Inexpensive Winter Activities Contest

We wanted to to know which (inexpensive) winter activities you were most looking forward to doing this past winter in your state or province. We had over 900 awesome and inexpensive winter activities ideas submitted. Check out the winning entry and the other entries below.

Congratulations to Nikita from Reading, Vermont for winning a tank of heating oil!

“We live in Vermont and one of our favorite things is when we prepare for the cardboard box sled race. The sleds are made of cardboard boxes with only tape, paint and wax allowed in construction. They can be any shape and size but can only have wax on bottom. No wood, nails, screws or rope are allowed. It is a blast to see what people come up with for sleds and to see if they actually make it to the bottom of the hill in one piece. Last year my children and I made an escalade called puppy bounty hunter and a prison bus for all of puppyโ€™s captures. We did win but had so much fun. Even the constant spinning in the bus was fun. Almost got sick but fun.”

969 responses to “Inexpensive Winter Activities Contest”

  1. Teresa says:

    With the little bit of snow that we have had so far, we have been able to sled in the yard and make a snow igloo. We enjoy playing in the snow and our puppy loves it too! It is fun to watch our puppy try to catch the snow flakes when they come down, we are looking forward to playing in the snow with her again!

  2. Sarah says:

    I bought snow shoes last year for my daughters, 5 & 8, and this will be the first time trying them. I’m excited but we haven’t gotten to use them yet. The best part is hot chocolate after ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Tricia says:

    Trail running…to stay healthy and enjoy the outdoors!

  4. isaac ripley says:

    going outside and shoveling the driveway with my 3 and 5 year old boys so we can make them a snow hill to go sledding down

  5. David W. says:

    Building a snowman with my daughters on our front lawn.

  6. Matthew Eakins says:

    I’m looking forward to a good snowball fight but there haven’t been a whole lot of opportunities yet.

  7. Laura K. says:

    Toboganning! Followed by hot chocolate with as many marshmallows as the mug will hold. It’s great exercise dragging the sleds up the hill, with the excitement of going down to follow.

    As well, Jack Frost Festival is next weekend in PEI. Winter fun and entertainment, especially watching fireworks in the snow and seeing the ice sculptures.

  8. Sue says:

    roasted marshmallows and Ice skating on the pond.

  9. Gary says:

    Ice Fishing

  10. Bruno Godin says:

    Just walking in the woods after a fresh snow fall.

  11. spencer says:

    well, would love to do something under the full moon in the snow. the reflection of the moon on the snow and its own brightness, just lights up everything; the shadows of trees, buildings, people are great. unfortunately, not much snow to do things like snow showing or cross country skiing. then after some exercise and fun, come in for a really good, rich cup of hot chocolate.

  12. Angela says:

    Winter is a time for cuddling. I love snuggling up with my partner and kids with a big bowl of popcorn and M&Ms to watch a movie. I also appreciate the peaceful feeling that fills me when I shovel at night. The moon shining, the world silent, a few snowflakes still falling from the sky, everything blanketed in white softness… simply beautiful. Then the day after the storm it’s time to layer on the warm clothes, grab the sleds and hit Grandma’s hill with the family. Weaving through the dormant lilac trees, making jumps that get bigger and bigger as the day moves on, whizzing down, snow flying in our faces and all the laughter. I love that laughter and I will hold those memories close to my heart forever.

  13. Bryan says:

    I love waking up on a weekend morning when we have nothing we have to get done with the ground covered in snow. We make a fire and watch a couple movies. Then I take my daughter ice-skating (assuming I can get out of the driveway) or sledding for a couple hours. We come home, have lunch, and play games for a few hours. Then it is dinner time and we watch another movie before getting ready for bed. All-in-all, I would have to say my favorite winter activity is spending time with my family just lounging around.

  14. Bob says:

    Just love to watch my 4 year old granddaughter play in the snow (when we do get some), sliding, making snow angels or building a snow man.

  15. Christine Wilson says:

    Just waking up and looking out of the bedroom window to the view over Tryon river to the Northumberland straights is a dream come true on a sunny crisp morning when everything is covered in snow and ice, unbeatable.

  16. Doug says:

    I love sitting on my covered front porch bundled up enjoying a cup of tea and looking out at the Bay of Fundy while I watch my dogs run around the yard as I throw them their stick and favorite ball. That is one of my favorite “happy places”.

  17. Geanna Thibault says:

    I love to walk with the kids right after school or on the weekends. We love just to feel the sun even on the colder days. We talk about school and what to make for supper

  18. Natalie Gillard says:

    I love walking to the park and going cross country skiing with my family. We pack a picnic so after about 30 minutes into our trek we stop to have a nice picnic. When we get back home we turn on our propane fireplace (thanks to Irving propane we never run out) and drink hot chocolate while it warms our toes!!

    Natalie and Family

  19. Mike says:

    Walk the dog, run the dog, x-country ski and snow shoe with the dog and hike to work by any of those means.

  20. Jackie says:

    We love to get out and walk the dogs in the fresh snow – and when there is enough of it we can take out the snowshoes and bring the dogs out on a woods trail – great for the whole family!

  21. Peter says:

    Hitting the slopes with the family @ Poley. Great family fun.

  22. Charlene says:

    I am able to walk outside everyday helping me keep my new years resolution.

  23. MarieDodge says:

    I love walking daily in the Park with my Little Bichon Frise Doggy ,Cuddles

  24. Cazz P. says:

    I like to work in my recording studio when it is too cold to be outside. If it finally does snow a significant amount it is off on the skinny skis for miles and miles on the abandoned RR tracks – dodging snowmobiles! Then coming back to a warm house heated with Irving fuel and propane!!

  25. jesn says:

    the winter months are great for a cozy fire and hot cocoa after a brisk walk. then an hour knitting or quilting.

  26. Kim O'Brien says:

    My newly purchased home has a huge sleding hill across the street. That’s where I’ll be spending my winter afternoons. Let it snow!

  27. Marjorie Knowles says:

    I love to spend my winters weaving on my loom next to my woodstove. Nothing makes me happier than designing textiles, like wall-hangings, tablecloths, and wearable gifts for family and friends. I spin my own fibers as well from fleece and flax. I love working with fibers, colors, textures and concepts. Being fully involved in such a peaceful and creative activity is most fulfilling and having people appreciate my work is almost as wonderful. I actually look forward to winter because it provides me the freedom to do what I love most … weave.

  28. Barbara says:

    I love to walk in the winter. Not only do I get the benefit of the exercise the fresh air helps to clear my mind and re-energize me!

  29. Joanna says:

    After a fresh snow i love to go out with my 2 young sons and build a snowman. This year hasnt been so good for snowman making ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Addie Hachey says:

    After a fresh snowfall enjoy watching my Neighbors girls with their friends sliding on the small side hill and making a snowman, from the warmth of my home

  31. Nathanael B says:

    Enjoying a long walk in the quiet snow covered woods, with the dog.

  32. ceceila gottwald says:

    cross-county sking…This is a awesome contest..i can sure use this,as i have many people coming over to my place to get spring water from my well.This would keep my place warm for them when i invite them in for a coffee..

  33. Amanda says:

    I like to cuddle up on the couch on cold days and watch movies

  34. CBDave says:

    Spending time with my friends and family. Along with winter, the holidays bring many home to visit with.

  35. Marilyn says:

    I’m not a winter person as a matter of fact, I hate the cold and snow and ice but love the summer and being outdoors gardening. My favourite winter activity consists of being indoors either sewing or doing some craft, catching up with friends and staying warm.

  36. James W. Kirby says:

    I am a member of Ski Martock and enjoy Skiing 3 mornings a week. I am quite surprised at the number of Seniors that still Ski including myself. It is a great family sport and certainly makes the winter and enjoyable time of the year. ” Try It, You Might Like It “.

  37. I love building snowmen. Nothing like a friendly snowman to make you smile and enjoy winter.

  38. Richard Folkins says:

    I enjoy the opportunity to plow the driveway with my ATV. So far, this has been my only chance to use it.

  39. sharon cawley says:

    Going to our local State Park and hiking, snow-shoeing and overall enjoying winter!

  40. tom davis says:

    like to go watch our grandchildren snow board,also like to play the wii sports

  41. brian m says:

    Sledding (or sliding, if you grew up around here) with the kids. The country club hill or the hill behind Stowe Elementary, either one gets your heart pounding on the way down, and then again as you walk back up.

  42. Beth says:

    I love to XC ski with my dogs. The snow on the trees is such a thing of beauty, skiing deep in the woods and enjoying the scenery is such an awesome feeling.

  43. Louise says:

    I don’t do many outdoor activities in winter, but love curling up with a good book, sitting by the stove

  44. Eric says:

    We finally have snow so we can get our exercise by snow shoeing in colder NH. There are great trails through out the state that should all be used. Enjoy.

  45. allen weir says:

    I enjoy setting up a trail camera and checking every couple of days to see what the camera captured!!

  46. Emily says:

    I love to make a snow fort with my son, have a snowball fight and make a snow angel. I also love to get out after The snow and take some pictures of the beauty all around me.

  47. Audrey says:

    I love to participate in my local theatre group’s winter presentation of a dinner theatre production. It is usually a comedy or murder mystery. I love to watch the actresses/actors develop their characters until it is just perfect over the course of just 8 weeks or so. We really become a close knit group that is multigenerational and learn from each other in many different ways.

  48. Leslie Nicholson says:

    Here on the island we get so many grey days, that a day of sun, reflecting off the snow, is a reason to rejoice, go outside, walk with my teenaged daughter. It makes for a special memory.

  49. jan weiner says:

    as an artist, the winter scenes are a magnificent inspiration.
    viewing the winter world, working by the fire, the animals snuggling in, how lucky I am!

  50. sue says:

    love to sit around with family and play board games

  51. Denise MacIntosh says:

    Walking is the least inexpensive activity to do. Walking as the snow falls is just magical.

  52. Cory H says:

    Ten years ago, my father and I built a small cabin in the woods near the mouth of the Saint John river. More than anything, I’m looking forward to going out there for a weekend with my snowshoes, and watching the sun rise over the river.

  53. Katherine Dubreuil says:

    I like walking when it’s snowing outside

  54. Jeremy says:

    I am not a fan of the cold, but the winter season does have a distinctive beauty. Going for walks, enjoying the views after a fresh powder snow, and snapping a few pictures while breathing in the crisp fresh air is always calming to me and makes me appreciate what nature has to offer.

  55. Jean says:

    I am an artist and love painting in my studio which is filled with windows and skylights looking out at the winter wonderland around my home while the warmth of my propane fireplace keeps me toasty!

  56. Ann says:

    I am not looking to do any outdoor winter fun as I am suffering from foot pain the last 2 months……….. will stay warm & cozy inside the house…….lol

  57. Nancy says:

    There is so much to do in winter; sledding, tobogganing, skiing, skating etc. but what I’ve learned to like best of all is snowshoeing. As long as there’s snow and no matter how deep it is – I can go!!
    Even if roads aren’t plowed, even if driveways aren’t cleared, I have the freedom to slip those snowshoes on and go anywhere. The pristine woods are especially beautiful. I only got into snowshoeing as I got older. I just wish I had taken it up sooner.

  58. Chris says:

    Truly love getting out and playing with the kids in the back yard after a fresh snowfall or once it gets hardened up some building a nice little snowfort with them. If I don’t have the kids then I find it extremely relaxing sitting back watching the snow fall while wrapped up in a nice warm blanket. Years past as a family, we used to enjoy getting out with our family dog and shovelling snow and watching her dig in to the snowbanks around the driveway.

  59. Lucien Choiniere says:

    Believe it or not, I just like to watch the snow fall and turn our country side into a thing of beauty.

  60. Karen says:

    We plan to enjoy the Sliding Hill at Brookvale Winter Activity Park. If you bring your own sliding tube, it’s absolutely free! Tube rentals are also available at only $5.00, making this a very affordable winter activity on Prince Edward Island. And it’s loads of fun!!

  61. Gail says:

    I love to walk outside and enjoy the fresh air…. with the thermostat turned down while outside, and being heated up on the walk, it seems very warm when we return to the house… the best activities are the ones that only require a good pair of walking shoes or boots.

  62. Eileen Skowronski says:

    I love playing duplicate bridge with folks in Lebanon, New Hampshire while keeping warm inside and oblivious to outdoor happenings while concentrating on the play. Three hours for three dollars of sanctioned bridge. Can’t beat it!

  63. Eugene says:

    When I get out to work early mornign I reduce the my heating oil termostat down and set it for the time I come back and I won’t back until very late in the day becouse I go for my winter activities which is my favorit sport of ski and I do the same on the weekends go ski and turn down the thermostat. This way I probaly cut my oil expense in two.

  64. Louise says:

    Love to just walk in fresh snow with my dog, he’s 12 but acts like a pup when he’s playing in the snow!

  65. Lauren says:

    My favourite winter activity with my family is spending time at the barn with our new baby horse. While my son is only 7mths old we all get to go for a drive together as a family (40mins to the barn) and have coffee together, then enjoy the fresh air and furry faces of the horses.

  66. Arthena says:

    My fiance and I have been looking forward to breaking in our new snowshoes this year! But alas the snow has not co-operated! So instead we have been spending evenings at the Oval, skating with hundreds of other Haligonians, who enjoy getting out and enjoying the freash crisp air of winter!

  67. Marilou Suchar says:

    At age 71 – I most look forward to watching the snowflakes – softly falling – the peace and comfort of a fresh blanket over all is beautiful I sit and watch – and write poetry. I knit mittens for children who need them – and make cookies for my 22 grandchildren and almost 7 great grandchildren. I do shovel some – the front steps and the back deck – but my grandchilren help with that too. As long as I don’t have to drive in the snow – I’m content to wait for spring.

  68. Lisa says:

    My favourite winter-time activity is my annual trip to Florida! ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. Kayla says:

    My husband and I will spend time ice fishing for hybrid blue gill and small mouth bass. We enjoy making sliding trails for the grand kids when they come after the first snow, they enjoy the hot chocolate with marshmallows after a few trips down the well packed snow run. We finish off making a snow man and his snow dog which Is my specialty. We spend very little and reap the rich rewards of family in the winter time.

  70. Jim says:

    Skiing for free, with the guys, at Mt. Sunapee, it’s nice to have friends.

  71. Denise says:

    I love to spend time with friends in a cabin in the woods on a cold, snowy night.

  72. Since I am a Senior and am not a fan of cold winter weather, my favorite winter thing to do is to stay home in my warm house watching TV, reading, using computer and any other activity that does not bring me outside.

  73. Connie says:

    I don’t care much for winter weather, so the socializing that we do is all indoors. A good card or board game, friends and family and a few snacks and we’re set!

  74. Sandra says:

    Still waiting for snow so that I can do some cross country skiing in the Friendship Park! Keeping my fingers crossed.

  75. Heather says:

    We can’t wait for some snow, so we can take our toddler out on his new sled. He’s never gotten a chance to use it yet, and we found the perfect hill!

  76. JC says:

    After a long day there is nothing more wonderful than a warm dinner, a warm cup of tea and a warm cozy home to relax and enjoy my family. Thanks Irving.

  77. Joanna says:

    My husband and myself we like to go for a walk on the beach on the cold but sunny winter weekends.

  78. joy mcewen says:

    love skating, making snowmen, snow angels, and forts, snowball fights and sitting by a fire with a good book [or to roast marshmallows] :O)

  79. Shelley G says:

    We are luck enough to have winter for what seems like 8 months of the year, lol. My whole family is very active in winter sports. Every winter we enjoy skiing, both downhill as well as cross country, sliding, sledding, and skating. I will be forty this year and the kids have finally talked me into snowboarding so next weekend I am going to give it a try!

  80. michael beaudoin says:

    The best way to keep warm once leaving your oil heated home (and cheaper too!) is nordic skiing, especially in this region, with its many fine cross-country ski centers. Whether solo or with others, gliding silently through woods and meadows in fresh snow on a groomed trail or in back country is both peaceful and energizing. It makes winter not only tolerable, but enjoyable. Ttry it!

  81. I’m actually looking forward to trying some new things this winter. Snowshoeing ( I’ve had them for 6 years and the tags are still on them) cross country skiing ( tried downhill once with no success) and enjoying the heat from a propane fireplace ( we’ve just replaced our wood burning stove with a propane fireplace, and I’m hoping the heat provided gives the same feeling as wood heat)

  82. Dale says:

    My wife and I are waiting patiently for the ice to form so we can go ice fishing. The thrill of seeing a “flag” is second only to pulling our prize onto the ice. We also enjoy cross-country skiing, but alas the lack of snow (so far) has kept us at home … warm and dry.

  83. ERIN says:

    My favorite thing in the winter is to go out with the family and go sliding and then we make a fire out in the pit ( with our home made snow seats )and sit around and tell stories, we somtimes build a snow man and we always have hot chocolate.

  84. Vicki says:


  85. Sherry says:

    Skating on the oval is a great way to spend a nice “crisp” day and end it with a great cup of hot chocolate. I have great memories of spending days skating on ponds in Lawrencetown and the feeling of having a great day going to bed that night.

  86. jen says:

    can’t wait to bring my 2 year old daughter out for her first down hill sledding ๐Ÿ™‚ then just pulling her and her baby sister around the yard in the sled. I love seeing the excitement on their faces when we go out to play! Once its time to go in, I like to snuggle up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and watch the snow fall!

  87. Jeannette Byrne says:

    My favorite inexpensive winter activities are making a snow angel, one of the first things I do, making a snowman, catching snowflakes on my tongue, just walking in the soft falling snow. Best of all is “toasting marshmallows over an open fire” and eating them mmmmmmm!! Sometimes it is just fun to sit in front of a fire in the fireplace keeping warm.

  88. Barbara says:

    Snowshoeing or just outside on a sunny day

  89. John says:

    Our favorite winter activity with our kids, has always been sledding, we would take a basket w/ hot dogs, marshmallows, and roast them on an open fire up on the hill, and make hot cocoa, the dogs also would have a great time chasing the kids down the hill, it’s a great way to tire out the kids and the dogs, after being cooped up after a cold spell, we would also make snow angels, have snowball fights make snowmen, the dogs love chasing snowballs, it’s awesome on a nice sunny day, or we have also done this in the evening being able to lay in the snowbanks and stare at the clear VT stars, and we would use our x-mas tree that had dried up to start a fire.

  90. Dan'l says:

    taking our special olympics team snow shoeing and cross country sking to get ready for winter games.

  91. Yvonne says:

    I love to cross country ski, so we are waiting for the snow.

  92. Christine Hamel says:

    My favorite inexpensive winter activity is to go for a night time walk. I love to walk down the road on those nights when it is snowing and the cars make virtually no noise on the road because of the snow and everything is so quiet that you expect to hear the snow when it hits the ground. Everything seems so fresh and new on nights like that and there is a peacefulness that comes with it.

  93. Jose says:

    Waiting for the snow to come, so our family can play snowball and build snowman ๐Ÿ˜‰

  94. Crystal says:

    I love snowshoeing across the lake with family on a sunny and still winter day.

  95. Barbara says:

    Sitting in my nice, warm house watching the birds as light, fluffy snow is falling!

  96. Rob & Lauren says:

    Sackville, New Brunswick

    Sharing a bottle of wine and browsing vacation websites is the ultimate warm-up, and a definite inexpensive way to have a comfy romantic night. We never buy anything, just browse. The deal-hunting and the fantasy are the perfect antidotes for a cold night.

    Visiting with friends and firing up the barbecue is also something we enjoy. It’s an excellent way to show Old Man Winter he can’t get the best of us!

  97. Meredith says:

    I love to take my 3 boys out cross country skiing in the woods. Peaceful, fun, family time!! I LOVE it!!

  98. My favorite winter activity is sitting in my home, snuggling up with my family members being warm while watching a good movie!
    Chris DeVol

  99. Kim says:

    My favorite is going out in the stillness of the falling snow, looking up at the sky to see the flakes gently falling, watching my beautiful Golden boy Sam, and my Border Collie Annie Mae whom I resuced play in the snow and to look back at our warm forever home with gratitude.

  100. shannon shannon says:

    I can’t wait to have enough snow to take my four year old daughter sledding. Hot cocco, snacks and fun sledding is our favorite!

  101. Sharon Gass says:

    I look forward to sliding and skating with the kids, but, in the mean time I enjoy walking outside.

  102. John says:

    A favorite winter fun thing to do for our family is playing in the snow (especially freshly fallen)with our bernese mountain dogs! They go silly and really make us laugh.

  103. mike goodwin says:

    iwell now that there is snow i have enjoyed building snowmen with my kids as well as going sliding evn though it means alot of extra work pulling them back up the hill we also enjoy going skating now that the ponds are froze over we also like to take walks around the the lake thanks

  104. Sharon Hearn says:

    going for a nice brisk walk..

  105. Heather says:

    The inexpensive activities that I look forward to during the winter all include my family. We love spending time together, playing games, watching movies, cuddling on the couch. We have a really long couch and you would think that everyone would spread out. Not our clan! They all squish onto the one side that my husband and I are on to cuddle with us. It’s fantastic! I just hope they don’t outgrow wanting to do that anytime too soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  106. Vicki says:

    Watching the grandkids and dogs play in the snow.

  107. Lisa says:

    The winter has indeed been milder than other in the last couple of years, however I live on a lake and we get almost daily the bitter gusty winds. Because of this, we are fortunate that the lake has frozen significantly than other area lakes. Our family inexpensive activity is ice skating. My daughter and I look forward to it daily, (weather permitting). It is a great outdoor activity and good quality time spent with my daughter.

  108. Mark Shackford says:

    Hanging out with family making smores by our outside fire pit. Friends coming over to visist.

  109. alicia says:

    Going for a brisk walk, enjoying nature at its best and returning home to sit by the fire and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.

  110. Ann says:

    Reading a good book by my pellet stove!

  111. Cathy says:

    Saint John, New Brunswick
    The most inexpensive activities that we look forward to is family time, which is priceless. To sit home playing board games, the wii, or watch a movie, and enjoy each other’s company is the best time ever spent – with a full tank of oil to keep us warm.

  112. Cathy says:

    The most inexpensive time we look forward to is family time, which is priceless. To sit home and enjoy each other’s company is the best time ever spent – with a full tank of oil to keep us warm<3

  113. JEAN says:

    Skating on the lake with friends and family.

  114. Charlie says:

    My girlfriend and I really love taking our boston terriers out to play in the fresh snow! Those 2 love running and playing in the powder.

  115. Donald Wolverton says:

    Spending the day with the kids outside, then coming in side for some hot chocolate.

  116. Marie says:

    We have a little rink in town with lights and after dinner we walk up with our lab to skate and the children hold his leash and we throw a puck across the ice and the children are whipped around the ice with glee as he chases it. We always give thanks when we come home as it always feels warmer and cozier after we have been out skating.

  117. Suzanne says:

    I’m looking forward to sledding with my toddler on my sister in law’s big hill.

  118. Allan M says:

    I love to practice martial arts through the winter to keep active.

  119. Nikita says:

    We live in Vermont and one of our favorite things is when we prepare for the cardboard box sled race. The sleds are made of cardboard boxes with only tape, paint and wax allowed in construction. They can be any shape and size but can only have wax on bottom. No wood, nails, screws or rope are allowed. It is a blast to see what people come up with for sleds and to see if they actually make it to the bottom of the hill in one piece. Last year my children and I made an escalade called puppy bounty hunter and a prison bus for all of puppy’s captures. We did win but had so much fun. Even the constant spinning in the bus was fun. Almost got sick but fun.

  120. Andrew says:

    Nordic skiing in the white mountains.

  121. I love to curl up in the winter under my covers and drink hot chocolate while watching a good movie.

  122. Jim says:

    I love winter, especially when there is snow. Skiing both downhill and cross country keeps us active into our 60’s.

  123. elaine g. smith says:

    I enjoy walking on a new path in our town. Also, snowshoeing, if there is snow. Having a nice cup of coffee or hot soup if I am indoors is enjoyable. I like winter, unlike a lot of people, the air is refreshing and puts a natural blush in one’s cheeks.

  124. sledding is the most fun and least expensive

  125. Lou says:

    Love to sit by the window and watch the snowfall, such a peaceful site!

  126. Ann says:

    Reading a good book and watching a good movie on tv snuggled up in my living room.

  127. Lee Lohnes says:

    I live on a cove on the Lahave River and when it freezes over I love to have a good skate. When the snow flies ,I clear a rink and some ice trails with a snow blower .Many in the community come to skate, play hockey etc. Occasionally we have a bonfire on the ice on a clear night under the stars just like the good old days when I was a kid.Very enjoyable exercise and fellowship.

  128. JoKing says:

    spending time snuggling with my baby with a great movie and popcorn. Family get togethers, superbowl sunday any reason to be with friends.

  129. Charlene Lawrence says:

    My husband and I both enjoy taking long walks through the woods in our area on our snowshoes with our border collie Oreo. After a long walk exploring it’s wonderful to come home and warm up with a cup of hot chocolate by the fire.
    A new hobby we started last winter is ice fishing. Fun to do but requires lots of patience and neither of us has ever been very lucky with our catches. But the importance of it is, we have found some things that we enjoy doing together and enables us to get out and and make the most of the winters at home.

  130. Tara MacLean says:

    Sliding!!! Nothing better then a day of sliding with the kiddos and then hot chocolate and movies after!

  131. Maureen Robinson says:

    After Christmas the seed and plant catalogues start coming. I plan my next years garden and dreams of spring and planting don’t seem so far off.

  132. We enjoy bundling up and playing in the snow. We keep out a few of the summer toys, buckets, little shovels and sand imprint toys. These make fantastic snow toys!

  133. ART says:


  134. DEBBIE says:

    I love entering contests when it is cold outside…..

  135. Kristyn says:

    Fire in the woodstove and a family game night with cocoa and popcorn (all done on the woodstove!).

  136. Linda says:

    Walking along or even on (if frozen) Mill Creek on the Dobson Hiking Trail in Riverview, NB. You can also stop and have a campfire at one of the fire pits along the trail!

  137. Darcee says:

    We love to go snowshoeing in the woods and come home to a nice warm hot chocolate!
    the weather hasn’t quite given us a lot of snow yet so we have also been enjoying lots of long walks with our dog!

  138. Mary says:

    My dog loves the snow and after and hour long walk on a cold day, we love to come home and snuggle by the propane fireplace and sip hot chocolate.

  139. Nicole says:

    Im looking forward to sledding and long hikes with dogs in the snow!

  140. Wendy B says:

    Our family enjoys movie night with hot cocoa & popcorn.

  141. Rosalind Power says:

    This winter I am doing some renos to my basement. Looks great. Also I spend a lot of time curled up with a book inside in the warmth

  142. cecelia says:

    I like sitting in front of my beautiful fireplace….I mean my beautiful furnace…and read a good book.

  143. Laurie MacNeil says:

    We have an 11 year old son, so sledding is BIG with our family! It’s always fantastic to get together with family and friends for a sledding party; especially when it ends with hot chocolate and roasting marshmellows. We also love to get out to the ski hill, as often as we can.

  144. Jon Graton says:

    all things outdoors… especially hiking in the whites with my friends. it’s a great opportunity to go snowshoeing as well. who knows if it snows a little I may even go skiing!

  145. Paul and June says:

    We like to snow mobile and watch our grandkids play winter sports.

  146. Patty says:

    There is so much that I would like to be doing outside, but my neighborhood has been devasted by Irene, so any spare time I am down helping my neighbors get back into their homes. Maybe next winter will be better for everyone, and we can all enjoy!!

  147. Tricia T. says:

    Sledding, making snowmen with our little girl, and going inside to watch a movie with some hot chocolate.

  148. James W. Kirby says:

    My wife and I decided to try the brand new OVAL Skating Rink which opened in Halifax on Dec. 23, 2011 at the Halifax Commons. The Oval has 4 refrigeration plants which keep it in great condition. It is extremely popular ( more than anticipated ) with approximately 2000 skaters enjoying the outdoors daily. The Skating / Skates and Head Helmet are all complimentary.

  149. Mary Jo says:

    Apples To Apples!
    This is a fantastic family game for those long, dark, cold winter nights.
    No snow required! No staring at a TV screen! No computer!
    Genuine family interaction for all ages with lots of laughing.

  150. Tyler says:

    I like to take my 2 boys ice fishing, sliding and skating during the winter. Honestly I have had to burn more pellets this season due to the increasing price of oil. All though the oil heat is warmer and heats up the house quicker….. I have had no choice but to cut cost’s where I can.

  151. Janet says:

    With Newfoundland and Labrador’s long, long winters – best to stay indoors and
    read a good book!

  152. Michelene says:

    I enjoy quilting, sewing, cards and puzzles…this is our quiet time of the get to do all those things that I don’t have time for in the summer.

  153. kimberly drodge says:

    I’d love to start skating again.

  154. Lori says:

    Skating on the Oval in Halifax….running or walking in the trails in Milford…

  155. Ann Hayashi says:

    We all enjoy staying inside with a good book and watching the snow fall. This winter I am looking forward to sledding down our driveway with our children which is an absolute blast and taking walks with my husband.

  156. Suzette M. says:

    I’m looking forward to outdoor skating on the lakes near our home.

  157. Marc says:

    Skating or skiing with my daughter.

  158. Nikki Dunn says:

    My family has a great winter activity that is lots of fun, great for all ages and is free! We like to walk/hike in the woods near our house. Depending on the weather, the ground varies in terrain. There could be no snow or lots of snow, which makes each day different. We look for different animal prints in the snow, usually see deer and other ones we don’t recognize! It is a great way to bond with your family or friends. We talk the entire time. It is great way to enjoy nature at its best and fun exercise too.
    PS. It is our dog’s favorite winter activity too!

  159. Hilary Veilleux says:

    Dreaming of when we are once again living in New Hampshire and can go snowshoeing.

  160. Ken MacDougall says:

    I am looking forward to quiet walks in fresh fallen snow, with snow shoes if deep enough. Building snowmen with my grandson. followed by hot chocolate with one large marshmallow is also a great time.

  161. Ryan says:

    Playing a game of pond hockey and teaching my daughter how to skate.

  162. Kerry says:

    I like reading a good book in my cozy warm recliner when its cold outside,

  163. Zach says:

    Sledding is always an inexpesive and fun activity to do with the kids! Not enough snow?? Take a hike!

  164. Angela says:

    We love going skating every Sunday at the St. Margaret’s Bay Arena followed by hot fudge sundaes at McDonald’s…my daughter’s favorite!!

  165. Margaret says:

    Like watching skating, curling, and football on TV while sipping hot chocolate!

  166. ian h says:

    Playing hockey on the frozen lakes!

  167. Evelyn Campbell says:

    when I was younger, ice skating was my favorite activity, even in very cold weather, I froze my toes once. Now I satisfy myself with walking, it is a great inexpensive outdoor activity.

  168. Jesse says:

    I have enjoyed working on my genealogy and building my family tree! Sometimes this requires internet, which could be a limiting factor for many folks–however, it doesn’t need to be! I have been writing notes down in a journal about my family. Sometimes it just comes down to picking up the phone or talking to a family member with some very pointed questions about their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. Definitely an enjoyable inexpensive winter activity.

  169. richard boltax says:

    i read war and peace while sipping ulong tea under a maple tree at mid-night under the light of the first winter full moon.

  170. Candice N says:

    I love playing with my kids outside, whether it’s snowy and we are bundled up and building a snowman and sleeding; or it’s warm and we’re kicking around a soccer ball. We just love being outside! ๐Ÿ™‚

  171. Mary Ladouceur says:

    We love to go snowshoeing…just waiting for enough snow……….

  172. Nancy says:

    snowshoeing on cloudless full moon night…..

  173. Tina d'Entremont says:

    Walking on the beach is one of my favorite year-round activities. You can’t do it barefoot during the winter months, but the beach can be just as beautiful in January and February.

  174. Neil Ollerhead says:

    Hiking, outdoor snacks and sliding with our 5 year old.

  175. Steve says:

    Building a fire in the fireplace and keeping warm.

  176. PAULA says:

    I go cross country skiing for about 2 hours. Right in my own back yard & woods.A great fun time.

  177. Cindy says:

    My inexpensive winter activity that I most look forward to is sitting on the couch in my Jammies, with a good book, a warm blanket, a cup of Hot chocolate, and my dogs lying at my feet.

  178. Forrest Ball says:

    I love to play games on my PC vs shoveling or snow blowin!

  179. Carolyn Roach says:

    Just got back, with my dog, from walking a beautiful snowshoe trail in my community. Temperature was minus 16 with windchill of minus 24 C. Now that’s frosty !!! Going to have a hot cup of tea in front of my propane fireplace… favorite activities on a winter day!!!

  180. David says:

    Love sitting by the fire reading a good book!

  181. Rob says:

    Enjoy letting our 2 black Labs romp into the freshly fallen snow, while my wife & I race our three kids up & down the sledding hill. We excitely replay the highlights for Nana who greets our rosy red cheeks with steamy cups of hot chocolate in our cozy, warm home.

  182. Donna Barnett says:

    We have a new pug/boxer mix dog, so I enjoy taking him for walks on the trails, he gets his exercise and I get mine too!

  183. Kendra Berkey says:

    Going sledding is out favorite activity. Our 17 month old is fascinated with the snow and we love walking around in it with him. Once there’s enough snow on the ground we’ll get to partake in the sledding events. Then come home to a warm house snuggle up with some blankets!

  184. Jill says:

    Tubing/sliding with my grandchildren and then sharing hot chocolate and homemade chocolate chip cookies!

  185. William Dickson says:

    I love to snowshoe. You said you wanted “inexpensive activities”. To me that is relative. I am an avid skier, free skiing around 35 days a year, with my entire family (my wife, 3 adult daughters, a fiancee’, and friends. I spend $600 for my season pass (New England Pass which gives me access to Loon Mountain in NH, and Sunday River and Sugarloaf in ME), for a whole winter of activity. What a blast! I also am a member of a 10 person ski racing team at Gunstock Mountain. in NH. My future son-in-law and my youngest daughter are also on that team. I have been a member of “Team Stranger Still” for 21 seasons. That costs $120 for 10 nights of skiing. So for $720 I will ski at least 45 times. That’s $16 avg./ day of skiing. I believe people listen to the wrong people and look at things backwards when it comes to this sport.
    My daughter and her fiancee’ will be betrothed on March 10th at the Summit Cafe @ Loon Mtn. in an outside ceremony overlooking the pristine White Mountains. Then we’ll all ski down the mountain and ready for the reception nearby. The value of memories produced by events like these cannot be measured. I can’t imagine living in a winter place, like NH, and not doing this.-Bill Dickson/Bow, NH

  186. Jen says:

    Dancing around the house with my four year old, listening to him singing and making up songs!

  187. Lori Corrette says:

    Our Family enjoys having a fire outback with smores and sledding.

  188. Jason says:

    Skating on the frozen lake.

  189. Monica Valente says:

    Snuggled up in the living room watching movies with my kids and watching the snow fall out the glass door.

  190. Nancy Gray says:

    I love going for a walk or snowshoeing after a fresh snowstorm. Once the sun comes out it shimmers on the newly fallen snow and the trees, and it is breathtaking. Love living where we get four seasons.

  191. Scott Dearden says:

    Snowshoeing with my dog. Great exercise for both of us. And as odd as it sounds splitting wood.

  192. Gail says:

    Curling up with a cup of tea and a good book in front of the fireplace.

  193. Elizabeth says:

    Curling up with a good book in the warmth of home.

  194. Andrea Ellis says:

    Love to enjoy the outdoors, from the comfort of my best friend’s hot tub ๐Ÿ™‚

  195. Selena says:

    Our favorite winter family activity here in Nova Scotia happens right in our backyard. We look forward to building snow forts and having snowball fights, snowmen making and having an open fire in the backyard with homemade hot chocolate. This sometimes turns into a neighbourhood event. This year we are planning a contest to see who can make the most creative fort, we are just waiting for the perfect snowday!

  196. Christopher Dearborn says:

    Running! It’s something you can do year round, and the scenery is beautiful in the winter.

  197. Sherry Melvin says:

    Love having a fire, cozing up with marshmallows and hot chocolate…Outside by the pit on camp chairs with a light snowfall…can’t beat it….

  198. Al says:

    Go tromping through the woods after a fresh snow fall as the branches are just hanging there full of sparkly snow. It just so quiet, serene and magical!

  199. George says:

    Hanging out at the rinks watching the grandkids play hockey

  200. Jamie Tanguay says:

    Chase my wife around the house…..when I catch her……have fun by the fire……

  201. Joanne Ross says:

    going Ice fishing with my son, catching trout and smelts thru the ice and haning out with friends and doing outdoor cook outs at the same time!

  202. Bruno says:

    Enjoy long walks in this mild winter weather.

  203. Patricia S says:

    Snuggled up on the chesterfield watching movies and the only light in the room is coming from the fireplace.

  204. Holly says:

    We just purchased a new home and have oil heat for the first time – it’s been warm and cozy for us. Every Saturday night we have wine and cheese and enjoy some TV in our rec room. It’s free . . . and warm!

  205. Lisa says:

    I enjoy lacing up my skates and getting out on a frozen lake or pond with my best friend for plenty of fresh air and lots of laughs.

  206. Paul Mackey says:

    A long leisurely cross country ski outing in the back woods very early in the morning following a heavy snow fall watching the sun rise. Breaking the trail with no sights and sounds other than the lovely quiet of the trees laden with fresh snow and no disturbances other than the fresh tracks of rabbits and the occasional moose. Taking a break in a sheltered spot and making a fire using “old man’s beard” from the trees and having a boil-up of hot tea and hot chocolate for the grandkids.

  207. Ron Oickle says:

    my favorite time outdoors is going for a walk in the woods with my wife and our dog on a home made trail. It takes us about 1 1/2 hours from start to finish. Very relaxing.

  208. julie says:

    My husband and I live in a rural area of Vermont, and it does get very cold here! We like to snuggle up on the couch and drink hot chocolate/tea while watching our favorite shows. We also like to play our Wii, and challenge each other with the different games on there. When the snow is lightly falling outside, we like to stand outside on the porch and catch the snowflakes on our tongues.

  209. Steve Panish says:

    Backcountry skiing on the trails I’ve spent the rest of the year cutting and maintaining.

  210. Elaine says:

    Having my family and Grandchildren over for dinner then sitting by the fireplace watching a family movie–it doesn’t cost a lot of money to have a family day—would love to have a full tank of oil and propane for my fireplace—warm and cosy <3 <3 !!!!!

  211. Elaine says:

    Making a nice dinner for my family–sitting by the fireplace–enjoying the family & Grandchildren—it doesn’t cost a lot of money to have a family day—would love to have a full tank of oil & gas for my fireplace <3 <3 <3 !!!!!

  212. My favorite winter activity is taking our boy scouts out for winter activities. We usually have a day or weekend that we teach them skills in the outdoors that help them enjoy and appreciate New England winter weather, and skills that will teach them to survive as well. We have camped out on overnights, built snow shelters, practiced winter survival techniques, and how to get around (like snowshoeing).

    Then, I come home to a warm house and hot shower, the result of Irving heating oil in my furnace!!

  213. David Ramsay says:

    Skating and sledding in the snow then into the house for hot chocolate. Lots of wonderful family time.

  214. Stephen says:

    We enjoy cross country skiing in Bedford at the free trails in town.

  215. Lynn says:

    I enjoy going for a walk when the weather is warm enough. It makes me feel good to get outdoors and breath the fresh air. I also enjoy sitting by the fireplace with a good book.

  216. Judy Moar says:

    My favorite activity is going sliding with the grand children, and coming home to warm up by our
    Irving fireplace, drinking hot chocolate and of course with our two little puppies…life is good.

  217. We love to go skating, sliding, and baking cookies with our children.

  218. Roy Collins says:

    I love playing my guitar ,like recently around the christmas tree when it was so bitter cold outside and so toasty, toasty warm inside.Warms the cockles of my heart.

  219. Jonathan says:

    The seasons are more interesting to me now that I have a 2 1/2 year old son. He is experiencing everything for the first time. There isn’t an activity the I most look forward to. Rather, I simply enjoying seeing my son enjoy whatever activity we’re engaged in, like sledding, slip-sliding across the pond, or just walking in the snow.

  220. Eric Flanagan says:

    Taking my wife and two daughters sledding. Watching them slide down the hills with big smiles on their faces. I look forward to it every year.

  221. Karen A Cate says:

    Playing with the dogs, visiting with far away friends on Facebook, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in front of the woodstove, and reading a good book.

  222. Donna Richard says:

    Our family like spending together. We do different activities like outdoor we go walking and inside we like to watch movies or having friends over to play cards and we like to make joke and laugh and it doesn’t cost anything to have fun with family and freinds.

  223. Roland Roberge says:

    Getting up in the morning and walking to my neighbors barn and letting Dawn, a 28 year old Chestnut, Arabian, out of her stall and giving her a treat. After that I give the two puppies that live there a treat before going on a walk with my recue, Frodo, a Shiba Enu mix. We go,down the dirt road by other neighbors and visit with other puppies then on to the Wildlife Preserve, beside my house. There we roam around on all kind of trails, and just explore, absorbing the quietness of the country. Every day brings new surprises and a life worth living.Retirement here with all the changing seasons brings a life worthwhile.

  224. Katy says:

    Curling up in my warm house in my warm bed and watching TV!

  225. RYAN MURN says:

    We are so blessed to have 4 wonderful seasons. Winter being our most unforgettable of course, although this winter has been more like spring to date. Finally the weather has turned colder and I can not wait to get out my propane heater and get in my ice shack. When I can ice fish I enjoy snow shoeing and cross country skiing. Just need some more snow for that. Enjoy Canada’s winter everyone!!!

  226. Tim says:

    Sledding with my 2 small kids followed by hot tea and coco!

  227. Rebecca K says:

    I still love going to the beach and seeing the change throughout the season ๐Ÿ™‚ YOu just need to bundle up a little, it’s great to be outdoors.

  228. Bryan Smith says:

    Snowshoeing in Nova Scotia’s pristine forests after a fresh snowfall, with the occasional impromptu snowball fight thrown-in and a few snow-angels for good measure.

  229. Frances Chiasson says:

    My husband and I love snowshoeing in freshly fallen snow! Taking pictures and then warming up in front of our propane fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate!!

  230. Deborah says:

    Taking a walk in the woods and then returning home to a warm fire, a good book and a snuggly cat on my lap.

  231. Jessica Syria says:

    Sledding in the snow and ice skating on the pond across the street.

  232. Wendy says:

    I love walking and reading a book or just watching TV by the fire place.

  233. Ann S. says:

    Love to cuddle on the couch with a blanket, my golden retriever, book and hot chocolate with mini marshmallows.

  234. wyman says:

    Winter is a great time to be in front of our(Irving powered) propane fireplace playing board games;playing wii and watching movies.

  235. Frank Carmichael says:

    My winter activity is curling. The more you play, the less expensive it is and lots of good exercise!

  236. KT Snyder says:

    When my kids were small, we loved to downhill ski, cross-country ski and toboggan. I still take my grandchildren sledding when they remember to bring boots and snowpants when they visit – but I think the best times are paying board games, watching movies and drinking hot chocolate to warm our tummies and hearts. My dog loves the snow and on our walks he romps and makes me laugh like a girl again. Nothing like that first fluffy snow and making angels. Or just sitting inside and watching the snow come down like we’re living inside a snow globe. The snow that glistens in the morning sun like someone poured glitter all over it. Watching the birds land on our feeders and singing because someone remembered them! Finding deer hoofprints in our yard or the tracks of a fox or turkey or little mouse. Winter can be magical!

  237. I have a 13 year old son and we just love going outside and playing in the snow with our dogs! We like to build snow tunnels and little igloos! Our dogs love to chase us down the hill in the front yard on the sleds and booking it across the driveway. Then we end up playing ball with a little flat basketball and throwing it in the air the dogs just jumping to retrieve it. They love it as much as we do! We will stay out for hours until we really get cold and then we go inside and of course have some hot chocolate and usually bake some cookies. The smell of them baking and looking out the window at the snow falling is just wonderful! Meanwhile the dogs are then usually laying on the beds or snuggling with us on the floor. We will often put in a movie and eat the cookies. It really such great quality time together that you never forget!

  238. Jen says:

    Last year with all of the snow we got in Lyme, NH, we hosted a party and called it “Winterfest” – we carved out a sitting ring around our fire pit… build a bar out of snow… a pong table… an area for bean bag toss… it took so much work – but it was the party of the year! This year everyone has been asking us when it will be – our answer? When we get SNOW! You know, the white stuff! Still crossing our fingers that it can happen…. fingers crossed!

  239. Kelly Bissell says:

    I don’t care for the cold and the snow anymore, so I like to get cozy with a cup of tea and a blanket on the sofa and read, or watch a documentary. If I had a fireplace, I’d love to sit and watch the flames but I don’t have a fireplace, so I watch the squirrels and birds in the yard.

  240. Shirley says:

    Our favourite winter activities are making a snowman with our 6 year old granddaughter,going to our grandsons’ hockey games and jogging our horses.I also am a avid picture taker so I love to get all kinds of pictures of any winter scene or activity.

  241. Paul says:

    We love to head up to Crabbe Mountain every Saturday morning and go skiing. Our daughter is taking lessons and is already making me look bad on skis. She is a natural. During breaks we sit with friends and have hot chocolate and apple cider. I’m hooked on the cider. Nothing warms you up better after you have been out in the cold. It is a big social event most weekends as a lot of our friends are also there with there kids. I really stink on skis but I usually get a few good runs in before my legs turn to jelly. You have to get out in the winter and have fun, but Sundays are reserved for NFL football. Go PATS!!!

  242. Terry & Rose Hughes says:

    Skating at Indian Lake where our camp is on the pond with family and friends. We enjoy having an outdoor fire pit to keep warm.

  243. Shelley says:

    When it is too cold outside my favorite inexpensive thing to do is make home made pizza and watch a movie, from the shelf, with family or just the 2 of us.

  244. Janet says:

    Play a game of Bridge with friends!

  245. Ghislain says:

    Play outside in the yard.

  246. HOWARD McDowell says:

    We love to take photographs. New Hampshire is particularly beautiful after a snow fall. Trees, houses, old barns all take on a romantic look after it has snowed.

  247. John Fucci says:

    Enjoy a walk in the snow with my 2 Old English Sheepdogs.

  248. Kathleen Nunn says:

    I’m looking forward to trying “skijoring” this winter – strapping on skis and getting pulled across fields by a horse. It’s great fun for us and the horses love it too! All we need is some more snow in Nova Scotia…

  249. Kim Arsenault says:

    My favorite thing to do in the winter time is family time. My son (7) and my daughter (51/2) like to cuddle up with me under a blanket with popcorn and a movie. Nothing like cuddle time on a cold wintery day!!!

  250. Dan says:

    My favorite is playing with family in the snow (Sledding, snowshoeing and exploring the woods in the winter.

  251. Beverley Mosher says:

    I don’t plan much, but love to sit with a good book until baseball spring training arrives. Go Blue Jays !!!!!

  252. David E. Cranton says:

    Waiting for the end of Jan., 2012, go to Kings Co., N.S., and go see the large Eagle Watch that goes on yearly. We plan to take 2 other couples, some who are in their late 80’s, have a great time & enjoy their company.We then will all go & have a nice warm meal with them. What a better way than that, to make others happy & know that they are still wanted & loved.

  253. Mike McCormick says:

    Enjoy being outside on a sunny day no matter what the temp. with my terrier, watching my three grand daughters skate on the frozen pond, then bringing them back in for a big mug of hot chocolate.

  254. kris says:

    snowshoe! x-country ski! just take a walk!

  255. cathy shea says:

    I just love doing anything outdoors with the kids. They love sliding, either on the hill of our driveway or at Number 5 on the Golf Course. Skiing at Cape Smokey or Skating at the Rink…:)

  256. Sally Cole says:

    My husband and I enjoy putting jig saw puzzles together throughout the cold winter season.

  257. Donna McNally says:

    I am no longer able to participiate in outdoor activities in the winter. However, there is nothing I love more than to light the propane fireplace and entertain friends to watch a movie, play games such as Skip Bo, Bananagrams or dominoes. Reading is a favourite pastime of mine and to curl up in front of the fire with a good book is relaxing as the wind howls outside my window. Some days I pick up my knitting but whatever the activity the warmth from the fire in the fireplace makes it cosy and welcoming.

  258. Spending time with my husband and our friends, walking outside with or without our snowshoes. Also like to snuggle up with a good book and a cup of hot apple cider.

  259. Wendy French says:

    Bird watching those that come to my feeders, reading, playing board games and watching a good movie with nice hot cup of tea.

  260. Natasha Butler says:

    I always look forward to go skating on the frozen ponds or sliding with my neices and nephews. Also, staying in on a stormy night and playing board games or cards is one of my fav activities.

  261. Rex Brown says:

    Watching the many species of birds at our feeder outside the picture window/our daily walks in the great outdoors/watching our grandchildren playing basketball and/or hockey, and being able to do all this in our great and wonderful Province of New Brunswick

  262. Aaron Little says:

    Snowmobiling!!! if there is snow…

  263. judy sheaves says:

    I’d like the family to go out to Bloomfield to the Icecaves.

  264. judy says:

    I’d like the family to go out on a crosscountry ski trip.

  265. Ann says:

    A great way to enjoy the season is snowshoeing! SNowshoes are not expensive and they are a great way to see the countryside. First, get some chili going in your crock pot and then head out into the woods and break some trail! After, you’ve got some savory food to enjoy to round up the day.

  266. Ralph C. White says:

    Taking a walk when it’s snowing and returning home to a nice hot cup of cocoa.

  267. kim g says:

    work alot of nights so on my days off just stay home with my family and do things together.

  268. Earl Osborne says:

    What better way to get all the fresh air and exercise one can handle by Ice Fishing

  269. CA Allen says:

    staying inside on a storm day and reading a book

  270. Lynn Sullivan says:

    I love family time, enjoying the outdoors, walking and when there is snow, building snowman. Also taking the dogs outside to play, because when we all come inside, its comfy and cozy. We all can cuddle on the couch and laugh, play games and make memories. There is no place like home.

  271. Katheen Hayes says:

    Watching the New England Patriots win!!!
    Let’s go to the SuperBowl and turn up the HEAT!!!

  272. Kelly Thoms says:

    I love to curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee and my 5 dogs snuggled up all around me. The unconditional love they have and give is incomparable to anything else out there. It is always a very peaceful and calming time.

  273. Mary L. Dade says:

    On a cold winter day when I don’t have to work I LOVE to stay in my warm, cozy bed, having coffee and fruit with my Love and just snuggling, talking, and laughing all morning. And maybe all day!

  274. Judy M says:

    I like “staging” my home and organizing drawers,closets and whatever I can find when the weather isn’t cooperative. When it is, I like to make use of the field behind house and go snowshoeing

  275. jim jones says:

    Playing in the snow with my kids making snowmen/ sledding /ice skating/snowball fights/bon fires with coco and tosting marshmellows.Then when it gets too cold back in to the house i know is nice and warm because we use( IRVING OIL)! Then mabe a little tv before bed. (THANK YOU)

  276. Nick says:

    I have been in Nova Scotia for some time but never been gone skiing. So before the ski season is over i will definitely be heading for skiing with my family. Its going to be a wonderful experience

  277. Donna Makechnie says:

    My 12 year old daughte and I have pulled out our favorite recipe books and have decided to try to master a new dinner entree, a new dessert and I’m teaching her some new baking technique- making pies with a light tasty crust!! The house smells great and we get a tasty treat to wait for the snow with!

  278. I prefer to sing songs in hope and warmth of a free tank of propane while I pick the ice off the inside windows with my three year old son whom is always looking for jobs inside when all outside jobs and fun are accomplished.

  279. R Richards says:

    My favorite thing to do as soon as the snow falls is to have vermont maple syrup over snow. This was a treat growing up that I was able to share with my children and will be shared with my grandchildren.

  280. Ethan Van Gaal says:

    Playing some good old pong hockey on the pond across the road from my parents house.


    Ice skating in a home made rink as soon as the weather stays cold enough, looks like that is here. Getting out the sled, snow shoeing , snowmen, walks with heaving boots and cleats to keep your balance, in the evening an outdoor fire to watch the beautiful night sky.

  282. Tina Lessard says:

    What I enjoy the most about winter is bringing my children outside and making snowman and snow angels and laughing and having fun. We love the snow! Moncton, NB

  283. Heather A. says:

    We love to sled down the driveway and walk in the woods behind the house, then a nice warm cup of hot choclate.

  284. Cathie Pearl-Wentzell says:

    I enjoy skating and geocaching with my husband. Both keep me warm and active which makes a happier me.

  285. Diane says:

    Snuggling with my grandchildren and watching a movie or reading a book with them.

  286. Cathie Pearl-Wentzell says:

    I enjoy skating and geocaching with my husband. Both activities keep me warm and active which leads to a happier me.

  287. Going for a walk while the snow is falling with the hubby and dogs !

  288. JM says:

    Outdoors: Snowshoeing, sledding, skating – Indoors: Sitting by the fire

  289. Ken Grillot says:

    I love to see the wildlife through my kitchen window or off my deck be it the three deer who frequent the woods behind my house or even the squirrels or birds.

  290. Ken Grillot says:

    I love to see the wildlife either out my kitchen window or off my deck be it the three deer who frequent the woods behind my house or even the squirrels and birds.

  291. Tricia Riggs says:

    Waiting for the first snowfall of the year- then hurrying up and getting some outside snow play time before it melts…….

  292. Rosemary Farley says:

    I like to go for walk with my dog..good exercise and quiet!

  293. Amanda White says:

    I love going outside and sledding with the kids or stay inside and bake with them. It warms up the house and produces amazing aromas.

  294. Ulysses Ruiz says:

    Being from TEXAS and just got to New England area. We have expierece, that the cold is cold and the adjustments of tempetaure are harsh. As the snow is settling and the family is enjoying winter activites. Having a hot tea and chocolate, we are makeing it FUN and the best of it until summer.

  295. Gabrielle O'Brien Gaudet says:

    family skiing is our favourite winter activity

  296. Debbie R says:

    Watching the grandchildren play hockey at the local rinks

  297. mallori says:

    Builiding a huge snowman!

  298. Walking every day for an hour with 3 wonderful friends – the only cost is sneakers and warm clothes!

  299. Pam C. says:

    I catch up on my children’s scrapebooks that I seem to have no time in the other seasons because I am outside.

  300. Jay says:

    Gliding through the woods on my cross-country skies with the world muted by large snow flakes falling from the sky.

  301. Karen Chagnon says:

    I enjoy going out in the backyard with my dog who LOVES to chase snowballs. Cheap and entertaining.

  302. I enjoy going for a brisk walk on a crisp winter day. As long as you dress for the weather, there are no problems. The cool air makes you feel alive and it helps you to stick to your new years resolution to become more active.

  303. heather jerome says:

    I like to stay inside and play with my daughter and watch movies. I like to stay inside cause I hate the cold. Once my daughter is big enough to go outside then we will go and play in the snow.

  304. dawn a. nichols says:

    I’m already enjoying winter weather by starting my propane fireplace, sitting as close to it as possible, and relaxing with a cup of coffee and my needlework or quilting in hand! The exercise comes in when I need to move in my chair, move my feet and ankles, and keep my hands and fingers moving as I stitch. The main thing is that I’m keeping warm all the time, and using muscles constantly! Without the propane fireplace, I would probably be lying still in my bed, under blankets, and not using a single muscle…

  305. Dave Evans says:

    Dressing warmly and taking my dog for a walk around the neighborhood. It’s good for me and the dog. Talking with neighbors that might be out side at the time. Watching the birds feed at my feeders from the inside of a warm house. Other times cross county skiing. The coffee pot is on neighbor…

  306. Karen Doherty says:

    Cross-country skiing right out my back door!

  307. Ice fishing on a lake inside a Bob House with Heat, Food, etc.

  308. Robert Shore says:

    iam 74 years young i enjoy everyday. as the winter commes we know that spring is not far away. i enjoy a good book also go to the YMCA three days a week enjoy the friends i have there also the pools is so nice just like i was down south but at a cheaper rate. the pools is a nice 28C one has to enjoy all season on the wounderfull world while we are here,
    Old navy Bob

  309. Bill Vance says:

    Taking a walk at night when flurries are falling. Those cold little moist particles landing on my face are so welcoming.

  310. Kitty says:

    Playing golf and bowling on the Wii. Also playing cribbage at home and at tournaments.

  311. Marjorie Kirby says:

    My husband and I spend a lot of time at the Hockey Rinks throughout the Maritimes, as one of our grandchildren plays Triple AAA Major Bantam. There is a Tournament just about every weekend.

  312. Marjorie Kirby says:

    My husband and I have seven grandchildren, one of which execls in Major Bantam Hockey. We spend a considerable amount of time at the various Hockey Rinks all over the Maritimes during the winter. Major Bantam is a very competitive level of Hockey.

  313. Diane Bernier says:

    I like spending time with the family building a snow fort and then being able to come in from the cold to a warm house that has been heated by Irving oil. A cold winterโ€™s night is a great time to cuddle up with my husband and enjoy a nice fresh homemade broccoli, ham, onion, artichoke pizza cooked in my oven that is heated by Irving oil propane.

  314. My most inexpensive winter activity is snowfall watching!!
    That’s what happens when you’re retired!!
    Loreen Daniels

  315. stephanie backman says:

    Filling all of our bird feeders and placing them in trees near our house. Each year I buy a few more feeders when they go on sale thus supplying food throughout the winter for these lovely little creatures. I also cut up oranges for them, and dip pine cones in lard that is then rolled in seed and these hand from branches using colorful string.
    As I look out at them I remember my mom who passed away nearly 4 years ago. She had a lung disease that limited her activity. She got so much enjoyment watching the birds through the windows. When I’m out filling them, trudging through the snow I feel I’m not only doing this for my feathered friends, but also comforts me and I feel I’m doing something for my mom who loved watching these little birds keep busy on a cold winters day.

  316. Eric LeBlanc says:

    No vacations, nor trips anywhere except what is necessary

  317. Mike B says:

    I look forward to working on my stamp collections. During the nice outdoor seasons I try to accumulate as many stamps as I can and then store them in boxes and then once the cold dark winter nights move in I pull them out to sort, catalog, and file away in my stamp albums.Since I enjoy collecting and looking over stamps from the world I acrtually look forward to winter time !

  318. Sue says:

    I love skating on a lake ๐Ÿ™‚

  319. Cheryl Price says:

    Sitting down to read a good book or watch a movie on these cold winter days and nights. It is also great to come into a warm home after a brisk walk in the country side.

  320. Rory Lennox says:

    When there is snow on the ground I like walking through the woods with my camera tracking animals to see if I can get a picture of them. Since we have had no snow to speak of this year in South West Nova Scotia I am enjoying learning how to write short stories using a program on my laptop that lets me speak while the text majically appears on the screen. It is a whole new world to take advantage of such wonderful technology that helps me give vent to what is on my mind at the speed of speech.

  321. R. Kattamis says:

    I enjoy skiing. But during a snow storm, my favorite thing is to roll up in a blanket and watch a movie.

  322. doris murray says:

    coasting and then coming in to read a book with hot chocolateby the fireplace

  323. Brenda Masterson says:

    I’m not a cold weather person, so warm is good! I do enjoy taking pictures of the birds and wildlife, particularly the cardinals with glistening snow as the back drop.

  324. Tammy says:

    For a family with one teen and another younger one, it isnt easy to find inexpensive activities that everyone will like, but playing board games is one thing we all agree on when its cold and icy outside. So with the woodstove going and some hot chocolate, a board game is what we like to do!

  325. Dolores says:

    Curling up in front of a roaring fire with a nice cup of hot chocolate after a walk in the snow.

  326. Tammy L. Leno says:

    The winter activity I do on a regular basis is going for long walks through the woods or on my remote back roads with our golden retriever. To see the joy in his whole being when we set out means a great deal. Winter mountain biking, cross country skiing, skating, and snowshoeing are also great activities I enjoy. It’s always nice to come into my warm home after some good outside time and watch some NHL hockey on TV. My house is kept warm by Irving Energy Distribution which I appreciate very much as well as the extremely warm, friendly, and helpful customer.

  327. Tammy L. Leno says:

    The winter activity I do on a regular basis is going for long walks through the woods or on my remote back roads with our golden retriever. To see the joy in his whole being when we set out means a great deal. Winter mountain biking, cross country skiing, skating, and snowshoeing are also great activities I enjoy. It’s always nice to come into my warm home after some good outside time and watch some NHL hockey on TV. My house is kept warm by Irving Energy Distribution which I appreciate very much and I also appreciate the extremely warm, friendly, and helpful customer service that I receive from Irving Energy Distribution. Hoping to win the much needed tank of heating oil!

  328. Tammy L. Leno says:

    The winter activity I do on a regular basis is going for long walks through the woods or on my remote back roads with our golden retriever. To see the joy in his whole being when we set out means a great deal. I enjoy being outside when there is a big storm. It’s very exciting. When I don’t have to walk with our dog I enjoy winter mountain biking, especially when there is a big storm or being out in 20 below zero weather when it is so quiet and trees and the lake are making big cracking noises. Cross country skiing, skating, and snowshoeing are also great activities I enjoy. It’s always nice to come into my warm home after some good outside time and watch some NHL hockey on TV. My house is kept warm by Irving Energy Distribution which I appreciate very much and I also appreciate the extremely warm, friendly, and helpful customer service that I receive from Irving Energy Distribution. Hoping to win the much needed tank of heating oil!

  329. Chuck says:

    Winter provides great opportunities for digital photography.

  330. Colin says:

    The Month of Feburary,As its our anual Rotary Pond Hockey Tournament,great Hockey for all ages,great Family Fun,great team spirit and the Rotary People do a excellent job making sure everybody is having a great time,Excellent entertainment all weekend.

  331. Colin says:

    Looking forward to February as its the Miramichi Pond hockey Weekend,Great games for all ages,great crowds excellent weekend fun for all.Teams from all over and all ageseven from the Us.

  332. Joyce Graham says:

    I enjoy going skating with my grandchildren at our local arena. After an invigorating skate we come back to a warm home to share some hot chocolate.

  333. Willy D says:

    Walking through the woods during a snowfall, sound slows and time almost stand still as everything rests.

  334. Karen Lesko says:

    Friday night is girl’s night!! Six of us get together every Friday night for cardmaking. We are cozy warm in the house and with a little wine and snacks we have a great time laughing and a lot of fun being creative.

  335. CAROL says:

    On a snowy winter night I love to go for a walk. I love the silence, the snoe falling and the crunch of the fresh snow under my feet. Best of all its free!

  336. Ted says:

    I enjoy snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. I gets me out in the wilderness, gives me exercise and keeps me warm.

  337. Pamela McIntyre says:

    I love to curl up with a good book and a cup of Coffee.
    Having family/friends in for dinner and a movie or games night (in my house, the Wii Bowling is very popular followed by Yatzee or Taboo board games)!
    For days when I just need to get outdoors, I love to go snowshoeing or for a brisk walk with my dog.

  338. Ann says:

    I go to curves every morning for a great work out them come home and enjoy the rest of the day reading, tole painting and working around the house. We play cards every Saturday with our cruiser friends.

  339. Frank Carroccino says:

    Looking foward to sleding with the grand kids .

  340. Dexter Peirce says:

    Out door fire, hot chocolate, marshallows and friends

  341. joe D. says:


  342. Carroll Bond says:

    My/our favorite activity is to walk the toteroads of our Tree Farm with our granddaughters ages 2 and 8. We stop at our rustic cabin and have hot chocolate and marshmellows; I usually end up telling stories of when I was a child and my parents doing the same thing with me accept that we usually rode a sled pulled by a draft horse named Chub. Carrying on a family tradition on the family Tree Farm is so important to me and hopefully it will become important for our granddaughters, too.

  343. John Law says:

    break new trail with the snow shoes, after a day outdoors sit by the gas fireplace with a good book and a cup of hot tea!

  344. steve knudsen says:

    My wife and I like to walk the dog on our local snowmobile trail.Family card games on Sunday afternoons have been a family tradition for over thirty years.

  345. PETER E. RODTS says:

    My wife and I love to snowshoe through the woods just after a fresh snowfall when the evergreens are ladened with snow.

  346. P J Spaulding says:

    I live in and near woodlands and I love to go snowshoeing and check out all the little critter prints in the snow and look to see if the deer are moving. Afterwards I sit by the fire with a nice hot toddy.

  347. Barbara Kent says:

    As a Girl Guide leader, I always look forward to our annual toboggan party each winter. The girls come to my house and have a wonderful time trying to out-distance each other by sledding down the hill. When the weather is perfect they also make snow angels and have their picture taken to send to our Australian pen pals. Although they love the traditional hot chocolate afterwards, they enjoy going through my dress up clothes and commenting on the ugly things girls use to wear in the 80s. It’s a perfect evening of fun, exercise and friendship.

  348. Donna Jodrie says:

    Love to sit by the fireplace and play sudoko with a cup of coffee

  349. Sue says:

    Watching a good movie on the couch with my husband and listening to the wood stove crackling as I drink a nice hot cup of hot chocolate. Yum. Now that’s a wonderful inexpensive way to have a nice day.

  350. Patrick lefebvre says:

    Sliding with the kids and building snow forts!

  351. william nichols says:

    Snowshoeing with friends and family!!

  352. We love to snowshoe. Clearing off a portion of the lake and enjoy watching our grandchildren skate. AND, if we ever get enough snow, building snow families and snow forts!!!

  353. jodi says:

    I love to go out sliding with all the kids and then come in side and sit by the fire with some nice hot coco and the kids tell story about the fun of the day

  354. Paula says:

    I love to look out over the snow covered fields and woods while I’m in the kitchen baking bread. Taking walks with my dog on a bright, sunny, snow covered winter’s day is wonderful. The warmth from a fire in the woodstove and a good movie make a perfect afternoon.

  355. alen lepir says:

    Gone skiing!!!!!!

  356. Ken Greenbaum says:

    Our favorite winter activity is back country cross country skiing with our black Labrador retriever. After a fresh snow, we love to go out on the snow-covered frozen lake or on woodland trails to enjoy the frosted trees and exhilarating exercise. Our dog rolls in the snow and bounds through the woods. The woods are quiet and peaceful. The combination of exercise and enjoying the outdoors with our dog makes this a great winter activity

  357. Cindy Jarvis says:

    We are enjoying our new furnace immensely. The clean, even heat is awesome.

  358. Danny Marcou says:

    When the kids were little it was sledding and ice skating. We would go for walks and admire the beauty of the town. It’s different every season. Now the kids are grown and life has gone on It’s still nice to have the 4 seasons. In the winter we clean up the snow and it can be fun to do so. Help the neighbors with their clean up. When done go put on dry clothes have a meal and sit down and watch our favorite shows. All of it cost is nothing but time.

  359. David Mudge says:

    I live on a Lake with my front porch overlooking the water. I love to watch Ice Fishermen when the lake is frozen over from my nice warm house without being out there with them, as well as
    skaters, Snow craft etc..

  360. in our younger day we loved to go scushing, jumping from one iceberg to another , but now that we are older i will settle for cross country sking & snowshoeing.

  361. Dawn Harsh says:

    Putting the bobhouse out on a lake and doing some trout fishing. We have a propane heater to keep warm. On a sunny day its nice to sit outside the bobhouse in a chair and soak up the sunshine. Our son will take his skates and do some ice skating and we usually use our propane grill to cook up some breakfast or lunch. Sometimes the guys will decide to sleep out in the bobhouse, especially during fishing derbies.

  362. Marlene says:

    As my husband and I get older we become more interested in the outdoors. I love to snowshoe with my grandson!! Grandchildren are also a great excuse to get to make snowman again . I love a winter bonfire with blankets and hot chocolate, dress warm and its just as nice as the summer.

  363. Yates Rousseau says:

    Love watching the deer play in the hayfield in our back yard, especially when there is snow on
    the ground!

  364. dennis lessard says:

    ice fishing isolated reservoirs in vast untouched forests makes for some great photo opportunities.

  365. Cindy Nix says:

    Snowshoeing around our yard with my husband,then coming into our warm house and sitting by the fire with a nice hot cup of coffee.

  366. Brian Farr says:

    I love to listen to music ( a good jazz or blues performer will do ) as the snow flakes fly….its as simple as that. Peace !!!

  367. Liz Buckman says:

    I love to snowshoe!!

  368. Roger C. says:

    I dress in layers and grab my snowshoes and go for a 3-5 mile hike, its fantastic.

  369. Arcia says:

    Every day I have off I grab my camera, snowshoes, backpack and head into the woods. Amazing what is out there.

  370. I’m still looking forward to snowshoeing on MDI and Acadia as I did last year. Freedom to explore and enjoy photo ops.

    Until real snow falls we’ll play 3 handed bridge in the sun room and move into the living room to warm up in front of our gas stove as we read or watch hockey or football and talk as we watch 3 cats play.

  371. I plan to dig my snowshoes out, give my shovel some serious exercise, and get outdoors and enjoy the scenery in my area..

  372. cyndi says:

    we love to go snow-shoing in the woods up to the pond

  373. Brian says:

    Winter snowshoeing in the NH White Mountains is my favorite winter activity. Hopefully more snow is on the way.

  374. Hope Snazelle says:

    I love to hike in the winter, weather it’s a 4000 footer or a smaller mountain, the transformation of the trail in the winter is phenomenal. The snow covered branches, the soft pillowy piles of snow, and the quiet!

  375. Sally Small says:

    Snowshoeing in the woods around our NH home on a quiet Sunday morning.

  376. Mike Lockhart says:

    Cross country skiing though the nature parks. Or just sitting by the fire with a good book.

  377. J A Nicholson says:

    We love trying new recipes for friends and family and watching old movies by the fire.

  378. Bob Wilken says:

    Doing those little indoor projects that get ignored the rest of the warm-weather year, working in my woodshop and reviewing at the microscope my micro mineral finds collected at old mines and outcrops in the NH woods whenever the weather is forty degrees or better.

  379. Nicolette Currier says:

    My favorite winter activities are popcorn and a movie, good book cuddled on the couch with the dogs and a cup of coffee or baking sweets that do not go with my diet plan. lol

  380. Paul Arseneau says:

    Building a Jeep with my son for his first vehicle for when he turns 16 in the garage…spending time with my son is inexpensive but the value is priceless…enjoy the season.

  381. jstanert says:

    The most fun my family and can have in the snow,is to build a snow man family complete with there pet.(usually a small puppy)at the feet of the snow woman.Because our three angles are under five we can still pull them around on there toboggan which usually ends up as a wrestling match with a fun snowball tossed around.At the end of the day our kids have big smiles on the cute little red faces which costs nothing but a hot cup of coco with marshmallows.

  382. Bob says:

    My daughter, last year, bought me snowshoes for Christmas. Wow how invigorating it is hiking on them. After that we light the pellet stove, and read or discuss future plans….but our most favorite thing is to watch videos of both my daughters when they were toddlers….and later….they are now 27 and 22….and were still all together!

  383. Ann Fennell says:

    I spend time in the winter cleaning out closets to reduce,reuse and recycle older clothing and household goods. This make me work up some steam so I can turn down the heat a little and save household fuel. As the saying goes “penny saved is a penny earned”!

  384. My daughter figure skates and my favorite activity is watching her on the ice skating. She skates in three different rinks so we do a bit of traveling each week. But watching her glide across the ice with a big smile on her face and seeing her land a jump that she has been practicing for weeks is wonderful. There is no other place I would rather be.

  385. pat davy says:

    Spending the day with my husband of 42 years, our 4 grandchildren, all under the age of five, playing at our home with the fireplace going and making smores with the warmth of the fire. If the snow ever falls we will go sliding in the back yard and get to really earn those smores!!

  386. NICOLE MARTIN says:

    My faforite activity is skating on an outdoor rink in the moonlight.

  387. Shannon MacKinnon says:

    Enjoy snowshoeing through the fields around our home and seeing the different birds and wildlife.

  388. Getting warmly dressed and going out into the storm with my trusty snow blower.

  389. Going out for breakfast and working on my computer and watching every day getting 1 minute longer!!!!!

    Have a good day,

  390. Pat Tobey says:

    Curled up on the sofa with a good book (e-book) wrapped in a warm blanket, with my favorite cup of tea, and my cats curled up in my lap, and on my shoulder. Watching from inside as the snow falls. My idea of a perfect day.

  391. Katie Uszaki says:

    Going sliding with my young daughter down our hill in our backyard, snowboarding, staying indoors and keeping warm by the fireplace watching movies and being cozy.

  392. Playing board games is a fun and inexpensive way to spend time with family and friends!

  393. Doris says:

    Since we are senior citizens and have medical problems. so I guess we will be staying indoors and maybe go for rides around the area and trying to stay warm. We do play cards with friends at night time for a couple of hours

  394. Matthew Carrier says:

    well right now with no snow it would be walking and clearing snowmobile trails with the creasent lake sno riders so when it does come everyone can enjoy safe clear trails

  395. Judy says:

    I love winter hiking, especially the NH White Mountain four thousand footers. It is like another world up there.

  396. Darlene Gautreau says:

    Waiting patiently for the big snow storm so I can get outdoors on my snowshoes with my new puppy!

  397. Marilyn says:

    Definitely snowshoeing

  398. Brian says:

    Snowshoeing deep into the woods with the kids, stoking a small fire to warm us up a bit and making coco on the fire. Smores’ are always a nice treat too. Enjoying Newengland winters in Wakefield..

  399. helen ball says:

    love to take my dogs out in the fresh snow and watch them run and play it will make my bad day melt away there is nothing like that

  400. colleen says:

    I plan on cuddling up with my new grandson and staying warm ๐Ÿ™‚

  401. Dianne Barbour says:

    Putting my snowshoes on and walking through the woods out beyond my backyard through conservation land. I love following various animals footprints during the day and following the stars during a walk at night. It’s the calm and peacefulness that’s so wonderful.

  402. John Bianchi says:

    This may sound a bit odd but I like to jump on my tractor and snow blow our driveway. It is such a relief to see the snow not pile up any where special and with a cab on the tractor its really comfortable. Let it snow, the more the better.

  403. Cynthia Dunn says:

    Definately snowshoeing with the dogs. You can go as slow as you want and it is quiet and a great way to enjoy the fresh air! And as a side note: if we do not get any snow it does not cost anything for them to hang in the shed ๐Ÿ™‚

  404. Heather Haskell says:

    Love to skate on the local pond – we now have 7 inches of ice!

  405. Louise says:

    We love visiting Fort Kent for the CanAm races. Great place to visit and a great activity to see, especially if you love dogs!


  407. sue says:

    love to sit around with my family and play board games. we absolutely love it

  408. Linda says:

    Enjoying saying inside if possible-and keeping warm.

  409. sue says:

    love to sit around with my family and play board games. we absolutely love it

  410. David Bain says:

    Snowshoeing with the kids at the Elmore State Park. We live close to the Elmore State Park. The park looks so much different snowshoeing in the woods versus hiking in the spring and summer. Fresh snow, first tracks and its amazing what sometimes you can see and hear. Winter is long … need to get outside any enjoy it.

  411. Lou M. says:

    Snowshoeing is what I look forward to…thankfully now we have some snow. Out the door and off to explore, great exercise…only the price of the snowshoes to start, then free.

  412. Nancy says:

    Wildcat Falls in Merrimack, NH is a great place to hike with my golden retriever. Nature at it’s best year round. Before work and at a day’s end, I love to walk and enjoy our good earth. Great for snow shoeing, cross-country skiing, geo-caching, and jogging.

  413. Diane Wheeler-Moore says:

    Go sledding with the kids and play board games and drink Hot Cocoa ๐Ÿ™‚

  414. Melissa Billingham says:

    My favorite inexpensive winter activity is to bake cookies or donuts with my grandchildren then play outside, building forts, snowmen or sledding. Then going inside to enjoy hot chocolate and the cookies or donuts and snuggle by the fireplace. Don’t forget the marshmallows for the chocolate and a favorite movie.

  415. Brenda says:

    Love walking in the snow.Watching the ice fishermen on the lake just few minutes from my home,also the kids skating on the lake.Snowy days makes for beautiful scenery.

  416. Bob /arnell says:

    I love the outdoors but don’t always find the time to corss-crountry ski or ice fish…but when the opportunty is there; its a blessing to enjoy.

  417. Lynda-Marie says:

    Enjoying the great free outdoors by snowshoeing and now skating at the Oval Skating rink.

  418. Tina G says:

    To spend some quality time with my family either outdoors or long we are together and having fun…

  419. martha parker says:

    I love to go snowmobiling or snowshoeing.

  420. William Hutchin says:

    Love to go skating and watch kids sliding on the hill.

  421. Terry says:

    We love to spend cold days and evenings snuggled up indoors watching our favourite movies and enjoying some family quiet time. We also love to have family and friends in for a games night; they are always a hoot. My daughters and I love to bake cookies and make some hot chocolate to surprise the guys with. If it’s not too cold, and we manage to get outside, we gather up our sleds and crazy carpets and head for the nearest big hill. After we have finished, there is no nicer feeling than opening the door and having the cozy warmth envelope us as we get out of our crunchy winter mittens and snow gear.

  422. Roland Cross says:

    Our favorite thing to do is to spend time with our grandchildren. We take them sliding, make a fire outside, and roast hot dogs, marshmallows, and have hot chocolate. There is nothing more wonderful than making snowmen, having snow ball fights, and then snuggling up and watching a movie on tv. This year has been challenging doing these things without having a lot of snow but feel family time is important.

  423. Wendy says:

    I love walking in the winter and reading a good book in the evening

  424. Maureen P says:

    My daughter and I can’t wait until there is enough snow to make a snowman and go sledding!

  425. Wendy says:

    I love walking with friends and sitting and reading a good book the end of the day

  426. My wife and I have so much fun sliding with the grandkids,and when their not
    around we like going for long walks. Now that we have snow our cross country
    skis will come out,and I will try to keep up to her for the rest of the winter.

  427. Katelyn Carpenter says:

    Building snowmen with my kids

  428. Sherrill Macura says:

    I like to get my whole family involved on cold night where it will drop below freezing and mound up a huge pile of snow, taller then my dad and he is 6′ 2″! Then while its still above freezing we spray the whole huge pile with water and let it freeze over night. The next day we take turns cutting carefully into the pile from one side and hollow out our very own IGLOO!!! When its all done you can sit inside (maybe bring in some cocoa) and enjoy the fact that its ten degrees warmer inside ๐Ÿ™‚ yeah for natures insulation. Warm wishes!

  429. D Batchilder says:

    Sleigh ride on a clear night

  430. D Batchilder says:

    Skating on an outdoor rink

  431. Lisa Daley says:

    I would love to go to the oval in Halifax to skate as a family ๐Ÿ™‚

  432. Louise Jensen says:

    After a walk with my beloved greyhound, I love to dress in fleece from head to toe and curl up with both the dog and a good book – preferably borrowed from the library ( the book that is) – now that’s inexpensive.

  433. Jeff says:

    I love taking my son to watch hockey at the local arena. He has just started to play himself and he enjoys the opportunity to watch the bigger boys play.

  434. Linda Dias says:

    There is nothing more fun than building a snow man and going sleding with your grandhildren, then having a cup of hot chocolate as you talk about the fun time you had.

  435. Heinz Muri says:

    Nothing like returning to my warm home from the blistering cold outside!

  436. I like to go outside with my husband and doggy on a clear cold night and look at the stars then come inside and get warm by the propane fireplace.

  437. lois davidson says:

    Making a snow man out of the fresh sticky snow. Also like to clear the walk ways and the patio from snow.

  438. Roberta Mason says:

    My husband and I like to do home improvement projects. We just finished our Bath and Bedroom and are going to start our laundry room. After that we are going to make one of our bedrooms into an office. When summer comes we like to camp so we do all of our home improvements in the winter.

  439. Diane E. Gordon says:

    An inexpensive winter activity would be sledding, then coming home to our Irving Oil Home heated house and have Hot Chocolate in front of our Irving Propaine heated fireplace.

  440. Kerry Clifford says:

    Snowshoeing in the cemetery next door.

  441. Bill Saunders says:

    Our family likes to make snow removal fun! Yesterday the kids ran for cover while I threw snow from the snow blower at them. They in turn make snow balls and come after me. Then we take our tupperware dishes and try and make an igloo. Our Halloween storm allowed us to make a snow pumpkin and make it orange! Lastly…a ride on the snow shovel while I pull the kids. After all te fun outside it’s time for some hot chocolate inside!

  442. Dartagnan Hebert says:

    Looking forward to some snow if we ever get it to stay. I live in Cheticamp, N.S and living close to a national park has it’s benefits for winter activities. My favorite is snowboarding for it’s adventure and challenge. If the wind would just stop for a weekend and let the snow settle I would be powder slicing my way past a moose right now. Let it snow , Let it snow, Let is snoooooooow, as a good song once said.

    Dartagnan Hebert

  443. angel says:

    Think of yourself in a cocoon. Stay home, file your photographs, correspondence, etc. Make homemade soups, lunch & dinner. Really cold? I make fabric covers with cheap rice and place on windowsills to keep out drafts, ditto keep curtains drawn. Be a bear, take a nap

  444. Jane says:

    Our first winter in Maine has us keeping an eye out for the daily walk of 4 wild turkeys – down from 7 earlier this fall. They cross our yard morning and night – and now that there is snow, will follow a trail of stale bread crumbs. Free entertainment on Bailey Island!!

  445. mitch ziemba says:

    This time of the year my wife and I have a very inexpensive outdoor hobbie which is to look for deer and

    moose antlers which have fallen off now. It’s like looking for a needle in a hay stack. When we do find one

    we high five it and realize how AWESOME it is. Time flies and we get miles of good exerise and fresh air!!

  446. Karen C says:

    I love to enjoy the great outdoors sledding, snowshoeing and building snowmen with the kids!

  447. Keith Mullen says:

    Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and just walking in the woods.

  448. Mike D says:

    Family skate on an outdoor rink and then sitting by the fire with hot chocolate!

  449. April Daigle says:

    Making bread. Love the way it makes the house smell.

  450. Gary Decad says:

    The winter months provide me with an opportunity to walk in the woods, cross country ski, snowmobile and work on my basement—cleaning it, painting it, weatherproofing it, and preparing it for the next harvest of root vegetables, and canning. I love the winters in Vermont! So beautiful and peaceful. And…I love Irving Energy for always delivering our oil and propane reliabily; plus their fantastic customer service! Way to go Irving…..!!!

  451. Karen MacEachern says:

    We love to go out make some snowmen, go sliding and have a snowball fight. Then come in and warm up with a cup of hot coco.

  452. Kenny says:

    Our favorite inexpensive winter activity is to go sledding on the school yard across the street and then come home and turn the propane fire place on and have snacks while watching a movie and warming up.

  453. Susan W, says:

    I love walking after a snow storm with my Golden Retriever and getting exercise…and looking for wildlife prints!

  454. Sharon says:

    New Hampshire winters are best survived with good books and DVDs from the town library, a warm fire, hot chocolate, and someone to snuggle with!

  455. Malcolm J MacKenney says:

    Favorite activity is enjoying the Moncton Wildcats hockey games. When not watching the games at the Moncton Collisum it is used by myself as a indoor walking facility Of course nothing beates a nice brisk walk in the cool winter air on the Mapleton Walking Trail in Moncton N.B

  456. Lucy says:

    Love to sit in sofa and play computer, or watch TV. Also go to GYM to have work out. But not really do that much out door activities.

  457. Cindi says:

    Now that we have snow, I absolutely love cross country skiing! I can literally leave from my front door & explore the snowmobile trails as far as desired. I have seen some great wild life & work up a wonderful sweat. Happy New Years!

  458. Natalie O'Brien says:

    I love going out skating on the ice with my 3 yr old son and husband ๐Ÿ™‚

  459. Diane Booth says:

    Although this may not technically qualify as a “winter activity”, I am hoping to provide funding for a winter “home” for homeless individuals. The Friends Program in Concord, NH is in need of funding to enable them to keep their winter housing open to help over 500 families in the Concord area. The money I save, by turning back the thermostat or not buying something I really don’t need, will help a family that doesn’t have a roof over their head or a warm bed to sleep in at night, which in the end, is more important than another sweater or picture for the wall!

  460. Janice Carter says:

    Our favourite inexpensive winter activity to do as a family is go skating. They have lots of free skates over the holidays and we did some of those, plus an extended family skate. It is a lot of fun and great exercise!

  461. Rebecca Dugay says:

    Our family likes to go skating in an outdoor rink and then come in and have a big potluck with the extended family and play some games either on the Wii or Ramolie. There is always lots of laughter and food flowing through the home

  462. Ted Wyman says:

    My favorite activity in the winter (and the rest of the year as well) is walking in the woods and taking pics of nature. There are a lot of very cool trails around this area and if one dresses for the weather it can be very enjoyable.

  463. L J Tower says:

    Doing a puzzle (almost any kind) but a jigsaw puzzle is nice.

  464. Dave L says:

    Im looking forward to teaching my 3 year old granddaughter how to ski.

  465. Kathy says:

    being warm and cozy indoors

  466. Kathy says:

    My favorite inexpensive thing to do is to enjoy the outdoors during the day then being cozy and warm indoors in the evening reading a good book or playing a good game online.

  467. pauline todd says:

    I love to make snow dragons and other sculptures with my grandsons,or have a walk in the woods on a snowy day.

  468. Ellen Arnold says:

    When there is no snow I like to hike in the State Forest near my home. When there is snow I enjoy snow shoeing. Don’t even have to get in the car to do either! Just go from the back yard! Love to have cocoa after a hike in the winter.

  469. Evie Porter says:

    Our favorite winter time free activites are walking along my(our beautiful boardwalk with hubby and dog Holly,love checking out the birds and squirrels at their feeders ..great to see peop;e enjoying the great outdoors and then go home to ho tchocolate and maybe a movie or two~~~~

  470. Lisa M Smith says:

    I like to make homemade pasta and long cooking braised roasts in the oven. The winter for me is all about comfort food. After 20 years in Italy, I am in Vermont, not enjoying the cold or the oil bills! So off to the cooker I go to warm the house with the wonderful aroma of pappardelle coi funghi, pasticcio di zucca, bollito misto e crostata di marmellata. Buon appettito!

  471. Bob says:

    Operating my Amateur Radio station while looking out at the new snow from my radio shack heated by Irving oil! My wife would rather we go crosscountry skiing.

  472. Rhonda Chesney says:

    Snowshoeing! It’s a virtually cost free way to warm yourself up in the NEK. Grab your snowshoes and head for the woods and when you return home it will feel warm and cozy!

  473. Terri says:

    Five of our grandchildren live with us, they love to go out in the snow and build forts after the driveway is shoveled. My Springer Spaniels love to chase snowballs as we throw them. After being out in the cold, they come in for hot chocolate and popcorn and sit by our propane fireplace and watch a movie while getting warmed up only to go out and do it all over again.

  474. Ralph Silva says:

    As i think of all the winter things my wife and i have done, nothing could ever beat relaxing on our new verg chairs on the beautiful Boca Raton Beach in the warm December sun.

  475. lacie austin says:

    of course we have several cheap activities, due to the economy and since we love to spead time with each other! my fabulous husband and i build snowmen, forts,paint, and read to our to special little boys!! we have to teach our children that fun doesnt doesnt cost anything!!

  476. Jim says:

    Winter is the smell in the air of letting us know snow is on the way and the bueaty of freshly fallen snow.

  477. Andrea C. says:

    I am a preschool teacher and everyday I have to walk my kids to the playground down the road to get outside time. Snow pants on the twisty slide at the playground = an amazingly fast ride into a huge pile of snow at the bottom. We go up and down that slide for an hour straight when there is snow! It’s a great time!

  478. My favorite and very inexpensive winter activity is going ice-skating on a frozen pond that’s closest to my house. I remember the ice-skating lessons my mom bought me for my birthday when I was young. I have loved it ever since! I love the feeling of gliding or speeding around the ice with the wind in your face. After a few hours, it feels so nice to go to a warm house and having a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fire. It just takes all the cares of the day away.

  479. Carol Cronce says:

    My husband and I take our dogs, Bear & Bella to Hurricane Hill almost everyday. We call it “Happy Hill” because everyone is. From the minute we turn right on Route 5, the excitement begins. We walk or snowshoe; Bear & Bella have a complete education in their running, sniffing, digging, and playing: PE, literature, math, art, science, and socialization. It’s only a mile from our house, so it’s just about free. Then comes the reward: exhausted dogs while we enjoy an evening in front of the fire.

  480. Mary Sampson says:

    Looking forward to some x-c skiing. That’s what we’re supposed to be doing in the winter!

  481. Dave Proctor says:

    Watching the New England Patriots win the Superbowl

  482. Felice says:

    Love your response…. terrific idea … gonna borrow your plan. Ice Bucket candles to the door ๐Ÿ™‚
    Think you should win.

  483. Felice says:

    Love your response…. terrific idea … gonna borrow your plan. Ice Bucket candles to the door ๐Ÿ™‚

  484. mary-isabel luddy says:


  485. Angie Pelchar says:

    I love to knit when it is quite, and snowshoe with the kids when they are home.

  486. Brenda Leonard says:

    A quiet night quilting after a hike up to the old quarry.

  487. Pat Sullivan says:

    After days outrside in the cold hauling in wood, it is great to curl up by the fire. Snow days
    give us time to putter around the house catching up on projects that were left for these colder
    days…music, sewing, crafts, cooking and baking, artwork, playing cards as a family, reading,
    and viewing a few of our favorite shows from time to time.

  488. Rene Bouchard says:

    Not me,I stay in side and stay warm Ihate the cold???

  489. Eris Richardson says:

    We love to sit in front of the fireplace in the winter and it in turn saves us fuel.

  490. Robert Gage says:

    My favorite winter activity is inside, using the internet to research family genealogy.

  491. Rae-Anne says:

    My favorite winter activity is snowshoeing on a nice, sunny winter day. You can go for hours, and not even realize it!

  492. Rosie Williams says:

    Winter can make us crave solitude – or cause us to draw together. The warmth of a crackling fire after an afternoon of snowshoeing or skiing or a cozy, filling, family meal; board games with friends, a good book and a mug of hot chocolate. Without Irving, some of these activities wouldn’t be possible!

  493. Cathy Squires says:

    Love sitting by the fire with a cup of tea and a good book.

  494. Susan says:

    As a senior I look forward to quiet winter days with a good book, a steaming cup of coffee, and my feet up relaxing in my favourite chair.

  495. Eric Smith says:

    Stay warm and enjoy a good book.

  496. Penny Bennett says:

    Taking the dogs on a nice long snowy walk and then cuddling up with my hubby, some nice hot chocolate and a great movie!

  497. The Crocker Family says:

    Time to catch up on my knitting…winter and wool go together…along with baking bread. The double benefit of heating up the kitchen with the warmth of a gas stove and the joy of delicious home-baked bread.

  498. Lynn Marie Santy says:

    I would like to do some snow shoeing. I can not do it currently and I am hoping that there is enough snow later this winter to get out and do some walking in the woods. It is so peaceful out there, and you can hear the trees dancing if you just stop to listen

  499. Jason S says:

    I love to go for a walk during snow storm and listen to the snow fall (silence)

  500. Sandra says:

    Making snowmen – lots and lots of snowmen.

  501. Catherine Talford says:

    My favorite winter sport is waiting for the spring thaw. This year has been pretty mild and my spirits are up:) It’s still nice to see the snow when it does come. The first snow is always the prettiest.

  502. Duff says:

    Working in my workshop with the wood stove providing a warm, cozy environment while the wind and snow howl outside. This is the time of year I catch up on woodworking and outdoor equipment repairs and maintenence. Very relaxing!

  503. Bessie says:

    making snowballs

  504. Bessie says:

    Go outside and make snowman!

  505. going to the camp, going for walks in the snow and snowshoeing

  506. Beth Killen says:

    Go sledding with my daughter, and then share a cup of hot chocolate. There is nothing better than fun time with your family, because they grow up too fast!

  507. Stephen Wilson says:

    I love the snow. My son and I pretend to be explorers in a new world. He leads the way and explains to me what we are doing. We slide along the sides of snow banks and he says we are hanging onto a cliff hundreds of feet in the air. Then we climb onto another snowbank and now we are inside a cave no one has ever explored. We are the first to navigate this new world. Time goes by and now we are in a fort and we have to protect all the jewels in the world. We can spend an entire afternoon playing in this snowy imaginary world. What better way to spend a day off in the winter.

  508. Pamela says:

    Sledding down the little hill in our backyard and building snow forts.

  509. My favorite winter activity is just to get outside , go for a walk and enjoy the crispness in the air. This makes me feel that life is great, I am alive and well and there is always a hot cup of tea to enjoy when I return home!

  510. Lorna says:

    I just like to stay inside and keep warm. That is very inexpensive thing to do. It doesn’t cost a dime.

  511. idamaclennan says:

    ilike taking my grandkids sledding it’s a great feeling seeing them so happy in the great outdoors.

  512. Linda Whipple says:

    Being warm and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream while reading a good book is a nice winter reprieve. Watching my two small (8 lbs each) dogs is fun as they race around the snowblowed track that is necessary for them — their legs are short and have a hard time in deep snow. Sometimes they go out and hide on each other. They do love the snow and sometimes come in looking like snowballs!!

    Snowshoeing and cross country skiing is a great outdoor activity!

  513. Stacey says:

    I look forward to snow days like yesterday when I can sit on the couch with the propane fireplace on and catch up with books I have been meaning to read. Cuddling with family and watching movies is another favorite past time. I love spending cozy days and nights with family. For outdoor fun, skating on our pond and enjoying bonfires with hot chocolate!

  514. Betty says:

    Walking dogs at the SPCA.

  515. Christina Murray says:

    We skate on the Halifax speed skating oval, go running, go for walks and sledding on snowy days

  516. I’m not trying to win by having a sob story however there aren’t any winter activities that I can do . I just recently found out that I have some issues going on with my back and I have been out of work for 2 weeks. On top of that I lost my health insurance . at the age of almost 44 I have decided that I’m going to try and go back to school . I have no income coming in at the moment so free fuel would mean the world to me.

  517. Lois Sturgeon says:

    Love to come in from outside when it is cold out and be able to turn the oil furnace on and have quick heat. I like to stay inside when it’s cold out and enjoy the warmth of our home. We have had wood and electric heat in the past but I like the oil heat the best.

  518. Janie Awalt says:

    Walking on a brisk morning or skaking outside (not in a rink) then home for a cup of hot chocolate. Shoving my neighbour’s driveway who is sick and unable to do it.

  519. Jim Watters says:

    A nice snowshoe hike through the woods with family or friends on our woodlot trails. When we return to the camp, sitting by the camp stove with a hot cup of coffee or refreshemen,t is always a good time to tell stories and adventures ture or otherwise.

  520. Shannon Houde says:

    Hi Irving Energy!

    We love to go sledding, snowshoe, cross country ski and this year may try our hand at a little pond hockey! Of course afterwards there’s always a little fire in the yard and some hot cocoa. All free, all a blast! We’re in the live free or die state of New Hampshire!

  521. Maurice Pigeon says:

    Love to snowshoe & cross country ski, canoeing and on good days if I can open water.

  522. Terri says:

    We love going outdoors with our 2 year old son to slide and play hockey (as long as we have snow) and go inside to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate ๐Ÿ™‚

  523. Keeping warm with friends and family.

  524. Bob says:

    A walk in the outdoors on chrisp winter day followed by a drink of good Scotch wiskey by a warm fireplace.

  525. Cheryl Mac says:

    Looking forward to shopping the “Outlet Centers–you save so much money right now because they have mega clearance sales!!!, it’s warm in the stores and IT’S SO MUCH FUN!!!

  526. Debbie Smith says:

    Love to go walking in the winter, whether it be on a old road, the beach or just on the highway. Being in the outdoors is refreshing and is great for the soul. Would like to learn how to snowshoe from our local recreation department, but first we need to have some snow!

  527. kelley Muise says:

    Winter is magical, as I sit here on my couch watching the wonderful gift of nature fall oh so gently down. Like a white carpet softly laying on the most beautiful space on earth, Our Cottage. The vast ice covered lake sweeping away from the land. A South West Nova Scotian meal in the oven called Rappie spreading amazing smells all through my little peace of heaven, my little yellow cottage.
    As night comes we go start the generator, its soft hum a reminder of how priviliged we are. My grand daughters coming in with there cheeks rosie red and tired. Life is good!!!!

  528. Jack Cheney says:

    Now that we have some snow go for a snowmobile ride and enjoy a soak afterwards in the wood fired hot tub.

  529. susan veres says:

    With the weather being warmer than usual this winter, I am looking forward to getting freh air and exercise completing renovations to garage and patio, thus freeing up more time for vacation during the summer!

  530. Melissa Lisik says:

    Snowmen building and snow angels!

  531. susan veres says:

    With the warmer weather this winter, I have been looking forward to doing exterior renovations to garage and patio that would usually have to wait till spring—-fresh air, exercise and frees up the summer months!

  532. Norma Young says:

    Sledding with the grandchildren who live next door. They are 5 1/2 and 2 1/2. The 2 year old can now walk up the hill, you don’t have to carry him or pull him on the sled.

  533. Darlene says:

    Going skating and sledding with my kids.

  534. Clyde Sooley says:

    Spending time outdoors enjoying the winter.

  535. Lynne S says:

    My favorite inexpensive winter activity is to express gratitude for the serene beauty of the season and to never take any comfort, especially being warm thanks to Irving Oil, for granted.

  536. Todd says:

    Nice day of ice fishing with my son, then some hot chocolate by the propane fireplace to warm up

  537. John Sesody says:

    Snow shoeing in the quiet of the woods. You get to think more clearly and more effectively.

    Of course you need snow to do this – I know we will have it soon!

  538. Linda Nichols says:

    Something I find quite amusing is to make little tunnels for the squirrels in the snowbank next to their suet feeder. Bury winter squash seeds or peanuts for them to find, and have your camera ready!

  539. Alison Daly says:

    Love to sit by the fire with a good book and a cup of hot cider, chocolate or tea! Also nothing better than spending a cool winters evening playing a board game with family & friends. Also love to walk with my husband by the ocean!

  540. Family Time is what it’s all about year round, but during the winter having the children out back sliding, building snow forts, and of course the snowball fights is what we do. Our house is where all of my wife’s family congregates every Sunday. Brother and sister in laws, nieces, and nephews. After hours of outside fun it’s time for hot chocolate and beef stew, and lots of reminiscing about the days fun both today and the past. After cleaning up the dishes and the kitchen some of us hit the outside spa. If we are lucky the occasional deer wanders out into the back yard. After everyone leaves it’s time for my wife and I to snuggle up and realize just how lucky we are. Life is good.

  541. Ellen B says:

    Exploring the great outdoors and getting awesome pictures. I love to capture the season.


    I have various woodworking projects, one is building a musical instrument called a dulcitar. It is wonderful to be indoors near the heat and carve out these instruments.

  543. Julie says:

    Snow shoeing with my 7 year old twin grand children and our 2 Great Danes right from our front door. The woods are so beautiful and quiet. Coming home we always sit in front of the propane fire with hot chocolate to relax.
    PS. the dogs get a bone!

  544. Amanda says:

    The inexpensive Winter activities I look forward to the most are skating, sliding, walking & reading.

  545. MJ Murphy says:

    Curled up on the sofa with a good movie and a big mug of hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows, the dog at my feet and the cat on my lap, the perfect afternoon.

  546. Jim Fuller says:

    Cuting our own trails when snowshoing. Costs nothoing and great exercise.

  547. cc says:

    I like getting out going for a walk with my husband and sometimes just going window shopping is inspiring and gives me some decor ideas for my home.

  548. Laura Sherry says:

    I love going for a walk with my doging, curling up by the fireplace with a good book and also going skiing or taking in a hockey game.

  549. mantin says:

    hiding indoors

  550. Lisa W says:

    Sledding down the big hill up the street!

  551. Judy Ross says:

    What I would like to do is cross country ski.

  552. Sharon Tower says:

    Walk with my dog every day no matter what the weather is 3 or 4 times a day.

  553. Roman Husiuk says:

    Skating the Emera Oval

  554. Kerene Schwartz says:

    I am looking forward to a snowshoeing hike through the woods and hills of Vermont, then snuggling up with a cup of hot chocolate, or Bailey’s

  555. Alicia Hutchings says:

    I am looking forward to making a snowman with my four year old daughter and taking her skating for the first time. I am also looking forward to seeing the reaction from my 5 month old daughter when she feels snow on her little fingers for the first time.

  556. Marilyn {Leland} Bennett says:

    taking pictures

  557. Amy Book says:

    I enjoy building snowmen outside with my little boy and making fun crafts when it’s just too cold for the kiddies outdoors!

  558. Rick Campbell says:

    Things that make a great winter day are, my wife, my kids, my grand kids, a bonfire, hot chocolate and lots of laghter!

  559. Ardith says:

    I love to take photos of the new fallen snow in our yard and community.. so pure and white! Also love to make a snowman even though I am a grandmother!

  560. susan campbell says:

    my favourite winter sport is cross country 50 yrs old i still love this sport i have been doing since i was 15.i love being out in the fresh air on the trails…so much fun.

  561. Chris Rice says:

    Here in South West Nova Scotia.. I’m looking forward to enough snow to play outside with my Grand children ..making snowmen and snow angels.. and maybe even go sledding with Grampy.. then come inside to a nice warm house.. and make everyone hot chocolate. ๐Ÿ™‚

  562. Anne McIntyre says:

    Skating at the Commons in Rothesay, NB

  563. Pat Perry says:

    I enjoy the Miraamichi Rotary Pond Hockey Tournament Feb 3-5. The fireworks are fabulous!

  564. Dawn Bubar says:

    I think the best thing to do is hybornate like all the rest of the crazy critters that live here do .That dont cost a dime.

  565. Kimberly says:

    Spending time outside with my 2yr old son. He has learned the simple fun in making snow angels and sliding. The hard part is getting him to come inside afterwards. Always need to tempt him with some chocolate and marshmellows. Then while snuggling to warm up on the couch, he enjoys his cartoons and I enjoy cuddling with him and my kindle.

  566. Pam Josey says:

    As a family, our favorite inexpensive thing to do is go outside into our yard and make forts and igloos…a friendly snowball fight and make snowAngels. To end the activity, come back inside and sit by the fireplace with hot chocolate! Can’t wait for lots of SNOW!!

  567. Charlene Croft says:

    I always enjoy curling up and reading a good book after I come back from sledding and sipping on some rich hot chocolate!!!!!!!

  568. kristen collins says:

    im looking forward to playing outside with my two little boys ๐Ÿ™‚

  569. Robin Carpenter says:

    snowball fights!

  570. Nancy Stewart says:

    A sled and some snow is all we need! Great family fun!

  571. i like to make snow men with my grand children.

  572. JENNIFER says:

    We, as a family, love to go sledding and build snowmen together. There is nothing better than family time, people need to stop and smell the roses ๐Ÿ™‚

  573. Matt Kelly says:

    Nothing beats grabbing your skates and going to Centennial Park on the frozen pond. One of the best places around Moncton for enjoying the day or taking the dog. When the ice is not froze enough, you can go for a hike, go sledding, or even grab your skis !!!!

  574. Tammi Manship says:

    I’d love to try snowboarding! My daughter loves Snowshoeing! And I like walking the dog!

  575. Joel says:

    My favorite winter activity is ski touring or snowshoeing on old forest roads in the winter wonderland with my Springer Spaniel.

  576. Sarah Ingalls says:

    Can’t wait to have a decent amount of snow to go snowshoeing.

  577. Amanda says:

    My favorite inexpensive winter activity is pond hockey with my Husband, myself & my 2 sons ( ages 9 & 12)

  578. Angela Theriault says:

    Ice fishing with my family in friends as well as snowshoeing looking for animal tracks.

  579. taking photos from the inside out or getting right out and enjoying this wonderful land of ours !!

  580. Nancy says:

    My inexpensive winter activity is going to a warm mall or shopping center and turning down my thermostat at home so I can stay warm somewhere else. Even if I spend money at the mall, I conserve my oil energy costs.

  581. Chuck says:

    My favorite inexpensive winter activity is skating on our home ice skating rink with friends and family. We have a bonfire outside and plenty of hot chocolate available for all.

  582. Cathy Campbell says:

    I am really looking forward to twirling around the Oval in Halifax, NS and tearing down the slopes of Martock in Windsor, NS. Warming up in my Irving heated home afterwards, doesn’t get any better.

  583. Donna says:

    My favorite inexpensive winter activity is walking in the many Irving protected nature parks.

  584. Cindy says:

    My favorite inexpensive thing to do in winter is to grab a thermos of hot chocolate and a crazy carpet and find a big hill to slide down!

  585. Rosemary B says:

    On those cold and snowy days, I like to sit at my sewing machine and stitch together fabric pieces leftover from previous projects into a new quilt top or craft item. My sewing machine sits at a window overlooking my backyard where I can view the falling snow or perhaps wandering wildlife. What could be more beautiful?

  586. Karen says:

    Sledding and skating at the local recreation center followed by hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows and a family friendly movie the whole gang can watch.

  587. Lisa McLean says:

    I Love to take winter photos and enjoy the fresh air!

  588. Peter says:

    Of our several activities, a favourite is filling the bird-feeders in advance of a winter storm. The joy comes somewhat later, in watching our various feathered friends acquire sustenance when they most need it.

  589. Joe Gearin says:

    Looking forward to a very snowy day and sitting by the gas log and reading on my Kindle. made perfect by the fact that I need not call Irving for propane, they always deliver.

  590. L Fllett says:

    Skating on frozen pond!

  591. james says:

    I enjoy going out and playing pond hockey with friends

  592. the best thing i like doing that is inexpensive is taking the grandchildren out for sledding and then hot chocolate wtih marshmellows

  593. laura says:

    Curling up with a good book. Photographing the hoar frost in the dawn light. Walking on crunchy squeaky snow. Building a snow person.

  594. denisbenoit says:

    showelling the snow in my driveway

  595. Chris S. says:

    We like to snowshoe in the park by our home. The road is closed in the winter so it is really peaceful and pretty. No need to pay to go to a ski area to use their trails.

  596. mary says:

    I love sitting in a warm room…heated with the new heating system installed by Irving Oil, and just looking out the window … enjoying nature at its best!

  597. Mary Bugden says:

    Getting together with a group of friends to watch the Super Bowl and order in food. A lot of those attending don’t know anything about football but we have a mini lottery whereby everyone justs picks a number out of the air as to what they think the total score will be at half time and at the end. You would be surprised how excited everyone gets as they edge close to their pick. We sometimes get together in groups for the Tournament of Heatrs and the Briar as well. Helps pass away some weekends.

  598. Michele Johnson says:

    Tubing on the mountain with the grandkids

  599. Ruth Gaudet says:

    Sit in a cozy chair and listen to the radio while knitting warm mitts and sweaters for the little ones.

  600. Ed Blados says:

    As for doing soming in our stae , I love bundleing up my grandchildren ,packing them in the car & going to Gunstock ski area for some down hill snow tubing!! Priceless ……

  601. Ruth Gaudet says:

    Sit in a cozy room listening to the radio and knit warm mitts and sweaters for little ones.

  602. Catherine Cinnamond says:

    Go outside with my great granddaughter and great grandson and build a snowman and play in the snow. Then come into the warm house and have a nice cup of hot chocolate.

  603. Howard says:

    Walking with the dog instead of allowing him to run in the fields is an easy winter activity.

  604. stephen says:

    A nice walk in the woods with my dog enjoying nature . Listening to the birds enjoying the fresh air.

  605. Richard Garnett says:

    Going to the library and getting a good book to read or movie to watch. Read the book on my comfy couch or watch movie with my kids while eating popcorn.

  606. Tara says:

    I plan to go skating at the oval with my children.

  607. One of the best things that my grandson and I love to do is make a snow fort. His papa uses the snow blower to pile on the snow and then James and I start digging to make room for two. We stick a branch on the top of the fort with a big red bow attached.

  608. Melanie Bond says:

    I like to snuggle up by the fire and read…..this year I’m taking guitar lessons…last year I made over my motorbike…..painting a room passes the nasty weather time by as well. I find lots to do and time to relax ๐Ÿ™‚

  609. Adam Jay says:

    Skating on a nearby outdoor pond with my chilren and nephews/neices. We have a bonfire to stay warm and skate well into the evening.

  610. Lots of folks enjoy sledding, but one person who has just discovered the joy and thrill of it is my 2-year-old son. We started by dragging him along the snow, then giving him a push on a slight incline, and now he’s at the point where one of us will give him a push at the top and one of us catches him at the bottom, and he loves it! He doesn’t go that fast, of course…but sometimes he gets some good velocity for such a little dude! So I’m looking forward to WATCHING him sled, more than sledding myself!

  611. Chris says:

    Creating the ultimate sledding run down the hill behind the house! It may take all day but once that baby’s packed….hold on!

  612. It’s really quite simple; stay home and snuggle up with the wife, dog and cat in front of a nice glowing fireplace and catch up on a backlog of reading.

  613. Lucas Firmino says:


    Thanks for sharing this story, and thank you for making the path. Our drivers appreciate it!

  614. To walk in the Woods and hear and see all the Birds and Wild Animals.Nature is so wonderful. Love it.

  615. Darrel says:

    I look forward to getting outside and spending time on the lakes fishing.

  616. Sarah says:

    Sock wrestling! Anyone can play: just grab a pair of tube socks, move the coffee table out the way, and see who can pull off both socks first. Our kids love this game, especially dog piling Dad, and it’s a great way to burn off some energy and have fun when the weather outside doesn’t cooperate.

  617. Gord Wetmore says:

    The best thing you can do in Halifax over the winter is to go for a skate on the Oval.

  618. Lindsay Perry says:

    My favorite inexpensive winter activity is snowshoeing. Just bundle up, throw on the snowshoes, and trek out through the woods and fields around my house. Great exercise and a great way to get out of the house!

  619. Carol in Wells says:

    Winter is when I am so glad that I am involved with rug hooking. The middle of summer is no time to be doing handiwork that involves wool. This way I can be creative and watm at the same time

  620. Clay&Peggie says:

    We have a long, steep hill that leads down to the pond and no one has made it all the way onto the ice yet, but we have sledding competitions each year. The pond was frozen recently and my grandson made it all the way to the bush on the edge of the pond last month. So it will happen soon, I’m sure.

  621. Bev says:

    I love to go out walking under a full moon – the light seems as bright as sunshine when it reflects off the snow and the trees make beautifully intricate shadow drawings.

  622. Tom Lehner says:

    I am so looking forward to finally being able to telemark ski out the back door and down the meadows to the local golf course for a bracing run around 18 holes before trudging back up the hill to a quiet rest before the warm fireplace.

  623. Ellen says:

    My cats keep me warm, as long as they think it’s their idea, not mine. I get a book and lay down on the couch and say ‘no cats!’ until they come and lay on me. And they think they’re smarter than me!

  624. Kathy says:

    Winters are such a beautiful season, especially with fresh snow. I love to get outside with my 4 dogs and either go for an hour x-country ski or snowshoe. At night the headlamp reflects on the snow, and I can tell where all the dogs are in the woods from the lights I have attached to their collars-a different color for each dog! My 3 year old grandson will join me on weekends. Makes with cold months go by so quickly when you have the outdoor activites to look forward to.

  625. Angela says:

    I have three children and we love to sled, build snowmen, make snow angels and of course snowball fights.

  626. Maria says:

    Up here in northern NB we have lots of snow. My husband, 10-year old son and I have been enjoying snow-showing in the woods.

  627. lev says:

    walking our dogs,they love the snow.

  628. bob lemley says:

    I feed the chickadees that I have trained to come to my hand.

  629. J Morrison says:

    I like to read or knit on cold days and long evenings. On nice days, it’s great to get out walking

  630. Bill J says:

    My favorite VT winter activity is NOT shoveling snow. Which is working out so far.

  631. John Adams says:

    I enjoy hiking from my house up a nearby hill to see a mountian spring that runs so fast it becomes a modest waterfall.

  632. George E. Melanson says:

    Happy New Year
    During a heavy snowfall stut off the television. Make yourself a hot coco and look out the window. There is nothing more relaxing.

  633. Jeanette5241 says:

    My winter activities are baking…love to warm up the house with the wonderful smell of fresh baked goodies. Planning on making a pumpkin spice bunt cake with a cinnamon strusel filling and a nice soft white confectionary sugar drizzle. Now just “add coffee” and we’ll enjoy “watching the weather” from the comfort of our cozy home.

  634. Kevin Kennedy says:

    Waitingt patiently for snow, we snoe shoe, our son snow boards and scooter, our dog, loves to ding in the freshly fallen snow. Sometimes we think he thinks we order it special for him!!

  635. Crystal Horne says:

    I am looking forward to getting out in the snow with the kids, especially my 6 month old son. He recieved a new sled from Santa and we have not been able to get out in the snow yet to enjoy it.

  636. Barbara Halliday says:

    I enjoy walks in the woods with my husband and the dogs. Especially after a new fallen snow, when we can check out any animal tracks. Aside from the plentiful bird, squirrel, rabbit and kitty tracks, we often come across fox, and deer tracks and the occassional horse. The year of White Juan we saw a bobcat! She was beautiful! The snow seems to be a connection enhancer with nature. LOVE Winter!!

    Happy Winter Everyone!

  637. Karl Seibel says:


    I’m one of the many folks that suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, in other words I get depressed and lethargic from lack of adequate sunlight. I do manage to have some fun by doing small woodworking projects with my 11 year old Grandson. We’ve built model race cars, bird houses and bird feeders in my basement shop. Both my grandchildren are a joy to be around. My wife and I enjoy our 16 year old grandaughter’s participation in plays and musicals in the Conway, NH area.

    Happy New Year,
    Karl & Lorraine

  638. Paula Suttle says:

    My motto for a fun filled Maine Winter: “I stick to my long johns, ’til they stick to me”! ๐Ÿ™‚

  639. Paula Suttle says:

    My Maine Winter motto: “I stick to my long johns, ’til they stick to me”! ๐Ÿ™‚

  640. Kathe says:

    knitting socks, watching reruns of favorite TV shows, pulling out rows of stitches because I was watching reruns of favorite TV shows and not paying attention…what was Ulysses’ wife’s name?

  641. James Mason says:

    I like to walk and take photos both in the city and in the country after a fresh snowfall.

  642. Kate says:

    I really love snowshoeing and I can’t wait until I can tromp through the Bangor (Maine) City Forest with my daughter on our snowshoes.

  643. Chris Warner says:

    Sitting in the living room with my wife Ruth and the wood stove cranked nice and warm with it snowing outside

  644. Jason says:

    Snowshowing and pond hockey!

  645. Gordon & Elaine Murray says:

    On a cold, snowy evening, we love to sit in the glow and soak in the warmth of our propane fireplace — talking with and listening to each other, catching up with what has been happening in each of our lives, sipping a drink, remembering, dreaming and delighting in each other’s company.

  646. Judy says:

    Favorite winter activity is outdoors is snowmobiling with friends. Indoor, well that would have to be curling up with family and friends to watch football! ๐Ÿ™‚

  647. Alan Erdossy says:

    Where I live in VT cross-country skiiing is as easy (as long as there is snow and we’re still waiting this year), as opening the door and stepping into your skiis. You can make a warm-up loop in your yard, explore logging roads and other trails, or get together with neighbors to break trails through meadows and wood. While waiting for sufficient snow to accumulate, I tie trout flies by the fire.

  648. I play cards on Sat. nite with 5 other ladies and we take turns going to each others houses.

    I also enjoy reading quote from a very smart lady “You are never alone as long as you have a good book to read” My Mom.

  649. Charity says:

    My husband and I run a non-profit children’s summer camp, which keeps us very busy during the warmer months, so most of our family time is spent together during the winter and fall.

    One of our favorite winter activities is to bundle up our 3 kids and take everyone for a walk on the beach. We live by the ocean and love spending time at the beach in the summer when we’re able, where everyone in the family heads for the water. In the winter we are able to enjoy some of the features of the beach that we bypass in the hot weather: climbing on the rocks, walking the boardwalks, and enjoying the beauty of the sparkly ice covering the inland pools. We then love to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate at home.

  650. ernestine gouthro says:

    taking Cape Breton Step Dancing lessons in a warm facility.

  651. ernestine gouthro says:

    taking Cape Breton step dancing lessons in a nice warm facility.

  652. mildred says:

    setting back enjoying the warmth of knowing Irving Oil ,,is keeping us warm on the winter nights ,,we can depend on Irving ,,they never let you down

  653. Jennifer Booth says:

    Good ol’ fashion snowball fight in the yard with hot chocolate afterwards.

  654. Stacey McCarthy says:

    For the past two winters, my favorite free winter activity has been skating on the Oval in Halifax. It is so great to be able to get off the couch after dinner and get out in the fresh air with my family, getting this great exercise. Sometimes I go there twice a day – meeting up with my husband for a lunchtime skate, and then in the evenings and on the weekend with our daughter. We always see people we know, and the atmosphere there is such a positive one because everyone is having a great time. we are so happy they have made this a permanent fixture in Halifax.

  655. Barbara Mellert says:

    Knitting! It’s the perfect winter activity plus all the yarn keeps you warm and insulated.

  656. Melissa Veinot says:

    Sledding down the hill in my backyard!

  657. MYRNA WAKELIN says:


  658. Lisa says:

    Stay inside and count my savings.

  659. Lisa says:

    Sometimes on weekend days, we bundle up the kids and oursleves, pack up a big hearty picnic basket, drive to the nearby park (which is on the water), throw a big wooly blanket on the snow and have an old-fashioned picnic and just talk and laugh!! Cherish them!!

  660. Doug Briand says:

    My wife and I like to walk down old logging roads with our Husky-mix dog. We all get the fresh air and exercise that is needed after all of that feasting through the holiday season. Our dog is in her glory with the cold weather and she is as good of a reason as any to get out and embrace winter. After all, we are Canadian.

  661. Mary Ellen Cade says:

    Sitting by the fire with a good book!

  662. Albert Heinz says:

    Stay inside where it is warm & toaty!!!

  663. Jonathan says:

    One of my favorite Winter activities is to make large ice candle lanterns. I freeze water in 5 gallon buckets. After a good three or four inches around the circumference of the water has frozen, I turn over the bucket, remove the ice and empty the remaining unfrozen water from the core of the large ice cylinder. I put a candle in the bottom of the ice candle and set it on the path to my front door.

  664. Brent Turner says:

    My wife and I, now in our late 60’s enjoy walking our dogs after a fresh snowfall. Something about the change of environment makes them excited and happy to be alive. Their vitality makes us remember our younger years. A cloudy winter day is a good excuse to stay inside, have a hot cup of coffee and read a favorite book or even, take a nap. Winter is many things to many people and certainly not something any of us (in this household, at least) dread but rather view it as a restful time until the Spring rejuvenates New England and ourselves.

    All the best to our ‘neighbors’,

    Brent and Arlene

  665. Alan Baker says:

    Looking out the window as my neighbour Clears the snow off my front walk.

  666. Beth says:

    Making snow angels and snow girls with my granddaughter.

  667. Lissa Vincent says:

    Good Day Irving!

    We live in southern NH and really love winter! As a family we love to sled down Carnival Hill in Wilton, ice skate (less than gracefully) at Hartshorn’s Pond in Milford, walk around our neighborhood during good snowstorms all bundled up like snowpeople, and especially love catching snowflakes on our tongues and eyelashes! These fun winter activities are always followed by a lot of snuggling under blankets and enjoying each others company while sipping hot cocoa. I also try to get out by myself once in a while, find a quiet spot during storms, and just to listen to the snow fall. It’s so peaceful and a great time for introspection.

    There is no place like New England, and while we love our 4 seasons, we really enjoy winter, and look forward to it all year!

  668. Jeremy says:

    Some of the best days of winter are when you get snowed in, school is cancel and stores/offices are closed. This gives families time to spend together or simply to relax. The activities could be playing board games or watching a movie near the warmth of a propane fireplace.

  669. Good Morning Irving,

    We live in Vermont, we enjoy the winters by sitting by the fireplace with hot chocolate playing board games, cards, putting puzzles together, visiting with family & friends. We enjoy the winters also with our grandchildren going sledding down our hills. Volunteering at the local hospitals. Going for walks after work. It’s great and alot of fun. Happy Winter!!

  670. Chris Kebalka says:

    Looking forward to driving my children to the mountain (Sunapee) to ski and our weekly trips for baseball practice.

  671. Sylvia says:

    cross-country skiing behind my house!

  672. Jim Gregoire says:

    Our favorite family winter activity is to snowshoe together and then come home for a hot cup of cocoa and enjoy conversation in the warmth of our home. We purposely keep the TV off and light candles so our communication is not distracted by programs and the atmosphere is cosey for great family time.

  673. Marlene Farnsworth says:


    We have recently started snow shoeing in our Saint John area. We are getting near retirement age and it has become my new favorite thing to do with my husband and grandson! We do not get out enough !!. Grandchildren are also my excuse to still make snowman in our yard . Of course this requires certain snow conditions and that is not always the case in our beautiful city. Therefore we take our Golden Retreiver for walks through wooded areas or we visit the malls to have coffee and “run into old friends”. Love the crispness of winter !!!

  674. Carol Ahern says:

    Good morning,

    We enjoy going to Monarch games in Manchester several times a year and plays at Northern Stage in White River.

    At home we enjoy cooking such meals as pulled chicken, brown bread and corn chowder. The aroma and warmth fill the house with warmth.


  675. Paul Desrosiers says:

    I enjoy the Dominican Republic.


  677. Linda Pivin says:

    My grandchildren are young so it does not take much to get them excited. We build snowmen in the yard and decorate them with things around the house. This is a free activity and they get so excited. After the snowmen are built, we make snow angels. This is priceless and I am so happy that I am healthy enough and able to move so that I can do these things with them.

  678. Darlene Eisnor says:

    I live in Bridgewater, NS, and enjoy both sledding and walking with my family during the winter months. Both of these activities give us exercise and are inexpensive.

  679. Tia Liu says:

    My favorite winter activity is planning a vacation exchange through my time share to some place warm.

  680. Stephanie says:


    Favorite winter activity is taking my son out in the yard in his sleigh, now he has a new baby brother to join him ๐Ÿ™‚

    The McIntosh’s

  681. Robert says:

    I look forward to skating at the Halifax Commons Oval with my grandkids. A great family place to go.

  682. Deidre Taylor says:

    I enjoy walking my dog, especially when it is snowing out.

  683. Ann Lindner says:

    Any day I can downhill ski is a good day. I also snowshoe, cross country ski and love to have sliding parties on my hill along with a campfire, hot chocolate and smores.

  684. chrisite brown says:

    Ice Skating and taking a trip somewhere warm

  685. Arnold Baird says:

    My favourite winter sport is to rent the house out and go to Florida.

  686. Jean Nolet says:

    My best activity in the winter is enjoying to the silence when my furnace isn’t running ๐Ÿ™‚

  687. Sharon Hartling says:

    Hello Irving……my family loves time outside in the snow, followed by lots of family and a big dinner inside!


  688. Karen Corbin says:

    Winter, since I don’t particularily like the cold, I tend to stay inside. I light lots of candles everynight, curl up with a blanket and enjoy time talking with my friends and family. I especially like to cook in the winter. Tonight I am making home made egg rolls. I have lights in my back yard that look beautiful in the windows and i look out of my living room onto the rocks and lights. I like soothing things and this is how I relax and enjoy. Candles, fireplace, cooking, company and family, what better way to enjoy the winter months.

  689. At our house in the boonies, there is nothing better then waking up and seeing a fresh coat of snow on the pines and simply meditating to the beauty of mother nature’s beauty through the big picture window with a hot cup of cocoa. It starts the day with anticipation for a hearty back country ski or snowshoe or ends it with a wonderful sunset glow reflecting off the roof edge icycles.

  690. Donna says:

    My favorite inexpensive wintertime activity is snowshoeing. It’s a great way to experience the outdoors and get a great workout at the same time!

  691. Dean Murray says:

    Hi Irving! Until yesterday’s (January 12th) snowfall I enjoyed riding my motorcycle the most this winter. I use heated riding gear and will have it out again as soon as the roads dry out during out next thaw. Until then, I’ll be snowshoeing in the White Mountains.

  692. Kristin Martin says:

    We enjoy snow-shoeing and downhill skiing at Cannon MT in Franconia, NH.
    There is much to do in that area after you’ve been out on the slopes. If you have a special occasion to celebrate, we recommend you treat yourself to dinner at the Sugar Hill Inn on route 117in Sugar Hill, NH. Steve runs a wonderful B&B and his food is outstanding!

  693. Barbara Joslin says:

    My favorite winter activity is going to a warm climate for a few days.

  694. Christine Brittain says:

    The City of Saint John provides free Seniors’ Skating at it’s rinks. We take advantage of this and enjoy the Stu Hurley a few times a week along with 30 or more other seniors.
    Some use speed skates, others figure skates but most must be old hockey players judging by their speed and finesse.

  695. Brad Osmond says:

    Our 15 month daughter is fascinated with our dog and loves to throw (or let us throw) snowballs over and over again and watch the dog, bark, run and find that snowball in all the snow on the ground . I suspect this will be our inexpensive winter activity for many days to come over the season!

  696. Krista says:

    Hello Irving,

    We enjoy decorating our home at Christmas time. We also enjoy skiing and snowshoeing. Occasionnally we get out with our nieces and nephews and built snow castles and snowmen/women. I take my dog for a walk in the neighborhood daily and get to enjoy the view of the city (our house is pretty high and we can see all of the city).

  697. Maura Thomas says:

    I love going to cheer my daughter on at her swim meets. Indoor pools are always warm and humid unlike our Maine winters. I’m just so glad she decided on being a swimmer and not a skater!!

  698. Dan McKenzie says:

    Hello, we are on the north shore of Nova Scotia facing Prince Edward Island. Only having 2 snow falls so far and neither lasting more than a day or so, I most look forward to the first big snow fall of the winter that will stick around a while. My partner and I will take our Jack Russells for walks down to a fishing pond on the next farm over. There we take turns throwing snow balls back and forth between us across the ice and let the dogs chase them until their tired out. Anyone that ownes Jack’s would know thats alot of snow balls.

    Cheers, have a great winter!

    Dan & Dan (Alex and Sydney the Jack’s)

  699. Shirley Cummings says:

    Snowshoeing!! Only requires the purchase of one or two (love the original wooden shoes for trailmaking and then the lighter aluminum ones with spikes for crusty conditions) pairs of snowshoes for each person and they last for many years. Love to get out in the woods and fields and see the snowy winter scenes and it’s great excercise. Provides some great family time and also some great opportunities for some beautiful photos.

  700. Lynn Blank says:

    Hello –

    A favorite activity with young children (I have done this with our 4) is to cart fresh snow inside a big plastic tub when the temperature dips in the single digits. We place it in the bathtub – it lasts forever and the kids can use kitchen tools and cookie cutters without losing them outside.

  701. Ethan Swift says:

    Seasons Greetings!

    Here in Vermont, my daughters and I enjoy cross country skiing on Saturdays through the Bill Koch Ski League, the nonprofit youth ski league of NENSA (the New England Nordic Ski Association). Afterwards, we enjoy some hot chocolate and then a trip to downtown Brandon to visit the library and bookstore. Then it’s back home for a movie or games until supper time. On Sundays we often plan a big meal with family or friends followed by fun in the woods with our dog Rufus.

    Best Regards
    Ethan and family

  702. Living in St. John’s, NL, I most enjoy cross-country skiing and snowshoeing — and when the weather doesn’t cooperate, long walks. When the weather really doesn’t cooperate, I enjoy a good novel
    , inside by the propane fireplace.

  703. linda lewis says:

    Hi Irving,
    My husband and I really enjoy each other. Cozy nights by the fire, playing cards. Wen belong to several clubs where we go to dances, dinners, etc. Winter can be very cold and lonely for some
    be grateful yopu have friends and family who love you and everything will be ok………….

    thank you…………….

  704. Kathy Moore says:

    Hello Irving,
    We love to snowmobile, but up to this point in time, we do not have enough snow to go out and ride. It is plenty cold up in Campton, but not cold enough to get the good ground cover that we need! It looks like we will just need to use our snow shoes and get a nice hike in instead, and enjoy all the wildlife that live nearby!
    Happy New Year!
    Thanks so much!
    Kathy Moore

  705. Jon Stearns says:

    As a lifelong resident of New Hampshire, except for a couple of years off-state, I should love the winter months, relish the outdoors, gain pleasure in shoveling the walk, and get a glean in my eye when winter rolls around. Nope. The best thing about winter in watching high school and youth basketball indoors. This old Yankee is counting the days until spring and the opening of any golf courses I can get to.

  706. Robert Wood says:

    My family and I live in Saint John NB and we love to go sledding around the city and we also like snow shoeing through Rockwood park. After a heavy snow its so peacefull to snowshoe through the trails.

  707. Anita Webb says:

    First I have to say I live on beautiful Cape Breton Island and proud to be a Cape Bretoner. Cape Breton is well know for it’s many outdoor trails, many of these trails overlook mountains, lakes, rivers and the ocean. Needing no equipement at all you can get out and walk until you run out of personal energy. Clean outdoor air, getting close to nature and a bonus a fresh snow fall to add to nature’s natural beauty. What more could anyone ask for, our bit of heaven!!!!! Thanks for taking a personal interest in your clients!!!! Anita Webb

  708. k goudge says:

    In the metro area of Halifax, NS, we have set up a large outdoor skating rink as the result of hosting the Canada Winter Games a couple of years ago. Speed skating being one of the events required us to build a temporary track. After the games ended, there was such a public reaction that it was decided to rebuild the skating oval on the Commons and install the proper equipment to make a proper outdoor skating rink. It has become a source of great pride for the community and it is really being well used by the residents with hundreds of people on the ice almost everyday of operation. The other advantage is that the “Oval” is one of a few in the country and is attracting attention as a training site for speed skating teams from across the country.

  709. Judith Cimino says:

    Words With Friends offered on Facebook! ! At 67 years of age, I don’t do any outside activities anymore. Yet, I like keeping myself active in a warm home. I can often times feel trapped and isolated out here in the country as well as feeling lonely. Words With Friends has helped to keep my brain active along with chatting with friends online. I have several games going on with family and friends. I am also joining a seniors club which is affordable in the area I live in that offers a warm environment to become involved with new friends, a social network and new activities. Doesn’t that sound fun!
    Thank You,

  710. Paula says:

    Hi There

    We Have 4 wonderful boys, so my husband and I spend as much time outside with them as we can.
    We all LOVE to go sledding, and build forts outside in the snow, The boys are starting to get older so we grab every chance we can with them ๐Ÿ™‚

    Paula & gang ๐Ÿ™‚

  711. judy says:

    we enjoy going to the local hockey games and when the weather is good it makes it much better

  712. Lisa MacDonald says:

    Hello Irving,

    We are looking forward to doing some snowmobiling and we are walkers so we love walking when the snow is slowly falling with our two dogs and I go outside a lot and play with them in the fields, they run after the snow balls I’m throwing. I also enjoy taken Sunday drives in the country and taken pictures of the snow filled trees. We also look forward to the small festival that our communitee has and outside skates.

    Thank you,

    Lisa and Jody MacDonald

  713. Erika says:

    I look forward to taking my kids skating every winter. There is also a baseball field with very steep hills that the kids love to go sledding at. It is great too because when they sled there they just go right into the field so it is safe because they are not sledding out into the streets.

    Erika McCluskey

  714. Reading, books can take me anywhere I want to be, in the comfort of my own home.

  715. Pamela says:

    Winters in Newfoundland are beautiful and we love to get out for a walk in the woods. The trees look so pretty laden down with white and it’s fun to look for animal tracks in the snow.

  716. Francis Jordan says:

    I spend the winter waiting for spring…

  717. Tanya yeo-campbell says:

    I give my kids spray bottles with water and food coloring, then they paint the snow or color their snowballs, make pretty snowmen! It’s easy and fun!

  718. christina murray says:

    We do a few things in the winter. We skate on the new Halifax outdoor oval skating rink, we run in local races but also in our little running group. We sled when there is enough snow, we definitely have many hills around here to chose from, and we get out on the trails for walks. Remember, getting out in the winter is easy, you just have to remind yourself that there’s no such thing as bad weather… just inappropriate clothing!

  719. Don D says:

    In a word: Snowshoeing. It is a fantastic way to get out enjoy nature and explore the outdoors both new and exciting areas and old familiar haunts. Visiting friends, following animal tracks or enjoying scenery there are lots of reasons to strap them on and it doesn’t matter if it is a bright sunny day or during a storm at night there is no bad time to go snowshoeing (as long as there is snow).


  720. Richard W Curtis Jr says:

    I enjoy snowshoeing with my Children, grandchildren and their golden retrievers. When we return it is hot chocolate for all!

  721. Hi Irving,

    My favorite part of living in New England are the four seasons and being able to enjoy each and every one of them! My inexpensive activity for the winter is hiking and snowshoeing. It is so wonderful that we do not have to go far to enjoy the beauty that we have around us and to enjoy what nature has for us to see and explore.

    Thanks for asking, see you on the trails!

  722. Neal says:

    Our favorite winter activity is building snowmen. When our daughter sees snow falling she gets quite excited because she knows we can build a “frosty” snowman. We always build it near the front door so she can see him in the morning on her way to daycare and in the evening when she comes home. She is always so hppy to see the “frosty” we made everyday. She even reminds me each day that Frosty is a girl snowman.

  723. David Baker says:

    Happy New Year Irving!

    I enjoy taking my Chocolate Lab out in the snow and watching her make doggy angels. She will run at top speed and slide on her back until she stops and then proceeds to make doggy angels. She lies on her back and wiggles her entire body in the snow. When she gets up she is beaming with pride and very happy. Then she goes again

    She makes the winter bareable for me as I am not a winter person.



  724. Pam Joslin says:

    Winters in New Hampshire, what can we say! I love getting out in the snow and playing with my grandchildren and family. My dog, Tucker loves the snow. We snowblow a circle in our back yard and he runs and jumps and plays in the snow, most of the time we can’t seen him as he is a boston terrier and short. Doesn’t stop him as he loves to play.

  725. We like to read library books and hike on snowmobile trails with spikes on our boots. My wife Andrea likes to paint in her basement studio (see her website). I like to play string quartets with my friends when the weather lets me drive.

  726. Gina Potter says:


    Our favorite family winter activity is playing hockey on our backyard rink. It is a lot of work to get it up and running and then maintaining it during our very unpredictable winter weather but it is worth all the hours of labour to have a game of shinny with the kids from our neighborhood. The absolute best times are after dark with the lights on over the ice and big fluffy snowflakes falling on us while we play.


  727. Tara MacCallum says:

    We enjoy skiing as a family…it is a great family activity.


  728. Jacqueline Young says:

    Hi Irving,
    I am 69+ years old and my very favourite winter activity is getting on my ATV 4×4 and plowing my 1/4 mile lane. Last nite I plowed until 11:50 pm. My dog runs beside me while I’m plowing so I have excellent company. I enjoy sooooo much being out in the cold/dark plowing by myself (basically) and accomplishing something as well as saving over $100.00 dollars that I was being charged priviously.
    I come back feeling terrific and sleep like a babe.
    I recommend this activity to everyone.
    Jacqueline Young

  729. Brian Holley says:

    Hello, I’m looking forward to skating on the newly opened and extremely popular Emera ice skating oval on the Commons in Halifax Nova Scotia.
    Families and individuals alike will find there is no cost to skate.
    What a great way to keep fit in the winter!

  730. Monica Andrea says:

    When winter arrives…I don my mukluks and head out for a nice long walk through the beautiful white wonderland here in Cape Breton, especially after a winter storm .The new blanket of snow is untouched and the calm in the air is therapeutic.Iam, usually, accompanied by my husband and grandson,who appreciate our time together in the simpleness of this unstressed,uncompetative activity….In these times, when winning and striving for gold seems so important to some….I feel this is one way to step back and enjoy the gifts we have around us everyday.Take time to realize …life is wonderful!

  731. Nancy Stearn says:

    We enjoy walking outside in the snow with our grandchildren and finding animals and birds.

  732. Enid Chandler says:

    I enjoy using free time on bad weather Winter days catching up on my correspondence (using “snail mail” not computer), with relatives and friends. There is no replacement for hand written messages and greeting cards that can be held in one’s hand and read over and over again. It is more like sending a “personal piece of yourself” to someone that is cared about, and the “love” is felt by the recipient. Think about someone in your life that you would like to chat with and do it by handwriting a note to them today!

  733. BWalsh says:

    We enjoy sitting around the fireplace and reading.

  734. Laurie Rizzo says:

    We live in Washington, Vt and have a beautiful pond that we enjoy every season. In the winter we clear the ice and the whole family stops by for some seriously competitive hockey games….even the dogs know how to chase down a puck!!!

  735. Dan Locke says:

    I enjoy plowing the snow out of my driveway with the 4 wheeler and havin building snowmen parties with friends.

  736. Terry Gauthier says:

    We spend a lot of time at the rink as our daughter is in her last year of Midget “AA” hockey with the Mid-Isle Matrix here on PEI. We also spend time walking and snoeshowing in our woodlot with our two Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs as they love to romp in the snow.

    Thank You,
    Terry gauthier

  737. Linda says:

    I can ski now with the manmade snow. But I miss snowshoeing in the quiet woods. Can’t wait for that.

  738. Sonia Read says:

    Hi Irving – this winter has been sort of blah in Nova Scotia. Only a few snowfalls, and the snow never stays long enough to enjoy it. If we get a few decent weekends of snowy weather, my boyfriend and I are going to dig out our snow shoes and hit a couple of local trails. We might even bring our little propane stove and have a winter picnic ๐Ÿ™‚


    Sonia Read

  739. Capt. Tom Malanchuk says:

    Being an avid outdoors family we enjoy all the winter outside activities as well as going to local Hockey games and watching/helping our nieces and nephews. We use “Game Cameras” to observe the varied wildlife in our “backyard”. We help with community projects, schools, and learning how to weatherproof our homes for ourselves, our animals and our friends.
    Creating an exercise room in our home for winter exercising when it’s just tooo cold out!
    We meet winter headon, and enjoy it !
    Capt. tom & Sandy Malanchuk

  740. Jill says:

    Back yard rinks with fire pits. Building snowmen. Winter hiking through the woods.

  741. Jeremy MacLeod says:

    I always look forward to heading out to Brookvale and doing some skiing and/or snowboarding. This year I’m getting all my friends together and their families every Saturday afternoon for a sledding day; it should be a blast. The best part of the winter is when my daughter comes home for March Break.

  742. Joe Spuria says:

    The most simple, fun and fulfilling outdoor activity there is. Walking the dog thru the woods in the snow. Its great fun and it keeps us both slim and trim.

  743. Jim Forrest says:

    We enjoy winter in Franconia, NH, snowshoeing on about 60km of trails that begin in Forest Hill park in downtown Franconia and go all the way down to the Coppermine Trail and Bridal Veil Falls. Unfortunately, not enough snow this year…yet.

  744. Paul Arsenault says:

    I love 4 wheeling in the winter its cheap and we have a big gang of friends that go with us.Another thing we like to do with the kids is go to the local outdoor skating rink its loads of FUN!!!!!

    Paul Arsenault

  745. connie says:

    just like to walk in the nice fresh cool air, watch a movie and read a book

  746. Margaret Beales says:

    Hello Irving,

    We enjoy sliding, cross country skiing and just a walk on new fallen snow. In Nova Scotia we get a lot of damp, wet weather which makes a nice warm comfy game night at home. A mug of hot cocoa and a good hockey game with the Maple Leafs winning is just the ticket for winter blahs.

    Thanks for your easy to get along staff and great service


  747. Carol MacKenzie says:

    My favourite winter activities were when I was a child. My Dad used to build us elaborate toboggan runs in the back yard and he enjoyed them as much as my sisters and I did. He built skating rinks for us too and we could always count on cocoa and fresh home made bread with cinnamon sugar on top from Mom when we came in cold and wet.


  748. M Roberts says:

    Hello and Happy New Year to everyone at Irving:

    Winter on the North Shore of Nova Scotia, Tatamagouche to be specific, is a wonderful and busy time. Snow Shoeing, skating, snowmobiling and of course the winter sports at the rink. I enjoy taking time to see my friends kids play hockey, going to skating carnivals, talking a long walk on the Trans Canada Trail, serene and quiet on a sunny winter day. But most of all and especially if there is a snowstorm, I like to cuddle up on the couch with a good book and a hot cup of cocoa or watch a movie I have not seen in a long time smelling whatever is cooking in my oven – cinnamon buns or fresh baked bread – simple and delicious. Can’t you just smell that bread baking?

    Enjoy the season.


  749. Shane Snider says:

    Hello Irving

    Taking my daughter sledding and skating are our best winter activities in Halifax. Oddly enough, I also like to shovel snow after a big storm and will often shovel during the storm if it is changing to rain. There is something very peaceful about that.

  750. Doris Savoie says:

    Thanks Irving to give us the chance to enjoy winter in the comfort of our warm and comfortable home oil heated. We don’t have to go in the south during the cold season, we have the heat of the sun at home with Irving

    Doris and Charles

  751. Jeff says:

    Love sledding with the kids, although Halifax has not had many good sledding ays yet this year.

  752. Nancy Okrish says:

    We like to spread out a meal of cheeses, good bread and cured meats and pates on the coffee table, and uncork a nice bottle of red; maybe good cider for the kids. We have a nice evening of conversation and food with a fire in the propane fireplace and finish it all with a chocolate fondue and a good movie. My brother recently held a weiner roast in the snow… he shovelled a path to the fire pit in his backyard, dragged the picnic table under the clothesline which he had strung lwith icicle lights, and loaded it with a crockpot of hot chocolate and all the fixins for weiners and s’mores! What a great celebration it was, so we’ll definitely be doing that again before the winter is over.

  753. Tammy Coombs says:

    We love to go to the movies during the winter. It is the time of the year that we don’t seem so busy & we relax & slow down a bit ๐Ÿ™‚

  754. Jeff Brewer says:

    Hi there,

    My girlfriend and I love cuddling up in a blanket in front of our propane fireplace and having a hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows.


  755. Marjorie Hascall says:

    My activity is to avoid the snow as much as possible and read a good book.

  756. Philip Horner says:

    Winter in Vermont…Some would think us crazy for living in northern New England. Why not just move south? But, after the blazing colors of autumn, this is the season of quiet contemplation. The trees shed their leaves and the hills expose their bones to the world…those gullies and cliffs not seen in the other seasons. A walk in the winter woods, alone (without mosquitoes even) invites reflection. And what can beat sitting by a fire, hot drink in hand, reading a seed catalog and thinking of the possibilities?

    Phil Horner

  757. Steve says:

    We like to go for morning walks around our subdivision so the mild temperatures have been great for this! On the weekends we like to go to the local in-door farmer’s market and now that the out-door free skating oval is open we’ve started to go skating as well.

  758. Hello Irving,

    My family enjoys winter in Newfoundland playing out in the snow! We like to make snow tunnels, go sliding, skiing, skating and having a good snowball fight. We also like to enjoy a good bon-fire with a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate.

    Karen Dowding

  759. Lily says:

    Inexpensive winter activity? I guess everyone would agree that going snow sliding with family is the most fun and free activity in the winter. We still go with this typical and traditional winter activity where kids just love it so much! Even us, as adults, we enjoy the speed while it brings us back our good memories from childhood.

  760. Kevin Hughes says:

    Hello and Good Day

    We love to snow shoe at Adairs Lodge in Sussex !!! A bunch of us rent one of the Lodges they have so it’s not to expensive when all chip in. Then we head out through the beauiful fields filled with wonderful snow filled trees … lots of photo ops … it’s a winter wonderland and a great work out too !! In the evening once settled we bring out the food and enjoy ourselves with a few musical instruments and little glass of wine or two !!! Then finish up in the morning with a good snowshoe again before heading home. Sheer Glory

    Thanks for allowing me to share
    Kevin and wife Cindy

  761. Charon Pinard says:

    Absolutely love the momentary pleasure of snuggling down with a good book, warm blanket, cup of tea, and a warm fire crackling, on a cold day in January or February. It is a treat that feels so right this time of year. All of Mother Nature is covered under a blanket of snow and I can enjoy this respite without feeling guilty that I should be accomplishing other things.

  762. Jocelyne D says:

    We enjoy winter by spending as much time as possible outside. We love walking the dog (in the snow if there is some!), downhill skiing, and new this year thanks to my parent’s Christmas gift, snowshoeing. After outdoor activities we enjoy a mug of hot chocolate in front of our propane fireplace.


  763. Brian Billings says:

    Snow shoeing in Vermont.

  764. KM says:

    Definitly – out the back door, the dogs plowing through the snow our snow shoes on and a back pack filled with cheese,bread, italian meats & a couple of thermoses of hot chocolate and no phones, Ipads, blackberries. The trusty flint & dryer lint make for good fire starters to warm us at the halfway point. Life doesn’t get any better. Peace ~ K & S, Meg & Nikki

  765. Amy Butler says:

    Hi Irving – We like to take the kids sledding in Mill River on the big tubes. We always make a few trips to the beach in West Point as well – winter or not it is the nicest place to go in PEI!

  766. January 13 2012

    Hello Irving,

    Here on our beautiful island of PEI, our family enjoys getting out and having snowball fights, making tunnels and snow forts. We enjoy walking on the trails and coming home to enjoy some steaming hot chocolate with the kids or going to family skates at the rink where you can enjoy the delicious Cavendish fries and some hot chocolate to keep you warm. Having four children there’s always adventures in the snow!

    Thank you from the MacLeans.

  767. Steven & Patricia Iacuzzi says:

    I enjoy playing in the snow with my granddaughter. She is two years old and snow is very much a wonder to her. She likes to be pulled around on her sled. We also throw balls for our dogs to chase Once snow is actually on the ground we even like to throw snowballs for the dog who gets very confused as to how to return them.

    Steve & Pat

  768. Kevin Hart says:


    Best free winter activity is pulling my 2 year old daughter around in her sledge in the snow. Great fun and helps with my new years resolution to loose weight and get fit. No need to spend money on an expensive gym membership or home equipment!


  769. JAMES KIRBY says:


  770. Karen Johnson says:

    Our favorite winter activity is sledding in our backyard as long as there is enough snow ๐Ÿ™‚

  771. Karen Hudson says:

    I like to sit in my warm home & read, knit or cross-stitch.

  772. Daniele Caradonna says:

    My favorite winter activity is curling up in a soft blanket on the couch with my cat purring in my lap, sipping a hot cup of tea and reading a good book while I watch the snowflakes fall outside my window. It’s inexpensive and warm!
    Daniele ๐Ÿ˜€

  773. Nick Grover says:

    Hi Irving.

    We enjoy snowshoeing in the mountains in northern Cape Breton.

  774. Linda Skuba says:

    Hello Irving,

    My husband and I attend our grandson’s basketball games and my husband has set up a pitching machine and batting cage in our basement. He gives catching and batting instructions on the weekends to kids who want to keep their baseball skills sharp throughout the off season.

  775. valerie hayes says:

    Hi, I enjoy winter taking walks with my dog, watching deer in the fields, or just spending time with friends and family.
    Thank you

  776. Denise Bernier says:

    Hi Irving Oil,

    When winter rolls in our way, we love to go skating on the Saint John River and at our local rink. My partner has been skating and playing hockey his whole life and my training is coming along nicely. We also enjoy sledding in our backyard where we have an amazingly steep hill. My step-son and our nieces and nephew all love to get bundled up to run, jump and slide down the hill. Its quite the winter wonderland out back each year! But I have to say – there is something to be said about those flurry-filled days when it snows those big flakes all day and everything in the world seems to be set on pause. We love being house bound, warm and comfortable whether we sit around playing board games or snuggle up with a great movie or a good book. We get so few opportunities in life to relax during our hectic days. It’s my hope that everyone gets to experience those simple days every once and awhile.

    Have a Terrific 2012 winter!

    Pierce/Bernier Clan

  777. September Douthwright says:

    Hello, our favorite activity in the winter months is snowshoeing, we live on a lake so when it is frozen enough we snowshoe almost daily. Thanks September & Family

  778. We Love to watch the kids skating all day on the lake in front of my house, to run and play in the new fallen snow , make snowmans, snowangles. make snow scouplures are fun too! sliding is my favorite..great hills in my area…and it costs nothing at all …except for hot chocolate…after a cold day outside..Play Safe..:d

  779. Hello
    My grand children and I go to our camp just outside of Perth Andover and spend holidays and March break sliding down a great hill out back and skating on a make shift ice rink right in the door yard. We have a fire pit so we roast hotdogs and make some hot chocolate to warm us up. It’s a great time and the cost is very little.

  780. I love to watch the kids skate in front of my house ..nice to live on a lake and watch the seasons snowmans and angels in the new fallen snow …and sliding is the best …that;s what we enjoy this winter

  781. ROBERT GILDEN says:

    I was looking forward to snowshoeing this winter. I also like to ice-skate. Otherwise you will find me at a museum, library or theater. I also enjoy the local coffee shop and getting together with friends. When home I enjoy reading and jigsaw puzzles. Living near Mt. Washington Valley, there are always plenty of local events to attend.

    Bob Gilden

  782. Lorraine Gagne says:

    We enjoy winter by using our BBQ grill out on our deck as often as possible. Especially this winter when there isn’t as much snow on board as winters past. But that doesn’t slow us down. We just shovel it off, fire it up, and cook away. We did a beer can chicken this past weekend and the entire neighborhood could smell it. Ah, the smell was fantastic!! And hey, only 51 days until spring training starts for most baseball teams!!

    Lorraine and family

  783. Dana says:

    Favorite winter activities we are looking forward to experiencing this winter is building a snowman on our lawn and spending time at our local hill sliding on a crisp snowy evening with homemade hot chocolate.
    Thank you!

  784. Melanie Fisk says:

    Winter is my favorite time to hike the dogs – in boots, on snowshoes or backwoods skis. It’s so quiet and beautiful – like being in our own private chapel. The crystals of snow blowing or falling off the evergreens on the trails in the sunlight look like frosted diamonds. Holderness is on Squam Lake (Golden Pond) and we have the Science Center providing all sorts of family educational activities, a very friendly community, The Little Church Theatre which promotes local talent, and the Library of the Year! Occasionally I get the opportunity to curl up with a good book by the fire while the soup simmers on the stove, the homemade breads bake in the oven, and the prepared & frozen bounty from the harvest thaws…and then there is shovelling. What’s not to love?

  785. Lynda hallock says:

    Glad you asked! We love to build a “two sided” snowman on the Common in our little town( so you can view it coming or going :). Complete with all the trimmings, hat, scarf,arms of sticks,cane,big eyes of coal, corn cob pipe ( no smoking of course) carrot nose and mouth made of cranberries. Then we come in and make popcorn and real hot chocolate with marsmallows and whipped cream. Cozy up in front of our fireplace(auto propane of course LOL!) It is a great time, the granchildren as well as the adults have a great time and it is Free!

  786. Chastity O'Donnell says:

    As a mom of 2 preschoolers, I am enjoying my winter by teaching my 3 and 4 year old daughters how to skate. We live across the road from our community’s skating rink. So, every Monday and Wednesday, my girls and I, bundle up to go to Toddler’s Free Skate. The rink provides both of my girls with skate aids, which are devices for them to push around the ice, to keep their balance. I originally thought that I would have to spend the entire hour picking them up off of the ice. But they’re doing incredibly well, on their own. So, I actually get to enjoy skating, myself.
    Once the hour is over, and as soon as we get home, the girls huddle around the heat vent to warm up, while I prepare their hot chocolates. Then the three of us sit on the floor infront of the blowing hot air and sip on our drinks, together, while our toes thaw out.
    This winter, that is my favourite thing to do.

  787. Sharon Lee says:

    My grandfather past on an original winter tradition that we look forward to every winter. This tradition was past down to him by his native American family. In the cold months of January and February we put drops of food coloring on edge of the roof. Then when the icicles come, they come in beautiful colors. It’s a great way bring color into the whiteness and create a lovely winter scene.

  788. Melanie Fisk says:

    I run a small, private dog-boarding (not-a-kennel) business in the Lakes Region of NH near some truly wonderful mixed eco-area trails (lakes coves, old-growth forest, swamp, beaver ponds, etc). Winter is my favorite time to hike the dogs (daily, year-round, off-leash) in boots, or snowshoes or backwoods skis. It’s so quiet and beautiful – like being in our own private chapel (except when one of the dogs spots a squirrel!). The crystals of snow blowing or falling off the evergreens in the sunlight bring to mind frosted stained glass. Company on the trails is always welcome. Holderness is on Squam Lake (Golden Pond) and we have the Science Center for all sorts of family educational activities, a very friendly community, The Little Church Theatre which promotes local talent – most performances written by local residents and the Library of the Year! Very infrequently I get the opportunity to curl up with a good book by the fire. Winter is the time for soup on the stove, homemade breads and eating up the meals prepared & frozen from the harvest…and then there is shovelling. What’s not to love?

  789. My most anticipated winter activity.

    Snow sculpting. Why assume that building a snowman is only for youngsters? All of us, of any age or ability, can bundle up and march our creative spirit out the door. Roll up a few balls of snow, release your childish self and build your best snowman ever. Or, draw up plans, build forms or staging, whatever is needed. Then sculpt a fish, a frog, a mermaid, or a castle or a likeness of yourself. Build it in your front yard for the whole neighborhood to see or tuck it in a corner out back. Doesn’t matter where. Just doing it will wake you up, shake you up, and probably shorten your winter. And don’t worry — if it’s a terrible piece of work, it won’t last long anyway.

  790. Don says:

    Hi Irving,
    My wife (who has MS) and I enjoy going out with our dogs and playing in the snow in the nicer weather during the winter season. Though this winter has been very unusually mild , so far, we still enjoy ourselves. During “Storm Days” we prefer to stay inside in our cosy home and read a book or watch a movie and enjoy each other’s company. When we were younger and less incapacitated, we were a lot more active in winter sports etc. Now we leave the “heavy lifting” to the younger generation.

    Have a good winter and play safely !
    Don & Viki
    and the Dogs

  791. Allan Fleming says:

    My favorite activities during the cold seasons in Nova Scotia includes all kinds of social dancing and music events.
    When I am not dancing then I like to express thoughts and ideas through my drawings and illustrations.

  792. Rachael Cohen says:

    I enjoy watching and listening to birds year-round, but winter is the time to keep the bird feeders full of seed and suet to bring the birds right outside the windows. The variety of birds at my feeders in Vermont during the winter is greater than one might think. Sometimes there are surprises, such as the time a barred owl sat on a tree limb about 20 feet away from the house all day watching the feeders. Even “common” birds such as chickadees and nuthatches bring me extraordinary pleasure with their antics.

  793. Wes MacEwen says:

    We like walking and doing home renovations.

  794. Harold & Pam Griffin says:


    We are spending the winter planning and preparing for our summer camping season at Little Risser’s Beach in NS. We will be very happy when winter is over and the snow is gone. We do make a few trips to walk the beach during the winter months, but not in the cold and snow.

    Thank you,

    Harold & Pam

  795. Nancy says:

    We live in a rural area and enjoy a good old fashioned sliding party with all of our friends and neighbours. It’s a great activity for young and old and you can use sleds, toboggans, crazy carpets or a big piece torn out of an old cardboard box so money is no object. If you stop and listen, all you hear is lots of laughter and happy screams as the sliders see who can go the farthest. You also see lots of red cheeks and big smiles which proves it’s a good time had by all.
    Afterwards, we all meet at someone house for steaming hot chocolate and a big bowl of chili to ward off the cold.
    Doesn’t get much better than than!

  796. Carolyn Stecklare says:

    I always look forward to thewinter, which passes more quickly with activities such as cross- country skiing, snowshoeing, and sledding. All provide great exercise and are totally free; that’s the best part. On days when the weather is too bad to get outside one can get caught up on those indoor chores and activities that remain unfinished from the short, busy summer. And on snowy days, there’s nothing cozier than curling up with a good book by my Hearthstone (propane) Stove. Love it!

  797. Eydie Aremburg says:

    If we ever get enough snow here in Vermont, we enjoy snowshoeing which we can do on our own property. We also can go sliding down the hill in our backyard. My husband and sons enjoy the Boy Scout Freeze Out weekend, which includes outdoor survival activities (make their own snowshoes out of tree branches, build snow shelters which they sleep in overnight during their Freeze Out, cook their food over a campfire, etc.). We all enjoy the Boy Scout Klondike Derby, which is a one day event.

  798. We like to ice skate on our pond. We get exwercise clearing off the snow and then more exercise skating.

  799. Donnie Boone says:

    We enjoy the winters in New Brunswick, for the outdoor skating and sliding. This is one of the very few inexpensive activities left in today’s society. Being able to go out to the local outdoor rink and teach my three year old daughter how to skate is something that I will be able to remember for years to come. Also being able to play a game of pick-up hockey with my buddies is something that almost every Canadien regardless the age enjoys. Being able to enjoy taking my children sliding and enjoying a small fire to roast marshmollows and a warm glass of hot chocolate, or winter is fun just to go outside and build a snowman or snow fort with my children like I use to do when I was a child.

  800. Susannah H. says:

    I live in the heart of the White Mountains of NH and even though we’ve just now had our first significant snowfall, I’ve been enjoying hiking with my dog and taking evening “power walks” after work in the fields near the Saco River. With this wonderful, fresh snow, I’m looking forward to getting back on my cross country skis and snowshoeing in the notches!

  801. Ruth Fleury says:

    My favorite winter past time is having the family here at home in Vermont. Since there are so many holidays to gather we all will be having fun eating and visiting. We get exercise and fresh air making a snowman, shoveling the snow and running with our favorite family pets the dogs Molly, Marla and Matty.Families are first last and always.

  802. Until this year my favorite outdoor activity has been snowshoeing in and around the trails and hills of Franconia. However, in order to snowshoe, snow is required. Snow has been totally lacking this winter.

    Ray Peltier

  803. Elaine Johnson says:

    Because I live alone, as I get older my thoughts go out to the elderly during the winter months. I like to visit my elderly neighbors, relatives, friends and Hospice clients and bring them a little treat. I am more active as a volunteer with Hospice during the winter and enjoy facilitating Bereavement Groups during the colder months. There is just no greater joy than encouraging a hurting heart. Winter can be a lonely, shut-in time for many. It warms me on the inside to see their delight and appreciation. I also enjoy volunteering as an usher at our downtown theatre. It is a fun, social night out and a free professional show!

  804. lee krohn says:

    walking/hiking/running/backcountry skiing with carol and lila; hosting community gatherings at our monthly firehouse breakfasts, sponsored by our volunteer fire department…

  805. We are Seniors now. I am 82 years old So we spend our winters doing things differently now. We have friends in and we play cards and We have a wii game and pklay golf and bowl . When we are alone we put Puzzles together. We are fortunate that we have Irving to depend obn for our heat so that we can be comfortable.

  806. John Peverill says:

    Our contribution

    We enjoy winter in Nova Scotia by walking, hiking and geocaching.
    Geocaching is a great way to explore new trails that are not on any of the hiking trail maps.

    Thank you,

  807. Eun Kyung Lee says:

    Dear Irving,

    Our winter here in Nova Scotia has been very warm this year. Our family have kept active during this season by staying together by an open fireplace, roasting sweet potatoes and cauliflowers for the whole family to snack on. I have cut pieces of our Christmas tree and used it to make fire in our fireplace instead of throwing it away. My family also plays music around the fire and invited friends to join us in evenings for fun and laughter for all. I also enjoy skating in the new open skating rink down by the Commons in Central Halifax, but I have been looking most forward to the Blue Nose Marathon this February in Downtown Halifax.

    Yours Truely,

    Eun Kyung Lee

  808. Mar says:

    I love walking my dog after a fresh snowfall. She toally delights in running with abandon! I also love walking by the harbour watching what the tides do to the ice flow. There is nothing like fresh snow sparkling in the moonlight and snow crunching under your feet!

    Enjoy the winter!

  809. Walking and cross country skiing,also driving on country roads looking for wildlife to photogragh and drinking hot with lunch on winter trails in woods.Quietness in wild.

  810. Paul & Bonnie Boroski says:

    Hi Irving
    We turn the heat down to save and spend the days in the warm sun golfing in Florida.

  811. Mary says:

    My favorite winter avtivity is skating at Lily Lake in Saint John. Its free and great to skate outdoors.

  812. Ralph Currie says:

    With the lack of snow this winter, to date, we have been able to enjoy the parks and trails for an extended period of time. Traveling has been made easier with the highways clear. What we have enjoyed the most this winter season, is the availability to visit places that are normally covered with snow. To be able to visit our campsite, normally only available in season, and to have a camp fire is beyond amazing. When snow does arrive, we’ll take advantage of the free skate rink in the downtown area and gather with friends afterward for some hot chocolate and story telling. Traveling has been made easier with the lack of huge amounts of snow so visits with friends has been made easier.

  813. Carl Akin says:

    FINALLY , we are getting snow, so we can again start snowshoeing ! With this “Spring” weather we have been hiking, but can now go back to winter activities . Thank you, Carl

  814. Ed Barrood says:

    With limited mobility, I enjoy my daily Cryptoquip, crossword puzzle, movies, theater productions, pot luck suppers, and seeing my new 1823 house conquer the epic adventure to modern standards….and uncovering ghosts of spirits past.

  815. Steve Tucker says:

    Ah Winter!

    Two things I love to do. One is downhill skiing and the other is playing with my dog in the snow. Skiing provides exhilaration and the dog provides happiness. Simple but fulfilling.

  816. Sandra says:

    We enjoy going skating on any frozen surface we can find. Then we build a small fire, roast hot dogs or marshmallows and drink hot chocolate. The kids love it and we love it just as much as they do.

  817. Keli Green says:

    Hello Irving!

    We love to snowshoe in the winter! There are so many beautiful trails through the woods in our area of NH that we never run out of new places to see. Often our neighbors and friends will gather for a ‘snow hike’ with the dogs and a supply of snacks for snow picnics, so our outings are frequently sociable. Snowshoeing has been a tremendous activity for our family, it’s great excercise, there’s beautiful scenery, it’s something we can do just about anywhere for the length of time that fits our schedule for the day, and don’t forget: snowshoeing is free! If your readers haven’t tried it yet, I strongly encourage them to get out and snowshoe!

    I look forward to reading other responses!
    – Keli

  818. I enjoy the peace and quiet, and the beauty, after a winter`s snow storm- such as today, January 12th. We like to watch the deer gingerly, come out of the woods, – and eat their grain, while not missing a beat as to what is going on around them.
    They even like to touch noses with the cat !

  819. Joan Seeley says:

    During the winter I like to go to bed early and sleep late to catch up on what I miss the rest of the year. I also enjoy reading and trying to make some sense out of my files.

  820. Lucie Wyatt says:

    Living in Northern NH there is usually lots of snow and the more the better. Snowshoeing is my favorite activity especially at night and especially under a full moon. Cross Country Skiing is also lots of fun and both are great forms of excersise and virtually free of cost. Sledding is a favorite among the neighborhood kids and hot chocolate with marshmellows must be ready when they come inside.

  821. Karen MacRae says:

    Hi Irving,

    Our favorite thing to do is dress for the weather and spend time walking out two dogs on our property, everyone benefits even the dogs.

  822. Ryan Braze says:

    Aside from clearing the snow off the drive and pathways, I like to make snowmen and other snow art. The first year we were here I carved a fighter style space craft that looked like it crashed into a snow bank. The craft was piloted by a stuffed dog I placed inside the cockpit. Lots of fun to create and I got lots of comments from visitors that dropped by.


  823. Ella Richard says:

    I hate the cold, so my favorite winter activity is watching the NHL games on TV in the comfort of our living room, while eating our delicious snacks. We get to enjoy our favorite winter sport while our furnace keeps us warm and cozy, thanks to Irving Oil. ๐Ÿ™‚

  824. Cuddling by the fire with a good book and a nice glass of wine is my favourite winter time activity.

  825. don and debbie says:

    we spend time when we can winter camping and snow shoeing

  826. Brian says:

    I mountain bike in the winter with studded tires in the trails that are grommed if it snows, its a great winter sport and I get to ride my bike all year long.



  827. Carole Titus says:

    We go sledding on our road. We have several – to say the least – old iron runner sleds. My husband has been collecting for years. Sometimes we light the road at night with Tiki torches, invite our friends and neighbors and have cocoa and drinks afterwards. Needless to say we can do this because we are on a private road!

  828. T Chittick says:

    We are from Nova Scotia and looking forward to going ice skating as well we enjoy going down hill skiing ….

  829. Carol Protivansky says:

    I look forward to painting in oils or acrylics on canvas. Summer sun welcomes outdoor activities so during the winter I look forward to catching up on painting on canvas.

  830. Elizabeth says:

    Our winter activities have changed now that our children have grown and moved on in their lives. Still when we do manage to cross the country and gather together , the first question is ” where shall we go for a hike” and ” what will we eat when we get back?” Being together outdoors and food seems to be our favourite activities! Hockey on the nearest lake, snowshoeing , skiing, shinny at the local arena, are all great but there is nothing like a hike in the winter to rejuvenate, energize and spend time with people you love!

  831. Josh Boylen says:

    Cant wait to go snow shoeing….but that seems a a long way off right now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  832. OUr grandchildren enjoy the ice rink on the town green in New London NH which is free and also snow shoeing on our property and the snow mobile trails with the dogs (2 Greawt Danes). All of which is a lot of fun and great exercise! The six of us are quite a site – 2 grand parents, 2 grand children and 2 Great Danes! Gotta love winter.

  833. Cheryl Heater says:

    Hi, Irving.

    My favorite inexpensive activity in winter is training for and then serving as an AARP TaxAide volunteer tax preparer for senior citizens and others who need that free service in VT and NH.

    Thanks for reminding me how much I appreciate doing it.


  834. Meredith Funston says:

    A timely question, since it’s finally snowing today! Our first snowfall since Halloween!
    I certainly look forward to snow shoeing, skiing and cooking (winter is a great time to invite friends for dinner and try new recipes). But my very favorite winter activity, snow or no snow, is paddle tennis. This fun, invigorating outdoor winter game is not very widely known in NH which seems odd since it’s a winter replacement for tennis. Where I grew up in NY there were public courts so everyone could play. All you need is a paddle and a ball (and hand/toe warmers when it’s below 15 degrees). I’d like to see NH place a few public courts in parks so everyone could come out and play this fun game! I’m lucky my friends have a court. Let’s start a movement to make this game more available in NH. Maybe Irving could sponsor?!

    Had my furnace cleaned and tuned up today – good job, Jim! Thanks, Irving!

  835. Darlene says:

    I love to go snow shoeing on the North Shore of Prince Edward Island. It is a great way to enjoy a nice winter day and check out the beach area. Nothing like crisp winter air on your face and snow under your Snow Shoes. Lot’s of friends and at the end, Hot CoCo. Can’t wait. Ok Snow, where are you?

    Thanks for your interest


  836. Bruce Peters says:

    Hi Irving Oil,

    When the winter winds howl outside, I love to sit in front of my new propane fireplace, and watch TV or movies on my Home Theatre System, and enjoy the glow and warmth of the fire.

  837. I enjoy a nice walk on the local bike path and watching the wild life in my back yard. I have lots of birds. turkeys, deer and other various small woodland creatures. They are always so busy and fun to watch. But the most enjoyable activity is to play in the snow with my grandaughter, sliding and building snow forts.

  838. Kim Mender says:

    We like walking in the woods or snowshoeing.

  839. Carolyn Plummer says:

    We love to ski but that’s expensive so we have resorted to hiking around home and snow shoeing in our woods here. Love to watch the falling snow during a storm and then go out to play in it before it’s plowed/ shoveled! Hot chocolate or coffee are favorites at the end of the day outside!

    Thank you for wanting to know!!
    Carolyn and family

  840. Chris Warner says:

    sitting at home with the wood stove going

  841. Martin Somers says:

    My wife and I are so busy in the warmer months that we look forward to a little downtime in the winter, and playing a good game of cribbage is tops on our list, along with catching up on home improvement projects in the house that we can’t seem to get to any other time due to busy schedules camping, umpiring, and fishing and hunting.

  842. I love to borrow snowshoes and hit the trails with my sister.

  843. Angela Peh says:

    We moved into our home last year and now that our children are 3 and 1 1/2 we are most looking forward skating on the lake behind our house! There will lots of bruises I’m sure. We have our skating gear all ready to go, now we just need a stretch of cold weather!

    Thank you,
    Angela Peh

  844. Karen Beauregard says:

    One of our favourite winter activities is cross- country skiing in the National Park in PEI and then heading home to enjoy a hot chocolate in front of our Propane fireplace with a good book from the local library. And if there isn’t enough snow for skiing walking along the waterfront in Charlottetown is second best.

  845. Liz Kinsley says:

    Whether there is snow or not the kids love having hot chocolate with marshmallows! It is something they always look forward to after playing outside!

  846. David Kipper says:

    In Halifax skating on the lakes is always nice (if they are frozen), or the oval otherwise. A good snow ball fight, tobogganing, and hot chocolate always helps to beat the winter blues too.

  847. Pierre Meagher says:


    We spend our winters in Florida and leave the heat on at 15*C at the house in Glen Arbour!
    Our propane generator kicks in when the power goes out and the heat stays on…..
    All is well!
    Pierre & Lise

  848. Sherryl Trask says:

    We enjoy running with a group at least three days a week covering various distances. We run along our local scenic routes and our railway track,when the snow flies out come the cross country skies! We enjoy a moderate climate in Southwestern Nova Scotia so we dress accordingly and off we go.

  849. Dave Trask says:

    taking a nap!

  850. Joanna Carr says:

    During the winter months, my husband and I hope it snows enough so that we can put on our snowshoes and head outdoors, through our field, and into the woods. Our dog Cody comes with us and we get him ready by putting his “Muttluks” on to protect his paws from ice build-up. At first he sort of prances on his toes because they feel a bit strange, but when we are out in the snow, he forgets he is wearing them. As we enter the woods, it seems so still, but soon we hear creaking trees, woodpeckers, falling clumps of snow, and other sounds, some barely discernible. Our favorite time of day for this activity is sunset. The long shadows of the trees and deepening, spreading color of the western sky heighten our experience. This year, because snow has been scarce, we have snowshoed only once. But as I write this, it is snowing, and we are smiling. It is time for our second snowshoeing adventure of the season. Hooray!

  851. Kim says:

    My favourite outdoor activity is sledding in the back yard with my three children ages 12, 9 and 6. We have a hill and the further up you go the faster you go; then we come in – curl up on the couch with a bag of popcorn and a blanket for a family movie on the TV

  852. Donna Cheshuk says:

    We are new to the Deer Island, NB area and are doing a lot of hiking around the island to see what it has to offer this time of the year. Since there is no snow it is easy to get around traveling along the old roads that Cris-cross the island. With no snow you can see how wonderful the little things are such as how the ice forms on small patches of water in ribbons under the clear ice top or the ice crystals that push up out of the ground!! There are many different kinds of moss that stay very green under the canopy of fir trees and look every bit like a soft green carpet… it is wonderful to explore the forest and along the island shores where there are wonderful ice falls (frozen water falls) that gleam in the sunlight!! We look forward to seeing what the next phase of winter has to offer!!

    Happy Winter to all!!

    Donna & Randy

  853. Trina Donahue says:

    Hello Irving,

    Although the winter has been mild, our family hasn’t let enjoying our winter get us down. We spend a lot of our free time at a cabin shared by aunts, uncles and cousins. It is in the middle of a forest and requires either an all terrain vehicle or ski doo to make the trek. We have a propane stove for cooking, sleeping arragements and lots of ‘old fashion’ games.


    The Donahues

  854. Robert MacDonald says:

    We are most looking forward to snowmobiling and spending a week at the cottage, where we hope to skate on the pond and hopefully do some ice fishing too!

  855. Sarah says:

    Snowshoeing near the Connecticut River. There are animal tracks to follow and gentle, quiet moments to explore these natural, winter woods.

  856. Lisa Laflamme says:

    We enjoy going outside with the kids and sledding down our front hill. We also LOVE to have snowball fights (girls against the boys)! We are looking forward to ice fishing with our two children for the very first time this year! We also take our dog for long walks around our neighborhood.
    Thank you,
    Lisa and family

  857. Mike Turk says:

    Howdee Irving,
    I actually enjoy shoveling snow! We also ice skate and go sliding down the local hill. We own a mad river rocket which is a fast sled that you sit on your knees and cut turns with!


  858. Stephanie says:

    We live on the border of NH and VT which let’s us dabble a bit in both places! Memberships at the Montshire Museum of Science let’s us enjoy great exhibits indoors on a chilly winter day and Billings Farm let’s us visit animals in the barn and go on sleigh rides when they have them! Back home in NH my 3 yo loves his swim lessons at our local indoor pool, learning to play skate and play hockey at our local rink and go sledding or building snowmen in the yard (when winter allows for that of course!). He also got some snow fort building tools this Christmas but we have yet to be able to test them out so far this year, soon I hope!

    Hope you are enjoying your winter as much as we are!
    Stephanie & Oliver

  859. Janice Spencer says:

    We spend time in Nova Scotia watching the grandchildren coast on the hill beside our home. This is excellent exercise for everyone, we get lots of fresh air and everyone comes inside for hot chocolate or for the adults tea or coffee. This is a no cost activity but one that everyone enjoys.

  860. Joy Gaine says:

    sledding, building snow-people, ice skating, making toasty wood stove fires and drinking hot cocoa.

  861. richard Hocker says:

    When the snow lies upon the landscape a pair of snow shoes are the ticket to a whole world of adventure. Whether it s the tracks of a porcupine, or the tracks of moose it is a cause of joy to ponder the happenings in the world of nature. What a sight it is to see the bobcat moving across the hillside in search of his next meal.

  862. BETTY CHASE says:



  863. Alex Ledrew says:

    Ice fishing is one of our ways to enjoy winter in Cape Breton. Fish hut in the back of the truck of to timmies for coffee. Always lots of buddies around to chat with “some good fish stories” some true & some far fetched lol. Bras D’or lakes are beautiful even in winter like a peice of heaven.

  864. Kerry Taggart says:

    My wife and I snowshoe right from our back yard to a nearbybeaver pond.

  865. Adrianna Mackenzie says:

    building snow forts with my family

  866. Amy Willey says:

    Our family enjoys many outside activities in the winter months. We like hiking up the hill behind our house (or snowshoeing if there’s enough snow.) Sledding down the hill in front of our house. Going to the local pond and skating or playing hockey. We love to build snowmen and snow forts and color them with a spray bottle full of colored water. We love winter!!

    The Willey Family

  867. Meagan Condon says:

    Living in snowy St. Johns, Newfoundland requires warm coats, boots and all the gear. Nothing is more pleasant than walking the parks and small towns in our beautiful province. Ice skating or hockey on the frozen ponds are a great way to enjoy our wintery days and nothing is better than a hot cup of coco to warm up afterwards.

  868. Doris Savoie says:

    We don’t have to worry about the cold wether outside because we are using Irving Oil and now we just have to enjoy winter in the comfort of our nice, comfortable and warm home.


    Doris and Charles

  869. AL Soucy says:

    I look forward to house managing for northern stage, (a local theater) I get to see great plays for free. aide people with any questions they have.
    also love to snowshoe and being outside in the fresh air

  870. Hi IRVING,
    This is the perfect winter for seniors. We can walk more because of the lack of snow. Lots
    of things to do to get us out of the house . We enjoy doing meals on wheels. The people are so appreciative and that makes us feel good. The Salvation Army serves meals to the less fortunate and thats wonderful for self satisfaction.They are so appreciate of what you do. Ah, we must not forget the line dancing. a laugh a minute. The mind is not very co-operative but usually the feet are willing. Being in your 70ies does have it’s good points.We always come home to a cozy warm house thanks to Irving.
    Thanks for listening.

  871. Pam Schoch says:

    Hello all,
    Snowshoeing in the surrounding woods is so much fun. I especially enjoy spotting all the wildlife tracks. I put out birdfeeders after the bears have gone into hibernation, although that didn’t save them (the feeders) from the largest raccoon I’ve ever seen last night. Little red squirrels vie for seed next to blue-jays, hairy and downy woodpeckers, nuthatches, juncos and chickadees. My elevation is too high for cardinals. I saw bobcat tracks in the snow a few weeks ago. Deer stop by to eat the very last windfall apples. Grey foxes and fishers are regular visitors. An occasional moose wanders by. Indoors….knitting, reading, crafting and dyeing silk scarves keep me busy.

    Take care and happy winter, Pam

  872. Victoria says:

    Love to walk the trails in the woods in back of the house, and skating on the lakes.

    Have friends over and have a BBQ on the deck and sit on the lawn chairs (all bundled up) looking at the ocean.

    Walks with friends in the brisk air and go for a coffee or hot chocolate after.

  873. Rene Anobis says:

    Simply sleeping……..!!!!!

  874. Frank Langworth says:

    Grilling outside in 2 feet of fresh snow is my favorite winter activity.

  875. Robert Dicks says:

    A great inexpensive winter activity is snowshoeing. Try it!

  876. Lisa Doner says:

    Skijouring with the dogs!

  877. Vince Giardini says:

    My wife and I (and our Border Collie, Annie) love to snowshoe the trails around Plymouth, VT. of course Annie doesn’t need snowshoes. The beauty and stillness of snow covered hillsides is stunning.

  878. Bev Heise says:

    Every February we have a Winter Carnival Mardi Gras in Maple Corner. We gather at the Maple Corner Store to sample the “King Cake” made by a local caterer. She bakes a baby into the cake. The person who bites down on the baby becomes the King or Queen of the Mardi Gras. The parade, led by the King or Queen and accompanied by local musicians and floats wends it way up to Curtis Pond (maybe 1/5 of a mile up the road). Beads and costumes are encouraged and are often outrageous. We may have more people in the parade than we have spectators. At frozen Curtis Pond, home of “Heise’s Ice is Twice as Nice,” we have a kid’s Valentine’s Day Candy Hunt, Youth Biathlon, Youth 4 Person Relay Skating Race, Adult Biathlon and “Curling Tournament”. “Curling” is loosely defined as throwing kitty litter containers down a sheet of frozen outdoor ice. We also have pick up hockey and skating on our two hockey rinks. Folks can also cross county ski the 1 mile length of the pond. The hot dogs and hot chocolate are free. A bonfire keeps everyone warm.
    You can come and join us!

  879. Kate Eidson says:

    Our favorite winter activity is to ice skate on a tiny ice rink in our back yard. I am looking forward to the next cold snap so I can put a thick layer of ice down and make it smooth as glass. I love to watch the kids try to spin and then fall down laughing! We are all very glad to come into our warm house after to drink hot cocoa. Thanks Irving for your faithful deliveries!

  880. Here on the East Coast of Canada, P.E.I., it can get a little dark and crazy (like anywhere I suppose). With a summer tourism economy the winters can be a challenging time to keep up our spirits. Some take a note from the bears and rabbits and essentially hibernate. While I see little shame in playing video games and browsing the web, it is not the answer for me! And like any adult who is able knows, having a drink or two with a group of folks is always a good way to keep cabin fever at a low. And that pint or cider or rum or hot chocolate tastes all the better after a day facing the cold. I face the cold with a saying I heard as a child” “There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing.” So I strap on however many layers I need to water and wind proof my bones, put a dark chocolate bar and a thermos of coffee in my pack, strap on my cross country skis and get the heck outta dodge. The first few outings every year completely destroy my body and will to go on. I rediscover muscles I keep forgetting I have. I wheeze curses at myself as I trek ahead and question why I would ever leave the comfort of walls and a furnace. I get angry at my ancestors for migrating too far North. I almost give up on everything. Then I stop and take in a moment of almost divine serenity. Th whole world around me is as peaceful as it is frozen, or maybe because. I remember my chocolate. And as I sit there in awe of Winders calm power, I feel the same ease and pride my ancestors felt when they found our home.

  881. Karl Battick says:

    HI Irving,

    One of the most memorable inexpensive activities we enjoy is pouring maple syrup on fresh compacted snow and eating it. What a delight!

    Hope someone tries it!
    Karl Battick

  882. John Nunnikhoven says:

    Nothing beats a good book, a comfortable chair and a warm room with a picture window framing a good Vermont snow storm. Well, some soft music in the background just adds to the ambiance.

    John Nunnikhoven,
    Chester, VT

  883. Frank Dunham says:

    Depending on the weather, walk or cross county ski on the trails in your area, an hour a day will do you wonders. You may even be able to include an errand or two on the way.

  884. Richard Fralic says:

    My wife & I really enjoy cross country skiing & going to aerobics classes @ our gym.

  885. We enjoy cross cuntry skiing and snow shoeing from our rural home. Thanks Angus.

  886. Brenda Joudrey says:

    Hello Irving.

    One of my favourite things to do in the winter is make a big pot of homemade soup…there is something about a hearty bowl of piping hot homemade soup on a chilly Nova Scotian winter’s day. I also enjoy getting out to meet up with friends for an extra hot chai tea latte. My other favourite thing to do is curl up with a comfy throw and read a good novel.

  887. Edson says:

    Once one has all the equipment, there isn’t a much better activity than cross country skiing. Enjoying the great outdoors that Nova Scotia has to offer, with a lot of places to ski for free, while also getting some good exercise is a wonderful winter activity. It’s also a great way to spend time in the beautiful forests we are so lucky to have.

  888. Good Evening
    We spend time at the local youth Ice Hockey rinks watching our daughter and her team compete against other teams. We try to fit in an evening walk after dinner no matter what the temp outside. Travel over to Enfield to do some sledding at Shaker Hill. When the museum is open we look forward to get a nice hot bowl of soup and cup of hot chocolate. We sometimes get together with friends for pond skating and a bon fire. This year we will venture out on the ice to watch bike races for the first time, very excited and looking forward to another family day outside in the fresh New England air.
    Thank you

  889. Checking out the planets and stars with the telescope in the crisp , clear, bright winter sky, along side a warm cosy hardwood open fire, with a scrumpush piping hot mug of coffee with j ust a smidjen of good jamican rum. Thanks for asking Bill Little Retired.

  890. Michael Roche says:

    Hello Irving-

    Hibernation. Enjoy long winter naps under lots of blankets which helps to to conserve energy and save fuel.


  891. Donald Bonnar says:

    I look forward to gathering with friends in the winter time and we have music jams. What I like about that is there is no competition, just having fun. At our ages we are in to the Old Couintry Music with a good variety of instruments.

  892. Hello Irving,

    I enjoy painting, sewing fleece items such as socks, scarves and headwear and family gatherings during the winter.


  893. Even though there haven’t had the riveting cold, so far, this winter I love sitting in front of our propane fireplace everyday. Which makes me think that when the really cold weather hits, Irving propane will be there to help me enjoy a good in front of my cozy fireplace. Thanks Irving.

  894. Mark Gaskin says:

    Around here we certainly look forward to taking our dog for a walk in the fluffy white stuff — he can’t seem to get enough and he always makes us laugh!! Walks through the local farmers markets are a must on saturdays and there’s no better way to pass a Sunday afternoon than putting a fire on and catching an afternoon nap.


    Mark Gaskin

  895. Mark H. says:

    I try to ice fish several times a winter. We have developed an extended family icefishing gathering with children, nieces, nephews and grandkids. Grill out on the ice and have a great time.

  896. Nathan Nelson says:

    We like to snow tube at our favorite hill!

  897. Kempton Hayes says:

    Four old guys (71-82) heading out every Thursday morning to play snooker at Dooly’s, followed by lunch at a local reataurant – different locale every week. We could be the restaurant reviewers for the local paper. In fact, senior citizens are a vast source of knowledge and opinion and are available for consult. Take advantage of our experience!

  898. John Miles says:

    Walking in our parks here is great excercise and then ice fishing is fun if we ever get any ice this year

  899. Neil Autton says:

    Halifax has just built a permanent Speed Skating Oval in the commons. It’s completely free and just down the street from my house. It’s been years since I’ve Skated and I’m very much looking foreward to making good use oif this excellent facility during their abundant public skating times.

  900. morel says:

    to ride my polaris rzr in the snow this winter.

  901. Christopher Plant says:

    Our family likes to snow shoe around our property and to go sliding in our driveway.

  902. eric carter says:

    we enjoy our winter going cross-country skiing & ice skating,then drinking our home hot choclate &meeting all the people!!

  903. Hugh R. Diggins Sr. says:

    Dear Irving,
    My most enjoyable winter activity in Vermont is hiking through the woods especially after a new snow. Not only can you see far you can follow a variety of tracks left behind by animals. In the trees you see all sorts of winter birds visiting our region.

    Hugh Diggins

  904. Doug B. says:

    When it is winter here in the North East of Canada there ae a lot of things to do. When the snow arrives here so do the geese and ducks , by the thousands! They are a joy to see and hear when walking on the beach here. . We live on a lake on the coast that has a beach with the lake on one side and Atlantic ocean on the other side . This presents opportunity for family skating parties and some coasting with a bonfire going in the background to ward off evil spirts. During the day a trip out on the ice with smelt rods in hand will get you a day’s fun fishing smelts . Smelts are a delight, fresh in from the ocean, fried up in butter, delicious! After dark there is nothing like a nice little smelt shed, a fishing rod, and a lantern. One of my greatest pleasures is fishing smelts through a hole in the ice, cosy and warm in a smelt hut. At times like these you can discuss and solve all the world’s problems with your children or grand children beside you. We love it here, we live here. No matter where you live….. never confuse having a career with having a life. There are always wonderful things to do and mostly they will only cost you a little time, the rest is free.

    Doug B.
    Lower East Chezzetcook
    Nova Scotia, Canada

  905. Floyd Vincent says:

    Ice fishing smelts on the Bay of Chaleur and walking in the Inch Arran Ice Palace in Dallhousie getting some leisure time with my sweetie pie and sneaking a few pecks behind the rafters,

  906. Jennifer Sylvia says:

    My husband and I received snowball makers for Christmas!! We are very excited to go out and have a good old fashioned snowball fight, with all of the modern conveniences of snowball makers of course:).

    Thank you,

  907. Roger says:

    Hi Irving,

    We have fun during Maine winters by shoveling snow, using the shovels as a sled afterward. Hiking in the wooded area behind our house. Getting out on the ice and ice fishing with our children and grandchildren.
    Its great to be outdoors enjoying the winter season.


    Hayford family

  908. Sarah Young says:

    My favorite winter activity is Hanover Pond Party, this year I think it’s on February 11th. It’s a free event open to everyone. Lots of fun games for all ages such as the banathalon (a relay race with a banana as the baton) and the couch potato race (couches on skis are pushed through the course while those sitting must consume a bowl of potato chips before crossing the finish line). There are marshmallows to roast, sugar on snow to sample and a sleigh ride across the snow. And if your family gets hungry and cold you can buy hamburgers and chile. It’s located behind the Dartmouth Outing Club and Occom Pond.

  909. Vicki Brooker says:

    My favorite winter hobbies are dogwalking and knitting. I love to get up on icy cold mornings, bundle up and take the dogs for a long, long walk. The exercise and fresh air tire us all out, so when we get home they’re ready to curl up at my feet while i make a pot of tea and knit. During the holidays I’m knitting Christmas gifts; post-holiday I do a lot of charity knitting.

    Tea and knitting and sleepy dogs make for cozy winter afternoons!

  910. Shirley Bergeron says:

    Happy Winter All!

    Interestingly enough, after complaining about the harshness of winter, I was told the secret! Get out and enjoy it! Well, I tried…. and it took a long time but it’s came about through an exchange….. Actually, friends of ours sold us their little hot tub. We are not ones to travel about in winter but we now travel out the back door and into that little hot tub, under the cold, bright, clear evening winter skys with light flurries falling softly on our shoulders. Nothing like water to warm up the body and soul on a winter day or night…. Takes away the fatique and greyness of the short winter days. It’s a whole new feeling. If you can’t access a hot tub, I would reccommend a visit to the local health spa, pool or local resort for a few hours of warm water fun…. at an affordable price.

    Warm regards,

  911. Tim Young says:

    Hello Irving,

    It definitely isn’t skiing anymore ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Last year I started snow shoeing. Its cheap to get started, its great exercise and I have lots of woods to explore. My son is interested in joining me this year.


  912. marie lyford says:

    I enjoy playing cribbage with friends and this costs nothing but the trip to their house.

  913. Trisha Greig says:

    We love walking in newly-fallen snow and along the Halifax waterfront to enjoy the winter ambience. But most of all playing Tai Chi to keep healthy is paramount importance.

    Photography following snow falls or icy rain collected on bare tree branches makes a winter wonderland collection.

  914. Taryn Stevenson says:

    Here in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia we have terrific snowshoe opportunities. And the perfect way to end a sparkly afternoon of getting out there is to warm up next to a cozy fire with a cup of tea and a treat afterward!

  915. Robin says:

    snowshoeing new places

  916. Elizabeth says:

    I’m looking forward to doing a lot of skating this winter! Public skates only cost a few dollars (or often are free) and you don’t need reliable weather for it!

  917. Cindy Hahn says:

    We enjoy Winter in Nova Scotia by freezing our fingers to hang out the clothes, just to bring them in and stand the stiff boarded jeans up until they thaw enough to hang up in the furnace room. We compete to see who takes the longest to get home from work during a storm and who sees the most vehicles off the road. Then we call other family members to see who got the most snow in their area. We watch lots of rented movies and drink hot chocolate while the “man of the house” is using the snowblower and shovel. Finally we sit around and reminisce about our 8 weeks in the summer that we get to enjoy “warmish” weather at the camp and enjoy the boat on the lake.

  918. Brian MacLean says:

    I enjoy breaking my back while shoveling my driveway in the wintertime. It’s great fun. I particlarly enjoy each time the snowplow operator provides me with still more opportunities to revisit my favorte pasttime at the end of a long day’s work.

  919. My experience is not related to Winter Activities bur rather an experience with an Irving employee. Last year in February we had major snow and after using the snowblower on the driveway and the front walk. In addition I did a path to the oil inlet. I just figured it would help him out. He came to deliver our oil and as usual he left the receipt and at the bottom on the form he said ” Thanks for the path”.

    RD Malloy

  920. April Beck says:

    Hello Irving;
    My children and i spend our spare time in NB walking our dogs out a road path on snowshoes, stopping to make a bond fire and having lunch and drinking hot chocolate, and roasting marshmellows, with the dogs playing in the snow after one another or chasing after snowballs. Then when it starts getting dark we walk back with the stars and moon shinning down on us, what a beautiful sight. We also like to go out on sleigh rides having bond fires and enjoying time with friends and family in the nice white chrisp snow falling off the trees.

    Thank you

    April & Family & Furry Friends

  921. Angela Wilkins says:

    My husband enjoys ice fishing. As a family we love taking walks in our neighborhood and visiting family down on Hampton Beach. We also make time to get together with friends. Everything we do revolves around our families and friends. Helps to keep “cabin fever” from getting too bad.

  922. Rebecca J says:

    Nothing better than a snow day. Can’t go anywhere but plant yourself in front of the fireplace (fueled by irving propane, of course) and relax with a great book.

  923. Patricia & family says:

    We enjoy skating and playing in the snow. After drink a cup of hot chocolate or chicken soup.

  924. Dale says:

    As an annual event, my wife and I take our grandchildren (and parents) on a sleigh ride. With a fine winter day and lots of snow, there is nothing quite like a horse-drawn sleigh with a group of adults and children enjoying a ‘quiet’ trip through the fields and woods. The opportunity to relive the past is simply an amazing experience!

  925. John says:

    We enjoy walking in all the weather that winter brings, over the fields and up the North Mountain to get a wonderful view of the Annapolis Valley.
    Once in a while we will throw a supper party for our friends so we can enjoy good company and listen to some good yarns and sample some Nova Scotia wine.
    Relaxing in our hot tub under the winter skies wondering at the stars is always a wonderful place to be

  926. Annette says:

    Bundled up around a bon fire roasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate made over the fire. Dreaming about doing this in the Summer … I’m not much for the Winter season.

  927. Hello Irving,
    Here in Nova Scotia we enjoy trekking out in the snowy woods on snowshoes and finding a comfortable secluded area to set up a winter camp. We get our warmest sleeping bags out to cuddle up in after drinking some tea made on small bright fire.
    Of course at the end of the trip we like to return home to a cozy house warmed by our furnace fueled by Irvings deliveries!!
    Thanks Irving,
    Blaine and Amber

  928. Kelly Macleod says:

    My family enjoys an afternoon of skating on any of the beautiful lakes in our community. Lake Banook in Darrmouth is always a favorite as is Chocolate Lake is Spryfield. When our cheeks are rosey and a healthy chill has set in, we head home or stop for some delicious hot chocolate ๐Ÿ™‚

  929. Bonnie Fields says:

    I want to ski, when we get real snow. Making a snowman, watching sunsets and sun rises. How beautiful they are!!

  930. Paula says:


    Our inexpensive winter activity is building snow people, snow animals and snow forts with our children. This usually leads to a friendly game of snowball fights!!

    Thank you,
    Paula Jolin & family

  931. Kelly Macleod says:

    My family enjoys am afternoon of skating on any of the beautiful lakes in our community. Lake Banook in Darrmouth is always a favorite as is Chocolate Lake is Spryfield. When our cheeks are rosey and a healthy chill has set in, we head home or stop for some delicious hot chocolate ๐Ÿ™‚

  932. dean hatt says:

    Hello! We enjoy Nova Scotia by taking drives to the sea- shore to enjoy the waves crashing on the land . Also attend the gymn 3 times a week to stay in shape and walk when possible.

  933. faith labelle says:

    Hi Irving

    We enjoy watching the birds at the feeder and watch the snow blow by the windows while we keep warm and cozy.

    At this point in time we are retired and must be careful about being extremely active in bad weather.

    Have a great winter and wait happily for spring.

    Faith Labelle

  934. Debra Swan says:

    My husband and I bought property in New Brunswick 18 months ago, and spent summer and fall cutting trails through the 145 acres.
    This winter we’ve enjoyed going on snowy, winter hikes exploring corners we haven’t had a chance to visit until now.
    Coming from Ontario, I’ve never been a winter person, but this year just getting outside regularly has made all the difference to my outlook and spirit.

    D. Swan

  935. Martin McNeil says:

    Our favourite pass time is to bundle up and travel the numerous trails that we have in Fredericton.

  936. Beth and Family says:

    Our family enjoys cross country skiing and snowshoeing. We have a lot of beautiful parks around our area (New Brunswick) and love a day spent in the outdoors.

  937. Shirley McNally says:

    After living in India for several years, we returned to Canada. Our children were all in school, and the youngest had never seen snow. It was great fun to intorduce them to making “snow angels’ (by lying on the ground and moving your arms and legs). It was great fun. And it was perfectly zero cost.
    I like to show these to my grandchildren as well.

  938. Karen Vernon says:

    We like to build snowmen and go sledding with the kids when we get a Nova Scotia snowstorm. Then, its hot chocolate with marshmallows!

  939. Rick draper says:

    I love to snowshoe back to my camp about one km in the woods and start a warm fire.

  940. Mary says:

    Clearing off the local pond to have a skating party, followed by hot chili and hot chocolate at the camp nearby! Lots of fun, especially on those cold but blue sky winter days.

  941. Aurine Richard says:

    Our first grandchild (sweet little boy-Lucas) now almost 9 months old and just the right age to take sleighing. We have an old fashion wooden sled that belonged to me when I was a child and we look forward to getting some fresh air with a little snow on the ground. All our cheeks get rosy red and its great for our health and very very inexpensive!!!

  942. Brian Hansen says:

    I enjoy shoveling the snow and cleaning up around the property. It is great exercise and productive as well.

  943. We do an awful lot of snowshoeing………low cost, healthy, plenty of fresh air, no noise, no pollution, good companionship, etc……….Love it………and makes winter fly……….

  944. Mary Ann Wise says:

    My husband and I just got new snowshoes. We look forward to trying them out. Maine has lots of great places to snowshoe. I think snowshoeing along the beach will be fun.

    Thank you,

    Mary Ann

  945. Diana Samson says:


    We like going for long walks with the dog.

    We also enjoy playing cards and sitting

    infront of our propane fireplace.

    Cheers, Diana

  946. Stephanie Blackman says:

    We live near a lovely place called Twin Brooks. This is an outdoor activities field, many trails, and places for dogs to run. We love to walk to the park then snowshoe. After a brisk walk home my 5 year old, husband, and myself drink a warm cup of hot cocoa.

  947. Stacey says:

    Cuddled up by the propane fireplace with a good book and a hot chocolate.

  948. Cherry says:

    Walking in the fresh air or on bad days going to the Local Community Centre, walking the track and using the exercise equipment for free!!!! Cant beat that!!!

  949. Shelley Farguson says:

    Hello Irving,

    We have two small children and really enjoy building snowmen together in the front yard. Then we love to come in and warm up in front of the fireplace and drink hot chocolate and marshmallows. We try to go downhill skiing a few times a season and of course if possible go skating on the local rivers and ponds. We usually try to find time to go sledding as well. Winter can be wonderful in Nova Scotia!

    Shelley and family

  950. Darlene says:

    Winter in New England can be long if you don’t enjoy the activities it can offer. When our two children were little, we always enjoyed taking them to our local golf course to go sledding. Since both of them celebrated their birthdays during the winter, we also arranged skating parties at the local Commons in our town. Now that we have grandchildren, we look forward to taking them on the same excursions plus we have an aquatic center not too far from our home. They offer an amazing array of water slides, circular river and water falls for a small admission fee. Also, we plan to take advantage of the Science Museum in our area which always has a new exhibit to offer!

  951. Bruce says:

    Well, winter in the north has not been too warm but, I like to walk around my block and down town and talk with neighbours about their everyday activities in the winter months. surpirsing what some people like to do in winter. When i was younger ,i used to drive my skidoo around the woodlands and have a great time now, I just like to enjoy life and b with people .Thank you.

  952. Sarah Siteman says:

    This winter in Nova Scotia I have been able to walk in mostly ice and snow free weather – about the least expensive exercise there is. In my area, on the Annapolis Basin, there are many walking trails and great views of the water.
    If the snow we have now were to stay (which it won’t), or if we have enough snow sometime soon, I will go snowshoeing.

  953. Snowmobiling, ice fishing, skiing, and traveling.

  954. Tom Deignan says:

    Hi Irving,

    Reading a good book with a nice warm fire going and enjoying a good cup of coffee.

  955. Samara says:

    We love to go sliding down the biggest hill we can find, especially when it goes out onto a pond so you can go even further. My kids insist on coming home to have a huge cup of hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows. They also love to play “teacher” on days when it’s too cold to go outside.

  956. Michael says:

    Hi there-
    Our favorite (inexpensive) winter activity in NH is cranking up our propane fireplace in our family room and watching movies together and since we get such a great price from Irving on our fuel, we look forward to making this a daily event. Enjoy each other, snuggle and smile.
    Enjoy your winter-
    Michael and the girls.

  957. Elaine says:

    shating at the new Oval in Halifax. It is awesome

  958. brian macfarlane says:


  959. Mary Carrigan says:

    We build a fire in the fireplace and have friends over for board games and pizza and such. what a great way to stay cozy and keep in touch with those we enjoy spending time with.

  960. lynn kimbrough says:

    I enjoy knitting while the snow falls. I am all snug and warm inside and making things to keep me and my family warm outside.

  961. Danielle says:

    I most look forward to cuddling with my 2 dogs and 2 cats in my cozy warm bed on snowy evenings like tonight and enjoying a hot cup of tea after a long day of work.

  962. john arsenault says:

    snowblow ,shovel that in to play cards in the warm heat from irving furnace fuel awe love that heat

  963. Don Kollisch says:

    Walking mid-morning in the woods with snowshoes after a fresh snowfall and the sunlight is glistening .

  964. Kris Arntsen says:

    X-C skiing at local golf courses is healthy and free.

  965. Sheila Turner says:


    We spend the NH winter ice fishing and grilling on the Connecticut River setbacks in Rockingham, snow-shoeing out our back yard and into the hills of Bellows Falls, cross-country skiing the trails at BFUHS and Vermont Academy, and visiting Hampton Beach or Old Orchard Beach at least once during the winter to take in the winter ocean sites and sounds. Love the hot chocolate at the end of the treks.

    Thank you,

    Sheila Turner

  966. Jodi Renshaw says:

    Hello Irving,

    We enjoy winter in Maine by spending as much time enjoying our community as possible. We attend plays, libraries, local coffee shops, outdoor skate rinks, open gyms, museums, downtown gatherings, art walks, etc. We peruse our local papers for low-cost, family-friendly things to do in our area. We believe it is important to get out of the house and spend time with our friends. Winter can seem lonely otherwise. On beautiful days we enjoy sledding at local parks, walking through the Bangor woods, or brisk walks downtown.

    Thank you for asking,
    Jodi and family.

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