Irving Energy is Giving Away a Free Tank of Heating Oil or Propane! Enter by Giving Your Best Answer to the Question: “How Cold Is It?”

It’s been a harsh winter!  It’s been cold, many of us have sore backs from shoveling mountains of snow from our driveways and walkways and many of us have had to rake the snow and ice off our roofs.  To raise your spirits Irving Energy is giving you a chance to win a free tank of propane or heating oil.

Complete the “Leave a Reply” form below and let us know how cold you think it has been this winter. Maybe you have a funny story about the cold, a unique way that you are coping with the weather or perhaps you want to share where you’d rather be vacationing! Let us know! We’ll choose one story by April 11, 2011 and reward your storytelling with a free tank of propane or heating oil.

All entries must be received by April 8, 2011 to qualify for entry. To see the contest rules, please click here.

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722 responses to “Irving Energy is Giving Away a Free Tank of Heating Oil or Propane! Enter by Giving Your Best Answer to the Question: “How Cold Is It?””

  1. Sarah says:

    It has been so cold out that I have fires outside to stay warm because it’s warmer there than
    in the house. Oil is expensive…

  2. Patricia Daigle says:

    A fifth of a mile … one fifth of a mile! That’s the thought that entered my mind, shortly before the first flecks of snow lazily floated to the grown last October. This would be the distance through the woods a propane truck would have to navigate–and not just during calm weather. All it took was one call to our local Irving representative. Others we’d tried made the process seem impossible. We’d need propane. The economy was frightening us. And we’d just placed the entire heating season on Irving’s shoulders. (Sappy, buts it’s true.) Exactly a day later, an Irving guy showed up. He took his time, checked things off, seemed thorough. The next day, an Irving technician arrived, installed what we needed and while he was still there–this is the surprise–the tank came! And if that wasn’t enough, the Irving tech tells my husband that the “propane truck is on its way to fill our new tank!” Minutes later, the truck arrives, fills the tank without a hitch. As I write this–it’s April 8th, 2011, 6:50 PM– the thermometer is dropping fast. The temp is going down to 32 degrees tonight. And the end of this missive is that it has been a very warm and comfortable winter, through all of the snows and fill-ups we’ve required. All that remains is for my husband and I to say the obvious: “Thank you Irving…thank you so very, very much.”

  3. it was a balmy and mild winter, no

  4. Darlene Eisnor says:

    How cold is it?

    It is so cold that my Rotweiller dog (128 lbs.) had to be coaxed outside with a treat. Then when he finally got outside, he only had 1/2 a pee and ran back inside. Another treat, the other 1/2 a pee. It took a lot more than a treat to get him outside, to you know, #2; and that didn’t come in halves.

    So, it has been quite the winter; the cold temperatures, the ice, ALL THE DOG TREATS, but all was well and warm inside thanks to Irving Oil

  5. Josh Parda says:

    It was so cold that the smoke froze in my chimney. I cut off a chunk and have it in the freezer if anyone wants to see it.

  6. this winter was colder then a polor bears toe nails thanks for irving for keeping us warm

  7. Linda Papineau says:

    Hunter and Trinka standing at the back door – so excited to get out into the “White Stuff” and roll and jump and play –
    Hunter – “Hurry up Mom – open the door, what are you waiting for, we want to play!” Trinka is pretending she’s a jumping bean, all four feet off the ground – “Yes, hurry, the white stuff is here again.” And out the door they go, it’s -25 below, the wind is blowing, they are chasing the blowing snow, running and jumping. About 10 minutes later, they’re at the back door – whining to come in…as the door opens and they pounce in – whiskers frozen, cold feet and chilly coats. They run right to the living room, where Dad is laying on the floor with a blanket over the heat, they crawl under the blanket to warm up and we here them say, “AHH, thank heavens for propane heat from Irving, warms us after a good romp in the snow!” We agree!

  8. John + Debbie Liberty says:

    Everyday my husband goes out to take care of our three pigs. The two younger ones would dart right out of their house and head right over to their food to gobble up and then run back into their house for warmth. Our Wagger (the older pig) would wait until the others were almost done before
    heading out to get his food…my thought is that because it’s so cold out, he was going to wait until the other two were back into their home to warm it up for him so by the time he was done eating, he’d have a warm home to go in to!!!

  9. Jane Stewart says:

    Once upon a time, along the shores of the St. John River, a kind hearted woman stood amid the swayiing trees and falling snow. ‘My’ she murmured to herself, ‘this is a harsh one for sure’. The frosty air escaped her words yet she hustled through the falling snow and blowing winds. Not far into the woods, a wee Winter Fairy approached her. ‘What is this all about old lady!’ the Winter Fairy proclaimed! ‘I ought to have been tucked under my wings and resting my weary feathers by now!’ …. ‘I know’ the old gal replied … ‘Here I am the first week of April and still wearing my winter boots!’ …. ‘Have you a nest where I can lay my weary self down?’ inquired the Winter Fairy. And with a skip in her step and a rustle of her winter jacket upon the side of the tree trunk, the old gal removed her ear-muffs, ski-doo gloves and happily lifted the Winter Fairy into her pocket. Mistakenly the Winter Fairy assumed the pocket full of tissue was for her nest but alas, as the old gal pulled one from the fold and loudly blew her nose, Winter Fairy knew there was something better for her to nest in … Together they plodded through the heavy snow fall, winds wildly blowing, snow drifts challenging the already fatigued foot fall … until ….. Winter Fairy listened to a key opening a door ….. the hinged doorframe screaming in frozen agony …. and the instant blow of warm …….. welcoming ……. heat!!!! Winter Fairy happily nested alongside the floor-vents, breathing in the soft, warm clouds of heated-by-Irving …….. air …….. The End.

  10. Sharlene Gough says:

    I never thought I would see the day! Finally, a cozy heat source that I could light AND control! I love the heat, and it sure was noticeable to anyone who visited this winter. I even have my husband converted to loving it also. Christmas Eve my parents came to spend the holidays with us, mom was always saying how hot it was, and did I really need to have it this hot? When it came time for them to go, as she stood at the door, ready to go back home, she said, “Now the next time I come to visit, all I am bringing for clothes is my bathing suit!” Well, you have to know my mom, I don’t think she even owns a bathing suit. This is the first winter with our new propane fireplace, and we are all happy to be so cozy (except for my Mom who is going through the change..and Mom if you are reading this—I LOVE YOU!).

  11. Stephanie Antonucci says:

    “Mom, I’m tired of snow. Are you tired of it?”

    My daughter asked me this question a few weeks ago. Yes, before the April Nor’Easter even struck. So, when someone who normally gets a great kick out of bundling up and building yet another “Frosty” has grown tired of the snow and cold of a New Hampshire winter, that’s how you know it’s been cold.

    “Couldn’t have sait it better myself!” I said to her.

    “Do you think Dad is tired, too?” she asked.

    “Yes,” I said, “in so many ways!”

  12. Manon Savoie says:

    How cold is it? Well looking outside from my century old home that we just bought last October day dreaming of warmer days but realizing that my house is yet sooo warm and cozy I will not go outside today. Staring at this big hose laying on the ground yet wondering why it’s not freezing. Moving to another window to see this big rig in my yard stopped and parked waiting for it’s driver to be done. And then moments later a nice man with a big smile on his face hands me over a small piece a paper and wish me a great day and leaves. A big gust of wind comes in the house as he leaves giving me shivers but makes me realise that thanks to irving I’m in my house soaking up the warmth the heating system provides and not having to worry that I’m going to run out of oil thanks to those wonderful friendly delivery guys that no rain, snow or very cold weather would stop them from doing their job. So, Thank you!

  13. Elizabeth Carter says:

    I grew up in Saskatchewan where we had winters with wind chills that reached -50 so I thought I could survive a Nova Scotia winter camping trip. I borrowed a friends sleeping bag (he said it was rated to -30 and it was only supposed to go down to -15 at night) and set out. There were no cabins, no forms of heat aside from my lonely little candle lantern inside the tent and my sleeping bag, which turned out to only be a -7 bag, the type I find chilly when fall camping. It was very cold this winter, especially that night, as I walked around to keep the circulation going to my feet. I don’t think I have EVER appreciated the comforts of home heating as much as after that camping trip this winter! (I don’t think I have ever kicked myself so hard for not double checking the gear I borrowed either!)

  14. Tammy G. says:

    It was so cold and snowy that my poor little dogs had their very own area snowblowed on the front lawn, with this HUGE pile of snow in the middle so they could run around in circles to play without scraping their bellies on the snow and ice. I snow blowed trails around my house for my kids (and the Irving Delivery Person) and we had a hug mound at the foot of the driveway, great for tunneling and igloos. I also had to snow blow a path to our fire pit so the kids and I could toast marshmellows. I should have made “snow chairs”, but I didn’t think of it until after I shoveled around the pit.

  15. Sandra Gilbert says:

    It has been a cold one, not as cold as some, but none the less… Nothing beats my 3 year-old daughter, cuddled up with my 19 month-old son, in their fleece monkey pj’s under a thick quilt my nana made, sound asleep next to all their x-mas gifts. And a month later after the 26 inches of snow we got where she came into out bedroom yelling, “Hurry, Hurry, teamwork! We have to save him!” To which my husband asks, “Who do we have to save?” and she replies, “My snowman, he’s sinking!” Yup, a winter full of surprises and milestones for sure! One for the record books.

  16. Chuck Hamilton says:

    How cold is it I dare not tell for what I am thinking I could go to hell.
    But to save my soul before it got boiled I got saved by Irving Oil.

  17. Peter Hosker says:

    How cold is it?
    It’s so cold that my oil tank and my furnace cuddled up together under my Irving “Blanket of Protection” and pushed me out of my warm bed.

    How cold is it?
    It’s so cold that all the politician’s mouths froze shut until spring thaw.

  18. Ken Gagnon says:

    have seen it colder, with pipes freezing with sub zero temp/windchill factor going right though the wall. This winter had some quick and weekly snow fall. the icy driveway on a hill made delivery difficult, but also had some fun stories. one is waking up in the AM only to see Cars had slid down and left us shaking our heads and thanking they were side by side and not behind each other otherwise could of had some dented cars. There was the time with the golden retriever and she slip on the ice same time I did then both of us were sliding down the driveway together. Got some laughs on that one myself and my kids were watching and decided to join us.

  19. Louise Max says:

    It is so cold…
    Winter fires burn on the hearth
    Outside the trees shriek and moan
    Twisted wood being tortured by the north wind
    Gray then black dragonclouds race across the sky
    To smother the faint starlight
    A swirl of snow descends, scouring the hills
    Until they shine with silver under the lacy lime moon
    Just another winternight, child.

  20. Corinne says:

    To survive the the winter blahs and bone chilling cold of the East Coast here is what we do. We bought a tacky light up palm tree and put it in our living room. We crank up the heat from our trusty Irving Oil furnace and sit under the beautiful lit up palm tree with a nice fruity cocktail, a little reggae music and pretend we are in the Caribbean. So what if we are wearing fleece and sweats and such, we are warm and the atmosphere is at lease tropical until we can escape to a winter paradise.

  21. Terry Couture says:

    Well this past winter has been so cold that we were always in front of our propane fireplace… Great wine, conversation and company made it better!
    Thank you Irving for making this winter warmer inside…

  22. Holly Lewis says:

    How cold is it? It is winter cold!!! Its the best time to have christmas and enjoying the holiday season. It is cold enough to go skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and ice fishing and climbing with your family and create good memories. Its cold enough when you appreciate coming home to a warm bowl of soup or chowda. It’s cold enough to enjoy a warm fire with a good book, or a movie with your friends. C.O.L.D. Climate On Low Degree’s Cold helps us appreciate warmth.

  23. KIM GERMINO says:

    It was so cold even the squirrels wore polar fleece.
    It was so cold the bears tunneled to CHINA for the winter.

  24. Paulette Matthews says:

    A real Mainer NEVER admits that its cold, so I’ll just say it was a real appreciate your woodstove, extra blanket, frost bite winter! Who says you can’t fool Mother Nature? It’s spring and it snowed yesterday didn’t it?! That Robin I saw March 31’st must have been surprised too. I think the Nor Easter snowstorm, on April Fools Day sums it up quite well.

  25. DeRoss Kellogg says:

    Cold Enough To…

    Hello! I want to tell you how cold it was this winter, but first let me explain who I am.
    Everybody calls me Danny Boy now, but when I was a little stray dog, roaming the streets of Blacksburg, Virginia, everyone called me “Git!”, “Shoo!”, or “G’wan!”. All I wanted was a little food and a warm, dry place to sleep. Other dogs, who had homes, would chase me and bite my hind legs and ears. I still have the scars to prove it, but the hardest part was living outside in the cold.
    One day a kind lady put me in her car and took me to the Animal Welfare Foster Program, which is run by veterinary students in Blacksburg. One of the students took me home and introduced me to her best friend, a big German Shepherd named Tucker. Tucker and I instantly became friends. It was so grand to walk around Blacksburg with a big guy like Tucker to protect me; after all, I only weigh 23 pounds.
    I didn’t know it at the time, but because I was a foster dog they put my photo on Petfinders. A man, who lived in Vermont and was surfing the internet, just happened to see my photo. I guess when he saw me he wanted to meet me and have me live with him.
    Arrangements were made for me to get to Vermont and it took a whole week and rides with three different people for me to get there. When I finally arrived I jumped right out of the car. This man, who I hoped was my new boy, picked me up and I gave him a big kiss.
    That night we slept in the same bedroom, and part way through the night I jumped up on his bed. All he did was put his arm around me and pull me tight to him, so I knew at that moment that I had indeed found my new boy, who I would have for the rest of my life. It’s always nice to sleep close to someone so I’m warm and because of my frequent nightmares.
    I love it in Vermont, but I can’t get used to how cold it is here sometimes, especially this past winter. I have a coat I wear on really cold days, and my boy bought me some dog boots to wear, but I won’t wear the boots because they seem so strange.
    One morning, when it was way below zero, I walked over to the birdfeeder to eat a little birdseed. My boy warned me not to go there, because the snow was pretty deep and it was so frigid. As soon as I got there my right front paw got so cold I picked it up and started to whine. Then, my right rear paw got even colder, so I picked it up. All of a sudden I realized I couldn’t balance like that, but my feet were so cold I couldn’t put them back down, so I took a quick look back at my boy to be sure he was watching and just fell over onto my side. I really started to cry then, but my boy ran over and picked me up. I cried a little more, just so he wouldn’t put me back down. He carried me into the house and placed me in my bed by the warm gas stove. Even though my paws were still stinging with the cold, I couldn’t have been happier. I looked at the frost on the windows and the fire dancing in the stove and realized what I lucky little guy I was.
    My boy smiled down at me and said, “Well, I guess it’s cold enough today to knock a dog over.”

  26. Valerie MacNeill says:

    The cold winter weather is a time for enjoying activities with our grand kiddies. We take pleasure in maintaining their outdoor rink and watching the excitement as they skate with their rosy cheeks and jovial facial expressions! Listening and watching a 6 year old boy imitate #87 Crosby, flip shot, slap shot, deaking, and putting his hands in the air when he scores on his grandfather, like he was actually playing an NHL game, gives admiration to Crosby and other young adult role models. Watching his 4 year old sister skating around like a ballerina and getting in his way, while at the same time taking pride in her brothers abilities, demonstrates the value of family and siblings. All of this takes away the hard work that goes with scraping and blowing foot high snowflakes off the ice surface. The race to the house for hot chocolate and snacks in front of an Irving propane fireplace gives the warmth and perseverance to have another opportunity like this again tomorrow, next week, next year!

  27. Kim Paige says:

    It is bone chilling cold but I will not let the negative tempatures get me down. I bundle up in layer after layer and venture outside. I am going for a walk, the air is crisp and the snow and ice crackle beneath my boots. I put one foot in front of the other forcing myself around the neighborhood. I will do this walk each day knowing that the sun will warm my face more and more each day until finally I am rewarded with SUMMER!

  28. Eric Vaughan says:

    I pre bought my oil this year I was thankfull unfortunately I did not expect the winter to last a month into spring so now my balance is low so is the themostat in the house. Hopefully I can shed my winter coat wearing inside my house. I never let my dog on the furniture until this year her temperature is 104 and is keeping me warm..

  29. Marcy Innes says:

    Our Siberian Husky loves to be outside in the winter, especially if it’s cold and the snow is blowing around him. He pulls the blanket out of his doghouse and spreads it out on the snow and curls up happily into a little ball and takes a nap. This January, when the temperatures dropped down to -25 F, the husky wanted in. Where did he go? He brought his blanket with him, placed it in front of the wood stove and curled up by the blazing fire. THAT’S how cold is was this winter!

  30. Its been so cold that we have to have electric heaters on to save on the gas so we don’t run out,we have had the tank fill 4 times and keep the temp on 65, but with all this snow and so cold i think this is the coldest winter FOR Quite a long time,and its so hard with the money when you have to pay other bills also,it would be nice to have a free tank of gas free and then we could maybe buy us some sweaters to keep us warm just saying.God Bless You.

  31. Lynette Smith says:

    Cold Winters in Maine

    There’s an icicle hanging from my nose. Living in the cold ain’t easy to do,
    It’s winter-time in Maine, I suppose. The company of friends, sees us through.

    So, shovel I must, Them folks from away hurrying about,
    It doesn’t help to fuss. Don’t know the joys of jus’ hangin’ out.

    I do what needs to get done, Hangin’ with friends in a warm house,
    Go inside and sit in the sun. That’s what winter is all about!

    As the sun hides behind the tress, Cold winter’s gone, here come’s spring,
    Windows produce a gentle breeze. I’m waitin’ ‘til the grass turns green.

    Then the heat comes on,
    And I’m happy to be warm. Lynette Smith 3/31/11

    This starts to get old!
    Dirty snow and cold!!

    Just when I see the lawn,
    Along comes another storm.

    Then I begin to fuss and wonder,
    Will I see spring turn to summer?

    I turn my head, go back inside,
    Turn up the heat and heave a sigh.

    Not yet, I say “Not yet”.
    This must be the last snow we’ll get.

    You know it is winter in Maine,
    I bite my tongue, and don’t complain.

    ‘Cause I know it’s the beginning of spring,
    When I hear the robins begin to sing.

    Them folks from away got it made,
    They come in the summer, sit in the shade.

    But we folks here get to deal with snow,
    Deal with the mud and black flies, you know.

  32. beth gilgore says:

    It has been so cold that the only way I can warm up is watch the news and listen to the politicians tell me how the economy is “getting better” while I am paying $4+ at the pump!! I get so hot that I don’t have to turn up the heat!! You should all try it!

  33. thomas ouellette says:

    It’s been so cold this winter, my dog leaves poopsicles in the yard

  34. Rachael Cohen says:

    I grew up here in Vermont. My parents finally retired to Florida, but three and a half years ago, they decided to move back to Vermont, to be closer to the family. People down south said, “But it’s so cold up there!” But my folks knew it was cold, and they knew they could handle it; they had done so for years. They’re in their eighties, and this was the last move they planned to make.

    But this winter was so cold, they moved back to Florida.

  35. I believe it was cold enough to freeze the tail feathers off a penguin!

    How cold was it? It was so cold I had to lie down in a snowbank to get warm.

  36. Janet Milanesi says:

    Chilly, brisk, invigorating, nippy, frosty, inclement all might imply “COLD”, but none of those soften the feeling we had one night in January when the door blew open. We woke up feeling that frigid air in our faces. As I shivered under the blankets waiting for our furnace to warm up the house after we got the door secured, I wondered what it was like for the early settlers living in New England before they had furnaces, insulated houses and indoor plumbing. What a luxurious life we live now compared to then.
    Now that winter is starting to wind down, I am sure I will be grateful for our furnace through the nippy days of spring, but I also realize that the inevitable cold and this beautiful New England go together. I think we would not notice the cold as much and my furnace would work a lot better to get us through this chilly spring if we got a free tank of heating oil.

  37. Cynthia Brothers says:

    It was so cold in January that I would have paid $20.00 to have been bitten by a black fly!

  38. judy oliver says:

    How cold is it this winter?

    You know it’s cold outside when your dog does his job in the shower and won’t go outside.

  39. Meighan Johnson says:

    It has been very cold here in Newfoundland this winter. And with the oil prices as high as they are it has been a difficult winter for heating a big house. We leave the heat off in the basement but have had to use small plug in heaters in the bedrooms to keep them warm without burning through too much oil. We went through $400 in oil in just 3 weeks. On top of all this when we had some problems with our furnace we couldn’t find anyone to look at it because we don’t have an account with any of the major suppiliers and pay in cash, so we had to go without oil heat for almost a month when an indepentant person was able to fix it. All of us are definitely looking forward to the warmer weather and also hoping the oil prices go down before next winter.

  40. Marianne Munjone says:

    The house is located on top of a high hill and the wind just swirls around bring a very cold icy chill into the air. It is so cold that if you venture outside your face will freeze, even with two pairs of gloves you hands turn to ice and putting warmers in your boots is no help, for you toes and feet turn blue from the bitter cold.

  41. Andy Lynch says:

    Hi Pat –

    We’re sorry again for the error in your delivery scheduling. Glad we were able to talk and we look forward to serving you!

    – Andy

  42. Dawn MacKenzie says:

    We live in a house that just wouldn’t warm up. We used the, fireplace ( about 3-4 cords of wood )have gone through 2 1/2 barrels of oil so far and have used a tank ( 90 # / gal ) of propane to heat our house. Our kitchen was so cold it would be 46-50 when the heater wasn’t on ( which had to turn on and off when needed) Shoes and coats would be freezing so would have to warm them up before putting on. Was a very cold winter and ready for warm weather now.

  43. Sarah Roy says:

    Vermont Cold

    Heat is for those who can’t stand the cold.
    We are Vermonters, this should be told.
    Winter blues are not here to stay,
    It will be colder come this May.
    Stay warm with your loved ones,
    Snuggled in beds.
    Keep cozy with pets,
    and scarves on your heads.
    Winter is cold, as we already know.
    Don’t worry no more,
    Groundhog says “no more snow!”
    So lace up your boots,
    Put on your hat,
    This has been another Vermont winter
    Not a reason to spat.
    We are Vermonters, this should be told.
    We live here all year, and it’s not really cold!

  44. Haleigh Brothers says:

    It is so cold that I told my friend before I left for Fla. “Hang my picture on the wall so you don’t forget what I look like!”

  45. Glynn Williams says:

    I suppose in retrospect this was no colder than most other winters and warmer than some, but Lord it did seem to go on and on this year didn’t it! And it has to be some cold is your snowblower has time to freeze solid when its being used every friggin day like we seemed to this year.

    As the snow in our yard reached beyond the throw of the good old Bolens and no end of the storms appeared to be in sight, my wife and I said the heck with it this winter and took ourselves a Caribbean cruise… came back in shorts to 30cm snow in Toronto and -8 back in Saint John…. sigh, I’m thinking we should have stayed a few extra days.

    But at least the propane heater in the basement gave us a cozy home to arrive to and thaw in front of.

  46. Elaine Farber says:

    It was so cold this winter that the oil delivery man had to beg the oil to come through the hose.

  47. Gary Thibedeau says:

    It was so……cold it is cheaper to fly down south than buying a tank of oil.

  48. warren foster says:

    How Cold Is it?

    The door opens,
    My boots crunch
    My spittle thunks,
    The deckboards crackle
    My eyelids stick
    The bowed branches click
    But its another great day to be alive,
    as frozen carbon filters down from the sky.

  49. Richard flanagan says:

    I lived above an open marsh in a drafty farm house cleared for 30 acres around. The wind came swooping out of the north like an agitated banshee, screaming across the back pasture and rattling the windows. The mountainous drifts of snow were twirling dervishly as snow devils danced across the road in front reducing visibility to the level of a well shaken snow globe. Wind chill that morning was around -50c . I decided to go for my daily walk up the road which had about 15 cms of fresh powder. being a back country road it had not merited the plowman’s attention yet. Deep in my own thoughts and enraptured by the intense wintry conditions I finally noticed an apparition up ahead but could not determine what it was. As I approached, a smile came to my face, (froze there for the rest of the day), as I recognized my friend and neighbour who lived about 3 kms down the road. We stopped and shared our wit and repartee which consisted mainly of ribald oaths and emphatic expressions of how cold it was. We jawed like this for 10 minutes or so then saw an oncoming pickup truck which had another neighbour at the wheel, headed to the village for some important supplies we assumed. Plowing through the drifts he stopped, recognized us..shook his head as if to say…”yup, suspicions confirmed, them two fellas is crazy all right ” and vanished into the ice fog. We laughed at someone crazy enough to drive in these artic conditions, said our goodbyes and continued our walk. It was only a couple weeks later when we all met again and had a good laugh at the improbable , impromtu meeting of the ice patrol on the coldest day any of us could remember for many years. The word got around on that story. Stay warm folks..crank up the furnace, and be good to each other..cheers

  50. Pat says:

    It was so cold this winter that the water froze in the toilet, and we had to pay out extra money to PSNH to run the electric heat (which we normally do not use) before Irving showed up. Somehow we were taken off the “automatic delivery,” and we also pay into the prepayment. Luckily nothing happened to the pipes. It would be nice to get a free tank of propane for the inconvenience.

  51. Andy Lynch says:

    Hi Sally –

    As our representative has already expressed to you, we are very sorry about the confusion with your bill. Glad that we could straighten everything else and thanks for staying with us!

    – Andy
    Irving Energy

  52. art malfitano says:

    One very cold and snowy morning my wife attempted to slip into her shearling slippers and promptly discovered a stash of seeds inside one. It was obvious the seeds had been placed there by an uninvited house guest during the night. Sometime later, after setting out a live trap, the culprit made her appearance. Being utterly miserable outdoors, we agreed to let her spend the evening in a critter cage we had for just such an occasion. The next day we decided it was in all our interests if she was set out where she belonged, so we took the cage out to the shed and removed the top. Frightened, she burrowed inside the nest she had fashioned out of the newspaper we used to line the cage. Carefully we began to remove the paper when suddenly she jumped out of the nest and up onto my sleeve.
    From there she quickly scooted up my arm and into an opening in my jacket finally settling on the back of my neck. It took several minutes with me lying prone on the floor for my wife to coax our little guest out of her hiding place. Then several more to shoo her away. It was clear to us that this little critter had found a warm place to nest on this frigid day and wasn’t about to leave that easily. Perhaps our hospitality gave her the wrong impression!

  53. Kathryn Hull says:

    Cold is relative. We all know that but cold, when you’re outside, bundled up and breathing fresh clean air and playing in the snow with the prospect of hot chocolate when you get back home is very different from, say:

    waking up at 3 am to feed the baby AGAIN and the cold is seeping through the cracks and it feels as if you’re freezing to death. You flip on the light switch in the hall – braving even the risk of the boys waking up and the baby starting to scream – to check the temperature on the thermostat because “HOW can it be this cold?”. Only to discover that the furnace has cut out and it is only 9 degrees C inside. Wake husband, which only takes about 30 minutes! Husband tries to work magic but no luck. Call Irving and they magically produce someone to fix the furnace and turn on the heat. 3 am feedings are bearable (just) once again. Superheros come in all shapes and sizes. Our superhero this year wears work overalls 🙂

  54. Joan Anderson says:

    We live on a small lake where the wind whips all winter at about 30 mph with gusts up to 55 mph every day. It was so cold this winter that your face would get raw and sore simply walking from the car to the house. The furnace ran almost constantly to keep up. Putting our 2 dogs out was hard as they needed to take turns to be clipped to a run and the furnace would run from simply opening the door to let them out no matter how fast you tried to do it. They would go and run quickly back to the door saying “what were you thinking??” The house would snap and make very loud cracking sounds like the house itself was going under a deep, dark freeze. No matter what we did to conserve and stay warm our heat bill ran up to a whopping $861.00 for the month of February alone. We literally went to work to just pay the heating bill. We shoveled the roof, steps and walkway. Cleaned off the cars, driveway and kept the mailbox dug out. Sanded, salted and still 4 times people fells from slick conditions that within a few hours changed the safety hold we thought we had for safe passage in the door. Ice dripped from the roof and many times created a mount before the door 5 inches high that we had to take a hammer to just to break it away to make it safer to get to the door, only to have it all repeated a few days later. To make things even harder there is an elderly couple in their 80’s down the street trying do all this themselves to just get out of their house to get to the store or to the doctor’s with snow drifts 10 plus feet high in front of their home. We called them the “ancient ones” and we shoveled, snow blowed and brought them food and sadly one of them still ended up in the hospital with pneumonia for the struggle of pride to do it himself. It took being stronger and more stubborn then they were before allowing us to help them and refused any money they offered. Our bodies were in pain from over work from all that was asked of them this winter, but our hearts gave us strength to endure so we may help what we saw to be as real neighbors in need. It was a winter I don’t care to repeat and feel that it hurts to be cold and have to work just to meet the need not to be.

  55. Paula MacDonald says:

    T’was the night before Irving came
    No heat in the house
    My husband and me, two cats on the couch

    Doubled up with four blankets, we could see our breath
    Cold chills, shiver, never a sweat
    With visions of propane dancing in our heads
    We went to sleep, went to bed

    The door bell rang! Irving was here!
    My husband and I danced with cheer!
    “Come in, come in” we started to sing
    “You saved us- you and Irving!”

  56. Peggy Moulton says:

    It has been so cold that I had to put in a litter box for my cat. I have had her for 3 years and she would never use a litter box. She would drive me crazy if I tried to make her stay in the house no matter what the weather. This year I felt so bad for her when the temp dropped to 30 below and the snow was so deep. She started using the box and has refused to go out at all. She actually hissed at me when I tried to get her out. It’s only been recently since the temps. have started to back up that she started to go back outside again and I was able to get rid of the litter box. Now that was cold. Hope we don’t have another one like this one again for awhile. I don’t mind the snow as much as the cold.

  57. Vicki Mckinnon says:

    It was so cold and windy and snowing this year that I live on a hiily drive and when my husband was trying to throw the snow up over our retaining wall and above our shrubs it only blasted back in his face. Now we have a snow blower and an atv with a plow and we still needed some one to come three times this year to remove excise snow. When we knew we were geting oil delivery we had to scrape the driveway by hand and use 80 kgs of salt and 2x 40gal pails of sand to just get the truck up to the minimum point that the hose who reach our fill line.
    Usually by using salt and sand the driver would be able to get up this driveway would out any problem but this year there has been so much snow and cold that with me recovering form breast cancer and my husband has requiring tendinitus treatment in his right arm, it has certaingly been ruff for us

  58. Donna Botting says:

    How cold is it?
    I was at work and my husband called me, he said we didn’t have any heat. Call Irvings to get fixed! He was so cold he sleep with the dog undercovers. Low and behold I didn’t need repairs, I needed propane, somehow it didn’t get fulled. Some how I got taken off of auto full.
    I was glad for having Irving’s they came and fulled it. And it wasn’t cold inside any longer. However, wished I didn’t have to go out it’s way to cold.
    It could be even warm with a free tank full. And help out with this years struggles.

  59. Linda B says:

    This winter was freezing, that is not in doubt. One morning I woke up and turned up the heat as usual, heard the wind howling outside and looked out the window expecting to see even more snow than the day before. Instead what I saw was the absolute beauty of winter. All of the trees and wires covered with ice. It was so lovely that I forgot about the cold it must have taken to form and create that sight overnight. We all grumble about winter, then we grumble about the wet spring, hot summer and dreary autumn. We all need to take a moment and appreciate just how lucky we all are and enjoy each season as it is presented to us.

  60. Heather Frenette says:

    It was so cold the snow machines worked overtime producing snow. Snowbanks towered over driveways and streets forcing car drivers to slink slowly out on to the street to avoid collisions and snowplow drivers to search for spots to stack the stuff.

    It was so cold, I spend the winter curled in a ball, cozied up to the heater gazing through the frosted glass at the window wonderland beyond.

  61. It was so cold and snowy this year it made the stories I told my children of my childhood winters seem true…..”We had to walk miles in 3ft of snow, uphill…”

  62. Robert morton says:

    It was so cold I brought in my brass monkey.

  63. robin knight says:

    It was so cold as soon as my warm shovel hit the snow it frooze to the snow.

  64. Bob Rissolo says:

    This is the first year I wore silk longies. For a guy, it took courage. They kept me warm during the bitter cold.

  65. Shirley M Reich says:

    Its so cold outside my husband & I are running out of sweaters & our puppy’s fur has trippled in thickness & there is no money left for fuel !!!!!!

  66. Carol says:

    What cold? I was in Playa del Carmen for part of the winter and checked the online weather report for Vermont every day. It didnt seem that cold to me!

  67. Andy Shields says:

    These days with Oil costing more than Three Dollars a Gallon. You feel the Cold alot more than you use to. Sad but True. How Cold is it depends on what it will cost to Heat your home.
    The Colder it is the more of an Burden on a New England Family.

  68. Julia Jewett says:

    It has been so cold this winter that I have already filled my oil tank 3 times this year while only keeping the temp on 65 and running 2 electric heaters. I have had to share my bed AND my blankets with my dog all winter and refuses to be outside for more then the time it takes for him to complete his business. Plus the draw date of this is on my birthday April 11th, so it would be a nice b-day present lol…..

  69. Sue Brewer says:

    This winter there was soooo much snow piled up on my little sports car, that it looked like a big, white Hummer! And the snow banks were so high, I couldn’t find my house! And it was so cold, when I took my dog for a walk, he turned into an ice sculpture!

  70. robin knight says:

    It is so good out as soon as my warm shovel hit the snow it frooze right there on the ground.

  71. jim rizzo says:

    It was so cold that the devils pitchfork had icicles on it .

  72. Bernard Jansson says:

    It was so cold this winter my wife and I had to hug our furnace to keep warm

  73. It was very chilly most days, My old kenworth started right up every day the old cummins was a little rattley when cold, I think the worst part of bitter cold is when my air lines froze up on the trailer then you have to crawl under and thaw them out .. Winter joys of truckin, Always nice and cozey to be home with the furnace cranked up inside looking out ,at that poor old kenworth shivering cold in the driveway , Cheer up summers comming .. Thanks Irving !!!

  74. Curtis Metzger says:

    An Ode to The winter of 2011

    Twas on a cold and wintry night,
    With the chill on my nose that spoke of frostbite,
    I stumbled into the kitchen from shoveling snow,
    I knew there’d be more, I hoped it not so!

    And yet they did come, big storm upon storm,
    With deep fear abiding we would not stay warm,
    But thanks to the oil man, we came to no harm.
    (I know, really cheesy, and purely to charm!)

    They came in flurries, and blizzards, and day-long down dumping,
    With snow to be shoveled that left my head thumping!
    One storm sent the wind right into the chimbley,
    Made the house seem quite cold, and me not so ‘nimbly’.
    That was the one we called quite a doosie,
    For all of the wind it sent down the flue-sy!

    The plow trucks have plowed us in yet again,
    The snowblower sheared another shear pin,
    I’m tempted to grab that bottle of gin,
    And indulge to the point of very grave sin!

    Good heavens!,
    Good gracious!,
    And oh my good golly!,
    This winter unending is surely a folly!
    How can we survive it, the snow’s quite stupendous,
    And the over-all feeling is simply horrendous!

    But we from the north are not quite so frail,
    We endure through it all—even a gale,
    And as sure as the Spring soon will be springing,
    There’ll be heard with the birds chirping and singing,
    From Canucks and old Yankees (tough right from our birth!),
    The praises of seasons from dear mother earth.

  75. Patricia Sullivan says:


    “You, COLD!
    You are getting way too bold,
    and I, much too old,
    for you to fold your chilly arms
    Around my charms…

    And scold me into shakes,
    and quakes that takes
    me so deep into your freeze
    That I can’t help but sneeze…..and wheeze

    Forgetting how pleased I am to be alive.
    STOP NOW! I need to thrive,
    not watch you successfully deprive me
    Of my pride to stride with head held high

    Freely waving “hello” and “hi” to all passersby.
    But NO!
    You want to find your way into my veins
    To give me pains
    That won’t refrain.

    Just STOP!
    Give it up!
    It’s time for Spring;
    You’ve had your fling;
    Go do your thing in someone else’s BE-ing.

    And I will SHOUT
    “Hurrah!, you clout,
    No more COLD to freeze me out!!!

    Written by Pat Perry Sullivan
    Health Practitioner

  76. Looks like the End of Days to me Jen! I’m a little concerned you might not have things right with God, maybe now would be a good time ya think?

  77. Steve MacArthur says:

    How Cold Is It? It all depends. If you used to live in Grand Forks, North Dakota or Fairbanks, Alaska, then New England weather is rather balmy with a few short stints of nippy temps thrown in to tickly the imagination. If you used to live in Tallahassee, Florida or San Diego, California, then New England weather is so cold only a madman would live here. But for most of us, it just cold enough to make us constantly wish for spring to come but not so cold that we would ever seriously consider leaving the beautiful and relaxing landscape of New England.

  78. Celie O'Neill says:

    cold? now this was cold..
    Family of 12 – the kitchen woodstove was crackling and the living room stove too..we used to breath on the windows to see outside. or hold and drag our fingers on the frost till it melted to draw our own pictures..When we got up in the morning jack frost had cleaned the easels and painted awesome new ones on all the windows- lovely to look at but gave you shivers at the same time.. bacon & porridge filling the air

    I remember seeing frost on the nail heads in the the fridge and heating sticks of firewood in the oven -wrapping them in newspaper and taking them to bed to keep our feet warm and coasting or building snow forts for hours on end..We never got outside the door without a coat – boots – 2 pair of socks – long johns/janes – hats – mitt’s & scarf. …anyone coming in didn’t know who was who going out cause all you seen was the eyes..

    years later, all grown up and sitting in the old house visiting Ma ,we complain about how cold it was last night… My brother nonchalantly says, “that’s not cold – you don’t know cold.. I remember one time that it was sooo cold in my room when I went to bed I had to sleep with the light on all night cause the flame froze on the candle…… We all had a great laugh and he sits there and grins..

    We really don’t know cold these days.. but we may know it again in the future – hopefully it won’t be cold enough to freeze flames!

  79. Glenna says:

    It has been soooo cold that the dust bunnies are attacking us to steal our body heat.

  80. Linda Brown says:

    As if this winter was not cold enough and if we did not have enough snow to deal with. Irving Oil was a complete blessing in disguise. Not only were we provided with continued service all winter long regardless of the extreme weather conditions, god bless those fuel delivery drivers. On February 10th Jim Ordway was here to do our annual furnace cleaning/ inspection. Thank god for his thoroughness and expertise he discovered a crack in our heat exchange. Downfall was he had to red tag our furnace and we were without heat until we replaced our furnace which was up and running by 10pm that night. We are however extremely grateful that we did not get exposed to carbon monoxide and noone in our family got sick or subjected to the worse result of death. Thank you to all of you at Irving Oil….from the Brown family who is safe and healthy and best of all warm!!

  81. Mary G. McDermott says:

    This winter, after living here for nineteen of them, was the worst in that I got frostbite on
    my nose after being outside for only 2 minutes.
    Some of it had to be surgically removed by a plastic surgeon.
    Right now, I am beginning to look more like myself than I did in January.
    Molly McDermott
    loyal customer since 1986

  82. Jim says:

    It was so cold this winter that our tan from a week in Jamaica froze and slid off our face as we dashed to the car at the airport.

  83. Sharon says:

    I really didn’t find this winter any colder that previous ones. The difference this winter was the amount of snow that my son and I had to shovel. That, unfortunately, kept us warm……I’m so happy that spring is here 🙂

  84. Wm Schooner says:

    It was so cold out this year. I do not have to attend my appointed surgery for a vasectomy.

    It was so cold, I only had to pluck a buck and thaw, to harvest this season.

    As it was so cold this year, we now have a perminate ice rink for all year out back. Silhouetted by my mean ol’e Ex. An ice statue to match her attitude. When I refused to let her in 2 weeks ago…..
    aka. Bill Schooner

  85. Lizzie says:

    Dear Myles, I was just surfing through all the “How cold is it” stories and felt compelled to comment.

    You think it’s colder on the east coast of Canada than down here in the heartland of “Northern New England”, but do you realize that all coastlines are greatly affected by the temperature of the ocean, and what’s more, believe it or not, you guys are affected by the warming effects of the Gulf Steam!

    Meanwhile, here in the mountains we receive a constant bombardment by a descending Arctic jet stream (usually the Alberta Jet Stream). Warm air and signs of Spring don’t usually arrive until May.
    And I will probably have heaps of snow in front of my house until June this year.

    Now, I’m going to attempt to write about how cold it was for Irving, but I will take my time.

    Enjoy your coast and what sounds like a really nice place to live!


  86. Emily Ruth Smith says:

    It was so cold this winter…. that as soon as I filled the water for my farm animals, it froze, and I had to start all over again…’s been a long winter!

  87. Daniel Miller-Arsenault says:

    It was so cold this winter that as was breaking my back shoveling my driveway for the umpteenth time, I paused for a drink from my old Nalgene water bottle. Having been outside battling the elements for hours, my mittens were icy and the bottle slipped to the ground and shattered at my feet.

  88. Steve Chadwick says:

    It was so cold that my snowman got a cold!

  89. Valerie Heacock says:

    It’s so cold out I shutter when the Irving truck drives up the street towards my house. I mean Thank You for keeping us so cozy this winter!

  90. Gary Stefan says:

    It’s so cold that my truck froze to the driveway!!

  91. It was bitter cold for months prior to when my wife and I left Vermont the end of January for several weeks to escape this unbelievably harsh weather only return to more snow and still freezing temperatures. I know this should end eventually, and I know patience is a virtue, but give us a break; PLEASE! Quite probably, the pain of this cold winter is being equally matched, if not exceeded, by the amount of heating oil we are burning despite the lowest tolerable thermostat setting. Judging by the hurt all this is putting on us should tell you just how cold it is. However, and most importantly, despite everything just written out of some frustration, it really is wonderful being back home in this great state of Vermont. In all honesty, isn’t this the way our good old fashion Vermont winters are supposed to be? COLD, with plenty of snow, good winter sports along with evenings snuggled in front of the wood burning fire. Now that is why we live here and will continue to do despite how cold it is.

  92. jim hunt says:

    It is so cold that when global warming caused the ice to break between Canada and the US, Canada didn’t float away because global climate change a few months later froze us back together again.

  93. Merlyn Miller says:

    It is so cold this winter that I get excited if the weatherman predicts the temperature is going to get up to 25 degrees!

  94. Linda Murray says:

    It was cold enough to freeze words
    It was a bitterly cold November morning and I was buying my winter supply of maple syrup from Vic Jarvis in Springfield, Vermont, when I heard a noisy, old pickup climb the driveway to the barn. The driver emerged from the dented vehicle. He was tall and lean, dressed in jeans, a dirty sweatshirt and an old, weathered John Deere hat. He looked cold and rubbed his hand together, as he made eye contact with me. I smiled and observed, “Cold morning.”
    As I paid for my syrup, he replied, “If you think it’s cold now, wait until winter comes. They say it will be a very cold and snowy winter, lots and lots of snow and some days when the temperature will be twenty-five below zero.” He paused to see if I was paying attention, like a fisherman waits for a nibbling trout to swallow the worm. Then he set the hook, “Be careful what you say when you are outside this winter.”
    Feeling I was about to hear a Vermont fable, I asked, “Why is that?
    His reply came quickly, with an air of authority, “Around here most people know when the temperature gets colder that twenty-five degrees below zero, words freeze. That’s right, words freeze.” He paused again for effect and continued, “Later, when sugaring begins, the frozen words thaw and can be heard. You would be surprised what you can hear if you listen carefully on the first warm day after a very cold winter.”
    “You don’t say,” I replied with a taint of doubt in my voice and an accepting smile on my face. Nice story, I thought. “Thanks, I’ll be listening.”
    The man’s prediction was correct. It was an extremely cold and snowy winter, almost too cold for words.
    In late winter, the first warm day of 2010, I was inspecting damage to my driveway near the Irving propane tank, when I heard the sound of a truck that seemed to be in the driveway. When I looked, there was no truck. A few minutes later, I heard a voice, but I could see I was alone. “Thank God,” said the voice, “Here’s another good customer who has cleared his propane tank of snow. When it’s minus twenty-five degrees, it sure makes delivery easier when customers shovel the snow from the tank.”
    I replied to the driver’s thawed words, “You don’t say,” and shuttered at what I might have heard had I not cleared the snow for propane deliveries.

  95. Karen MacIntosh says:

    As strange as this sounds, I usually find our house colder in the spring and fall than I do in the middle of winter. Perhaps it is the dampness as opposed to the actual cold. Well, not the case this past winter! For some reason, it seems like I have been cold forever. This is due to no fault of Irving Oil; they always ensure we have plenty of oil as well as propane for the fireplace.

    Although the rest of the family may be almost ready to pass out from the heat, here I am with hands and feet that could be mistaken for blocks of ice.It was so cold one night that when I went to bed, my husband let out screech that almost put me in cardiac arrest. He said I was so cold that if I couldn’t get mt hands and feet warmed up before bedtime, I would have to start wearing socks and mitts to bed. Now wouldn’t that be a pretty site! We still laugh when we envision that picture.

    The sun has been shining the last few days but it is still colder than it should be for spring. Please warm up soon because “oh no” there is the oil truck again!!

  96. Yolande Caswell says:

    We have a Samoyed, which is a snow dog. How cold is it? It’s pretty bad when the whiskers around his nose were frozen from his breathing. We could not believe it. He did not want to go out for a long time.

  97. Marie Plourde says:

    How cold is it? It is so cold that after dinner, we sit on the couch with our 4 chihuahua’s trying to stay warm piled up with blankets. When we get up the youngest pup yelps as she is cold. She is the first to run to the bedroom when lights go out. They will NOT go out when it’s in the teens…and that it has been too often this past winter. We are all ready for spring weather!

  98. Serena says:

    This winter it was so cold that I upgraded from regular tights to fleece lined tights. They helped keep me warm on cold wintery days when I would have been shivering at the bus stop!

  99. Sara says:

    How cold is it outside? Well, I can share the weather has been so cold my cat who loves the outdoors decided to stay in for the winter. It is nice to know you have a solid, reliable oil service that when Jack Frost decides to visit, your home will stay nice and warm with Irving Service. Not only are the deliveries on time but the customer service department is top notch! Your callls are handled timely and professionally. If you leave a message or need to follow-up with information the representatives respond and follow through. Thank you Irving for servicing your customers so well.

  100. Marilyn says:

    It is so cold outside that thanks to the dependability of Irving Energy we are able to enjoy the wonder and beauty of Mother Nature from inside our nice warm home!

  101. Andy Lynch says:

    Ouch! sorry to hear about your accident Alan. But glad we were able to help keep you warm!

    – Andy
    Irving Energy

  102. Lexi says:

    How cold is it? How about how predictable it is? I work at a barn, which during the warm days (50 degrees in March, anyone?) becomes a mud pit. Then of course, New England weather loves to tease us, so the day after a 50 degree day? You guessed it. Snow. Not only is the snow a problem, but the ground freezes! Imagine getting to work in the morning, the dirt parking lot looks smooth ahead of you, but be careful! What was mud the day before is now a topographic map of the Sierra Nevadas. That’ll wake you up in the morning if the cold doesn’t!

  103. Rafael Diaz-Alvarez says:

    It was autumn, and the Indians on the remote reservation asked their new Chief if the winter was going to be cold or mild. Since he was a new Indian Chief in a modern society, he had never been taught the old secrets, and when he looked at the sky, he couldn’t tell what the weather was going to be. Nevertheless, to be on the safe side, he replied to his tribe that the winter was indeed going to be cold and that the members of the village should collect wood to be prepared. But also being a practical leader, after several days he got an idea. He went to the phone booth, called the National Weather Service and asked,
    “Is the coming winter going to be cold?”
    “It looks like this winter is going to be quite cold indeed,” the meteorologist at the weather service responded.
    So the Chief went back to his people and told them to collect even more wood in order to be prepared. A week later he called the National Weather Service again.
    “Is it going to be a very cold winter?”
    “Yes,” the man at National Weather Service again replied, “it’s going to be a very cold winter.”
    The Chief again went back to his people and ordered them to collect every scrap of wood they could find. Two weeks later he called the National Weather Service again.
    “Are you absolutely sure that the winter is going to be very cold?”
    “Absolutely,” the man replied. “It’s going to be one of the coldest winters ever.”
    “How can you be so sure?” the Chief asked.
    The weatherman replied, “The Indians are collecting wood like crazy!”

  104. Alan says:

    It was a cold winter, but it didn’t really start until January. After suffering through the snow and cold weather, my story ends with a recent fill-up of propane and the Irving driver waving as he left my driveway. I was on the roof shovelling of snow and ice and getting ready to install an ice-melting wire above my eavestroughs. After I did the wire installation, I stood back to admire my installation work. But instead of placing my foot on the ladder, I placed it slightly to one side of the ladder and down I went. I landed on the snow and ice that I’d just shovelled off the roof and lost consciousness when I made impact. Needless to say, when I awoke, I could barely walk for days. But thanks to my recent propane fill-up, I didn’t have to reach for the thermostat. (Had that been necessary, I wouldn’t have been able to lift my arms) I just collapsed on a chair for a few hours until I could stumble into a hot tub. Thanks again to Irving for saving my sore back and arms, and keeping me comfortable.

  105. Mike Blain says:

    One very Snowy day took my dog out with me shoveling. Next thing you know I could not find the dog anywhere. After moments of calling out his name, I heard a small bark. He managed to bury himself in the snow to keep himself warm. Pretty funny. I also have pictures. It was pretty amusing to me.

  106. Allan says:

    My girlfriend has 3 cats; Charlie, Kitten, Lucky. Which are the father, mother, baby. Charlie is the big fat cat of the 3 and considers himself an outdoorsmen however we never let him outside. He is always looking for a way to escape and even tries to open the doors himself. This is a trait that the other 2 cats have been slowly been learning from Charlie and become equally as mischievious. So one day in February, we were getting home from getting groceries and it was about -16 out with the wind chill. The 3 cats were in the living room window when we were unloading the car and slowly made their way to the top of the enterence. As soon as the door opened, Charlie started sneaking down the stairs as we brought the bags in. When he saw his chance he made a dash for freedom followed closly by the other 2 cats. As soon as they crossed the threshold of the warm porch enterence to the wind chilled, icy front deck. The howls out of the 3 of them could have deafened a person. Charlie was the first one out and ran the other 2 over when he was scrambling to get back into the heat. If I had of blinked I would have missed it all. I found the 3 of them 15 minutes later upstairs under the bed.

  107. Janet Christenson says:

    I have my automatic thermostat set to reduce the house temperature at night to save on heating costs. Some nights this winter it was so cold and so windy besides that it was a “four dog night” – all four of my lapdogs climbed into bed, nestled with each other and with me so we could keep each other warm! In the morning, the youngest pup, just 8 months old, who generally loves being outdoors, was trying to figure out how to be out and “do her business” while keeping just one foot on the ground!

  108. MarieDodge says:

    We bought a used 4 wheeler last Fall so I could do my own plowing as my husband is in a wheelchair .But with the amount of snow we got I would have to shovel more snow to get the 4 wheeler out of the shed than to shovel the driveway ,besides it was so cold as we live right by the water that my nostrils would have froze together ,So i phoned a good guy down the road to open us up four times the rest I shovelled .I kept the home fires burning with our big wood stove to save on energy .Spring is on the way .Hurrah!

  109. Hiram Allen says:

    I’ll tell you how cold it was. You see… I have two wood stoves to help with the amount of oil I use. One day it was zero at noon with a serious wind chill happening. The wood box was empty and needed to be filled. I got all my many coats..and boots.. and hats.. and gloves on complete with those “little hotties” things, and headed out to bring the wood over to the house. I was not happy at all (you can bet I had my ears back) because I hate the cold and I let the world know about how I felt. Well, I know I was shouting, but couldn’t hear anything. Guessed the reason was that I had too many hats on. Then, a few days ago when the weather warmed up, I went outside and heard someone talking… Sounded like me giving a good point of how cold it was! Then I realized that the words I had said on that cold winter day were thawing out and all the neighbors were now hearing all those bad words. Now that’s cold.

  110. Bonnie Purcell says:

    It didn’t seem that cold at first, then winter weather seemed to storm in with snow & the ‘it’s too cold to snow’ forecast. My poor dog would go out to pee and leave a frozen stream from him to the ground. It was even so cold at one point that the running stream in our yard froze to make a very nice ice sculpture. Spring is here (by calendar only) and I am still bundled up in my winter wear and feel the long john’s will be on until June.

  111. By a very cold night the power was out, that leave a person with not much to do, especially being so cold, I decide to curl up in bed with my tuque and since I had to rely on high technology I warmed some water in my fondue pot, to poor in my hot water bottle. I took it to bed with me and in the morning when I woke up the water in it was frozen. If this is not cold then I don’t know what is. Yeap…

  112. Karin says:

    How cold was it in Truro
    well just let me see
    the dog was mostly frozen
    when she went out to pee
    The house was nice and toasty
    thanks to Irving’s automatic fill
    The poor delivery man scaled the mountain of snow to find us
    and then slid back down that hill
    There was so much snow at one point
    that Pete and I could barely see across the street
    many thanks to our great neighbour with the snowblower (aaaaahhhh man that sure is sweet)
    Two weeks ago the rain came down
    and the mountain began to shrink
    the first inklings of spring arrived and I was in the pink
    The snow’s all gone now but the wind chill is still there
    no worries though with a full tank of oil and my trusty ol’ forced air
    I am a loyal customer of Irving Oil and I must tell you that I find
    I get asked a lot if I am related to the Irvings with the oil & gas
    Not related I say, but about the gas, I have some but not that kind!


    Karin Irving
    Truro, Nova Scotia

  113. DOREEN CALISE says:


  114. Everett Kittredge says:

    We had one afternoon in January when it was so cold that the light from the sunset froze just outside our west window, so we left the curtains partly open and didn’t have to use the nightlight.

  115. Jim Brown says:

    So Cold, My two goats fell over, the goats wasted well over two bales hay just to lay on the ground to stay warm, Chickens stop laying, went on strike, very large family of mice tried to move in, we sent them packing, so much snow the barn list 2 more inches like the leaning tower of pisa…. but who is complaining… Life is Good! Oh that New England weather, see what my parents missed staying in Florida for four months…
    JAMES J.

  116. Sally Labbay says:

    What if you have a delivery done on Feb 25? during a big snow storm. You dont receive your first bill and that never happened before. You ask for another to be sent out. Supposedly sent out on March 10 and was not in the mail on the March 19. How do you get your bill paid in the thirty days allowed? Where are the bills. Were they ever sent. If any one from management reads this was there a problem you need to tell me about.

  117. vincie says:

    when i was young and it was cold dad would take off to warmer weather and he would say
    he’s bones were cold. never knew what he meant till this winter, boy were my bones cold

  118. “Too Cold to be Old”

    Winter in New England is not for the faint of heart – or for the senior of citizens. Being a few years short of elderly and living on a private road that you have to plow yourself is NOT compatible with senior happiness. But, for my husband and me, it’s a necessity, so we plow ahead with gritty determination, if not always good humor.

    One recent snowplowing experience was especially eventful. As usual, Jim got our old plow going with jumper cables, while I shoveled in front of the garage. There was a foot of snow that morning and I had a bad feeling about that old plow. So I said a little prayer for it as I watched Jim drive slowly down the road.

    He’d been gone over an hour when I saw him trudging back to the house, looking dejected. He said the plow had broken down and he needed my help. Now, I’m no mechanic, but I dutifully put on my wool cap and mittens, as he gave me a spray can of something. When we got to the plow, he opened the hood and said, “I think it’s the carburetor. I’ll sit inside and press the accelerator. When I signal to you, spray the carburetor right here.”

    “O.K.”, I said, shivering.

    I sprayed the first time and nothing happened.

    I sprayed the second time and still nothing.

    But with spray number three, giant flames shot out from under the hood! Alarmed, I jumped away and then scooped up several mittfuls of snow to douse the flames!

    “That’s it!”, I said. “We’re leaving to call a tow truck!”

    So we made our way home and called. Much later the tow truck arrived and the driver calmly exclaimed, “I can’t tow your plow truck until the road is cleared.” So much for outside help!

    In utter frustration, Jim decided to continue working on the plow in the cold and snow. Finally he found the problem. Yep, it was out of gas. Next year we’ll hibernate and wait for the three sisters to take care of the snow . . . April, May, and June.

  119. Bonnie Guptill says:

    So cold and snowy, it’s been a real challage to keep the driveway clear with a path for the Irving oil and propane deliverer. Most side streets have been down to one lane and the mail truck has gotten stuck in the snow. Thank goodness the groundhog saw it’s shadow because be are all ready for an early spring.

  120. How cold is it? Well it was so cold, up here this year -25, that we put snow up over almost all windows in our park model trailer, that we live in Milan NH. I shrink wrapped all windows , and back door. Then i bought insulated curtains and velcoed them around the molding of the windows tight.Then the normal curtains where over them. Then we bought outdoor heating fuel , and put it in every three weeks our selves. My husband calls our house the bobhouse , well i call it the bobhouse igloo. When you see the weather on channel 9, Berlin -25 well think of me (The bobhouse Igloo), that is in my back yard The Berlin municipal Airport. is where the reading is taking.

  121. Susan says:

    This is how I know it was REALLY cold: I was dusting window sills in the living room and heard a cracking noise. I thought it was the ice on the roof giving way until I worked my way to the window pane that cracked! Fortunately it was only the inside pane. Just another item for the Spring repair/replace ‘Honey Do’ list.

  122. Jen Frye says:

    It’s so cold in our neighborhood that another company’s propane delivery truck was stuck in the ice ruts in the street for days! Irving never let us down though! 🙂

  123. Deb Nemeth says:

    BURRRRRR, burrrrrrr, buuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cat sniffs the air, puts one of her little hands out on the doorstep & immediately makes an about turn to high tail it back in to the house!! The dog hasn’t fared much better & she has a lovely, long, multifaceted fur coat which we paid very good money for, yet it doesn’t seem to keep her as we thought…she also wants to curl up & hibernate the winter away.

    As for Ma & Pa, they have been in a panic that the oil truck (Irving) won’t make it through the snow drifts , won’t make it up an icy driveway, won’t sink in to the snow up to it’ a—s & if it does make it – that the hose will be frozen solid & will only submit slushy oil or the driver won’t want to step outside to begin with to deliver any oil!

    It’s been a long burrrr old winter in which the whole fam damily wants to hibernate til’ spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Myles Thompson says:

    It’s not that cold….com’on….we live in the East Coast of Canada!

    I personally biked to work almost every day up until it got just too snowy on the roads. Winter bike commuting is a great way to beat the cold because you get to work much faster than walking and you get a work out doing it. Not to mention is saves on gas, parking, and CO2 emissions. Now that spring has arrived and the snowbanks are receding I’m happy to be back on the roads whizzing by all those commuters sitting idle in their cars…..suckers!

  125. Claire says:

    It was so cold politicians had their hands in their OWN pockets!

  126. Jack Ebert says:

    Well it got so cold this winter that we never saw the usual January thaw. This presented a real problem for our two dogs, a German Shepard and a Fox Terrier, who have thoroughly enjoyed the new Jack Russell Terrier our neighbors adopted back in September. After the depth of the frequent January storms only allowed the dogs to bark back and forth the quarter of a mile between our houses. As they say, boys with their toys, my neighbor and I decided one Sunday to race towards each other, at a snails pace cutting through 30 inches of compressed snow, with our snow blowers cutting the dogs a path. Wouldn’t you know it that path became a race way between the houses. When ever the dogs go out they run to the neighbors sit under a window and bark till their friend(s) comes out. Big, medium and small dogs all sitting back enjoying their path!

  127. BOB PRALL says:



  128. Phil Moody says:

    My Dad had a saying that I have used several times this winter. I think the story is or when I first heard it is worth telling.
    My Dad used to tell us about lobstering when he was a boy on Middle Bay. Middle Bay is Part of Casco Bay and he lived in Harpswell on Basin Point. He said they used to take the horse and pung out onto the frozen bay, chop a hole in the ice and drop in a lobster trap, placing several this way. They would come back a day or two later and chop out the hole again and pull the trap up. He commented that the bay froze over in those days because it was so “much colder than now-a-days.” We asked how cold it was and he replied, “It was so cold that when we poured coffee out of our thermus, it froze so fast it was still warm!”
    I always get a laugh with this phrase.

  129. Trudy Spooner says:

    It had some harsh winter days, and I was heavy into complaining mode. My fiance, worried that I was developing a frozen and frigid heart, decided to try to warm me up with an indoor bonfire. He set up our fire place, bought the fixin’s for s’mores and made me some hot chocolate. Pretty good way to stoke the fires if you ask me.

  130. who da' Man says:

    Hi ya’ all
    it was colder than a witch’s _ _ _ ….. Ahhh can I say that here ?
    Cold is good makes us appreciate the warm summer months more * Keep ya chin up ** we are all in this together.

  131. Ellen Goldsberry says:

    In our neck of the woods we’ve had 77″ of snowfall (so far) this season, which is 19″ above average. Love every inch of it!!! How cold is it? Cold enough to enjoy all those outdoor winter sports!

  132. Dave Magee says:

    How cold is it? The real estate market for igloos has experienced a rebound and values have increased by 150% of fair market value.

  133. Dave Magee says:

    How cold is it? It is so cold that the Nobel Prize committee recinded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize from Al Gore for his work on Global Warming

  134. Stacy Venator says:

    How Cold Is It? My son who is 3 1/2 typically strips off all of his clothing when he gets inside and is only left wearing a t-shirt and pants around the house. One day after a long day of work and picking my son up from daycare we came home to a very cold house. It was only 60 degrees (we usually keep the house between 68-70). My son stated “it is so cold I am going to keep my coat, hat, and boots on”. There is sat on the couch all bundled up while we waited for the Irving repair man. Thankfully in less than on hour the heat was fixed and the house was warming up. I remember my son thanking the man as he left and slowly his coat, hat and boots came off and it was just like any other winter evening – very cold outside and nice and toasty inside!!!!

  135. Dave Magee says:

    How cold is it? It’s so cold that my sled dogs have asked for an indoor heated training facility.

  136. Paul McCarthy says:

    How cold is it? It was so cold here a while back I heard a knock on the door and it was was the woodhorse trying to get in for the night! (For those who don’t know a woodhorse is a homemade stand that you place wood on to cut it, quite common here in NL.)

  137. Gloria DiSalvatore says:

    Cold is all so relative (s)…the more distant they are the warmer it feels.
    Now, more seriously, I carry my own rules for how reaaly cold it is:
    When you take a deep breath, and your nostril stick together, now that is cold!
    When you drive to work, on those wicked cold mornings and you feel like the tires are square, now that is cold!
    On that same day of driving to work, every bump you hit , the car sounds like it will crack apart, now that is cold!
    When the car radiator only seems to be belting out luke warmed air by the time you get to work, now that is cold!
    When you walk the dogs and by the time you’re heading home, you’re carring them, cuz they could’nt lift enough paws off the ground and they stood there, looking @ you with that pitiful look, now that is cold!
    And lastly, when you keep tapping the thermometer thinking it’s got to be reading wrong, cuz no way in hades could it really be MINUS 25 degrees, NOW THAT IS COLD!!!

  138. Susan V. Carmichael says:

    It was so cold we watched TV with all our fleece and hand knit socks on, wrapped up with blankets. With the furnace turned up and the electric heater on full blast. We could still see our breath.

  139. Dennis Hallion says:

    Simple – It was so cold that the cold was cold!

  140. HOW COLD IS IT? (RAP Song) (the accent beat is on the large lettered words)

    Its’ so COLD I can hardly BREATHE
    Can you HEAR the chatter of my TEETH?
    My EARS are FROZEN, my face is BLUE
    And my NOSE is RUNNING, but FROZEN, too!
    So WELcome folks, just DIG right in
    You’ll get USED to it, just don’t know WHEN!

  141. Patricia Aigner says:

    It was so cold, and the snow so deep, that my Newfoundland Dog (Boudreaux) stepped easily over the top of the picket fence on the snowdrifts piled 5 feet high on both sides of the fenced yard. As cold as it was, and dark, and lonely, he barked to be let back in. Thanks Irving for keeping us warm and cozy this heating season.

  142. Eric Trahan says:

    It’s so cold that I had to call Irving for a fill-up twice in one week!

  143. How cold was it this winter ? It was so cold the furnace oil hid in the basement all cozy in a 200 gallon tank.

  144. E.Lamond says:

    Winter 2010 – 2011
    A Typical Day

    Not a lot of snow and Christmas came and went. I thought that maybe this was going to be a mild winter, and we would be spared aching backs from shoveling and white knuckle syndrome from clutching the steering wheel on treacherous roads. WRONG!!!
    January and February brought us a new pastime. Shoveling!!!

    Seems like every other day, I was donning long johns, ski pants, two sweaters, wool socks, furry boots, a pair of gloves with mittens over them, jacket and a scarf tied around my neck and pulled up to my nose. Dressed for the occasion, I was always prepared to venture out, with shovel in mitten to tackle yet another avalanche of snowflakes. Why do snowflakes look so pretty the first storm or two as they drift down from the cloudy sky anyway?

    Okay, so it was frigid outside, but I’m a Yankee, and I felt I could always handle it. After every storm, I opened the door only to see a white mountain blocking my exit from the house. No problem. I would dig in and usually discovered the mountain was frozen solid. Conditions were a bit Arctic and tears froze as they rolled down my cheeks. I always told myself that I would not perish. I was never completely sure of this though as there was always a glacier hanging off the roof with some very sharp looking icicles growing from it. I just told myself it would be days before it slid off and would continue plowing through the snow on the steps with my trusty shovel with the crack in it.

    The frigid air never failed to cut through my layered hands to make my fingers feel as though they were turning blue. I always kept pushing. The biting cold would then cause a piercing sensation in my big toe. I would tell myself that I was almost done. I just had to get the mailbox dug out so I could continue to receive my bills. Does that make sense? I do believe the sub zero temperatures went to my brain.

    This would be the point where my teeth would start to chatter, and I would shiver out of control. My thought would be to keep moving and digging, and I would warm up.

    Mailbox completed! Steps completed! Deck completed! Just when I thought I was done, I would look at the spot where the propane tank was supposed to be located. This would be where my second wind would kick in. The delivery man would really appreciate a path to the tank! Plus, I really wanted him to be able to deliver! After all, I was looking forward to thawing out in a nice warm home after this shoveling ordeal! Propane tank completed! I would head for the house, and think I should make a path to the bird feeders! And what about one for my dog so he could do what he had to in the place where he is supposed to? Bird’s Path completed! Dog Restroom Completed!!

    It was time to go inside where it was toasty warm to relax, take some ibuprofen and check for frostbite. Then…I would hear the plow and see brown, slushy, heavy snow get thrown on the mailbox. I would hear the glacier as it slid off the roof and crashed on the steps. I would look out the window, and see that it was snowing again!

  145. Penne Dodge says:

    It was so cold the Dairy Creme will have to bring their machines UP to temperature for opening day in April! 🙂

  146. Dan Desgrosseilliers says:

    We had a great winter…we enjoyed many a skate on the Halifax Oval followed by toasty warm evening at home.

  147. Lita says says:

    It was so cold that your mittens would stick together if you coughed in them. Plus the police on beat would ask if you were OK when your smile was frozen……Good ol Montreal

  148. andrea shaw says:

    One real cold night this winter, after getting home late from work, I just wanted to get inside quick, so I left my car out of the garage. I locked the doors and in I went. When I went to leave for work in the morning, my front doors locks would not open. Only the back doors would open. Not wanting to be late for work, I got in the back and climed over into the front. It took me so long to get over the seats that I was late for work anyway and when I got there, my doors still wouldn’t open, so back over the seats I went. Just having my knees replaced less than one year ago, this was not an easy task. I must have looked rediculous doing this and hope no one saw me in the parking lot. Hope we don’t have another winter like this one for a while.

  149. How cold? Well, we didn’t feel it thanks to Irving automatic deliveries………However, I was chatting with an elderly lady who couldn’t afford to buy oil and she told me when it got really cold she turned on the oven and sat in front of the open oven door………..I’m writing this not in the hopes of winning any free oil but wishing someone in the same condition as that elderly lady wins…………

  150. Patricia MacLeod says:

    It is so cold…right down to my bones.. Need to put a sweater on and vacuum, that ill warm me up.

  151. It was soooooooo cold, my heater packed up and went South fur dur winter .

  152. You knnow it’ cold outside when your 70 lb dog won’t venture but 5 ft from the back door. All the while walking out looking back to make sure she will be able to come back to lie by her warm propane fireplace. In fact there were days when we found ourselves going out with her just for support. Boy was it cold!!!!!!

  153. Susan Cincevich says:

    It was so cold, that when we were ice fishing our beers froze up solid after opening it within 5 minutes. We had to put them in the “running” truck to warm them up! It was so cold, our garage worked excellent for an additional refrigerator/freezer!

  154. Linda Nichols says:

    Deciding it was that time again, I climbed on my roof to shovel it off, and it said, “thank goodness you’re here, ice dam cold!!!

  155. Lloyd Drager says:

    This one night, it was so cold I had to back up the furnace with a fire in my wood stove. In the morning, the windows were all frosted/frozen so that when I opened the door, the window in the storm door broke. When I put the thermometer on the porch, it registered neg. 20 (-20 degrees). I almost fainted in the snow, but then realized my thermometer was Celsius degrees and felt a little better. Went in and had a nice warm chocolate with a shot of bourbon in it. Later I thought I heard a KiKi Bird calling.

  156. J James says:

    It was so cold, I took a week’s vacation and went to Winnipeg to go ice-fishing!

  157. Shawn LeDrew says:

    Unlike everyone one else my winter has been toasty warm thanks to the IRVING team of excellents………..keep the flame going

  158. William Butt says:

    The winter of 2010-2011 on the east coast of Newfoundland has been a relatively mild one. Consequently, our heating costs were lower than usual (sorry Irving Energy). However, there were a few days when the temperature struck bottom. On one particular morning the milk from our cow “skimmed” over in the pail while bringing it from the barn to the house. As I am writing this on the first day of Spring and we are leaving for Mexico in two days time, we hope winter will be over when we return.

  159. BELLA says:


  160. Ritva Burton says:

    I grew up in Finland so the winters in New England can’t compare! Try walking to school in the dark with temperatures below zero and then walking home in the dark and below zero temperatures! There is little daylight in Finland in the winter. I do enjoy looking at a snowstorm, from inside a nice warm house!

  161. Jeannine Simpkins says:

    It was so cold that while my husband was shoveling, his nose started to run, but it felt how cold it was outside and froze right there! It would have gone back inside if it could have made it up his face!

  162. abdulla alharbi says:

    it was very very cold to , actuly it was freezing to apoint make u wish that you r in the other sunny side of the world to be alive,to fly to that warm side and enhoy it , but the good things of that winter was that u enter ur home , u close ur eyes and u will feel that u r now in that other suny warm side of the world u been dreaming of ……. , yaa ……its true Irving Energy takes u to the other side of the world while u r home 🙂

  163. It was so cold a couple of mornings I had to jump start the furnace by towing it down rt.113 in Chelsea with the 4020 John Deere tractor. My son-in-law logs and it was so cold in the woods that his words froze and the need warm day you should have heard all the talking.

  164. Malcolm DP Brown says:

    It was so cold we had to wrap scarves around our snow tires.

  165. Jana says:

    It’s been so cold that we’ve had to spend so much money on oil this winter .. really hope to win a free tank 🙂

  166. Ravinder Pannu says:

    My family arrived from India in October 2010. This was their first Canadian winter. India being a tropical country never have harsh winters like that of Canada. They were so afraid of even listening about minus temperature prevailing here during colder months. My kids never saw snowing before and they were so excited to see snow falling in real and making frosty, the snowman. Finally came the winters and the thrill started. We enjoyed a lot though clearing drive and walkway was little bit of pain. Thanks to Irving energy for providing us the furnace oil in time which kept us all moving throughout winter. Winter was a fun in real.


  167. Jeanne Hallenborg says:

    I had a wonderful winter snow shoeing and adventuring out in the back woods of our home.The weather some days was so breathtaking, cold but with the sun shining causing beautiful shadows on the ground. The day I saw a small group of deer just made it all worth it. Yes, I will welcome spring but will also be looking forward to next winter to continue my paths to adventure and discovery.

  168. Cindy Groseclose says:

    It is so cold that your breath freezes and falls to the ground.
    It is so cold that the icebergs icebergs came knocking wanting to borrow a cup of ice!
    It is so cold that The ice queen is bringing up the temperature!!
    It is so cold that you have to kick a hole in the air just to get outside!

  169. Michael Doolan says:

    No great stories.
    Welcome to Winter in New England. We appreciate the Irving attitude 🙂
    Due to health reasons, I was not able to keep a path cleared to either our oil or propane fill locations, Irving delivered on time, every time in spite of way too much snow. Thank-You

  170. cil says:

    It was so cold I had to turn on my furnace!!

  171. Melissa Thorne says:

    How cold has it been this winter? It has been so cold and icy the kids have to tip toe down the driveway to the bus. The hardest thing is the fact that my husband got laid off December 30th and i lost my job January 26th we have been scrapping to make ends meet and keeping the thermostat way down to conserve what oil we have, Winning this would really help!

  172. Teri Gingras says:

    its soooo cold even my icicles have icicles!

  173. Regina D. says:

    This winter it was SO cold that our snowman had to purchase a space heater! 😀

  174. Pamela Hodsdon says:

    This winter certainly reminded me of the ones I experienced as a child growing up — snowpiles so high I couldn’t see above them.

    Always a “Mainer” I’ve learned survival — keep the shovel inside and shovel my way out the door.

    The thermostat was set at 57 degrees. Twice it was a treat to put it up to 60 degrees for a few hrs. in the p.m. That meant I wore three layers of clothing, sed wool blankets and “thought warmth.” It worked.

    I repeatedly would say to myself and those I met “we are one day closer to spring” and I meant it. It has worked.

  175. David Simmons says:

    Glad that we could help.

  176. Paula MacDonald says:

    Well I must say that I had the most incredible experience today after trying to win a free tank of oil for my sister. I received an e-mail from a gentleman from Irving asking for contact information so that they could try and help my sister out. To make a long story short they went above and beyond the call of duty to try and help us out. From trying to have a small enough load to pass weight restrictions to trying to contact the Dept. of Transportation for permission to enter the road to bring the oil needed. After multiple attempts, the Dept. of Transportation were reached and Irving would be able to bring the needed oil after all; after following some stipulations. I must say that Irving has some incredible kind and caring people working for them and I don’t know how to show my gratitude other than saying a HUGE THANK YOU and by paying it forward. Thank you so much to the team that helped us out today, your kindness will never be forgotten..

  177. How cold is it you ask? Well I couldn’t be happier that the snow is melting. And some warm temperatures have helped the oil usage. Three apts. is costly to heat so we keep sweaters and socks on and the thermastat at a minimum. We don’t have a fireplace so when I want to feel warm and cosy I put on the fireplace channel and read a book. And the good thing about that is we don’t have to feed the fire. Works like a charm. Maybe someday we get away to a warm climate and when that happens I will not miss the snow..GUARANTEED!!!!!!

  178. Lynn Blank says:

    My icy driveway left little options for my children to catch the bus all winter. They rode sleds down some days.

  179. Kathryn Waterman says:

    We LOVE winter and SNOW!!!! The trouble is that it lasts much too long in NH. To cope we plan a trip for February or March. We took off for San Francisco to board our cruise ship on Feb. 26. We cruised to San Diego where we got off the ship on the 28th due to a family emergency. We flew home, back to the snow, back to the roof raking and back to another taste of winter. That simply was not fair. We got a tease of warm weather and hot sun which makes the 29 degrees here today just dreadful!!!!!!!!

  180. Denise DeGrace says:

    We usually spend Winter in Florida but due to my husband’s illness, we had to come back Feb 5th. First, I wrote on Facebook, How wonderful the snow looks!!!!Two weeks or so later, I wrote:The snow doesn’ t seem so nice and last week, I wrote: Did I ever say I liked Snow????
    I am freezing just looking outside and my two fireplace are on all the time, I used to find that relaxing, but now it’ s not for relaxing but for HEATING the place that I love them….

  181. Diana Weggler says:

    It was so cold even Frosty the Snowman headed south for the winter!

  182. David Simmons says:

    We’ve sent you an email about this to see if we could help your sister out.


  183. David Simmons says:

    Great to hear we could take care of it.

  184. Al says:

    Just got home from a week in Cuba and couldn’t seem to get the furnace going. We tried all the buttons. Irving guys came and took a look and replaced the transformer. Would have cost us $300 bucks. But we had their fancy gold package so all was free!

  185. Sarah Walls says:

    It has been so cold that our normally rambunctious cat refuses to go outside. Usually you can’t get him to come inside, he loves the outdoors.

    Every morning he would stop by the open front door as if it were somehow different than the previous day, look outside and ‘yowl’ as if it were my fault that there was a ton of snow and ice out there. He’d scoot back inside into the warm house (thanks to oil furnace and pellet stove) and take the dog’s bed by the fire.

  186. Richard Doucette says:

    It was so cold, couldn’t find the hose to check the oil.

  187. Melissa Gebhardt says:

    We moved from Nor. Cal to Woodstock and have learned to embrace the cold- especially my 8 year-old son. He is outside everyday, either skiing, making snow forts, sledding.. but his favorite is when it gets really cold and he can do various ice “experiments.” He puts water in different containers to make ice shapes, loves to push big snow boulders onto our stream to break the ice, throw water up so it freezes in the air, knock down icicles, he even collects and exchanges ice at school during recess for a game they play- this kid just loves ice! No matter what the temperature he is out there, then can come in to the warmed house.

  188. Capt. tom Malanchuk says:

    It was so cold this year that Boston almost won the World series, and ” H@#$” Froze Over!

  189. kerry tillson says:

    you know it is cold when you can sit at your kitchen table and say it was 125 degrees warmer where you were the previous day

  190. Dennis O says:

    This winter there was sooooo much snow that my dog thought the oil fill spout was a hydrant.
    How Cold was it? It was so cold that when my dog peed on the oil spount it froze so tight the Irving delivery guy could not fill our tank… and then it got really cold!!! How cold? Well, right now with the bit of thawing we have had I feel like Han Solo after he was released from his carbonite freeze by Jaba the Hut.

  191. Paula MacDonald says:

    Not a happy story, but if I could win a tank of oil for my sister I would be forever grateful. This winter has been cold, but recently laid off and saving money for her next tank of oil, she just was informed that they cannot deliver. So today, my sister is on a closed dirt road, just two houses in, no oil, two small children, with one gas jug running back and forth to the gas station about 8 km away and paying more to put one jug at a time into her tank because they can’t deliver. Help would be so much appreciated..

  192. Denise Horne says:

    While we may not have had much snow it was far too cold this year! The wind was bitter enough at times to cut you in two!

  193. Being cold is a relative thing.
    So think of your Uncle Irving.
    When feeling blue and cold give him a call.
    You will be tank full if you do.

  194. LORI CORRIGAN says:


  195. Raquel Fluette says:

    It was so cold one night that when my husband got up at 4:00 to shovel out before heading to work, the doors to the truck were frozen shut. This wouldn’t normally be a problem he could drive my car, but he had parked in front of mine. With the ENORMOUS snowbanks this year we couldn’t get around the truck. He ran the automatic start twice and they still wouldn’t budge! I had to boil two pot fulls of water to dump around the door casing. Finally Success! (Just on the driver’s side though!)

  196. Laren Hacker says:

    It was SO cold that during (and after) more than one snow storm my boyfriend was out snow blowing the driveway and I looked out to see what looked like the abominable snowman pushing the snow blower!! It turned out to be my boyfriend literally covered from head to toe in about 2 inches of snow and ice because it was so cold and so windy that as the snow came out from the blower, it blew right back on him! I felt so bad for him! It took him more than 3 hours to clear out our dooryard. Me, being the nice, loving, girlfriend that I am, whipped him up a batch of homemade hot chocolate to thaw him out! When he came in and started drinking it he looked just like that kid in the old Campbell’s Soup commercial with all the snow melting off him turning him back into my warm loving boyfriend again! 🙂 Unfortunately, it wasn’t even a week later and he had to do it all over again! LOL Oh well! That’s life in New England for ya! Just so you know I’m not so heartless that I let him do it all alone. I did go out a help him with the shovel as best I could. For a little while anyway! 😉

  197. Sherrie Watkins says:

    It was so cold out this year that the in-laws never came to visit:)

  198. Scott Chamberlin says:

    How cold was it? On the hill it was -25 many mornings. When the door knobs on the inside turn frosty that’s cold. Our Irving driver never missed a delivery and called ahead to make sure he could get up the driveway. Working on the waterfront in Portland many mornings there was ice in the harbor but yet how peaceful. With all the tragedy around the world how lucky we are to live in the Northeast part of America. A little cold yes, so put on an extra sweater keep your family close and be thankful for all we have.

  199. Gina H says:

    How Cold is it? Well where does a person start? It’s been cold enough to rise the heating bill to about $1700 just over a period of five months, freeze the fuel line about every second day, and cold enough to make the poor old car not want to start in the morning. There has been a record amount of school cancellations this year> What was my drive way unwantingly became a skating rink, as well as enough snow melting at once since the rain storm that most people now have indoor pools for basements. But you know you are a Canadian when: Snow means fun, cold means extra clothes and possibly booster cables. You boil hot water instead of paying for a line to be dethawed, or simply go red neck and use a propane torch to heat up your frozen line. What was your budget for extra curricular activities has now been invested into home heating, and tools to drain the unwanted indoor pool in your basement. And you know it is darn cold out, when your house pets refuse to do their duties in the mountains of snow/ice that was once considered your back yard. 🙂
    And you know you are a Maritimer when you complain about the heat in he summer, and the cold in the winter. The joys of four (sometimes feels like 2) seasons. Thank You!

  200. David Caswell says:

    It was so cold that the fog froze in St. John.

  201. Lauri S. says:

    It’s been so cold that the politicians finally had a good excuse for lining their pockets!!!

  202. Mary says:

    How cold was it? Well, it was so cold we had to stand outside with a mesh net to catch the drivers breath so it wouldn’t fall into the tank before he inserted the hose to fill it up! That’s how cold it was this year! 🙂

  203. Kevin Decker says:

    It was so cold a polar bear saw an Irving truck delivering oil and asked to come in an get warmed up!

  204. Megan Lussier says:

    It was so cold this winter I actually had frost on my walls and around my doors. Thankfully, last year I had applied for the weatherization department to come insulate my home. They came in February and now that the weather has warmed up, I’m noticing quite a savings! I couldn’t believe the below freezing temperatures and the ridiculous amount of snow we got. I am very, very glad to see the snow melting and the temperatures above 60!

  205. Lorie Gallant says:

    We had been using wood all winter. (lugging wood upstairs is not recommended with a broken back) I was so happy to finally have some propane and surprised to have Irving deliver on a Sunday with no additional cost. Only to discover the furnace needed fixing. Being on a low budget, and having your daughter say “mommy i’m cold” can be kinda unnerving, to say the least.

    But we found a way to make everything work with the help of our friends, family, and neighbors: one neighbor looked at the furnace and said he thought it was electrical and we needed to call the repair guy. One neighbor gave us a # for a dependable furnace man. One of our neighbors came over with his backhoe and dug some snow out of the driveway for us. Nana threw in what cash she could. A good friend came over almost every storm with his snow blower and did around the whole house. One friend brought us some farm fresh eggs. I could go on but you get the idea.

    So It was a very cold winter, but not to us. We were warmed by people’s unselfish acts and thoughts of kindness and of course the big Irving truck with it’s gas.

  206. Dan Wright says:

    It was so cold that when I built a campfire and it blazed up, one of the blazes froze. So I broke it off and put it in my pocket. I thawed out on the way home and burned a hole in my pants. That kept me warm for a few hours.

  207. Walter Wilkins says:

    It was so cold this winter I had to bring a block-heater to bed so I could get up at night to use the bathroom.

  208. R. Bunker says:

    It was so cold, my dog’s urine froze midstream..poor dog, after that she didn’t want to go back out. Then came the snow and I lost my dog in it, if it wasn’t for her tail I would’ve had to wait till spring to find her. My back door froze shut and my garage door would open half way then stop. When the temps go below zero it doesn’t want to work. When we got an oil delivery in January we lost the oil man in the deep snow. I called the oil company and they tried to find him but to no avail so they towed the tanker back to the company’s parking lot. We just assumed the oil man got sick of dealing with driveways that weren’t plowed and trudging through the snow to get to the pipe to fill the tank. He was found alive and well when the snow melted enough for him to come to the door so he can call his family.

  209. Jay D. says:

    It is so cold outside our dogs won’t go outside and are holding it until spring.

  210. Jeff Li says:

    It is cold in this winter, even frozen hot water pipes.

  211. KT Snyder says:

    I don’t have a FUNNY story about this winter. I’m unemployed and live on my widow’s benefits and retirement and this winter has torn a huge hole in my financial well being. Not only have oil prices shot up, but food prices and everything else. It’s hard enough for working parents with children, but for those of us on fixed incomes, it’s been devastating. No wonder so many older people flock to the south in droves. The ice and snow are broken hips just waiting to happen. I fear walking my dog because if I fall, it could be days before anyone notices. In fact my cousin’s husband was doing chores and fell and his jacket froze to the ground before anyone heard his cries for help. Thankfully their dog alerted her that something was wrong. There are so many people who have had a tough winter this year. Aren’t we all grateful that it’s getting warmer and soon the trees will bud and flowers will peek their heads out. Spring is a time of renewal and hope. How nice it will be to feel that warm sun on our faces once again. I keep hoping that with global warming, Florida and Maine will change places and the influx of snowbirds will be from south to north and our southern neighbors will envy us instead of sending us cartoons about our frozen tundra!!!

  212. George Warchol says:

    It’s so cold that my Freezer was shiving and asked for another blanket.

  213. Andy Lynch says:

    Thanks to you and your husband for helping our driver out Kim! And glad we were able to come back and make the delivery, thanks for the story!

    – Andy

  214. Kim says:

    Our Cold and Snowy Story:
    Our home has a steep driveway which has been a skating rink most of the winter, and is impossible to get up. One day, my husband and I were in the yard shoveling our toddler out of a snow drift when the Irving truck tried to back up the icey steep with no luck, so he parked on the side of the road and was going to make the trudge down into the ditch and up over our lawn to the oil tank. When my husband notice what the driver was about to do he yelled for him to stop and ran down to the truck to show the driver that the snow in the ditch that he was about to jump into was at least 5′ deep! Would have been kind of funny to see, but we certainly didn’t need to shovel another person out of a snow drift.
    The driver returned the next week and successfully made it up the driveway to deliver our oil!

  215. John Mills says:

    The Four Canadians answer “How cold is it?” (With a nod to Monty Python)

    Scene: Your local pub one February night. Four old men are huddled over their beers in a corner table.

    Doug ” Its been a hard winter and no mistake”

    Bill ” You’re not kidding there Doug”

    Chris ” I think my fingers are still thawing out!”

    Mike ” Ah, you guys are just getting soft in your old age! Just listen to you all. Haven’t you heard of global warming? Compared to when I was a kid these winters are nothing. I remember having to crack the ice in the wash-bucket every morning it was so cold.”

    Doug ” Huh, that’s nothing. When I was a lad it got so cold in our house that the pipes froze up for a whole week and we had to go and stay with our uncle. And it wasn’t much warmer at his place. The ice must have been an inch thick on that bucket in the morning!”

    Bill ” Huh, you were lucky! When I was a lad in Alberta the heating broke down for a whole month. It got so cold that we spent days in bed just watching our breath. After two weeks our parents broke down and started to burn our furniture in the wood stove.”

    Mike ” Our parents started burning our wooden trains after only a week! Then they burnt my sisters crib and our bunk-beds.

    Chris ” Luxury. It got so cold in our wooden hut that we had to start burning the floor-boards. We slept on the frozen soil in brown paper sacks wrapped in bacon fat and chicken feathers. When we woke up in the morning our heads were frozen to the ground and we had to wait for the sun to come out and thaw us out.”

    Doug ” We had to live in an igloo for three years as we got evicted from our wooden hut! We slept buried in the permafrost and it got so cold the huskies took a winter vacation to Siberia. We wore eighteen layers of brown paper and rancid seal blubber the whole winter and every morning our legs were solid blocks of ice and our Dad had to loosen them up with a sledgehammer.”

    Bill ” We used to dream of brown paper and rancid seal blubber! We lived for ten years on an ice floe in the middle of the Arctic ocean. We had nothing to eat except ice and frozen shoe leather and one night it was minus 100 with the wind-chill. It was so cold we were frozen to the same spot for weeks and one night both my arms snapped off and were stolen by a polar bear”

    Mike ” That’s nothing. We had to live in the middle of an iceberg. Well, I say ‘live’, but we were frozen solid for eighteen years and had nothing to drink but the ice we could melt with our breath”

    Chris ” Right. We had to live stark naked on the dark side of the moon for fifty years in the middle of a crater. After that we had to move to Pluto where it was so cold the thermometer read ‘Absolute Zero’ and for warmth we used to bath in liquid nitrogen.

    Bill ” It was tough, but we made it. But try to tell young people how cold it was when we were lads and they wont believe you.”

  216. Kristy Heath says:

    If we want to go outside
    In our tiny New Hampshire town,
    We must cover our three little girls
    From head to tiny toes.

    For if we venture out
    Without the proper care,
    Complaints quickly follow suit,
    Of frozen fingers and despair!

    We love New Hampshire in the snowy winter time
    But dream during the coldest days,
    Of basking in the sunshine!

  217. Erin I says:

    Wow, it was certainly a cold winter. One day in particular it was terrible, I had such a rough morning I almsot didnt get to school. It started as I was coming out the door and I steped onto my wooden deck. It was so cold that the wood cracked, it was so loud that it startled me and I fell off the deck. It didnt stop there though, I was wearing heels that were manditory for my course, I didnt realize it was slippery out and I slipped and fell on my butt. Not only did this happen, but to top it all off my car doors were frozen shut. I tried everything to pry it open, I even though I was a genious and decided to pour boiling water down the sides of my door to melt the ice…big mistake. The water froze almost instantly and it was worse than before. Let it be a lesson, when its that cold out, dont do is not a genious solution at all. I was pretty glad when the girl I carpooled with came to pick me up, or I wouldnt have made it!

  218. Nancy Brennan says:

    We’re a modern family. It was so cold that we ran out of wood early and decided to just burn DVDs.

  219. Paul and Cheryl Bryan says:

    It has been so cold this year. During our travel on I-93, we noticed a greyhound sitting in the bus!

  220. Darren says:

    It was so cold this winter that my furnace hid in the basement the entire winter just sipping oil to keep warm.

  221. Paula Maville says:

    I woke up this morning with warmth on the brain, no sign of snow, no sign of rain.
    My smile is widening, my spirits are fine, then I walk out the door to “ineffective sunshine.”
    I’m done with this winter, I need some relief. A free tank of oil would end all my grief.
    OH IRVING, OH IRIVING, you have just the thing…less strain on my budget as we head into spring.

  222. David Simmons says:

    Isaac, We’re glad that we could keep you warm and provide the added benefit of packing the snow down in your driveway !

  223. David Simmons says:

    Great. We take pride in being on time and keeping you warm.

  224. John Mokas says:

    The end of our driveway gets no sun so there is still 3 feet of snow there. The rest of the yard is almost snow free.

  225. Andy Lynch says:

    Thanks John, we really do appreciate you clearing the path for our drivers as well!

  226. Janet Davis says:

    We keep the furnace turned way down all day (14) and added 2 extra blankets to our bed at night. The furnace only funs for the 2-3 hours we are home in the evening and still our heating budget was gone by the end of January. …COME ON SPRING…

  227. Melissa Avery says:

    How Cold Is It?

    – a cup of hot chocolate…………………………………..$2.00
    – a pair of mittens and a hat…………………………….$25.00
    – a heavy down comforter………………………………..$130.00
    – a winter jacket and a pair of boots………………….$165.00
    – an annual furnace cleaning…………………………….$210.00
    – 230 gallons of oil…………………………………………..$760.00
    – a Caribbean vacation that is only dreamt of………$1375.00
    – winning a free tank of heating fuel from Irving……priceless

  228. Richard Glover says:

    How Cold Is It? Lets just say, Im thankful Im not a Brass Monkey! ;D

  229. Donna Zacharias says:

    It’s been so cold that my lips got stuck to the frozen clip of the dog run while I was blowing on it to thaw it out! Thank you for the oil that keeps the cottage warm so my lips could recover!

  230. john thomas says:

    It was so cold one morning I had to pry my female dog off the ground.

  231. Bruce Branan says:

    It was so cold in Newfoundland this morning, that I had to chisel the dog off the lamp post out here.

  232. Anne Comeau says:

    I wasnt cold at all, Irving Oil was always on time with their oil delivery.

  233. Isaac Warren says:

    It was so cold I couldn’t go outside and clear the snow from the driveway….so I had to turn up the furnace to full blast for a few days to use up my oil. Called Irving to say I needed fuel and they came right away and backed into my driveway and packed the snow down flat. They filled the tank and away they went. I opened the garage door and drove out where they packed the snow down and off I went happy as a lark!
    Didn’t have to shovel all winter…
    On a serious note, thanks Irving for always making sure I have not run out of fuel and cleaning my furnace every year and giving it a check over. One less thing to worry about.

  234. Ronan Gould says:

    Yep…it was a cold one, for sure. Expecting a major increase in the fuel bill, blankets were taken from the chest, long johns and sweaters bulged from the drawers and after a design and sewing a new dog coat, settled with my four legged friend, expecting weeks of cuddling for warmth. The farm house lived in, is well over 200 years and most always drafty and cold in Winter. But….as the snow piled up, with no ‘melt’ in between storms, this old house slowly took form as an igloo. The floors were warmer as the outside disappeared from sight thanks to the slide from a metal roof.
    Even the blankets only did ‘stand-by’ on nights it was well below zero.
    So, even though the weather outside was frightening, the faithful Irving man and Mom Nature blessed us with one of the nicest winters in over 30 years. All in all, it was certainly cold but complaints are few, thanks to Forces far from my control and if truth be known, the cuddles with my old Pal were still most enjoyed and helped the days pass quickly.

  235. Mike Sherman says:

    It was so cold I let my wife snowblow the oil delivery path…

  236. Kathleen Hayes says:

    It was such a cold and snowy winter that we could walk on our roof from ground level! The deck was shoveled so many times from the house top snow… that we had to re-shovel and get strategic by moving away the snow on the ground that was pushed off the deck to make room for the next storm. Our lamppost was completely covered with snow as well as our fence out front, I even passed my house one time cause I couldn’t recognize where I lived!!! You are one of the lucky ones if you still have a mailbox too as I think that may be one of the businesses that will be booming this spring!

  237. Michael D says:

    Even Atlantic Canadians are considering coming in from it.

  238. John Foster says:

    It’s been so cold and snowy that i keep a path snowblowed to my oil filler so that Irving Oil has easy access every 6 weeks to fill me up. The funny part is that i get a thank you letter from PSNH for shoveling a path for their meter readers. Happy Winter

  239. Vickie Schafer says:

    How cold is it ? – I’ve held out for 10 years. When I bought my house in Barnet, VT I was sure front wheel drive could handle anything. But this year as my best, lovely, FWD sedan sat parked next to my house for the majority of 3 months, I finally got the message. It’s cold enough to make you break down and buy that 4WD. What a deal, she takes me up and down the icy roads and the muddy ones too – I’m in love with my Ford and her on-demand 4 wheels!

  240. Kerrie says:

    It is so cold I have ice caps in my towlet.

  241. Jon says:

    It was so cold……..we had to chop up the piano for firewood – but we only got two chords.

  242. I told my brother that the first storm wasn’t too bad because we only got about 18 inches of snow and it was the light and fluffy kind. It really was quite a mild winter as far as the cold goes. The snow really only lasted for about a month. No biggy don’t you think!

  243. Bob says:

    After one of the big snow storms in January my wife spent the day looking through the kitchen window. It was SO COLD that after about five hours I decided to let her back in the house!

  244. The coldest it got at my house was -25 degrees. I remember that day I was watching the news and they said it was going to be way below zero. I love winter and I love records so I went out to my driveway to look at the outside thermometer to see what it was literally at my house. It was -25 degrees. The funny part of this was I went back into the house and perused Facebook. My niece in Burlington said something like what nut is going to go outside and see what the temperature was (she was not happy about the weather). I loved posting that I went outside to really see how cold it was. I am now known as completely crazy on Facebook.

  245. Charles E. Frost says:

    How Cold is It

    I lie in bed just thinking. I am well blanketed but, but still I am cold.The sun is shining and I should get out of bed and start my day. It is odd, the sun appears high in the sky and it seems to me I should be feeling much warmer. I must get a closer look at the outside. Now when I look at the sun, it looks cold and somehow forbidding. I make no effort to leave my room and finally decide to go back to bed where it is warmer. There is a bottle of water on a small table near my bed and on my way by it I lose my balance and cause it to drop off of the table and break but leave it and get into bed. It is very cold and I crawl under the covers to get warm but it does not work. Will it help to walk about? Again I leave my not so warm bed.

    As I go past the spilled water on the floor I slip on where the water I caused to spill has turned to ice. It does not seem possible for it to happen in the comparatively warm room. I felt and heard a snap but do not feel like anything is broken.

    How cold is it? Damn cold, evidently a lot colder than I thought at first. I will have to have a check up to see if all is ok. All that happened seemed as though no one thing was related to another, except perhaps the water spill.

    I realize that I do have to go out to the store so I dress warmly and head out. Shopping is not an every day thing for me but out I go and get the few things that I need. At the check out aisle the girl runs my groceries and says, fifteen dollars. My billfold is not in my pocket. I remember, it is on the kitchen table and my credit card is in it. This is not my day and it is six miles back home. It is late. It is getting colder when I back home and I decide to not go back. I will scrounge around for something to eat and make do with a tuna fish sandwich. A cold lunch, a miserable cold day and now you ask, how cold is it? I can give you several answers, NONE printable. Send me the propane and I will warm up, I’m sure.


    Charles E. Frost

  246. Maxine Mosley says:

    Cold? How do you really know how cold it is….when the cat’s nose gets stuck to the window as they are looking out at the snow falling….meow……

  247. Bob Ness says:

    This winter in New Hampshire was mildly reminiscent. It did make me think about skating on the lake before Thanksgiving, which i remember doing when I was in high school; didn’t do that this year. Snow wasn’t too bad either. My wife and I got married in early March of 1969 and toured northern New England on our honeymoon. It was like driving through a white tunnel with its roof gone. Telephone wires could only be seen at the poles. I’ll trade you a fist full of black flies for a seat by the wood stove any day!

  248. Brenna says:

    NH should officially change its motto to “Live, Freeze or Die”

  249. Daniel Gagner says:

    How the Exceptionally Cold Winter Lowered my Property Taxes

    My wife and I live at a lake in southern Maine. Because of all the cold weather it iced over early this winter. For anyone who lives at a lake, you know that your property taxes are much higher than those who don’t. It’s a state of Maine mandate. Don’t get me going.

    As I was sitting in front of the living room window looking out over the lake ice I saw a huge flock of ducks land on the ice in the middle of the lake. It had been sunny all day and the lake had a few puddles of water on the surface. After a few minutes the ducks began to simultaneously flap their wings. I looked at this an wondered why they weren’t taking flight. After all, they were flapping furiously. I then realized that in the short time they had been on the ice their feet had frozen to the surface and they were stuck. The ducks became increasingly agitated and began flapping much more frantically. Suddenly the Ice began to crack. I then saw, to my astonishment, the entire lake lift into the air and head off to the south.

    I now no longer have lake front property. I fully expect my next property tax bill to be much lower next time around. I was concerned about the ducks being stuck in the ice but I figure by heading south it will melt soon enough.

    I won’t miss the lower taxes. I will miss the fishing though.

  250. Barbara Troxell says:

    It was so cold and snowy that we had to hire a front loader to remove some of the snow on our driveway so the propane tank was visible and there was a path to it!! We had construction going on , we had just moved, I was recuperating from shoulder surgery and my husband developed a bulging disk that required a walker and then a cane. Snow moving was a real challenge for us this winter!

  251. Andy Lynch says:

    Sorry to hear about your cousin Erin! Is he ok?

    Glad we could help out this winter!

    – Andy

  252. Erin says:

    This winter was SO cold. I do believe I have used more fuel than ever before. There were so many indications that this was the coldest of them all or at least the snowiest. I never was able to make it to the shed to get out the snowblower so I shoveled all winter. I had the roof shoveled off twice and that usually only happens once a year or less. At one point they dropped snow on my exhaust vent and I thought I was out of fuel so I called Irving. They were awesome and a tech came up and realized what had happened and cleared it and restarted my furnace. I am so thankful for the great employees at Irving! Also, my cousin got a slash in his forehead from an icicle that he tried to break off the eaves. OUCH!

  253. Gary Kennedy says:

    You know its darn cold when our Himalayan cat Samson, who owns a thick fur coat that should belong on a Musk Ox cries to be let out on the back deck for his daily outing and upon opening the patio door, puts one paw on the deck , looks at you with his huge blue eyes which are now opened very wide, meows curtly and trots back to the comfort of our bed. Who says animals aren’t smart!
    I still had to trudge off to work!!

  254. Bill Buchanan says:

    It was cold enough that I had to chop up the piano for firewood ( We go a cord and a half ).
    It’s so cold, the Ty-D Bowl man’s boat is an icebreaker.
    It’s so cold even Sherwin Williams needs a THIRD COAT.

    igloos come with a lifetime guarantee now

    You can hear your breath break

  255. Pamela Hodsdon says:

    This winter certainly reminded me of the ones I experienced as a child growing up — snowpiles so high I couldn’t see above them.

    Always a “Mainer” I’ve learned survival — keep the shovel inside and shovel my way out the door.

    The thermostat was set at 57degrees. Twice it was a treat to put it up to 60 degrees for a few hours in the p.m. That meant I wore three layers of clothing, used wool blankets and “thought warmth.” It worked.

    I repeatedly would way to myself and those I met “we are one day closer to spring” and I meant it. Those positive thoughts made this winter so much easier to bear.

  256. julie says:

    I’m a runner and ran outside for most of the winter. How cold was it? One time I came back in and snot had frozen to my face.

  257. charlie gordon says:

    My friend had two live chickens that were suffering from the freezing cold.
    She decided to kill one of the chickens and make soup for the other freezing chicken.

  258. Alexa Baker says:

    You call it cold? I call it warm!
    I spent 5 month living beyond the polar circle by the Arctic ocean. -60C most days, your breath drops on the ground in form of ice, if you spit the spit turns into ice before it hits the ground. Your eyes hurt that you think if you keep them wide open they will freeze, your eyelashes turn into icicles. That is cold. How cold it was here this winter? Cold enough to enjoy it: ski, snowboard, icefishing, snowmobiling.

  259. Linda says:

    You know it’s cold in NH when:

    1. the power doors on your mini-van freeze shut when you’ve got to get toddlers somewhere.

    2. Jack Frost paints patterns on the INSIDE of your bedroom windows.

    3. people refer to “white stuff” instead of “snow” which officially becomes a swear word.

    4. you feel like putting Tabasco sauce as a topping on your ice cream sundae.

    5. on a rare day it hits 32 degrees, it actually feels “balmy.”

    I come from “Old England” and they’ve got nothing on a New England winter! Thank goodness for my pre-buy with Irving this past winter!

  260. Blair Jeffers says:

    It was so cold I saw a crow pushing a seagull trying to get him started!!

  261. It’s so cold that I can’t get my lips off of my fickle finger of fate award when I kiss it.

  262. ROBERT CROSS says:

    It was so cold that while I was driving past the Tufts cove power plant I noticed that the discharge from the stacks would rise about a hundred feet or so and then would just snap off at the top of the stacks and fall to the ground. That’s COLD!

  263. Snyder says:

    Being in New England for grad school has it’s advantages (so many beautiful places to explore!), but I had NO IDEA it could get this cold and snowy.

    Yes, the cold can make pretty icicles:
    but this photo doesn’t capture the black ice I slipped on after snapping this pic.

    As for the snow? Well, when life gives you snow, make an igloo:
    (no oil heating required for this house)

  264. Eric Edgar says:

    It has been so cold in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico that the ice in my Marguerita wouldn’t melt.

  265. Doug Brink says:

    It’s been so cold that two weeks ago I saw a flight of snow fleas, in a”v” formation flying south.

  266. Kim Devine says:

    The winter of 2011 brought so much snow that I had to shovel multiple paths in my backyard just so my black lab Bo would go out to go the bathroom! Before I shoveled the paths he just sat on the porch looking at me with a look that said “I’d like to see you go out there to go the bathroom!”

  267. David Simmons says:

    Mike, I am sorry to hear that you ran out of oil. We’ve sent you an email and would like to talk to you to understand what happened.

  268. Paul C says:

    It was so cold that the snowman my six year-old created in our front yard was caught one night trying to hot-wire our car with a ticket to Florida under his scarf! We tried to melt him down to punish him, but he turned to solid ice and is STILL in our front with a scowl on his face….we don’t let the kids go near him now….

  269. Beryl Sanborn says:

    The winter of 2010-2011 was so cold,
    It reminded me of winters old,
    The laying of clothes
    Didn’t keep the cold from my fingers and toes.

    Taking the IRVING money will be dandy
    Like taking some free candy
    Please fill my tank to the brim
    So I can start another winter all again.

  270. Beverly says:

    Since moving to NH, we have set every record for weather… the rainiest summer, the most spring flooding, the coldest winter in 100 years, and the most snow! This is nuts. I grew up in Northern Quebec, who this year sent their snowmobilers to NH for snow… normally we would go there for the guaranteed white stuff. There isn’t a day that goes by that my husband doesn’t give me a hard time about moving here. (We were in Florida just prior to NH) I’ll never live this down… what records will we break this year?

  271. Lori Day says:

    I cannot remember a winter like this one in a long time! The snow banks were so high that I couldn’t see the cars driving up my street out my front window.

    My kids enjoyed all the snow making forts, sliding, etc. Altough they don’t seem to stay outside as long as we did when we were kids. I remember getting the “hand warmers” for my mittens one christmas and was so excited to get outside and try them!

    I would much rather be vacationing anywhere south from here but the bills keep calling my name!

  272. Suzie Wind says:

    It wuz the winter of 2 thousand eleven…the snow kept falling from heaven…every morning I looked out of da window…at beautiful, soft, white glistening snow dunes in the deafening silence of daybreak..but even though it was Brrrrr out there…i kept me, my dog Angus and Pearl Bombay cat warm as we had hardly any fuel assistance this year..damn politics…anyhoo, I covered all da windows w/all my quilts and blanketz, i got dbl backed curtains on sale at Big we saved a lot of money and we didn’t pollute the environment that way as we need to respect Mother Earth and re-cycle, re-use, be resourceful, use what God gave you for FREE..your brains!

  273. David Simmons says:

    It’s a long way to move to become a customer! We sure appreciate your business.

  274. Brian says:

    When i was a kid, we used to get snow the likes we did this year. i made tunnels, igloos, houses and many other things out of snow. This year i was able to do the same with my grand son. It made me feel like I was a kid again. the reverse side of having this amount of snow, is that Ii have a 12 pound bichon. she had a very hard time negotiating the huge mounts of snow and the most important part a veru difficult time finding grass by which to do her business.
    she is so happy that there is now some amount of grass. you can see the smile on her face when she goes out 🙂

  275. David Simmons says:

    Thanks Chris. We’re glad we can keep you warm and really appreciate your business.

  276. David Simmons says:


    We’ll reach out to you today and make sure that you receive your $50 credit. Apologies for the inconvenience and the need to write us twice.


  277. Pam Hicks says:

    This winter was a true test…even us “Mainah’s” had a difficult time coping. My husband had foot surgery in December and the next day we got dumped on with over a foot of snow. Getting him home from the hospital was a challenge. I have learned how to use the snow blower and had to shovel off the roof several times! Needless to say, he has not been able to work and it has been trying financially. We are greatful for life but pleeeease Mother Nature, be done w/ the white stuff already! A tank of oil would be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for us right now. Happy St Patrick’s Day.

  278. Mike says:

    I will tell you when it really gets cold. When Irving cancells your automatic fill up and does not inform you and you run out of oil on the coldest day at 8:00 pm.Just try to get oil from a another supplier at that hour. It happens that I was sucessful in getting another supplier. Shame on you Irving.

  279. David Simmons says:

    It was our pleasure to keep you and your plants warm this winter.

  280. David Simmons says:

    Thanks for keeping your path clear. It makes a big difference for our delivery drivers.

  281. Kathie Savage says:

    This is the kind of winter I remember as a child…getting stuck in snow drifts up to my waist, but back then it didn’t take such a deep drift to make that happen. It was so cold this year that my dog, Squirt, and I wore each other’s woolly socks as we wandered the yard following paths cleared like a maze in the snow so he thinks he’s getting a long walk. Now Squirt buries his “presents” in the snow so I can’t find find and remove them from the yard. This makes me dread the scene we’ll see when spring finally does arrive here in Northern New England. My husband has to use the snowblower carefully so as not to shred and spread. Ick!

  282. Tim Murr says:

    I would much rather be spending my winters in a hot sunny place like Hawaii or Bermuda !!

  283. Dave Proctor says:

    It was so cold in New Hampshire, that I did not see a single polar bear in my yard.

  284. Jessica Alberty says:

    You know it’s cold when our Siberian Husky, Jasmine, doesn’t want to go outside!

  285. ROBERT RICH says:


  286. Paul & Bonnie Boroski says:

    Well have how the winter of year2010 and 2011

    Snow was never seen or measured
    Weather was average about 76 degrees

    We were very pleased to spent in the Villages in Florida for the winter while spending our days while watching the birds and the flowers spring up and enjoyed Golf nearly every day!!
    We were pleased that Irving delivered fuel to heat our Home so it was warn enough to maintain our plant to survive. We are hoping that the Sun will melt the snowing before we

  287. The weather this year has brought many surprizes, a slow start and then non-stop snow. Ice dams that could give Coulee dam a run for its money. Waking up at 3am to the sound of your gutter coming down from the weight of it all. But nothing could compare to the story my nine year old wrote about what she was looking forward to when summer came again and the cold weather would be gone. Going tubing with her uncle on the lake and slow summer days (like a turtle walking across a ball room).

  288. Mike B. says:

    It was a very cold day here in Berlin that when my neighbor’s dog was relieving himself at the fire hydrant he became stuck to it. There he was, standing on three legs, rear leg raised and howling. I had to get a pot of warm water and free him from the hydrant. When he now goes to relieve himself he growls as he passes the hydrant and uses a nearby tree.

  289. radwan al lahham says:

    Seriously, I am freaking out here.I come from a moderate climate country(Syria) having never seen an ounce of snow like this and never experienced a temperature below 24 c. I have been to Vancouver and it was almost like home and Toronto too seemed alike. Now I am expecting Halifax to be a bit more colder but the more research I am doing, the more it concerns me-Dont get me wrong I am looking forward to Ice skating and snow falls and white Christmases but is there a dark side to it ?
    The past winter in Halifax was very very mild compared to normal ones, but there were a few nights/morning when it was so so cold and windy that I practically couldn’t walk for more than 5 minutes.
    Will it be just too chilly for my moderate weather accustomed body to handle?
    I mean I am hearing words like Hypothermia and frostbites
    How often does the sun make an appearance on an average day?
    when the windchill drops to -25 C or lower,
    the air feels as cold to any exposed skin as someone spraying you with a garden hose,
    but it’s filled with ice-water while standing in front of a high speed fan.
    I enjoy my life in Halifax , but still I swore I would just leave for a warmer city a few times every winter! A “white Christmas” can be annoyingly messy, filthy, slushy. Remember sometimes you have to walk or drive and shovel, instead of always sitting by your bedroom window looking at the beautiful snow-covered city.

  290. Kelly Mace says:

    This winter has been white, long, and at times quite dismal. It was so cold this winter that we installed special curtains to block the frigid air from leaking through the windows. We also went way over budget on propane this winter, but thankfully I’m employed so could stay relatively comfortable.

    One weekend in February we spent the weekend at my parents house in the White Mountains. It had been closed up since October and the driveway was unplowed. After snowshoeing up the driveway with our backpacks we finally made it to the front door. Once inside, a toasty fire warmed us. However, the return trip down the driveway the next day was another story. It was so cold that my 12 pound poodle refused to walk down the driveway. He sat, squat and shivered on the ice-packed snow. After minutes of pleading and trying to encourage him, he managed to make it down on his own since my numb hands were filled with trash and belongings.

  291. Judy Farquharson says:

    This winter has been cold and long…..we don’t need any one to remind us of that! But in our household we have 2 very pushy reminders…..our boston terriers, TJ and Daisy, or heat seeking missiles as we call them in the winter! They have a heat addiction and I’m sure our heating bill has gone up because of it! They have perfected the art of shivering, chattering their teeth and pathetically laying by the furnace vent with the most sad eyes that force us to take pity and turn up the heat for them! They know the click of the furnace and it is like a starter gun at a race resulting in a sprint to the furnace vent where they get to jockey for the best spot with the most heat potential! When not sitting “by the fire” as we call it, they will be found taking cover under any pillow or blanket that is available, reminding us at all times that they would prefer to live in a warmer climate!
    They are pretty cute I must add, and would make perfect mascots for Irving Home Energy! I was hoping to be able to attach a picture of them huddled by the furnace vent, but I guess you will have to paint yourself a humorous picture based on my description!

  292. Jenn Neddo says:

    It’s so cold that when my husband milks the cows they are giving ice cream. My sons are in Heaven but ice cream instead of milk doesn’t pay the bills.

  293. Pamela says:

    It has been so cold that the heat ducks in the house have become my six year olds best friend he plays and hangs out with them all day.

  294. Rick B says:

    Today I received my Irving oil service contract. Then I had a propane gas delivery in the morning. This afternoon was a heating oil fill up. Put the 3 invoices together and it felt like the “Coldest” day of the winter! Thanks a bunch. Warm me up with a free tank of oil.

  295. maria rodrigues says:

    Every year at this time of year I start to feel I need to move to a warmer country. I never do but when winter starts again the feeling comes back.

  296. Dan Horne says:

    We have had the thermostat at 55 degrees all winter, because we can’t afford the high oil prices, since my wife got “recessioned” out of her full time job. No offers for over 2 years. That’s how cold it is. Irving also offered a $50 refund if we signed up for oil deliveries that they have not paid as of today. Have written to the company twice, with zero results. :o(

  297. dan mac donald says:

    Its so cold in Yarmouth ns that my snowblower has been picking up parts of brass monkeys and making shear pins from them.

  298. Eric J. Kennedy says:

    It has been such a cold and snowy Winter here in Pittsfield, ME. that during our recent March rain-storm the big snowbank by our mailbox melted enough to reveal an envelope that had evidently fallen from some poor mail delivery persons frozen fingers back in January.
    Inside the envelope there was a long-lost check for over $250.00!!!!
    After some thawing and drying out, we decided that this was a sign from the snow-gods and cashed the check and then booked a round-trip flight to Florida to escape the snow and ice for a week.
    This was undoubtedly the best investment of $250.00 we have ever made!

  299. Deb Heath-Rogers says:

    It has been so cold this winter that my friends from warmer climates learned that “Frost Heaves” was a road condition and not a person.

  300. jamie matthews says:

    Its colder here than a bunch of syberian nudists!!!!

  301. Roger Wright says:

    I was raised in north-western Maine (Fryeburg) so it was natural that I felt it neccessary to buy a second home in the Green Mountains of Duxbury, Vermont in 1988 for our family of eight skiers and hikers after I became employed in Connecticut. I am retired now but have spent my entire life somewhere in snow-coutry with its cold winters, so it was a natural thing for me to do to take-up snow plowing in western-Connecticut to supplement my income. And Connecticut broke all records of the past 110-years for the snow-depths and low-temperatures for the winter of 2010/2011. In fact I was so busy plowing, salt/sanding and re-plowing drifted snow that we only got away to go to the Vermont house twice

  302. Chris says:

    This year has been odd, to say the least, but only had a few really cold spells.

    I can only recall a few times this year when the beard instantly froze when going outside, and those are the days that remind me it’s time for some new windows and doors this summer.

    We’ve only had one rainstorm that coated the trees with ice in Hartland, VT this year, which hopefully remains the only one. We usually get two or three.

    I’ve enjoyed the peace of mind from my gold service plan, too, since my boiler is 22 years old! Our service guy has been the same guy for 22 years, and knows his stuff, as well as every detail about our system. He always remembers where the “hidden outlet” is to plug in his lights and equipment, too.

    I’m pretty happy when I call in for billing or service, as the Canadian accents are a welcome change in the world of phone support.

    A free tank of fuel sure would be a nice surprise, I must admit. I could find some pretty fun things for our family to do with an extra $600 or so in the bank… especially with son #3 on the way next month!

  303. Harry Bryan says:

    It was so cold in Ontario that we moved to Newfoundland to become Irving customers.

  304. Paul O'Brien says:

    It’s so cold that I decided that I would go out only once a week this winter. I’m a C5-6 quadriplegic, confined to a wheelchair. I drive my car with hand-controls. I decided to make Fridays my day out, saving up my errands ’til Friday, then doing them all in one day. AND, if possible, I try to arrange it that I don’t even have to get out of my car. I leave my underground parking garage of the apartment building where I live, then drive to my destination, getting as close to the door as I can. Then with my cell phone, I call someone inside the store, and tell them my situation, and that I’m parked right outside their front door, and usually they’re more than happy to run out to the car with whatever I need from them. I find that, if I’m kind and courteous to them, they’re more than willing to help me out – so I can avoid getting out of my car into my wheelchair, then wheeling through the snow into their store in the freezing cold. Thanks Folks!

  305. Cold? I grew up in Minnesota and was a cross-country ski racer. We used to have to wait until it *warmed up* to ten *below* before our races would start. That’s cold. Here in Saco, Maine, I head out to the ski trails and pull my 3-year-old daughter behind me in her cross-country ski carrier. Keeps me plenty warm. But, yeah, we have an old house and could sure use a free tank of oil.

  306. Sue says:

    How Cold Is It? It’s so cold outside that the snowman’s teeth were chattering. Really, my daughter thought it would be funny to put wind-up chattering teeth on the snowman and called me out to show me the snowman was shivering. I laughed!

  307. pat martin says:


  308. Roseanne says:

    It’s been so cold this winter that all my family and friends didn’t come to visit. My house was as cold as the outdoors. With the price of oil I had to keep the thermostat at 58 and everyone said they would rather be outside where the knew it was cold. I couldn’t really do much except stay covered with blankets. Even the grandchilden didn’t want to stay because it was too cold to play their X-box. It was so cold that the printer didn’t work half the time. I hope next winter is warmer.

  309. elaine conley says:

    It is so cold that when I put my 1 year old daughter in for her nap she wakes up wearing her socks as mittens!!

  310. David Simmons says:

    Thanks for digging out our driver. We need all the good drivers we can get.

  311. We had over 200 inches of snow by March 1st and while shoveling snow off my roof for the first time it was so cold I had to relieve myself over the edege of the roof.

    When I returned to the kitchen and looked out the window there was a frozen yellow shaft sticking out of the pile of snow.

    Now that is cold! A. Strasser Bretton Woods, NH

    PS. We had so much snow and it was so cold we had to help the Irving man find the tank and when he got stuck in the snow we had to dig him out

  312. Elena Abbene says:

    It is so cold here in NH that our ice has ice on it and you don’t have to worry about ice cream melting on your way home from the grocery store.

  313. Steve says:

    Its so cold, that the squirrels were trying to run into my house!

  314. Karen says:

    It is so cold here in Maine that our 10 yr old black and white bunny is more excited about lounging under our wood stove than entertainning another rabbit.

  315. David Simmons says:


    Let me apologize on behalf for not handling this situation better and leaving you without fuel. We’ll follow up with you.


  316. Doug French says:

    How cold is it? It was so cold today that I saw my banker walking down the street with his hands in his own pockets.

  317. David Simmons says:

    Our drivers really work hard and appreciate keeping you warm. Thanks for recognizing their effort.

  318. Anne Tremblay, K9 Handler says:

    It was so cold that our normally crazy, ridiculously hardy, “forty-below-is-nothing!…Back-in-my-day-we-were-out-when-the-wooly-mammoths-thought-it-was-too-cold!..hiking-four-hundred-miles-with-no-shoes!…” volunteers started whining when we would bury them in the snow.

    “My Search Dog can find your Honor Student.”
    Canine Alert Search Teams, serving New England… even in the bitter cold.

  319. David Simmons says:

    Thank you for being a customer for the last 6 years.

  320. William Bennett says:

    It has been so cold some days that my car tires got frozen to the pavement in the driveway and had to work like a dog to get them loose, when I did and put the car in gear it felt like I was moving but the tires remained stuck to the pavement. NOW THAT IS COLD!!!!

  321. Janet says:

    had to have my roof shoveled for the first time since I moved in during 1989

  322. David Simmons says:

    Our delivery drivers have certainly had their hands full getting to the fill pipes this year. Thanks for pointing them in the right direction.

  323. David Simmons says:

    Thank you Mary Anne. We hope that heating prices come down for us all.

  324. Pam freitag says:

    It was so cold we offered a ransom to Mother Nature to return the warm sun! Spring is coming soon….I hope.

  325. David Simmons says:

    We’re glad we can keep you warm and save you some money.

  326. David Simmons says:

    Sandra – thanks, we’re glad we can keep you warm.

  327. nas says:

    it was so cold that my husband threatened divorce because of my icy feet in bed. Even his furry legs were no match for my frozen extremities.

  328. David Simmons says:

    We’re glad we can keep your equipment running well.

  329. David Simmons says:

    Welcome to the tropics!

  330. David Simmons says:

    Thanks we’re glad we could keep you warm. “Buy low” If it goes there, we can all hope!

  331. David Simmons says:

    So true. We do have a lot to be thankful for and we hope the that the people of Japan find their way through this very difficult time.

  332. David Simmons says:

    You’re welcome. I am glad we could revive it from its panicked state.

  333. Margaret Case says:

    How Cold Is It? I haven’t noticed, as my oil burner fed with Irving Oil kept me warm all winter long.

  334. Dave T. says:

    It’s so cold outside I saw a politician with his hands in his own pockets.

  335. Merry says:

    It’s so cold that my dogs will not stay outside too long! It’s so cold that the windows frost up with crystals. It’s so cold outside that I am thankful my house is warmer inside. It is so cold we wear sweaters inside to help keep energy costs down. It is so cold outside that we have a warm, cozy feeling inside.

  336. BJ says:

    It was so cold this winter (& still is most nights and early mornings). With a new baby we are grateful for Irvings fast delivery (and the courteous drivers helped too). We all stayed toasty warm, (well, inside that is, lol.). Thx for the great service. Shout out to your South Shore drivers and courteous phone staff. Great job guys.

  337. David Simmons says:

    Well we hope we keep them warm. Thanks.

  338. David Simmons says:

    We’ll we’re always looking to work with our customers on payment arrangements. Feel free to send us an email, you can send it to me, to let me know if we can help.


  339. Jerry and Karen says:

    It hasnot been very cold. We lived 13 years in Yellowknife,Nt and thus do not find it cold here. However, we did get a great deal of snow and if our dog was still with us I do not know where he would have been able walk outside because the whole yard had 3 to 4 feet of snow in it.

  340. Elizabeth Bennett says:

    We have had a lot of snow this winter, but outside, it hasn’t been unbearably cold on most days. Maybe it has felt this way because when I come home at night from work, my house is always nice and toasty warm!! We love our Rinnai and gas stove. We have a small house and sometimes wish we had more space, but our small house sure keeps us cozy and warm. We appreciate Irving always showing up even in inclement weather to deliver our propane and always keeping the tank full!! Life is good 🙂

  341. Bob Bayer says:

    Its been a beautiful winter!! On 2 of at least 4 or 5 occasions, I’ve skied on the BEST snow I’ve ever been on… and in Vermont no less! Great western-like snow. And you only get it when its COLD! I’ve lived in northern Wisc and northern Michigan… now thats cold! 0 to 20 below for days at a time! Yea, I did run the snowblower a whole bunch this winter! We’ll all survive! Springs coming…. sometime before June 🙂

  342. Fred McShea says:

    It has been so cold that even my oil burner went south.

  343. Betsy Bowse says:

    I am a recent widow, and now live alone. My house has a standing seam roof, which dumps the snow right at my front windows. This year, the snow was high enough that I couldn’t see out to the street. One late morning, I was sitting in my living room doing a crossword puzzle, when all of a sudden I heard a loud thumping and banging. It seemed to be coming from the basement. Fearing that my furnace was self-destructing, I went racing down to the basement. The sound was louder, and it soon changed to a roar of what sounded like rushing water. I was petrified, thinking that a water main had broken or something was wrong with my oil tank. Just as I was about to call 911, I saw that the needle gauge on the top of my oil tank was slowly rising. I realized that what I was hearing was an oil delivery! I hadn’t seen the truck arrive because I couldn’t see out my windows. I was absolutely weak with relief, and for once I was almost glad to see a fuel bill! Almost.

  344. Nicole says:

    The average New Brunswick winter isn’t easy but this one has had many a struggle. From ridiculous amounts of snow, weekly school cancellations, a ton of rain that on top of the snow causes flooding, to finally roads that are a disaster with pot holes the size of a Honda Fit.
    But like good New Brunswicker’s we smile and push through, counting the days until April.

    Being a first time home buyer 4years ago I had no idea what I was truly getting myself into when it came to heating a home. Now I understand why my mom would yell “close the door im not paying to heat the outside too” when myself or one of my siblings left the front door open for more than a split second. I had no idea what a tank of oil cost. On top of the surprise of the cost of oil I had to purchase a new furnace for my home when after a year the existing one got a huge crack in the boiler. Thanks go out to all the wonderful people at Irving who helped me to decide on the right unit for my home and also help finance the almost $4000 surprise a month and a half before christmas. Over time I have slowly made steps toward decreasing our heating costs. My most recent accidental step was removing a base board hot water heater from out bathroom. To those of us who don’t speak furnace or heater you wouldn’t think this a big problem. To those of you who DO you can guess what I did, I cut the loop. Not knowing until the lovely Irving tech came to clean and start up my system for the winter.

    So the moral of the story is, leave heating to the professionals, and I mean everything to do with the heating, aside from paying the bill. Or you could end up like me…. On those -35days I had no heat in my kitchen or my bedroom, and its still like that as I write this today. It will get fixed, like everything eventually does, its just not in a single moms budget at the moment. But like my mom always said, “an extra blanket on your bed is free, turning the heat up is not”.

  345. claude jean says:

    thanks this winter is almost gone welcome spring

  346. Carole Titus says:

    I heard a new expression this year that sums it up very well. I honestly don’t remember who said it, but this is it – “It’s colder than a tin toilet seat on the Northern side of an iceberg!” Now that is COLD!!

    Carole Titus

  347. Nichelle Young says:

    Here in NH in my neck of the woods the snow is chest high in the yard. The temperatures dipped below -13 at times. Sweatshirts in the house just to conserve the heat 60 degrees was what the house has been set at. Propane and pellets that is what we have ran. Trying to keep warm and dry as the snow starts to melt. The funnies points this winter was the snow blowing watching my husband and children coming in looking like the snowmen. It is now mid march and still it is snowing. My yorkie even loves it as he sinks in the snow and you can see he and he pops his head up. When we come inside he curls up in my lap snuggles in the blanket and goes to sleep. Fill up for us is closer to 1500 dollars. The most we can do at one time is 125 gallons or 500 dollars…… Scary to think that the gas prices are rising for our cars.. Propane will to.

  348. Denise Dellamano says:

    Winter in our wonderland of Wilder,Vermont. We have all the seasons trimmings and more. Jack Frost nips our trees tender fingers and frosts with snow and ice.Our tires are square, power outages and below zero temps.This is our New England life in the Upper Valley.This year we soon found out just how hard and long old man winter was. We live in a housing Development on Colonial Drive. To our pleasure and surprise on March 10th just three days before spring begins on our calendar. The weather was warm,the sun was shinning and spring promise was in the air. When THREE BEAUTIFUL BROWN DEER came strolling down the street. My husband soon recovered from the awesome sight and took picture for our family and friends to enjoy. Life is always a wonder–like where are they going? What were they thinking? Do they need food? Life is also a mystery!!!

  349. carolyn behrendt says:

    Its so cold I am on a first name basis with my Irving delivery guy

  350. Ozzy says:

    COLD! My Dear GAWD! Its colder then a penguins toes in an Antarctic Cryogenics lab in a total eclipse of the Sun!

  351. My top 10 answers to “How cold is it?”
    10. It’s so cold that my space heater needs its own space heater
    9. It’s so cold that my fireplace DVD video froze on the TV screen
    8. It’s so cold that Cindy Day’s weather reports should come with an NC-17 rating
    7. It’s so cold that Citadel Hill asked to borrow a big scarf
    6. It’s so cold that Keiths is thinking about selling beer soup
    5. It’s so cold that Tim Hortons is offered me a shot of antifreeze with my double double
    4. It’s so cold that dogs with sweaters no longer look stupid
    3. It’s so cold that long johns with mukluks would make even Stephen Harper look sexy
    2. It’s so cold that my bikini and sunscreen have taken early retirement
    The number 1 reason it’s so cold that the Halifax Commons is re-growing the oval regardless of how city council votes!

  352. (True Story) Scrape the windows on the car or take the bike? Take the bike.

  353. Nicola says:

    True cold can only be measured in a few specific ways. First, by the number of candles you have lit; not because they create a romantic atmosphere, but because they are an additional heat source. Second, arguing over who gets to get the next batch of wood; but not because you don’t want to get cold getting it, but because you want to get warm loading it in the carrier and hefting it inside. Third, are most importantly, by the number of times your four-year-old son asks, “Is it April yet?” and not because it is going to be his fifth birthday (he just had a snow filled birthday in February), but because you told him that the snow goes away in April! For a region with four wonderful seasons, winter is by far the most annoying, persistent and COLD!!!

  354. beverly frost says:

    You can tell how cold it gets at my house when all eight cats climb onto my bed and at least one of them seems to crawl under the covers to snuggle. This turns a really cold night into a warm and crowded one. I should name my next cat Irving.

  355. Doug says:

    it was an emergency and i had to pee outside. When it made icecube before it hit the ground i had an idea it was cold.

  356. Ellen says:

    COLD? The first of the year, I (FINALLY) retired. For many years I would trudge through the snow, ice, high arctic winds and freezing temperatures twice a day, not to mention the driving. This winter I did that only once. Now I can stand at my window and admire the beautiful snowflakes as they pile higher and higher, appreciating the warmth of my oil burner and propane fireplace. It’s been so very cold this year but I’m assured Irving Energy will deliver my fuel on time all winter.

  357. Jennifer says:

    It was so cold, my dog started using the litterbox.

  358. Suzanne O. says:

    It was so cold this past winter that I did the unthinkable. I let the wild turkeys in the house. Yes, the turkeys that normally grace our yard, picking here and there at the grass….casually sauntering through the yard providing the perfect backdrop to our country setting. They looked cold and I let them in. There were the strained introductions of meeting our cats, who twitched ever so slightly as the foul wiped their feet on the mudroom rug, upon entering. They had no shoes to remove as you can assume…..
    It was easy to remember all their names (only Tom and Thomasina) and we provided light snacks in the living room. There was an uncomfortable moment when one of them sat to close to the fireplace and our youngest son came bounding down the stairs asking if dinner was ready and did I make stuffing….Eyes shifted, toes tapped, cats quivered like vampires in the presence of a paper cut….We quicly changed the subject to other pleasantries….roosting locations, feather maintenance…whatever we could come up with. They were guests, afterall. I asked of them a question that had been on my minds since we moved here….why do they roost so high in the branches with the wind whipping them like sad Christmas ornaments? Tom # 7 responded…”Because we are dumb and don’t know any better….” I nodded in agreement to be polite. My husband arrived home from work, shaking off the cold as he walked in the house…proclaiming how chilling the temps had become. He gave me that knowing glance of “What are you up to now dear” while politely adjusting an ottoman under Tom #10″s….meaty legs….I knew I had to wrap things up here. My good deed of the day was done. In cold weather we had checked on our neighbors and they promised not to eat too much of the grass seed, come spring. They “trotted” out of the house and we had fish for dinner 🙂

  359. Al Launier says:

    It was so cold this winter that:
    •Mother Nature moved to Florida,
    •the icicles turned blue,
    •snow shovels went on strike,
    •the sun wore ear muffs, and
    •the ground shivered and wore a blanket of, what else, snow.

  360. lucy says:

    It has been so cold that a huge piece of ice slipped off my slate roof in Vermont, bounced high enough off my deck, to totally demolish my patio door and the second door into my house. Or course, with a high deductible, the pleasure is all mine!

  361. Judy Henderson says:

    Hi…How cold is it? It has been very cold…but you know what, I don’t mind. We bought a nice little vaction home in Plaster Rock, N.B. and we went down for a month’s holiday away from the busy city life. It was absolutely wonderful. We heat our mini home with oil…and since Irving is so dependable, I didn’t have to worry about oil in the tank to keep us warm and cozy. It snowed so hard and was so cold while we were home, that I felt like I was living in Alaska for a while, but it was so pretty outside. I actually had the time to relax and enjoy the winter for a while. We just had little paths shovelled so we could walk…it was great. A little too much ice under the snow, but we survived. I could have stayed another month, no problem and one day maybe permanently…Almost time to retire and it is great to be able to depend on Irving for our heating. Sometimes it was like -25 or so…that’s cold.
    It was cozy and warm in our mini home. We could even see the deer tracks out back…you just don’t see that stuff in the big cities. Anyway..thank you “Irving”..we know we can count on you…!!!!!!!

  362. Roger R. Provencher says:

    It was so cold here that it formed ice under the snow. One day while snowblowing I slipped on the ice and the snowblower continued down the driveway by itself. I was able to catch it before it went out into the road. Even though I was not shoveling it did do a number on my back. I was asking my relatives in Florida if I could send them some snow but they said they would not accept it.


  363. bev Smith says:

    It was so cold that even the mice couldn’t take it. I have house cars in my garage for 20 years and never had a problem. This year the mice were so cold they made a nice nest in my car and chewed the whole wiring system from front to back. I found out when my car started acting up and stalling on me. It had to be towed to the dealer who said he found a large family of mice had been living in there. There was popcorn, corn, crackers and insulation. The whole wiring system had to be replaced. The good news was that it was covered on my car insurance policy. Comprehensive coverage covers rodent investation. I was shocked and happy.

  364. Bridget says:

    I’m a cold weather person and for the most part, I can’t stand the heat, until now. I go out every night between 11 pm and midnight to take my dogs out before bed. They know it’s time when they see me put on my minus 25 degree space suit (from Lands End), my fleece hat, shearling mittens, head lamp, warm boots and we mustn’t forget the cleats. I feel as though I could go anywhere and survive when I take them out on winter nights. We wander through the darkness admiring the stars and the powerful winds blowing the clouds over the moon. We see a world that no one else cares to enjoy with us (it seems). The stark beauty, the silent air, it’s all ours. The smells are so clear to my dogs noses when it’s cold. Mine, on the other hand, feels like icicles are forming as I inhale. But that’s ok, the dogs are worth it. A few times I’ve fallen and screamed, but no one could’ve heard me out there, except for my dogs. They faithfully stop their sniffing and sit down on either side of me, waiting for me to get up. I love winter because my daughter was born in winter and because it brings me and my dogs closer together. Going out into the forbidding New Hampshire winter nights breaks us away from the confinement most people experience in winter. It opens us up to the world of infinity.

  365. Scott Lindeman says:

    It’s been so cold that I used lots of extra oil and Irving doesn’t make any deals to assist their customers in payment. Glad my home oil company does

  366. It has been so cold this winter that the icicles that formed hanging from my roof in December didnt even start to get smaller until March………..It has been so cold this winter that the snowman,my kids Destiny and Samantha made in December,magically disappeared in an all white blanket,only to reappear in March just as big as it was in December……….It was so cold outside this winter my white propane tank (outside of course) magically disappeared as well,and my dependable Irving fuel provider asked me where it went……….and finally it has been so cold outside an obviously frozen shivering neighborhood squirrel rang my backdoor doorbell (assured me he wasnt nuts just cold) and asked politely if he and his family could warm-up for and hour or so in my Irving warmed house? P.S. Mr. Squirrel said it was a common known fact of life that Irving homes are always warm and maintained no matter how cold it is outside!!!

  367. Edwards says:

    It was so cold that our dog Cote refused to go outside to do her business. Instead she regressed to puppy-hood and insisted on using the paper in the recycle bin.

  368. DAn says:

    Hey it has been so cold:

    1. I won’t stop shaking until May.
    2. The clouds stopped moving; they are frozen.
    3. TV programs are coming in slower

  369. Peter says:

    It was so cold that my daughter’s basketball was held captive, for four weeks, by the frozen basketball net in our driveway.

  370. Diane Sizemore says:

    How cold is cold? Well it’s been so cold that our fuel budget has gone out the roof. Trying to save on fuel has led to electric heaters only to throw the electric budget out the roof as well. How cold is cold that when the wind starts howling, an oak tree falls on my new SUV and totals it. Better than falling on my propane tank is how I looked at. Fed up with all the cold, I headed to FL to get away from the cold and came back to more cold. When is it going to end? You know it’s cold when the mice come in and the peanut butter in their trap is frozen. ENOUGH WITH THE COLD PLEASE….

  371. Yvonne says:

    The Swing Set
    Sipping my first cup of coffee, I looked out the window, watching for the snow that the local weather station said was coming. The roads were dry. I sighed, long and deep as I looked at the reminders of summer still lingering in the back yard: the swing set where the children played until the late hours of the evening when it was still light, the soccer ball still sitting in the line of twigs that was the goal, and the hula hoop that lay on the ground marking first base in the backyard baseball game. The first snow storm was coming and I was unable to stop it. I was really ready for spring!
    Moving on with my day, I showered and debated on whether or not I should wake the kids, Jessica and Sarah; with the amount of snow we are supposed to get, school should be cancelled. Checking the window again, a few white specks dropped sporadically from the sky. The weather people must be wrong. There is no way snow could amount to 3 inches in the next hour, and 12 by the end of the day.
    Checking the weather stations again, I found that the local schools had decided to take a snow day. Shaking my head, I wondered what the heck they were thinking; we rarely had snow days when I was in school. Resigned to the fact that we baby our children a little more than we should, I grabbed my coat and keys to go warm up the car. Much to my dismay, I opened the door to find that the weather people might be right.
    After clearing my car of the inch and a half of snow that had fallen in the last twenty minutes, I slowly pulled out of the driveway and headed to work, wishing the entire time that I could stay at home and have a snow day with my girls. The falling snow made visibility less than perfect, creating a much longer drive than normal. Walking into the office a few minutes late, Mark, my boss, asked about my drive in, and was school called off for the kids. I responded with “My drive was ok.” And “No, my girls don’t have school today.” With a shake of his head and a perplexed look on his face, he said “I just don’t understand. I used to walk to school. It was uphill most of the way and snowing worse than this.”
    “And I bet it was uphill both ways” I retorted. “And you were probably barefoot because shoes weren’t invented yet!” He chuckled at my little age joke, and dismissed me to my normal duties.
    A few hours later, believing that the girls should be awake, I called home to check on them. “We are fine Mom” answered Jessica. “We are getting our gear on to go play in the snow.” “I wish I could be with them” I thought as I hung up the phone, picturing their rosy cheeks and smiling faces as they made angels in the snow. Instead, I returned to the stack of paperwork in front of me, content that the girls were happy, healthy and enjoying their day.
    A few minutes later as I was lost in the mundane tasks that I call work, my phone rang. Looking at the caller ID, I saw it was home. “Hi Babe” I answered, knowing that Sarah or Jessica would be on the other end of the line. “Mom,” it was Jessica, “You have to come home. Sarah is crying. She’s hurt Mom. I don’t know how to help her.”
    Jessica, normally a relaxed, take it in stride 17 year old, was frantic. The panic came through at high levels in her voice. “What’s going on Jessica? What’s wrong with Sarah?” I asked.
    “Just come home please. As soon as you can” said Jessica. Hearing her sobs between her words, I grabbed my jacket and keys, told the boss I was leaving and would not be back, and headed for the door.
    After cleaning the additional six inches of snow that had now fallen on my car, I sped home as fast as I dared, imagining the many scenarios that could have happened could potentially create such panic in my oldest child. I fought the urge to call their Dad. I wanted to tell him what I knew so that he could calm me down, but at the same time I didn’t know what the panic was all about. Besides, I didn’t dare to use the cell phone as I was driving in this snow.
    Arriving home, I found both Sarah and Jessica in the backyard. At first, nothing seemed amiss. Sarah was standing by the swing set and Jessica was singing to her as the snow fell all around them. I thought it was a picture perfect post card image; two angels enjoying the earth.
    As I moved closer, I could see tears on both of their cheeks. Jessica had grabbed towels from inside, which Sarah held close to her face so the tears would not turn to ice. Jessica was singing as a way to sooth and relax Sarah. As I moved closer, my panic subsided.
    “What’s going on here?” I asked.
    “Mommy, I didn’t mean to. It was a dare. I didn’t think she would get stuck.” Jessica, sobbing uncontrollably said.
    “Let’s fix this Jess, and then we can go talk. Sarah, are you okay?” I asked, giving her a big hug.
    Sarah could not respond. The tears were overpowering.
    Taking control of the situation I said “Jessica, keep singing. Sarah, I will be right back. You’ll be okay. Everything is going to be okay.”
    Running into the house, I grabbed a pitcher and filled it with warm water. This took enough time that I was able to allow some of the laughter to be released from my body, and return my face to an expression of somberness appropriate for the moment.
    I ran outside, poured the warm water on the swing set allowing it to run on the spot where Sarah’s tongue was stuck. With a sigh of relief, she stepped away from the swing set. Going inside, we hugged, kissed, and reminisced about the day’s happenings. The swing set has made yet another memory.

  372. Kristin Wood says:

    This last big snowstorm had me trapped in my house and I needed to get to work. My car had disappeared in the snow, the sidewalk was non-existent and I knew the only way was to walk on the road. I made it out the front door by shoving snow out of the way. I picked up my trusty snow shovel and made an eighteen inch path to the mountain of snow left by the city’s snowplows. The snow mountain was waist high and about four feet wide. I decided to try to walk through the snow mountain. Big mistake! I had one leg stuck in the snow all the way to my waist. It took all my effort to recover my leg and I nearly lost my boot extracting myself from the snow mountain. I learned then that the snow mountain would hold me on all fours.

    There I was, in my suit, on hands and knees crawling over the snow mountain into the road. I made it! But the adventure doesn’t end there. On the hill, I slipped and fell. My winter coat road up around my waist and I slid down the hill. The snow packed between my thighs, soaking my pants and stopping me in my tracks.

    The rest of the walk to work was extremely cold, as my pants, wet from the snow, froze to my butt!! Next time, I’ll bring a change of clothes!

  373. Beth Flood says:

    I have a 45″ blow mold Santa as one of several decorations in my yard. When we had the warm spell right after New Year’s, I put away all of my decorations except Santa. And then the snow came. And Came, And Came. Poor old Santa eventually was covered up to his nose, then it melted down to his shoulders, then back to his chin, then melted to where I could see the top of his belt, next storm, snow back to his shoulders. Then it snowed again and just the top of his hat was visible. Now, mid March, I can see his belt again. It has been fun. I keep taking pictures of him and posting them to a website. Just when I think I may have posted too many of same thing, someone will ask me when I’m going to post another pic. I’m wondering when I will be able to put Santa away in the cellar!

  374. How cold has this winter been?

    As cold as a subprime mortgage lender’s heart.

  375. Yves says:

    How cold was it, it was so cold that the air outside turned into a liquid!

  376. Doris Wood says:

    It was so cold that one morning when our dog Sydney came in, her jowls were frosted and icycles were hanging from them that looked like big fangs!

  377. Mindy Berube says:

    We have had so much snow and cold weather that we couldn”t find the clothes line we even had to snowblow a path for our dog to do her bussiness. It’s been so cold it cost us double the money from the year before for propane. We are empty in one tank and 12% in the other we ar epraying for warmer days because we can’t afford to put propane in our tanks right now our budget has been used and then some.
    Im not sure the early spring tulips we planted will see early spring we are shoveling the snow from piles to open aeras so it will melt faster.
    Winning some propane would right now would be a God send you have no idea how much it would help us.

  378. Diane & Brad says:

    It’s been so cold this winter that my dog, Roscoe, who is 70 lbs and a big baby, would not go outside to relieve himself after a long night inside. He would simply stand in the door way or snuggle in his bed ….. no way am I going out there! LOL That’s pretty cold!

  379. Alice Grandmont says:

    You ask how cold is it? My brother Jim has lived in Florida 28 years. He used to live in Massachusetts. He has been on Kidney dialysis for 2 years. We found out I am a match and the surgery is to be a Brigham and Womens Hospital. He called me and said Hey can we scheduled the surgery for spring maybe there is no way I am going to the North to freeze my (blank) off now that is how cold it is.

  380. Dennis W. says:

    How Cold Is It?
    It was so cold this morning that I saw a Rooster with a CapeOn!!!!!!

  381. Deborah Sabean says:

    It is soooo cold I have flashbacks of winters from my childhood. There was ice on the floor in the morning. We had no indoor plumbing and had to go outside to the outhouse. We also had to pump our water from outside! We would all get in bed together until mother lit the stove. It was one time it was a pleasure to go to school where it was warm. This was 1963! Our father moved us from a heated flat with a toilet to a run down farmhouse in the country. Thank God for our Oil Stove! I think we would have frozen to death!

  382. david l says:

    how cold is it ? its so cold my bank froze all my accounts

  383. Jay says:

    There were a few very cold night … otherwise, just another wonderful winter in Maine! Ps … loved the abundance of snow in January and February – hating all the March rain washing it away so quickly.

  384. Charlene says:

    It’s cold enough to remind me why I live in Northern New England. I love it!

  385. Debra Johnson says:

    Cold? Was it cold? I was staying pretty warm as I was snow blowing and shovelling (rooves, walkways, propane tanks…) Please point to the cold people and I will be happy to allow them to stay warm like me next winter. 🙂

  386. Kathy says:

    It was a might cold this year here and expensive to heat. One early morning I heard my furnace shut down and panicked. It sure got cold in here real quick but thanks to Irving they came right out and fixed my problem. Thank you again Irving

  387. Andrew says:

    How cold is it? If your from New England, you know its WICKED cold.

  388. roger weingarten says:

    My buddy Victor and I found the extreme cold gave us great privacy at The Waterbury Reservoir and Green River Reservoir, which we snowshoed throughout the winter. We were visited by 2 crows and a barred owl. We ate lunch on a log on Picnic Island in the middle of Green River. We stepped through drifts over our knees walking without snowshoes on the Waterbury Reservoir before walking up a boat launch to have lunch in a lean-to looking out at snow-covered Hunger Mountain. We ice-fished for the first time on Caspian Lake, where a good Samaritan who had been fishing since 3 in the morning loaned us his ice auger since we left ours at home. It was 18 degrees out but the sun reflected on the snow-covered ice kept us warm enough we didn’t wear gloves. We climbed Camel’s Hump View Trail where we crossed paths with fisher tracks. Northern New England winters, which I don’t always appreciate, are gorgeous and difficult. Pickaxing ice off my oil cap at the side of the house is always a pleasure. And while I look forward to canoeing Vermont lakes, I loved it that we had the kind of cold and snow cover that made this winter a real adventure.

  389. Richard says:

    Miserably cold. On a more serious note, our discomfort is nothing compared to what people in Northern Japan are feeling now.

  390. Carrie (our dog) was ready for her morning jaunt out into the back woods. I always look out and usually check the weather gauge for the temp, however, I was running behind and it didn’t appear to be that cold. I opened the kitchen door and couldn’t find my winter boots so I figured that the low cut light slippers would be o.k.. Was i ever wrong!! Anyone passing by would have stoped and looked twice as usually the dog jumps from one foot to the other when one gets cold. I was plading with carrie to go as fast as she could as my feet were really getting numb!! I think it had to be get even time for someting I’m sure I did as Carrie almost looked as though she had a smile on her face!! It took about a hour to get the circulation back into my feet. You might say it was rather cold!!!

  391. Tammy says:

    I’ve used my electric blanket more then the heater!

  392. Syd Maskell says:

    How cold was it? It was so cold that the lock on my wife’s car froze and when she tried to unlock the car the key broke off in the lock, at which time she stood in the driveway on that cold winter morning laughing and holding the other half of the broken key in her hand. Luckily she had a spare key and got in the car through the passenger door. We wondered how much it would cost to get that broken key out when she had the brilliant idea to use a sewing machine tweezer to retrieve it. It worked and she went merrily on her way.

  393. higgy says:

    Cold …..bring it on I love winter forget summer holidays, I just wish I didn’t have to work from December to April. Nothing better than waking up to a chilly morning in the house because the heat was set back overnight with the oil nearing a $1/L.
    After breakfast you take off your winter parka and go outside to warm up. Fire up the snowblower every other day, perhaps take the snowmobile or atv out for a few runs down the lake and through the trails. Maybe strap on the snow shoes and go for a walk. If conditions are right you may go for a skate on the pond.
    When your all tired out from all those activities you go back inside where it’s a balmy 16C cover up with a blanket and wait till morning.

  394. Marc Maurais says:

    It was so cold, I was reminded of a Louisiana Boudreaux joke.

    Boudreaux died and was on his way down to He–. In anticipation, the Devil turned up the thermostat to make it extra warm for Boudreaux. When Boudreaux arrived, the Devil asked, “Hey Boudreaux, how do you like the heat down here?”
    Boudreaux says, “Mais, it’s just fine. It reminds me of Bayou PonPon in July.”

    That made the Devil mad. That night, he turned the thermostat up all the way it could go. Man it was hot! When Boudreaux woke up, the Devil asked him, “NOW how do you like it down here?”

    Boudreaux says, “Mais, it’s fine. It reminds me of August on Bayou Lafourche.”

    As you might expect, that made the Devil all the more mad. Well, that night, he turned the thermostat down all the way it could go! The whole place frosted over. Icicles started forming from the rafters. When Boudreaux woke up, the Devil asked him, “How you like it NOW, Boudreaux?”

    Boudreaux, shivering, through blue lips, says, “Mais cher, I’m one happy Cajun!”

    The Devil was infuriated! He yelled, “What do you mean you’re one happy Cajun?!!”

    Boudreaux, still shivering says, “The Saints done won the Superbowl!”

  395. RKP says:

    I’m soooooo cold I gan’t get mi figerrss tooooo type, maybe I neeeeeeed to call Irvingg oill.., uh!

  396. Jack Lagasse says:

    It is so cold out I saw a dog frozen to a fire hydrant!

  397. It’s been a winter with wind, rain, and frigged air, and plenty of snow. I put plastic on my windows to hold in the heat, but no that didn’t last long. Levi, my 9 month old kitty shredded the plastic to look out..To save on heating in the evening, I put temp to 65 and sleep with a heating pad….I could really use the help.

  398. Joyce Anne says:

    Pay back is a mother, mother-nature, that is! What a WONDERFUL summer we had; great sunshine, no rainy weekends; I give it an A+. In turn, we get a GREAT winter, after all, this is what winter is all about. We had some great snow storms and some chilly days, yet never lost cable. Gotts love it!

  399. ROBIN says:

    The average temp this winter has been 22 degrees…. of freezing cold air that takes my breath away when I walk outside…Irving has been wonderful, great service, good prices, and a warm home to hide in when it’s cold! I spent last year shoveling my roof, sliding down my driveway of sheer ice in my kid’s sleds, and using a generator when the power went out…all too…often…. I was reminiscing about the treacherous winter last year, and all the physical labor it required, talking to my son as we shoveled a pathway for the oil man, stating, “Stop throwing the snow towards me, I don’t want it all over me as a mound of snow fell off the roof- directly onto my head…..WINTER, go away and bring out the sun!

  400. joel naidus says:

    It was cold but that wasn’t the only thing and certainly not the worst. The reason for this contest is of course the price of oil. The thing’s that made the cold and this winter stand out were the following:

    1. Oil skyrocketed
    2. Mother Nature completely faked us out with her crazy weather pattern.
    3. The terrible world news day in and day out.
    4. The Oil spill in the Gulf
    5. The snow was so crazy that for the first time ever for me the oil delivery truck left without filling up my tank because he couldn’t find the oil inlet(It was buried in snow). It wasn’t an emergency I had plenty till he was next scheduled to be in the area.

    Other than that
    We now have a Nuclear Chrisis and plunging stock markets world wide as I write this.

    I guess no matter how bad it was others had and are going to have it much worse. Irving keep up the good work.


  401. Bob Melle says:

    It was so cold this winter that this is the first year that I had cold cash for the whole season !

  402. Kathy Callaghan says:

    Colder than a witch’s nose!

  403. Simon says:

    You know it’s cold when your African Gray parrot looks out the window and goes “Brrrrrrrrrr”.

  404. Julia says:

    It’s been so cold that Chuck Norris shivered.

  405. Jon Appleton says:

    Compared to what? I spent December in Siberia (Ekaterineburg, Russia) and THAT was cold!

  406. BRUCE says:


  407. Anmarie says:

    How Cold is it? My Husband and I are considering booking a Tropcial Vacation in Igloolik!

  408. James Hussiere says:

    I hope a series of pithy sayings works for the contest….

    It has been sooo cold here that the birds were confused and flew to the North Pole this winter to get warm.

    It’s been so cold that Mister Snow Miser complained about the chill in the air. Twelve times!

    It’s been sooo cold that Fudgie the Whale moved to Greenland.
    More seriously… the cold this season has been so intense, we had to warm up around the back of the refrigerator (it is designed to exude heat). No joke.

  409. WILLY D says:

    Ah cold cold is as cold does. If you shovel the driveway in your shorts it makes the house feel that much warmer. In order to save oil this year would turn the heat down real low if you timed it right the ice would drop from the ceiling just in time to wake you for work. But all kidding aside my Irving maintained boiler and Irving oil has kept us quite warm this winter. Please keep up the good work and this year buy low and sell to me lower eh.

  410. Bonnie says:

    Erving is my gas company, there excillent and being retired and on a fixed income . I would love to warm up my home,just the the world is so full of so many disasters, and the winters here are so cold every bit of help would be wonderful …

  411. Rob Graham says:

    It was So cold…

    …all the house plants got together to file a class action suit against us for damages caused by pain and suffering

    …I tried to taste my soup one day and my tongue stuck to it

    …I burned an extra 1000 calories per day just from shivering and lost 20 pounds this winter

    …the mice have been ice skating on the cat’s water bowl

    …we stand around the opened freezer door to get warm!

    Thank you…I’ll be here all week…enjoy the buffet!

  412. Peter Hickey says:

    Have not been in Newfoundland, but if the cost I paid for oil since October is any indication its been cold and damp. Heat on lowest setting possible and still over $1700.00.

  413. Marcia says:

    its been sooooo cold I’ve been surfing websites for socks and graduated from ankle socks to leggings and tights!

  414. Debra D. says:

    How cold is it? It’s cold enough to spark a baby boom!

  415. Tricia says:

    “How Cold is it?” If we can ask these words then we are the lucky ones. OK we have plowed and shoveled until our hands have frozen, and our backs ached, but we have our homes intact. Look at the devastation in Sendai, Japan – thousands of lives lost, complete towns and villages wiped out. I would happily plow and shovel every winter if such a tragedy could have been averted.

  416. anne silloway says:

    Geez, I’m cold up to my knees,
    Shoot, Is there snow in my boot?
    Hell, Too cold to ring the bell,
    My, Lets’ hit Florida, or Die.

    Frozen is my horse,
    the cat is gone, of course,
    Hibernating, are the rest,
    Birds, Beasts and Pests.

    The bank says the account is low,
    Too much heating oil, don’t you know
    I turned the thermostat down a degree,
    But frozen stiff, woe is me.

  417. Help, I want to go to Florida!!!!!

  418. Cold? This winter was a piece of cake (not ice cream cake either!) Cold was last year – it was so bad I had to chop up my piano for firewood — it only gave me two cords:(

  419. Margaret says:

    It has been so cold this winter that, even with a second heat source we have still used a lot of oil. I am also working away from where my house is, so I have had to heat an efficiency apartment and have had to have at least 2 deliveries since I moved in to the place in Oct. Winter is almost over but I need another delivery soon and I need more oil at our house as well.

  420. Shelley says:

    My Husband, 3 year old son and I moved to New Brunswick this summer from Winnipeg. Cold? You want to talk cold? Cold is waking up to -30 celsius, only to find out from the weather man that the wind chill puts to temp to -45. Cold is when you watch your little dog hopping along on 3 alternating legs while trying to relieve himself. Cold is when you plug in your car all night long only to hear a slow growl to start in the morning. Cold is learning that more than 20 seconds of exposure will result in frostbite. Cold is being able to throw a hot glass of water in the air and have it evaporate into steam, without a drop hitting the ground. Yes my friends, these are all true stories. I love New Brunswick!

  421. Stephanie Blackman says:

    So cold that we found out the hard way that the house we bought lacked insulation. Our bedroom walls had enough constant condensation on the inside that mold started to grow. Our windows had ice on the inside throughout our 700 sq ft home. Our bay window rotted and we finally had to cave and buy ALL NEW WINDOWS. One issue solved. Now we need to conquer our lack of insulation problem.
    A free propane fill up would help us immensely.

  422. christina brown says:

    It’s so cold that my cat left for the Bahamas for the Winter.

  423. Diane says:

    How cold? I’ll tell you! Our one and only septic line froze, so no toilet use. We had to up and leave and stay elsewhere! This was a first after owning this home for 25 years!

  424. Peter says:

    It’s so cold that it feels like you’re getting a kiss from Frosty.

  425. Heather says:

    *Wicked* Cold.

  426. jenn says:

    It’s not cold anymore!! It’s raining 🙂

  427. Chet Wigley says:


  428. Rick says:

    Cold are those calm, crystal clear nights, when you can hear the maples crack.

  429. Sandra Sullivan says:


    I’ll second that sentiment about Irving’s responsiveness; and regarding Superior Propane they are the worst company I have ever dealt with. Every transaction on our Superior propane has been in error and each one taken year(s) to correct. We even got charged for two years after they removed the propane water heater as it was not working more often than working. They are the worse company I have dealt with in my 47 years!

  430. Daniel G. Daniels says:

    Thinking back I was sure this was going to be a real cold and snowy winter ,so I called Irvin Oil and had their service rep.come in and do a complete maintence on my furnace,which paid of as my furnace burned real efficient and kept my home real cozy through all the cold weather we had and boy it was cold some evening.With the furnace working real well I also saved money on my fuel bill. So no matter how cold it gets if your furnace is kept in good working order you will beat the cold and enjoy a nice comfordable warm home.

  431. Joyce Gallant says:

    At 10 below my bones start aching
    Going outside took a toll
    Considering my bones started breaking
    I figure some days it was 40 below

    You get up in the morning and start to shiver
    You turn the heat up as fast as you can
    Every part of your body seems to quiver
    You wish you were someplace getting a tan

    When you look outside and say “not again”
    And you see 15 cm. of new snow
    You pray your roof can take the strain
    And still be above you and not below

    No matter how cold the weather is
    And your shivers you can’t hide
    Make sure you remember this
    Irving is on your side

  432. Sandra Sullivan says:

    How cold is it? Like the Canadian geese I fly south to get out of the cold. In this way I conserve energy! Before I leave I have my furnace serviced and filters changed; and house winterized. Irving’s customer service and response is outstanding. And their lock in program in October much appreciated. I keep my house on minimum heat to keep the dampness in check. With Irving I don’t have to worry about my tank going empty. So how cold is it? I’m in shorts and tshirt in the banana belt with the geese, cardinals and blue jays. Spring is around the corner and the Canadian snow birds will soon return home. So how cold will it be? Summers in NS are the best weather on the continent.

  433. John M says:

    Late Snow: May 10, 1972

    Melt ran down Normandy like tears
    though it was water not tears. Mays
    later the Ocean looks at banks

    huddling in desperate depressions
    against a quickening south horizon.
    Under the railway bridge two fishers

    flick thread-wrapped flies above a swollen stream
    the leftmost lusting more for the salmon he saw
    and touched once.

  434. Susan says:

    Thoughts on a cold Winter in Maine

    Heavy,warm top-check.
    Thick,warm pants-check.
    Heavy,warm sweater-check.
    Warm, fuzzy socks-check.
    Heavy, warm,wooly wrap-check.
    I think I am ready.

    An outdoor adventure, a winter walk?
    A ski run down a whitened slope?
    No, this is how I prepare to sit down in the evening
    to watch the news, watch a favorite show or view a movie.
    As the furnace chugs along, (Irving keeps us warm) and the
    winter wind howls at my window and thoughts of tropical places
    circulate through m shivering mind,
    I am prepared to enjoy the evening at my old farmhouse in Sidney, Maine

  435. Mitch says:

    COLD!! You don’t know the meaning of cold! Throw on a suit, a mask and a set of tanks and come for a little dive at the Fleet Diving Unit in Shearwater! Hell just show up for a morning swim in the harbour. Just to let you know, you might want an extra pair of socks.

  436. Kelly says:

    It’s been such a nasty winter this year that my husband, whom is originally from Ft. Lauderdale and has lived in NH for 6 years now, has officially packed up and moved back to Florida claiming that he just can’t take it here anymore! Now that’s pretty cold! (no pun intended, I guess!)

  437. Heather says:

    It has been a LONG COLD and DARK WINTER. How cold and dark you ask?

    Well, as a grad student and new home owner, my furnace makes me nervous, especially in winter. I do everything I can to keep costs down. Unfortunately the previous home owner did NO service on the furnace, so this winter I got to know the furnace repair tech on a first name basis. Bryson has been a surrogate father of sorts, helping me stay calm during every visit, and answering every question thoroughly (Thanks Bryson!!). Fortunately I purchased the Irving protection plan (Thanks Irving!!).

    And just when I thought the darkest days were over…I broke my knee. Record snowfall + broken knee + crutches in the dead of winter…well, it just isn’t fun. Lucky me, I had Irving to keep my home warm, and friends and neighbours to keep my heart warm and spirits up…not to mention the driveway clear!!

    Thank you all! Is it SPRING YET?!?

  438. Suzanne Morrison says:

    How cold is it this winter, well let me tell ya. . . I turned 46 this year and realizing early on that I wasn’t going anywhere hot this year, I decided to embrace winter. I bought great winter clothes, fashionable winter hats, great big winter boots and even went sledding with my kids. I wanted to first to try out this hill they call the pit. The sun was so bright, the snow so white. . . I didn’t see the huge pile of snow the kids had built for a ramp to use with their snowboards. Oh yeah I hit it. The fashionable winter clothes put away, winter hats hidden, boats stuck in some closet and each night I sit in front of the TV, with a hot magicbag resting against my back. Summer take me away!!!

  439. John Nolan says:

    Cold!! Talk about cold!! It was so cold I had to book two trips down to Fort Lauderdale and take two cruises. It cost me plenty but my sanity was worth it. I also bought two heat dishes to supplement my furnace and propane fireplace. Now that’s coollldddd!!!!!!!!!!

  440. Barb says:

    I play on a women’s ice hockey team and one night it was soooooo cold, that I was excited to go in to the hockey rink to warm up! Welcome to Vermont! 🙂

  441. Harold Little says:

    My father was a locomotive engineer with the railway from the 30s to the 70s, we bought our house in 1951 and it came with a ton of coal in the basement. Our furnace burned wood but could also burn coal. After Dad retired he decided to burn the coal and get rid of it. It was a bitterly cold winter that year so Dad started shovelling coal, we were the only house in town with all the windows and doors open with Dad standing in the open front door in a Tshirt – imagine trying to sleep in that!!! I think he thought he was stoking a steam engine. The emergency valve on the hot water heating system kept opening and spraying hot water on the basement floor.

    Times have sure changed, same house but the thermostat is turned right down now and I use an electric blanket, both my cats have falled in love with the blanket and now cuddle up on either side of me. Please let me win, I am scared to roll over in bed now and one of them snores !!!!!!

    p.s. Kitty and Princess send their love.

  442. Ian & Nancy Worthylake says:

    How cold is it? Who cares! We have cut our heating costs in half, thanks to energy audit renovations, a propane fireplace in the living room and dependable delivery service from Irving. Irving is not only reliable, but economical. As a former customer of Superior we had to pay an extra $20.00 per delivery for a hazmat fee and delivery fuel surcharge and their yearly tank rental fee was $25.00 more. That adds up to over $100.00 a year. So bring on the cold weather, because we’re warm and comfortable knowing that we can count on Irving Fuels to give us the best possible price and service.

    PS: As a little thank you, I try to keep the path to the tank shoveled.

  443. Cocobus says:

    Just cold

  444. Claire J. Rivard says:

    You want cold. Try sleeping with a husband that has the coldest hands & feet that you can imagine. I always ask him if he wants woolen socks and mittens.

  445. Bill Carpan says:

    Cold as a starvin’ she-coyote with 9 sucklin’ pups in the dead of winter in a deep freeze.

  446. Fritz says:

    It was almost as cold as my mother-in-law’s stare.

  447. terry avery says:

    Cold! You want totalk about cold! when Iwas a little girl in the late 50’s we had one source of heat, a big stove in the kitchen that we stoked with wood,coal or anything handy including junk mail. At nigh t we would fill the thing to capacity and hope it would last till morning. Some days it did but once it was a February day just after Valentines I got up and relit the fire then went to feed the fish. There was a thin layer of ice in the fish bowl. Poor fishy was belly up. Someone had forgotten to take him off the top of the tv where he usuallyspent the day in the relative warmth of the tv tubes andhe spent the night in the warmth of the old stove. We never bought another fish. In the late 70’s we put in a furnace and for the first time in all my life at age 18 I was warm at night …to warm. I had to open the window. I got a blast of cold air and blowing snow when I opened that window and for some reason I thought about that darn frozen fish from years ago.

  448. Thomas Augustine says:

    How Cold Do I Think It Was This Winter
    While out in my workshop the lights went out so I lit a candle. It was too cold to stay so went back in the house. The next morning I realized I didn’t blow the candle out and went out to the workshop to check it out.I found the flame on the candle frozen solid. Now that’s COLD!!

  449. mPecor says:

    It is 30 degrees and overcast. I need to sun where’s the sun. I don’t care any more about the temp. I think that the snow will be around until June. But please give me sun. Thanks

  450. Laura Spurvey says:

    It’s as cold as ice. the Devil wouldn’t stand a chance.

  451. Luc Vachon says:

    I heard a lot of people complaining about the snow and how cold it is. I was one of them last winter. This winter, everything change. I don’t think I will ever be complaining about the cold cause this year, I spent my winter in a warm place. When you are serving your country in Afghanistan working 12hrs days; 7 days a week; for a duration of 7 months; and the summer temperature average in the 40 degrees, you really miss winter! Stay Cool!

  452. Nancy Champagne says:

    cold…..cold….. cold……
    I feel so old
    stiff and sore
    can’t shovel no more
    snow banks are towering
    I’m inside cowering
    warm weather can’t come soon enough
    I’m so sick of all this white stuff

  453. laura bourassa says:

    I am a recent immigrant from Saskatchewan. All winter I have been speaking to friends and family at home. It has frequently been -30, -40, -42 all without windchill. So how cold is it here? It is wonderfully, delightfully, pleasantly cold!

  454. Becky Hubley says:

    It was chilly with lots of snow, so my beautiful retired racing greyhounds got to wear their warm fleece jackets with the hoods pulled wayyy up, so just their cute little snouts stuck out! Too bad I can’t attach a picture, as it is so adorable that it would warm anybody up!

  455. Pam Taylor says:

    When the temperature goes below zero, for some reason, the headlights of my car go on. It’s been so cold that there have been a few nights where I’ve had to wake up periodically, look outside my window and if the lights are on, go outside and start my car so the battery doesn’t die! Now it’s kind of instinctive. If I sense it’s really cold, I’ll get up and peak out my curtains to see if lights are shining.

  456. Jan Abbott says:

    It has been cold enough for some and way too cold for others. It would have been a whole lot nicer if the temperature fluctuations had been a little less severe. On the coldest days, the snow squeaked when out walking, which is a sure sign of how cold it was

  457. Sheryl Lake says:

    Actually, I thought it was a great old fashion winter…..lots of snow. It has only been in the past week that the weather has been a problem…with rain, sleet and freezing rain. I will take the cold and snow any day.

  458. Andy Lynch says:

    Hi Carla –

    Glad you are holding up, Spring will be here soon! Just to clarify, the grand prize is a free tank’s worth of oil (or propane), not the tank itself. Good luck!

    – Andy

  459. Carla Doane says:

    I hate the cold, I’m cold all the time, especially my nose and my feet. I’m not like alot of people who can afford to go south every year for a visit, so in the winter months we close off our big living room area and we keep the door close at the top of the stairs and then the smaller rooms heat up very nicely. I do not go out unless I have to go, I just look out of the window and think how cold it is out and how nice and warm I am inside. Thanks to Irving Oil who always makes sure we have oil so that we stay warm. And we would love to win a new tank since we’ve been told we have to replace it soon. Stay warm!

  460. Norma Bellamy says:

    It`s so cold, the snowman was shivering.
    It`s so cold my husky dog had to wear booties.
    It`s so cold the eartabs on my fur hat froze.
    It`s so cold our windchimes got goosebumps.
    It`s so cold my snowshoes refused to go outdoors.
    It`s so cold the winter birds used our cat door to get inside.

  461. Marg and Allan says:

    I think the average temperature this year has been -15. To get a break from the cold we went to Florida and did a 10 day cruise through the Panama Canal. The morning we left it was -17 and it was great to go temperatures ranging from +25 to +29 degrees; that’s a difference of 40+ degrees!!! A great way to get away from winter temperatures in Canada..

  462. Linda Hoover says:

    It’s been so cold and wintery here in Vermont this year that when I went down to Massachusetts last week and saw green grass over people’s septic tanks, I felt like I was in the tropics!

  463. Jim says:

    Last week after sweeping some snow off the porch I leaned the broom against the house. As I released the broom, it tipped toward and leaned up against the thermometer. Within seconds, the mercury registered in the straw section of the broom…that’s cold.

  464. Todd says:

    Not cold enough! All the snow is melting. BooHoo. Well Spring sking is always a fun time.

  465. Karen says:

    It was SO cold! one day, that I couldn’t get the FROZEN mouse out of the mouse trap in my garage. I tried to throw it out onto a snow bank, no go. I whacked it against a tree, no go. My “old timer” trash collector just happened to arrive while I was doing the tree whacking, and he said,”Oh, just throw the whole thing in my truck.” “But, this mouse trap is the really good kind!, the kind that actually catches mice!, I replied. So, Arnie just took the trap and with his bare hands just yanked that old mouse out of the trap and threw it into his truck, and drove off! Thanks Arnie!

  466. Thom H. says:

    It’s so cold, I saw bluejay towing a squirrel to get him going!

  467. Bob P says:

    I found it to be a mild winter until February , The driving winds seem to suck the heat out of my 1936 built home . Looking like springs around the corner . Can’t go wrong with fossil fuels . Hope Japan makes out ok , It will be years before the world gets back on track . So much for investments not that it matters when your looking at freedom 95 . Lol . Halifax area.

  468. It is soooooo cold that I thought my lungs would freeze when I went outside.

  469. Rod says:

    Its so cold the lawyers have there hands in there own pockets.

  470. Brenda Sullivan says:

    It is so cold, even the thermometer froze up!!

  471. Laura St. Croix says:

    It was sooo cold, that I actually went into a walk-in freezer to WARM-UP!

  472. Deb S says:

    It’s so cold that it has seemed like we get an oil delivery every week.

  473. Miguel says:

    It was so cold this winter that I couldn’t make a dash to take out the garbage in my pajamas!

  474. Judith Crichton says:

    How cold is it? It’s snow chest deep at my front door, that’s how cold it is!

    Earlier this month I arranged to move some furniture from Montreal to my home on the North Shore of New Brunswick, which meant I had to drive from Montreal a day ahead of the van liner to make sure the entrance was clear so the movers could access the house.

    When I say home is on the North Shore of New Brunswick, I mean it is right on the cliffs at Janeville, between Bathurst and Caraquet, facing the wind when it blows. I called ahead to make sure the long driveway was cleared of snow, as the truck would be coming the next day. Also, I had arranged for a fuel delivery and was worried that the pile of plowed snow would by now be so high and wide that the oil intake would be covered and I would have to rely on my back-up of wood and electric heat.

    As it happened, I arrived at the town line in Janeville, on Hwy 11 about 6 o’clock in the evening after an easy eight-hour drive from Montreal – no traffic, clear skies, no snow or wind – until, that is, the highway merged from the woods onto the shore road. The wind across the Bay was howling full force. Driving into it was like driving head on into a gale, and with it, blinding drifting snow that reduced visibility to nil. I was only minutes from home and my plowed drive-way … but the wind had piled the snow in hard pack in front of my door to chest high …and I’m tall! … and out about eight feet to the edge of the driveway. I got into the house through the doors on the water side, bucking the gale. I got my shovel and called my handi-man for help. In no time the door was clear …just as the wind subsided, as if teasing us. Happily the plow had called in a heavy snow-blower to push the huge pile of snow far enough away from the house to leave the oil-intake free …

    There’s a strange phenomenon with wind and snow here on the water in Janeville. The force of the wind off the water keeps the decks and doors on the water side of the houses free of snow all winter. But it plunks the snow in hard-pack drifts right smack against the front doors in the lee of the wind, preventing usual access to the house from the plowed side every tme it storms.

    The wind makes it all the colder on the coldest days in Janeville, but the brilliant sunsets, a reliable plow and a good shovel, and a toasty warm house mean we hardly notice them at all.

    The next day the moving truck arrived with the furniture and the oil-man made his delivery in brilliant sunshine and dead calm winds. The only evidence of the previous day’s winter blast was in the mountain high snow piles on either side of the front door!

  475. cathy burke says:

    Brrr, the deer have taken to walking in the plowed roads, the squirrels have found their way into the house, the bird feeders couldn’t even be reached because of the snow, snow shoes are needed to make our way to the barn.
    Easy tasks have become big problems because of the severe cold and snow. It is a time to be thankful, for the fuel deliveries, the warmth of the stove. Tea and biscuits, good friends to share the winter’s long days. A family that learns to help one another. I often wondered how the Artic explorers did it when I ventured out to do my chores. Now I know.

  476. rodney says:

    its so cold even my eyes need a hat

  477. How Cold is it?? We live in the “snow belt” of Vermont. I really can say it has not stopped snowing since the beginning of December. The snowbanks in my driveway have become so big that I can no longer see out of my windows. The Christmas decorations, well you may be lucky enough to catch a glance of the horns from the once light up deer that once brightend my lawn. Each night a new noise or movement echos in my home, the cat often looks and wonders. If you sit in the chair by the door in the living room, you may want to cover yourself, often when the snow and wind blow, you may be woken up to snow that somehow made it’s way through the door and lands of your face!! The mail box, well that is another issue. The snowplows that frequent my road each day, at one time months ago, hit the post it was on. In order to survive these type of winters, you become creative and learn that no you cannot fix the mailbox until the snow melts, but use the snow to told the mail box up. We are not sure what we are going to do when the “thaw”starts. The one thing we have been always been able to do is to make sure the path for the propane driver has always been cleared. God knows, if we did not have any heat what other ways we would have had to been to stay warm!!!

  478. Liz Scarnati says:

    Heck, it was SO COLD this winter that the icicles hanging off my gutters were wearing jackets and gloves !!!!!

  479. wanda belding says:

    now that is a age old question on my deck sits a rocking chair where i love to sit and watch the days go by… in the winter i usually take my home made quilt out and curl up to watch the children play they never seem to mind the cold any way this winter my old quilt came in pretty handy
    was not really a long winter seeing as we did not get snow until after Christmas
    but when the snow came it came with a vengeance bring the icy wind with it
    when it was just to cold for my quilt to do the job I bought the kids in and made hot chocolate and sat beside my wood burning stove to warm up

  480. Alin Popescu says:

    I think it was moderately cold.

  481. Joanne Ferreira says:

    It’s not as cold as it must be in Northern Japan with no heat, not much food or water and nuclear radiation falling around you. We have much to be grateful for in the Northeast and are humbled by our good fortune.

  482. I am making sure that everyone is wearing warmer clothing.

  483. Mary Anne Roy says:

    It has been so cold this winter,I spend my entire pre-retirement savings on furnace oil and my fireplace got the flue! Ha ha. I actually had to cover the opening with a thick heavy blanket. Anything to retain what heat I had in the house. It’s wonderful that Irving is offering a free tank of oil. I think it is a kind and wonderful gesture especially in these hard times with rising costs. Many of us, myself included will have to decide on buying food or paying for oil to heat our homes. Irving is a friendly, dependable company that actually give you time to pay your bill. What more could you want from an oil company. They are awesome!

  484. It’s been a tough winter. It seems most of February was taken up with the weather doom-loop blizzard-rain-freeze-repeat, which finds us all doubled over with bad backs as a result of shovelling heavy, wet snow off the sidewalks before the snap freeze sets in, leaving us with piles of frozen muck and skating rinks for yards. Neither is good, but at least the bad-back/cleared sidewalk option means no fine from the city. Thus, on a recent Sunday morning the Resident Canine and I were able to walk about our neighbourhood with ease. We even paused to watch a street hockey game, which was a treat – bobbing toques, shrieks, and the slap of sticks on pavement. It was a quiet street on a Sunday morning, so there was no need for anyone to shout “Car!” and race to the sidewalk.

  485. Marjorie says:

    It is too cold, but I know spring is coming some time soon, maybe. Keeping warm has meant laying, and using throwas to keep legs warm when relaxing.

  486. Marie Young says:

    It is so cold my mail broke when I tried to pry open the envelope!

  487. Robert Fischer says:

    We woke up one morning and saw two bears and five racoons carrying the trunk from the large pine tree in our yard down the road, heading south. It appears they woke up from hibernation as it was too cold to sleep and were moving their house and belongings south.

  488. Anne Maurice says:

    How cold is it?

    Well, its so cold that even the deer knock at my door and ask to come in! And thank-goodness for Irving oil, they are dependable , reliable, and friendly, and have kept me warm all winter!

  489. My favorites are the mornings when I wake up to hear on the radio that bare skin will be frostbitten if exposed for more than XX mins.
    One morning in university, I awoke to hear that it would take only 15minutes for skin to freeze. University students out there – you know that classes are never canceled for anything, regardless of all the public school districts in town being shut down. I had exactly a 15minute walk to class that day. Great. As I layered on the clothes, wrapped 2 scarves around my head, covering my face completely so that only slits were made for my eyes, I wondered how bad it would be for my grades if I skipped class that day. I sucked in my last breath of warm air and ventured out into the frozen streets.
    The walk was uneventful but what really made me laugh was when I got to class to see everyone else as bundled up as myself. We all began unwrapping ourselves to settle into our seats and as I looked around the class it really looked like everyone was crying. Were we sad or upset to be there on such a cold day? NO. What happened was IT’S SO COLD OUT that our eyelashes literally froze and formed tiny icicles, which were beginning to thaw out once we got indoors. The mixture of wind-burnt faces and thawed out eyes really was a site to see…

  490. Ron says:

    It was so cold out this winter that I went burned 2.5 cords of wood and had the propane stove going every evening. We only used 1 cord last year.
    I use to watch TV shows that were taped were it’s hot like CSI Miami and think I was their in the heat. Then I would look outside and see the reality of living on PEI cold Country.

  491. David Eisnor says:

    I have been enjoying the cold this year. With a skating oval open most of the time and a small ski hill only 40 minutes outside of the city, the few quick months of cold just fly by and it is not long before the warm weather is upon us. Not to mention, I always take a trip mid March to a warm destination, and when I get back, surprise, it is spring! This year, I am in LA, at the moment 🙂 Enjoy, and see you all back in Halifax in spring!

  492. Ronald Day says:

    How do I keep warm
    We keep warm with Irving Oil for 38 years. and haven’t had any problems with your company.
    To win a new tank would be great. since we are retire things are costing more in the far future.

  493. E Muller says:

    Today it Wednesday, March 16.

    The Scene:
    Just last week I washed and put away snow clothes, now mud boots are filling the shoe trays. Mud season has definitely arrived! (My least favorite time of the year.) We still have a deep snow pack around the edges of yard, but spots of grass are starting to show through where the snow has been well trampled. Last week’s warm weather created a lake which consumes more than 50% of the backyard. The swing set emerges from the middle of the lake like a volcanic island. The dog and the kids eagerly splash around our new landscape (and of course return to the house covered in so much mud, I need a fire hose to clean them off).

    This morning:
    We woke up late as the skies were a dark gray. Outside, there is a light dusting of snow covering the roads as the precipitation oscillates between sleet and snow. Our backyard lake is more like a skating rink with dog toys and sleds half frozen in the surface.

    At 8:00am, Madeline (4) leaps out of bed, runs through the house, gleefully shouting, “Santa is here!! Santa is here!!”

    I found her sitting in her brother’s room playing with the legos, bright eyed and chipper (not her normal morning demeanor) I asked her how she knew Santa is here, she said “I heard his bell ringing!!”

    What is a mother supposed to say to that??
    I’m ready for spring but clearly my kids are holding onto winter a little longer 🙂

  494. A cold winter? Not really, more like what a normal winter should be, in my most humble opinion!
    I have gotten a kick out of showing fuel delivery men where to put their product. Usually it’s just a matter of pointing out that they’re standing by the filler pipe as it’s an in ground tank. In fact we’ve had a call from the office requesting the info as we explain that they can drive right up to the filler and it’s only ten feet from the propane tank! Fortuantely we’ve been available at times of delivery so they haven’t had to trudge through snow searching though some had started.
    Thanks for the service.

  495. Barnes Boffey says:

    So cold that the brass monkey had to move to a beach in Boca Raton!

  496. Mike says:

    It was so cold this winter that even the penguins flew down south!

  497. Charlene says:

    This has been a cold and snowy winter for us. My husband has been working late hours and even though I am waiting for knee surgery I felt it was my responsiblity to keep the walkways clean of snow. We pay for plowing on the driveway. I don’t think I ever remember it being that cold when we would go out to scoop, but with my knee I would have to go in increments to complete the job. We keep the thermostat turned down to save energy but after being out in the blowing wind it felt so nice to come in for coffee and warm up. With the amount of snow we had I ran out of places to put it. Valentine’s Day came along and my husband came home with a snow blower for me. It was the best gift I ever received and I am in my early sixties. We laugh about his choice of gift, but it take me one trip outside and about 15 minutes to clean everything up instead of 3 trips and 2 hours. The guys he works with can’t believe that I use the blower but for me it was a godsend. I can see tulips coming up in my garden now so it won’t be long before heat goes off and windows are open. I have never been so glad to see the end of a winter. Now if the big bank of snow that is piled up from the plow would melt, that could take till July………..

  498. Lydia says:

    Owning a 200 year old home that is being insulated for the first time ever and re-sided is a challenge when winter comes – the parts of the home that are insulated and resided with new windows are HOT.
    A new programmable thermostat has done wonders to cool down the house at night gradually and heat up the house gradually in the morning. REALLY a fantastic tool!
    Fortunately – it was NOT a cold winter!
    We had so many days of near zero temperatures, it was truly amazing.
    It did snow – but how quickly we forget the winter before last – now THAT winter we had snow, and snow, and snow…………………..AND the winter before that!
    When was there a cold snap this year? not once did we get a week or two or three with -30C temperatures or worse…a couple of times it was in the -20s.
    PLEASE folks – it was NOT a cold winter. But it WAS winter! And aren’t we glad it’s Spring?
    God bless everyone who is out there shoveling and everyone who helps neighbors clear snow and remain safe during winter.
    At this time, winter seems like a blessing compared to other events that could take place.
    I know I’m thankful.

  499. Faith Sharpe says:

    How cold was it this winter?

    In Charters Settlement NB
    Simply putting it.

    It was so cold this winter the thermostat in our home was frozen for most of the time at what the house felt it needed to stay warm – not what the residents actually needed to stay comfortable.

    The icicles which annually adorn our roof line, left early, ending up at friends of ours residence in Portland, Texas taking with them 27 degree F. temperatures and some snow.

    The 22 inches of water we had in our basement mid December made an instant skating rink when pumped outdoors.
    But we are not complaining – really – because our home delivery truck driver is a warm and welcome site when he arrives.

  500. Marisol says:

    “How Cold was It?”

    Very…my family and me are tropical creatures…I mean my husband and me because my children are used to this weather. Well this Feb it happened to us again…guess what, we forgot to order the gas and we stay for about a day trying to keep warm until the delivery arrived.
    Oh my gosh we should set the automatic deliveries instead…Anyways it is the past now, the spring has arrived, I am so happy to see the rain, my driveyway melting…welcome spring 🙂

  501. It is so cold this winter that it is the middle of march and we still have plenty of snow for skiing and snow shoeing.

  502. Jim Mayers says:

    I’ll tell you how cold it is…

    The other day while sweeping some snow from our porch, I leaned the broom against the house when I finished with it. Upon releasing the broom it leaned against the thermometer and the mercury registered in the straw.

  503. Marge Empie says:

    It was so cold this winter, that we drove to Florida for the holidays. Bumper to bumper traffic, but it was worth it! We enjoyed 70 degree weather while baking our turkey on the grill on Christmas day.
    We drove home to NH in twice the time as we were the only ones on the road heading North.
    When we arrived back in NH, it had been so cold this winter, that a pipe had frozen and demolished one side of our house. The new furnace worked well, it kept pumping the water thru the pipes til it saturaded four rooms. Fortunately, our oilman came right out and started the furnace for us. It was 40 degrees in the house.
    After a week of clean up, a month of discarding the ruined furniture, etc. sheet rock is presently going up and we should be back to normal by the end of this contest.
    Yup, it has been a memoriable year!

  504. Anne says:

    As a few people mentioned, it hasn’t been that cold this winter – but the snow, the snow, the snow…While attempting to clear the snow off the flat portion of my roof, it was only when I got up on there that I realized the snow was up to my waist! After two and a half hours, I had hardly made a dent. Thank goodness two young guys were able to do the job, but it took them both quite a few hours to do the entire roof! Now there’s a way to keep warm!!!

    And for those who wanted snow for Christmas and I said, “Don’t worry, we’ll get some later.”, I didn’t realize to what extent and careful what you wish for!

  505. Cindy Kelly says:

    This winter has been cold in Nova Scotia but not as snowy as some parts of New Brunswick! I have been with Irving Oil for the past 6 years and do like their with the combination of a wood stove (best investment for keeping oil cost down!) and oil I’ve been able to have a pretty warm winter.

  506. Anita De Ponte says:

    At the risk of being controversial, I will say that here in the North Country global warming can’t come soon enough!

  507. Jeff Smith says:

    A little bit of humour: It was so cold…hitchhikers were holding up pictures of thumbs!

    But seriously, we were spoiled last winter with very little snow so this year, it will only make us appreciate summer even more. Unfortunately it was so cold one day this winter my van finally threw in the towel one morning and didn’t start! Good thing my house is warm and cozy with Irving Oil!

  508. I visit face book usually once a day to see family comments and pictures. My aunt Helen mentioned this one morning that She just had 2 tons of rocks dropped on her driveway . Well, I got all excited because We live by the water and We need rocks along our bank to keep the earth from eroding . And to get the large rocks would be very expensive. I typed to her and Said Wow! what do you need the rocks for and who did you get them from. Also, what is the cost. Not too long after ; probable just long enough for all to read my question. My Aunt Helen replied “Sorry Valerie, I was talking about all the snow we got this morning” Groan , lol. Has it been a cold winter, well , the poor crows think so expecially when they cannot remove my shiny ornaments stuck in the driveway by ice :o)

  509. Rod Callahan says:

    Well , I just want to leave a story from my two cats , “Ozzy and Sir “.They would like to thank Irving for keeping them warm this winter by bringing oil for our furnace .They want to let you know that this winter has been so cold that they have resorted to sleeping on the heat ducts in order to keep them from becoming furry popsicles!


  510. Murray says:

    It’s so cold my Dog thinks he’s my bed partner.

  511. Sharon says:

    This year was the year of the icicles. My house was adorned with the largest icicles that made it look like it was surrounded by monster’s teeth. At one point, the front door was barricaded and dangerous like medieval castle. Someone once told me that in Alaska they put food coloring on the edge of the roof so that the icicles would be colored. I love this idea but my ambition for getting on the roof to sprinkle drops of food coloring was always overshadowed by the harsh reality of the frigid temperatures; not to mention, I’m afraid of heights and would picture myself lying on the ground trying to explain to the paramedics my latest art endeavor. Nevertheless, we tried our usual and strange attempts to keep the heat in as much as possible in our porous house. This included the plastic on the windows, wool blankets on the doors, long underwear on our bodies, my sweaters covering the pipes in the cellar, and a warm dog on our toes. However, Puxsutawney Phil decided to be an inspiration to us all and bring spring early. His reputation has now surpassed Santa Claus on the all time gift giver.

  512. Alan Shea says:

    I thought I would never buy one but we bought a TORO snowblower this winter, the IRVIVG fuel kept that thing going (did it ever this winter) it did both of our driveways and 2 older neighbors, no I did not get cookies like other people but I don’t need cookies. Now with the snow leaving us for another year we are finding the dogs toys-more every day. You can fill the propane tank anytime————Thanks, Alan

  513. lisa walsh says:

    How cold is it??? Well it has bee that cold here in Nova Scotia that i have had my heat up to 76 and my pipes still decided to freeze. We went with no heat upstairs for two days until a plumber could come in and thaw them out. Thats how cold it has been here.

  514. Lisa Coulombe says:

    It has been a cold winder. Luckily, I have 5 cats. On real cold nights, I will bring 4 of them into the room with me and they cuddle up and keep me warm! Another thing I do is wrap up in my blanket and think of my sister living in Virginia. (Which is about 20 degrees warmer than we are! Everytime she tells me how warm it is or that they have not had any snow, I keep telling her I am going to send our snow down to her!

  515. Camille Olmstead says:

    We have had plenty of snow this year. After the first good storm of the year we used our tractor to make “snow shutes” so our grandson can slide down the hill behind our house. It has been so cold, that the snow shute now looks like a bob sled track and everyone is having a great time on it.

  516. Ken Smith says:

    It was so cold that the ice in our driveway didn’t melt til last weekend! Thank goodness the sun is gaining in strength and the snow and ice is gone til next winter, hopefully!

  517. Al Blakey says:

    Cold is relative and you know how relatives can be. You can’t wait for them to show up and you can’t wait for them to leave. Believe me when I say I’m about ready for winter to end this year.

    I had the privilege this year of clearing two driveways. My daughter moved into an apartment that didn’t cover snow removal in the lease so Dad, who is going on Medicare this year, offered to do it. Her driveway is tiny compared to mine so I thought what the heck, another twenty minutes work is no big deal.

    It is amazing how twenty minutes work can pile up faster than the snow when it doesn’t stop snowing for what seemed like weeks on end.

    I bank my house with the snow I shovel and I do shovel. No plowing, no blower. Just an array of different shovel/scoops that I use to get the job done.

    Broke one shovel and one scoop this year. Tougher snow than usual I guess.

    All in all I didn’t find it that cold. Working up a sweat competing with mother nature is easy so staying warm outside the house was easy also. I’m not sure if I spent a little more staying warm inside the house this year because of the work outside or if it was just the desire to sit still and still be warm.

    Looking forward to when it’s time to clean the furnace and shut it off the the summer.

  518. Kathy says:

    It is so cold out that I saw a dog frozen to a tree!

  519. Jodie Callahan says:

    This Winter was so cold, but has seemed to fly by for me. I enjoyed the winter storms with my children, paying in the snow, sledding and making snowmen. Although the shoveling got tiring after a while! If you try to do fun things and keep positive … it helps make the WINTER months move faster. Although it was COLD … my family and I have enjoyed it 🙂

  520. Sylvane says:

    Winter is long but we usually love it. It’s our down time at work, you stay in and snuggles while watching movies. My man even likes to go outside open up the driveway with the snow blower. This year has been unbelievable. We got snow like we did when we were little. It’s windy like crazy here and the wind threw all the snow back in our driveway every time he did it, including in his face as he’s doing it. He would come back in the house frustrated and looking like an icicle. I was in charge of taking the ice off of him, I felt so bad. Our basement is heated by oil and we thought for sure we wouldn’t make it through the winter so we only heat when we are down there but it takes a while to heat up. I barely use my basement in the winter cause it’s cold down there. I would love a free tank of oil. Both our cars broke down because of the cold, the wind would push the snow underneath and up into the hood so everything would freeze. We have one of two working right now. We have a ten foot bank at the end of our driveway and can’t see anything when trying to leave the house. We are patiently waiting on some warm weather to bring those down, to get to our shed, to see outside our windows…. Did I mention we would love a free tank of oil? Thank you for considering us. It’s been way too cold!!!

  521. Claude Renaud says:

    Je suis presentement a Kandahard, Afganistan. Presentement il fait 30 cel. et on est le 16 Mars, le temperature ici a rarement decendue en bas du poingt de congelation, peu etre 4 ou 5 fois j’ai appercu de la glace le matin, la temperature moyenne etais peu etre 10 Cel. On a gagner 13 degres dans une semaine. mais j’ai bien hate de retourne chez nous.

    Claude Renaud

    (English translation via Google Translate)

    I am currently Kandahard, Afganistan. Presently it is 30 cel. and it is March 16, the temperature here rarely descends below the freezing point. 4 or 5 times I have seen ice in the morning, the average temperature being 10 Cel. It was 13 degrees in a week, but I can not wait to return home.

  522. Roseanne McKinlay says:

    We moved here from BC last summer and were expecting our first white Christmas and were very disappointed when it didn’t come. Everyone we met we asked “where’s your snow?” (as everyone in the west thinks you have snow and freezing temps from Nov – Apr). When the snow and the cold arrived we were very happy. How pretty it all looks and snow shovelling isn’t that bad. This is fun walking in the white fluffy stuff and taking beautiful pictures of our stunning winter wonderland for friends and family in BC. Well after numerous snow storms, bitter temps, many snow shovels and higher and higher oil bills we are now asking “where is your Spring?”….bring it on.

  523. penny says:

    One one of the coldest nights…. my girls put a banana out on the porch – it froze and in the morning they pounded a nail into a piece of wood with it. Now thats cold….
    Try it – it’s fun

  524. linda carmichael says:

    it has been so cold that we have shovelled so much that we now have tunnels around our house and the porch beside our door is completly surrrounded by snow which looks like we live in some kind of igloo and even had to take pictures so people would believe us as we us to live iby niagara falls ontario and we have never had to do this much snow shovelling that i can remember, i guess that’s what you get for living in god’s country. it is starting to melt and then our neighbour who is so kind has plowed our driveway as it is a big circular one and he was running out of room to put it lol, we thought we might have to get some dump trucks to take it away but all in all we have survived, it was very pretty to say the least

  525. John Palmer says:

    It was so cold this winter, that I took a vidio of the 6 ft walls of snow around our house and
    driveway, and played the vidio almost every night for our friends and neighbours while
    vacationing in Florida. Must admit, its really nice walking on green grass in the months of
    Jan and Feb.

  526. Earl Sharpe says:

    How cold was it this winter?

    In Charter Settlement NB
    Simply putting it.

    It was so cold this winter the thermostat in our home was frozen for most of the time at what the house felt it needed to stay warm – not what the residents actually needed to stay comfortable.

    The icicles which annually adorn our roof line, left early, ending up at friends of ours residence in Portland, Texas taking with them 27 degree F. temperatures and some snow.

    The 22 inches of water we had in our basement mid December made an instant skating rink whe pumped outdoors.
    But we are not complaining – really – becasue our home delivery truck driver is a warm and welcome site when he arrives.

  527. Kristin says:

    How cold is it? That would depend on your point of view. If you were a German Shepherd/Husky mixed dog, this winter would have been one to enjoy.

    My 8 year old furry baby I’m sure has nothing but positive things to say about the snow. For some reason uncomprehendable to me, she loves being outside as the snowflakes fall. Maybe it’s the feel of soft snow under her paws? Maybe it’s for the limitless natural ice cream available to her?

    For entertainment, she loves sitting outside watching my fiance clean the driveway with the snowblower. (And thankfully for me, my fiance looks at our snowblower as a toy rather than a chore, especially considering the amount of times that the driveway had to be cleaned this season!)

    My furry baby seems to enjoy the mountains of snow created by the snowblower the most. She climbs to the top each time and watches the world from above. She simply lays there enjoying the natural beauty around her.

    I’m sure there were days when she may have questionned Mother Nature’s intentions, such as the ones after a massive snow dumping where my baby would be placed outside to do “her business” and have no choice of where to go when the snow was literally up to her buttom! At one point when we were running out of room to place the snow, I though I was going to have to get out my hair dryer to make some room so that my little girl could do “her business” with ease.

    Though we couldn’t help but smile on those days, she seemed to have so much fun as we watched her run and jump through the fresh powder.

    So how cold is it? For my dog, perhaps perfect.

  528. Lee Moore says:

    It’s so cold that my dog tip toes on the ground in the backyard. While he usually loves the winter and the snow (He’s the only one in our house that does) for the last few weeks we’ve noticed that he doesn’t like walking on the frosted, frozen ground!

  529. David Askren says:

    Too many subzero nights this winter is how I know it’s been a cold winter. I go out in the early morning for my daily workout and I’ve had to wear my subzero clothing way too many times this winter!

  530. Leigh Vincent says:

    We’ve survived 7 winters now in our old New Englander style home. We have habitually kept our winter thermostat between 60 – 62 degrees since our pre-kiddo days. This of course forces us to wear down vests inside the house to maintain proper core temperature and comfort. Since financially we just can’t justify bumping that thermostat up a few notches we have resorted to a bit of “family planning” to ensure the survival of our little bambinos. Both of our children have been born in early spring (April/May) to allow time for the thickening of their new england skin before the late fall drafts pay us a visit once again. You won’t find any of us marching around the house dressed for a Hawaiian luau once the leaves start falling. The only marching we will be doing is in place to keep the hypothermia from setting in 🙂

  531. Pat Frazer says:

    Sunday night was recycling night right after Thanksgiving. Our town picks up glass recycling in a sturdy blue plastic bin. Our 21 year old son was home from college and had a party. Beer, wine and liquor bottles were picked up after the party, put into 2 bins and left at the tip of our driveway. That night we had a huge snowstorm with 24″ of snow. Our snowplow man came and did his job. Next morning the blue bins were missing and the thermometer dipped to below zero. We assumed that the recycling had been picked up but the empty bins were no where to be found. There were many huge snowstorms to follow and the bins never showed up. IT HAD BEEN SO COLD that the frozen 15′ snow mountain at the end of our driveway nevever melted until last week. As the rains started and the snow mountain began to melt, a frozen wall of liquor bottles (and the two bins) were revealed at the base of our driveway!!! Still can’t get them out but now everyone that visits can view the strange museum display.

  532. M Roberts says:

    How Cold Is It? Well, I don’t believe it was really that cold this winter, only a few days with -20 degree temperature. I think all of the snow we had was a great buffer to the cold air. The wind also played a role in how cold it was – it sure moved the snow around – drifts extremely high – it looked like ski moguls in my front yard. The winter seemed longer than usual because of the snow we have had, however, it makes everything look so beautiful – so clean and clear. There is nothing more wonderful than a sunny day with blue skies and because of how lovely it looks you don’t even mind how cold it is. You can really get a sense of peace when you have a day lilke that. On a cold winter day I would snuggle up on the couch with a warm comforter and a good book or movie, sipping a cup of tea – safe and sound while the winter winds, snow and cold air blow around the yard. Simple yet wonderful pleasure. I guess we really cannot complain about how cold it is given what is going on in other parts of the world – weatherwise.

  533. William coburn says:

    It was cold enough to keep the snow we worked so hard to shovel and keep off the roads, driveways, and walkways so we can play on all the rest of the snow. Enough snow for us all.

  534. Lisa Levy says:

    It was an awesome Winter for travelling! We did not get enough snow! It’s only fun if there’s lots of white fluffy stuff to show off our gorgeous landscapes! We’re skiing this weekend before it’s all gone! We have one fantastic neighbor that snow-blows our driveway without a wink and I leave cookies at their doorstep the next day, since he refuses to take money. Our snow ‘fence’ in the backyard is quite unique….I even decorated it with branches and holly berry! Winter is what you make it and we have lots of (propane) fireplace evenings to help keep the other oil bill down. We’re learning to be very efficient LOL

  535. sharon wiese says:

    Some weeks in Dalhousie New Brunswick it was MINUS FREEZE YOUR BUTT OFF !!!!

  536. Keith Akerley says:

    Winter started off pretty fine. Then came the end of January in NO NB. Since then, it’s been a bit cold, windy, wet and snow. I have a big ice buildup in my driveway now and my garage door wont close because of it. I’ll have to wait for mother nature to bring us more sunshine. I have to say that my oil furnace did the job during these harsh winters ever since I had it installed. Thank you Irving for the good service for all these years.

  537. Ginette Hebert says:

    It was not the coldest winter for me it was the amount of snow we got. :~)

    So much snow that we couldn’t find the snowman the day after a storm!!! :o)

  538. Mike Lafontaine says:

    I understand and appreciate that winter brings a variety of unique seasonal joys that many relish in. For some, this may include a white Christmas, tobogganing at the local hill, or skating on a picturest pond. While for others snowshoeing in the local trails, building a snow fort, or reveling at a community winter carnival, are the snowy activities of choice.

    To all of you… OK, you’ve had your fun. Whoever keeps praying for snow… please stop!

  539. growing up in vt, i should b used to the winters, but this winter left h2o in ice trays on porch and had ice cubes, my drive was my own private skating rink, found out why our ansestors wore night caps, i now do,,,,,,,,,hmmmm, do you think its because i am a seasoned women of 63

  540. Robert Wilkin says:

    Its so cold that i recently saw “a dog chasing a cat & they were both walking”

  541. Shannon O'Neill says:

    This winter was so cold that in the mornings, I was usually late getting out of bed, from fear of the cold air hitting my skin. Then when I did finally get up, and get through my day, I’d return to an unheated house, where I’d walk into the kitchen and STILL see my own breath. This certainly was not the case last winter, that is how cold it was this year!

  542. Don Craigie says:

    It was so cold this winter, I saw a chicken cross the road with a “capon”!!!!!!

  543. Neil Ollerhead says:

    How cold was it?
    Too cold!

  544. Peter Heilemann says:

    It was so cold this winter I had to bring my thermometer inside and warm it up just to know what the temperature was outside.

  545. S Porter says:

    Sure it was cold this winter, yet it didn’t prevent our weekly hiking group from turning into a snowshoe group! Our group snowshoed a trail around the Annapolis Valley area each and every week with usually a coffee or hotchocolate treat post-shoe! What a great way to spend the winter!

  546. Tawna MacLeod says:

    The cold I can deal with, the snow is another story all together!! I live on a private road and let me tell you – the local tow truck company and I have become best of friends this winter! I have to send out kuddos to my Irving driver, there have been a few times this winter he went above and beyond to get oil into my tank with drifts up to his waist to get there!

  547. Brad says:

    I’ve been keeping warm enjoying winter activities. Snowshoeing, skiing, snowmobileing, skating. I find the more activities I do the more I enjoy winter. Keep warm!

  548. Cindy Brown says:

    So our grandkids can have a place in the backyard to slide, my husband goes round and round with the snowblower until he has a made a good size (in the eyes of our 5, 2, and 1 year old grandkids) mountain in the backyard. Well we have had so much snow that I told him in order for the mountain to be gone this year, he will need to go out and un-snowblow the mountain. He is crazy with the snowblower and always makes sure that a good path is set for our Irving delivery person.

  549. s macquart says:

    How cold was it in Vermont? I asked my little Jack Russel, Butch, and here’s what he said:

    If my people would just ignore me, I’d be happy to just do all my business inside by the back door, but no, they love me too much (what luck?). I cringe when I feel the cold blast as the door opens, and I try to back up into the room; sometimes I run away and try to hide, but it’s no use. Once out I begin to get leg cramps through my feet up into my legs, so I figure that if I just pretend I’ve been good and done what’s expected of me they’ll let me back in, but NO, they watch me! So here I stand, on the icy ground. I can’t poop or even pee in these conditions, so I have to think quickly; I trot around the corner of our building, just far enough so my people can’t see me. As I reappear, they open the door with praises of , “GOOD BOY, PEE PEE OUTSIDE!” I sure have fooled them! Now you may be saying, “But he has to do his business SOMETIMES.” Yup. I’ve found a good spot behind the potted plant in the basement – so far I haven’t been discovered, but I’m hoping for warmer days or I’ll soon be in BIG trouble.

  550. Trevor Byrne says:

    How cold is it?

    I’d Rather Vacation In Northern ‘Ghanistan then be this cold

  551. Jamie Archibald says:

    It’s been pretty cold this year at my house. The rooms are kept at a low 15 C. So in order to get warm I typically will brew beer outside using my propane tank and huddle around the hot boiling wort, while enjoying a glass of home brew beer!

  552. Alice Taylor says:

    I love all the snow, it makes you want to get outside and get some exercise.

  553. Ralph W. Mueckenheim says:

    For many years I have said that cold in the winter is not news and heat in the summer isn’t news. Heat in the winter is news and cold in the summer is news.

  554. joy goudge says:


    It is so cold that my refrigerator turned on it’s heating element and tried melting the ice cubes.

  555. Terri O'Neill says:

    It was so cold this winter that even my dog didn’t want to go out to do his thing. When he did, he wore his coat and booties, and although he didn’t like wearing the booties, he didn’t mind them on those really frigid days. My husband couldn’t go out at all because of his severe Arthritis which left me to take care of the driveway, stairs, garbage, compost, etc. We’re both in our sixties which made it a feat to get things done. It was a very long winter for us and we’re so looking forward to the warmer weather. Come on Spring!!!

  556. Sharon Redden says:

    This winter was a really hard winter! It was definitely booger freezing weather! That doesn’t happen often! on the other end of the scale, it was a winter great for snuggling and cuddling! 😉

    I am so glad we are at the end of this one! Blow your nose and celebrate!

  557. Its was so cold and so much snow that i had to dig my way in when i got home from work and dig my way back out in the morning to go to work

  558. carl mackenzie says:

    You do not realize how cold it is until you run out of oil. But with the excellent service Irving Oil supplys to there customers within two hours we had oil and furnace back working.There people and great from service techs to customer service and there drivers which have to deliver Irivng produsct in all weather. Bring on the winter with Irving on your side you can not go wrong.

  559. Anne Chase says:

    How Cold Is It?

    Well, inside it always nice and toasty warm…thanks to Irving Energy for supplying furnace oil…outside was a different story.

    Unlike many in the rest of Canada, we escaped major snow fall, and instead were treated to torrential rain which promptly froze solid during the night when the wind changed direction, bringing Arctic temperatures. Because of this delightful Canadian winter experience, I am now an expert in opening frozen car doors in order to make my way to work. (Not the locks, they worked fine, the door itself was frozen to the rubber gasket) After the last storm, I considered carrying a pry-bar in my purse, but it was a bit too heavy. Instead, I am happy to report that the following items work beautifully to open a frozen car door (listed in order of effectiveness):
    1) The ice scraper – unless it happens to be in the back seat of the car.
    2) The blade of the snow shovel (metal works best and the scratches are hardly noticeable).
    3) The hair dryer (A certain drug store appreciated the extra business and great shopper’s points!)
    4) NS Health Card (Do NOT use if the wind is still at 90km per hour!)
    A few extra pointers…Sticks do not work unless large enough to break the window. Water, although hot when taken outside, freezes immediately when poured on a cold metal car (Use number 2 after this). It is never a good idea to pour rock salt on your car, especially if the wind is blowing toward you! And, lastly…no matter how successful your method was at home, the same supplies will NOT be available at work!

    Hope everyone can benefit from these pearls of wisdom.

  560. Louise Duouis says:

    My son shovels for me in the winter, he wears his brown carheart jacket. Every winter he grows a beard, he says it keeps his face warm. One day while he was shoveling snow, my daughters girlfriend was driving by with her daughter, she yells out mommy look there is a bear, it was my son shoveling and trying to stay warm because it is so cold.

  561. Charlie says:

    It was so cold one morning that when my wife came out on the porch to call me in from shovelling, her words froze and fell to the ground. Took me an extra 20 minutes to scrape up her conversation.

  562. Jeannette says:

    It hasn’t been all that cold here. The cold weather only started a couple months ago and hasn’t been that bad and we have had only one not so bad storm and then only a bit of snow here and there. I tell my snow bound friends that I live in the Banana Belt. Even though it hasn’t been terribly cold, I had a fill up that cost $625+ and I have no idea how people survive the really bad weather.

  563. Marlene Bolger says:

    You know it’s cold out when the dog puts on his own sweater before going outside!!! How do I keep warm?? Take one queen sized bed- add four four-legged furry friends – and presto- instant warmth. Seriously cold is all relative. Last Feb. I was in Dunedin, New Zealand sitting at a computer in an internet cafe reading e-mails from home. I turned to my sister and said “it’s 8 degrees at home. ” (PEI) The lady at the computer next to me said “Oh my that’s cold!!” I replied “Oh no, where I come from that’s really warm for this time of year. It was -15 a few days ago”. it’s all a matter of perspective!!!

  564. Eugene Boudreau says:

    “How Cold Is It?”
    I have to stay in bed with my head covered up to keep dog even stayed in bed with me. I could hear him snoring i thought but it was his teeth shattering
    “How Cold Is It?”
    Thanks to Irving Heat and prompt service.An not to mention my pay cheque i was able to keep the heat on. Just the thought of winning a free tank of furnace oil to start the winter makes me and my dog feel all warn and cuddly inside.

  565. Lin Hill says:

    I was driving my 8 year old daughter to school the other morning. She says “Mommy- it feels like spring!” I was a bit surprised and replied “Anna, it’s FIVE degrees out this morning. How can it possibly feel like spring?” “Well” she says, “it’s sunny and beautiful, and it’s warm INSIDE the car!”
    God bless a child raised in NH to find the hope of spring on a five degree morning!

  566. yvonne mcnamara says:

    It was so cold! I tried to save on oil by turning down the thermostat, but was so cold I shivered so much I lost 10 pounds(I wish)

  567. John Moffatt says:

    Cold ! I’ll tell you how cold it was this winter. It was so cold I saw two dogs stuck
    to the same fire hydrant.

  568. Paul Markowitz says:

    It so cold I couldn’t sleep naked for the first time in 20 years!

  569. Christine McNeill says:

    There’s no place like home, sitting by the fireplace on a cold winter day.


  570. Elva White says:

    It is cold enough to freeze the (blank) off a brass monkey! Now you may think this is dirty. On the contrary. In the navy of old, cannon balls were placed on a rack made of brass. When it got really cold, the metal would contract and the balls would roll off.

  571. Doug Smith says:

    It was a great winter! There was lots of snow. The ski hills were great, especially Wentworth. Our driveway was always plowed and the Honda snowblower always started. Our generator worked the one time the electric power was off…seamless. Irving kept us well supplied with furnace oil & propane and the furnace worked well…the maintenance contract was worth it. Good tires and Traction Control kept us on the road.
    Come to think of it, I don’t remember the cold. Now, just when will the golf course open?

  572. Herb Foster says:

    I live in Charlottetown and we got so much snow this February there was two and a half feet of snow in the front yard. We have a little Shit-szu dog and I had to shovel steps into the snow banks so he could climb up to go pee. We took pictures because it looked so strange to see this little Shit-szu dog with his leg lifted peeing almost three feet off the ground.

  573. Janet Conrad says:

    “How cold is it”?

    It’s so cold here in PEI that the icicles are asking for a heater this winter – that’s cold! 🙂

  574. stephanie says:

    It is so cold this winter that the Heating Helpers fund at Listen Community services is nearly depleted. I recieve calls from people who are desperate to keep themselves and their families warm. It is very frightening to be facing freezing temperatures and not have the personal funds to purchase fuel. Due to the generous donations of the Upper Valley community I am able to call and buy fuel and prevent people from freezing.

  575. Amy Butler says:

    We live in West Point, PE and as my husband says – “If you don’t like the weather in West Point…wait twenty minutes”.
    My kids currently have (still) a great snowfort and they are loving mixing food coloring and water to go and decorate the snow. It is not Cuba but it’s home and I would not live anywhere else.

  576. Alex Sampson says:

    It was so cold I saw a rabbit towing a squirrel to get him going. So stay cozy and warm inside cuddled up to a fireplace heated by Irving Energy like I do!!!

  577. amelia sereen says:

    I have been bearing up pretty well, skiing in the woods.
    My cat has gotten angry at me for not having a door into summer. Especially in the fall he goes from door to door, rejecting each as he sniffs the cold air.
    Today, as i opened my drapes midday to maximize solar gain, he was sitting outside against the house and looked up to see who was invading his privacy.

  578. Alex Ledrew says:

    Its been a hard winter lots of snow here in Cape Breton, we had snow banks 8 feet high at the end of our driveway. My wife & I agreed we would put the snow blower in the back of the truck & head south the first person that asked what we had in the back of truck , thats where we were getting a place & living the rest of our lives lol.

  579. Dwight Lovegrove says:

    Cold? It would take me 3 miles to get the tires round again after starting out from the house!

  580. Sherrill Martin says:

    Because it has been so obnoxiously cold out, we decided to go someplace warm for a holiday. Little did we realize that when we booked our trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (which is on the Pacific Ocean side) that on the 11th of March we would be ordered to evacuate our hotel room due to the possibility of a tsunami as part of the aftermath of the earthquake in Japan on that horrific day. Gratefully, we returned to our room later that day, unscathed. This is one vacation we shall never forget. Now back at home with the heat cranked, we anxiously await the ‘dog days’ of summer.

  581. Peter Gallant says:

    My cold story lasted a day:

    Morning:(it was so cold)

    My alarm went off, but only with 1 ring and the bell froze. I pulled the blankets back and they snapped in half. I put my feet on the floor and they stuck there momentarily. As I walked to the bedroom door, my knees were so stiff that they cried out for WD-40. I opened the bedroom door and the knob fell off. I turned the thermostat up and the digital screen read “WHAT? You’ve got to be kidding!”

    Turned on the shower and got pelted with freezing rain – by the way, the towel felt like sand paper!

    Heard the snapping and cracking while I got dressed only to realize that it wasn’t the fireplace but my cold joints responding while I tried to fit into my stiff shirt and pants.

    Went outside and saw 2 cats with jumper cables trying desperately to get a dog started. Waved to a local taxman who, strangely enough, had his hands in his OWN pockets!!!!

    Got to work and my boss gave my the cold shoulder. After work, got a cool reception when I went home.

    That’s how cold it was today!!!!!!

  582. Mike Bursey says:

    Living next to the North Atlantic here in Newfoundland, the cold damp wind strikes deep to the bones. It’s never really a drastic drop in the thermometer that sparks the chill, it’s the bloody wind that would near blow the roof out of yer mouth that does it!!!

  583. Maureen Sparti says:

    It’s been colder than a well digger’s behind in January.

  584. connie Kousman says:

    It was an exceptionally cold and snowy winter, but I was determined not to quake, shiver, whine or complain. After all, this is New England! I am resourceful! There are ways to keep warm.

    My way is to pile on more clothes—more and more as winter progresses until all semblance of shape and form has vanished from the chin down. Expedition polar weight long underwear! Two sweaters and a down vest for inside evening wear. Add a fleece pullover, lined ski pants and a down jacket for a trip to the post office. Along with handknit mittens, cap, wool socks, fleece-lined boots and toe warmers.

    Staying warm is essential for a good night’s sleep, and it will never be a problem if you embrace the wisdom of layering. In my case, nothing much comes off, but a considerable amount of covering is added. Fleece sheets, a comforter, a 0 dgree open sleeping bag and a large brown sheepskin. I snuggle in and turn on the electric mattress pad. I sleep like a log!

    I like winter. I dress for it and stay warm. Yesterday I found a great L. L. Bean full length down coat at a local thrift shop; but because I can now see a little grass on our southern slope, I’m pushing it to the back of the closet. But not too far back. One never knows about March.

  585. Ken Thompson says:

    It was sooo cold my hilly driveway developed a bit of ice. The Irving delivery guy dropped by when I wasn’t home and decided he couldn’t get down to make my oil delivery and didn’t get the oil to me. He told his dispatcher, but it was sooo cold his finger couldn’t dial our phone number to tell us there was a problem. It was sooo cold we were using oil like it was going out of style and…we ran out of oil on the coldest night of the year. It was sooo cold our pipes almost froze. Called the Irving phone reps who were soooo cold, assuming no responsibility for the problem. It was soooo cold they couldn’t get a delivery to us until the next day. It was soooo cold the next day that the delivery guy’s brain froze and went to the wrong address with our “emergency” fill. Not to worry though, I was so steaming MAD I forgot about the cold. A free tank just might save you $80,000 worth of lost business over the next 20 years or so….

  586. Loralee O'Neill says:

    How Cold Is It?

    Our house seems to have 3 different temperatures this Winter. The Basement where my elderly father sleeps is sooo cold, the main floor is warm, and our upstairs is moderate. I just love how used to oil heat I am. When that furnace kicks in, boy oh boy does it ever throw a lot of heat. I’ve always lived with an oil furnace. I used to always love in the cold mornings as a young girl, waiting for the bus to come, I would sit over top the register to make myself toasty warm. Not only do I still do that to keep warm. I find my three kitties are also proned to sitting close to the registers. If all else fails, my husband and I curl up on the couch under our fleecy Montreal Canadiens blanket and watch a good movie.

  587. John Fagan says:

    It’s been a very cold Winter, Winter Sheen Winter! Buying oil from Irving makes you a Winner, Winner Sheen Winner!

  588. Andy Lynch says:

    Thanks for the compliment David! We love to hear about the great job our team is doing!

    – Andy

  589. Shirley Jerram says:

    It’s winter. Get a life. We live in a cold climate so stop moaning and enjoy all the seasons especially winter. We can get our exercise by shovelling the driveway, shovelling the front steps and shovelling a pathway to the shed. In winter we see wonderful snow scenes like something from a fairy tale. There are perfectly blue and white days where the sky is so blue it’s like sapphires. We can feed the birds. We also know that a really cold winter kills all manner of bugs. Life is good, cold is good as you can dress warmly and hide any spare pounds from Christmas overeating.

  590. Holly George says:

    It has been so cold this winter that my husband and I went to Tucson to visit our son and get warmed up! We got up one morning there and it was 10 degrees and we had no water! My son had heat, but many people in Tucson had no heat because the city was running out of gas! My son went out and wrapped his wate pipes in an electric blanket! We arrived back in vermont to a few feet of snow and a few hours of shoveling! THAT is TOO cold!

  591. Damian Poludin says:

    It is SOO cold that the snot in my nose is FROZEN !!!

  592. Bruce McDowell says:

    How cold is it?
    It’s so cold that a free tank of propane from Irving will warm our hearts for the rest of the season.

  593. Jean Stevens says:

    It was that cold the other morning, we looked out the window and saw a chickadee towing a squirrel trying to get it started

  594. Aleesa McDonald-Downey says:

    How cold is it?

    It has been so cold that I now fully understand why birds fly south for the winter…and I have considered going into hibernation like bears…only problem is, don’t have enough time off work to go south for the winter and unfortunately my job only pays me when I show up to work…not hibernating!

    Oh…to be a bird or a bear…the life of an animal!

  595. Paul Tetley says:

    So cold this winter in NH that we gave up and went to Florida so our dog could get out of the house.

  596. Robert Clamp says:

    It is so cold on the coast here that when I look out side at the waves crashing against the rocks, It turns to instant ice pellets. So scared to go outside that I may be shot by flying icicles from the waves.

    Oh wait, No fear now, all the waves just froze. I think I’ll go out. Naaaaaw, too cold.

  597. Bonnie Martaniuk says:

    It’s so cold I thought I had had gone to sleep and woke up in Alaska

  598. Sarah Siteman says:

    Ah! the opportunity I’ve been waiting for.

    It is not so cold that you have to wear multiple layers of clothing, several head coverings and two pairs of socks and leg warmers just to go outside. Not to mention pulling your hood down and your scarf up so that only your eyes are showing, and if you exhale your glasses will freeze over and you can’t see.

    It is not so cold that you will go outside in shorts the first time the temperature rises above minus 20 C (although I never did that). Or drive down the street on a bicycle in a blizzard at 40 below C for some obscure reason (never did that either).

    Disclaimer: Since I’ve moved back to Nova Scotia from Saskatchewan, I am embarrassed to say that I’ve worn my winter coat when it’s above 10 below, but I’ve grown soft in my old age.

  599. Steve says:

    Ever hear of “once in a blue moon?” Well it was blue all winter!

  600. Timothy Spruill says:

    It’s been so cold this winter … I thought a couple times that I could see Russia from my house!!! =P

  601. Steve says:

    I believe my wife and I have completely opposite body thermometers. I sleep in the buff often with legs hanging out over the edge just to keep cool…she on the other hand is huddled in a turtle neck and 3/4 length sweater. I’m starting to wonder if this has anything to do with temperature at all…except for “cold shoulder” maybe…hmmm?!

  602. Wendy Pelly says:

    It was so cold this winter when I took my dog out for a walk the storm door froze shut while we were gone.The snow was so deep I had to work my way back to down the leash to find the dog!

  603. Carol Bradley says:

    It WAS cold, and it was raw, and I wasn’t ready for it as I usually am! My sister and I left Nova Scotia for a long-planned and much-anticipated tour of Egypt on January 28……well, we never got there. I was glad not to spend 2 days in the Cairo airport, but still it made me feel very disappointed and cold when I thought of hiking among the Pyramids in the hot sun, and lounging on a Nile cruise boat…….then I realized that the people of Egypt had got something that they much desired –their freedom– very peaceably, and I felt warm in my heart.

  604. Reed Brozen says:

    It’s just not that cold. In fact it’s just a little too warm. I mean look at all the rain. If it had been colder the snow would be even better. I’ve been out snowshoeing about 3 days a week and only the torrential rains have kept me in. I get to use all my winter gear and test out what I want to bring on my trek in Nepal in 5 weeks. It really doesn’t get much better than this. The dogs love when I snowshoe since I make tracks that help them get around and even my 5 year old joins me for the first few hundred yards before she asks me to carry her (all part of my training plan anyway).

    As for in the house I use about 30% less oil just by using those clear plastic covers on my windows (1850ish cape). We keep it cold at night but that just makes the sleeping better.

  605. Torie Hickmore says:

    We are enjoying our home on South Shore. Here now for 5 years! Wow time does fly!!!
    This winter has been a very cold and snowy winter. Our Kitty Cats have decided not to venture out on the windy , snowy days.
    This is now the 4th winter that I have been in charge of snow removal , heating and general home repair. My husband is a Long Haul-Trucker and I am quickly learning how to be handle the machinery as well as the furnace with oil and wood . Totally new to me as I am a city girl transfered and now firmly planted in the rural lifestyle .
    Waves from New Germany 🙂

  606. Dallas Harrigan says:

    Though it was a long and cold winter, I managed to keep myself warm by shovelling snow! Lots and lots of snow! Not only my own fairly long driveway but a neighbor up the street had asked us to take care of his two driveways too……Most days I was basking in the warmth of good old exercise.

  607. It was so cold this winter, that we moved to Florida for 4 months. We are sure that when we return in May that we will have to turn on the heat again as it will not be comfortable again till June?

  608. Dennis M. says:

    How cold is it?

    It’s colder than a mother-in-law’s kiss.

  609. Pat says:

    How cold was it this winter?
    Day to day it was hard to know
    One day sunshine, the next day rain
    Then all of a sudden mountains of snow.
    How cold was it this winter?
    If I looked out and saw freezing rain
    I’d grab another coffee
    And curl up in a blanket again.
    How cold was it this winter?
    Ah the sun was out today
    Time to go walking and skating
    Time for children to play.
    How cold was it this winter?
    The snow was high and bright
    When I woke up I already knew
    The world was filled with light.
    How cold was it this winter?
    As A Maritimer I really don’t mind
    With each day that passed
    I knew Spring was not far behind.

  610. Snow! Did you say Snow? And did you say Ice! My driveway looked and felt like a luge run – you had to get up speed to get past the steep area – good thing I got my propane delivery in November – the truck wouldn’t have fit into the luge run. Hey, there was nowhere to put that white stuff anymore. You know, they say, if you get handed lemons – make lemonade. I say, if you get snow – make snowmen, or snowdogs, or snowangels – make the most of it – enjoy it – revel in it – enjoy that pristine whiteness and the quiet it brings.

  611. Katie says:

    I know it was a cold, icy winter because the snow around the driveway got so deep and the driveway so slick that my kids could go out with their inflatable sleds and play “human curling” by running, sliding on the sleds, and bouncing off each other!

  612. David Cleary says:

    Well to tell you the truth it is not cold at all. With the fine folks at Irving Oil from the delivery guys to the men and women at the call center taking orders to bump up automatic deliver dates I did not have one problem staying warm this winter or last or the one before that. Thanks. Never hurts to butter people up a bit 😀

  613. Jennifer Pike says:

    It’s been SOOOOOO cold this winter, that we are throwing a Luau to celebrate my Dad’s birthday! We’ll crank up the heat, make some tropincal drinks, dress in grass skirts & coconut bras and pretend we don’t see the two feet of snow left outside!! Aloha!

  614. Amit says:

    It is so cold out there that every mile is two in winter.

  615. Jeanne L says:

    It was so cold, that we were psyched to go for rides in the car since I don’t feel guilty blasting the heat. Another perk is the frozen horse manure and its ideal slingshot capabilities.

  616. Ken Brown says:

    Good one!

  617. Sven Arnason says:

    As being in NS my first winter and coming from Iceland I felt second half of the winter pretty cold. January and February were very cold-it seems to be though a pretty descent winter compared to winter in north part of beutiful Canada.

  618. Ken Brown says:

    It was so cold in Vermont, I saw a witch wearing a thermal bra.

  619. Gina Leger says:

    It was so cold this winter that I wore a puffer vest around the house and, on more than one occasionally, I wore it to bed!!

  620. Sandy says:

    How cold was it this winter? Hey, I moved here from Las Vegas, where there are an average of 353 perfectly cloudless gorgeous days every year. Does that answer your question?

  621. frederick derau says:

    It was so cold, instead of paying to have the driveway plowed I shoveled the snow myself, but I also kept warm by calling Irving for a delivery! Thanks for my warm winter nights!

  622. Edson Castilho says:

    It has not been that cold. We have had a lot of snow this year (not much before January really) in Halifax. And it stayed! We have also had some cold days, but as normal here, we have had quite a few rainy days during January and February. Having said that, I am looking forward to some nice spring weather, soon!

  623. Nina Dimick says:

    How cold was it this year? Well, I like a cool bed room but this year was out of the ordinary: I have one window that sometimes has water build up from the roof between inner and outr panes — This year it decided to form an large ice cycle in side the house. Guess my bed room was a cooler one than I thought!

  624. Marie Leclerc says:

    Its so cold out, when I let my dog out the other morning, he got stuck to the tree!

  625. Carol Yerxa says:

    It was so cold one Saturday this winter that my husband & I couldn’t go out snowmobiling, cross country skiing, or even for our walk so we retired with our friends to our 104 degree outside hottub with a bottle of wine, well the wine turned to slush & because of the wind & the steam from the hot tub our hair turned to frozen helmits,we looked like cartoon characters or the Boodlebops.But a cold day turned into a warm experience with lots of laughts with good friends & we finished the day beside our wonderful propane fireplace and a cup of hot chocolate.

  626. Herb Hopkins says:

    How cold was it? Colder than a grave diggers fingers on Fogo in February.

  627. Nicole Snyder says:

    How cold is it?

    It is so cold in Maine that I have to fight my dog to go outside. She ends up just sitting on the ground because she hates the cold ground and ice touching her paws. When I let her in she sits infront of the heater to warm up.

  628. Simone says:

    I have two elderly cats; one is Siamese and his name is Mocha. The other cat is 11 and his name is Baby. Mocha is 15. Mocha does not like to be cold (I don’t blame him one bit). The other day our propane ran out, and he went around the house meowling in that dreadful Siamese cat sorta way. He wanted us to know that he was NOT happy! I guess we used more fuel than we thought we would. I could just hear him in cat language saying: BABY, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE! 🙂

  629. PEGGY HALLERAN says:

    How cold is it this winter? Its that cold I’ve had to warm up ice cubes this winter

  630. Paul Boylan says:

    It was so cold outside in our garden that my wife had to take our (Canadian Tire) reindeers inside, their movements ground to a halt..

  631. Todd Law says:

    it’s so cold that my wife returned from Afghanistan in December and is now ready to move somewhere warm or GO BACK TO AFGHANISTAN??

  632. M Neville says:

    Winter 2010-11?
    Shovel. Rest. Repeat.

  633. Ralph Brigida says:

    It is so cold I saw a turkey walking down the street with a capon.

  634. Iain Coldwell says:

    It was so cold this winter that my driver’s side door would not close after I spent an evening studying at my NSCC campus in Kentville (I am a student Practical Nurse). I do not live far from the campus, but I had to hold my door, as I drove, the short distance to my home. My classmate was in hysterics!

  635. Tony Steers says:

    Its so cold that…..ahh, what was the question?

  636. Brian says:

    It was so cold this year that I had to use an electric heater to warm up the propoane in my BBQ tank to get it to light. It took about 20 minutes to warm it up, light the BBQ, and a further 50 minutes to cook my chicken. The fresh chicken had become frozen while I was trying to light the BBQ. After all that the chicken still tasted pretty good, although it was and 1 1/2 later than planned.

  637. C. Reed says:

    When the cat comes in from outside looking like Santa with a full frosty, beard and his nose is running…that’s cold!

  638. Debbie says:

    Many days it’s cold but it’s that cold damp wind off the water with it that gets ya, goes right through your bones, and it’s so nice to come inside to a nice cozy warm house and look out and think I’m glad I am in here today.

  639. Danny Griffiths says:

    Well we got soooo much snow that the price of oil rocketed through the roof! Yet, if this would have been a warm winter, cost would have been down. I never win, unless Irving makes me a winner! and I might purchase a new tank. WINNING!

  640. Mary Dakin says:

    I grew up in So. Calif. so have thought every winter as very cold! My husband, however, being a native New Englander and having gone to college in Maine (the Polar Bear is the Bowdoin College mascot) has thought no winter is too cold. Until this year!!! This winter was so cold and so much snow “my Polar Bear” finally admitted it was time to spend some winter weeks in So. California!!
    When a “dyed in the wool Maine Polar Bear” WANTS to go to So. California then you know it has been a very cold winter!!!

  641. Ruthie Luck says:

    hi Irving Oil

    The winter has been snowy, cold, and windy as usual, but we here in NB are amazingly tough! Since its all expected, we know how to deal with it. First of all, our homes have to be insulated well – the furnace has to be efficient and the oll truck has to at the ready to fill our tanks!To help all that we wear slippers and a sweater when need be from November to April. Also, the people of NB get ” out into it” and dare the weather to keep us down. As long as we are dressed for the cold – mitts, scarves, long johns and snowpants – the clean crisp fresh air, we are all thankful for, is absolutely no problem no matter how cold it gets! Look, here it is March 15th already – another winter is beat! Thanks to Irving Oil, our homes are toasty warm and thanks to our long experience with NB winters, we know what to do to enjoy it!

  642. Scott Sparks says:

    This winter reminds me of my early childhood winters. Long periods of cold weather (as opposed to short periods of bitter cold temperatures) and lots and lots of snow. Really makes you appreciate any signs of spring.

  643. David says:

    It has been so cold here the devil could walk on water.

  644. Carol Cook says:

    All I know is that in the last 20 years I have lowered my thermostat by 10 degrees (now down to 66 degrees); which has cut my consumption by half, and now costs me THREE times as much. How times change, winter temperatures don’t.

  645. Ritchie Boyd says:

    As the old timers would say “It’s cold enough to freeze the hinges of he**”

  646. Kelly Hiscock says:

    How cold is it?

    It’s that cold this winter that my daughter and son were outside playing with there friends and decided to pick icicles off the eve of our home. As they played with them and put them in their mouths, my son came knocking on the back patio door in a panic as the icicle stuck onto his lip. I had to get some warm water and pour over his lip to get it off or else, if you have ever been in a situation like this before and decided to pull it off, it can hurt. Needless to say they don’t do that anymore…………..

  647. Nathanael Bramah says:

    Well it’s been a cold one, and when in doubt wool socks, and an extra sweater, also we all want the dog to come snuggle because he is now know as the “interactive blanket.” Much better, than any pair of socks.

  648. David Bruce says:

    There’s been so much snow this winter that we had to colse our backyard rink because there was no where else to put the snow!

  649. Jason Stelmach says:

    How Cold Is It?

    Not cold at all because I get my oil from Irving Energy and my oil tank is kept full 🙂 Outside… well, I prefer not to think about it.

  650. harold lowe says:

    It was so cold………Grandpa’s teeth were chattering – in the glass!

  651. Gary says:

    It was so cold . . .
    the politicians had their hands in their OWN pockets!

  652. How cold is it in NH? I suppose about the same as here–Afghanistan. I suspect it’s about 5 degrees at night and 20-25 during the day (Jan-Feb)–March a bit warmer.

    Here in Herat it’s a few degrees warmer–but as I live in an airy tent–it’s colder here.


    US Marines–Afghanistan

  653. Kay McNally says:

    I feel the average temperature this winter has been -4.0C. Whether it be the oil heating our home or my many stops for premium fuel for my car… there has been a bitter coldness in the air. The only thing that warms my heart is the love of our family and our closest friends. So keeping our home warm is our priority for good health and happiness for all to enjoy. Good music, good company with good food and wine add to brighten our days on the coldest of coldest days on our beautiful east coast of Canada. Keep safe and warm.

  654. cathy burke says:

    How do you keep warm? We snow showed down the driveway, picked up our mail, came through the storm door into the house, windows covered with warm curtains, we had peppermint tea and sandwiches, made cakes and bread for our neighbors and carried them over, sharing and caring makes a difference to all of us.
    Love and enjoying even the snow and ice makes our lives joyous.

  655. dan perrier says:

    this seems like the days of old when growing up in new england. snow piled so high you couldn’t open the storm door. temperatures so low you want to stay home. business so slow you want to stay near the fire. nights so long and days so short. when is spring coming??
    but we know with the time changing and the smell of mud its not far away.
    if we only can hold out . if we can only hold out.. the doors will open and the windows will bring in the sweet smell of spring air. we can hold out.

  656. S Rogers says:

    It was so cold this winter, my chicken Jerry sienfeld was running around with a capon.

  657. Paul Blacquiere says:

    It was so cold , that I had to chop my guitar for firewood , well I could barely get two chords out of it…

  658. It’s been so cold this winter that the icycles on the house are the longest I’ve seen in I don’t know how long. It’s been a long cold winter with a massive accumulation of snow and icycles on the house. I have a two story home and some icycles hang from the roof top and almost extend down to the ground.

  659. Matthew Keith says:

    Its so cold outside even the icicles have icicles. The snow on the surface is even shivering. The buildings are chattering from the cold. But thanks to Irving Oil I sit inside my warm toasty home with my furnace purring along. Thankfully i only have to go out in briefly to go to and from work or shovel snow. Gotta move fast though its so cold I could easily freeze to the ground and be buried in a snowdrift til spring.

  660. TOM JARRETT says:

    I have lived in NB for about 40 years and we had a lot of snow this year mixed with warm weather but the cold weather this year has been as bad in the past …Not as bad where I came from though….Yes… Sault Ste Marie …You have not seen cold weather until you have lived there…There were outdoor rinks on every street corner….It was so cold one day when we were playing hockey on the out door rink that our defenceman shot the puck and hit the post breaking the puck into a thousand piecses ….Yes some of them went into the net but did not count for a goal….Great times in the past but kids today play in warm comfortable rinks these days no matter what the temperature is outside

  661. On a comparative basis, this winter has not been all that cold. Winters tended to be colder in the late 1960s and 1970s and 1980s, but climate change has started to bring us warmer winters. I had more trouble with shoveling and blowing snow this winter than I did with the temperature, but, then, I am a lot older. I will not regret the disappearance of the snow, and the runoff may provide us excellent trout fishing in the spring. Look forward!

  662. Donna Lee Bury says:

    Were told when we purchased our gas fireplace that it would not lower our monthly electric bill; WRONG – it has been so cold that we turn the fireplace on becauase the heat is circulated down to all three bedrooms which in turn means the electric heaters turn on less frequently.
    The live heat is wonderful!

  663. Art Worsh says:

    Dachshunds love to burrow when they seek a place to sleep. In August, when the weather can be hot in Shediac, New Brunswick, this can be a problem for the pet owner.

    However, it has been so cold this Winter that Motley and Tallie have been welcomed under the covers. Nothing is quite so comforting on a cold night as a long-haired Dachshund cuddling up next to you.

  664. Seth says:

    I’ve heard my neighbor comment on the “beautiful weather” more often than usual.

    …my neighbor works for Irving, we’re on the same delivery schedule 🙂

  665. Barbara says:

    It’s been so called that my little Miniature Pinscher, Jake, runs outside to go to the bathroom and runs back in the house right towards the heat vent, where it blows out from under our cabinet. Jake lays there until his little paws and belly are really warm to the touch. Forgot to mention, he has to kick our boots, gloves, and hats aside first.

  666. D Sartelle says:

    It was so cold this winter that only guys named Ed and Al had time to write their names in the snow.

  667. John Glass says:

    It was so cold in Nova Scotia that I decided to spend the winter in Florida. December was the coldest on record in the western part of Florida where I wintered. However. now in the middle of March the weather is wonderful. The days are in the high 70’s and the nights are in the mid 50’s. I’m looking forward to returning to Nova Scotia and spending the summer in the beautiful Annapolis Valley. Not much oil used this winter…..Sorry Irving!

  668. David O'Brien says:

    How cold is it?
    Cold enough to keep malarial mosquitoes, venomous snakes, poisonous spiders, full on hurricanes, tornadoes, tropical parasites, tsetse flies, alligators, cane toads, crocodiles, and man eating sharks from coming here. In my point of view, it is just about perfect.

  669. andrea henry says:

    This winter was cold, snowy and dreary. But we made the best of it,
    If you cant beat it– play in it !
    Soon after Christmas, My two daughters made a very unusual snow lady.
    “Snow Lady” was outfitted in a bikini top, grass skirt, and large sunglasses. My 9 year old
    daughter was so proud of it that she brought a photo to school on share day.

    The photo of the bikini clad snow girl was not really age appropriate for the third grade
    classroom. Despite that- the teachers and students had a good laugh as the photo was

    The remaining remnants of the snow girl melted last week. The grass skirt lays in the yard waiting for the spring grass to grow.

  670. Matt Alexander says:

    I have to disagree with Les Painter (#20 above) when he says’ “I have to say that the winters here aren’t cold.” The last two winters have been relatively mild, but we do have our moments here on the island. I remember a few years ago, driving my daughter and teammates to an early morning volleyball tournament in Deer Lake. It was so cold it felt like we were sitting on boards, instead of upholstered seats. After picking up the kids around town and then driving to Deer Lake, the car had been running for over an hour but cold air is all the “heater” could manage. After it was all over it was great to return to my Irving-oil-heated home where, thankfully, the furnace was producing lots of nice, comfortable, WARM air.

  671. I can tell you how cold it is.I haven’t had any oil in my tank for four day’s now and it’s very cold here in Vermont at night.And not so bad during the day but it’s still cold here.We just wear extra clothes.I even sent my sick son to stay with his friends because they have heat.I really like living in Vermont cause the winters are cold and the summers are hot.Really have nothing to complain about.But I’m freezing here and have no hot water to shower.Thank You

  672. Elvin Kaplan says:

    It was so cold that the barred owl who hangs around the house wasn’t able to get through the crusty snow for his usual meals, and ended up raiding the hen house. The result? Three decapitated hens, a well fed owl, and a more snug and secure hen house. PS. The chickens don’t seem to be suffering from PTOE(post traumatic owl exposure), for egg production is fine… but sometimes the eggs are frozen solid by the time I pick them up…

  673. It was so cold last night when we milked the cows we got ice cream

  674. Les Painter says:

    After moving to Newfoundland in October and going thru the winter here, I have to say that the winters here aren’t cold. We moved from Manitoba where it could be anywhere from -30 to -50 with the wind chill. Only good thing about living in Manitoba and using ground source heat, we could heat our 1400 square foot house and a 40′ x 60′ shop and our hydro bill, no oil, no propane was only at the most $375.00 a month compared to our oil, propane and hydro at over $800 a month here. But hey we moved for the views to Newfoundland, where I can sit at my kitchen table and look out the patio doors and see the ocean. Can’t wait for summer, when I don’t have the furnace on, and I will be watching the whales.

  675. Talex says:

    I am always reminded of a Participaction commercial that played on the radio many many years ago. The theme was ‘love is a contact sport’ and I still remember the jingle:

    Love is a contact sport
    you don’t need any equipment
    you don’t need a uniform

    an’with the energy crisis the way it is
    it’s a darn cheap way
    to keep warm

    Love is a contact sport.

  676. Kristin says:

    It was so cold and windy this winter, we had snow blowing into one part of our home. Then, the snow wouldn’t melt! We had to keep sweeping up the snow with a broom. I was finally saved when I received a gift from myself this Holiday – an electric blanket! That room will be totally finished with better insulation this summer, but for now – I am happy if the room temp is above 50degrees!

  677. Dianne Trivers says:

    How Cold Has It Been?
    It’s winter in Vermont
    And the gentle breezes blow
    Seventy miles an hour
    At twenty-five below.
    Oh, how I love Vermont
    When the snow’s up to your butt
    You take a breath of winter
    And your nose gets frozen shut.
    Yes, the weather here is wonderful
    So I guess I’ll hang around
    I could never leave Vermont
    ‘Cause I’m frozen to the ground

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