1838. mark lewis says:

    Why not name it “irving energy buzz”

  1839. Elwyn (Pat) Davis says:

    Free Heating Fuel from Irving Energy – Name ‘The Newsletter’ Contest

    You Count at Irving

  1840. Robin Stamm says:

    • Hot Stuff

    • Heat Waves

    • Warm Toasties

    • Hot News

  1841. Elisa Risner says:

    We submit:
    “Hot off the Press”
    Thank you,
    The Risner Family

  1842. Amy S. Ross says:

    Irving F’Oil

  1843. Carol Fredian says:

    ” A Community for Better Living – Irving Energy Cares”

  1844. Louise Goyette says:

    The PipeLine

  1845. Elisa Risner says:

    WE submit:
    “Energy Release”

    Thank you!

    The Risner Family

  1846. Lorrie Woodward says:

    You should name your newsletter:
    “Our Fuelish Thoughts”

    Pun intended..not a typo.

  1847. John Tremblay says:

    News Letter name Suggestion “Energy Pulse”

  1848. Lindsay Sutherland says:

    Oops, had a typo in first submission. Should read:

    Title: “The Source”
    Tagline: “…for all your heating needs”

  1849. Kevin Birk says:

    Irving’s NorthEaster

  1850. Andrew Grant says:

    I suggest “EcoNotes”

  1851. Leigh Vincent says:

    Hot Stuff

  1852. Karl McNamara says:

    I think you should name the Newsletter:Shop Irving and Save!

  1853. Thomas Selling says:

    Irving Talk

  1854. boo gershun says:

    suggested names for newsletter:

    The Heat is On
    The Furnace
    The Back Burner
    The Smoke Stack
    Fuel for Thought
    The Energizer
    The Irving Informer

  1855. Wendy Nolan says:

    Win Free Heating Fuel with Irving Energy’s ‘Name the Newsletter’ Contest

    Below are a few of my ideas for the Newsletter contest.

    “In the know with Irving Oil”

    “Irving Oil, Here for you for all seasons”

    “Staying informed with Irving Oil”

    “Irving Oil, The One Stop News Spot”

    “Stay Informed with Irving Oil”

  1856. BEVERLY TAYLOR says:

    The name should be THE FUEL FORUM

  1857. John Cole says:

    News from “Uncle Irving”

  1858. My suggestion for the newsletter is “THE HEAT SHEET”

  1859. Richard Wile says:

    Irving Enercom

  1860. Bruce H. Gurnham says:

    “Irving Serving”

  1861. Tony Leiras says:

    The letter should be called:
    Irving Energy
    “Conservation Resource Report”

  1862. John Cole says:

    Everyone loves our neighbor’s news “Uncle Irving”

  1863. Gail Ruggles says:

    Name the Newsletter:

    Fuel for Thought

  1864. Lindsay Sutherland says:

    Newsletter title idea: “The Source”

    Have tagline underneath: For all your all your heating needs…

  1865. Janine Burr says:

    Newsletter name; IRV

  1866. Glenn Cestaro says:

    How about naming the newsletter Irving’s Insights on Energy or IIE?

  1867. Ronald J. Lemire says:

    “Tanks” for conserving Energy!

  1868. Newsletter name suggestions:

    The Heat
    The Hearth
    The Spark
    Special Delivery
    Irving Says

  1869. Jim Neal says:

    Suggested Name:

    “The Irving Energy Update”

  1870. My suggestion for the newsletter is “WARMUP- NEWS AND NOTES”

  1871. Francis Whittier says:

    I think that the name “THE HEATER” would be a good one.

  1872. John Cole says:

    Latest from our favorite “Uncle Irving” a good neighbor


  1874. Arin Jenkins says:

    “The Irving Spark”

  1875. Bernie Perry says:

    I think the name for your Newsletter should be called:

    “Irving, It’s what we share”

    I buy my house furnace fuel and fuel for my car from Irving.


  1876. Andrew Hughen says:

    “The IN” Irving Newsetter

  1877. Deirdre Furtado says:

    Newsletter name: GASOLINE

  1878. Lynne Snierson says:

    The Irving Energy Express

  1879. Sharon Benjamin says:

    The Helpful Newsletter

  1880. peter heilemann says:

    Call your newsletter – “Warmest Greetings!’


  1881. Catherine Wende says:

    My suggested name for your newsletter is “HOT TOPICS” from Irving Oil.


  1882. S Porter says:

    Energy Impact… energy news that can impact your home and business!

  1883. Carol Martin says:

    Fuel for Thought

  1884. Hi There-
    I really like the good information that you provided in the newsletter and it made me think about what I can do to help conserve fuel for my home…it was “Fuel for the Mind”…this is my suggestion!
    Hope you like it!
    Best Regards-

  1885. James Stackhouse says:

    Hot Flashes

  1886. bill seney says:

    Name for newsletter. Irving’s “hot” Tips

  1887. Janet Sherman says:

    Irving Energy’s Hot Update

  1888. John Zelig says:

    “Fuel For Thought”

  1889. Sharon Stackhouse says:

    Warm Greetings from Irving

  1890. Francia says:

    The Irving Energy Shield

  1891. My suggestion for the newsletter is ‘FUEL FLO’- NEWS AND NOTES

  1892. Robert palladino says:

    Great service thanks for the followup.

  1893. E F Waterman says:

    The Irving Hearth Gazette

  1894. Paulette Melanson says:


  1895. Jean-Claude Gignac says:

    Here is a name for your newsletter

  1896. Shelley Prendergast says:

    My suggestion is “The Energizer Quarterly” or “The Energizer Monthly” as you did not mention how often the newsletter would appear!

  1897. Stacey Black says:


  1898. Judy Barber says:

    Name the Letter…

    HOT News from Irving or

    Irving’s HOT News or

    The Heater

  1899. Anne K. Johnson says:

    The name I suggest is “Irviewing”

  1900. Don Crozier says:

    New name suggerstion:’ Your Future with Irving’ or ‘The Future with Irving’

  1901. Fill 'er Up says:

    Great service, good prices

  1902. Marcia Burch says:

    Energy News in a Nutshell

  1903. Robert Hawkins says:

    For the name of the newsletter, I suggest either “Energy Insight” or “Energy Insider”.

  1904. Paulette Melanson says:

    I think a good name for newsletter would be HOT-SHOTS

  1905. Jeffrey Currier says:

    “The PipeLine”

  1906. barry smith says:

    name contest:
    Irving energuide
    energuide by irving

  1907. terry corrow says:

    irving home energy newsletter or home energy

  1908. Schuyler Merritz says:

    “The Irving Edition” or “Irving Energy News”

  1909. L. Collamore says:

    From our home to yours.

  1910. rick lowery says: