Irving Energy is Proud to Help “Keep the Heat On” by Assisting Families in Plymouth, New Hampshire with Heating Oil and Propane Costs This Winter

Irving Energy has supported the Plymouth, New Hampshire Area Community Closet in their effort to provide heating oil and propane to families in need. The “Keep the Heat On” fundraiser just wrapped up their sixth year with the continued effort to help neighbors in need throughout Plymouth and the surrounding New Hampshire communities.

This year they raised $22,000 which will be made available to help pay fuel bills this winter. Over the past last five years this organization has raised $112,000 for this cause. As winters get colder and the cost of fuel rises these organizations are critical to helping our neighbors heat their homes. Irving Energy is happy to support these fundraising efforts and other organizations just like it throughout New England and Atlantic Canada. If you are looking for ways to cut your energy costs to help with savings please visit Energy Savings at Home to learn more on the steps you can take right now.

If you would or your business would like to donate to “Keep the Heat On” please contact the Plymouth Area Community Closet at 1.603.536.1101 or visit them online

2 responses to “Irving Energy is Proud to Help “Keep the Heat On” by Assisting Families in Plymouth, New Hampshire with Heating Oil and Propane Costs This Winter”

  1. Pam Joslin says:

    It was a really beautiful winter, like we used to have. I believe that temps got to around 20 below around where I live. It was nice to see my 40 lb Boston Terrier, Tucker enjoying the snow. This was his 2nd winter, he loves jumping in the snow and if he wan’t black we probably woulnd’t have been able to see him. We have a path shoveled out for him in the back yard, it is in a circle and the snow was so high this winter that we didn’t have to put a leash on him to let hm out. We just opened the front door, made sure the gate for the front yeard was closed to the road and let him out. He would run around his pathway, jumping and prnacing in the snow. It was like watching a little kid. What a joy pets can be. Then he would come in and sit in front of out wood stove to warm up and do it all again the next time he had to go out.
    Thanks Irving for letting me share this with you!

  2. june cosselman says:

    It was so cold, I’m glad when I locked into my monthly budget plan I asked for another 500 gallons of propane on my account, of which I’ve just about used that too!! I tried to keep the thermostat low and went to bed early, only to awake every night to hear the furnace constantly running. That’s how I measure the cold, by how much it takes to heat the house during the winter, on the average they say everyone’s heating cost went up at least another $500.00. I hope with the gas prices I’m able to lock into a good rate for the next winter season, I’ve been seriously considering having a propane fireplace put in, but have to get a part time job to afford. Now that’s cold, Thanks Irving, June

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