Featured Entry – Furnace 6

Tiffanie from Portland, Maine

“I have a fire safety warning from my cleaning company. I called them to come and clean it and they didn’t want to touch it because it is literally falling apart at their fingertips. They warned me that this is a fire hazard. This furnace is over 30 years old and the cost of a new system on my salary is out of my reach. I asked about a payment plan and this was not even an option. I decided I would hope and pray it got me thought this winter until I could find a way to replace it. I go through more oil than I should, Crazy fumes are haunting my home and to beat all it’s a danger. Then I heard about this contest. Please come take a look and pick me for a furnace makeover! Attached is a photo for your viewing pleasure.”






Week 1

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Week 4

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Week 5

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One response to “Featured Entry – Furnace 6”

  1. Marie Amero says:

    I have viewed some of the featured enteries in the contest-my heart goes out to the families that don’t have the extra funds to repair/get better heating systems.My most concern is Health & Safely of those families. I have been with Irving Oil since the 70’s and have never been refused a payment plan and at present we are renting the furnace/water heater. I only have “good things to say about Irving”.May I wish the Best of Luck to everyone that entered this contest and Thanks for the chance to let me voice my concerns- Marie Amero,Granville Ferry,N.S.

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