E-Billing Frequently Asked Questions

What is e-billing?

E-billing stands for electronic billing – this is when you receive your invoices, statements and/or delivery slips* by email and not by mail.

What do my documents look like?

They look exactly the same as the statements and invoices you receive in the mail today.

What are the advantage of going on e-billing?

Receiving your invoices, statements and/or delivery slips* by email eliminates lost paper bills, helps you manage your bill easier, reduces clutter and reduces your paper usage.

When will I get my documents by e-billing?

You will receive your invoices within 4 days of your delivery and your statements will arrive within 24 hours of your regular billing cycle day.

If I go on e-billing can I switch back to mail documents whenever I chose?

Yes, you can switch at any time.

Can I receive both email and mail documents?

Yes, you can receive both.


*Only residential customers can receive delivery slips by email.

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