Automatic Delivery for your Home Heating Oil or Propane

In this time of responsibility overload, automatic delivery gives you one less item on your “to do” list. Sign up once and your heating oil deliveries are handled for you.

So, just how does that work?

At Irving Energy, we use an advanced computer program that factors in:

  1. Reasons you use heating oil or propane
  2. The size of your tank and the size of your house
  3. Heating degree days, which is a fancy calculation to determine how much heat you require to be comfortable at your home or office and how fast you are using your oil.

Our program is constantly re-calculating delivery dates for our customers. If the weather gets colder and heating degree days increase, a delivery date will move up on the calendar. And with each customer’s delivery the program has new information to further improve its ability to predict. So it just keeps getting more accurate.

If any of the above factors change significantly it could throw off our program calculations. For example, you could change the area of your house by adding a room, or you might add insulation. In the first case, you’d require more oil and in the second, less. If you do make significant changes that would affect your usage, you should notify your heating oil company, so they can adjust your delivery date.

Automatic delivery is a real convenience for customers and in this day and age, couldn’t we all use more convenience?  I know I can.

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