Heating Safety and What it Means for Your Home

What comes to your mind when you hear heating oil safety? Is it the actual heating oil itself? Is it the safe delivery of heating oil? Is it the safety of your furnace or boiler? Irving Energy strives to be safe every day in everything we do. When I think about heating oil safety the thing that comes to mind most often is oil tank safety. The integrity and stability of your home heating tank and its associated piping and oil lines are some of the most critical components of your heating system. Due to the safe history of heating oil, residential oil tank safety is sometimes taken for granted. A properly installed oil tank can last for many years. The industry is making technological advances in oil tank safety (such as fiberglass double walled tanks) every day. That being said, you should still inspect your oil tank system every 3 months or so. Here are a couple of good heating oil tank checklists you can use provided by the Province of Nova Scotia and State of New Hampshire. Also, please be careful not to pile heavy items on or near your oil tank or the oil lines in your home. I look forward to further safety discussions with you.  Next time, I would like to talk about propane safety. P.S…Thank you for shoveling a path to your oil or propane tank for our drivers this winter!

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