Best Fall Foliage Spots

We asked our customers to tell us their favorite spots to see the fall colors for a chance to win free heating oil or propane, and we’re happy to say that we received an overwhelming response. Check out the best fall foliage spots our customers shared with us in the comments section below.


1,810 responses to “Best Fall Foliage Spots”

  1. the hills and mountains off the CBS highway in CBS THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL GREAT VARIETY OF COLORS

  2. Barry Schoenwetter says:

    My favorite place is right here in North Pawlet, VT looking at the hills in full blaze.

  3. Brian says:

    My back yard. 🙂

  4. Daniele says:

    …From my front porch swing, overlooking the Merrimack River with a hot cup of tea.

  5. Amelia says:

    Ellenwood Lake Provincial Park, NS.

  6. B.M.Lambeth says:

    The best place to see Fall Colours is on the descent Flying into Halifax Airport,Nova Scotia. Coming down into Halifax when the leaves have started to is just spectacular.


    B.M.(Mike) Lambeth

  7. Jacinthe Fish says:

    On top of mount Mansfield after riding up in the gondola !

  8. Lisa Goodell says:

    My favorite place to see the fall colors is near my parents place in southern Vermont. The drive on Rte 9 from the NY border across Vermont and into NH is absolutely beautiful.

  9. Michael OLeary says:

    Without question, my favourite place to view the beautiful fall foliage is The Iriving Nature Park in Saint John NB. During the fall, the pathways and slopes are blanketed in incredible colorful leaves of mystic gold, citrus orange, sunkissed yellow and salsa red with rustic shades of classic rust turning this vibrant painting into a plethora of amazing colors. One can only imagine how such a natural phenomenon can radiate such a picturesque year after year leaving its witnesses in total awe!

  10. Chris Rueggeberg says:

    Driving up the hill to the Canterbury Shaker Village.

  11. Claude Barrieau says:

    My favorite place to see the fall colors is in my own back yard. Love it.

  12. Nicole Dearman says:

    A gem in the city of Dartmouth, N.S., the park like path along Oat Hill Lake is truly beautiful in the autumn with it’s kaleidoscope of fall colours!

  13. Walker Grant says:

    Right here at my house in Killington is good. And driving over Sherburne pass give a great vista. But the best is on the Killington golf course with several of Killington’s six mountains all around.

  14. Connie McClure says:

    We just moved here from BC and wow!! We can’t believe the beautiful colors along the highway from Bathurst to Miramichi….just took my breath away….sure don’t see this in BC!!

  15. Caryn Bonosevich says:

    My favorite place to view the fall foliage is my own backyard. We certainly are lucky to live in such a beautiful area.

  16. arnott nowlan says:

    i love the turning of the leaves and all their bright colors on the road to our cottage on the little southwest miramichi river and all around our cottage ,which is sitting among the trees along the river .

  17. My favorite place to view the fall folliage is riding or walking along the Connecticut River in Bellows Falls. It is just beautiful. I so enjoy the colors and seeing them reflected in the water. So peaceful, placid, and so a part of my hometown.

  18. Laurie Atwater says:

    My drive home each day, cresting the big hill on Route 12A South down into the village of Plainfield, NH, where the view broadens dramatically from a narrow winding tree lined roadway to this big picture of Mt. Ascutney and the neighboring hillsides opening up in front of you. It is fantastic in any season, especially fall and winter, and is what makes the trip through West Lebanon worthwhile.

  19. Jeff Hafner says:

    Top of the Fire Tower in Norwich, VT. Very easy hike!

  20. Margaret says:

    My own backyard in Londonderry NH

  21. Martin Somers says:

    Top of Mann Hill in Holden, Maine, looking out over Blackcap Mountain, Chick Hill, etc.

  22. The Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia is the absolute most breath taking canopy of color displaying the magnificence of fall beauty like no artist could accomplish. Multiple hill and valley of an explosion of wonderous shades of reds, rusts and yellows making all that witness this stop and appreciate the masterpiece.

  23. James says:

    Believe it or not, the changing leaves were beautiful passing through Magazine Hill in Burnside (HRM) and into Middle Sackville. The colours seem to have been more vibrant this year! Cheers

  24. Amanda B says:

    My favorite place to see the fall colors is during the drive from where I live in Hillsborough, NH to my family’s home in Claremont New Hampshire. We take route 31 through Washington and Lempster, NH and the sights are always breath taking. I am thankful that we live in such a beautiful state where fall is beautiful everywhere you go!

  25. Johnny P. says:

    You have to see the fall colours near the Glynmill inn in Corner Brook NL, the 100 year old inn , and the pond next to it provide a perfect backdrop for autumns splendor.

  26. Jamie M. says:

    Cabot Trail easily. Although my favorite time of year is fall, so I enjoy the leaves where ever I am. Even on the drive home from work.

  27. Nancy Bangs says:

    I love to see the “white snow” and the colorful leaves below on Wildcat, Mt Madison, Adams and a peek at Mt Washington from my deck!

  28. Sandra MacKinnon-Perry says:

    Hunter River – the gently rolling hills and colors are wonderful! 🙂

  29. Ann Stewart says:

    I would take a trip to Cape Breton to see the fall colors.

  30. Jolee says:

    Danville, VT. Beautiful colors!!!!

  31. Mark Hallowell says:

    Evans Notch on the ME/NH border south of Gilead, ME. At The Basin you are surrounded on three sides by color – plus the reflection off the water.

  32. Kim Astles says:

    The drive from Grantham to Newport is spectacular. Old majestic barns, sheep, ponds and valleys all surrounded by endless maples in a myriad of fall colors. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  33. stephanie says:

    I love watching the trees I know and love every day sharing their beauty. I feel like they are talking to me!!!

  34. Love Fall in Franconia Notch…ever since I was a kid.

  35. In my opinion the best Fall foliage in New Hampshire is in and around the Franconia Notch, Littleton and Bethlehem areas. Breathtaking…you really have to consentrate on your driving, it is so distracting.

  36. Marilyn says:

    For me, it is enjoying the Fall season while sitting on my deck overlooking Rustico Bay in PEI. The colours around me are beautiful and the peace incredible!

  37. Shera-Lee Kerr says:

    My favorite place to see the leaves is when I am driving down the Waverley Road in the early morning; when the lake is still and the foliage is mirrored in it. Breathtaking!

  38. jacki day says:

    My favorite place is right outside my window. The maple trees were bright red & yellow and abundant. How lucky am I?

  39. Christina Babin says:

    When you climb the Sugarloaf mountain in Campbellton, NB it’s the most spectacular sight in the fall.

  40. Chris says:

    Ingonish Cape Breton Island!!!! Nothing comes close!! Spectacular!

  41. Jeremy White says:

    I would have to agree with other posters that the Cabot Trail in the fall is a very nice drive.

  42. A place to go and see amazing fall colors and have fun at the same time is go on the Mt. Washington CruiseBoat, Lake Winnipesaukee, Laconia NH

  43. John Hindson says:

    Wentworth Valley, the colours are fantastic.

  44. Frances Hatt says:

    Driving along our street and seeing all the colors as well as the highway our street runs off.

  45. Charles larkin says:

    My favorite place to see fall colors is the road between Maple Corner and Worcester, in Vermont.

  46. Andrea says:

    For me it is the Cape Breton Highlands…the Cabot Trail is always a spectacular sight, but in the fall it is phenomenal!

  47. My favorite place to see foliage is around Newfound Lake on the back side coming from Bristol to Plymouth.

  48. Crystal Foster says:

    The Centennial Trail in Bridgewater, NS.

  49. anne hanlon says:

    near by Route 13 as you leave Goffstown before Dunbarton sign many people take pictures here on rt. side of road

  50. Corinna Ross says:

    On our way going to our camp in Bangs Falls on the Medway River. The colors are brilliant.Along the river,just looking is so beautiful. The peaceful sound of the river and the bright red,orange,and yellow on the trees make me want to go for long walks.

  51. Chris Archibald says:

    I always enjoyed the scenery while driving on the Cobequid Pass or through Mount Tom. On either highway the 102 or the 104 when you get to the tops of those mountains the view is pretty spectacular. Enjoy it now because when the snow flies it isn’t nearly as much fun.

  52. jackie bezanson says:

    The annapolis valley viewed from The look off on the north mountain.

  53. Most definitely the White Mountains in NH and Katahdin in Maine……absolutely phenominal beauty to be experienced!!

  54. Richard Flanagan says:

    the protected verdant beauty of the Caledonia Gorge in Riverside-Albert Nb..the combination of sugar maples, oaks, beechpoplars and evergtreens explodes into autumn splendour…food for the eyes and soul..cheers

  55. Kristine Neil says:

    The most Beautiful, brillantly bold, deep rich colors can be found in Penobscot County; all up I95 and rte 2. Come and take an after drive the first couple of weeks of October; shop and eat locally while your leaf-peeping!

  56. Donica Poirier McGougan says:

    Driving on route 14 in Nova Scotia, through Nine Mile River, Rawdon and down to Windsor. It takes your breath away!

  57. Amanda Bennett says:

    My all-time favorite place to see the fall colors is up at the Mt Washington Hotel and the surrounding area. A friend of mine and I try to take an annual fall trip up to the hotel, eat lunch, and drive around- hit the Basin (which is also very beautiful with colors in early October) and enjoy the fall colors- a painting that none other can replicate! 🙂

  58. On the Cabot Trail,N.S driving through the mountains,its beautiful!!!

  59. Catherine Sidney says:

    …out the windows of our home in Saint John’s old north end. Out the front we overlook the river and the trees are huge and magnificent! At the other end of the house we look out on Victoria Square and all the maples are changing to gold and sprinkling their leaves on the green grass – it looks magical!

  60. earl coish says:

    right from my deck in burgoynes cove nl the fall colors are breathtaking with a view of smith sound in the back ground!

  61. earl coish says:

    right from my deck the fall colors are breathtaking with a view of the smith sound behine it

  62. Valerie Finney says:

    Along the Cabot Trail, Cape Breton, NS

  63. Fran says:

    Along Rt. 16 especially near Tuckerman’s Ravine

  64. judi MacLeod says:

    Ingonish Beach, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia , of course!

  65. Greg Wile says:

    Through out the beautiful Annapolis Valley the reds, oranges,yellows and browns mixed with the greens from our mixed pine, spruce and fir forests along the North and South Mountains.

  66. Greg Wile says:

    Through out the beautiful Annapolis Valley The reds, oranges,yellows and browns mixed with the greens of our spruce,fir and pine forests cannot be matched.

  67. Tania Nickerson says:

    Upper Clyde, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia

  68. Giles Theriault says:

    I just took a drive from Isle Madame up to syndney and then back to badeck and I would say near the seal Island bridege was the hight light of the trip!

  69. stephen hull says:

    Kingston Penisula, New Brunswick

  70. My back yard on Locke Lake, Center Barnstead, NH

  71. joanne dunphy says:

    Dingwall NS!

  72. Daphne Lewis says:

    I love looking at the tree along the roadway here in Colliers with all the leaves changing colors.

  73. Julie Lall-Phillips says:

    Cabot Trail, Cape Breton, NS

  74. Cynthia Bennett says:

    corner brook newfoundland

  75. Carol Hornsby says:

    Driving along the Trans- Canada Highway from Fredericton to Edmundston was 3 hour kaleidoscope of incredible colour!

  76. The leaves were beautiful through the Old Guysborough Roadand into the Musquodoboit Valley. Lovely peaceful and pretty drive through the country!

  77. Andrew McKenna says:

    Along Rte 102 by the Saint John River in New Brunswick. Farther from home would have to be the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia.

  78. Anne-Marie Hynes says:

    My favourite place to see the beautiful Fall colours is sitting at my kitchen table overlooking Adams Pond in Paradise Nl. It is always a wonder to see and I never cease to be amazed at the beauty of nature this time of year.

  79. Abigail Hambrook says:

    Around Bearcamp pond or Squam Lake, aka Golden Pond. Just gorgeous-twice as nice with the reflections in the water!

  80. George MacAskill says:

    St. Ann’s along the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

  81. Crystal Parritt says:

    My favorite place to see the fall colors in at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine. You can see all the colors over the lake and if the weather is just right, see Mt. Washington. Just breath taking!

  82. Donna Willis says:

    the lakes region Meredith, NH in particular

  83. Kathy Fisher says:

    I must say that the most beautiful foliage that I have seen would be in Jackson Hole, Wyoming along the Snake River! I have resently moved to this beautiful state and the colors around Bradford looking down off of Lowe Mountain Road truly competes in color.

  84. Many of PEI’s always gorgeous landscapes and seascapes can be seen from most of the places between Wheatley River and New London but the fall colors seem to be particularly vivid when viewed from the top of the hill on which Glasgow Hills Golf Course is situated. The elevation and natural setting gives some outstanding unobstructed views of the Atlantic Ocean & breathtaking beauty of our fall foliage.

  85. larry veinot says:

    Favorte place to see fall foliage is along the Sissiboo River in Weymouth Nova Scotia.

  86. Stacey says:

    Wentworth Valley, NS!!

  87. Margaret MacLeod says:

    Anywhere along the Cabot Trail… Beautiful!

  88. Jamie Nash says:

    anywhere in the Cape Breton Highlands(Cabot Trail), in beautiful Cape Breton

  89. Jill Beuree says:

    Wenworth Valley, NS

  90. Jenn Morse says:

    South Royalton, VT

  91. helen olson says:

    along the annapolis valley its absolutely beautiful

  92. Richard Corkum says:

    Grand Mother Head

  93. Kenny Kingston says:

    On the to sydneu coming through bras dor

  94. Allyson Cobb says:

    The Cove walking trails, Miramichi NB. Beautiful.

  95. Heather Murphy says:

    Sitting on the deck of my house looking up the Caribou river while an eagle flys in front of the bank of coloured leaves…beautiful

  96. Bill Rafuse says:

    The leaves at Trenton Park are breathtaking.

  97. Rosalind says:

    THe best place for leaf peeping and color views is looking south along the Andover Ridge Road in Andover, Vermont.

  98. Roy Mac Leod says:

    on the cabot trail between cheticamp and cape north

  99. glenn Doucette says:

    Anywhere in Newfoundland.

  100. Candice Nereson says:

    Out my front door! We have lots of beautiful trees around our house.

  101. Chris Murphy says:

    Along the many trails in New Hampshire close to Manchester and Concord.

  102. vickie Munn says:

    Along the Miramichi River the colours are spectacular!

  103. Simply on Route 16 in Gorham.

  104. Rita Dufour says:

    All around the Mactaquac Head Pond the view of the fall leaves along the beautiful St. John River is spectacular!

  105. John Olsen says:

    On top of Mont St Anne near Quebec City

  106. jean fortier says:

    Great pond, Frankiin Maine

  107. Rick Cote says:

    Along the highway going towards Berlington VT is nice.

  108. Louise Jensen says:

    On top of any mountain in Maine

  109. Nichole McKinnon says:

    Conway NH has some beautiful views.

  110. Louise Jensen says:

    On top of any moutain in Maine

  111. Suzie Rovell-Rixx says:

    North on I89 between Sunapee and Lebanon

  112. Douglas Nelson says:

    A helicopter flight over Killington Vt. is the beast foliage viewing!

  113. Mireille Bourque says:

    This time on the year it’s hunting season of course … when my husband is gone hunting, I go to our camp close to Havelock, NB and take walks in the wood. I like this time of the year because you can see all the amazing view, and all the different colors the trees have and enjoy the fresh air all at the same time. It’s the best time of the year!!!

  114. kelly libby says:

    My opinion is most anywhere in Maine in the Fall is a really beautiful scene to behold…Especially heading towards Jackman

  115. Carol says:

    The best place for me is here in my home province of PEI. I have just recently moved back after being away for 33 years so needless to say I am thrilled to be able to enjoy the fall season with all the fall colors right here!

  116. Ronald J. LeBlanc says:

    Along the drive to Alma (Fundy Park). Great Fall colors all over.

  117. W.Allen says:

    Along the Medway river near Mill Village, Nova Scotia. On a sunny day the colours take your breath away!

  118. BRUCE NOLL says:


  119. Sharon Wynn says:

    Lake-O-Law on the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, NS

  120. Cheryl Waye says:

    The Christmas mountain area in Northern NB, beautiful in the fall.

  121. John MacPherson says:

    Nova Scotia’s Advocate or Cabot Trail

  122. Sandra Russo says:

    On top of Kearsarge Mt. after climbing the Mount Kearsarge North Trail in Intervale,NH.

  123. Jonathan Moore says:

    Height of Land as you drive north on Maine’s State Route 17 toward the town of Rangeley, a truly breathtaking overlook for enjoying fall colors.

  124. Caroline Hines says:

    Route 302 from Twin Mtn to Conway…..LOVE IT!!

  125. Alan McKay says:

    Marshy Hope along Highway 104.

  126. G Jollymore says:

    From the deck of my camp on the Gold River, NS

  127. Tracy Boyer says:

    Acadia National Park in the Autumn is absolutely beautiful. And if you take a carriage ride, stunning!! To see the sunset and the sunrise on top of Cadillac Mountain is amazing!!

  128. Candice N says:

    The Kancamagus, of course!

  129. Judy Ribeiro says:

    Driving along Rt. 4 from Lebanon to Canaan, looking at Mt. Cardigan and
    all the beautiful, changing colors around it. It makes me glad to live in NH,
    because there are a lot of beautiful places to enjoy the fall colors.

  130. Ellen B says:

    The Kanc in New Hampshire

  131. J.L. Craig says:

    There is the turn just leaving the mainland and approaching the causeway onto Cape Breton that takes my breath away every time!

  132. Richard Dow says:

    Along the Kancamagus Scenic Byway in New Hampshire’s beautiful White Mountain National Forest.

  133. Pamela says:

    Manchester Village VT

  134. Richelle Shackford says:

    Went up to Rangeley, Maine and the ride up through the mountains was B E A U T I F U L. But I also love the serenity of my own little piece of the earth, my yard!

  135. Sheila Sparks says:

    Baxter State Park in Maine, Mount Carleton in New Brunswick and pretty well anywhere in Carleton County

  136. Leif Aoss says:

    Mount Tom, between new Glasgow and Truro. Really spectacular colors.

  137. A. J. Lynch says:

    The Plaster Rock highway. You can see the beautiful colors for miles as you travel up the mountains and are surrounded by the colors as you pass through the valleys.

  138. Sandra Webb says:

    Going towards Laconia and Gilford on the by-pass as you come up over the hill. Very majestic!

  139. lori testut says:

    Island Pond has beautiful foliage along the ponds edge which reflects from the water … pretty amazing … double color !

  140. Jeremy Curtis says:

    Driving threw Barnaby River, NB

  141. Peter McDonald says:

    Anywhere along the Cabot Trail in beautiful Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

  142. Lisa Clark says:

    First In Fitness, Berlin, VT. There is a beautiful view from here.

  143. Barbara Sterling says:

    Danville Green Cemetery in Danville Vt has a great view.

  144. F. Nunes says:

    On a television set, sitting by the seaside in Varadero.

  145. Greg Lutes says:

    The best color was at Centennial Park in Moncton.

  146. Carol Flitton says:

    Long Pond, Lempster, NH

  147. Andrew A. Michaud says:

    Along the Chain of Ponds on the Arnold Trail the colors were magnificent a few weeks ago. Later, a very good spot is Payne Road in Scarborough.

  148. Aletha Mullally says:

    I don’t have to travel far to see the beautiful fall colors. Just down the road from me, on the New Orleans Rd, the colors are spectacular. Our Island is so rich in all those fall vistas

  149. Sharelle Hacker says:

    I love taking walks with my son through Paradise Park in Windsor, VT. There is nothing quite like it!

  150. Driving along Veteran’s Memorial Highway in the vicinity of North River

  151. joan macintyre says:

    My husband is from Northern Cape Breton, N.S. We have a summer place on the Cabot Trail. I was up there this week and came back yesterday. When coming over Smoky and driving along the North Shore, the vibrant colors of red, yellow gold, brown and green were just breath taking. It was like I was driving in a whole new world with the beauty of the mountains and the colors with the sun glistening down upon them. It is the most beautiful place in the world especially when you witness the changing of the colors during this time of year.

  152. DUSTIN says:

    Going to where I live and going out on Lake Sunapee, being out on the water while cruising around seeing the different color leaves, while having the breeze blow around your face, nice crisp air and enjoying a nice day out on Lake Sunapee!

  153. EJ Taylor says:

    Along the Saint John River valley. The colours are wonderful and especially beautiful when viewed from the rivers edge in my kayak!

  154. Dave says:

    Driving through the Franconia Notch, I have lived in the North Country most of my life and the contrast of the colors against the White Mountains is breath-taking. Another favorite area is in the Crawford Notch, coming from Whitefield to North Conway. The Presidential Range with the fall colors is also just as spectacular. The golds, reds, and brilliant orange and yellows make the mountains seem other-worldly.

  155. Naomi Oakes says:

    When I was growing up in White Rock, I used to love it when Dad drove through the Deep Hollow Road. It’s has lots of sharp turns, & you just knew you were in for another treat of beautiful vibrant colours once you turned the corner. Absolutely breath-taking in the Fall. It is still just as breath-taking to this day 🙂 FYI: It’s the road directly across from where the old Horton High School used to be. Try it! It’s a treat.

  156. John Scialdone says:

    Driving along Route 100A through Plymouth down to Ludlow where colors are brilliant.

  157. nancy hart says:

    Driving in PEI anywhere. It’s the breathtaking contrast 0f yellow, brown, gold, red and orange against the blue-green sea, blue sky and red soil.

  158. Deidre Taylor says:

    Hiking the Bluff Trail in Timberlea, NS.

  159. Elise LeBrun says:

    anywhere in Nova Scotia

  160. Elise LeBrun says:

    my own back yard in Bayfield Nova Scvotia

  161. Amanda Brown says:

    My favourite place to view the fall colours is on Campobello Island, looking across the water towards Deer Island, N.B., and Eastport, Maine.

  162. Robin Mac Donald says:

    The Cabot Trail is so lovely this time of year. The beautiful colours and the view of the water makes it a pleasure to be driving.

  163. Linda Downing says:

    At my Brothers Farm in N.B. as we get the land ready for Fall.

  164. The Cabot trail in Cape Breton is a favourite of mine with all the mountains in the back ground and the valleys with the water showing i think it is a awesome view and very beautiful with all the fall colours

  165. Donna Caron says:

    My favorite place would be anywhere along the Connecticut River Valley. The mountains and river reflections make a terrific backdrop for the awesome fall colors that New England has to offer.

  166. Leah Hazelton says:

    My favourite place is a little country road in Yarmouth County where there is a cabin sitting out on the water’s edge–I make an annual trip there every fall to get lots of photos–pictures available if you want to see for yourself

  167. Holly Bright says:

    Sitting on the front porch of Grand Mountain View with Rick. The scenery is breathtaking!

  168. Laurie Garbacz says:

    The Kangamangus highway in the White Mountains of New Hampshire is wonderful for “leaf peeping”

  169. Robert Guild says:

    The Cabot Trail.

  170. Nicole says:

    Top of Bradbury Mountain with my children.

  171. ROBERT PARENT says:

    The White Mountains of N”H”

  172. Jessica Henley says:

    My favorite place to check out the fall colors is in Rumney New Hampshire while rock climbing!!

  173. Charlie Coughlin says:

    The countryside of Vermont has the most vibrant foilage at the peak of the season. Taking a ride through this Green Mountain state takes your breath away when you absorb the colors of what appears to be a “fall rainbow”.

  174. Amy Miller says:

    From the top of Sugarloaf Mountain in Campbellton N.B. overlooking the Restigouche River and into the province of Quebec. Breathtaking!

  175. Dan Mitchell says:

    Bear Notch Road from Bartlett to Albany NH

  176. Jackie Sutton says:

    Saint John River near Queenstown

  177. Dulce O'Hare says:

    Our favorite place to see fall colors is from the top of Killington Peak.

  178. DAMIEN RYAN says:

    my favorite place to see fall colors is TOPSAIL POND NL

  179. Rich says:

    Rockwood, Maine, on Moosehead Lake!

  180. Marcella Houle says:

    My favorite place to see the fall colors is on our Harley at the Kancamagus Highway next to Conway and Ossippee.

  181. Lisa McKenzie says:

    Easy from Rt. 89 from NH all the way through to Vermont. This is the most beautiful ride in all of NH and the Foilage is a Leaf Peapers dream.

  182. Debbie Burnham says:

    Top of Kings Highway in White River Junction, VT!

  183. alex parsons says:

    Sitting on my patio in eastern passage enjoying a tea and talking to my wife while enjoying all the fall colours.

  184. Wendy Dinning says:

    Our back yard in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia. The colours reflected in the lake are superb.

  185. Nancy Burke says:

    My favorite place to see the beauty of fall is on the south mountain of the Annapolis Valley in Port Lorne. The sunsets on the water are amazing! Also pretty cool after dark to see lights from New Brunswick across the Bay, hard to believe it’s that close.

  186. Maurice says:

    The White Mountains of NH around North Conway………

  187. Lorraine Gailey says:

    The Annapolis Valley in and around the lovely town of Wolfville, NS, is a definitely favourite of mine for a stunningly beautiful fall outing.

  188. JCain says:

    Out on Lake Sunapee where I live.

  189. Karen Colby says:

    Along the Kangamungus Highway in the White Mountains of NH!

  190. Jim says:

    On a Fall day, leaves dropping and the sun out, no doubt about a ride along US route 7 from Old Bennington (VT), south through the Berkshires of Massachusetts.

  191. Donald Brown says:

    Along Route 244 in West Fairlee where you can look across the lake to view the colors on the farther bank as it climbs over the foot hills

  192. Nancy K. Caron says:

    Alexandria, NH has spectacular leaf peeping sites as you hike a grand variety of trails to the summit of Mt. Gilman, Mt Cardigan and Firescrew mountains.

  193. Margaret Almeida says:

    Looking out over Cathedral Ledge Conway NH

  194. Along Vermont Scenic Highway 17 in the Mad River Valley. Late September is always the best right before most leaf peepers even think there is color in Vermont!

  195. Stew Arkwell says:

    Bonshaw Hills – PEI

  196. TERRY NEFF says:


  197. Sharon Dunn says:

    Anywhere in my beautiful province of PEI. It is especially lovely driving along Hwy. 1 from Summerside to Charlottetown, with the various farms and the rolling hills, but from West Prince and all along Hwy. 2 is also worth the drive.

  198. jay odonald says:

    From a farm on the Ossipee Mountain Road, near the max elevation. You get a great view of the mountain side looking approximately NNE

  199. Barbara Newton says:

    Driving on Route 4 from Killington, VT to Woodstock, VT.

  200. Theresa D. MacKinnon says:

    The Cabot Trail is just spendid with all colors..this year, it is absolutely beautiful!!..All of Cape Breton has beautiful Fall colors but the Cabot Trail has to be the best place to view them, take pictures and an experience you will never forget!!

  201. Sam Muise says:

    would love to see the Cabot Trail or any where in Cape Breton

  202. Jamo says:

    The beautiful state of Maine, the way life should be!

  203. Jim Snodgrass says:

    The road throught Harrisville NH. The foliage around Harrisville lake with the contrast of the dark waters of the lake on a still day is striking.

  204. Ken Hickey says:

    I’m originally from Northern New Brunswick (Campbellton), which is one of the nicest places to experience the fall colours, but the old highway along the South shore of Nova Scotia is not to be missed. (St. Margarets’ Bay, Mahone Bay, Lunenburg, Chester, Bridgewater). The highway winds its’ way along the waters’ edge and the colours are spectacular….Enjoy!

  205. Mary Stevens says:

    Bishopville Road, Hants County or the view from my sunporch

  206. Elissa Frost says:

    My favorite place to visit to see fall foliage is Nordic Village in Jackson, NH! Beautiful and romantic!

  207. David Delgado says:

    At the Summerside Rotary Friendship park (PEI)

  208. Brian Rogers says:

    Anywhere in beautiful Albert County NB

  209. Kathleen E A Phelan says:

    although I’m not from Cape Breton…Anywhere along the Cabot Trail…Spectacular!!!!..Breathtaking!!!!

  210. Joycelyn Canning says:

    On Upper Main Street in Parrsboro.

  211. Steve Cook says:

    My favorite place on earth to view the fall foliage is to travel along Route 100 North by Jay Peak in Vermont. The great thing is that the foliage starts a little earlier up there so you get an early glimpse of what is to come. As the foliage migrates from North to South you are able to see the transition from peak foliage to early foliage along that route. A stop at the Jay Country Store for warm apple cider or some Green Mountain Coffee and cider donuts tops it all off! Have fun this foliage season everyone! Come to Vermont!

  212. Joe Gearin says:

    Rye, NH. The seacoast is usually the last to have the great Reds and Yellows, but with the ocean and the colors. late Oct, early November, make is great viewing.

  213. Hazel Coates says:

    The old road from Amherst to Springhill is beautiful this time of year in the Fenwick area. However everywhere I’ve travelled in the Maritimes is beautiful whether it be the Sussex to Saint John valley road or Cape Breton Highlands. We live in the most beautiful area in the world!

  214. Les Coleman says:

    The Cabot Trail just north of Cheticamp long the coast in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

  215. Carlos E. Tejeda says:

    I would have to say at the top of Mt. Kearsarge on a crisp sunny fall afternoon.

  216. Patick Miglorie says:

    Anywhere in the state of vermont is the best.Thats what we love.

  217. Jan Abbott says:

    Right in my own back yard

  218. JOHN THORNTON says:

    Out my front window overlooking Lake Banook.

  219. Becky says:

    St. Johnsbury, Vermont!!!

  220. George Warchol says:

    From Waterville to Bangor on Route 95.

  221. Lloyd St Croix says:

    My favorite would be driving on the provinces west coast along Birthy Lake & Sandy Lake.

  222. Barbara Griffith says:

    From the top of Shrewsbury Peak where one can see the White Mountains, the Green Mountains, Ascutney Mountain, Monadnock Mt in all their breath taking splendor…it doesn’t get much better than this!

  223. Dave M says:

    At Bear Brook State Park in my canoe while paddling the pond

  224. John K. says:

    In my own yard and around the Grand Lake area

  225. Shannon Meisner says:

    Driving the 101 towards the Valley. Such a dramatic display of colors and beauty!

  226. Jane Sheridan says:

    Rte 4 in NH on my way to Maine

  227. Rose Riley says:

    Buck Lake. It is a gem of a spot, protected by the surrounding hills. Incredible root systems of fallen trees emphasis the effect. Unspoiled and remote

  228. Natalie Gillard says:

    My seven year old daughter said “on top of a princess tower”!

  229. Rob Nurse says:

    Cabot Trail, N.S.

  230. Michael Molyneux says:

    Driving up Route 89 from New London to Lebanon

  231. Marla MacKenzie says:

    OR the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton Island – wonderful this time of year.

  232. Marla MacKenzie says:

    Close to the large church in Vernon River PE there’s a hill overlooking a bit of a valley, towards Uigg or towards Vernon Bridge. For the last two weeks that view has been red, orange and yellow.

  233. Michael says:

    No better place than in my own backyard looking down the path into the woods.

  234. Meri Costa says:

    Its beautiful coming over the notch on the way home from work.

  235. Jaime House says:

    I like driving up Alton Mt and looking across the lake at all the foliage, it is so peaceful and serene to me to take in the view. Its almost like a picture perfect painting.

  236. Bill O'Reilly says:

    Last week on a drive from Saint John to Halifax through the Wentworth Valley area is was late afternoon and the sun getting low on the horizon with the fall colours was just spectacular.

  237. Kim Sanphy says:

    I think the best views were on our hike up to Mount Washington from the Cog railroad. You could see the Mount Washington Hotel and the presidential range!!

  238. Elizabeth says:

    Last weekend Strawberry Banke had best darker brilliant red colors than saw in much of white mountain region all fall!

  239. HUMERA CHISHTI says:

    Odell park in Fredericton, NB.

  240. Melissa Loughan says:

    Lake Hortonia is lovely in the autumn!

  241. PAUL COMEAU says:

    My favorite place to see the fall colours is on the Road to Resources between Bathurst and St.Quentin ,New Brunswick.

  242. Chris Evans says:

    Along the White Point Rd outbound from Liverpool.

  243. I sit at my kitchen table enjoying the colours and my morning coffee/tea. I can look out the window and see the fall colours of red, orange, yellow & green of the treess across the river and beside the bridge of the tresle trail.

  244. Mary Moeykens says:

    In the NH White Mountains.

  245. Wolfgang Faig says:

    Driving north from Westfield on Rte. 177 along the Nerepis river.

  246. Denise Leafe says:

    Looking out my back window at all the lovely colors, always makes me glad I live where I do!

  247. Mary Buck says:

    From the top of Cathedral Ledge in North Conway

  248. Sherry Gambin -W says:

    The best place to marvel at the fall colours is en route to work. I commute an hour an 20 minutes twice a day but on my way in I come to a T in the road that displays miles of fall colours around a beautiful river.

  249. Joanne Cross says:

    I love driving through the country of Bedford, NH to Townsend, MA to visit my son and daughter. Each week the colors are changing. Fall is my families favorite time of year.

  250. Amiee Powers says:

    On Camels Hump in Waterbury/Duxbury, Vermont…A very beautiful hike.

  251. Tim Tower says:

    Cape Breton Highlands Park – there’s NOTHING like it!

  252. Donna Richard says:

    Walking trought the beautiful color of fall I count my blessing that I can see all those beautiful different colors and enjoy the beauty of fall.

  253. Kevin Truland says:

    The road up Prospect Hill to Weeks State Park in Lancaster, NH

  254. Bruce Robinson says:

    All I have to do is look out over Hunt Pond in my back yard to see the colors. The reflections in the water on a clear day add a little spice to the view.

  255. Merrill Pineau says:

    Rattenbury Road , Route 2 P. E. I.

  256. cecelia says:

    Ingonish, Cape breton….beautiful!!

  257. judy dixon says:

    Cape Breton Island has the most beautiful display of fall colours that you ever want to see!!!brings a warm and cosy feeling into my heart and home,,,,,,,LOVE the fall!!!!

  258. kathy keeffe says:

    Along the Kangamagus from Lincoln to N.Conway,NH

  259. Bonnie Brown says:

    The Wentworth Valley while on my way to see my new grandson 🙂

  260. Norm Ouimette says:

    Waterville Valley , New Hampshire

    On top of Welch ,Dickey Mountains

  261. D says:

    Driving over Mt. Cube in the sunshine

  262. Kelly Hiscock says:

    Driving up Waterford Bridge Road on a sunny fall day with all the different color leaves overhanging both sides of the road from the mature properties in St. John’s, NL.

  263. Leonard Lye says:

    Driving along the trans canada highway almost anywhere in Newfoundland.

  264. Deborah says:

    beautiful St.John River Valley

  265. Elliot Grover says:

    Kancamagus Trail – always splendid

  266. Florence Blount says:

    On the road to Doaktown, the colours are so brilliant and breathtaking.

  267. Moira Lye says:

    Most anywhere in New Brunswick, the autumn colours are so beautiful it makes you appreciate the 4 seasons.

  268. Juanita Morrison says:

    enjoy drives in local countryside

  269. Gina says:

    Driving between Scarborough and Gray. As the scenery rolls on and the buildings give way to the trees, there are more and more colors – brilliant red, sunburst orange, engaging yellow and as always the evergreens all mixed together is why I would never leave Maine!

  270. Kelly Bissell says:

    There are two or three roads that I know of around lake Winni where you get a beautiful view of the lake with the mountains and all their foliage colors in the background. There are so many beautiful spots around the lakes region that it’s hard to pick only one!

  271. Clayton Gross says:

    The trees in our back yard are as pretty as any where in vermont.

  272. Mark Hutchins says:

    Anywhere in the Rangeley, ME area.

  273. MJS says:

    In the Monadnock area driving toward Mt Monadnock

  274. Bruce Driscoll says:

    Because we live just off the Saint John River, near Oromocto and Fredericton, we travel across all 3 river bridges in our area, plus the smaller bridges on the Oromocto River. The colours catch our eye every trip we take, and when the air is still and the rivers high, as they are now after the rains, you alomost fall into the reflections of the trees and leaves, like long, sinewy still-life paintings.

  275. Mary Ellen says:

    My own backyard. I look out onto about 100 acres behind me that isn’t mine, and my property is the most treed on the street. I anticipate each tree’s turning. Each morning I start my day and each evening I end my day sitting and looking at the majestic artistry.

  276. Erin donaldson says:

    I love going out onthe trail on the 4 wheeler. The beautiful leaves, wildlife, and crisp air.

  277. Susanne Winters says:

    Anywhere in this beautiful Annapolis Valley that I go, I am in AWE!!! Along the 101, driving through Wolfville and area, viewing both of the mountains, everywhere!

  278. lbuote says:

    around the lakes region and Franconia Notch

  279. Mike says:

    From our camp on Lake Winnisquam – hard to close camp up in October when the scenery is so beautiful.

  280. Fran Miller says:

    Our front porch at Camp ) Harvey’s Lake. Can see the mountains and the mirror image
    in the lake/ two pictures.

  281. Sharon Bowie says:

    Looking out to Messer Pond from our back deck!

  282. ellen beals says:

    i think the view from parker hill in rockingham is beautiful

  283. gail stoddard says:

    threw out Nova Scotia we are so lucky to live in such a bautiful part of the world 🙂

  284. gail stoddard says:

    going up threw the Valley and all of Nova Scotia

  285. david millard says:

    Along the shore of Country Harbour, Nova Scotia, from the car or the canoe, the fall colors are spectacular.

  286. Betty says:

    in the city parks

  287. Austin Wilson says:

    Being in the military and driving back and forth from Moncton to Gagetown for training or conferences, the drive in the fall is so much better than any other time of year. The beautiful fall colors are a magnificent site to see. I love the red leaves the best.

  288. Carol Corwin says:

    From just about anywhere in Acadia National Park. Especially while biking.

  289. Dolores Sarette says:

    A ride to Sugar Hill New Hampshire and taking in all the beauty fall has to offer.

  290. Lisa Pepin says:

    I love the foliage around lake Massabesic the best. When you look into the calm waters you can see a reflection of all of the fabulous fall colors. It feels like you are surrounded by a warm orange blanket.

  291. Dolores Sarette says:

    Taking a ride to Sugar Hill New Hampshire.

  292. Elizabeth says:

    Driving home from work – makes the hard day easier.

  293. Michele Bigelow says:

    In my own backyard. I have a lovely local view, and the fall colors are fabulous!

  294. Kevin McNABB says:

    Right here at home. We live at high elevation and can enjoy the wonderful fall colours in all directions.

  295. Ross Monaghan says:

    I find the best foliage is up I89 from Grantham, NH to Lebanon, NH.

  296. Dave LaRocque says:

    From the top of any New England ski area.

  297. Sue Gilman says:

    I find my own back yard. The property looks totally different with all the beautiful colors. Some leaves are so bright that you think the sun is shining. It so nice being able to enjoy the colors without leaving home.

  298. Rolf Tomlins says:

    from a canoe in Algonquin Park

  299. jean hillsgrove says:

    take a ride up around the lakes fro a beautiful picture perfet sitting

  300. Susan duplessis says:

    My favorite spot is the rotary friendship park in summerside it is a beautiful place to see the fall colors

  301. lorraine hearn says:

    I have a great view of the Salmonier Arm with an abundance of fall foliage right across the bay.

  302. Ernest Maillet says:

    Annapolis Vally

  303. Phil Moir says:

    The road between Parrsboro to just past Advocate.

  304. Will Rittmeyer says:

    Kangamangus NH

  305. michael maguire says:

    At the top of Miller state park, great views !!!

  306. Janice Gallego says:

    The Notch in Franconia, NH on top of Cannon Mountain.

  307. Tom St. George says:

    Terra Nova National Park, NL

  308. Joseph Driscoll says:

    Bradbury Mountain State Park Pownal, ME

  309. Laura Rorick says:

    I love to watch the colors of fall from my farmers porch. With money being tight, we opt for staying home rather than driving too much.

  310. Jack Moors says:

    Been admiring them all over Nova Scotia, from my window at home, at the cottage, and a recent trip To Cape Breton. However, Dartmouth has so many beautiful hils of beautiful trees.

  311. Robin Jamieson says:

    My Yard.

  312. Carol Clifford says:

    The Kangamangus Highway, NH

  313. Laurie Demers says:

    Franconia Notch, NH

  314. Trevor M says:

    Coxheath Mountain, Cape Breton

  315. Don Cameron says:

    Fundy National Park

  316. Cathy Jack says:

    I would have to say the beautiful Cabot Trail Cape Breton Nova Scotia Canada.

  317. KE DAmore says:

    May sound silly, but just looking out my own windows — any of them! Pelham, NH rocks!

  318. Lorraine Gagne says:

    A drive across the Kanc in the White Mountains.

  319. kelsey pynch says:

    the valley all over is beautiful in the fall

  320. donna cahill says:

    route 100, downside of terrible mt entering ludlow. vista overlooking dams on left is magnificent every year.

  321. Mary Bromberg says:

    From the top of the Thomas Hill Standpipe in Bangor, ME, on its fall open house day.

  322. Bob Leamy says:

    Along Cedar St. Fair Haven,VT Maples and oakes have great red and orange colors

  323. Chris says:

    Driving down our neighborhood hill.

  324. Chris DeVol says:

    There is nothing more beautiful or thrilling then riding my Harley on the Kangamangus Highway in Lincoln, NH at this time of the year!

  325. Dawn Ashley says:

    Right out the back door!!

  326. Robert Sarnoff says:

    North Road, Barnard, VT

  327. Christopher Wagner says:

    Especially nice this year was all along VT Route 16 from Hardwick to Westmore.

  328. Michael Ashley says:

    Though out the Northeast Kingdom, Definitely

  329. Wendy says:

    I love looking out over Forest Lake and seeing the fall colors reflect off the water – beauty at its best!

  330. Ian Booth says:

    the fall foilage is to go over Brandon gap to Rt 100 and go south. The colors are beautiful on the hills

  331. Marilynn Edmondson says:

    Carnival Hill in Wilton while watching my granddaughter’s soccer game

  332. Leanna Closson says:

    My favorite place to view the fall colors is right in my back yard!

  333. E. Houle says:

    I like viewing the foliage in the northern NH notches, Pinkham, Crawford, Dixville, and Franconia.

  334. Karen Capps says:

    My favorite way to view fall foliage is to drive up to the white mountains and across the Kancamagus Highway. There is nothing more beautiful then New England in the fall.

  335. Judi Imperato says:

    I love to look out my windows at home and see all the beautiful trees changing day to day.

  336. robert nahirnak says:

    marshy hope NS on the the way to antigonish.

  337. Lisa Bordage says:

    My favorite place is driving up my street with all the big old trees, the intense colors of red, orange and yellows. Looks like a picture…

  338. M Roberts says:

    My favorite place to see fall colours is the Wentworth Valley, Wentworth, Nova Scotia; the array of colours was so brilliant this year, I almost had to wear sunglasses. Reds, yellows, orange, with a touch of remaining green could not have painted a better picture of fall. Absolutely spectacular – makes one really appreciate the seasons and the beautiful country we live in.

  339. darlene collier says:

    My favorite place to view the fall foilage is anywhere in Elgin, NB and then along the Golf course in Fundy National Park….lets face it…anywhere in good ole New Brunswick is a great place to see the fall colours!!!!!

  340. RON STEVENS says:


  341. Benoit Laflamme says:

    I love driving the route 8 between Miramichi to Fredericton in the fall. It is definitely a good reason to find a good excuse to make it to Capital City!

  342. Laura May Cook says:

    My favorite place to see Fall colors is along the Lahave River, on the way to Bridgewater.
    Although I can enjoy them anywhere we see them. The prettiest I have seen this year were between Bridgewater and Shelburne. Simply gorgeous!

  343. Dick says:

    Nothing beats the great north woods of New Hampshire !!

  344. susheela s says:

    my enjoy seeing fall colors is from Clifton to Calais on route 9 in Maine.

  345. pami parminder says:

    I love driving around during fall

  346. Tracey Blackmore says:

    My favourite place to view fall is driving to my parents home and when driving into the community, the road side is red, orange, yellow and gold…beautiful. That with the combination of the wood burning stoves…is truly amazing!

  347. Tina Estabrooks says:

    My favorite way to view fall foilage is to take a drive along the Saint John River between Grand Bay-Westfield and Gagetown. The water is sparkling, the mountains are alight with color and the farming fields are spotted with cattle and hay bails. It reminds me of why I live right here.

  348. Darrell chiavari says:

    My favorite place to see Fall colors is along the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The colors are just exquisite.

  349. Shawn says:

    Hampshire Hill Road in Worcester, VT

  350. Adam Joyce says:

    My favorite place to see Fall at its best is Victoria Park in Charlottetown. Beautiful this time of year.

  351. Kellie St Jacques says:

    My favorite spot to go int he fall to see the beautiful colors is on top of a mountin in the white mountains lincolin NH

  352. Rachel Brown says:

    My grandchildren are going to college in South Portland Maine, and I loved the colors up there with the ocean as a back-drop.

  353. Ian Booth says:

    To go over Brandon gap to Rochester and then south towards Whiteriver

  354. Ivanka Grgic says:

    My back Jard .Beautiful colors.I can see every day so much I want to.

  355. Brandt Denniston says:

    Along NH Rte 114 in Springfield.

  356. Joe Esposito says:

    I live in the woods and am literally surrounded by reds, yellows and browns. This spot in Amherst is my favorite spot.

  357. Joe Esposito says:

    I live in the woods and am literally surrounded by yellows, reds and browns everywhere I look. This spot in Amherst is my favoorite spot ‘

  358. Liz Koelsch says:

    My place is simple. It is along route 10 between Newport, NH and Grantham, NH.

  359. Lizz Beattie says:

    The best place to see the all of nature’s beauty of the beautiful leaves is anyplace overlooking the Annapolis Valley. Our home is situated on the North Mountain overlooking the valley floor and the view from our very own back patio is worth a million dollars. The view is simply stupendous and sitting there with a nice hot cup of tea, makes one just happy to be alive and able to enjoy the majestic view!

  360. Karen Phillips says:

    Prince Edward Island is the most beautiful place to see the fall colors. The beauty is spectacular: the gentle rolling hills colored with the changing leaves, the red earth of the potato fields and the golden fields of cut grains next to the blue of the ocean. It is something special.

  361. Jane Lennox says:

    Driving West on St. George Blvd. near Centennial Park in Moncton, NB, is a beautiful display of Fall colours without leaving the city.

  362. Kevin Ort says:

    My Favorite place to see fall foliage is literally right in my back yard. We live in rural NH in a wooded area and we have a larger variety of trees in the forest surrounding our property. Every year there is a riot of colors right there in our own yard in Hopkinton.

  363. Phil Harford says:

    Sugar Hill, NH which is north of Franconia Notch provides a panoramic view of the White Mtns in full color and also offers plenty of colorful maples, birch, and oaks itself in this picturesque New England town.

  364. Karlene Stoddard says:

    The White mountains as most of the rest of leaves have fallen.

  365. Gary McGill says:

    I always enjoy going to Moosehead lake (Greenville Maine) to see the changing colors. Plenty of good eats and plenty of good people to converse with.

  366. A Cummings says:

    For work I used to drive between Fredericton and Dalhousie NB. The fall colors along that drive are absolutely beautiful accompanied with the scenery through the province is just wonderful this time of year.

  367. S Noordsy says:

    The best place is on 89 N between New London Exit 12 and Grantham Exit 13. Get off at the Grantham exit and go north on RT 10. The colors are always vivid

  368. Joe McAskill says:

    I think through the hills in Caledonea on PEI has some of the nicest colours.

  369. John W. Adams says:

    Londonderry, Vermont, in the valley below Magic Mountain has gorgeous colors this year.

  370. Joan Shaw says:

    I love the drive up along the St. John River from Fredericton to the cut off to Harvey Station. The drive through the woods to Harvey is gorgeous in October. Then a walk in the woods behind my brother’s house is brilliant. Coming back home, if you go back to Fredericton via the Hanwell Road, yet another painted vista awaits you. My favorite time of the year!

  371. Pastor Tom says:

    Perhaps one of the best places to see fall foliage is along River Road in Dorchester, NH. The road and the river chase each other for a better part of the distance and at times parallel one another closely. The mix of water, sun, and leaves makes for a feast for the eyes. The mix of babbling water, rustling leaves, and other forest sounds are unmatched by the best of DJs. To drive, walk, or sit along this road and river is a must for any foliage hunter.

  372. Laura Kiefer says:

    The views from the Tripyramids are worth the hike!

  373. Nate Lambert says:

    The best place to view the leaves is from the deck of a pontoon boat overlooking Squam lake in Holderness NH. Best view is from a rock pile called diamond ledge just off of great island. You can see the whole Squam range and the Sandwich range as well.

  374. B MacInnis says:

    Nothing beats the Cape Breton Highlands park for fall colours. Absolutely beautiful.

  375. linda macdonald-kenney says:

    Hopewell footbridge in Hopewell Nova scotia…is breathtaking!!

  376. Robert Bailey says:

    After working in a family business for 44 years we bought a 2nd home in Springfield, VT. My favorite place to view the fall colors is all around our home in Summer Hill Road Springfield. We are close to farms, an orchard and a golf course.

  377. David Ruiz says:

    Why in the Green Mountain state of Vermont ofcourse! It’s been beautiful in the central part around the Stowe/Waterbury area. Lots of scenic backroads along the Winooski River and even great views from the highways! Come experience it all and enjoy a delicious cup of Green Mountain Coffee or a hot apple cider along the way 🙂

  378. M Rae says:

    The Blue Ridge Parkway where it runs through Western North Carolina in the Cherokee-Asheville area is incredible. Bonus: it peaks after New England, so you can see both.

  379. jody sherman says:

    HI—– I STILL think the most beautiful display of colors is here in good old Vermont, but I may be prejudiced!! In this state, the Mad River Valley can be absolutely spectacular!

  380. Diana Kennedy says:

    I think the best place to see fall colors ,was our drive from St Stephen to Campbellton ..N.B.The colors were amazing….along with the displays at little roadside vendors ,selling pumpkins and apples…..The colors along the mountain ridges were breathtaking… 🙂
    as well as along the Restigouche River….

  381. june cosselman says:

    the best place to see the fall colors are through the kangamangus highway north on 302 to crawford notch, absolutely breathtaking seeing the silver cascade falls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  382. jme309 says:

    My favorite place to see the fall colors is my porch.

  383. Nancy Feeny says:

    From the center of Merry Meeting Lake looking all around you and it all reflects out of the water too…just breathtaking!

  384. Denyce Wallace says:

    The best place to see the Fall Colors is ANYWHERE in NH with my 10 yr old son. They say “thru the eyes of a child” you see only purity, brightness, and sheer innocence. On a recent drive in Bow, my 10 yr old decribed the different colors and shapes using his own unique and genuine launguage, often “seeing” colors and beauty and little red Power Rangers shapes- that I had missed! Such undeniable beauty can really only be appreciated when you truely look “thru the eyes of a child”!

  385. Alan Mathieu says:

    Along Rt 2 between Skowhegan And Rumford, in the Maine mountains and river valleys

  386. Lydia Fife says:

    Driving from St. Andrews, NB to anywhere is a like entering into a veritable picture postcard full of Autumn reds, oranges, yellows, light and dark greens, and browns – Nature’s canvas, a delight to the eyes and the soul. The late blooms of asters and dandelions and the odd flower here and there make the Fall here in New Brunswick a place to savor with inner delight.

  387. robert young says:

    I’m perfectly happy viewing the colors from my outside deck. We are surrounded by trees and fields, and the best part is NO PEEPERS cluttering up my view or polluting the auditory environment with their motorcycles or SUV’s. Happy to have you come up and leave your money, just stay on 89, 93, or 95 and out of our pleasant little towns.

    Oh — and have a nice day….

  388. Sally says:

    My favorite place is right here at home in Kildare Capes, PEI.

  389. JAMES CASEY REID says:

    The best place is the Cabot trail. There are many spots along the trail that are very colourful , depending on the direction and light….

  390. Lou LaBounty says:

    The best place to see the beautiful fall colors is between W. Hartford and Sharon Vt on Rt 89 north looking off to the west, above the white river. The hills and valleys vary the colors, especially when the sun is shining over them. A number of a variety of trees vary the colors and it is breathtaking, especially at peak.

  391. christa Franke says:

    Route 28 and then 16 from Wolfeboro to Conway has some beautiful scenery. I especially love looking at Mount Chocorua with the lake below.

  392. Ellen Arnold says:

    Prospect Mountain in Lancaster at the Weeks Estate. The views are breathtaking.

  393. Pam says:

    right in my own backyard

  394. Bruce Tucker says:

    Vermont—Only Vermont. Even the browns are gorgeous! Driving down Route 100, through the valleys. Traveling up I-89 the sky is so, so blue and the mountains are on fire. Everywhere you look is a blessing, and that is why folks say that being in Vermont is the closest place to heaven you can get while alive.

  395. M.P. Power says:

    Bowering Park, St. John’s, Newfoundland

  396. Roy Mac Leod says:

    between Cheticamp and Cape North

  397. Diane Ryan says:

    You have never see the fall colors in a better place than Salmonier NL. The entire 30 min stretch of highway offers a breath taking view of Fall in full glory at every turn. Surrounding the many salmon rivers and of course the Nature park, you can just watch the vast array of colors almost change before your eyes!!!
    It is a sight to behold indeed as is all parts of our beautiful province.

  398. Dave says:

    The best place to see fall colors is at the top of the Gile Mountain firetower near Dartmouth College. My friends and I go every year to enjoy the 360 degree panorama.

  399. Darryl S says:

    Deep in the woods.

  400. zapgar says:

    On Lake Winnipesaukee’s shores. The leaves turn later due to the warmth of the lake…. at least that’s my theory.

  401. William Michell says:

    Rangley Maine going to Bethel Maine over “The Hight of Land” Looks down on the lakes an provides an incredable view.

  402. Kim Branscombe says:

    The most beautiful place to see the fall foliage is in Pabineau Falls near Bathurst, NB. The colours are amazing and the falls so loudly roar in symphony with the wind in the leaves. Truly, a maritime treasure chest of red, gold of the leaves and sparkle of the water. All this can be enjoyed by visiting the lovely little city of Bathurst where a blend of english and french gives rise to a friendly place that all can enjoy!

  403. Barb V says:

    The best place to see fall colours is Hunter River, PEI – the rolling hills of beautiful changing leaves speckled with green softwood trees are staggered with yellow harvested crop fields, the bare red soil of potato fields being dug up, and old farmhouses along the hills with their lucious green lawns. On a blue sky day it’s a beautiful drive!

  404. Robin says:

    This year I visited Smuggler’s Notch in Northern VT and found the colors magnificent! The reds and burgandy tones were excellent this year. One day, I was able to venture through a trail and the path was covered with lovely colorful leaves, so grateful for the opportunity.

  405. Mike Johnston says:

    Many, Many places in Atlantic Canada are beautiful in the fall. But the one I have most enjoyed for view is the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton. Since you travel through valleys, you see the sides of the mountains covered with multiple colors. Then you go into the mountains, and in some spots look down into the lower areas and sides of mountains with their rich fall flora. I am from PEI, but a fall trip to Cape Breton is always rewarding in late October.

  406. Jim Hanlon says:

    I enjoy a hike up Mt Willard at the top of Crawford notch. The view through the notch from the top of the ledges above the cliff on Mt Willard is un-matched for such a short hike in all of the White Mountains.

    You get to enjoy the foliage on your drive up through Franconia notch and then up route 3 and Twin Mountain area and down route 302 past the Mount Washington Hotel.

    After viewing all those wonderful areas with many outlooks you stop at Crawford depot. Then after a hike of 1.6 miles about one hour and fifteen minutes your reward is not only fresh air and exercise but a fantastic view of the whole of Crawford notch.

  407. Colette Theriault says:

    just made a trip to Edmundston and when I left home, St-Martins, NB….I had to stop in a the Senior home on Main St…and coming out of the drive way…there were 3 gigantic trees…red, flamboyant red…had never seen them so red and so gorgeous…was just baffled with this view… we then drove 5 hours up north…nice scenic route nice trees everywhere…but nothing like those gigantic trees, I had seen in the morning…on the Main st of St-Martins, NB

    have a great fall/winter everyone!

  408. krista flower theriault says:

    I see the most beautiful folage from my fromt window. My house sits high on a hill and i get to see the leaves in my front lawn, down the hill, and across the landscape below. It so pretty….

  409. krista flower theriault says:

    I see the most beautiful folage from my fromt window. My house sits high on a hill and i get to see the leaves in my front lawn, down the hill, and across the landscape below. It so pretty.

  410. Fred Schlabach says:

    I am always impressed with the fall colors along route 100 in Vermont, especially between Ludlow and Weston. Also the higher elevations around the Killington, Woodstock area are quite spectacular.

  411. Julie Stinchfield says:

    Right from my own back porch in Wakefield, NH is the best place to view the colors!

  412. Brenda Allen says:

    Robb Reservoir in Stoddard NH from a kayak. It’s like you’re in the middle of nowhere with all the mountain colors around you. So peaceful & quiet!

  413. I love all the beautiful colors of the trees , gold, red, orange ,yellow when I walk on the BLT Rails for Trails in Timberlea. It’s so awesome this time of year, especially on a sunny day.

  414. Steve C says:

    The Kancamagus Highway in the southern end of the White Mountains of NH.

  415. M Philbin says:

    Most colorful…Traveling on Rt 2 North in Jefferson, NH Northern NH, near and around the Mt. Washington . The sunset really shows the purple mountain majesty.

  416. D Barbour says:

    From the summit of Mount Moosilauke in the White Mountains. You can see the colors change in 3 states and they are magnificant!!

  417. S Cottle says:

    The best place is right out the back door! Maples, birches, and other deciduous trees having their colors contrast against the deep greens of the hemlocks, pines, and firs–it is perfect! We don’t have to go somewhere else to see autumn’s great color show–it’s all around us.

  418. Dorothy says:

    I just went to PEI today and it was beautiful!

  419. Dianne Fitch says:

    The most magnificent places to see the foliage are on dirt back roads that follow a stream or are near water. The smell of the leaves and the sun reflections are mesmerizing.

  420. Brian M says:

    I like to see the colors anywhere along Indian mountain road. some areas you can see vast blankets of color. and its also nice when the sun is setting. I would also imagine anywhere along the many windmills on caledonia(?) mountain would be a nice sight too.

  421. Jane Haskell says:

    along the Maine coast from crossing the Penobscot River across the Narrows Bridge and then along Rt 1 as it follows the coast all the way to Calais before entering New Brunswick. The blue of the ocean combined with the deep oranges, red, yellows, browns, purples and greens of the conifers is stunning.

  422. N Baker says:

    The best place to see the fall colors is driving through the White Mountains to the Green Mountains. It is a beautiful, peaceful drive to enjoy the colors of the season and the backdrop of the Old New England Architecture.

  423. marjorie thibaault says:

    the best places to see the fall colors is every place in the maritimes.

  424. M Turner says:

    Along the St. Mary’s river, between Sherbrooke and Stillwater

  425. linda larivee says:

    the most beautiful foliage i have seen is in Stowe Vermont with it’s mountains.

  426. Conrad LeLièvre says:

    The best place to see the fall leaves is on a leisurely drive through the Gaspereau Valley. The leaves blend in with the vineyards. the best tine is early morning or late afternoon, when the sun is low in the sky.

  427. Cindy L. says:

    My favorite place is on Drews Lake in New Limerick, Maine. Standing by the camp and looking out over the lake is the most beautiful place I know.

  428. Pat Cloutier says:

    Just got back from PA. and Ohio. Going through Connecticut was beautiful but nothing compared to the sights on Interstate 76. Wow!

  429. P. Bungay says:

    All over Nova Scotia is great for seeing the fall colors especially the Cabot Trail and Shubie Park trail.

  430. Scott Mallard says:

    My favorite place to see the fall colors are every dirt road on PEI! The Brazel Road in Bethel, is my favorite in particular!

  431. Kelly Caterino says:

    White Mountains for sure. One of my favorite places is to take a ride through Jefferson Notch and if you are there around sunset the view from the Cog Railway is phenomenal.

  432. david keeping says:

    I have been all over Cape Breton Island and every time i think i have seen the best , around the turn is another eye poping picture ,from along the Bras d,or lakes to the top of kellys mountain ,on Isle Madame,and down thrught the Margaree valley, every place on cape breton is peace of heaven

  433. Gail says:

    The best fall colors are along the Gander River near Gander,NL.

  434. Ernest Carver says:

    We have travelled through the eastern United States as well as the magnificent Wentworth Valley and beautiful Cape Breton to see the beautiful fall foliage. While each is beautiful in its own unique way I am always amazed at the beautiful foliage I see every day this time of the year , when I gaze out my front window at the bouquet of colour just across the meadow here on beautiful Prince Edward Island.

  435. Ann Buchanan says:

    if you want to see the colors of fall, just take a trip around the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton. It is an amazing array of beauty. The colors are absolutely breathtaking. There are so many look-offs where you can see the colorful scenery. We here in Cape Breton are proud of this amazing beauty.

  436. Lisa Miller says:

    Sugarloaf USA!

  437. Corrine Giles says:

    Today I drove down Hwy 215 between Shubenacadie and South Maitland for a meeting. The leaves were so beautiful and bright that I could have kept driving!

  438. I’ve spent my entire life in New England and have always looked forward to the change of seasons and the Fall colors that it brings. The most unique and enjoyable viewing of the autumn leaves I’ve ever experienced was while I was Zip-Lining from the top of Gunstock Mountain.

  439. Ann Currie says:

    The woods roads of South Eastern PEI, they are just beautiful with fall colors and the trees creating a canopy over the roads.

  440. Tom Noel says:

    The favorite place of my wife and I to view the fall colors is the River Road in New Brunswick, the section between Grand Bay/Westfield and Gagetown. Each year we take this drive in October, enjoying the scenery and stopping along the way at one of the many roadside stands selling apples and other farm produce. When we reach Gagetown, we meet our youngest daughter, who works in Fredericton and takes this particular afternoon off, for lunch.
    This makes for a most enjoyable day!

  441. R Gilmore says:

    Driving through the Wentworth valley- West bound this time of year the colours collapse over the road ahead. Simply magnificent.

  442. Mary Raymond says:

    Living in New Hampshire My family is lucky to enjoy our own backyard for the changing of the beautiful leaves. But driving through the white mountains is just breath taking.

  443. W Ellis says:

    The best place to view the fall colors or any of the seasons in New Brunswick is the Irving Ayers Lake lookout near Millville, NB.

  444. N. Garcia says:

    Outside my backdoor
    On my tree,
    Are the most glorious colors
    You should see.
    Reds and orange
    Yellows too,
    Now I’d like to win some oil,
    to keep me warm through and through!!

  445. Marcey Rawitscher says:

    The best place to see the fall colors is on horseback on the trails around Temple New Hampshire. It’s so beautiful and peaceful out there and the view stretches for miles and mile.

  446. Allison Canning says:

    From the top of Mount Thom to Saltsprings you can see all the fall colors and wildlife too!

  447. My favourite place luckily for me is on my drive to and from work on kennebecasis river road.beautiful views of water and trees and their reflections

  448. linda parker says:

    my favourite time of the year is the temperature, so relaxing, and especially on a warm clear day it’s a thrill to take a drive over to
    the kingston peninsula where the views are so exciting to look at..
    another gorgeous view is a day trip to st. martins NB..not only do
    you get to enjoy leaves of all colors you also see the wonderous
    Bay of Funday and the caves and to boot a nice meal of lobster or
    fish and chips or maybe chowder….what a place to live

  449. Sharon Henry says:

    Anywhere in the Maritimes, but one place is very special- the road from Bristol, NB to Juniper has many breathtaking spots.

  450. Daniel Marshall says:

    The best place to see the fall colors is From the top of Whitehill. You can see for miles therefore get to see every color change in the trees!

  451. Phillip Masterson says:

    Anywhere in Vermont! Higher elevations at one time, lower elevations at another. Overlooking anywhere from the hills of Vermont is the only place to be!

  452. J Frechette says:

    There’s no place like home! Everywhere you look in Vermont it is full of color.

  453. Caroline Hines says:

    One of the best local places to see Fall colors is Old Hill Village–you can walk for several miles on the old road and enjoy the sounds of small water falls and nature.

  454. R Dumais says:

    We have Gunstock Ski Area next to us in Gilford, NH USA; the ride up the chair lift observing the different colors of nature is quite georgous! Once at top of the mountain you can see Mt. Washington at Pinkham Notch heading North in New Hampshire, which is spectular. The walk down a side trial at Gunstock with all the reds, golds, and oranges is absoutley beautiful…. we don’t realize how lucky we are until we take the time to see what is given to us through nature.

  455. mike smith says:

    The Shearwater Flyer path on Caldwell Road in Eastern Passage has all the colors that we used to drive to Cape Breton to see.

  456. Rob Spearing says:

    The region of southwestern New York in the rolling hills of the Allegheny Mountains surpasses the Green & White Mountains of Vermont & New Hampshire in their radiant colors and their unsurpassed natural beauty. Once you are in the heart of the mountains, there is no towns, roads, vehicles, industry or power lines to detract from what Mother Earth in all her beauty can present to anyone who can see splendor in the forces of nature

  457. A Handrahan says:

    Mooney’s Pond in Eastern PEI is a great place to see the fall colors large platforms built off the banks gives a scenic view of the entire pond. There is also a great walking trail which takes you around the whole pond to enjoy everything up close.

  458. William Nichols says:

    The bestplace is on the cabot trail about 30 miles north of Mabou

  459. K Bradford says:

    Coming home on my commute, there is a back road through Corinna Maine– even this late into October the setting sun lights the trees up like flames, and I drive home through a corridor of blazing oaks and maples, leaves raining down like flower petals. 🙂

  460. David Tait says:

    October in the green Mountains of Vermont, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, or even western Maine………the colors are spectacular. You just can’t go wrong driving the backroads, or better yet, hiking the many trails. Life is short. Get out there and enjoy it!

  461. Ruth Miller says:

    Corner Brook, Newfoundland, located on the western coast of Newfoundland. The fall colours here at this time (October, 2012) are spectacular. To describe this view cannot be done and anyone who is looking for breath-taking photography should visit and explore this gorgeous countryside. I love my hometown, but more so now that I live away and can come back to visit this wonderful, colourful province. The oranges, yellows, reds and greens are so vibrant. The cool, crisp weather. Watching the leaves fall from the trees and hearing them swirling about…..oh, what a beautiful place!

  462. Robert Osmond says:

    The best place to see some beautiful fall colors is in richmond county nova scotia you always have the contrast of the colours against the green intervales, or the blues of the ocean.

  463. Kathleen Galen says:

    The best place for fall foliage is Rt302/Rt5 from Standish into Fryeburg, Maine
    The colors are amazing along the river and you can also see the White Mountains.

    The reds and orange leaves are brilliant with colors in the AM light and sunset with the sun coming down behind the trees is quite pretty

  464. The best place I find to view fall colors is in our backyard. We have behind our property railroad tracks which are encompassed by many different types of trees whose fall colors are spectacular. Behind that is a rolling hill which also hosts many different types of trees. The view is wonderful and we enjoy looking at it each and every day.

  465. Des Arsenault says:

    Without a doubt PEI is the place to be see the beautiful colouration.

  466. Gary Ott says:

    Right now, Quechee, Vermont is as good a place as anywhere. The colors peaked early, but the rich reds are just coming out now.

  467. You cannot go wrong with the Currier & Ives scenic byway stretching from Warner to Franklin. You get beautiful views of the countryside and Mt. Kearsage. Along the way you can stop off at the many farms like Milk Can Corner, Fleece and Flower as well as get some wine tasting in at Coffin Cellars Winery.

  468. susan snide says:


  469. Janice MacMillan says:

    Moving thru the the hills and dales of the Bannon, Knowsville and into West Glassville is a plethora of golds and oranges with spashes of red , like a beautfiul homemade blanket stretched out across the land. The old standing firs add their many shades green to compliment the solidity of the earth on which they all stand.

  470. Lindsay Perry says:

    A hike up Deer’s Leap in the Mendon/Killington VT area served up some beautiful foliage views this year. From the rocky overlook you could see the vibrant colors in all directions.

  471. Krista Friars says:

    My favorite place is my front yard! I have 8 mature maple trees surrounding my property. Each tree begins changing colours at a different time and at different rates. It is fascinating to watch and compare each tree every year, all from the comfort of my own home!

  472. Neil Elsliger says:

    Unfortunately, we have lost most of our fall foliage., so I am unable to send you a picture. I live in Nepisiguit Falls, which is approx. 25 kilometres out side of Bathurst in northern NB. Every time I go to Bathurst, I travel 20 kilos. through the woods with beautiful foilage on either side. It can’t help thinking how lucky we are to see the foliage on every time we come and go to town.

  473. Monique says:

    Our family enjoys seeing the beautiful changing of colors that take place on our road trips to see our friends and family in New Brunswick. There is so much to see throughout Nova scotia ad New Brnswick that it is always a way to bring joy to everyone. Beautiful memories are made.

  474. Theresa Summarsell says:

    New England is definitly one of the best places to see fall foliage. One of my absolute favorite, scenic rides is on Route 100 in Vermont, where you travel endlessly through old towns and villages. Along the way are the most beautiful autumn colors covering all the mountains and hillsides; like red and orange Maple trees, yellow Birch and red Sycamores, as well as, old churches, farms and covered bridges. Route 100 is well known to many travelers as the skier’s route because of all the ski resorts you pass. You can drive through the whole state on this route, even into Canada.

  475. A couple of weeks ago, going on Interstate 91N near Sheffield and onto the Northeast Kingdom was absolutely beautiful. This past weekend, there was still considerable color on Interestate 91S between Hartland and Ascutney; I am sure it must have been stunning during the peak.

  476. Henrietta Roberts says:

    My favorite place to see the fall colors starts in Lexington,ME and continues on in to the Rangely Lakes area…so beautiful.

  477. David Morris says:

    The best place to see the colour of the autumn leaves is just about any tree lined street, road, or highway.
    Kind of like moving inside a surreal movie with the many gold and yellows in contrast to the burnt oranges and red that take on a life of their own in the brilliant sunlight,
    next to the humble speckled greens-gray fir trees,
    while shades of blue and white painting a skyline as a back drop,
    as one travel the ribbons of roads looking into valleys or gazing upwards, while vistas are boundless.

    This weekend we drove to Grand Pre via the Gaspereau Valley then hooked up on highway 221 in Centerville and drove in awe for hours. Stopping what seemed like every 10 feet to take yet another picture. As we drove hwy101 back to Kentville we realized that this beauty is around us everywhere we looked. I’m sure it is like this where you are too.

  478. Steph says:

    franconia nh!

  479. J.VanIderstine says:

    The prettiest place to see fall colours in eastern P.E.I. is a place called Throntons Road. The colours show so pretty when the sun casts off the water against them.

  480. jennifer chobor says:

    I love driving along Rt. 131 from Springfield to Cavendish, Vermont. The fall foliage is stunning on the shores of the Black River. The sparkle of the water perfectly complements the vibrancy of the foliage. It was especially stunning this year.

  481. RICHARD FIGARI says:


  482. Carl Killen says:

    The drive from Saint John to Sussex is spectacular: the hills act as background to the river and panorama is truly beautiful. The old highway that takes you into Hampton offers an especially photo-worthy sight. Definitely worth the detour.

  483. RICHARD FIGARI says:


  484. nick brown says:

    The best place to see fall colours is the River Valley in New Brunswick or the coastal drive in Maine.

  485. Tom Nash says:

    There are some beautiful “corridors” on some roads in Maine – Route 202 between Waterboro and Alfred, Route 302 between Windham and Westbrook and a spot along The Old Gray Road between Falmouth and Gray. BUT I love foliage evreywhere I have been in New England and the Maritimes. Nature’s palette is simply amazing!

  486. Jason LaBossiere says:

    The best place to see the colors is in the Monadnock region. Get up before the sunrise and travel to the top of Pack Monadnock Mountain. As the sun rises watch the town of Peterborough come alive. You can slowly see the colors in the trees wake up and as the sun hits the trees they become brighter and brighter. It is definitely a great way to start any day.

  487. P. Gallery says:

    You can see beautiful fall colours all over the Annapolis Valley.

  488. Jennifer Shafer says:

    North Conway is great for Fall Color in NH. An old fashioned railway ride with a nice lunch in heated rail-car is highly recommended. ;o)

  489. Mark Danoski says:

    Hiking Mount Washington during fall foliage is amazing.

  490. Mike Magwire says:

    I am fortunate to live and work in the White mountains of New Hampshire. My favorite place to veiw Falls glorious display is from the Tramway at Cannon Mnt. From here you not have only have a breathtaking veiw of the White mountains, but a panarama the spans the entire North country.

  491. I like to go to Jackson, New Hampshire. We stay at The Wentworth, and very much enjoy driving around the White Mountains.

    There is a big Irving station right at the junction of the road between North Conway and Jackson. It always makes me feel “right at home”.

  492. A difficult question to answer. We are so blessed in the Annapolis Valley with a vast number of leaf-bearing trees and in the fall a drive on any road will offer up an absolute splendouer of colour.
    I am most blessed with the trees surrounding my home. I look out any window and see colours that fascinate and enthrall me and indeed, no artist could ever paint such a picture as I am able to see every fall when the leaves on my tree turn colour. We also take our “fall leaf drive” to various areas of the Valley to see the splenderous colour. Venturing to Cape Breton along the Cabot Trail provides vibrant colours along with the green and the blue when the water is near the Trail.

  493. S Meagher says:

    The best place to view the beautiful fall foliage is here in New London, NH. From Main Street, travel south or Rte 114. Just past the church on the righ, you can view foliage through the field (by the red barn) all the way to the hills of Bradford. Continue another 1000 feet, and you will see the most incredible view of Mt Kearsage sitting behind the views of foliage rising up to meet the mountain. Continue 500 feet to the Stop sigh and take a left on Rte 11E, and travel another 500 feet, and you will see Ragged Mountain ring up behind the wonderful colors along the fairways of the beautiful Lake Sunapee Country Club, and beyond. Basically, 3 gorgeous bviews that cover no more than half a mile. Come see it!

  494. sue dow says:

    pretty much anywhere in NE is just beautiful to see the pretty colors of Fall….my front yard/view is really very pretty every morning & daytime….there’s a 10 acre pond that is lined with beautiful trees just turning colors all the time & a smaller pond in front of that, that surrounds our property also full of beautiful trees…the reds & oranges together are just spectacular… but as mentioned…anywhere is northern NE is just great!

  495. Carl Schafer says:

    Foliage is best when viewed from our home in the White Mountains. The panoramic view from Mount Washington to Lafayette and Cannon is awesome – especially when enjoyed with a glass of wine, a fire in the fireplace, and no traffic.

  496. Joyce Blythe says:

    All around the White Mountains in New Hampshire is the best place to see the beautiful fall colors of New Hampshire.

  497. John Liberty says:

    Every year as we try to head down to Fryeburg Fair. This year the fall colors were awesome!! It was an exceptional year all the way down Route 2 from Newport to Bethel then route 5 all the way down to Fryeburg!! You get to see the white mountains in the distance and there are sooo many rivers and streams and lakes the the colors just are so vibrant and beckoning for you to take pictures!!! It was simply amazing to see!!!


    The best place to see fall foliage is in New Brunswick while traveling on the back roads of Carlton and York counties. There the colors are spectacular with the hills and valleys being complimented by the many water ways and lakes in the region.

  499. Ben Roy says:

    Right in our backyard.

  500. Faye Carmichael says:

    Cape Breton is definitely the best place to view fall colours. We have so much beautiful scenery here at this time of year. The colours are amazing, and especially if you take a few of the side roads.

  501. Judy Moscatello says:

    I have a good view of the mountains facing East as I look out from my back deck.

  502. Tony Nelson says:

    My favorite spot is right here, at home, in Welsford NB..The Douglas mountain range and valley are alive with all the colors of fall.

  503. craig grant says:

    Grand Bay-Westfield….the most beautiful place on earth for fall colours!!

  504. Lorenda Lawson says:

    The best place to view fall colours is the Zealand causeway in New Brunswick. It is a breathtaking road to travel and I feel lucky to experience this 5-days per week. On crisp fall mornings around the shore line, the tree leaves are brilliant hues of red, orange, and yellow. The water is so calm it looks like glass just a little warmer than the air, which causes a mist to rise around the ducks feasting; preparing to migrate. A bald eagle swooped my car in this very spot just a few days ago.

    This is my favourite place to see fall colours.

  505. Martina doucette says:

    The best place to see fall foliage is in my full front and back yard located in Rothesay new Brunswick,the 70-80 foot trees has many shades of bright yellow,orange, green and red.It provides a fantastic view through my dining and bedroom room window to the back of the house and on the front and both sides full sun pearcing through the foliage that can be seen picture perfect down a long driveway.A pleasure to behold.

  506. R. Daley says:

    Colors in East Burke Vermont. Looking north to Willouby Gap,

  507. Gary A. Bennett says:

    Close to home is Blueberry Hill overlooking the village of Belgrade and Great Pond. The view is breathtaking especially during foliage season

  508. Dave LaRochelle says:

    The best place is along the Kacamangus Highway from Lincoln to Conway. Beautiful vibrant colors in the mountains.

  509. D Aimetti says:

    My favorite place to view the fall foliage is right from my nice warm house, looking out the big windows. It is amazing what is in our own backyards. Watching the gentle breeze blow the colorful leaves from the trees is a viewing delight. With all the different kinds of trees in the North Country, it is quite a rainbow of colors.

  510. A Bixby says:

    Take ride up the Cog RR and view the fantastic foliage from the top of Mt. Washington….on the return trip the view is breath taking.

  511. Linda Walker says:

    Although I have moved to Newfoundland for a few years now – the colors cannot compare to those in Quebec, specifically north of Montreal.
    I remember when we would take a drive and as you approached the top of the hill – all you can see for miles is an array of red, yellow, gold colors and it would take your breath away. Sure miss that – we do here in Newfoundland have some lovely colors too, but none compared to in Quebec.!!!

  512. The most beautiful Leave in the fall are at Sheep House Falls. You can watch the leaves and there beautiful colors and see the Ice forming behind the Falls Nothing like it

  513. Team Ray says:

    Our backyard! We like to say that we didn’t buy a house, we bought a view. Nothing’s better than watching the kids play in the leaves with the beauty of the changing colors of the mountains as backdrop to their echoing laughter!

  514. Team Ray says:

    Our backyard! We like to say that we didn’t buy a house, we bought a view. Nothing’s better than watching the kids play in the leaves with the beauty of the changing colors of the mountains as backdrop to their echoing laughter!

  515. Anita Stoeterau says:

    My favorite place to see the fall colours is Bowring Park, St. John’s, NL – so beautiful with all the trees and the various colors and smells and the river running through it.

    It is just so relaxing to take a walk in such a beautiful park with all the leaves on the ground, in the centre of the beautiful city of St. John’s, we are so blessed to have it.

  516. Marilou Suchar says:

    My favorite place to view fall colors – is Mt. Blue State Park, Weld, Maine

  517. Harry Hunt says:

    The most colourful palce in NL is the Humber Valley on the West coast of the province it has an array of reds.yellows,greens and oranges

  518. SEAN GOONAN says:

    We love to head towards the White Mountains, I have family there and we make it a 2-4 day trip. We usually have 3 cars and we stop have lunch, the colors to us are the best and we also get to see the family.

  519. michael beauoin says:

    Many seem to favor going to various venues in the Maritime Provinces to see fall foliage. But of course, there are so many nice places closer to home. For example, Cape Elizabeth has extensive conservation areas with trail networks through beautiful forest tracts that offer abundant fall foliage viewing. Check these out!

  520. Gordon Murray says:

    Any drive in Nova Scotia that takes you through the many forested areas of the province but especially the Cabot Trail.

  521. P. Bayer says:

    Route 10 between Newport and Grantham, NH has many views both of small mountains and riverside trees that make for a really nice ride. Going along some sections of the road, one feels enveloped with a bright glow in an area where the trees line the road, thick and close to the road.

  522. Samantha Major says:

    The best place to see the leaves is my backyard, with my two year old son playing in all the leaves. The crisp fall air, beautiful colorful leaves, and the giggles of a little one. What could be better then Fall in New Hampshire!

  523. Right on the Miramichi N.B.Got some awesome pictures right along the highway.

  524. A Findlay says:

    My favourite place to view fall colours is from our cabin, at a small lake in the back of our property. We can sit on the deck with family, in a wonderful atmosphere while taking in the orange, yellow and red colours that surround us. Just a beautiful calm place to soak up fall!

  525. Elisabeth Barrett says:

    Without a doubt, Pinkham Notch in the Mt. Washington Valley!

  526. M. Faraday says:

    Although I am sure there are many “best places” for veiwing the fall colour in the maritimes, after living in the mountains for a number of years where the only fall colour is the yellow from the larches, I am even happy with my walk through the Public Gardens in the morning for colour!

  527. dionne griffith says:

    My favorite places to watch the foliage is up north in the new england area, to drive throught the of massachusetts and the state of Vermont, it is breath taken to watch the different colors rolling along the different interstates. wow! i love it.

  528. There is something special about the “past peek” leaf season…..the extraordinary autumn colors that we learn to seek at “peek” season are now entering the final phase before they fall…… a deep burnished gold….a deep bronze…that show brilliantly against the evergreens that remain along the Connecticut River between Windsor, VTand Cornish, NH – especially when the cloud covering is that special steel grey New England sky, almost as though snow is threatening……the colors become alive again….. just before they depart forever….

  529. dalmer hoskins says:

    A very beautiful drive to see fall colors is through the Brandon Gap in central Vermont. Stunning vistas and classic landscape.

  530. lori stewart says:


    My favorite place to see fall colours is along the north shore beaches in PEI. With the ocean waves and the falling leaves it is the most beautiful place in the world

  531. Judy Chase says:

    The best place to see the fall colours, and they are vibrant and beautiful, is Centennial Park in Moncton. The trees alongside the lake are magnificent in gold, orange and red. Their reflections in the lake double the pleasure. It is a wonderful place for a family photograph, or just a stroll around the walking path on a warm fall afternoon.

  532. Peter Shelton says:

    Last Sunday I had a bike ride through the Gaspereau Valley in Nova Scotia. The view across was stunning, with banks of aspens glowing golden yellow, interspersed with the red of maples.The scale and shape of the landscape enhanced the beauty of the foliage. This spot is hard to beat.

  533. Everett Bingham says:

    The Blue Ridge Parkway and I-81 in Virginia in early November is magnificent.

  534. cheril maynard says:

    I love seeing the colors around mascaoma lake in Enfield,N.H. everytime I go out I drive by the lake on route 4A and the trees are all beautifully reflected in the water.

  535. A Smith says:

    There is a beautiful island close to Prospect, Nova Scotia called Hearn Island. During the fall all you can see on the main land is fields of red cranberries sitting over the ocean. The red’s, blue’s, and surround ever green trees is always quite a sight.

  536. best place to see the colors of fall is in the cape breton highlands

  537. Robert says:

    My wife and I like to go to the top of Foss Mountain. The views are spectacular. You can see Ossipee Lake, the White Mountains, North Conway, the list goes on and on. Beautiful place.

  538. Doreen Raymond says:

    Wagon Hill in Durham is beautiful.

  539. Louise Doolin says:

    The best place to see fall colours I think is crooked creek on the way to fundy park, the trees are just so beautiful and it’s one of the places we make sure to take out friends and family when they visit us from England 🙂

  540. Joy Gaine says:

    Away from home: White mountains. Close to home: outside my kitchen window!

  541. Leanne says:

    Has to be Cape Breton….Beautiful!

  542. The best place to view the beautiful fall foilage is right here in my yard and neighbourhood in Lower Sackville, NS. Our province abounds with colour just about everywhere. We drove around Pegg’s Cove last Wednesday and the ground was ablaze with the red leaves of the shrubs, contrasting with the green of the scattered spruce trees and grey of the many rocks, and the blue sky – I was sorry I left my camera home. I will submit a photo of our colourful maple tree, and neighbourhood.

  543. Bob Burke says:

    the road from Houlton Me. to Kings Landing N. B.

  544. Scott Irving says:

    Rt 27 between Kingfield and Sugarloaf.

  545. Heather Haskell says:

    Route 202 from Bangor to Unity. Awesome drive with lots of places to pick apples along the way.

  546. Bob Lumbra says:

    from my deck just before sunset

  547. B Golay says:

    Our favorite place to see foliage is around Stowe. Between Smuggler’s Notch and the drive up Mount Mansfield, there are lots of opportunities for vistas and close-ups. Even though many of the leaves have come down, there are some bright yellows that remain and stand out even more. Beautiful stuff.

  548. Gayle Fleming says:

    My favorite trees when they turn color is Maples. I love the coloring of them and I can be driving down any street and turn a corner and see the vibrant color in front of me. I think anywhere in the northeast is beautiful, whether it be near a river or in the mountains. I also like looking for fallen leaves while they still have their color. I kept one on my desk at work for a year until it broke recently. It had distinctive coloring and customers commented on how cool it was.

  549. Roberta Phillips says:

    The Cabot Trail is the most awesome place to travel in order to see the beautiful colors of fall. Great way to spend the day…travelling through mountains in full colors and getting some breathe taking pictures along the way.

  550. G Royer says:

    Everywhere and anywhere they appear.

  551. William Letsch says:

    Taking the tram up to the top of Cannon Mountain, which will give you ALL you need to see if you time it right. Then the drive both ways through Franconisa Notch, on the parkway.

  552. Jmacgillivary says:

    The best place to view the fall in Nova Scotia is without a doubt the cabot trail in Cape Breton Island the mountains are afire with gold, red and orange, absoultely beautiful.

  553. Matthew Landry says:

    I enjoy seeing the colourful leaves wherever I go: whether it’s walking to work (downtown Moncton) while bringing my 3 year old to daycare in a stroller, walking back from work in the evening and seeing the new, vibrant colours in our neighborhood (Sunnybrae area), or going for a long drive away from the city (to Shediac or Bay of Fundy). It’s easy to enjoy the fall colours anywhere there are trees to see!

  554. Irina says:

    This Fall we had the best Fall Foliage show while driving from Lebanon, NH to Storyland. We stopped along the way to admire the gorgeous colors in the Fall sun.

  555. Since I’ve been travelling so often for work appointments, I’d have to say for me the best place to see the colors has been enroute to St Stephen along the new highway. I often wish someone else was driving so I could soak up the colors.Isn’t it great we get this burst of astounding colors before the bareness and then the White! I love the seasons!
    Stay warm-and well.

  556. Hope M Hunter says:

    It is a toss up between the Saint John River Valley and the Cape Breton Highlands for trees, but Newfoundland is stunning in the fall as are blueberry fields near Stewarton on Rts 895.

  557. My favourite time of the year is the fall. The colors of yellow, orange & red are absolutely beautiful. The air is fresh , cool and crisp, and seems to bring one’s spirti alive with energy.

    I would really miss living in Canada if I couldn’t enjoy the 4 seasons.

  558. Along the Cabot Trail is the most breathtaking colors to be seen.

  559. sandy crooks says:

    The best place to see the fall colors, is from my very own backyard sitting on the deck with my beloved dog beside me, taking in the fresh cool autumn breeze,the sounds of leaves falling and the astonishing and vibraint color of the leaves. Also at the same time knowing I can enter my warm and comfortable home that is heated by the one and only Irving Oil

  560. Arlene Marrinan says:

    The short drive on Route 100 between Stowe and Morrisville, VT, which I travel daily from my home to work, offers me spectacular views of autumn colors!

  561. P Henderson says:

    The Monadnock area of NH.

  562. Beth says:

    The most beautiful and serene place in the world is Knapp Pond in Cavendish, VT. Especially during the fall when the surrounding mountains are speckled with bright reds, oranges, and yellows. It’s picture perfect. You can just sit by the waters edge and look out across it and get lost in the quiet beautiful sea of colors before you.

  563. Elaine VanHorne says:

    I don’t have to leave my backyard to enjoy all the beauty of Fall. I live on the river bank of the Nashwaak River in Fredericton (Marysville), New Brunswick. I can simply enjoy the view of the river and turning leaves from my back deck, or I can go down the walking path to the river and enjoy a much grander view up and down the Nashwaak.

  564. Laurie Littlejohn says:

    Rangeley Lakes region is fabulous for fall foliage. Bald Mountain overlooking the lakes, Mooselookmeguntic, Cupsuptic, Rangeley, and Upper Richardson is a great place to be on a crisp fall day.

  565. Sandra Bagnell says:

    The Eastern Shore is just bursting with color this year with the vibrent reds, yellows and a varity of colors in between.
    The seanery is especially eye catching on Lake Charlotte this year.I was blessed to go for a walk with my daughter and grandson of 3 1/2 years this past Sunday , a beautiful day I shall long remember.

    A person does not have to go far from home to see the beauty that surrounds us if we only take the time
    to see it.

    Have a wonderful fall

    Sandra Bagnell

  566. Julia Morton says:

    Wentworth Valley. Having lived in Australia for so long I really appreciate the fall, and wanted to live somewhere that has this season. There is the ski hill chair lift open during the fall to get a spectacular view. Hiking the Rogart Trail and then having all you can eat pancakes at Sugar Moon Maple Tree Farm. Bliss.

  567. Barbara Taylor says:

    The scenery along Rte.s 150 and 107! The Fall colors along those roads are totally beautiful, especially looking across the fields on either side. There is a tree by a yellow house that is so brilliant, that it almost hurts your eyes. I love driving there this time of year, because it reminds me what I beautiful place I live in.

  568. Brian Sayers says:

    I love traveling the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire. You see both leaves, rock outcroppings, and waterfalls. Lovely.

  569. A. Keiver says:

    Along route 114 heading to the Hopewell Cape Rocks and Fundy National Park. And on the other side of the Petitcodiac River going to Belliveau Village Orchards, you can look over and see the hills with all their fall color spendour!

  570. The best place in my area is up on the top of Kearsarge mountain in Warner. You can see all the surrounding towns and the color is spectacular.

  571. Oliver Gerry says:

    My favorite spot is the top of Blairs Hill In Greenvill Me. and mt Katardin.

  572. The Davidoff Family says:

    Right in our own “back yard.” The white mountains region of NH! We love it here!

  573. Cynthia Harris says:

    Taking in the Fall leaves and all of Maine’s splendors can best be seen at Ft. Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth. There you have it all. A place where ocean meets horizon and the sweet smell of sea is in the air and the amazing colors of rust, red, and burnished copper grace the landscape. A feast for the senses.

  574. S. Kane says:

    Nova Scotia in the fall, absolutely beautiful, more maple trees than anywhere else in Atlantic Canada

  575. Ruth D says:

    on the ride up to the Fryburg Fair, watching the leaves is part of our family tradition

  576. donald palagi says:

    the north overlook on bear notch road, in bartlet, n.h. if that isnt typical new england, nothing is.

  577. Arron Beaver says:

    The drive along the Mooseland Rd from Tangier through to Middle Musq. is nice!

  578. JF HAft says:

    I love to drive in our convertible around Weston Vermont in the fall. 🙂

  579. Vida Ryan says:

    I feel that the best place to see the fall colors is right here in Riverview and Moncton. The colors are breath taking. I also drove to Springhill this past week and went down some of the back roads there, the colors are awesome! The reds this year seem to be exceptional.

  580. John Coretto says:

    The best places for leaf peeping are all around us. We live in a dynamic environment that changes from day to day, so with that in mind sometimes the best spot for peeping from my front porch, others times it driving into vermont up I 89, or at a small park like Hopkiton State Park.

  581. Kathy Ryan says:

    Fall is such a beautiful time of year. The air is clean and crisp. Hopping in the car, on a sunny day and settling in for a long drive, soaking up the heat from the sun as it radiates through the windshield, is amazing for fall color anywhere in the Maritimes. We’re so fortunate to have such splendor in our own back yards.

  582. J Jardine says:

    I have been travelling Rt 126 connecting the Miramichi with Moncton, all fall and it is a beautiful drive this time of year. It is mostly rural areas with miles and miles of woods. It makes for what seems a shorter drive as you are so captivated with the colors, that the time goes faster. The colors are breathtaking.

  583. C Robichaud says:

    The Kingston Penninsula is a beautiful place to see the fall colours near Saint John, NB.

  584. Lou says:

    “The County”, northern Maine is the most beautiful area to see fall foliage. It goes on for miles and miles on Route 11, not just one particular location.

  585. Julie says:

    The colors have been beautiful everywhere you looked this year. The handiwork of our Creator abounds. Even something as simple as a drive from Concord to Lebano on I-89 was spectacular. We in NE are blessed beyond wealth with the beauty of our land.

  586. J GAUDET says:

    I live on Pleasant lake in northwood,NH, on the east side of the lake. On the opposite side(west)
    is a hill, with lots of trees. In the fall, when the sun rises in the east, the hill is aflamed with color.
    Each day my view is spectacular and ever changing. I dread the falling of the leaves, but I take
    a number of pictures to remind me of the beauty during the winter months.

  587. Bob Smith says:

    My favorite place to see the fall colors is off our back deck.

  588. Cherie Rice says:

    My favorite place is sitting on my back deck with a glass of wine at the end of the day, watching the last of the afternoon sun shine through all the diffrent colored leaves…Life is good.

  589. Legacy Lane says:

    My favorite spot to see the fall colours is out my living room window. I live in valley that has the most amazing fall colours and I am blessed to have the view.

  590. C. Budro says:

    Amherst, NH , Village

  591. Marion Leightizer says:

    The best place to see the fall colours is the DeVenney Valley in Windsor Forks, Hants County, Nova Scotia. The leaves are now such bright shades of Oranges, Yellows, Reds and Greens, they are absolutely breathtaking. You can often see deer in the valley, drinking from the Avon River, that runs through it. This time of year the smoke from the wood stoves is quite visible, from the two farm houses. You can usually see the two horses in the pasture, beside the red barn, or the green army jeep that is used, to travel around the valley. The family cemetery is visible on the hill by the river, with it’s giant oak trees, in full fall colour. This has to be the most beautiful place that I know of, any time of year.

  592. John Marcley says:

    I like to go to Minard’s pond in Bellows Falls because it is surrounded by trees and the reflection in the water makes double the colors.

  593. Cynthia Daniels says:

    The fall colors on Route 100 between Morrisville and Newport this year were just amazing. Even though the weather did not cooperate the colors with the overcast sky still seemed to illuminate the sky with their brilliance.

  594. M Gilbert says:

    The best place to see the foliage is wherever you are. The beauty of the New England fall is all around. It may be just a Sunday ride in the country, or the brilliant glow of red leaves on the tree in the back yard. Wherever you find it, enjoy its splender. It is part of being a New Englander.

  595. Wally Malley says:

    Drive up through the Calais, VT “lakes” region, pass Number 10 Pond and Nelson Pond, and then continue up into Worchester along Cranberry Meadow Road. The ponds and marshes along this road are framed by the foothills of Worchester Mountain. It beautiful any time of the year, but in the fall it’s really special.

  596. Kristen Lightfoot says:

    The most beautiful and welcoming place for me this time of year is along the 101 highway as you come back into the valley from Halifax (between exit 9 & 10). As you crest the hill you are welcomed by the beauty of the Annapolis Valley. The view always signals to me that I am home.

  597. Amy Swarr says:

    Climbing Mt. Ascutney in Vermont on a bright day is a wonderful place. You look down all sides of the mountain into the valley to see the little towns with the fall foliage unfolding below you. Perfect ending to a good climb.

  598. Marco Lavallee says:

    I think the best place to see the fall colors is in Bingham, Maine. Take route 201 all the way to the Canadian border, the road is rather curvy and has Wyman lake on the left and nice colors along the way. There are some really nice places along the way to eat and just stop and take pictures. I have been going there most of my life and it just takes my breath away.

  599. Norma says:

    There are many places to view our wonderful foliage but staying close to our little hometown of Croydon, N.H. is the best–why leave your own home when its beautiful there!!

  600. in my own back yard in Eastman

  601. The upper Saint John River Valley in the Kincardine/Perth-Andover area provides spectacular viewing of the fall colours in mid-October

  602. Keith Goudge says:

    When the fall colours are presenting their finest displays, there is no more beautiful drive than the highway across Nova Scotia from Shelburne toward Carleton, Yarmouth County following the Ohio river, which you will cross several times surrounded by the glory of Nova Scotia’s finest fall scenery.

  603. Dale Morton says:

    Highlands of Cape Breton – a drive along the Cabot Trail in early- to mid-October can be breathtaking!

  604. Irene MacLean says:

    Prince Edward Island is the best place to see the most Beautiful Fall Colors.

  605. Donald Bell says:

    Not sure abouter past years, but this year we were in the White Mountains, NH and while lovely the vista lacked the reds that give the landscape viberance. Arriving home last week we were taken by the dramatic colours in Pictou County. Lots of reds and oranges. Outstanding!!

  606. Anne Lively says:

    The Best place to see fall colours is right in our cove here in Enfield on the Monte Vista Road. We live in the cove called Little Grand Lake. It is a quiet cove with activity in the summer time but to look out and see the ducks, geese and loons all the time is amazing. It is in a country setting and is amazing to see the sunsets too. What a wonderful spot to live .

  607. Robyn Hadlock says:

    The best place to see the fall foliage is coming down the big hill into Plainfield, NH on rt. 12A looking out toward Mt. Ascutney in the distance at sunrise or sunset.

  608. J Ross says:

    My family’s favorite place to see the fall colours is while driving up Nutby Mountain on our way to Malagash to visit family.

  609. heather cochran says:

    While driving home from work in the afternoon on 89. Driving through Brookfield

  610. Carole Titus says:

    My favotite foliage viewspot is the Bethlehem/Franconia area in NH. Specifically the Gale River crossing to Sugar Hill.

  611. Fernand Prevost says:

    We enjoy the White Mts. with a side trip to Franconia and then on to Sugar Hill. The views in SH are spectacular. Then on to Lisbon, Littleton, and back down 93.

  612. Bertha Dennis says:

    Driving anywhere on Prince Edward Island on a bright sunny day.

  613. Don Pamenter says:

    Highway #3 in NS

  614. JP Mithoefer says:

    Manchester Center alonr River Road at sunset looking at the Green Mt. to the east.

  615. Michael Rodrigues says:

    We love our state of Maine.

  616. Michael Rodrigues says:

    All Of Maine.

  617. David Mac Lean says:

    Two words with say it all, “Cape Breton”. After driving around on a motorcycle enjoying the colors, the smell of autumn and the people you go home, turn up the heat and cuddle.

  618. K Salamon says:

    The wonderful covered bridges that we have all over New England! They make such beautiful pictures for cards to send to family who don’t get the chance to get out to our beautiful area!

  619. M Ormerod says:

    Driving down the Kancamagus Hwy through Lincoln NH offers spectacular views of the NE foliage.

  620. D Strouse says:

    I think nothing euals the fall colors in Acadia National Park. There you can find a variety of colors right up to the end of the “leaf peeping” season.

  621. Larry Williams says:

    The best place to see the fall colors in along the Fundy coast between St-John and St-Martin’s in New Brunswick. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

  622. Barton Green says:

    Right in my own back yard.

  623. We wanted to get over the the CapeBreton trail to see the fall colors but never got the chance yet this year. We have been enjoying the color though right here on PEI, down in Morell and throught the hills in Hartsville.

  624. Christina Flesch says:

    The white mountains is the best place to see fall colors. We just went there this past weekend and the colors are absolutely amazing!

  625. AL FOUGERE says:


  626. bob chamard says:

    our favorite place to view the spectacular and vivid fall colors is the north conway area,all the quaint shops,the outlets,the magnificent views,its great setting and a welcoming fuzzy feeling for the upcoming holidays too!!

  627. REBECCA ALLEN says:


  628. brian odell says:

    north rustico prince edward island seeing all the variety of colors and all the pines around them making them pop full of color, looking out my window is like looking at a picture on my wall

  629. Kathy says:

    I think the foliage is quite spectacular in my own back yard in the Upper Valley. I actually love all of the seasons here and am always looking forward to what they are going to bring as each year is different. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

  630. Candace MacLeod says:

    Best I had to see this season to date; was actually along my street because there is a large amount of trees lining the street and I was driving down it first thing in the morning, there was a haze of fog at the other end of the road and mixed with the colors it was just absolutely breathtaking.

    However, nothing is more relaxing than driving along the coast and looking at the water and all the colors.

    It’s my absolute favorite season, I love the smells, and all the beautiful colors.

  631. a.carroll says:

    Right out my large window. I live on the Margaree River and the view from my window id on many calendars and photos of this area. It is truly beautiful and I am blessed to live here

  632. Vicki Giella says:

    I think Vermont is the most beautiful of places to see vibrant fall colors. This fall I was driving on I-91 between St. Johnsbury and Newport in our region called the Northeast Kingdom. The colors were so beautiful that many people were pulling off the road to look – and I kept trying to drive and look at the same time, which was a challenge. One particular tree was the reddest tree that I have ever seen. The colors are truly miraculous!

  633. Jacob Siemering says:

    The best place to see the colors is on my back porch. No traffic, no rush, no hotel.

  634. Abe Taylor says:

    I think the best place to see the fall colours is the Humber Valley near Corner Brook NL.

  635. Barneys River just outside antigonish is absolutley stunning in the fall of the year. Red, orange and yellow dress the valleys and hills. Over 20 years I have been passing thru here and look forward to the beauty each time. It really capivates travellers, it never fails everytime there are people taking photos of this grand sight. A must for everyone!

  636. J & K Sheppard says:

    Take a drive on the 104 Highway in the area known as Marshy Hope, Pictou county Nova Scotia. The highway winds through the hills which are covered with a blanket of fall colours second to none

  637. Carol Flitton says:

    The best place for me is at Long Pond on Lempster Mountain in Lempster, NH. My late husband and I spent many a day fishing there and enjoying the serenity and the scenery. When your sitting by the crystle water, seeing the clouds and the brilliant foliage reflected in the water and hear the calling of the Loons you feel so at peace and imagine Heaven being like that. I still go there, alone now, but I know he’s still there with me in my earthly Heaven.

  638. J & K Sheppard says:

    Take a drive along the 104 Highway in the area known as Marshy Hope, Pictou county Nova Scotia. The highway winds through the hills covered with a blanket of fall colours – which is second to none.

  639. Bruce Westcott says:

    Nichols Ledge, or course! Drive up West Hill Pond Road from lower Cabot. Up and over, down into the woods and past Coit’s Pond. You have to keep your eye out for the pull-over on the left, and maybe get your feet wet before you hike the 20 minutes or so to the top. Just don’t go too near the edge!

  640. Kristina Creamer says:

    I think that the most beautiful road to drive anytime is Waverley Rd. towards Dartmouth. Especially when the leaves change colours. The tree brunches hang above the road creating a beautiful colorful arbour like structure under the sky.

  641. j coutant says:

    The best place for fall foliage is on my back deck over looking lempster and bean mntns. It doesnt cost anything for gas or lodging and I get the full color spectrum of nh.

  642. Gail S says:

    Any backroad, especially as you enter a “tunnel” of trees or as you crest the top of a large hill and can look over the trees in the distance.

  643. Bob Wilken says:

    Our most favorite vantage point for viewing fall color is from our deck on Mount Perro in Campton, NH. The spectacular reds, oranges, evergreens and golds on Mt Tenney and Fletcher Mountain change their subtle hues from morning to night. Gentle, humid sunrises and tumultuous volcanic sunsets respectively dampen or intensify the effects. All manner of daily lighting invokes a range of emotion from extreme awe to restful, contemplative appreciation of the beauty of Nature.

  644. Glen Benson says:

    The sun sets are a blessing and compliment the fall colors.

  645. Ron Martin says:

    Lake Winnepesaukee, nh

  646. Sarah Rowe says:

    The White Mountains are some of the most prettiest views ever seen during fall foliage!!!

  647. Douglas Blackmore says:

    I enjoy the colours in New Hampshire

  648. Beth Dogan says:

    Driving to Pennsylvania on Columbus Day weekend for the Penn State game. It is awesome to see all the different stages of the leaves changing.

  649. George Neville says:

    Pinkham Notch N H is the most beautiful -place to view fall foliage on given days not only are the colors so vibrant the hills and valleys so breath taking but you may also experience snow capped mountains in the presidential range

  650. K Cummings says:

    My favorite place to see fall foliage is around the Harris Pelham Inn. Not only are the colors vibrant but they reflect off of the Harris Pond! Double the color especially when the pond is calm & the sky is blue. You don’t have to travel far to enjoy the beauty all around when the New England fall is happening.

  651. Jennifer Vanasse says:

    The Northeast Kingdom in Vermont is a beautiful place to travel during the Fall foliage. You can go out on Crystal Lake in a boat during the season and enjoy all the colors of the leaves bursting in the sunlight and see the reflections in the water. Hiking or biking around the Kingdom is another way to take in all the colors and smells of Fall. Since the Fall season is so short, take pictures, pick apples, play in the leaves, and enjoy a glass of hot apple cider. Nothing is like Fall in Vermont!

  652. Sharon Vartanian says:

    I know this is going to sound sappy but I live in New Boston and I don’t go anywhere to look at the beautiful colors except to drive around my neighborhood. The views of Joe English are some of the best I’ve seen throughout New England. I remember when I first moved here and was actually heading out Rt. 136 toward Francestown to take fall pictures. I stopped at Dodge’s Store for coffee and when I came out of the building for some reason I looked around and thought “why I am going anywhere?”. The colors were perfect on the trees so I took some pictures of the center of town and shipped them all over the world to my friends and asked them to guess where the pictures were taken. I heard pretty much every known town in New England except my own. People couldn’t believe I lived in such beauty. Sometimes you just need to look out the window.

  653. d sullivan says:

    My favorite place to see fall colors is Moose Pond and Shawnee Peak in Bridgton, Maine. The contrast of the mountains and the water are great contrasts.

  654. Liz D says:

    Because we live in the great state of Maine, we’re lucky to be able to see great foliage anywhere you look! I’m not sure there is one fabulous place that can be named. I’m greeted by gorgeous colors throughout the month, sometimes in unexpected places!

  655. Laurie Fielder says:

    Vermont has amazing an amazing autumn show… from the Brattleboro area to Newport in the Northeast Kingdom, visitors can view colors ranging from the yellow of birch trees to the reds of sugar maples and sumac. Oak trees are a rich carmel color and there are pockets of color from back roads to the interstate highways. Come visit Vermont!

  656. Lorraine Tamboia says:

    The best place is Cadillac mountain early in the morning, the contrast between the ocean and the colors of the trees with the sun coming up, it’s breathtaking. We are so lucky to live nearby.

  657. Sharon says:

    The trail around Kilarney Lake is absolutely alive with colour!

  658. marilyn winters says:

    best and the prettiest in the world to see the colours is cape breton. it is so vivid with the different colours.

  659. Frances C says:

    Meagher’s Grant Road on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia is SO colorful these days 🙂

  660. Kathleen says:

    Hiking any of the beautiful NH trails – great places to experience fall color! This year we hiked to Lonesome Lake in Franconia Notch. I highly recommend this one, not difficult and can easily be done in a day, with children. The views are stunning.

  661. John Bennett says:

    The Connecticut River Valley is always a special treat for viewing fall foliage. As one drives down Rte. 91. one can see the rolling hills of New Hampshire and the dramatic views of Vermont. Starting in the north country above Woodsville/Wells River, the landscape graduates from mountains to foot hills. As the foliage turns first in the north and later as one drives south, over a long time the valley exhibits color from the vivid maples and sumacs followed by a tapestry of yellow poplar/aspen, bronze and purple oak, and sienna beach trees. The angle of the autumn sun and the orientation of Rte 91, as one drives north and south, affords dramatic east and west views from sunrise to sunset.

  662. Nancy says:

    Williams point is one of the places I love to go early in the morning when the sun is peeking up over looking the water and all the amazing fall colours!

  663. Mike Selen says:

    Dears Leap at Killingtomn, VT. Then up Route 100 to Stowe

  664. Anita DePonte says:

    Driving down Sugar Hill,
    yellow sunshine sets yellow leaves aglow,
    to resonate amusingly with the double yellow line.
    Somber sky matches macadam.
    A study in the warmest darks and lights!

  665. Del Henderson says:

    I travel several routes to Charlottetown from Eastern Kings each day and while all have spectacular colours, the best route is Route 5 (48 Road). The road is slightly winding with a few swamps but the fall foliage is breathtaking – complete with a bald eagle sitting on a tall spruce tree one morning!

  666. Bob MacFarlane says:

    Cape breton always has vibrant colours

  667. L Meyer says:

    The best place for me has been the franconia notch. It is so beautiful up there. I have spent several days in this area with my motorhome.

  668. M Rumrill says:

    I love the fall colors as you drive North on Interstate 89. You feel like your on top of the mountain overlooking the beautiful colors and scenery from churches to farms. Love it!

  669. DOtis says:

    Took a ride to Maine a few weeks back. Awesome colors from Claremont N.H. to Maine.

  670. Mark Gagne says:

    The best place to see the colors for me, while on my bike heading up the Kancamagus Highway from Conway to Woodstock NH. Being on a bike the view is unencumbered. As the sun lights up the trees in the valley below me the colors are vivid and form wild patterns. Early in the morning there is no traffic and it is very quiet. The only sound is a light breeze.

  671. any where in the martimes is a great place to be in the fall

  672. Thor Presuto says:

    The best place to see fall foliage is in Pittsburg NH on top of Prospect Mountain. You can see forever and the colors are amazing!

  673. Doug D says:

    We enjoy going to North Conway, NH and then travel down the Kangamaugus Highway to Lincoln, NH. The views along the Swift River stopping at Lower Falls and other points along the way. It is a great one day trip or you could spend forever there.

  674. C Godbout says:

    I think the best place to view the fall colors is in Crawford Notch, NH! Rte. 302 gives you the beautiful Mt Washington hotel with all the fall colors around it, then you can drive down further and sit by the Saco River and view all the beautiful colors up and down the river.

  675. Scott Carroll says:

    Route 100 up through the center of Vermont. I’ve traveled this road many times during the Fall over the past 50 years and it repeatedly gives you breath taking views of brilliant hillsides that almost demand that you pull off the road to take it in. You just can’t become jaded with such beauty that refreshes itself each year.

  676. H. MacDonald says:

    Our own neighborhood has a beautiful range of color. Nice to take in by walking.

  677. Karen Daigle says:

    One of the most beautiful views of New Brunswick’s Fall foliage is from the top of Springhill Road in Fredericton. You can see the beautiful St. John River with its islands and banks over flowing with colour. My daugther says it’s like looking down on Peter Pan’s Neverland.

  678. Laura Shea says:

    Eastman, NH

  679. Carolyn Stecklare says:

    At this time of year, driving through Vermont’s mountains, highways and country roads affords one the opportunity to appreciate the brilliant color of thel trees and beauty of the northeast. Whether traveling I-89 between Burlington and the Upper Valley or exploring the hills and lakes of the Northeast Kingdom, the natural beauty is everywhere.

  680. Fall is a beautiful time of year. I feel very lucky to live so closely to Trenton Park. Recently, my family and I took our dogs to the park and got some amazing photos. Pick your color and your scene! From vibrant reds, orange and yellows, to still ponds with white fences and birch trees in the background. An AWE place to be in the fall for beauty. Stephanie Kiley

  681. Marion Ferguson says:

    North of Lake George near Rodgers Rock

  682. David Bruce says:

    I enjoy seeing the fall colours through the Wentworth Valley.

  683. Fran Chamberlain says:

    The White Mountains have so many good places to see color, but I like the views in Shelburne, NH.

  684. Veronica Robillard says:

    Anywhere in the Green Mountains of Vermont!!!

  685. Mac Holmes says:

    The 12th tee at Eastman Golf Links. The view is a grand expanse of all the colors for 75 to 100 miles.

  686. Doug French says:

    The Kancamagus Highway is a 34.5 mile scenic drive along NH’s Rt. 112 in Northern New Hampshire that is well known as one of the best Fall Foliage viewing areas in the country.

  687. Julia says:


  688. Tanya Aucoin-Johanny says:

    Cabot Trail is great for fall foliage and so is the River Valley area of New-Brunswick, Fundy and Kouchibouguac Parks. I’ve never been to Mount Carleton, but I bet it must be nice there too.

  689. Pam MacLean says:

    One of my favourite views is just as you are driving into Antigonish from CB. The bowl of trees around the town is exquisite. It reminds me of the carnival glass my grandmother owned.

  690. Honey Theogene says:

    An amazing view of the fall colors is to be found at the Monetary of the Benedictine Brothers at Weston Priory. It is magical by the lake with the oranges, yellows, reds reflecting in the water. So breathtaking that it cannot be captured by photo, it must be experienced by being there. The beauty and atmosphere is beyond description

  691. Adam Saunders says:

    The best place on the lisland to see the fall colours, would be Trout River Road, PE, and you can see the trees and colours reflected on the river. Its fantastic this time of year,.

  692. Dan Peacock says:

    I have never seen such spectacular fall colours as I did on a recent canoe trip into the Toebeatic. Traveling north following the Roseway River system into areas that are only seen by the few who make the journey.

  693. K Scott says:

    The best place to see fall colors is in Springfield/Narrows. On ATV or out for a Sunday drive, the color mix of everygreen and hardwood is amazing.

  694. S Godin says:

    I work in Sunapee and I love taking walks during lunch time and enjoying the beautiful scenery I have here. I can also look out my window where I work and enjoy the changing colors of the leaves.

  695. Bonnie Rivard says:

    I love to go to my place in Stockholm Maine and drive to the top of the hill, you can see the entire valley, Little Madawaska Lake. It is so beautiful there.

  696. Dave Freese says:

    A Sunday drive into the White Mountains up through Evans Notch along the NH and ME border across Rte 2 to Gotham, NH then down 16 passing Mt Washington into North Conway. Snow and ice covered peaks and radiant colors below.

  697. S Johnston says:

    I think the best place to see fall foliage is around Stowe, Vermont. Absolutely gorgeous!

  698. Barbi Holland says:

    Fall colors, beautiful ‘n bright
    red, yellow, orange like the edge of night
    add the red dirt, peeking from the ground
    certainly makes this the best sight around

    Add the sparkling blue ocean,
    along the shoreline
    the reflection on the earth
    makes everything shine

    this is the best place for fall colors,
    I’m sure you’ll agree ..
    driving along the country roads of PEI,
    which is …….home to me !!

  699. Joel Teenyanoff says:

    Taking a drive across Vermont – east – west route – along Route 11 is wonderful. Intensity of colors varies with elevation from the CT River to the western border. Enjoy!

  700. R Winters says:

    The best place for fall colours is The Economy Mountains

  701. Sergey says:

    Although all of New England is beautiful in the Fall, I like the scenery of the Moscoma Lake. Still water of the lake streched between gentle mountains, all dressed in pink gold with emerald insertions, provides really peaceful and relaxing feelings!

  702. We have a second home in the Bristol N.H. area. The drive on the west side of Newfound Lake is just beautiful. You feel you are alone and the canopy of yellow leaves on the birch trees is absolutely gorgeous. In the Hebron area ,there are many backroads that show so much color and surprise views of Newfound Lake if you take Bear Mountain Road on the western side of the lake.

  703. Ryan and Jaime says:

    The best place to enjoy the colorful glory of God’s autumn season is our own backyard! Home is always where the heart is, so being home enjoying a hot cup of coffee and watching the children play in mounds of crisp colorful leaves makes for the most perfect sense of fulfillment!

  704. Steve LeBlanc says:

    Definitely the river valley drive in New Brunswick. Nice place all year round but especially in the fall. One of the best views I’ve seen anywhere.

  705. joan Davidson says:


    The best place, most easily accessible, near where I live n Northfield, Vermont, and apart from “my street” is the ride up the mountain between Northfield and Berlin on Crosstown Road. There you have not only wonderful weeds and flaming brush, but pines, birch with golden leaves, maples, red and sugar, and mountains in the distance on one side of the road—with tones of blue and purple —in addition to the reds,coppers, russets,greens and golds

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  706. crowley,d says:

    Tghe fall foliage is the best on your drive up RT.# 93 to the White Mountains and the Kangamangus HWY.

  707. P Catlow says:

    One of the most beautiful places to see foliage is Lake Dunmore in Middlebury, VT. Climb the silver lake trail and see the lake and surrounding area for several miles on a clear day. Dogs are welcome in the park too.
    Nothing better than some exercise and a beautiful view!

  708. pamela henley says:

    Fall is my favorite time of year and this year the fall colors are particulary beautiful aren’t they? I always make time for a drive from Brookfield to New Glasgow via the 289. The Stewiacke Valley is majestic and very natural.

  709. joan Davidson says:

    The best place, most easily accessible, near where I live n Northfield, Vermont, and apart from “my street” is the ride up the mountain between Northfield and Berlin on Crosstown Road. There you have not only wonderful weeds and flaming brush, but pines, birch with golden leaves, maples, red and sugar, and mountains in the distance on one side of the road—with tones of blue and purplein addition to the reds,coppers, russets,greens…

  710. A Malfitano says:

    Right in our own backyard! Vermont Route 7 between Rutland and Bennington.

  711. Heidi says:

    I am fortunate enough to have spectacular fall foilage in my own back yard here in the Upper Valley. It’s this time of year that I feel so lucky to live in this part of the world. We are a destination for many who choose to come to the Northeast as a place to relax, hike and take in the scenery. It’s especially beautiful to ride of Rte 10 or Rte 5 along the CT River on a sunny day with the shimmering light on the water and the abundance of color. I was too young to think about this aspect when I decided to make this my home, I am truly blessed.

  712. Terri O'Neill says:

    Anyplace in the Maritimes will give provide one with dazzling fall colors. My favorite place is the drive down to St Stephen – breathtaking.

  713. Linda Donovan says:

    The most beautiful place in the world the Cabot Trail.

  714. N Fecteau says:

    Vermont. Specifically, Orange Heights on Rt 302. The color is amazing at peak!!! Also, the Mad River Valley is good for wide open foliage and has many attractions to check out as well.

  715. Rod Burdette says:

    It’s a nice and challenging hike along the Squam Range of mountains from Sandwich Notch to Cotton mountain (12.5 miles) and the views of the lakes and folliage are spectacular.

  716. Mickey A says:

    The hills and valleys of Aroostook County. I especially think Route 1 overlooking the lakes from above is gorgeous.

  717. Dawn Johnson says:

    Actually, we enjoy watching the many trees on our property. We see the spring bring a bright fresh green color of leaves to the darkening of the green as summer comes. We then watch with fall the hues of yellow, orange, and reds. From the many shades and variety of colors on the autumn leaves, and we watch from the beginning to the hanging of just a few leaves as winter comes. We marvel at the beauty of changing nature.

  718. Lev Belford says:

    My favorite place to see fall colors is right in my own back yard. Brilliant sunlight makes the leaf colors glow. Dark stormy skies with swirling winds send cascades of colored leaves swirling about me tumbling tip over stem as they rush silently to the ground, where they rest for the winter.

  719. Scott Dearden says:

    Bradford Bog in Bradford NH. The spot is amazing and very few people ever go there.

  720. D Habben says:

    Along Route 9 from Hopkinton NH to the Vt border. Some breathtaking views and beautifully colored leaves

  721. Darcell N. Cromwell says:

    The best place to see the fall colors is all around you. We see it daily on our way to work from Windsor to Halifax and then back home. The colors are just breathtaking. I believe they are at their peak right now. I love all the colors, reds, greens, yellows, golds and rusts. We are so blessed to see such beauty everywhere we look. The whole province of Nova Scotia is beautiful with all the fall colors. Fall is my favorite time of year.

  722. C Carson says:

    Nashwaak Valley near Fredericton NB is gorgeous. I can look across the valley right from my front window and see all the beautiful colours.

  723. My favorite location to view the colours of fall would be driving from Bristol NB to Juniper NB, through the rolling hills and Mountains the colours are spectacular enhanced by the rolling landscape and beautiful contours of the land.

  724. Donna says:

    I have an amazing view right from my living room window of a very colorful mountain across the river!

  725. Kimberley Malley says:

    I would have to say the best to view the fall colours is from the lookoff on the North Mountain on the way to Hampton from Bridgetown. You can see so much of the valley with all the colours that fall has to enjoy.

  726. Amy Poirier says:

    The most beautiful place to view the breathtaking colors of fall is atop Mt. Willey in Crawford Notch, New Hampshire. The walk up the mountain will provide visitors the opportunity to hike under a canopy of fiery reds, and bright oranges and yellows, along with a crystal clear waterfall. But it’s the peak that is most astounding with unsurpassed views of the Crawford Notch mountains in all their colorful glory. A must see!!

  727. Carol Huber says:

    We love to take a ride along route 2 in northern New Hampshire heading west from the Berlin area. There along the Adroscoggin river the road is lined with birch trees. It is a most beautiful ride not only during foliage, but also in the spring and summer. We also ride this every summer on our motorcycle with friends.

  728. Bill Pecor says:

    I like to travel Rte 107 from Bethel, VT to Rte 4 in Killington area for starters. After exiting Rte 4 in Rutland I like to go north on Rte 7 and continue on to Bristol and Lincoln, VT.

  729. P. McLeod says:

    I like the drive from Truro to Tatamagouche this time of year. Lots of hardwoods and nice vistas.

  730. Terry MacDonald says:

    Marshey Hope Pictou County Nova Scotia has vivid & beautiful foliage in the Fall !!!

  731. M Dwyer says:

    The best place to see the fall color this year was in my own backyard in Windham, VT. The colors are gone now but it was spectacular on our pristine ridgelines during early October.

  732. R. Symes says:

    I work in Cape Breton, so during the fall of the year I drive down an extra day earily from Halifax so I can hit up the Cabot Trail. The fall colors are a sight to see. The trail is a great drive and if the sun if out and you have a great song playing on panic out the car stereo, well then its a dream to drive and a sight to behold.

  733. Alberta Forsythe says:

    The best place I have seen to view the colours of fall is a trip form Greenwich, Kings Co., NS to Black River. Heading south from Greenwich on the DeepHollow Road you see as much contrasting colors as you will see anywhere. Just continue through the community of White Rock, across the bridge and up the mountain to Black River.

  734. richard baker says:

    I like watching from my backyard.

  735. Brent Turner says:

    The area between South Woodstock, VT and Reading, Vermont is picture perfect! All the various shades of red, orange, green, tan, brown and variations in between, can be found here. This makes it one of the best leaf spots for my family, hands down.

  736. Carolyn MacPherson says:

    Always and forever- Belyea’s Cove, NB… The Maples and Oaks and absolutely gorgeous. Reds, golds, oranges and yellows mixing in with palette of colours every artist would envy with an intense backdrop of greens. So inspiring.

  737. John Hambrook says:

    The fall colours are simply breath taking around French Fort Cove in Miramichi NB. The majestic red maples and birch in bright yellow and orange lend itself to beautiful reflections in the water and provide the viewer a sense of inner peace…Check it out if you get the opportunity!

  738. Dan Deane says:

    I just like looking out into my back yard in Lee, NH on a crsip weekend morning. We have a nice mix of trees lining our yard. With the early morning mist, it is quite beautiful.

  739. Peg Schwarz says:

    My personal best place for fall leaf showings is from my front room window. I find it a daily show of changing landscape. We are fortunate to have a stand of maple and oaks, as well as a backdrop of evergreens across the street from our house. The show starts from green-like yellows and turns to vibrant oranges and reds than dulls down to the browns until the winds come by and sweep our slate clean until next year.

  740. Cara says:

    Driving south on Route 12 through Northfield during leaf season, look east as often as you safely can. Paine Mountain and the surrounding hills are gorgeous.

  741. Jeff Knott says:

    Try the Forks in Maine…..201 N from Skowhegean….unbelievable vistas…..and of course plenty of trails to hike or take a canoe down the Kennebec …..can’t beat Moxie Falls for a short hike…..

  742. Dorothy Isaacson says:

    Right outside my back window Mt. Jasper

  743. Melanie LaBranche says:

    The best place to see Fall Foliage is Lake Winnipesaukee. Taking the route all around the lake and seeing all the colors throughout the different towns in their original settings is amazing. From the modern homes to the historic buildings and inns, seeing the leaves draped everywhere is a sight to see! If you take a hike up Mt. Major in the Fall on a nice day, you can overlook the lake as far as the eye can see surrounded by the natural beauty of Fall. I would suggest a drive to the Lake for anyone who wants to see what a NH Fall looks like!

  744. L.Goodrich says:

    The best foliage this year in my opinion was Bennington Vt! Especially on the common with the church and the long white fence!

  745. Rick and Melinda Nickerson says:

    Cape Breton is truly one of the best places to see and visit during the fall time. The colours are amazing, we seen the ones out west during a fall visit (Alberta/BC) and they don’t compare in colours that we are so lucky to have here in the east coast.

  746. We like to go to Canterbury, NH…not only in and around Canterbury Village and the center of town, but we also head up to Hackleboro Orchard for apple-picking – the view goes on for miles there, especially from their high viewing deck!

  747. harley thibodeau says:

    my best place to see the fall colours is along the fundy shore it beautyful this time of year middle of the month.

  748. Ewan Trafford says:

    My favorite place to view the fall colours of the changing leaves is back home in Northern Carleton County NB along the St John River Valley.
    Driving on the back secondary roads along viewing the trees changing in the hills, mountains and along the river is a breath taking sight.
    Some of my fondest memories is in Johnville, NB sitting with my Grandmother in her parlour looking at the colours in the distance. It makes this part of the world special because not everyone experiences the beautiful colours of the fall like we do in North America.

  749. Susan Woods says:

    A few weeks ago we took a drive from Mahone Bay to Middleton on the Route 10…not a soul on the road and the leaves were just gorgeous…color around every turn…as well, I drive to work every day along the 103 from exit 5 and all along there this last week, the colors have been specatular…especially in the morning with the low lying fog…all in our own backyard!!

  750. Susan Leveret says:

    Rt 113 between W. Fairlee and Chelsea, Vt is very pretty.

  751. gail daigle says:

    baxters corner nb

  752. Brenda Attean says:

    The best place to see the fall foliage is from the Observatory at the Penobscot Narrows Bridge, linking Prospect and Verona.

  753. kim smith says:

    these past few days have been spectacular to view fall foliage in downtown Montpelier!

  754. Mike Meade says:

    New Brunswick is a beautiful province, with some of the best fall coulours anywhere. But, my personal favourite fall foilage vantage point is from the top of mount Sagamook, in Mount Carleton Provincial Park.

  755. J Towne says:

    Route 100 in Vermont has gorgeous fall colors, picturesque small towns, plus some beautiful mountain views. And many good places to stop for meals, snacks or other Vermont products.

  756. Joseph Raymond says:

    I95, north of Bangor, ME on your way to Patten, ME.

  757. Jeffrey Freake says:

    Lots of fall colours are visible driving around the beautiful city of St. John’s. One of the best places to view them, however, is from up on Signal Hill. You can see the sparkling blue Atlantic Ocean behind you, St. John’s harbour below, and lots of red, orange, and yellow trees as far as you can see.

  758. claire walton says:

    Right here in the Upper Valley, as you exit from Rt 120 onto Hanover Street in Lebanon, NH, you will see as much glorious color as you will find anywhere. Friends and I drive for hours each year to find ” peak foliage,”and the ride itself is always the best part with good friends, but when I get back, and head into Lebanon to visit my mom, I am amazed at the beauty that greets me right here, at home.

  759. John LaRiviere says:

    The best place for me is looking out over my deck at Turee Pond in Bow NH. The colors from the trees reflecting on the glass like water really helps take away the stress of a day.

  760. Glenn Gagne says:

    For us the best place to see the fall colors is riding the historic Cog Railway to the top of Mt. Washington while taking in the scenic view of the surrounding regions foliage. On a clear day with a good pair of binoculars one can see for 100’s of miles, it really is breath taking when the colors of the season are in full swing.

  761. Hannah Mills says:

    You can go anywhere in the Maritimes and see the fall colours, but being able to look out my bedroom window first thing in the morning and seeing the vivid reds, oranges and golds makes me feel very rich.

  762. Ray Durocher says:

    Traveling the back roads of Cabot Vermont and looking out at the beautiful mountains is my favorite place to see our fall colors.

  763. C Hodgins says:

    I love driving up the interstate past Sharon, VT. Great views.

  764. D.O'Neil says:

    Simply looking out the back door is wonderful. Driving up Rt. 93 to the Mt. Washington Valley area is really beautiful. Then there is NH Rt. 89N and Vt. 91 through Lebanon, NH and beyond…Wow!

  765. Falguni Mehta says:

    Although we don’t have to go too far (just surrounding Lebanon, NH area) to see nature at it’s best, the trip to Mt. Washington a couple of weeks ago was tremendous. Took Hobo RR foliage train, which was an experience of its own. Then took a ride to Cannon mtn. which already had some snow at the peak, and provided a beautiful contrast for the nature in transition. Loved it!!

  766. Stephanie says:

    Everywhere I turn this time of year there is breathtaking fall color! On my way to work each morning there is a fabulous stand of trees as I enter the Maine turnpike – golds, reds, greens – that remind me how wonderful mother nature is! I spend a lot of time driving on the turnpike and oddly enough as I commute to different offices, I marvel at what a great color show I get to enjoy on my drive! It just goes to show that there is beauty everywhere to be appreciated.

  767. Thomas Hickey says:

    A quick drive up and over Gunstock Hill Rd. Gilford, will amaze you eyes and senses! Breathtaking almost 360 degree view of beautiful NH foliage.

  768. B.L. Flynn says:

    St. Anne’s Bay
    Cape Breton NS

  769. mari blanck says:

    Driving north on Rte 89 through New Hampshire and Vermont is always a beautiful trip!

  770. FAITH Paton says:

    My favorite place to see the fall colors is Patten, Maine. At the top of the hill right before entering town, there is a scenic lookout where you can see for miles and miles in every direction. You can see Mt. Katahdin and all the surrounding smaller mountains. It is breathtaking!

  771. Lauren Campbell says:

    The best place to see the fall colors is through Wentworth or down through the valley. The colors are absolutely beautiful this time of year.

  772. Del Cate says:

    I think there is no “Best” place, all of the Northeast from the maritimes to Upstate New York have a gift in this time of year. The foliage can be seen from back roads, highways and even back yards. I do have a favorite place to view the foliage, it is on Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire. There is a contrast between the water and the trees that brings out the colors. Since there is good elevation nearby, the colors extend for more time as they move down from the summit of Mount Sunapee to the lakeside. Sitting in a boat allows for views in all directions at all times of day. Makes me want to be there as opposed to being at work right now.

  773. Michael OLeary says:

    Without question, my favorite place to view the beautiful fall foliage is The Irving Nature Park in Saint John NB. During the fall, the pathways and slopes are blanketed in incredible colorful leaves of mystic gold, citrus orange, sunkissed yellow and salsa red with rustic shades of classic rust turning this vibrant painting into a plethora of amazing colors. One can only imagine how such a natural phenomenon can radiate such a picturesque setting year after year leaving its witnesses in total awe.

  774. R. Harris says:

    My favorite place is in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. One can ride along Route 2 or The Kangamangus Highway and see the beauty of God’s creation arrayed in brilliant colors.

  775. Heather Hickey says:

    Gilford beach is a picture perfect spot to view the colors of NH in the Fall while listening to the Lake water roll in and walking in the sand.

  776. Joanne Deschenes says:

    My favorite scenic route is the drive between Fredericton and Saint John on the old road. You can see all the beautiful fall colours with the fantastic view of the river.

  777. Darlene Ernst says:

    I would say this year the colors are beautiful all around the Maritimes – even in your own back yard –

  778. Ron Hrasna says:

    My favorite place is Cotton Hill Rd. in Belmont. It is a designated scenic road that, at the top looks over Laconia, the lakes, and the mountains. The other side of the road looks toward the hills around Gunstock. It is beautiful any day of the year but really comes to life in the fall as you travel through the trees that surround the roadway. A very special place indeed.

  779. Joanne Deschenes says:

    The most scenic route for me is the drive between Fredericton and Saint John on the old road. You can see all the beautiful fall colours with the fantastic view of the river.

  780. Cathy says:

    Route 112 in either direction! Driving along the Kancamagus Highway in the fall in one of the most beautiful places in the world. The brilliant colors and leaves along with the wild life sitings of deer, moose, turkeys, fox and other animals and birds will leave you breathless!

  781. J.C. Besner says:

    My favourite place to view fall colours is when I’m doing some fall fishing along the Saint John river. I fish a tournament every year in October in Perth Andover (although this year it was late September). Not only can you see brilliant colours along the banks of the river, in some places you can see in the distance as far as Maine, and the mix of yellows, oranges and reds with the evergreens is spectacular. The river on the Mactaquac headpond is also great for seeing wide swathes of colour.

  782. Gary Boot says:

    No better than on my own property. Temple Mt. to the north. Kidder ridge to the west. An apple grove to the south and an abundance of white birch, maples, oaks and cherry trees scattered throughout. Also a beaver pond across the road with brilliant sumacs. Love them all until………..they decide to take up residence on my lawn.

  783. C Hicks says:

    My own front yard in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, is beautiful with a variety of stunning colors!

  784. Doug Tifft says:

    the best place to see the fall colors is on top of the Fairlee Palisades in Fairlee, Vermont, looking south along the Connecticut River and east into New Hampshire

  785. L LAWRENCE says:

    The best place to see the fall colours is the drive from saint john to sussex. On both sides of the road you
    can see beautiful colours on the hills and farm land with the evergreens and a few houses in between. This is a great drive on a nice sunny day and when you see the cows you know you are in sussex.

  786. Cathy A says:

    Just about anywhere in NH, depending upon the time of year, is great – just so long as you take the time to pause and enjoy. There’s an especially bright tree right in front of the NH State Library in downtown Concord – just an example of what gifts we have right in front of us in NH!

  787. Charlie Sark says:

    The Drive on rte #2 Moncton to Frediction and then on to Woodstock and Maine USA. Also the St John rt1 to St Stephan and though rte 9 to Bangor. The beauty in these two drives is breath taking and stunningly beautiful. We use to do the rtes on our way to NYC and return. Alternating the rtes to enjoy the Fall beauty of nature.

  788. Hal Kearsley says:

    Right in my back yard! We have a view right up a mountain side (albeit a small mountain) and in the evening sun, it is fantastic!

  789. My favorite place to see the fall folliage is on Route 7 along the St. Mary’s River near Sherbrooke, NS.

  790. V Hanson says:

    From Mt Willard looking south down Crawford Notch & seeing the train chug north over the high ledge tracks that you wonder how they were built way back before modern machinery & just glad they were built back then as today’s environmentalist mentality would never allow it, at least not for several millions in overrun!

  791. Betty Boyles says:

    The trees in western Prince Edward Island are exceptionally beautiful and colorful this year expecially along Route 14 through Milo.

  792. Steve says:

    We live in Meredith and to see the reflection of the bright colors across the bay is out is outstanding. With the back drop of the town, the experience can’t be beat.

  793. Kyla Miettinen says:

    My backyard is the best place to see the fall colours. I come out first thing in the morning and stand on the deck looking at the beautiful color in the trees and the ground papered in leaves. Breathtaking!

  794. Richard House says:

    Pine Hill Road

    Up Pine Hill Road in West Ossipee about 3 miles, past a pond, park and take a logging/skimobile road to the right (N NE) and find a small trail off to the left that goes steeply up rocks and woods for a short while. You’re greeted with a ledge that allows you to look East over the top of Silver Lake.

    Lake and Leaves in the same panoramic view!

  795. Lois Coburn says:

    Vermont – Route 30 is/was absolutely beautiful this year. Over looking Townshend Dam was postcard perfect Vermont Fall Foliage. My favorite time of year.

  796. Dianne Hamilton says:

    The best place to see the fall colors are on the Miramichi. The colors at the French Fort Cove are breathtaking. We are so fortunate to have an artist’s canvas everywhere we look.

  797. Danny McLaughlin says:

    The best place to see the fall colours is in a remote area of north-central New Brunswick, in the Mount Carleton area. Any of the lookoffs provide spectacular views of reds, yellows, and oranges.

  798. Sarah says:

    We love watching the fall folliage in the Monadnock region of NH- especially as you drive on Rt 12 towards Keene, with Mt. Monadnock in the backround, such a beautiful site!!

  799. L Alexander says:

    Driving route 100 in southern Vermont is beautiful. Every year it’s different but always worth the drive. The hills and mountains are out standing with yellows and reds.

  800. Andy Morse says:

    My favorite place? Right behind our house! Nothing is better than the warm bright sun passing through the trees and casting that orange glow onto the house and leaf littered lawn during a crisp October day. A light breeze carrying the wonderfull smell of a wood stove smoke and drying leaves just adds to the experience. It makes me nostalgic for Halloween parties, Thanksgiving dinners and pumpkin pie!

  801. Janet MacElman says:

    White Mountains of New Hampshire

  802. E Meier says:

    The most beautiful place in the fall is actually my backyard. I live in Hammonds Plains and it is really quite gorgeous here at the moment: a myriad of fall colours interspersed with some evergreens. Wouldn’t wanna miss it.

  803. Carol Horton says:

    Driving up to Camp Pemigawassett in Wentworth NH is one of the loveliest sights I’ve seen. In good
    years, the colors are really gorgeous and are well worth a look see. The road meanders up an incline,
    with plenty of curves, and the scenery is quite spectacular. Camp Pemi is located on Route 25 A and takes about half an hour to get to.

  804. Colleen Magne says:

    My favorite place to see the colors is in my front yard. It overlooks a hill that always has vibrant reds, oranges and yellows.

    This year my husband and I traveled to the Lake Morey Inn and Resort for a wedding. The ride down through on route 25 was absolutely brillant. Entire hillsides were lit up with the beautiful autumnal colors that we all enjoy and frankly expect every year despite what mother nature delivers.

    We are truly lucky to live in Vermont and experience each season’s beauty.

  805. Andrew Dickinson says:

    Fall foliage is great when you can just step out to the edge of your backyard (which conveniently borders a golf course!) and see the Monadnocks. Cool fall evening with a cup of hot chocolate and your wonderful spouse makes it perfect.

  806. I find wonderful color right here in Western Maine where I live and riding up to Evans Notch and Crawford Notch also up to Dixfield Nh on the route 26.

  807. Kevin Boyle says:

    Lake Winnipesaukee– The view from the middle of the lake is breathtaking. The air is clear and there is an unobstructed, panoramic view of the Belknap and Ossipee mountains, Red Hill and Mt. Major.

  808. I live on a big hill – the best place to see fall colors is sitting on my back deck overlooking the valley and mountains in the distance.

  809. Denise P says:

    The best place to see the fall foliage is all over New England i mean just jump in your car and drive.There’s not one place better than the other just when you think it couldn’t get any prettier just around the corner it does

  810. Tom Weston says:

    Mt Willard in the Crawford Notch is the greatest view for the relatively short 1 mile hike. Check it out.

  811. Cindy Harris says:

    Lake Winnipesaukee

  812. Kaye McMahon says:

    My favourite place has to be the Cabot Trail. I have gone over there many times but always try to get there in the fall. Between the mountains, sea coast and the color of the trees it is breath taking. Even the golf over there in the fall is so fantastic.

  813. Paul Berube says:

    The Birches campground in Litchfiels,ME on Lake Cobbosseecontee!!! what a beautiful place for fall colors.

  814. Alisa Harris says:

    With gas prices so high the best place is in my own neighborhood. I don’t think there is a place in New Hampshire that isn’t beautiful, and it sure is cheaper to take a walk down the dirt roads around my house!

  815. Gordie Gavin says:

    My favourite place to view the fall colors is along the Trans Canada Highway between New Glasgow and Antigonish an Marshy Hope.

  816. D M Yeates says:

    The longest lasting foliage I have enjoyed for several weeks each year and a beautiful drive up to the Whites is RT 16 into Conway. It’s like driving through fire on a sunny day. The way the sun hits the yellow and browns are so breathtaking.

  817. JP Russell says:

    The hills around Greenville, ME and heading up to Jackman on 201 provide a spectacular, cascading presentation of the best of Autumn, coupled with occasional Moose sightings. Simply a wonderful drive for your foliage tour!!

  818. Heather Schultz says:

    Pretty much anywhere you go here in the White Mountains, but the best place to see all kinds of beautiful fall colors is right at Profile High School. The background is absolutely gorgeous and there are so many different colors, reminds me of a bowl of fruity pebbles!!

  819. Bud Hadley says:

    The best place to view fall colors is right around the corner from us on Lake Ossipee. A boat ride around the lake gives you views of Mt. Whittier, Mt Chocorua and Mt Washington plus all the colors on the shoreline of this beautiful Lake.

  820. Leslie Holt says:

    I love driving to N.B. to visit relatives near Stanley taking the deserted winding country roads to my parents. It is nice when it is a cool day with a bit of sun to make the colors stand out.

  821. Tammy says:

    Windsor Nova Scotia has the beauty of the valley as well as the mountains near Martock arrayed in their rich Fall colours

  822. Sampa Shetty says:

    Anywhere in the Maritime provinces is beautiful in the Fall season.

  823. c bourgeois says:

    Right in my backyard!!! The trees on my property range from still green to bright red, light red, orange, yellow and brown. I will have to say thou that my bike ride down through the Fundy National Park last week was very colorful as well.

  824. Even though Vermont is known for it’s fall colors, I love driving to other areas of New England during the foliage season to see the colors there. I think it makes you notice and appreciate the natural surroundings wherever you are. This season, i drove to New Hampshire, to the coast of Maine, down to Boston, and to central Ct., all during foliage season. It was great to see the vibrant colors of peak foliage down in Ct. this past weekend after seeing the leaves fall to the ground back home in Vermont.

  825. Bkh says:

    Driving through the north woods beyond berlin/errol is the best place. The river on one side and colors surround you. Always see a moose or deer .

  826. C Bavis says:

    The best place to see the fall colours is to take a drive along the south mountain, just above Cambridge and Berwick in the Annapolis Valley. A beautiful sight in any season.

  827. Christian Simko says:

    I really don’t think you can beat the fall colors in the White Mountains. The canvas of color can simply be amazing. Just find a body of water early in the morning with the mist rising and the sun peaking out and the colors are incredible as they reflect in the still water. I do have to say though that our backyard in southern NH can look pretty stunning too.

  828. Earl Sharpe says:

    The Restigouche River, NB area. Regardlesss of whether the region has seen an overnight light snowfall on Sugarloaf Mtn. or its across the river looking into Quebec, the reds, oranges, browns, yellows are so vivid between sunrise to sunset that they make your mouth water for more Atlantic flavors of the season.

  829. Mike B says:

    My favorite place is over in southwestern New Hampshire, Hillsborough area. The colors are as great as anyplace in New England but it is the backgorund of farms, stonewalls, stone bridges, cemeteries, and unbuilt up areas of rural charcter that make it especially the place to be.

  830. corrine says:

    This week the Lebanon Green was just beautiful. Great color in our own back yard!

  831. My favorite place to see fall colors is my very own back yard in lovely Woodstock, Vermont, especially if I holding hands with my wonderful husband as we are walking our dog, Zephyr.

  832. L. Kozachenko says:

    I love the fall colours and since I’ve only moved to Nova Scotia recently from Ontario I have not found that special place yet…..but I will. Algonquin Park in Ontario is the best place I know of. But, with all the colours that are unfolding around me in this beautiful provence I know I will find an equally stunning spot if not more so.

  833. Joyce Majors says:

    My favorite place to see fall foliage is on Route 12, heading North out of Worcester, Vermont. As you crest the hill you can see Lake Elmore. All along Elmore Mountain is a tapestry of golden birch, red maple, toasty oak, yellow poplar balanced with green of the pines. On a calm day the reflection of these leaves is breathtaking. I had to stop on my way to work one day, park, and just take it all in. Enjoying the last few warms days of autumn, before I have to start using the propane!

  834. Al Lively says:

    The Kancamangus in NH. Thur the mountains and down the river valleys. Takes most of a day and there is shopping malls at the end in North Conway. Go north on Rt 16 go thru Bartlett and up the mountain to Bretton Woods. You can end the day there or a 30 minute drive to Littleton.

  835. J Vigue says:

    The view and colors are absolutely gorgeous and spectular as you travel Route 201 through West Forks Maine into the Moose River Valley and Jackman Maine. The only way I can describe the beautiful foliage across the mountain ranges in Jackman Maine is to say it must be the closest place to heaven. These views are absolutely beyond beautiful!

  836. Moni says:

    On Spectical pond in Enfield, Nh. The reflection of the mountains and the trees is just magnificent. Nothing beats it. Except riding horses thru small roads foliage covered.

  837. Anton Gorjans says:

    The best place to see the fall colors is in the coolees of southern/central Alberta especially around Drumheller. the land goes from being flat as a board prairie to winding and curving roads that descend down and the trees are mixed into the land where as it goes down you can see the different eras in the planets history in the different rings of soil that hide dinosaur bones. Catch the sun right and it’ll take your breath away.

  838. lillian kennedy says:

    the fall leaves are the greatest place to view at Lake Upotia and along the Bonnie River and ST George the reflections of fall colors in the Bonnie River are breathtaking .

  839. Evelyn Martin says:

    The prettiest place I think is back country 374 New Glasgow no traffic only the odd car you can just stop on the side of the road and take in all the beautiful colors, all the hills have just the most wonderful fall colors, it really does just take your breath away.

  840. Rte 7 from Saint John to Fredericton is lovely this time of year

  841. Linda Marr says:

    Although Saint John, NB is full of beautiful places to see the trees in all their coloful glory, my favorite spot to watch the transformation is in my very own back yard. Seeing my old trees, that have been there for many years, where my grandsons tire swing hangs, turn from their lush summery greens to their vibrant reds, organge and greens year after year is quite an amazing site.

  842. susan varney says:

    Driving up Rt. 201 along Wyman Lake from Moscow to The Forks, take a right to Moxie and another right to Troutdale on Moxie Pond and on back to Bingham . . . one of my favorite Fall Foliage Loops . . .

  843. Patricia Hood says:

    The good ole Green Mountains!! Smuggler’s Notch is truly fantastic.

  844. Tina Golon says:

    Driving through Stowe, VT. Going over Smugglers Notch this year was incredible.

  845. scott duncan says:

    on route 100 between Killington and pittsfeild. Nice winding mountain road that goes by some nice ponds and a golf course to.

  846. John Spadafore says:

    When God created this earth, he surely had New Hampshire in mind! There is beauty everywhere, but there is only one New Hampshire. The majestic mountains and landscapes are nothing short of sensory overload. None of the four seasons ever disappoint the exploring individual, who appreciates nature at its finest. Our state is a plethora of rubber necking activities from swimming at the beach or breathing the crisp cold air as you traverse down a mountain trail on a ski’s or if your young and daring, a snowboard. Let us not forget the beautiful foliage of the fall. The quite lakes now reflect the colors of nature along their shores. As for the mountains, they transform into an artist and photographers buffet of endless camera shots and easel creations. Our four seasons are matched by few and enjoyed by all. We are surely blessed to live in a state that offers us so much to live for and very little to envy.

  847. David MacFadyen says:

    The best place for fall foliage is anywhere on PEI. Reason being is that PEI is the most beautiful province in Canada. Its a must see!

  848. Jamie-Lynn Nassr says:

    The ONLY place for me to enjoy the changing of the leaves, is snuggled in front of my fireplace ( fueled by none other than Irving oil propane), inside my nice warm home ( also heated by Irving oil Propane), and watch the blistering winds swirl around my windows with a kaleidoscopic of earth-tone colors begging me to get out there and rake!

  849. Emily Santaw says:

    Early in the season, the New London-Sunapee (NH) are almost always has spectacular color. In VT, check out the view from I-89 overlooking South Royalton.

  850. Jackie Hatt says:

    My husband and I took a drive down to Scott Beach outside of Canning NS. Oh My, the colors were amazing, the view of the ocean was awesome. We also visited Blomodon Provincial Park, and again, a must see in the fall. Have lived in the province for 17 years and have never until this year have we actually explored our own province. Having a wonderful time.

  851. Tracy Lanthier says:

    Anywhere in the Maritimes this time of year is beautiful. The foliage is absolutely breath taking. Whether at sunrise or sunset the vivid colours explode and with the light. Young and old alike can not help but to be taken in by the beauty of the fall foliage we are so lucky to have here in the Maritimes.

  852. Linda Van Arsdale says:

    The best place to see fall colors is upper west part of Maine. We have been there several times on our motorcycle, which is the best way to see them, and the colors are just the best. I love the reds, especially. Just plain beautiful!!

  853. Rose Long says:

    My favourite place in the Maritimes to see the fall colours is, without a doubt, Barney’s River, Nova Scotia. There’s a wonderful turn in the road with a river running on the left side and the trees in glorious colour on the right side. All this to see BEFORE you get to Cape Breton and beautiful colours on the Cape Breton Highlands National park. So many beautiful locations in Atlantic Canada.

  854. Deb says:

    My favorite place to enjoy the Autumn colours is on our farm located in West Clifford, NS. From the vibrant yellows of the Oaks, Birches and Poplars to the burgundy and reds of the sugar Maples to the crisp autumn air there is no place like home.

  855. Ken Stevens says:

    My backyard in St. John’s is my favourite place for fall colours. Looking out our bedroom window we see maples, birch, ash and oak all ‘decked out’ in the colours of autumn.

  856. S. Rand says:

    My favorite place to see the fall colors is on my way home from work every day as I drive up the north mountain in Canning Nova Scotia. The trees are like a rainbow of color and cover the entire mountain side. I feel extremely luckly to live in such a beautiful area of Nova Scotia. Once you reach the top of the mountain you can view the beautiful fall colors across the valley from the Look Off.

  857. Paul Arsenault says:

    Me and the wife enjoy 4 wheeling in albert county New brunswick the mountains r so nice with all the different colors of fall. We usually have around 20 30 friends also very fun and nice!!!!

  858. Sabrina Froude says:

    I grew up in NB so I got to see lots of amazing places with beautiful fall colours. My parents house is in a beautiful spot next to a lake and the fall colours are amazing. I’m living in Newfoundland now and my neighbourhood has lots of trees so I just have to look outside for beauty.

  859. Melvin Sellars says:

    the best place to see the fall colors is driving anywhere in Newfoundland & Labrador. The bright oranges and reds are simply breathtaking. Fall in my favorite time of the year.

  860. CB Wetherbee says:

    Your own back yard, the beauty is all around you

  861. Laurie LeClair says:

    The best place to see fall colours is on the one lane dirt roads on PEI. The beautiful colors surround you as you drive or walk down them.

  862. lisa dahms says:

    I enjoy driving through the south shore area it is so beautiful this time of year.

  863. On a grey fall day any where on PEI when a beam of light comes through the clouds and the colors are illuminated against the dark sky, it’s thrilling. The occasional sighting of deep blue water through a landscape of woven hues completes the chorus of autumn.

  864. Dan Richards says:

    I enjoy the color change at my own property in Stellarton. The color and unique smells associated with the fall brings back memories of being a child and walking to school on fall days

  865. Faith Sharpe says:

    My favorite place is along the St. John River where I grew up. Every time I am there, it brings back such wonderful memories of my childhood driving with my mom and dad. No matter how many times I have taken that route, I am still amazed at the beauty of the Fall colours.

  866. Chris Glister says:

    Took a trip last weekend around the Cabot Trail, found the Margaree River Valley to have the best colours. Then came home looked out my kitchen window and said hey it is pretty good right here at home along Ketch Harbour Road.

  867. John Raby says:

    There are two best places for me. One is the White Mountains, where both the colors and the setting are breathtaking. Every turn in the road reveals a new beauty. The other is from the back deck of my home, where I can see Pleasant Lake, Mount Kearsarge, the town of New London, and Colby-Sawyer College.

  868. charles woods says:

    I chose a sunny day about the 12th of October and drove around Weston, Vermont. The
    best part was finding a dead end road and walking among the red and yellow leaves. A
    quiet spot in the woods is a very nourishing experience

  869. K Walsh says:

    I just love looking out my back window, Trees all around yard changing color and then the ground covered in leaves. It’s beautiful!

  870. Vicki says:

    I love New Hampshire and Maine. The White Mountains have beautiful colors. I especially like driving though Crawford Notch. Another great place I love is Evans Notch in Maine.

  871. Gary says:

    Fall colors are fantastic driving along the Exploits Valley.

  872. along Vermont Route 131, which follows the Black River, from Downers to Cavendish

  873. Craig Lemieux says:

    I like going hunting in the northern tip of Maine around the Allagash and St John Rivers.
    We always have wonderful colors the first weeks of October.

  874. Nicole Weisner says:

    My favorite spot for colours just happens to be across from my house at Lumsden’s Dam. Just outside Wolfville, NS it is an amazing spot to see all the colours against the blue of the lake. Drive anywhere on the South Mountain and you will see every colour imaginable.

  875. Sharon Lepich says:

    I best place for me to enjoy looking at the fall foliage is right in my own yard. I loved the maples and birches and now am enjoying the beeches and oaks. New England is a beautiful place to live.

  876. Barbara Joslin says:

    best place to see fall colors is Stratgartney, PEI. Spectular for sure

  877. kathy tayman says:

    Going north on Rt 26 in Poland Springs, Me., coming up over the hill, you can see the snowcovered mountain tops peeking through the trees with the beautiful colored fall foliage leaves sparkling from the morning sunrise. Just breathtaking!

  878. Keith Macfarlane says:

    Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

  879. claire fuchs says:

    From the lookoff in Canning in the Annapolis Valley.

  880. V Blackett says:

    down by the dam on our property, just as the sun is going down… simply breath taking

  881. Scott Morton says:

    I drive through the Wentworth valley every couple of weeks and it is amazing to watch the change in the seasons, especially as autumn arrives. Being from Australia it is a real wonder to me to watch these colours develop and how amazing and vivid they are.

  882. M Sloan says:

    My favorite place to see the fall colors is sitting in my backyard and looking at all the beautifully colored trees that boder my brook. There is nothing like waking up to the morning sun and seeing all the red, yellows, and oranges that paint the yard and being able to enjoy the view at any moment. It sure does brighten up the day and makes me thankful for all of the beauty around.

  883. amy fredericks says:

    I like to look at the leaves over by drew hill mountain they are beautiful!!!

  884. Rob Sonnenberg says:

    My favourite place to see fall colors would be at my parents house in Charlottetown PEI. The bright glowing yellows, oranges, and reds light up the ground and tree line, and make a beautiful landscape around their pond. It’s picture perfect when the ducks come in for a swim. The leaves look like they are illuminated when then float on top of the water. Check out some of the amazing colors here on the island.

  885. Sue Gilman says:

    There are many beautiful places, but I find around my home is beautiful. The yard is lined with oak and maple trees and the woods out back have so many varieties that is just beautiful. Even when it is raining, it seems like the sun is shining because of all the beautiful colors.

  886. B Morin says:

    At the top of Mount Carleton in northern NB. The view from up there is second to none.

  887. Philip Thornton says:

    The Mt. Washington Valley, especially the Jackson loop. Just beautiful

  888. Beverly Kelso says:

    the best place in Nova Scotia to see fall colours is in the Annapolis Valley, whether you travel on highway 101, 201, 1 or travelling north to the bay of fundy, any one of the north mountain roads are breathtaking. I also think the south mountain roads are spectacular in color whether it’s on highway 10, 8 to Mickey Prov. Park, or up to Crystal Falls. I believe fall in Nova Scotia is just stunning no matter where you travel.

  889. Brian McCue says:

    This is an odd place to see fantastic colors, but the Nashua cemetery between East and West Hollis streets. There are numerous sugar maples that are fantastic looking right now.

  890. m. hanley says:

    Just about anywhere in NB…..beautiful!

  891. M Askew says:

    On PEI’s red soil roads….take any of the tree lined red roads and be transported back in time. The colours embrace the roads and take your breath away and you can still smell apples in the air. It is pure magic.

  892. Ryan Belbin says:

    My favorite place to see the fall colors is on our golf course!

  893. Sarah MacKinnon says:

    My favorite place is my own neighborhood which I enjoy while walking with my four-legged best friend. I love the sights and smells of walking in our neighborhood in just outside of Halifax, NS.

  894. P. Gesner says:

    The best place to see the fall colours is very near my home looking down the Salmon river from the bridge with all the reds, yellow, and orange – the colors are spectular especially in the morning when the sun is shining on the trees. Makes everyone feel alive in this wonderful country of ours.

  895. I would have to say the best place to see fall colors is Tusket heading towards Springhaven (the 308 North) Yarmouth County. The roads are so very twisty and narrow which is lined with beautifully colored leaves. It’s breath taking. This is why I love most of all!

  896. KATHERINE PIPER says:

    I live in Ellsworth, NH and all I have to do is look out any window and there is the beauty so many drive miles and miles to see. I am so blessed…

  897. Robin Neill says:

    The best place is my yard in Elliott Park in Cornwall, P.E.I.

  898. john hebert says:

    the place that I enjoy the most the fall colors is sitting on the back porch of my house. I live on Carron drive and I have the view of the bay and all those colors from the nbay water. It is just like dubbling the effects, astonishing

  899. vikki mitchell says:

    from the dock of our camp on east pond. the sunsplashed yellows and ambers puts warm thoughts of another year with family and friends in your hearts and makes the upcoming winter cold seems easier to get through.

  900. Susan Mason says:

    My favorite fall color scenery can be seen on the Philamunroe Road near Sussex, NB. It’s a one lane dirt road with a brook meandering back and for across the road. The trees provide a canopy over the road all year, but in the fall when the birch & maple turn and the leaves cover the road in a fluffy bed of color, it is tranquil and gorgeous.

  901. Ed Connolly says:

    Kangamangus highway

  902. The Wentworth Valley is second to none for its fall beauty. The vibrant colors of red, yellow, orange and rusty browns are mixed with various shades of green. The Ski Hill provides a unique opportunity to see the valley splendor. Dianne

  903. lisa mauger says:

    i love going around the light house route to see our beautiful colors. i will also go to the valley to see them. fall is the most colorful time of the year.

  904. Stacey Cool says:

    My favorite place to see the fall colors is back home on the North Shore. A trip home to Campbellton is a must each fall season! The scenery this time of year is amazing – the mountains, the water all surrounded by beautiful fall colors! Breathtaking each and every time I see it.

  905. S McCandless says:

    We have been getting a fantastic view right off of the back porch in Windham, VT. The beaver ponds have white birch and red maples on the far side. Uphill from the ponds is covered with dark evergreens surrounded by sugar maples and aspens. Maybe it is just a good year for color, but I am so grateful to be part of it, as I had to be out of town with family and thought it would all be gone when I returned. What a terrific surprise.

  906. M. Farrell says:

    I love watching the fall colours from my deck which is on the back of my house in Torbay. No one lives behind me, so I have a beautiful view of the trees changing their colours. So peaceful and relaxing.

  907. Doris Savoie says:

    I think the best place to see the fall colours is along the St-John river it’s just wonderful all those colors and working downtown Fredericton I can also see all the wonderful colors looking up the hill. Every day is just a pleasure looking outside my office window.

  908. B Sullivan says:

    Pinkham and Crawford Notches in New Hampshire offer a kaleidoscope of colors. The foliage is best enjoyed while hiking.

  909. Lynn Roberto says:

    My own backyard! I can watch the colors change without ever leaving home!

  910. Deb says:

    The best place to see color is driving route 100 from Rutland, Vermont to Stowe, Vermont.

  911. dawn Clarke says:

    taking a stroll through Bownring Park in St.John’s, NL is just breath-taking this time of year

  912. Martin MacKinnon says:

    Reading the notes above the White Mountains are wonderful, the Saint John River Valley is beautiful, but if you want to see where God visits when wants to see his creation and have a cup of tea, you need to go to the Cabot Trail it is simply “Heaven on Earth”

  913. Height of land in Rangley Lakes..or the Nova Scotia area just beauticul …

  914. Dean Wheeler says:

    Just take route 3, route 4, 118, in NH and have a blast. Always great color before you race to the White Mountains on I 93 and miss all the real color of our small towns and country views along the way.

  915. alex parsons says:

    Sitting on the patio of my cabin early in the morning when the sun starts to come up and hits the colours, very relaxing

  916. Lindsay Sutherland says:

    Hands down, the Cabot Trail! Absolutely stunning.

  917. Christel Gorman says:

    My favorite place is my back yard!! It is completely surrounded by trees, offering a scenic and private view of the beautiful New Hampshire fall colors. Nothing could be more attractive and convenient!

  918. Brenda says:

    i enjoy the fall colors in my own back yard,either being outdoors amongst the trees or sitting in my living room with the comfort and warmth from my furnace powered by Irving propane.

  919. Marjorie Hascall says:

    The White Mountains was where I headed, in years past, to see the bright autumn leaves, but in recent years there are too many leaf peepers there for me to enjoy the trip. Now it is local views..

  920. V Murphy says:

    Rte 123 from Charlestown back down to Rte 9 through Marlowe and Alstead! Gorgeous!

  921. Derek Smith says:

    Walking along the Albion Trail in Stellarton / New Glasgow, Nova Scotia – along the river is so colourful as you crunch through the leaves. It is a beautiful community.

  922. T MacCormack says:

    My favorite place to see the fall colors this year, was/is the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.

  923. Barb Pennington says:

    From the Hubbardton Battle Field in Hubbardton, VT is the best place to see foliage that I have seen.

  924. Jeremy MacLeod says:

    Driving through Strathgartney near Bonshaw, PE is a beautiful spot for the fall colours.

  925. Jennifer Colpitts says:

    We love driving through Alma N.B. The colors are absolutely breathtaking, seems like they are brighter and brighter every year.

  926. The absolutely best place to see the fall foliage in New Hampshire is the White Mountains. The variety of trees and colors please any native and tourist for days.

  927. L. Anderson says:

    Right in my own bag yard. Each morning I wake up to a brilliant burst of rich reds, the goldenest (if that is a word)of yellow and the deep browns that grace my yard. There’s nothing like sipping a cup of coffee and looking out over the beauty that nature delivers each fall. What a harmony of colour.

  928. Mike Hammond says:

    I enjoy traveling through Lamoille County, Vermont. Eden, VT has some incredible back roads with overlooks that can see all the way to Stowe, Mount Mansfield, and well beyond. Warren Rd, the farthest end from town, allows an awesome view through the valley. When the trees are all turned crimson red, yellow and orange, and the sun is just right, it looks like the trees are strutting like a peacock showing off their beauty before preparing for the winter.

  929. Elizabeth Hellard says:

    The best place to see fall colors is Geneva Point in Center Harbor, NH on Lake Winnipesaukee. Each year a group of us spend Columbus Day weekend on the Big Lake and the colors are just spectacular. The beauty of autumn is all around. You can take a walk to the beach and sit on a huge rock and listen to the loons on the lake while you take in the mountains of red and gold. It doesn’t get much better than that.

  930. Katie says:

    I don’t make my way out of the city too often so the only fall colours I get to see are on my running route, which is the Irving Nature Park… the 7.2 km run a few times a week is pretty relaxing in there, with the beautiful scenery and crisp air. I also enjoy the drive along Manawagonish road, the huge trees near the schools are beautiful 🙂

  931. Sandy Joslin says:

    Camels Hump Summit!…There is no better place to experience the magnificent splendor of falls colors than the panoramic view atop the Crouching Lion…you not only have the dazzling display of bright reds, golds, oranges, yellows and greens before you but every time I’ve witnessed this I am awestruck at the power of our Creator.

  932. Linda Whitehouse says:

    Fall in Nova Scotia is the most beautiful, and my favourite, time of the year. Everywhere you look is a brilliant panorama of colour. Unfortunately, due to chemotherapy treatments, I am restricted this year in my ability to do my annual “leafing drives.” However, through my bedroom window here in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, I have a glorious view of our very own stand of maples and birch trees bordered by a brilliant red couple of burning bushes. Absolutely gorgeous and gives me a lift every morning when I open the curtains to see my favourite place to see the fall colours this year.

  933. K OHara says:

    It is truly a toss-up between Prince Edward Island and Vermont – the colors are spectacular in both locations, and we love being in either place to enjoy the show Mother Nature puts on!

  934. James Bullen says:

    The drive from Nova Scotia down to Maine and New Hampshire is stunning, especially staying off the main highway and enjoying the colours.

  935. Andy MacKay says:

    Along the St. Mary’s Rive in Guysborough county NS.

  936. Louise Brown says:


  937. Dennis M. says:

    Our front porch in VT.

  938. Lana DesTroismaisons says:

    The foliage throughout The White Mountains of New Hampshire is a tapestry to behold. One of the best overlooks, attainable even to my twelve year old sheltie, is The Sugarloafs in Crawford Notch. The trailhead begins alongside the Zealand Road and affords 360 degree views.

  939. D. Low says:

    The best view was from my car, played tour guide for a friend from Alberta who had never visited the Maritimes in the fall. As we drove through PEI and NS earlier this month, she was speechless at the colors (most common word uttered was “wow”) and she couldn’t take pictures fast enough.

  940. R Aiken says:

    The best place to see the fal colors is taking Route 100 to Stowe, VT and then going up to the Trapp Family Lodge and walking along the trails. You can really the vibrant colors that our Creator made for us.

  941. D Corbett says:

    I like to see the leaves while walking along the Trans Canada Trail in Musqodoboit. The trees come right to the river’s edge at some points and when you look up the rock face at “The Diner” it is framed by leaves changing colour. When you get out of your car and walk in the leaves you get a different perspective. You can smell and feel the crisp air.

    That’s my favourite fall colour experience.

  942. deborah dibartolomeo says:

    The best place I enjoy fall foliage is in the white mountains. If you travel the kangamangus highway you’ll see the best views and foliage anywhere. Be sure to bring a camera as you’ll want to take lots of pictures.

  943. carneyl says:

    Kancamagus Highway in the White Mountains (NH) – Beautiful views of the mountains and the colors are beautiful along the Swift River. Lots of places to pull off and leaf peep.

  944. Cheryl says:

    My favourite place to see the fall colours is driving through southern NB!

  945. shelley b. says:

    The best place to view the fall colours is from my deck. Although we do not live in the country, there are lots to trees to see a wide range of colours and I don’t even have to leave home. Reminds me what an awesome country we all live in and how exciting it is that we get to enjoy 4 seasons so vividly.

  946. Kerin Gallo says:

    Right in my own “backyard”! As I drive to work each a.m., I pass Mt. Kearsarge on my right. Usually ringed with a “hat” of fog or clouds, the contrast with the colors is striking!. As I continue up Rt. 11, King Ridge is in view with all of its beauty as well! No need to travel very far for me!

  947. Sharon Foster says:

    The best place is Twin Mountain. We go up every weekend and the colors we’re spectacular this year. Just the drive up there is amazing. To see all the mountains around you with so many colors. Unfortunately they never seem to last long, especially when the rain came and washed it all away. It never seems to last long enough. Before you know it the snow will be here, which is another beautiful sight. To see all the trees covered in white as well as the ground. Theres a path in the woods that reminds me of a country lane. To see it with the foliage and then the snow is so breathe taking.

  948. P O'Brien says:

    the most memorable and awsome location is paddling the mersey river through kedgie. the depth of the orange and red balanced with the deep green of the pine puts ones soul at rest. the spirit of many generations are there to ease the stress of today. a truely wonderful event which makes the struggles of the world fall into place.

  949. mary craig says:

    all of new brunswick is great,but i especially like the drive from saint john to sussex. we stop at the mckay irving have breakfast & away we go!!

  950. E Edgar says:

    Pete Luckett’s winery in the Gaspereaux Valley, Nova Scotia.

  951. Sam Cushing says:

    I think the best place to view the fall foliage is from right here in the comfort of my nice, warm home.

  952. L. Emslie says:

    The best place to view the fall colours is from my dining room window. We live on top of a hill across the road from a lake. Across the lake is unspoiled land which is abound with colours this year. Best year in a long time. It truly is a picture of serenity and peacefullness. Too bad that blanket of colours doesn’t last a bit longer.

  953. Cheryl Chase says:

    In Vermont, we have a very old hunting camp in Pittsfield, VT and when you are up on the mountain you get a gorgeous view of the other mountains and hills.
    In NH, the Kangamagus Highway is beautiful. I love the fact you can stop and take some short hikes too.
    Other then that, I just love the whole upper valley. You get a treat for they eyes just going out and doing errands.

  954. joanne pullen says:

    Throughout Nova Scotia mother nature has attired our world with colour. I am amazed at the multicoloured fall gowns sported by the trees. Walking along Banook Lake boardwalk, Dartmouth, in the fall is a great place to view the trees dancing with the wind, colours raining down. My path is scattered with leaves of orange, gold, red, yellow, and some leaves that have been blessed to wear all shades.

  955. Crystal Kehoe says:

    The best place to see the fall colours is along the Ottawa River, or in Gatineau (right across the river). The gentle slopes allow one to view layers of colours unlike anywhere else. The red maples add that depth of colour I miss so much while I’m away.

  956. Paul MacDonald says:

    The best place to see fall colors is the Cabot Trail

  957. Sue Ricker says:

    Driving along any of New England’s roads, whether the interstate or a graveled back road, displays nature’s Fall colors. Sometimes all it takes is sitting on the back porch looking at the mountain behind the house to appreciate the season’s glorious beauty.

  958. Kathy LaVallee says:

    the sparkling colors are spectacular!

  959. Michael C says:

    I love to see fall colours when driving down the Trans Canada Highway along the Humber River between the city of Corner Brook and the town of Steady Brook in the province of Newfoundland and Labardor. It’s really breathtaking and beautiful.

  960. Centennial Park in Moncton is alive with fiery fall colors.As I run with my huge rescue dog,Brandy,down the dirt roads the magnificence of the trees almost takes my breath away.That 450 acre park is a little piece of heaven for us city dwellers …an escape to the country almost…well,in our minds it is …with squirrels and rabbits darting across the road at times.For me,this is the best place to see the fall foliage.

  961. Kathy LaVallee says:

    Riding down the ski lift at Mount Sunapee ski resort in the Fall not only gives you a panoramic view of the lakes and mountains of New Hampshire but also the distant mountains of Vermont. On a clear sunny day you can see for miles in many directions and the sparkling colors re spectacular.

  962. Aman K says:

    Where else?….Window side of my beautiful house with my beautiful wife.

  963. Driving up route 11 to FOrt Kent, Maine and then route 1 from Fort Kent to Caribou, Maine. The rolling hills and lakes, the views are splendid.

  964. molley says:

    Outside my window… I see over the Connecticut river to several Vermont mountains.

  965. Terri Lynn says:

    My favourite place to see the fall colours is in Cape Breton. I just love the mix of reds, golds, evergreens and blue-grey of the ocean. Such a beautiful drive at this time of the year!

  966. M Benjamin says:

    The leaves going through the Wentworth Valley this time of year are absolutely gorgeous,the reds,yellows and oranges are so vibrant it almost takes your breath away.

  967. R. Davis says:

    There is NO place like the top of Sunapee Mountain, up at Lake Solitude. You can see Sunapee Lake, the whole valley,it feels like you are on top of the world and can see everything. The colors are simply breath-taking. A must see if you haven’t been there.

  968. Van Barlow says:

    Mohawk Trail Rt. 9 Charlemont Mass. Runs along the Deerfield River.

  969. D Hale says:

    Anywhere in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont – especially along Darling Hill in Lyndonville looking towards Burke Mountain and East Mountain – it can’t be beat during the height of foliage – or most any time of year, for that matter.

  970. Peter Krupkowski says:

    My back yard.

  971. PW says:

    Cape Breton. Might be one of my favorite places to see anything, but the fall colours are certainly unmatched here.

  972. Diane Moore says:

    The best place to see fall colors is all of the back roads in our town of Reading, VT. We love to take walks on the back roads and try to catch leaves with our kids as we walk through the leaf lined roads. It great where we live to be able to walk out our front door and experience fall in such a great way 🙂

  973. doris mackenzie says:

    Out on my front doorstep,there is a beautiful view of the autumn colors.It is overlooking a river/valley and the are numerous kinds of trees.I have lived here for 40 years and never tire of the scene all times of the year,but the autumn brings out all the magnificent colors.

  974. Graham Miner says:

    The South Shore of Nova Scotia particularly in and around Mahone Bay during the Scarecrow Festival.

  975. Judy Corbett says:

    The most spectacular place to see the fall colours is the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island. It is the most beautiful place at anytime of the year but in the fall the colours are just unbelievable. The colours in the fall are only part of the beauty in this place, there is so much more. It is a must to see.

  976. Cindy Brown says:

    Right here in my neighborhood and in my own backyard we have color all around us in the fall. My backyard is filled with small trees with a variety of color. My neighbor has a large tree that bursts with color against his white house and up and down the street many homes and businesses have trees that are so beautiful you just want to stop and take the time to enjoy. We often times travel to areas without noticing that which is right there in front of us.

  977. Jules Aucoin says:

    The best place for our family to experience the fall colors is on the outskirts of my hometown of Cheticamp along the Cabot Trail as you’re entering the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. The vivid colors against the blue skies and the ocean makes for a picture perfect photo!! I just wish that this colorful season could be extended for a couple more weeks!!!!!

  978. Don Foos says:

    Dale road in Weston,Vermont.

  979. Diane Lee says:

    I enjoy driving down my road in Rollingdam, New Brunswick. The trees hang out over the road and are absolutely beautiful. Yesterday coming home from work the sun was shining on the trees and the colors were breathtaking against the bright blue sky. It is absolutely my favorite time of year!!!

  980. W DeMont says:

    All of Nova Scotia is beautiful with color. One place in Nova Scotia that is exceptional is Mabou in Western Cape Breton. This area on route 19 has rolling hills of mainly hardwood and right now is alive with miles of color.

  981. Terry Gauthier says:

    I think the best place to see the foliage is fom my back deck!

  982. Karen Macdonald says:

    Kenzie falls area just past Pictou Nova Scotia

  983. Jackie Campbell says:

    The drive along the St John River, from Westfield to Gagetown NB, is beautiful during the Fall.

  984. Heather Parker says:

    The best place? Almost anywhere in the Maritimes or New England! We can either drive to higher vantage points to view the tapestry of colours from above, or walk through our woods and neighbourhoods to become part of the foliage. Fall is the best kept secret of the eastern seabord! Even cities have bursts of natural colour at this time of year!

  985. Mary Darisse says:

    The best place for me to enjoy the Fall Colors every year is right here where I live! The roads I travel from my home and back are lined with trees that in the Fall turn the most beautiful colors. They give off the most comforting feeling that ONLY comes with the Fall season. It is at this time of year the most that I really appreciate living in New England.

  986. Melanie Crandall says:

    I am from NB, Canada, however; I now live in Bergen, Norway…the leaves here are just as beautiful as they are back home, yet; the reds are not nearly as prominent as in Albert County, New Brunswick.

  987. donna says:

    Route 124 on the way to Jaffrey New Hampshire. When you get to the ponds one on each side look to the left and get a grand view of Mount Monadnock as well. A view even most painted by local aritsts.

  988. avis patten says:

    most beautiful is sherburne new hampshire

  989. Amy Butler says:

    We are taking a trip to New Hampshire through the white mountains this week. New Hampshire is a beautiful place to see all the fall colors with the mountains as a majestic backdrop.

  990. Mary Bourque says:

    The best place to see fall colours is driving through the Wentworth Valley. The trees are so beautiful and such vivid colours.

  991. Ryan Carrier says:

    My daily ride on I-95 between Medway and Lincoln, Maine is my favorite place to see the fall colors!

  992. Mike Grondin says:

    Right here at home on Davis Pond in East Eddington, Maine!

  993. r jewers says:

    The Liscombe River road is beautiful this time of year. Although a well maintained gravel woods road, access is easy and is much worth the journey. Rivers and hardwood hills with juniper into the mix, gives all the colors of appreciation for this time of year.

  994. Chris Mulholland says:

    The drive down the Saint John River from Nackawic to Mactaquac especially when river is calm offering great views of the colours reflected off the water

  995. Norma Horak says:

    The reds were glorious on the stretch of I-89 from New London to Lebanon, NH this year. The rain has taken most of them now but there are still plenty of orange, yellows, and gold. N. Horak

  996. Fran Minty says:

    Right in my own backyard……at dawn the mist rises in clouds from the lake and river, and the sun catches the brilliant array of reds and golds and coppers. The leaves this year are luminescent, more beautiful than I have ever seen them before.

  997. Drea says:

    My fave place is on Mt. Ascutney…with the river flowing by on one side. Just gorgeous

  998. D. Goulet Pelletier says:

    There are many great places to see the change mother nature graces us with each year. But one of my favorite spots is right here in the town we live in. On the very top of Range Road you can see miles of beautiful colors weaving in and out among the tree tops. It is a sight one must see!

  999. J. Hillier says:

    My favourite place to walk around and enjoy the fall colours is in Bowring Park, St. John’s NL. There are so many varieties of trees and it is a relaxing place, especially with my camera. The wonderful addition there, of course, is the duck pond which also houses many of ducks, swans etc.

  1000. J. Scott says:

    Just in my little neck of the woods out here in Greenwich National park PE. The huge variety of trees all with their own particular hue inspire me and fill me with warmth. They give me the courage to face another cold winter knowing that their leaves will soon turn green again thus heralding a new spring.

  1001. Susan Marks says:

    Going north on Rte. 100B in Moretown you come to a bend in the road right before the Horses and Pathfinders farm. The Mad River in on the left and a small mountain with the most beautiful color rises up behind it.

  1002. Judy Archambault says:

    A very good place to see great color is at the top of Craney fire tower. You can see for miles.

  1003. Margaret Veinot says:

    My favorite place to see fall colors is at O’Keefe’s Lake, Prince Edward Island. On a calm day, looking out across the lake the trees reflect in the lake, absolutely beautiful and very calming.

  1004. Jim Good says:

    I don’t have to go very far to see the foliage. Looking out my back door I can see the fog lift off the Otter Creek and the rising sun highlighting the trees and colors on the mountain in my back yard. With the early morning haze it is almost always picture perfect.

  1005. Clotilde Cadman says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, everywhere you look in NS at this time of year you will find amazing colours.

  1006. walter Anderson says:

    In the shadow of Mt. Katahdin on the Wassataquoik River and the East Branch of the Penobscot River,Maine reveals a blaze of spectacular fall colors.

  1007. Ida Daigle says:

    My favorite place to see the fall colors is along the Nashwaak River near Fredericton, NB. It is one of the most beautiful places I know. The sun shining on the leaves reflecting the water.

  1008. The best place to see fall in nature is in Grose Morne National Park on the great Northern Peninsula in Newfoundland , it is breath taking, so many different trees with so many different colors

  1009. Kevin Mulhern says:

    It is so easy to take advantage of the fact that the best fall foliage is right in my backyard. I live in Western NH and no matter where I look, whether its up along the mountains or down along the river the colors are spectacular. It is way too easy to take it for granted these days.

  1010. S. Richards says:

    One of the best places for fall colors that is close by for me is Alton Bay. Not just the colors but you can sit on a bench and see people from many parts of the USA. Any weekend day it is an easy travel to get away for a short break.

  1011. w nichols says:

    Overlooking the pond behind my back field!!

  1012. Dave Dunehew says:

    I think one of the best places to viewthe fall colors is on Rt 9 / airline road from Woodland to Bangor, Maine. Awesome views this year.

  1013. Greg Fisher says:

    The best place to see fall colors is the drive between New Glasgow and Antigonish.

  1014. betty says:

    Cabot Vermont and that area

  1015. David Messier says:

    I love to watch the fall colors change in the small towns and villages surrounding Mt Ascutney in the Connecticut River Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont. Off the beaten tourist path, one can leisurely explore the back roads and hillsides searching for local close-up color among the old farms and fields surrounded by ancient stone walls as well as find beautifully framed views of Mt Ascutney which rises from the river valley. Many artists have been inspired by this small but majestic mountain, not the least of which were Maxfield Parrish and Augustis St Gaudins who made their homes in Cornish, NH and encouraged other artists, writers and poets to come and enjoy the quiet beauty of the area thus forming a summer artist colony called “The Cornish Colony”. If you want big resorts and tourist attractions, go to the White Mountains, but if you want slice if old New England beauty, you can’t do better than the Connectcut River Valley around Mt Ascutney.

  1016. Eric Schmidt says:

    Around Lake Sunapee is an excellent place to see some great fall foliage!

  1017. Timothy says:

    On top of Mount Major. This moderate hiking trail overlooking lake Winnipesaukee offers spectacular views of Alton Bay, Wolfboro and Moultonborough NH. As you assend to the peak your views of the foliage change and so does your perspective. Another value added bonus is your not stuck in a car for half a day and are outside right in the midst of all the beauity.

  1018. Roger Marquis says:

    It is extremely difficult to pinpoint one particular place that is best to view or see the fall colors. There is so much beauty all around that all we simply need do is look. I do however, enjoy overlooking Long Lake in northern Maine and enjoying the beautiful colors that surround it. The drive to and from are breathtaking as well.

  1019. One of the best places to view the fall colors is at the Scenic Vista State rest stop on Rt,16 on the north end of North Conway, with a large expanse of forest visible, as well as Mount Washington.

  1020. Gayle Hathaway says:

    I love driving on 231 in New Gloucester, just a beautiful rural area with farms and lots of trees.

  1021. Dirk van Leeuwen says:

    the truly outstanding place is staford vt with the most lovely community hall at the hill top, the dream of new england!

  1022. Cindy Cairns says:

    My driveway was the best place to view the fall foliage this year. Plenty of red and other maples, birch and tamarack trees along the Worcester Mountains were in their full regallia. I am not the only one who felt this way. I came home for lunch and found a couple eating their lunch in their SUV parked in my driveway enjoying the view.

  1023. Dave Sturm says:

    Interstate 95, NB 95 and NB 2 make for the best way to see a lot of foliage regardless of the season. We like to start out in Bangor, and head north to the border, cross over to Woodstock and then head north up the S-J valley towards Quebec. Freeway the whole way, and great views are all over the place. So, you can quickly get to some place that has the best color.

  1024. Darlene E Waniel says:

    Sitting on my backporch with a hot cup of coffee in the early sunny fall mornings

  1025. Melanie Fisk says:

    My favorite spot is where White Oak Pond empties into a quiet, protected cove on Big Squam Lake – On Golden Pond – where ducks, geese, heron and deer (and I) find refuge amidst the brilliant foliage.

  1026. K.C. Tom says:

    Gatineau Park, across the river from Ottawa, ON.

  1027. Melanie Fisk says:

    I’m fortunate to live in the most beautiful place – On Golden Pond – Big Squam Lake in Holderness, NH. One vantage point, Rattlesnake Mountain boasts a 180 degree sweep overlooking the lake and surrounding hills and mountains all decked out in their colors with the addition of their reflection on the water. But my favorite spot is a quiet, protected little strip where White Oak Pond flows out and into a cove on Squam where ducks, geese, heron and deer find refuge amidst the brilliant foliage.

  1028. Richard Dunworth says:

    Hiking to the top of Okemo Mountain near Ludlow, Vermont and climbing up the firetower to look out over the village with a 360 view of the surrounding countryside and explosion of color on the surrounding hillsides.

  1029. D. Brooks says:

    The best place to view the fall foliage is from my living room’s windows. One side I can see the splendor of the Ascutney Mountain and from the other I can see the changes as they reflect on my distant view of downtown Claremont. What better place than this is there? There’s no place like home!

  1030. Donna Santo says:

    Right from my back porch, I have a view of the Presidential Mountain Range, thats beauty changes daily. I just walk out and am in amazed every day…

  1031. Murray Donovan says:

    Right around Bellisle Bay and Bellilse Creek. Lots of big trees close to the road and old farm houses to help make it even nicer. It’s not far from Saint John or Sussex and it’s fun to stop by Kredles for a snack after. Or any highway Irving as their food is excellent I find.

  1032. Greg Trowbridge says:

    In the forest on a windy day. The leaves are blown about and it is really beautiful.

  1033. Mark Follansbee says:

    My favorite place to see fall colors is along the Eastern Trail in Scarborough. As you walk along the marsh, you can see the season change in the trees ands rah grass as well as the trees across the marsh.

  1034. D Ware says:

    The Pogue Pond located in Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park in Woodstock, VT has beautiful foliage reflected in the water and nice carriage trails to walk on.

  1035. kristen allain says:

    My favorite spot to take in the fall foliage along with the alluring sound of the water that passes through the rocks of various sizes and shapes can be captured on the Greenville and Wilton, NH line-heading up Route 31. This is not only a great place for photos, a silent retreat or a picnic- but also to get out and get some fresh air and walk on the rocks. Surrounded on all sides by the picturesque fall foliage it may very well be natures best kept secret.

  1036. A great place to go is hiking to the top of a mountain in the White Mountains of NH. Beautiful views can be seen from many different areas in the notches. That is why nature can be your medicine.

  1037. L. Lewis says:

    I live in Vermont so color is everywhere. It makes for a nice drive home and to unwind from a day at work. But one of my favorite things to do is just to take a moment each day in my travels and to look at the scenery.

  1038. M Lewis says:

    Vermont has the best colors, espeically in the Northeast Kingdom, Interstate 91, Barton, Troy. Central Vermont lost there colors fast this year but in Vermont your only an hour or so from any place to go leaf peeping. There are so many places in Vermont that are so beautiful in the fall. Most of our towns are down in a valley, and all the mountians are covered with beautiful colorful leaves.

  1039. D Dodge says:

    The Lakes region of NH is the best by far. The trees reflect the color on the water giving you a double advantage and is also peaceful and calm.

  1040. George Hines says:

    capebreton highlands cabot trail was a beautiful site yesterday after being gone just for a week( a week to long)it was ablaze with its many colors of autumn,the crimson red of the Swamp Maples and the fiery red glow of the Cherry wood trees,the moave color of the awesome Ash,the yellow of the Poplar and Sugar Maples along with the jubilant Juniper,with the Mighty Oak still showing of its beautiful Deep Green,a pleasing view for sure.

  1041. Kurt says:

    On lake Sunapee!

  1042. shawn says:

    the Look off above Canning in the Annapolis Valley.

  1043. Nancy Miller says:

    My back yard!

  1044. Elaine Smith says:

    The reflection of fall colors on Kennedy Pond in Windsor, VT is breathtaking.

  1045. LESTER DARES says:


  1046. Jonathan Nowlan says:

    Go anywhere in the maritimes and behold all of the breathtaking colors fall blesses us with each and ever year.

  1047. Marsha Tinkham says:

    A beautiful spot to see the beautiful colours is Shubie Park in Dartmouth Nova Scotia.

  1048. Jack Gardner says:

    I need only go out onto the lake to look up to the hills and mountains to see the panorama of colors, to hear the Canada geese arriving and the loons whooping in the night, and the coyo dogs howling in the night in the woods behind the
    house, and as if that is not enough, to watch the wild turkeys cross the field behind the house in the early morning haze. I shiver sometimes at the closeness to nature.

  1049. Ed Stoehr says:

    My back Porch!

  1050. terri mountford says:

    the best place for me to enjoy the foliage is right out my living room window,i live on mt.ascutney,it doesnt get any better than that!

  1051. Kathy Hatt says:

    Rural New Brunswick is the best place to see the fall colors, I live in a rural area of New Brunswick I see the beautiful colors from the time the leaves start turning until they all fall to the ground. On my way to work I drive through a wooden covered bridge the colors along the Rollingdam River are breathtaking, the leaves are staying on the trees longer this fall which is extending one of New Brunswicks many beautiful assets.

  1052. Andrew says:

    from my motorcycle

  1053. B. Harris says:

    Without a doubt, the most beautiful foliage I have ever seen would be throughout the Rangeley Lakes Region. This year has been magnificent. I’ve seen colors that I never knew existed. Shades of reds, yellows and purples that boggle the mind. Truly a site to behold.

  1054. Barb says:

    Nova Scotia in the Fall is beautiful. For a change take a look up and you’ll see a whole new world open up to you.

  1055. J Wooward says:

    A beautiful place to see fall colors is the NorthEast Kingdom of Vermont. In particular, a visit to Groton, Ryegate and Peacham Vermont will leave you breathless. Getting out into some of the back roads of Vermont is always a great way to see the fall color without being stressed by today’s pressures.

  1056. Keith Culligan says:

    I recently discovered an area just back of my hometown known as the Jacquet River Gorge. This Gorge was carved by Glaciers millions of years ago and now is home to a breathtaking view from atop the rolling hills overlooking the Jacquet River. The mixture of hard and softwood allows for some amazing fall folliage while the view remains completely untouched by human hands…

  1057. G Pike says:

    The best place to see all the fall colors are not that far away. All i have to do is to look out of my bedroom window and i can see for miles and miles of reds,yellows, oranges, and browns colors. I can see all the way up to the Mount Washington Vally. It is a blanket of beautiful colors…. 🙂

  1058. Terri Catherwood says:

    Fall colors can best be appreciated from home, sitting in bed in the morning with a cup of coffee watching the sun rise over the white mountains, bursting the landscape with autumn foliage….is that not the reason to live in VT!

  1059. bing says:

    route 16 north to errol new hampshire

  1060. K MacLean says:

    The best place to see the fall colors is Prince Edward Island. The reds, golds, yellows are spectacular. The burning bushes, and fall flowers tell me why I love this Island so much. Take a trip to PEI this fall and have the time of your life.

  1061. Dave Hale says:

    Plymouth Notch in Vermont. Nothing finer.

  1062. Linda Cooper says:

    the best place to see fall is out in my back yard. pumpkins are still growing on the vine and the apple trees are falling over with their bounty. the different trees are showing off their splender with colours of red, orange and yellow. i love fall more so than any other time of year. God has given us a beautiful canvas to admire and everyyear is different.

  1063. John Cousins says:

    Right in my back yard. That’s the great thing about Maine. Everywhere in the state has a variety of trees that change in the fall. I have a huge maple tree that brightens my kitchen…even on an overcast day.

  1064. barbara lewis says:

    My favorite place to view the fall colors is out my dining room window. I have 3 big maple trees and I look out from my dining room table and see fall. I can hear the leaves rustling in the wind and I don’t see my neighbor. Living in the city is like living in the country – a piece of heaven. A 3D view.

  1065. diane adams says:

    There is a place called 13 mile woods. After you travel through Berlin NH, you continue on to Errol. The ride through 13 mile woods is along side a river. The trees reflect in the water, and on a clear day, the trees are amazing.

  1066. pam galarneau says:

    The best place to see the beautiful fall colors is right on my dead end road in rural Maine. How lucky are we to live in such a gorgeous state!!

  1067. David Walker says:

    Annapolis Valley is just beautiful.

  1068. Mike Turk says:

    I love the view from the bridge over the Queechee Gorge in Queechee,VT. You can also hike down into the gorge and see it close up.

  1069. sue says:

    I love to see the awesome colors in New Hampshire of course!!

  1070. Linda Downey says:

    My favorite place to see the fall colors is right in my own community of Colinet & surrounding area.
    The area is not real big so you could see it all in one day. We go for a drive & are amazed at all the natural beauty.

  1071. k bruleigh says:

    the colors along the cabot trail are beautiful, mixed reds and yellows around mountian top and aong the little brooks, its breathtaking

  1072. CAW says:

    I love the Fall colors all over the Maritimes, in my backyard too, but my very favorate is driving along the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, just magical, maybe because we are on a relaxing mini holiday and can truly enjoy all the beauty.

  1073. joan griffiths says:

    the fall colors are beautiful here in Nfld. especially on a beautiful fall evening when the sky is so red and the trees are orange and brown. what a wonderful site..

  1074. John Merz says:

    My favourite place in autumn is Little Lake, Carleton, Nova Scotia with my two St. Bernards.
    It’s so beautiful there that I had to buy a home at that lake.

  1075. Diane Hines says:

    Right in my own back yard. Historical Canaan St. and Canaan St. Lake with views of Cardigan Mountain in NH. Absolutely breathtaking with the historical town meeting house/clock tower and Canaan St. Mansions with the old fashioned lamp lined street and maples. Makes me proud to be a NH native.

  1076. Don Esford says:

    The Drive from Mount Uniacke turnoff off Hwy 101 to Hwy 1 through to Windsor NS, then down the Chester Hwy, to the New Ross turnoff, to Hwy 12 and through to Chester, NS.. Spectacular scenery, and the colours are exceptional because of the great numbers of Hardwoods.

  1077. T D Peabody says:

    From my front deck. Have a great view of Lafayette and Cannon/Mittersill range in Franconia.

  1078. Greg Doucette says:

    Driving through Fenwick, NS between Amherst and Springhill around mid October provides a wonderful visual presentation as so many maple trees turn their leaves from green to bright orange. Doesn’t hurt that it brings to mind all of the maple products that will soon be produced by those very trees.

  1079. Tracy says:

    While walking through my fabulous Bangor neighborhood (Little City)!! This week there are GIANT golden trees! 🙂

  1080. M Kean says:

    Everywhere in Nova Scotia!!!! From my living room window there is such an array of Fall colours!!!!

  1081. Brenda Fox says:

    My own front yard. The view in all directions is nothing but beauty with the yellows, oranges, reds and purple-black maples. Halifax is the city of trees so almost everywhere you go, it is beautiful.

  1082. Pat Teter says:

    I always find the Belmont area to have some of the best fall colors I have ever seen. Having many maple tree’s which add so much red to the mix of colors is just spectacular, pretty much blows me away every year…

  1083. sherri roy says:

    Kedge park in Queens county, especially at Mills Falls. There is no where that could be any more breath taking!!

  1084. steph says:

    The best place to see the beauty of the season changing would have to be Hobet Land in Hallowell Maine. Its amazing beath taking beauty all on its own, but when you add the seasons changing in with it, its just breath taking.

  1085. fred stockall says:

    Any where you drive in the Annapolis valley this fall the colors are awesome.

  1086. Sean Carnegie says:

    In my leaf burning pile.

  1087. Linda Pivin says:

    I love it where i live. I live in the northern part of NH and you can’t beat the beauty of the fall. Everyone comes here for the foilage, millions of people can’t be wrong.

  1088. Susan Bezanson says:

    The best place to see the fall colours
    Is along the 104 between New Glasgow
    And Antigonish.

  1089. bonnie lawlor says:

    The best place to see the fall colors is just about anywhere in the state of Vermont.
    There are so many beautiful river valleys, mountains and gorgeous visitas throughout the state.

  1090. K. Fraser says:

    The Peggy’s Cove Road is the best place to see the fall colors. Two areas that stand out the most along the route are Glen Margaret, the corner at Fraser’s Lake, and lookiing across the lake, breathtaking, also the Peggy’s Cove Preservation Area with all the Lambs Kill bushes. They turn a spectacular burgandy in the fall and with the ocean view, beautiful….

  1091. D Carter says:

    At the Sugar Moon Pancake restaurant in Earltown, NS. The trail in the mountains circling the restaurant as breathtaking!!

  1092. Lesli Chambers says:

    I really appreciate the fall colors most on a wide main street of a small town. Two of my favorites are Main Street in Yarmouth, Maine and Main Street in Wellesley, Mass. Adding fall colors to an already charming town with beautiful old homes warms my heart and brings me back to the small town feel of community and comfort.

  1093. Jim B says:

    The Maritimes

  1094. The best place to see fall colors is along the Highway 103,from Yarmouth to Clements port. It is filled with beautiful colors along the way.

  1095. Clare Goreau says:

    My favourite place to see the Fall colours is from my home looking west across I 93 in Waterford. I am high on a west facing hill. The sun comes up over the hill in the morning and lights up the trees on Hurlburt Hill. They are serially green, orange, red and when those leaves fall, the birch and tamarack are yellow.. and when you think all that is left are conifers, the red oak shows its rich redness…… The back drop to this on a sunny day is the blue profile of the Green Mtns and a reflection of blue in a triangle view of the Connecticut River ! It is a piece of heaven !

  1096. Robyn LeGrand says:

    My favorite place to watch the seasons change is in the Belgrade Lakes area and then a ride up Route 27 to Colburn Gore. Often the Lakes area is it’s own little pocket where the colors last longer and the leaves don’t drop as fast as the communities around there.

  1097. Linda says:

    I try to come to Tennessee every fall and hike in the Smokey Mtns.. it is where I am right now.. I will be back in Maine soon… I have pictures on my facebook account..

  1098. Geo Herrick says:

    No better colors than in my hometown,Chittenden,Vt. Best spots are from Mountaintop Inn,Chittenden reservoir,and Leffert’s Pond.

  1099. David L. says:

    The veiw looking from the summit of Gunstock Mountain in Gilford NH is breathtaking in all directions.

  1100. Elana says:

    Driving along the Bras d’Or Lake was beautiful this past week-end!

  1101. Hi , The Maritimes are a wonderful place to live but I really like the Highlands of Cape Breton this time of year for fall foliage .I hear that Rural New Brunswick has some spectacular scenery off the beaten path ,I have not experienced this but with a free tank of oil I could buy lots of gas and tour New Brunswick and experience it’s beauty first hand.

  1102. B Rayfield says:

    I have two favorite places to see fall colors in New England, one public and one private. The first (public) is anywhere in the White Mountains, but especially from the Mt. Washington Hotel because of the panoramic view of the color and the ambiance of the hotel. The second favorite place (private) is right in my backyard on Moose Mountain, just above my newly buried propane tank The view of these colors is more up close and personal.

  1103. john ketz says:

    rt 106 between n springfield and gassetts vt. curvature and hills of roads make trees especially interesting.

  1104. Ellen Palmer says:

    I love to take the tram up Canon Mt. and look at the foliage from the trails. I also love just driving through Franconia Notch.

  1105. J. A. Caron says:

    When my daughter was attending Keene State College, she would come home most weekends. On Sunday afternoons, we would make the trek back. We would take Rt. 101 West. Folliage season is my favorite time of the year to make that drive and the best place to see the most breathtaking foliage is around Dublin Lake in Dublin, NH

  1106. M McPeake says:

    The most memorable route to see the fail foliage is in Northern New Brunswick as you drive along the Bay of Chaleur and the Restigouche River. On the other side of the River one can see the Gaspe Coast where the colors are magnificant also. It can be breathtaking.

  1107. Mary Allen says:

    Driving down 89 from Hanover to New London!

  1108. kristie pelkey says:

    My favortie time of year is fall time. I love how the leaves are all different shades and how pretty they are when the sun hits them. My favorite place to go is from Limestone all the way up to Wisdom and then eating at lakeview and looking at the leaves and looking at the reflection on the lake.

  1109. Jean M says:

    I have always enjoyed the fall foliage in North Conway NH. Going up Wild Cat mountain and looking over at Mt. Washington is just breath taking.

  1110. Kristina W says:

    near any lake or river. the reflecting colors are gorgeous. The Great Smoky Mountains are nice too. From the high peaks you can look over what seems like an endless see of colored trees.

  1111. Richard Moss says:

    There’s no place like home when it comes to the fall colours. I wake up every morning to a new vista as each tree takes it’s turn to display. Looking out over our lake here on the South Shore we get twice the value because of the the mirror like surface through early morning mist.

  1112. Linda Barker says:

    The best foliage was in Washington, NH. high elevaation, mixed northern hardwoods, and many bodies of water.

  1113. W. Scales says:

    Of course the White Mountains — Franconia Notch and the Kancamangus Highway — are superb, but at 143 Proctor Hill Road in Hollis, NH there are three maple trees, right on the road, which are pretty much the archetypical specimens of New England foliage…and they are right on my way to everywhere.

  1114. CLAUDIA says:

    New Hampshire is the best place to see the fall colors, many come to here for the fall follage.

  1115. A Munster says:

    I like visiting the KancaMagus Highway in New Hampshire.

  1116. Brenda Letellier says:

    i think the most beautiful place to see all the colors that fall folliage has to offer would have to be Pinkham Notch in Northern NH. The different levels of the mountains in full colorful bloom is simply breathtaking. It is well worth a trip to Intervale NH!!

  1117. mike cole says:

    driving through the little community of bass river there is alot of trees and opens up to show the bay of fundy –where the striped bass await my baited hook. You can see fall foilage as beautiful as any all over the maritime provinces

  1118. Cheryl Waye says:

    Top of Big Bald Mountain, haven’t been there for years as it is a preserved area but years ago when you got up there you could see so many colors it was just breath taking..

  1119. Lil McLenaghan says:

    The cove! in Miramichi. Also Route 11 very nice.

  1120. Brenda Letellier says:

    I think my favorite place to view all the beauty that Fall folliage has to offer would be in in Pinkham Notch. The different levels of the mountains is breathtaking when in full colorful bloom. It is well worth the trip to Intervale NH!!!

  1121. Cheryl Waye says:

    The best place to view the fall colors is Popple Depot, When you get up on the lookout, there are colors just too beautiful to describe,

  1122. Deb Gillespie says:

    My favorite place to see fall colors is driving through the Salmon River Road and Grand Lake road heading to where I grew up in Boiestown on the Miramichi River

  1123. Margaret Stevens says:

    The best place to see fall colours is driving up the Meaghers Grant road in middle musquodoboit harbour nova scotia the hills are filled with so many breath taking colours and along the musquodoboit river just wonderful

  1124. Nancie O'Connell says:

    Hiking the AT, breaking tree line and seeing the colors spread out for miles…that is perfect. New Hampshire offers us so many opportunities and ways to see the colors, we are indeed blessed to live here.

  1125. jennifer says:

    Nothing better than taking a drive back home around newfound lake! Colors are beautiful as they reflect off the water!

  1126. Ken Charsley says:

    Best place to see the colours is at the top of the Cobequid Pass, heading North, looking East. There is no end to the beauty and the colours. Looks like something that Monet would paint.

  1127. J Brenning says:

    I’m from the Midwest and have only lived here a couple years. I have found there isn’t really one special place. All of NH is absolutely beautiful in the Fall. I have not found one place better than the other, whether by a Lake or in the Woods, it will make you smile.

  1128. Cammy Guest says:

    The best place to see the fall colors is the Kangamangos highway near Conway NH

  1129. Linda Schultz says:

    Sitting on the porch at my house in Croydon is the best place I know to see fall colors. There is a clear view of Croydon Mt to the north. We have several sugar maples in the yard that blaze orange this time of year and frames the color on the mountains beyond. You can get a good view of Croydon Mt. from Rte 10 between Croydon and Grantham. It’s breathtaking.

  1130. Tom Soriano says:

    The best place for viewing foliage is my deck looking across the forest to Pico Peak, especially just before and during sunset. The soft light accentuates the brilliant colors!

  1131. Kosta says:

    I’ve been around the world several times. But the best Fall colors, full and rich 3D is always will in In Mountains. for me it’s in Banff Alberta.

  1132. Gerald Begg says:

    My favorite place is beautiful St Anne’s Bay and Englishtown Ferry as seen from the lookoff on Kelly’s Mountain on Cape Breton Island.

  1133. No place better than from the beauty and comfort of my own home, right on the Overlook!

  1134. Kate Marshall says:

    Driving up I-89 from exits 8-20 in NH! Lovely scenic route. And done of it I get to drive to work! How lucky for me!

  1135. Sarah G says:

    The back roads from my house to the elementary school I teach at in Central Maine!!

  1136. No place better than right from the comfort and beauty of my own home, on the Overlook!

  1137. Sabine Berke says:

    Windy Hill Orchard in Greenville NH!!! The ride through beautiful NH counrty side, the leaf colors vary from golden yellow to bright red. The view is stunning while picking apples and pumpkins plus the apple crisp is the best you ever had!

  1138. The best place to see the fall colours is along the Mersey River in Queens co Nova Scotia.

  1139. C bath says:

    The best place to see the fall colors is to take a walk in the woods,
    on a cool fall day. Just take your time and enjoy the beautiful colors
    Around you. The province of Newfoundland is beautiful this time of
    the year and then again it’s beautiful year round.

  1140. Dave Forgeron says:

    Without question, driving around the Cabot Trail and the Margaree Valley in Cape Breton where you witness many bright shades of reds and yellows with the blue hades of the ocean and the Margaree River as contrasting backgrounds. Absolutely beautiful!

  1141. Christine says:

    Acadia National Park – BEAUTIFUL!

  1142. Elizabeth Frost says:

    All of NH and Vermont are gorgeous this time of year. I love driving up 93 to northern NH. But driving anywhere on 89 is also terrific. I have to say, tho’, that I am very fortunate to live on Highland Lake in East Andover, NH. You really can’t beat the views here right off our deck overlooking the lake and Mt Kearsarge in the background. New England is the best place to live!!

  1143. John Krasowski says:

    My favorite place to view the fall colors is sitting at our picnic table and seeing the colors on the trees that surround our home, enjoying cups of hot chocolate and freshly baked treats with my wife and children. No need to travel, the beauty surrounds us here.

  1144. Joe Ferrar says:

    There are many places in the Maritimes and New England States to see the fall colours.

    My wife and I enjoy a drive in the Saint John, New Brunswick area by driving along Highway #7 between Saint John to Fredericton but take the exit at Grand Bay Westfield to Highway #177 as you drive along the Saint John River to cross the Evandale Ferry to Highway #705 turn left at Highway #710 then left at Highway #710, right at Highway 10 until you reach Sussex, New Brunswick. You will experience a wonder drive of approx 3 hours of the beautiful variation of the fall colours.

  1145. We just returned from a visit to our daughter in Georgia, Vermont. The fall colors along Lake
    Champlain and north toward Canada were brilliant and outstanding, far more vibrant than those at home in Hanover, NH. We did not take any photographs, but the technicolor images are still in my memory bank. Kenneth and Liese Shewmaker

  1146. maria hamlin says:

    schoodic lake. my dad built a camp for his family in 1957. the fall is beautiful. the colors of the trees with mt kathadin in the background on a clear crisp day is amazing

  1147. Richard says:

    As far as I am concerned, the Great North Woods of Northern NH up to the White Mountains is the BEST place to view panoramic leaf peeping. The colors with their bright reds, yellows, rust and oranges were vivid from the second through fourth week of September. The colors are now vivid in the White Mountains near the North Conway/Conway areas such as the Kancamagus Highway. These colors have been at their brightest from the first week of October. I have lived in the part of the country and I am always awe struck by the beauty of these areas when they are in full foliage. Sometimes, I have to simply stop and just take it all in.

  1148. diana estes says:

    At the crest of a long incline, on Bliss Road in Montpelier, there is a particular spot that I make sure to visit every year.
    Glorious maples form a perfect arch over the whole segment of road. On either side there is terrific contrast of white birches trimmed in yellow, and the richness of color from the canopy overhead is simply breathtaking. A confetti of color is on the ground in the woods that bank both sides, and mixed with dark logs and occasional evergreens, the entire scene is dessert to the eyes.
    It’s not heavily traveled midday, so one can pause in the quiet beauty and take it in fully.

  1149. Jim Forrest says:

    The best place to see fall colors is to hike the Baldface Loop in Evans Notch on the border between New Hampshire and Maine. About half the hike is above treeline and many of the trees in the area are maples, which have the best colors.

  1150. Rick Rohr says:

    I enjoy viewing the fall colors along the banks of the Black River near Buttermilk Falls in Mount Holly, Vermont. They are really spectacular now. Quintessential New England!

  1151. The best place to see the fall colours is walking around Rockwood Park in Saint john NB .I love,seeing the contrasts of the colours on the lakes along the walking paths. The leaves blow off the trees in the wind and cascade over all that walk the trails. Leaf boats float and sail in the wind on the lakes to pile on the shore as beached ships of multi-hues. The colours on the ground are a collage of familiar shapes and turn to crispy shades of brown. The senses are stimulated by the musky sweet smell, it contrasts with the swooshing on the feet as we tend to drag our feet as we pass through the drifts of leaves. Oh the joys of falling leaves before the snows.

  1152. J Walker says:

    Driving through the rolling hills taking in the incredible scenery. This is a year round luxury on PEI that is only further accentuated in the fall.

  1153. w parsons says:

    travel down to middle river ns

  1154. I Love driving down route 286 heading toward Seabrook Beach NH. There is nothing but beautiful colors all the way to the end of the road. Then it turns into a big blue ocean to take you the rest of the way. God creation and its free for all to view.

  1155. Dave Wright says:

    Although there are others one of my favorite areas to view the fall colors is over-looking the waters
    of the Bay of Fundy at The Irving Nature Park in Saint john, NB.

  1156. the best place to see the folige is around geourges lake sunapee and mt. sunapee

  1157. Sherrie Smith says:

    I think the best fall colors can be seen driving the back roads between St. Martins and Sussex. Most of the year this drive is long twisty and rather boring however its a much different story in the fall the drive is breath taking.

  1158. Shirley Robertson says:

    The best place to see fall foliage is in New Brunswick on the back roads of
    Carleton and York counties. There the colours are spectacular with the hills and valleys being complemented by the many waterways and lakes.

  1159. Lou Liberge says:

    I love the colors on the rolling hills along the Connecticut river on the Vermont side. Nice rolling hills that go on and on full of vibrant color along with the green pastures that offset the dazzling color bursts of the trees. And seeing the river is beautiful as well. My wife and I love living in New England. There isn’t any place else with this much charm.

  1160. Mark Denham says:

    Kimball Hill Road, Hillsborough. You get great views across the treeline to the west and the houses on the hill have some old maples that have nice reds and oranges.

  1161. Heather Cameron says:

    Anywhere on Cape Breton Island is spectacular,but especially getting off the main roads and taking the side roads opens up some really fantastic views.

  1162. a Jones says:

    along the Saint John River towards Woodstock

  1163. Todd Westward says:

    My favorite place to see the fall colors is travelling the access road on Mt. Washington. If there isn’t a problem getting to the top of the mountain (sometimes they close the access early because they get SNOW early in the season!) your treated to 360 degree views that go on for miles and miles, you just cannot beat it!

  1164. william macinnis says:

    the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton n.s. just beautiful in colour this time of year

  1165. Adam Mercer says:

    One of my favorite place is right here in Halifax. Going over the bridge after work as the sun set and i can see all the different colors of the trees just makes me happy 🙂

  1166. Cindy LeClair says:

    I think one of the most beautiful place is over looking Moosehead Lake. There are so many spots with nice colors along with the water. Just plan old Beautiful!

  1167. pat capson says:

    For me there is not one place in pertuliar but ever where you look the colors are so beautiful and breathe taking. I wish it was fall year around

  1168. eliza says:

    Only this morning as I ambled out half awake to feed my big black French Canadian horse I was struck by the flaming leaves of a tree that stands radiant in the back of the pasture. Beyond, the verdant land that is mine for now, the rest of the Merigomish landscape is green fields edged with blazing forests. My favourite way to experience this natural symphony of colour is on my daily walk along the quiet dirt road where I live. It leads through dark glens dappled with sunlight and the bright flashes of leaves turning into gold, scarlet and wine-dark hues. As the road, now covered in the confetti of fallen leaves, unravels towards a paved highway, the evergreens are challenged by birches resplendent in their Autumn wardrobe.
    The low silver grey skies seem to make all this natural pigment even more intense. And the slick main roads in this maritime paradise make remarkable mirrors of the swirling scenes after the rains we’ve had. In short the world that I call home, in Merigomish, Nova scotia is the best place for seeing the Fall colours.

  1169. Right from the comfort and beauty of my own home located on the overlook.

  1170. kaelyn says:

    my favorite place to see the fall colors would be my front deck. I recently just bought a house and it looks over the vally. it is the most amazing feeling stepping onto your deck and looking out and seeing the fall colors. it gives you the appreciating of the beatiful community that I live in now. everyday I see the colors change throughout the whole valley and I am so thankful for that. having a house and been doing renovations for 3 months. and when everything seems to never go right. I have a couple minutes to regroup on my front deck. so that’s my answer my favioute place to enjoy the fall colors is right at home.

  1171. Warren Kunz says:

    the best Place to see fall colors is right off the rear deck of our home on Stocker Pond in Grantham NH…the reflection of the colors on the pond in the fall is outstanding. We have taken drives for hours in the area to see the color and the n when we return sa to each other why’d we even leave.

  1172. Guy Aucoin says:

    The place to see to the fall colors are in Cheticamp and going into the National Park. Lovely colors!!

  1173. patti crews says:

    Along the Belleisle Bay,,,beautiful fall colours reflecting in the calm Bay water, makes a great picture for sure..

  1174. Lene von Fisker Bennett says:

    Now please do not tell me I don’t qualify for this entry just because I already pre-bought. I am so happy with the service and I should not be ignored for entry as a repeat customer bonus winner.

    Lene von Fisker-Bennett

  1175. Linda A Schofield says:

    My very favourite place is my home. I can sit on my front patio and look out over the ENTIRE(almost) Annapolis Valley. This past week the colours of the trees seemed to change every few minutes. The farm land has been planted with ground covers and are now turning a bright green and all the trees are every colour of the rainbow and then some. The browns from the harvested fields -again -so beautiful.Now combine all that with the waters of the Minas Basinand the sunrises and sunsets!! I was fortunate enough to move here three years ago and it is a constant delight. I am truly blessed to be a witness each day to all the natural beauty. Let me know if you would like to have a picture.

  1176. Moira Adams says:

    I love driving up the old river road ( Route 102) between Grand Bay Westfield and Gagetown in NB. You drive along the Saint John River and see the trees from the Kingston Pennisula and along Route 102. The scenery is spectacular.

  1177. Darlene McAlman says:

    My favorite place to see the colors is in Maine when I am sitting on the beach. You get the best of both worlds, the ocean and the mountains.

  1178. S Stone says:

    Right in my backyard in Keene, NH!

  1179. Barbara says:

    Beautiful fall colors are at Lake Sunapee NH! They reflect and shimmer in the lake!

  1180. Norma Dube says:

    The most wonderful place for me to see the beautiful foilage is Indian Lake in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. I wake in the morning and look across the lake to see beautiful colours of red, gold and green and then just when I think I’ve seen the most beautiful picture I look down to see it’s reflection is mirrored in the lake to give you a double intake of colour. Absolutely beautiful and amazing!!

  1181. Vernon Barkhouse says:

    Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. Awesome reds, yellows, oranges dropped between the vibrant many shades of green!

  1182. Raymond Boyce says:

    Best foliage — The areas around Woodstock, Vermont.

  1183. KGlover says:

    Acadia Park USA great place to see fall collage. It is so beautiful. Even the trip up to Acadia park is beautiful. The mountains are just wonderful to see and when you are on the mountain and looking out into the valley is just beyond breath taking.

  1184. Sue Sipsey says:

    The fall is my favorite time of year! Right along the Merrimack River one can see fall in full color — in beautiful oranges and yellows. Take a peek on your way to work, doing errands, or taking a drive.

  1185. Stephanie Cass says:

    The best place is the White Mountains.

  1186. D Hunter says:

    I 89 in NH all the way from Concord to Lebanon –

  1187. KGlover says:

    Affianced Park USA great place to see fall collage. It is so beautiful. Even the trip up to Acadia park is beautiful. The mountains are just wonderful to see and when you are on the mountain and looking out into the valley is just beyond breath taking.

  1188. Bob Bayer says:

    There are so many fantastic places to see fall colors across New England and in particular, Vermont. In my “small world”, my favorite place is atop Bromley Mountain, outside Manchester Center, VT. It seems like you can see forever in all directions!

  1189. Lene von Fisker Bennett says:

    Vermont is so beautiful but when winter comes, the very best thing is when you arrive in time to make sure I do not run out of oil and propane.

    I think that is the most wonderful thing you do for all of us. When I need you for some special reason, there you come. Every single person I have spoken to in you company has been there for me with courtesy and ” can do’!

    I so appreciate that.
    Lene von Fisker-Bennett

  1190. Grace DeSisto says:

    Sandwich Notch Road, Cow Cave and even the road to Sandwich, NH That is N.H. the way it has always been, untouched, beautiful and even the narrowest dirt road is lined with stone walls and colors that look like they have been painted on. We must say WOW at least a 100 times a day when traveling through on a fall day.

  1191. S. Jorgensen says:

    Lake Elmore Vermont!

  1192. Gerald Caron says:

    A couple of weeks ago we went to Freeport, Maine, for some shopping. The Fall colors were just amazing on the 95 between Bangor and Freeport. We were given another “color spray” on the way back, always driving on the 95 but this time between Bangor and Holton, at the border with New Brunswick.

    It had been a while since I had seen something so beautiful, especially with the “red” of the maple trees.

    Gérald and Margaret

  1193. Carl Akin says:

    Yarmouth, ME , overlooking the Royal River as it flows towards Casco Bay

  1194. Peter smith says:

    There’s no comparison to taking a fall walk through the forests of Oakland mountain, New Brunswick. The amazingly brilliant colors of the leaves in the maple trees are indescribable. I’ve had the privilege of traveling to many exotic countries throughout my life, but I’ve not found any place that satisfies the eye pallet like the mountains laid out in my back yard.

  1195. Donna Hepinstall says:

    The best place to see the fall colors is in my back yard in Middlesex, VT. So gorgeous!

  1196. Peter smith says:

    There’s no comparison to taking a warm fall walk through the forest of Oakland mountain, New Brunswick. The amazingly brilliant colors of the maple trees are indescribable. I’ve had the privilege of traveling to many exotic countries throughout my life, but I’ve not found any place that satisfies the eye pallet like the mountains laid out in my back yard.

  1197. Judy Wiggin says:

    The view from the top of Mount Tom in Woodstock, VT is my favorite place to see the fall foliage. As a plus, in order to see this lovely view, one has to take a wonderful hike up the mountain

  1198. Gerard Godbout says:

    The bear place that I have found in NH is at Bretton Woods. The view of the presidential range a Mt. Washington with the Mt. Washington Hotel In the foregrounde.

  1199. Gary LeBoeuf says:

    My favorite place to take fall pictures are in the Mad River Valley where I live . Includes Moretown , Waitsfield , Fayston and Warren Vermont . We have mountains hills and valleys to photograph along with covered bridges .

  1200. paul cameron says:

    A back road/farmer’s road on PEI after the leaves turn color but before they fall,with about a mile of dirt(red) road stretched ahead of you,with the trees covering you like a colorful tunnel.

  1201. Laurie Downe says:

    Strathgartney Provincial Park on PEI… overlooks West River… simply spectacular.

  1202. james marren says:

    My favorite place to see fall foliage is Forest lake in North Calais, VT. The lake is sparsely developed and there are wonderful views of the surrounding hills. Vermont at its finest. I love fall in the north.

  1203. Vern Forthun says:

    From the base lodge on burke mt

  1204. Kelley McTague says:

    My favorite place to view the amazing fall colors is Jackman, ME. We enjoy four wheeling in that area and the miles and miles of trails offer awesome color viewing.

  1205. Eddy Bisson says:

    The most beautiful I ever saw was looking from Berlin toward Mt. Washington after an early snowfall. Absolutely breathtaking. Another is through Evan’s Notch going from NH to Me, or from Me to NH. Unforgettable sight. I only wish I had a camera at the time.

  1206. Heather Desai says:

    The most beautiful place to see the fall colours is in Keppoch, PEI.

  1207. Anne Bladyka says:

    The best place to view Autumn foliage is from my picture window at home, here on top of a hill in Vermont. We have views of Vermont’s Green Mountains and New Hampshire’s White Mountains and I can enjoy all the glory of Fall from my cozy, warm living room…heated by oil from Irving. I know…shameless plug! It’s all true, though.

  1208. Guy Gosselin says:

    It is hard to beat the White Mountains for fall color, especially during the first two weeks of October, and especially if the sun is shining. When a hillside of maple catches the sun in early morning or late afternoon, it blazes up and warms you if you have an eye for beauty no matter what the temperature might be. Even a single maple in a field can catch fire in this way and stop you in your tracks.

  1209. Ray T says:

    Driving up I-91 looking over the Conneticut River Valley

  1210. Lisa B says:

    Our family’s favorite place to see the fall colors is to drive along the Kangamangus Highway in NH. The vast array of colors is nature at its best! No two trees are alike and the mountain views are breathtaking. There are many places to park & walk the trails while enjoying the scenery. The bonus is seeing wild life in your travels!

  1211. A Fraize says:

    Our back yard! We are surrounded by huge oak as well as birch, beach, elm, ash and the always beautiful maples. The pond and brook burst with color every year and there is nothing better than sitting on the porch just enjoying the colors.

  1212. Looking out any window in my Rutland VT home where I am surrounded by Killington, Pico, Pine Hill Park, and all the other hills around plus the yellow maples, a huge red burning bush, and rows of colorful barberry hedges in my own yard make it unnecessary to travel anywhere else.

  1213. amelia sereen says:

    My favorite viewing is from my bedroom window. There is a swamp maple that I had been planning to cut down about 15 years ago, but it is so gorgeous in its green/orange/red and yellow stage that I couldn’t do it and now it is too big even if i wanted to.
    This year was a disappointment in my yard in Lebanon NH, a late frost and the leaves coming off rather suddenly; but there is always next year.

  1214. Eldred says:

    I grew up in Leech, on the Grande Rivière de Tracadie, New Brunswick. If you want to see
    a beautiful river with beautiful trees, fir and foliage, go up that river which takes you up to
    where the DND artillery range was. It was and still is a wonderful place to see the beauty of
    nature and to relax and fish trout.

  1215. M. Strang says:

    I love to walk the trails of Kejimikujik National Park to see the fall colours, especially the trails along the river.

  1216. Mavis Murray says:

    The best place to see fall colours is at our house on Sunset Rock Rd in Lebanon, NH. The local brilliant red maples, the yellow sugar maples, the bronze and gold oaks, the red sumac, and the yellow birches combine to give a stunning show, and we have colourful views to the west of the Green Mountains in Vermont.

  1217. Heather says:

    I love just looking out my back window. Our property has conservation land on 3 sides and the trees are gorgeous right now. There is one tree right out back that is a beautiful yellow. We are blessed to see these colors each fall right from the comfort of our own home.

  1218. A Cowper says:

    I love seeing the fall colours driving home after a night shift early in the morning. Along kearney lake rd it’s so pretty, especially when the mist is coming off the lake. The drive to the valley is really nice too!

  1219. lloyd says:

    The most beautiful “show” of fall colors is the Road to Resources between Bathurst NB and Saint Quentin NB.

  1220. Marianne Munjone says:

    The best place to see the foliage in the fall is right out side my bedroom widow. The house sets on top a hill and over looks the surrounding mountains in the Deerfield area. The rooms are facing south and when the sun shines on the trees it gives them a tint of sparkel where the reds, yellows, and orange is bright of color. This is a spectular sight to see all the blends of color right outside my bedroom window.

  1221. Cheryl Poplawski says:

    My favorite foliage ride is on a bright sunny day on our motorcycle. We go over the Kangamangus highway to Bear Notch Road onto Rte 302 towards Twin Mountain and Bethlehem. The colors were so vivid this year. We live in a beautiful part of the country.

  1222. Brigitte van Dijk says:

    All of Cape Breton Island is beautiful in the fall, especially when the sun sets, I think the Cabot Trail is spectacular this time of year.

  1223. J MacDonald says:

    the best place to see the fall colours is Tracadie Bay Prince Edward Island.

  1224. K Robbins says:

    Center Road in weathersfield…beautiful yellows and golds making a canopy over the road, views to Bromley and the west, the cupola of the Center Church over it all. Short but very sweet.

  1225. jeanne twehous says:

    crawford notch in the white mountains of new hampshire. seeing the mt washington hotel set against the colors of the presidential range is something not soon forgotten.

  1226. Without a doubt, the beautiful Annapolis Valley, from up on the Ridge looking down into the Gaspereau Valley and up towards the South Mountain. A brilliant landscape of stupendous colours which one could marvel at for hours.

  1227. Being a Maritimer, is a very special gift! Our autumn is the prettiest in Canada! We can travel anywhere at this time of year and there is beautiful colors all around! We sometimes take this for granted and seldom stop to take it all in! This would be an excellent time to teach children how all the colors blend together to make our countryside one large painting ! One can look out a window and there is a colourful painting!

  1228. P McCuen says:

    My most favorite view is on RTE 58 starting in Irasburg and heading over the mountain to the Lowell area……the most magnificent view and this year…..oh my gosh, I need an out of state plate on my car!!!

  1229. Tanya B. says:

    The Cabot Trail in Cape Breton is the absolute best place to see the fall colors. Mountains & mountains of gold, red, orange & green – breathtaking! Set against the blue ocean, its a wonder to behold – so many people plan their Thankgiving weekend to “do the Trail” and take in the colors.
    A photographer’s dream & a delight to all – there is nothing better than the Cabot Trail in Autumn.

  1230. D. Caron says:

    The best place to see the Fall colours is in Welsford NB. On top of Mount Douglas you can see all the colours of the Nerepis Valley. Stellar!

  1231. Donna Raycraft says:

    All of NH is beautiful, but it’s even more special to drive up to Sugar Hill….the drive up there in and of itself is a beautiful foliage experience….and look out over the expanse of color. And then have pancakes at Polly’s Pancake Parlor.

  1232. Lance Magnuson says:

    Take a leisurely stroll (drive) through the Mettawee Valley… about variety of colors….absolutely beautiful everywhere.

  1233. Mark Messer says:

    One of out favorite spots is driving up Cadilac Mountain. You can see for hundreds of miles on a clear day. Also the surounding islands are wonderful.

  1234. J MacDonald says:

    Hmmm, so many great places… I guess it all depends on where you are and how far you want to drive. The Renous-Plaster Rock Highway is spectacular early in the season (it’s colder here and the leaves turn early). In Fredericton I particularly like the old highway from the end of the Killarney Road into Marysville to the Cotton Mill (great road for the bike). In Saint John I like the drive through Titusville to Sussex. Up Moncton way, a drive to Elgin can be awsome. In Nova Scotia I really like the Sunrise Trail. Just remember, go North early in the season because the leaves turn sooner. The colors remain longer in the south and east.

  1235. I enjoy watching fall blow in from my summer beach chair…just throw on a sweater and hat if necessary and take in the beautiful coastal communities from the beach. The sounds of the ocean along with the rustle of leaves hanging on for life…before winter takes hold.

  1236. Corrine Sullivan says:

    Hi, my favorite spot for Fall Foliage is the Kangamangus Highway. We go every year and every year is different. Some years are shades of Summer and other years are pre- winter with a little bit of snow. Always beautiful and breath taking riding along the Kang. It will always be our favorite spot.

  1237. R Daigle says:

    Petersville Hill between Fredericton and Saint John on Highway 7. The view for miles in all directions is amazing. The colours this year are especially brilliant!

  1238. Jesse Paya says:

    My wife, three children and I love going to owls head in Groton, vt to see all the fall colors. It is a short hike to the top of the mountain and overlooks lake Groton.

  1239. J McKenna says:

    At the end of our driveway (Lakes Region-NH) is a lake so it’s the beast foliage late in the afternoon as the sun sits low in the sky my kids and I like to admire the view from the rocks along the water.

  1240. JPaul says:

    We enjoy the fall colors right in our Brentwood, NH neighborhood.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win some oil.

  1241. Marie says:

    Try a bird’s eye view…climb a mountain, any mountain, Madison, Kearsarge, Washington, Cardigan…it is stunning to look down upon the glorious colors..let them inspire you all the way up and all the way back down.

  1242. C. Szymoniak says:

    I like coming down the north or south mountain in the Annapolis Valley. What splendor!

  1243. Nancy snow says:

    My favorite place is Route 106 driving to work from Belmont to Concord. Especially at sunset or right after a rain storm because the colors are so brilliant. It makes me feel like I am driving through a painting.

  1244. Pam Stuart says:

    One of my favourite places to view the fall foliage is along Highway 1 from Norton to Sussex. The contrasts in colours from the fields, to the farms, the evergreens and the decidious trees is truly beautiful.

  1245. Audrey Morris says:

    Definitely the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton.

  1246. James Budden says:

    Along the Cabot Trail is beautiful especially this time of year when you can look across the valleys to see the many colors on the mountain on the other side. However my back yard has many Maple and Birch and the colors are magnificent and I can see them from my patio.

  1247. Bonnie F. says:

    My favorite place to see the fall colors is at the top of Mt. Major. With the view of the Lake Winnipesaukee and the endless landscape is just breathtaking! Combined with the fresh air and exercise it makes for a wonderful day.

  1248. My favorite place to enjoy the fall colors is from my own yard with the Green Mountains to the west and Crow Hill to the north. I especially enjoy the latter, an approximately 1000 foot hill rising from the valley of the North Branch of the Williams River and towering over the quaint Chester Stone Village. From my backyard it is framed between two homes from the early 1800s; one a typical example of the connected architecture of this part of New England, house, summer kitchen and barn all tied together and the other a beautifully restored center chimney Colonial.

    I love to sit there on a balmy fall afternoon and study the way the colors are making their way up Crow Hill–a slow daily progression until the setting sun drives me in. It does not require a long drive to somewhere else but only takes a willingness to study the handiwork of God from my own little spot on this planet.

  1249. Ray Godin says:

    Matapedia Valley, Quebec.

  1250. Valerie Miller says:

    Right outside my home 🙂

  1251. Ann-Marie Silvernail says:

    My favorite spot to see fall colors is along 202 & 9 in Henniker, The loaction is along pats peak where the mountains are visable to stumpfield marsh. You can see the ducks and wildlife as well as the mountains of beautiful color.

  1252. E. Tayes says:

    The best place to see the autumn colors is driving to St. Martins by the bay!!!! Beautiful colors!!!

  1253. Lori B. says:

    Burt Hollow Road in Groveton…..looking out my dining room window along the Ammonoosuc River with Percy Peaks in the background. It’s so pretty they made a post card of the view. I would add it if I knew how???? We are blessed.

  1254. Ann Wight says:

    The Cabot trail is a great place to see fall colors but the other day, as I drove from Truro to Kennetcook, I was amazed at the brightness of the colors on the hillsides.

  1255. Pam Stuart says:

    One of my favourite places to view the fall foliage is along Highway 1 from Norton to Sussex. Viewing the colours while driving along there is beautiful. It is really nice to see the contrast from the grass, to the trees and the farms all along that area.

  1256. Jody Underwood says:

    The best place for me to see the fall foliage is right on my property. The maples turn a gorgeous color, and the mix of all the different types of trees with the hills in the background is simply breathtaking.

  1257. Kathy Pierce says:

    Sun set Rock rd. Lebanon NH. Over looking the Valley.

  1258. Mary Laweryson says:

    The best view for us to enjoy the Foliage is a circle starting in Skowhegan,Solon,Bingham,across RT.16 into Kingsbury Plantation. With the high elevation along the rt. the sights are just beautiful. We arrive at Kingsbury Pond from the shore and the reflection on the water is breath taking. We take this trip yearly.

  1259. Keith Mullen says:

    There is no better place to view the colours of Fall than the beautiful Annapolis Valley.

  1260. D. Hedstrom says:

    My own backyard was stunningly beautiful this autumn.

  1261. Kathy place says:

    In front of the Town Hall, in Plymouth,N.H., stands a vibrant ,fiery, Maple, year after year……..

  1262. Sharon MacFadden says:

    There’s nothing like watching the fall foliage from home. To see the magnificent splashes of colors covering the mountains and reflecting off the waters of Lake Sunapee is quite the perfect way to leaf peep, never leaving the neighborhood.

  1263. N Placy says:

    There is a large hill off rt 26 in Colebrook, NH that has several shades of reds and oranges each fall.

  1264. Caroline Rouleau says:

    The best place is a Campbellton, you see both side of the river with all the Mountains and trees around a peacefull river, it is a very nice picture.

  1265. Andrew Maydoney says:

    First, there is nothing like the fiery glow of autumn in New England. I feel enraptured by the warmth and comfort of reds, auburns, yellows, golds, oranges, pumpkins, and autumnal browns. The blue skies. The fluffy white clouds. Even the joyful winds and rains that move colors from floating above my head to the autumn crunch beneath my feet. But nowhere can autumn be seen more clearly than in my mothers glow. There is a spritely step in her walk. An amazing smile on her face. And a joyful glow about her spirit as she revels in the New England colors that bring her transcendence and cheer in the autumn of her life. She finds a gorgeous red apple, and takes a bite–affirming her continued vigor and brilliance. I love the autumn colors that so prodigiously radiate between her complexion and natures colorful bounty.

  1266. Dawn says:

    Believe it or not, one of the best places is on the Greely RD at the end of Hillside RD in Cumberland Maine around the corner from my house, especially in the late afternoon just as the sun is starting to hit the top of the trees and settle down for the night. The light provides a great back ground for the trees in the very pristine field where there are many colorful trees at this time of year. It is an absolutely spectacular view. I drive that way on purpose just to see the view.

  1267. Tracy Coish says:

    The most amazing fall colors can be seen at Swift Current, NL. Absolutely breathtaking scenery magnified with the radiant palette of fall colour. On a crisp Autumn afternoon the scenic view of this landscape is one to be cherished and remembered.

  1268. Cindy Jarvis says:

    My favorite place to see the colors is on Braintree Mountain. We recently went on a 4 mile hike there and the colors were fantastic!

  1269. T Avery says:

    I think one of the most beautful places in fall to enjoy the beautiful colours is Rennies River trail in St. John’s, Newfoundland. It is a beautiful trail any time of year but once the leaves change colour and drop to the ground, the scenery around you can be breathtaking.

  1270. Peter Hogan says:

    I think the best place to see fall colours is from the bald peak of Mount Douglas in Welsford, NB. It is a short 30 min climb up to the top but the whole Nerepis River valley opens up before you when you arrive. A beautiful reward! The trail is rocky but manageable for people of all ages and if you are lucky, you will get to see some rock climbers practicing their skill as well!!

  1271. Richard bashaw says:

    The drive leaving Danville to the top of the hill headed towards St. Johnsbury has to be the best. On one sid you have the old traditional farm selling various items but the beauty is the red farm and farmhouse. On the other side you have a l;arge distance to view all the differesnt olors especially the bright red mixed in with the soft yellow and other colors. it is just the best that nature can offer.

  1272. Adam Sharp says:

    From the Top of Cardigan Mountain in New Hampshire

  1273. Regina Hounsell says:

    The best place to see fall colors is driving on the TCH in Newfoundland and Labrador from St. John’s to Port Aux Basques you will see many beautiful fall colors – this is the place to be!

  1274. Barbara Hartig says:

    A trip along the Kancamangus Highway is always a special treat! I did it last week with my sister who is visiting from Germany. She has never been here in Fall and she simply was awed by all the beauty! We are so blessed to live in an area that has sooooooo much to offer!

  1275. J Silliker says:

    Definitely driving between Moncton and Miramichi on the 126!

  1276. Lucille Boswall says:

    The best place to see fall colors is along the river bank by Wright’s Bridge along the St. Peter’s Highway (Rte 2) heading into Charlottetown. There are always a variety of colors.

  1277. Tricia Trundy says:

    The coast of Maine

  1278. Troy Wentzell says:

    The best place to see fall colors is on the LaHave River.From water fall Eddy’s full of fallen leafs to the colorfull hardwoods hanging out over the river banks.

  1279. Terry Lovett says:

    The best place to see the fall colors is on the leaves inthe trees. But my favorite place to see the fall colors is the drive from Windsor NS to Kentville NS.

  1280. Karin Nelson says:

    There are so many vistas and quiet roads that offer sweeping views of fall foliage, but for me, it is a single tree. There is a pie shop in Cape Neddick, ME called Pie in the Sky, that has a rustic wooden bench just outside the door. There is nothing in the world like sitting on that bench at peak season (they close just after), with a piece of warm apple pie melting in your mouth, as the the florescent warmth of the maple across the street, lights up your face. The rich deep brown limbs, reaching across the lazy street…Wow, that’s heaven!

  1281. K smith says:

    Burlington Maine by the wind towers on a 4-wheeler

  1282. P Scott says:

    Just driving in and out of our own road is beautiful these days. No need to go too far.

  1283. Megan Culp says:

    My favorite place is in the Upper Valley. We have mountains/hills/lakes, interesting rock formations all along Interstate 91, and going north or south is gorgeous. Also the drive on Hwy 89 from White River to Montpelier is beautiful with views into the villages along the way. All the side roads are spectacular….just can’t be beat!

  1284. N Cain says:

    The best place to see the fall foliage is definitely in the white mountains of NH…absolutely beautiful shades of color ♥

  1285. Vicky Nadeau says:

    I can sit in my livingroom and stare out my window to admire all the wondefulness that brings fall. Our house is surrounded by beautiful, majestic maple trees… What a gorgeous picture!

  1286. V.Norman says:

    In my opinion the best place to see the fall colours is the highway going through Swift Current, Newfoundland. Route 210.
    The reflections of the beautiful trees in the different ponds on the roadside is absolutely beautiful.

  1287. Jamie Jackson says:

    All of the Maritimes are ‘a glow’ this time of year. My favorite spot however, is at my cottage on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

    On the South Shore, inland from Mahone Bay, there is an extra-ordinary number of hardwood stands. The soft reds of the maples to the bright golds of the poplars make the deck of my cottage a very special place to be.

  1288. D Robinson says:

    My favorite place to see the fall colors is standing on the bridge in Doaktown NB , looking down at the Miramichi River,lined on both sides with breathtakingly beautiful trees showing off their awesome autumn attire….right in my own backyard. I never tire of the view!!

  1289. D. Buter says:

    A walk through Bowring Park in the west end of St.John’s is always beautiful in the Fall, the colors are vibrant.

  1290. David Barretto says:

    Anywhere my wife is, she makes the whole world look much better!

  1291. Venus Williams says:

    My favorite place is the Quechee Gorge in Quechee, VT.
    All the colors are very beautiful and the water freely flowing
    in the gorge creates a divine view.
    And all the surroundings are very beautiful too.

    This is the reason visitors are there year round.
    But especially when the fall colors are out.

  1292. J Maccheyne says:

    The best place in the world to see the colours is right in my own back yard, no travel required, and the weather is really cooperating

  1293. Nellie Lush says:

    I would say the best place to see beautiful fall colours is anywhere along the glooscap trail watching the high tides come in, Any where between Windsor to Parrsboro It is breath taking.

  1294. Megan says:

    I love the drive from Halifax to Wolfville and up to Canning N.S. for the fall colours!

  1295. T Avery says:

    One of my favorite places to truly experience the colours of fall is Rennies River Trail in St. john’s, NL. It is a beautiful walking trail any time of year, but in fall with all of the beautiful colours of the leaves from the old large trees, it can be breathtaking.

  1296. Paul says:

    Jackson New Hampshire

  1297. Bette Chatterton says:

    Beautiful St. Martins…lot’s of beautiful maple tree’s line the main street and the hills! Just simply beautiful!

  1298. Gloria Askew says:

    Travel thru the beautiful roads of PEI… so beautiful.

  1299. Sarah Hancoyck says:

    The best place to see fall colors is any dirt back road in New England, specifically New Hampshire and Maine. The air is as fresh as can be, it’s quiet, and the colors are gorgeous and contrast with the sky on any given day.

  1300. A Conley says:

    The best place to see beautiful foliage, as well as a passing seal or a loon, is from the deck of the Casco Bay Lines mailboat that travels down bay. Couldn’t be more relaxing.

  1301. Bonnie McPherson says:

    By far, the best place to view the fall colors is along the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island.

  1302. Linda D Ehrlich says:

    My backyard is the best place to see fall foliage.
    The sugar maples, white birch, and ash combinations
    are stunning.

  1303. Denis Fournier says:

    My favorite place for our fall colours is at Papineau Falls near Bathurst, New Brunswick. I am forwarding a photo that I had taken last year.

  1304. Sue says:

    The best place to view fall foliage is the Kancamangus Highway, going from Lincol, NH to North Conway, NH. The views are spectacular!

  1305. david munn says:

    Cabot Trail and Muskoka in Ontario

  1306. Jack Patterson says:

    Rte 141 between Cole Brook & Pittsburgh, NH

  1307. David LaVie says:

    Driving the Kancamangas Highway

  1308. Carole Garnett says:

    The best place to see the leaves is along the Cape Breton trail as can see for miles and miles which adds so much beauty in our own province.

  1309. H Phinney says:

    For me, the best place to view the Fall Foliage would have to the North Mountain of the Annapolis Valley. If you get high enough you can see several counties and the beautiful rainbow of colours!

  1310. Patti Johnson says:

    Driving around Lake Bomoseen in Vermont!

  1311. There are many amazing Maritime places to see Nature’s finest display of color. My favorite is the drive from the Big Red Barn approaching Baddeck to Margaree Harbour. The drive along Lake O’Law with a series of huge flaming mountains behind, leaves a lasting image with me. Wish I got a chance to be there every fall. The remaining portion of the Cabot Trail is not too shabby as well!!

  1312. Pauline MacLean says:

    The Annapolis Valley is a great place to see the fall colors. My daughter and I drove to the valley yesterday and saw the pumpkin people in Kentville. The colors were so vibrant.

  1313. LINDSEY says:


  1314. Gilbert Boisvert says:

    I don’t have to go far! It’s all in my backyard and in my woods. The Fall colors are everywhere around me. I love the evergreens, the colorful swamp maples, and the white birch trees. I love to pick a few of those ripe red teaberries, and plop them in my mouth. Nice minty flavor, they have!

    I have 37A of land, and when I take the dogs out for a walk in the woods, they go on their sniffing expeditions, and I simply admire the Fall colors. No fog, no smog. just good air and nature at work. And it costs nothing for the exercise. I guess that it makes me luckier than most city dwellers, to be able to admire such beauty at so little expense.

    And when the leaves have all fallen, then I get to walk on a colorful leafy carpet under my feet.

  1315. C O'Connell says:

    Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley was certainly a majestic spot of nature’s autumn side show this year.

    My favorite sight was gazing towards the water and cliffs of Cape Blomidon from Wolfville’s South Mountain with vibrant colors of brilliant red, yellow, green, burgundy, gold, green and orange in a display of radiance shimmering in the sunshine displaying a sight to behold.

    The other spectacular spot was at the end of my driveway with the red and yellow 100 year old plus maple framing the north mountain’s kaleidoscope of colors with a canopy of another century old green and orange maple shadowed by a burgundy ivy and a giant blue spruce lording over all!

    Just one of the many spectacular sights in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley that change with every season. Definitely a place of sights to behold at any time of year!

  1316. Tasso Piller says:

    Driviing south near sunset from Manchester to Bennington on US 7.

  1317. Lionel Michaluk says:

    Hi Irving

    My absolute favourite place to watch the leaves change is my back yard in Shediac, New Brunswick. An email, with a pic, is on it’s way.

    Cheers Lionel

  1318. Marla Blake says:

    One of the best places to see beautiful foliage is along the Kancamangus Highway…especially on a motorcycle 🙂

  1319. E.R.YOUNG says:


  1320. C Cormier says:

    The best place to see the fall colours is right outside our back door…there is a river beside us that flows into the Northumberland Strait, and on a still day the river is like a mirror reflecting the gorgeous reds, oranges, yellows of the trees on the opposite side of the water from us. So we get to enjoy the colours everyday….

  1321. Sheila Bornstein says:

    Mount desert island is one of the most beautiful places during the fall. Just driving through Acadia on a fall afternoon is a treat!

  1322. B Troxell says:

    Riding up Interstate 89 from Concord to Hanover and getting off at any of the lovely small towns along the way with their town greens, the mountains and lakes– just beautiful. Luckily, I drive that route often and am always in awe of the views.

  1323. Chris Prahl says:

    My back yard!

  1324. Doris Wells says:

    Cape Breton

  1325. Rachael Cohen says:

    This year I saw the best fall foliage on my commute down Interstate 89 to Colby-Sawyer College in New London, New Hampshire. Even on the misty and rainy days of early October, the maple saplings and mature maples in the median and along the hillsides going over the Whaleback ridge were just glorious.

  1326. Jillian Schenck says:

    The summit of Mount Monadnock is my favorite spot to view the colors – 360*
    plus, no bugs at this time of year.

  1327. Valerie Paton says:

    The best place to see fall colours is a matter of one’s opinion. I Have seen many great views, from the Cabot Trail to the White Mountains and the Eastern seavboard of the U.S., to Quebec, Ontario and the west.
    My favorite view is the one I see and appreciate the most, as I am no longer travelling much, so I love the rolling hills of PEI, whether that is the Bonshaw Hills near the coast of PEI, or inland around Pleasant Valley or the Brookvale area. I appreciate what I have right here at home. It’s pretty special!!

  1328. Jacquelyn Giroux says:

    I love to check out the colors in my own yard. we have maples, oaks, aspen and many other trees in our yard. There are so many different colors, shapes and sizes of leaves and I don’t have to travel anywhere . My toddler is really enjoying the season change too this year.

  1329. Jacquelyn Giroux says:

    I love to check out the colors in my own yard. we have maples, oaks, aspen and many other trees in our yard. There are so many different colors, shapes and sizes of leaves and I don’t have to travel anywhere . My toddler is really enjoying the season change too this year.

  1330. Harold Oakes says:

    Almost anywhere you drive in the New Hampshire or Vermont area the colors are just beautiful.

  1331. Daniel Moisan says:

    Any river, stream lake or small pond in Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont. The fall colors reflect off the water.

  1332. D. Moore says:

    The area immediately surrounding the Ingramport river, near where it meets the ocean has been a favourite of mine for many years. The rails to trials offers access to a locale by way of an old train bridge over looking river lake, where the Ingramport river widens and slows. The calm dark waters often reflects the steep hills running down to the winding river. Those same hills are adorned with a rich fountains of colours from the collection of maple, birch, larch – as well as many varieties of small shrubs that eagerly throw forth yellows, oranges, and reds. Mixed in with the fall colours are the green vanguards of spruce and pines, giving a wonderful contrast to soon to fall leaves. Luckily it is a short walk from my house; perhaps this is why I do not have a picture…

  1333. mary jo greene says:

    easton, in my own front yard!

  1334. all of PEI awesome and pretty

  1335. Steph says:

    There isn’t one best place–there are two. If you take the Cannon Mountain Aerial Tram up the side of Cannon Mountain in New Hampshire’s Franconia Notch, you get a breathtaking view. The fall colors are draped over the steep sides of the mountains like a warm hand-stitched quilt. Walk to the observation deck once you step off the tram and be amazed as the parkway below appears to wind through the colors.
    The second place is on the slopes of Bretton Woods, not far from Cannon Mountain at New Hampshire’s largest ski area. The orange, red and yellow leaves showcase the magnifigance of one of the state’s grandest old resorts, The Mount Washington Resort.

  1336. Luci Koban says:

    I live in Bradford, NH and drive to New London for work every day. Sometimes you see things every day but it doesn’t really register because it becomes common. I went over the Kancamangus Drive the first week of October and it was at peak. It was so breath taking it was difficult to drive and stay focused. But, then I came home and drove by the stand of trees around Gile Pond in Sutton, and around Pleasant Lake in New London and found it to be even more beautiful and awesome. Sometimes we look to be wowed only to discover that the best to be seen and experienced is right in our own back yard! Fortunate are those of us who actually live in an area that others need to travel to to experience beauty.

  1337. David Sharlin says:

    Plymouth Notch, Plymouth, VT

  1338. S & J Malenfant says:

    Living in the White Mountains just south of Conway means that simply walking out my door in the fall is an extraordinary spectacle of color! Best ride for color is the ever-popular Kancamaugus Scenic Highway from Conway to Lincoln through the National Forest.

  1339. Leigh Vincent says:

    2 years ago I discovered a spectacular fall display not far from my house. Sometimes when you’ve lived in an area for a long time you think you’ve seen it all. A friend mentioned a spot in Reading, VT where there is an extensive view of the countryside and distant mountains. I didn’t think it was going to be much, but when I reached the top of Grasshopper Lane (off of Tyson Rd in Reading) I could hardly believe the beauty. As an avid hiker, it takes quite a bit to impress me with a view, but this one is really something. It was quickly evident I wasn’t the only one to appreciate this spot. Many cars pulled to the shoulder of the dirt road to take it all in as I snapped pictures.

  1340. Laura Carter says:

    By sea kayak along the coast of Maine – spectacular!

  1341. Mary Murphy says:

    The most breathtaking view of fall colours that I have ever seen, was driving into the Niagara Falls Valley. I have not been back there for years but when I think of fall colours, I always remember that view, the whole valley was just a beautiful mixture of reds, oranges and yellows. It was simply stunning.

  1342. nancy miller says:

    anywhere in the northeast is great. i just like looking out my windows and enjoy my gardens and trees.

  1343. Pam Caulfield says:

    Our favorite place to see the foliage is in the Lake Sunapee area. The area is beautiful any time of the year, but especially in the fall. Take a ride up Route 89 to see other pretty areas from the highway.

  1344. harold anderson says:

    Route 155 Between East Wallingford and Westin VT is lovely in the fall

  1345. Jason MacKinnon says:

    Northern Cape Breton is an incredible spot to take in the fall foliage. From the world famous Cabot Trail, to the various small fishing villages tucked along the rugged coasts of the Cape Breton Highlands, there are ample opportunities to drink in that cool clean air and witness the Autumn colors in all their glory. The numerous species of hardwoods in the area give a diverse collage of colors. Lush forests blanket the ancient mountains, wind down the serene valleys and hug the edges of sea battered shores. So pack a lunch, bring some warm clothes just in case and come pay us a visit!

  1346. Gary Owen says:

    Route 9 (airline) On the “whales back” overlook the Union River to the North

  1347. Andrea Morrell says:

    We went to North Conway about 3 weeks ago. It was sooooo beautiful! The drive up and back from Manchester and then we drove around some back roads for over an hour, then we got some lunch and did some shopping. The best of all worlds! New Hampshire is the BEST!

  1348. MJCioffi says:

    Weathersfield Center Road, looking south, just past (going south) the Weathersfield Center Church.

  1349. Lorraine Eakin says:

    My favorite place to see the foliage is sitting on my back deck looking across Lake Winnisquam at the mountains.

  1350. Guy Leclerc says:

    I think the best place to see the fall colours is in Mckendick NB in Restigouche County about five miles from Campbellton. In this high country you see the Baie of Chaleur with the mountains as far as Carleton, Quebec , you would think you are on the top of the world. A must to see and it is in our province and country.

  1351. Aileen Young says:

    Recently went to North Conway, NH, on to Montpilier, VT, St. Johnsbury, up to Gorham, NH and back to N. conway, the sugar maples were a brillant red and best foliage I have seen in awhile, spent 3 days. A good Maine spot is through the hills in Holden and Lucerne, golds, rusts, yellows and greens are magnificiant.

  1352. W March says:

    The best area to see fall foliage is through the Maritimes, down through the Eastern Seaboard of the US. The Cabot Trail is a must, as well as PEI, Heading to St. Peter’s route 4, New Glasgow, New Hampshire and Massachusettes – you can’t go wrong which ever place you pick!

  1353. Joanne Scontras says:

    My favorite spot to see fall colors while walking is Shore Road, Cape Elizabeth, ME

  1354. d glidden says:

    My house!! I live 1/4 mile into the woods and am surrounded by miles of hardwoods.

  1355. matthew poulin says:

    The Kangamagus Highway! There is no better place to leaf peep. Wheather you live in Maine NH or VT its worth the drive and even better on a Harley Davidson, just as American as leaf peeping. When I lived in Maine I made the trip every year, now I live in NH and its even closer and better than ever. Take my adivice, its the place to be in the fall!

  1356. Sandra H says:

    Kancamagus Highway in NH – fantastic drive with breathtaking scenery – made even better by the fall foliage colors.

  1357. Shari DeYoung says:

    The best places to see fall foliage is Gould Hill Orchards and the Mt Kearsarge area .

  1358. Chrissy D says:

    Honestly, on my drive to work in the morning down the 103 Highway in Nova Scotia and then the Bay road into Halifax. Maybe it’s the early morning light, or just the fact that it’s the beginning of a fresh day, but I notice the colours most then and can’t help but feel good about living here. (I moved here from Manitoba 6 years ago my work commute never looked this good!)

  1359. I enjoy seeing the Fall colors as I drive to Ludlow from Springfield. I am going to work at Fletcher Farm for Arts and Crafts. Inside our shop are many pictures of Vermont during the Fall season. The ride reinforces the beauty inherent in our great state. We are so lucky to have the forces of nature working throughout our state each year.

  1360. B. Cameron says:

    Could you see a more glorious display of fall colors than along the various branches of the Miramichi River Valley? Perhaps equally as vibrant a display is along Hwy. 117 from Miramichi though Loggieville to Black River. New Brunswick’s red maples are probably the prettiest of all interspersed among other hues of red and yellow. What a wonderful display of color this year!

  1361. mark burhoe says:

    My personal favorite place to see the fall foliage is the channel leaving Hampton up towards Meehans cove. From there a circle of the islands on the KV river and back while watching the Kingston cliffs and shores for some of the brightest mixes of fall colors.This trip doesnt take more then an afternoon and from the water is a better way to see anything….peace

  1362. Cynthia says:

    My Favorite place to see the fall colors is looking over the beautiful mountains along the Margaree River. My father’s house is in North East Margaree and he has the best view from Tompkins Road.

  1363. Leslie McRobie says:

    The quietest, most serene place to view the fall foliage is on Lake Winnisquam in New Hampshire. On those clear autumn days with the bright blue sky, the reflection of the colors on the lake increases the view twofold. Add to this the call of the loons as they prepare to fly above the leaves, and you have the perfect spot.

  1364. artie burdette says:

    anywhere in dorchester nh

  1365. Brad says:

    The best place to watch the fall colours is at 3 pools in Windsor Nova Scotia.

  1366. Frank Holmes says:

    In New Hampshire looking across Crystal Lake from the Eaton Beach towards the Little White Church.

  1367. Sandy Bingham says:

    There really is no need to go too far from home to see great colors. Just in Vermont alone, such beautiful scenic drives from the Northeast Kingdom to Brattleboro, from Saint Albans to Bennington, and places in between like Warren, Stowe, Killington. Back roads can be the best. Check out Randolph and Randolph Center views!! Woodstock and Quechee, Ludlow. So many great views in our beautiful state, and lots of quaint inns and country stores/eateries to cap of a great experience!

  1368. William Craig says:

    Our favorite place to see in the fall would have to be Brier Island.The walking trail down to see Balancing Rock.The changing of the leafs and the trees and the trail is beautiful.Its a long walk down and even a longer walk up but the veiws are all worth the walk.

  1369. John says:

    It a location in Mains called Quaker Ridge. You can see Mount Washington on a clear day. It overlooks the lakes region in Maine. Sebago Lake is absolutely beautiful this time of year.

  1370. crystal williams says:

    I actually really enjoyed driving thru my local town in the last week here in Londonderry, the colors were very beautiful especially around the lakes

  1371. Marie Amero says:

    The most enjoyable route to see the Fall Colors is right here in Annapolis County by taking route # 8 from Annapolis to South Milford,then right turn through to Princedale and back to Annapolis Royal. Ya’gotta Love the colors !

  1372. Kevin Flynn says:

    Anywhere at all in Nova Scotia is going to give you a great view of all the changing leaves.

  1373. L. Wood says:

    I love looking the covered bridge that goes between Greenfield and Hancock, NH. Very picturesque!

  1374. gerald sulli says:

    The best place is in the ski hill area of wentworth NS. Amazing…

  1375. Robin Lucy says:

    Mt. Washington Valley in North COnway, NH

  1376. L D Waugh says:

    The Upper Miramichi is one of my most favorite areas this time of the year, With the River and the colorful trees it is breath taking.

  1377. Tom Mead says:

    I like to drive north in New Hampshire, as close to the Connecticut River as I can, and when I’m 1/2-spent, cross the river and go south in Vermont, close to the river…

  1378. A. Delahunty says:

    Right in my own yard! Pictou county is a wonderful place to see the fall colors and to enjoy the wonderful weather.

  1379. rod borden says:

    The best place to view the beautiful colours of the fall is in my backyard. In the morning I sit in my kitchen and drink a nice hot cup of tea and watch the leaves slowly drift to my lawn. Knowing later in the day my wife and I will have the fun of gathering all the leaves for our compost.

  1380. K. Leonard says:

    Marine Drive on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia hugs the coastline whilst providing spectacular views of fall foliage.

  1381. Laurie Waugh says:

    I can think of no place more beautiful than the Upper Miramichi area in the Fall.

  1382. seeing the fall colors in cape breton … there is no better place …and I dont even live there ..but it is the best

  1383. dawn a. nichols says:

    My absolute favourite place to view the scrumptious fall colours is in Marshy Hope, Nova Scotia. It’s a valley setting between Antigonish and New Glasgow, and the hills on each side of the highway are covered with evergreens and hardwood trees, so there’s a mix of every shade of green, orange, yellow, red – and there’s a brook that runs alongside the highway, and a train track – but those hills take my breath away! You feel nestled in a bed of coloured leaves, and it’s heavenly!

  1384. phil berard says:

    I am blessed; living in southern Maine I live next to a power-line and I get to enjoy spectacular color every morning as I leave to go to work and every night when I return home. Several years ago I offered to my elderly uncle to go to his house and collect all the leaves to save him a big chore…his response?…”are you kidding? people drive for hours to see this!” Who says we don’t learn from our elders?

  1385. Paul Bailey says:

    The best place to see the fall colours is Indian Falls park on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. This hidden gem is hardly visited and a local favourite . One of the newest parks in Lunenburg county, Indian Falls park also offers some of the best salmon fishing in the area.

  1386. Sarah Baker says:

    My favorite place to see the foliage is Chocorua Lake on Route 16 in Tamworth. You have a beautiful view of Mt. Chocorua and the leaves of the surrounding trees reflect beautifully off the lake. Picture perfect!

  1387. William Gartland says:

    Mira River, Cape Breton, NS You can drive up one side of the river, and back down the other. about 25 km total. Loads of colour!

  1388. sriram bhat says:

    white mountains nh

  1389. Megan Murphy says:

    The best place to see the fall colors is out canoing the Mosquidobit River! Just Beautiful!

  1390. S. Kelly says:

    Cape Breton Island is resplendent with colour this year. I will be travelling to the Cabot Trail this coming weekend to take in the fall colours and do some hiking. My drive to work each morning takes me along the shoreline and many of the trees have colourful foliage, making the drive that much more pleasurable.

  1391. TJohnson says:

    The best place to see fall colors, is the trip I take every thanksgiving to my hometown in Cape Breton. The hills are full of yellows browns reds oranges and greens

  1392. Susan Weaver says:

    My favorite place to see the fall colors is in Doaktown, NB. You can see the beautiful fall color from the walking bridge that crosses the Miramichi River at Doaktown, NB. I will email you a pic. 🙂

  1393. Pam Maker says:

    One of my favorite places to go to see fall colors is along PEI’s rails to trails. It is so nice to see all the different shades as you walk or bike along the trails.

  1394. Hcasey says:

    The best place to see the beautiful fall colors is on route11 on pei!
    It is a beautiful sight with water in the background in some places and beautiful trees with all their wonderful colors of the fall. The view is breath taking and a must see for all

  1395. Gary Decad says:

    The best place to see fall colors this year was right at home, at the First Branch of the White River, near Chelsea, Washington, Royalton, Sharon, VT.

  1396. Ken Johnson says:

    Harlow Pond in Parkman, Maine. On a sunny day the colors reflect on the water, beautiful!

  1397. Norma Young says:

    The fall colors are spectacular right in my own back yard.

  1398. Chuck Phillips says:

    From Streeter Pond Road in Sugar Hill looking across Coffin Pond in Sugar Hill to the hills beyond.

  1399. nancy waltos says:

    The best place to see the fall colors is near any lake in New England. I live on Webster lake and the view out my window is just beautiful. The best part of a lake is when the sun shines just right the colors reflect in the water for a view that is twice the original view. The other lakes in the lakes region are all great viewing the water reflection is just a special bonus.

  1400. Colleen Flawn says:

    For me… the splendor is all around us this time of year. From walking in our breathtaking Nova Scotia forests, to driving down our highways. Each gives us right of passage for change and renewal. I must say though, my favorite place is when I am near the water at Aylesford Lake. I can see the reflection of the majestic colored leaves in the water, I can smell the forest fauna, I can hear the waves lapping on the shore, and feel the gentle breeze…using all those senses … wow.

    We truly are blessed to have four wonderful season… fall being the most gorgeous of all.

  1401. Judy Safford says:

    The very best place is here in Central Vermont. Going through Cabot and then up Mac Mountain Road to Peacham is a glorious carpet of color. On the dirt road you pass under huge Maple trees that surround you with yellow, orange and red. At the top you look over at another mountainside blessed with even more color.

  1402. Bonnie Fields says:

    Quechee, Vt. The view from the Green, at sunset, is spectacular!!

  1403. indian mountain area

  1404. Dmitry Teleganov says:

    Top of the Wildcat ski lift across the road near Mt.Washington.

  1405. Joni Haley says:

    On my drive to work–in New Boston, and Hopkinton and Concord, NH. I love
    having a pretty drive every morning.

  1406. I love to watch the fall colors changing here on Prince Edward Island. I live in one of the Rural communities, and watching the leaves change color is awesome. Every where you drive on PEI you can watch the colors changing from green to brown, red, yellow, etc… Fall is my favorite time of year.

  1407. Marion French says:

    The best place to see fall colors is anywhere in the Maritimes this year.

  1408. Lisa Thompson says:

    Well, of course anywhere in Maine….I particularly love Trescott, ME, but anywhere is beautiful. I have only been in Maine for the past 5 years; originally from Chicago, but have lived in Boulder, CO, Billings, MT and Seattle, WA and Maine is by far the most beautiful place during the Fall.

    I love this place and love the people!!!!!

  1409. J. locke says:

    At our cottage on the lake in Middle Ohio. The fall colours, the water, the fresh air. Wondeful!

  1410. C Nicholson says:

    The best place to view the fall colors would be in upstate Vermont. I would take Route 100 up towards Newport and come back down on Route 5A. The colors have just been breathtaking this year. There are many places to pull over to take pictures and or just have a picnic lunch.

  1411. Peter Burchstead says:

    Peter Burchstead says the best place to see the fall foliage is at Hooper Golf Course in Walpole NH.
    The colors of the maples along the fairways is spectacular to say the least. And the Club House is picture perfect framed by the large maples there. Simply fantastic.

  1412. Betty John says:

    One of the most beautiful areas to see the fall foliage is the White Mountains. There are miles and miles of roads and trails for you to explore and view. We love to go across the Kancamagus Highway but really, anywhere in the White Mountains is spectacular!

  1413. Sandra Lemire says:

    In all my 69 years the most beautiful place to see the fall colors is driving through the White Mountains. There is nothing more beautiful than snowcapped Mount Washington and the Presidential Range with the fall leaves below proudly showing their colors reminding us that winter is not far away.

  1414. Rhonda Gabaree says:

    Through out the hole state of Vermont. I love to take a couple of week ends and drive the hole state. I think the hole state is beautiful when all the mountains are covered in fall colors.

  1415. Sue Roberts says:

    Elliotsville, ME. The Elliotsville Road in Elliotsville has lots of very large, colorful trees. I love this area! You drive it to get to Borestone Mountain and Little Wilson Falls – 2 very beautiful areas any time of the year, but fall makes them extra special.

  1416. m munro says:

    n.h & vt. border make the best day trips.

  1417. marcel aucoin says:

    Marshy Hope ,NS

  1418. dmurley says:

    Hobo Railroad from Weirs Beach to Lakeport, then Meridith and back to Weirs Beach.
    Conway railroad to Crawford Notch.

  1419. marcel aucoin says:

    Marchy Hope , NS

  1420. Walter K says:

    My favorite place to see the fall foliage is from the deck of the Mt. Washington Resort Hotel at Bretton Woods. You can see a full panoramic landscape of color in every direction.

  1421. P Knapp says:

    Right here in the Tuftonboro area. The colors are magnificent, and looking out at the big Lake is pretty much a perfect scene, with reds, golds, yellows, and oranges. We look across the field across the street and can see clear to the other side of town, and the colors have been stunning. Doesn’t get any better, in my opinion!

  1422. B Burbank says:

    Top of Jericho Road, Hartfoer, Vt. Rolling hills and the White River.

  1423. David says:

    Just about any place is Maine is good for seeing beautiful fall colors. The season starts in the north and moves southward as the season progresses. There are many spots for viewing.

  1424. James W. Kirby says:

    Our favorite viewing of the fall folliage is to drive from Halifax up to Exit 14 on Highway 101 and then come back home to Halifax on Highway #1, making major stops at the N.S. Agricultural Farm and the Kentville Ball Field to see all the Haystacks/ Pumpkins/Corn Fields/Country Markets/ Apple Orchards and Wineries. It only takes one hour to drive up and 1 hour to drive back. 2 hours of beauty and relaxation. Try it you might enjoy it, we do every year without exception.

  1425. Alex LeDrew says:

    My favorite place to see the fall colours is Denys Basin in Cape Breton,Nova Scotia

  1426. Tammy Wells says:

    Maritime Canada and northern New England–where the air is a bit crisp in the morning and smells clean…where the maples turn golden and red maples and the oaks and beech and birch add their colour to the mix.

  1427. I would have to say Nh is the best place to see foliage. I was born in Nh so I’ve seen many seasons pass us by.. but fall in Nh is the most amazing season by far!! Colors so beautiful like a painting .. in real life!!

  1428. Priyanka Campbell says:

    The south shore of Nova Scotia has very picturesque fall scenes. The most breathtaking sight is the waterfront of Shelburne, NS. There’s a small bridge on my running path that is magnificent. It looks onto a small river with perfectly situated rocks over which the water flows. Surrounding the river are fall leaves in red, orange and yellow. No matter how many times I run by it, I have to slow down to appreciate it’s peaceful sights and sounds.

  1429. C Bryan says:

    The Top of Mt. Kearsarge–You can drive up to within 1000 feet of the summit and have an incredible vista over the hills or you can continue and hike up to the summit for an amazing 360 degree view of Mt. Monadnock to the south and the Whites in the north.

  1430. sylvia wesley says:

    Love driving through the Mount Washington Valley during foliage season!

  1431. kelly telles says:

    my favorite place is right in my backyard. the trees are just beautiful.

  1432. amy kemp says:

    Of course the most popular area is the White Mountains, but the beauty of the fall foliage can be seen basically in your own back yard, on the back roads in the town you live in, or neighboring towns. I use to think “yup, the leaf lookers are back, accidents waiting to happen for those who don’t have eyes not only in the back of their head but eyes in the form of a halo”. I’ve aged some years since then and even though I stick close to home, Newport, N.H. I find myself being one of those “leaf lookers”! I enjoy and appreciate the beauty fall brings to our area, amazing, even breathe taking, I prefer driving on the back roads Newport, Sunapee, Newbury, Bradford, Sutton, New London, Enfield, Springfield, Croydon, Claremont, Charlestown, Unity, Lempster, Goshen… Watch the news for a good day, head out early morning, could pack a pick nick and find a cozy spot to lay a blanket out enjoy some time in the fresh country air, (the whole family or two people enjoying one anothers company), then continue on your journey of nature, you’d be surprised on how many animals you may come across, end your journey at a special spot that you’ve discovered over the years where the sunset completes the amazing journey on the back roads of N.H. So there you have it, the old back roads of N.H. to me seems to be the best of places to enjoy the fall foliage…

  1433. Elaine says:

    Anywhere in New England you can see the colors of fall. My favorite place though is Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor and the wild life refuge on Pease Tradeport.

  1434. Carol Kinsey says:

    My favorite place for fall color viewing is around Baxter State Park, Maine, particularly the east side.

  1435. Sandra Lemire says:

    In all my 69 years the most beautiful place to see the fall colors is driving through the White Mountains. There is nothing more beautiful with snowcapped Mountain Washington and the Presidential Range with the falls leaves below proudly showing the fall colors reminding us that winter is not far away.

  1436. W Diener says:

    In my back yard. I love to watch my dog chase the leaves as they fall from the trees. She goes from sun up till sunset.

  1437. Richard Comstock says:

    There is no place as beautiful as my own back yard.

  1438. Danik Inseman says:

    I love to see the wonderful fall colors in my own neighborhood with our friends and family. You just go for a weekend stroll. That is one of the reasons we moved here from California years ago. Autumn in New Hampshire is one of the most beautiful things in the world and it is a real joy to share this with our family from the comfort of our own home.

  1439. Russ says:

    Best sites are off the top of Cadillac Mtn. A 360 view of the fall foliage!

  1440. Sherry Tolle says:

    My favorite place is Owl’s Head in Vermont’s Groton State Forest with a nearly 365 degree view of ponds, valleys and spectacular foliage

  1441. S Chambers says:

    The best place is to hike to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain in Atholville NB and look out as far as the eyes can see for the most spectacular array of colours, or walk the NB Trail through Campbellton, Atholville, Tide Head and beyond..beautiful and mind relaxing.

  1442. Laurie Sanborn says:

    One of my favorite places is right at home. Living at the foothills of Cardigan Mt, I have a world of color in my backyard and my view towards the Killington range. There are so many great places to see the foliage in New England, but I treasure what’s right in front of me every day.

  1443. Roger C. says:

    I love taking route 3 Noth New Hampshire traveling trough Twin Mountain, Whitfield, Lancaster ,Groveton, Stewarttown all the way to Colebrook. The I take Route 26 heading to the Balsams Resort, through Erroll all the way to Bethel Maine. Where I take Route 2 to Gorham NH and Home to Berlin. Great Trip fantastic Views and all kind of places to take small hikes with the dog.
    Roger C.

  1444. Kris A. says:

    There are many beautiful drives in Maine. One is between Belgrade Lakes and New Sharon on rte. 27.

  1445. maxine flynn says:


  1446. B Gamans says:

    I don’t travel much anymore due to farm living and crazy work hours, but thankfully I’ve been very blessed with beautiful color right in my backyard in southern New Hampshire! With the field next door that catches the early morning sun in the higher spots, to the pond just behind the house with all of the maples, oaks, and birches, the vivid oranges, reds, and golds can literally stop me in my tracks on a crisp morning as I had to the barn for chores. I used to enjoy the foliage of the White Mountains every year, but I really can’t complain about what I’m fortunate enough to see from the kitchen window! Thank you Mother Nature! 🙂

  1447. Bill says:

    Looking out the windows of my home

  1448. Mary Lucy says:

    Right here in my yard… in Silver Lake (Madison), NH. Just driving our local roads or walking through the woods. It’s still colorful several weeks since Columbus Day weekend. It’s one of the best times of the year! Love it!

  1449. Bob Penley says:

    Some of the most beautiful views are from Rt 17 between West Paris and Rangeley Maine. Stopping at the “Height of the Land” offers fantastic vistas of the colorful foliage and distant lakes.

  1450. Sherry Tolle says:

    My favorite place is Owl’s Head in Vermont’s Groton State Forest, a nearly 365 degree view of valleys, ponds and spectacular foliage

  1451. Jamie Harmon says:

    I live in Washington County, Maine and my favorite places to are the fall foliage is on Route 9, heading south. There are a couple places where you can stop and look out over a river and lots of forest. I also enjoy going through Blacks Woods, in Cherryfield Maine. The trees hang over the road, almost like you’re driving through a tunnel, and with all the beautiful colors. Its fantastic!

  1452. Samantha says:

    My favorite place to see all the beautiful fall colours is driving on the Bangor Road leading to Morell. It is full of nice colourful trees changing colours for the fall. I work at a hotel and I tell all my guests that it is a must see. This route is a must!

  1453. Liz Crowley says:

    Star lake in Belmont, Vermont had the most vibrant reds in this region, especially if you catch the right light & are honored with the waters reflection!

  1454. Rose McPhee says:

    My favorite place to see Fall Colors is in my own yard ,When my tree’s change their foliage it’s so beautiful and what more breath taking is watching the children as they pile up the leaves too jump into laughing as they throw up the leaves above their head is beyond priceless to me.

  1455. Marshey Hope,Pictou county Nova Scotia has vivid & beautiful colours in Fall.

  1456. Lynda Thayer says:

    My favorite place to view the foliage is looking out over the 5 Kezar ponds in Stoneham maine where I have a summer home.

  1457. J Dulude says:

    Driving up Route 4A then Route 4 towards Canaan, NH and then up 118 towards Woodstock into the White Mountains. Once you’re up there take the Kancamagus over to North Conway and north on Route 16 past Mount Washington. Go west on Route 2 once you hit Gorham and then south on 93.

    There are so many great view points along this tour and so many others in the whole region, it is difficult to choose. The above route is my preferred motorcycle tour in the fall.

  1458. Gail S says:

    I have driven through Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia this autumn and have found no colour as vibrant and diverse as my own street where there are a row of maples and sugar maples, blueberry bushes, oak and a multitude of other trees. The next place is Silver Lake, where the reflection of the fantastic fauna is flourishing. Smile and enjoy!

  1459. Z clement says:

    We love the Sugarloaf Area. Views from the top, anytime but especially in the fall, are magnificent!

  1460. J.McCabe says:

    My favorite place to enjoy fall colors are the back roads and red clay dirt roads in the Argyle/Churchill area of P.E.I. Pastoral in the summer they are awesome with a wide array of colors this time of the year!

  1461. my favourite place is around town, especially on my way to work. the trees around the lakes are a beautiful sight. doubly so when the colours are reflected on the calm water. amazing

  1462. Shari Boraz says:

    My own yard. WE live in rural Hanover and I feel like I live in a perpetual tree house engulfed by tree branches all around me.

  1463. Peter Grey says:

    My favorite place is right in my back yard. We have maple, birch, sumac, and who knows what else. It is beautiful to just look out the back window or stand on the deck and admire all the color and I don’t
    need to travel at all.

  1464. Doreen Lane says:

    I love the variety of foliage and the length of the season in Vermont. There are many places to go but I especially like the road from Groton to Danville. You can almost follow the foliage as it peaks early in the north and then rolls on down the state.

  1465. Alison Thomas says:

    The best place is our backyard, the the mix of green pines and the assortment of autumn colors. Just beautiful.

  1466. Malcolm J MacKenney says:

    We just finished a tour of the Cabot Trail and the fall foilage was fantastic to say the least. Breathtaking and a pure delight and joy to behold seeing nature at its finest. Scenes any artist would gladly try to reproduce.

  1467. Pauline Paradis says:

    I can say that the Poland Spring Golf Course is a beautiful area for foliage. Not only are you outside walking to play golf, but you get the beauty of the colors

  1468. tom murphy says:

    the best place to see the colors was on lake francis in pittsburgh nh tha colors off the lake were absolutely awesome and at times you could see a bald eagle soaring over the lake or a loon crying on the water.

  1469. FLamb says:

    The trees are beautiful just outside in our yard this year. We look down into the river valley. Just driving in our town I think how lucky we are to live in a place so beautiful at this time of year.

  1470. George says:

    From my sister’s house on Loudon Ridge in Loudon, N.H. Growing up there we had these fantastic views from the front of our house.

    Another beautiful spot is when driving along NH Rt107 in Gilmanton headed towards Belmont. The view is breath taking.

  1471. Judy says:

    My favorite spot for colors of fall is found simply taking a walk down my road…

  1472. Marie LaLumiere says:

    Sitting on the beach at Baxter Lake NH. The stilled water reflectes the beautiful colors and trees, having you see twice the amount with the backdrop of blue sky and green mountain. Oh Mother Nater with her paint brush, so precise and colorful in reds, greens, browns, yellows, oranges. Very serene but also so exhilerating.
    Love the area.

  1473. Noelle Costain says:

    I agree with all of the above. God’s Majesty is shown in all of his Creation in all the seasons. Where I live in PEI, it would have to be on either side of Mill River and the Mill River Golf Course but then you can drive all across PEI and see beautiful scenery.

  1474. Louise says:

    Swett’s Pond is a very small pond in Orrington, but has such vivid colors in the fall and on a sunny day, the reflection of color in the water is an added bonus!

  1475. Barry Johnson says:

    My backyard and those of my neighbours provide a beautiful view of the fall colours and I do not have to leave my home.

  1476. One of my favorite places to see fall foliage is on the back roads of Arlington,VT, along the Batten Kill River. You have the foliage along the river with the mountains close by full of color. Another area I like is the Northeast Kingdom, VT, usually anywhere. Rt 15 is very scenic and when you get into the mountains around St. Johnsbury, and Danville, even in the rain, it’s gorgeous. I’ve been there.

  1477. M Green says:

    My favorite place to see the fall colors is around the Monadnock region of New Hampshire, especially Route 124 between Keene and Jaffrey. The colors around Perkins Pond are always stunning, and the backdrop of Mount Monadnock makes it a perfect place to appreciate the beauty of autumn.

  1478. carla mckay says:

    Center of Dexter go up main street hill I think it is the 3rd or 4th right that leads you to the top of the cemetery that has the most fabulous view of miles!

  1479. D. Moore says:

    Along the north shore of Nova Scotia is as beautiful as it gets, with an abundant of Rock Maple.Red Maple, Black Cherry and those majestic Oaks. Fantastic . . .

  1480. Flo says:

    My favorite place to see the colour is the Cabot trail. It is awesome !
    I feel if one has never seen the Trail in October, they have never really seen the Cabot Trail in it’s splendor. I always describe the mountains looking like multi colored carpet thrown over those mountains and the blue ocean below enhances the beauty. A fantastic view looking down the mountains to the valley below with it’s winding roads. No artist could truly capture the colours nature provides.

  1481. byron nutbrown says:

    i love the colors in chelsea i go there every year all the mountains and terrain with gorgous colors

  1482. Lynn says:

    My backyard!

  1483. beverly frost says:

    A great place to see good color is South Hero VT.

  1484. Deb Berntsen says:

    I live in the White Mountains of NH and continue to marvel at the beauty that unfolds itself every fall. The trips along winding back roads, filled with color, and the scent of fall makes for many lasting memories.

  1485. Kelly Winquist says:

    We enjoy the Kancamagus Highway in NH.

  1486. Earla Oakes says:

    A drive out of the city to any country has beauty to see with all the different colors of the trees. It is really something to see beautiful colors. The west end of PEI is wonderful to see.

  1487. Judy Curtis says:

    Coastal Rye from our boat is breathtakingingly beautiful. And driving home from Rye Harbor to Hampton, the crimsons and golds against an azure sky and ocean fills an artist’s pallette. One need not go north to see amazing foliage. It is HERE in living color!

  1488. Kathy Mijatovich says:

    I was raised in southern Ontario and in the fall we drove north to view the amazing display of Mother Nature’s talent…. gorgeous colors and wild apples for the picking!

  1489. L. Weilbrenner says:

    Route 220 between Unity and Liberty.

  1490. Brian Burt says:

    Baxter State Park is a beautiful place to see fall foliage!

  1491. Kathy Mijatovich says:

    I was raised in Ontario and in the fall we drove north from Scarborough to view the amazing display of Mother Nature’s talent…. gorgeous colors and wild apples for the picking!

  1492. Bob Quillia says:

    It is mostly on the forest floor now. Oaks and poplars still have their leaves here in central Vermont.

  1493. S Winters says:

    Our front porch, which looks across to the Ossipee Mountains and down to Tamworth Village. The cows from the Remick Farm graze across the street while the steeple from the church looms above them. Amazingly pastural. The colors of fall remind us of the bounty in our community, and we know how blessed we are to live in such a beautiful spot.

  1494. Robert Young says:

    Dixville Notch is by far the best PLACE! to see the fall colors. Although you can see as many Fall colors just about anywhere in the White mountains this little town has a lot of charm to add to the mix.

  1495. W. Latter says:

    Enjoy a ride along the #7 Hwy, thru Porters Lake and Chezzetcook and down the eastern shore along the ocean. See some fabulous colors and stop by one of the many little takeouts on a sunny Sunday with your family.

  1496. R PAngman says:

    PEI- Summer, winter or FALL. The best place for all seasons but in the fall as you drive around the North shore! Anne Shirley would “Surely” agree!

  1497. Lawrence & Mildred Rhoades says:

    I Love Vermont foliage. Driving down from Killington thru Bridgewater and Barnard and your bound

    to see sharp, bright yellow, orange and red colors. Even driving along I-89 is pretty. You can’t go

    wrong and you won’t regret the gas you had to put in your vehicle to see our lovely Fall leaves in all

    their vibrant attire.
    milly rhoades

  1498. T. Foss says:

    Bay Roberts area in Newfoundland

  1499. ian verryn-stuart says:

    Absolutely the best place in the world to view fall colours is Big Intervale in Margaree Valley, Cape Breton.

  1500. Nancy Burnell says:

    On St. Peter’s road heading into Charlottetown just look to your left as you go over the water…….absolutely breath taking….especially if the sun is shining

  1501. Harley Parker says:

    Pitsburgh is our favorite place to “leaf peep”!

  1502. Erin McCuin says:

    There is a beautiful dirt road in West Windsor, Vermont, called Shedsville Rd. It runs along a ridge and across the valley, the forest or hardwoods rises up so magnificently and the colors, especially early in the morning with the sun from the east illuminating the vibrant leaves, are spectacular.

  1503. gerald breen says:

    My favorite place to see all of the beautiful colours is along some of the back trails in Nova Scotia. I enjoy going out on my quad on a clear day and being in the middle of the woods surrounded by all the bright yellows, oranges, reds, and greens.

  1504. Richard Pare says:

    The SUGARLOAF AREA is absolutely the best anywhere!

  1505. Maury says:

    I love to see the fall colors on Mount Mansfield, VT and Camels Hump. Pretty much anywhere in Vermont has great foliage!

  1506. ALLEN BINETTE says:

    Best place Stark Nh along the river the covered bridge and church very picturesque

  1507. Barbara Mack says:

    Lake Massebesic

  1508. David Griffin says:

    Bradalbane, Prince Edward Island, just past Hunter River heading west.