Heating Oil and Propane Price Protection Consumer Opinions 2011-2012

Find out what other consumers are saying about price protection by viewing the comments below. We asked consumers just like you to tell us if they were locking-in their heating oil or propane price this year, and then tell us why or why not. We encourage you to read about what other consumers are doing before deciding whether or not to lock-in your heating oil or propane price this year.

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564 responses to “Heating Oil and Propane Price Protection Consumer Opinions 2011-2012”

  1. Tim says:

    We usually lock-in early and we have lost some and won some. Overall, we like paying up front when we can so we don’t have to worry if something happens to our income and we don’t have the money to pay on time. Service charges are expensive, take it from one who has been there.

  2. Susan Roma says:

    I lock in every year – been a loyal client for 16+ years!

  3. Gail Boucher says:

    I am locking in with the budget plan. Hard to believe the price will go down and with the payment plan I can stretch out the payments or pay it off sooner if I want to.

  4. Amanda Mills-Brown says:

    We usually lock in because the prices would have to drop significantly for us to really save money. It always feels like gambling to be on the variable plan.

  5. Brenda Ashley says:

    I always lock in because I like the budget plan it makes it easier for me

  6. MC says:

    I am not lock- in because of what happen a few years ago when the price went high and dropped. You were not given the chance to change to a lower price.

  7. cleregan says:

    save money every year. great deal!

  8. Jane Theuner says:

    Decided today on locked-in budget plan. Price is high, but lower than it was a month ago. Have no sense of what will happen next month.

  9. richard cournoyer says:

    i lock in every year – but this year i have no idea on what to do. the price is just too high, and this may lead me to going electric and wood. there is no reason why propane has to be this high.

  10. James Fleming says:

    With volatility in the Middle East and our current administration promising to drive up the cost of oil, you bet i’m locking in.

  11. Maralyn Ralph says:

    We use the lock in system because it saves money and Irving seems to strive to get the best possible price for their customers

  12. Ben Snyder says:

    I lock in b/c i want predictability in my bill paying. I forgot to do last year and got burned. What i don’t really know is whether the price i’ve locked in to is relatively high/low etc as I don’t have a good sense of the market.

  13. Christopher Dearborn says:

    I lock in every year, but have been scalded in the past. Thinking about doing the Downside Protection option this year. It’s nice to just get it out of the way and not have that extra bill to deal with all year.

  14. Laura says:

    As we have so many variable costs, it’s nice to have some fixed ones to budget better.

  15. Mark says:

    Not locking in. In looking at the history of oil pricing it’s due to drop and drop fast. The prices are artifically high. There is no reason for the pricing.

  16. Patience Tekulsky says:

    Yes, I seem to do this every year. Hope I am right!

  17. Jamie Troon says:

    I have locked in every year for the last 8 years and everytime it has saved me money.

  18. george says:

    prefer to know in advance what the winter fuel will cost

  19. Trevor says:

    I have locked in for many years. I’ll wait as long as I can this year due to the volatility of the market. With gas prices headed down I’m hoping the same will be true with heating oil.

  20. sue stenta says:

    can’t decide what is best to do. so expensive ๐Ÿ™

  21. Adrianna Mackenzie says:

    I have yet to sign up early enough to lock prices in but am hoping to this year!

  22. Debbie Austin says:

    Yes I intend to lock in this season

  23. Debbie Austin says:

    I intend to lockin once I have compared prices. Irving has been competitive with pricing in the last few years.

  24. Roland says:

    I know how you feel we did the same thing and the oil company would not release the contract. It seemed a bit like being robbed. We dropped that company as did many others.

  25. Roland says:

    We will be locking in however, before we do I want to research the current trend and world events that may influence pricing more so than current activity. Crude pricing dropped only because OPEC increased production and the US is expected to open reserves. Ultimately, heating oil will either drop or rise along with volume availability. The global economy isn’t exactly robus so there may continue to be on going conservation by consumers, that in itself will increase reserves of gas and possibly heat oil. If reserves increase or at least stabilize fuel oil providers maybe in a better position to offer reduce cost on pre-buy plans. The competion for consumer market share is getting competitive as well – utlimately this will influence cost and services. Older homes are getting insulated, installing more efficient heating systems, installing automated thermostats and using alternative energy sources to help reduce comsumption. All of this will affect oil reserves and cost in due time.

  26. cyl says:

    I have not locked in yet, but plan to as I have in recent years.
    Budget payments make it easier than paying for oil at delivery.

  27. Steven Ireland says:

    I am locking in this year so that I can budget what we will spend this year. As volitile as the markets have been I don’t want to gamble and loose big.

  28. Paula says:

    I do not lock in as i am not sure if i can with heating assistance…i dont get near enough to cover the year…about enough for jan feb and i am VERY THANKFUL FOR IT!!!! I am a recently divorced mom of 5 …and locking in is something i dont think i can afford to do…i have heard stories of people doing so and getting stuck financially beacuse of it! i also like ebing able to regualte my usage by weather i really cannot pay a set price every month…unles its low…COULD lockin in HELP??? IDK! I sure do know a full tank would help…never had one

  29. Shirley McNally says:

    We have just moved to a new home with electric heat and a propane fireplace. Need a season before making any decisions.

  30. Ann says:

    just never really thought I could save by locking in

  31. KT says:

    Def. lock in now, the feds are dumping oil reserves into the system artificially lowering the price, when the feds start buying up oil to replace the reserves the price will skyrocket just in time for heating season.

  32. Jim says:

    I will probably lock in but that may depend on the price of this plan.. it has seemed to be increasing every year..

  33. Dan says:

    I will eventually lock in, but am still comparing prices. Irving has been good to me the past few years.

  34. Barbara says:

    I luckily only use 1 tank a year so don’t but if I used more I would.

  35. Bill says:

    I’m not locking in because I prefer to pay as you go and manage my heating costs by adjusting temperature, etc. I prefer to manange my money myself and not pay a premium to someone else.

  36. Richard Snow says:

    At some point in time we are going to have to go to a more sustainable form of energy before we bankrupt our economy. I’m sure that Irving has the foresight and business sense to be a part of that future.

  37. Seb says:

    We are about 50/50 on lock ins, always a tough decision. Oil prices are unreasonably and unjustifyably high right now so there is a good chance government regulatory action will need to take place (in which will cause prices to drop considerably). I think we might just hold out on this one…

  38. Ann says:

    I have just locked in to the heating contract and the person I dealt with was very accomodating and beat other competitor’s prices. It is so much easier for me to budget heating oil and not take chances on daily prices.

  39. Wanda says:

    I have always had good results in any interactions with Irving. I am hoping as I search pricing I will stay with Irving. In the past they have been VERY accommodating.

  40. Jim says:

    I can’t afford the up-front cost of locking in, but think I’ll go with the budget option.

  41. Ginger says:

    We ususally lock in each year, and are always happy we did. I’m waiting to lock in this year – too many things happening in the markets.

  42. Laura Beth says:

    I am thinking about not locking in this year. When I have, the price went down and when I didn’t the price went up…..so all in all I have not won

  43. Brian E. Wright says:

    I figure the prices will be more expensive by winter, so I’lll lock in.

  44. Joyce L says:

    I have been purchasing oil and propane for 29 years and the 2 times I prepaid at the current price (in Autumn), the prices dropped over the Winter and I ended up losing money. I also hate to pay a premium for a price freeze. You lose money before you even begin (kind of like points on a home mortgage)!

  45. Bonnie says:

    I was really mad a few years ago when we pre-bought and the oil prices went way down. We had the most expensive heat in our neighborhood. Have been afraid to pre-buy ever since.

  46. Karen says:

    I really appreciate that there is a “line” dedicated to giving out the price of fuel on a daily basis and that the employees are so friendly and helpful when it comes to figuring out the right time to purchase the pre-buy. To have someone say “that’s what I am here for” is a big stress-reducer. Thanks!

  47. I have not locked in the past two yrs, however, as the price of fuel continues to remain high and variable, I plan to this year.

  48. Carole Titus says:

    We decided to lock in in order to control our budget. We also purchased the price protection. This way we can be sure we will never pay more than what we contracted for and – maybe if we are really lucky – we will be paying less. Peace of mind goes a long way in reducing stress levels with utility bills. I wish we could do the same with all of our utilities!!

  49. Joyce Stickney says:

    I have always locked in my price. Because the market is so variable, I like locking in to a price I know I can afford. Love the budget option!

  50. Dave Clark says:

    MaryAnn worked to get me the most competitive price and made it easy for me to become a new Irving home heating oil customer. I usually lock in, so price and the convenience of paying with a credit card (I get points) are important to us.

  51. Gayle says:

    I always lock in. It’s one less thing I have to worry about every month. I have been fortunate, it has always worked in my favor.

  52. Lisa Demers says:

    I am hoping for better prices.

  53. mary says:

    lock in every year….most of the time it works to my benefit…only once have i thought “darn”. locking in gives me peace of mind.

  54. sheila says:

    We prepay every year. That way we don’t have to worry about scheduling deliveries or the volatile market. We recognize that by prepaying that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose with the pricing, but more often than not, we win.

  55. April Allen says:

    We’re thinking about locking in with downside protection, but never have. I like to call around for the lowest price possible.

  56. Barbara Sibun says:

    I lock in to keep monthly bills consistent with no big surprises!

  57. Mark FitzGerald says:

    Locking in is a great way to secure a good price for home heating oil. There is nothing to lose with downside protection which lowers your locked in price if prices go down during the heating season..

  58. Amber says:

    We’ve locked in for many years now. It’s never let us down.

  59. Lynne says:

    I switched to Irving last year and am very happy that I did. Locking in with downside protection proved to be a smart decision. With the volatility in the oil market, it’s nice to know that I am protected- especially in this economy. Thanks, Irving.

  60. Bob Pelletier says:

    Very good info from Representative Jennifer on 27 June. She was well versed in LP, and provided all the information I needed and More!!!!! I have not made a final decision on Price Protection, I am seasonal so my usage is very low…..but again Jennifer gave me the info I needed to consider the options. TKS:)

  61. Lisa Marie Cunningham says:

    We have been with Irving for the past 4 years and so much happier. We locked in for the past 3 years and even felt like we won he lottery when we bought the downside protection. Small price to pay when your first oil fill up saved us over $300.00. With the affordable budget payments we could rest in our nice warm house with ease.

  62. art says:

    We usually lock in each year. With so many things demanding my attention, i prefer to not watch the oil markets and hope that i guessed correctly.

  63. Barbara says:

    The budget plan with downside protection sounds like a good option for me but I’m still checking prices.

  64. Brian says:

    The way oil prices have been dropping I’m taking my chances this year.

  65. John says:

    We are not locking in this year or at least not yet, I am still paying last years heating bill off at that time I would like to lock in, $500 a month to heat this place definatly puts a dent in my pocket

  66. Elizabeth Rayfield says:

    We’ve been a customer for many, many years, and we always either pre-buy or budget plan. I like the downside option, and one of these years, maybe we will go that way… but probably not this year… we will probably stick with the budget lock-in… thanks for asking. ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. Tammy Wolf says:

    I have locked in off and on over the years and decided it would be a good idea to do so again this year, as the prices of oil are unpredictable.

  68. Daniel Gagner says:

    Oil fluctuates so much I’ll take my chances. Besides, I heat with a monitor and use about a barrel each year so If I have it filled in the fall that’s it till summer.

  69. Eric Levy says:

    I like the idea of being able to lock in a max price but having the benefit of downside protection should prices fall through the season.

  70. Mary Tighe says:

    I like the budget plan with downside protection for this year. Seems to cover you either way.

  71. Becky F. says:

    Just did prebuy this morning – have done for 11 years – just like knowing the oil is there when we need it!

  72. jim says:

    Will lock-in. Gambled in the past. Sometimes won, sometimes lost. Probably, would’ve broke even with lock-in every year. Not worth the stress.

  73. Mildred S Ripley says:

    I am locking in my price to make it possible for me to keep up with the cost of oil. It gives me a great peace of mind to do this.

  74. marnie says:

    Market is still to uncertain.

  75. Jordan Bergeron says:

    As of now with the way prices are I don’t plan on locking in, but that could certainly change in the near future based on the trend of prices.

  76. John Weismantel says:

    Have locked in for last 6 years and it saved me a ton in 5 of those years. Cost me a little one year but as in life things work out with consistency.

  77. John says:

    Due to the uncertainty of oil prices at this time, I do not plan to lock in for the coming year. The commodity market is far too unstable and given the recent news of releasing oil reserves, I plan to wait it out.

  78. Frank DeVito says:

    Its a no brainer, lowest price available, equal payments…you can’t lose….only win and save!

  79. joe mccaffrey says:

    i dont plan on locking in on oil any time soon

  80. Kay says:

    Regret not siging up for the price protection last year, having the peace of mind knowing that my monthly payment will not change for the year is wonderfu.

  81. bpariseau says:

    Got hurt in years past by not locking in a price. Not this year.

  82. Michael Nuttall says:

    Home heating oil prices should be declining in the weeks/months ahead after today’s announcement the US and 27 other countries will be releasing 60 million barrels of oil from strategic reserves.

  83. Jill R. says:

    We always prebuy and lock in our price for the season. So far this has always been an advantage as gas prices tend to go up each and every winter.

  84. PHenderson says:

    Downside Protection Plan seems to be the best offer – who knows what prices will be like this summer and this fall? This way I will get the lowest price available. If prices go up even for awhile, this could easily save more than the fee to get the plan.

  85. Trudy says:

    We like the prebuy locked in price. That way we know where we stand and get a good price. We most likely will go that route again this year. We’re happy with the price we got from Irving and the service.

  86. Sunshine G says:

    Yes! Locked in and lovin’ it!

  87. Betty Larrabee says:

    Have not locked in yet for 2011 season, but am glad that I have in the past.

  88. beth rosenberger says:

    have not locked in yet.
    just wnated to say thanks to all the drivers who are always so pleasant and courteous!!

  89. Mark Ott says:

    I plan on locking in.

  90. mike macinnis says:

    I think I will lock in. It’s like any insurance, you pay but hope you don’t need to use it. I have life insurance but am not interested in having it…….. well, you know.

  91. J Sylvester says:

    I locked in the price just so I could budget myself for the coming season- I always do the budget plan but this year I didn’t pay the extra fee if the price of oil drops. Given my monthly plan increased so much because of the price of oil, I didn’t want to pay even more on top of that monthly fee. Felt like a lose/ lose option regardless.

  92. Sharon Wilson says:

    I think locking in is really the best option considering the uncertainty in the market.

  93. Jennifer K. says:

    I didn’t lock in for the last couple of years. I don’t want to pay for the downside protection, so given the high prices, going with the price of the day seemed like a better gamble. Haven’t decided for sure yet this year but probably will not lock in.

  94. Becky Potter says:

    We really havent decided yet. Unfortunately we don’t start thinking about oil until it starts to get colder ๐Ÿ™ . We will be watching to see if prices will come down and then make our move ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. Frank Parylak says:

    The market is fluctuating so much it’s hard to decide.

  96. Steve says:

    I’m not locking in – yet. Given all the uncertainty in commodities markets, the price could go down just as easily as up. I’ll keep an eye on the lock-in price and the fee for downside protection, but these prices will have to be pretty compelling to get me to commit.

  97. Karyn C. says:

    I plan on locking in this year. It’s our first year with Irving after the company we were with abruptly went out of business taking our credit balance with them. Price protection always worked well in the past and hoping for decent prices!

  98. I didn’t lock in last year and I lost money. But with the price of oil right now I’m not sure what I will do this year. I’ll wait a few weeks.

  99. Tricia Lawrence says:

    I will lock in but not sure yet with which company. I didn’t do it last year and really wished I had.

  100. S bonsat says:

    I’ve been pre-buying or locking in for the last several years and only once did it not work out. I like to know what to expect when it comes to heating $$$$.

  101. Tammy G. says:

    We’ve locked in every year for several years and have done okay. We have a reliable delivery for our propane, I snowblow paths around my house for my small dogs, so I also make sure my tank is ALWAYS accessible for delivery. We’ve only once ever had an emergency delivery, and that was when we first moved here and didn’t have Irving originally or a price protection plan. We’ve been happy since changing to Irving.

  102. Monica says:

    We moved into our house last summer and are still trying to figure out our annual heating costs, so we are not sure what plan is our best option: Fixed or Downside.

  103. I haven’t looked into the program close enough.It sounds pretty good though. Money is always scarce,even in the summer.By the time we chatch up from last winter ,it seems like it’s already getting cold again.

  104. Peter says:

    Most likely will lock in with some company. But will wait a little while longer before I do.

  105. Monte says:

    I’ll be locking in this year but I’m waiting for a month or so. Might do the downward plan.

  106. Dave Daigle says:

    We have not decided yet and we are still investigating our options.

  107. Melissa Frary says:

    We chose to not lock in because our main heat source is wood and to have an additional monthly payment doesn’t make sense for us.

  108. Charles says:

    The budget payment plan with downside price protection seemed to be the best option for me right now with the current/future economic uncertainty.

  109. Barb says:

    We are not sure if we are locking in at this point. It’s hard to make that decision. We have done both in the past and have gotten bad deals making both decisions…

  110. Richard Stoneman says:

    Like everyone else, I don’t like the cost of oil. However, I do need it — and need it from a reliable source. Having said that, I also don’t want the uncertainty of not knowing whether or not the oil will go way up this winter. True, it could go down, but all things considered I’m not going to gamble on it. So, I’ve locked in for this coming year and am not having any second thoughts about it. Having made the decision, I’m going to try to get it out of my until next season.

  111. Kathleen Coleman says:

    We haven’t decided for sure if we will lock in or not. I will be doing more research about it; and talking to other people.

  112. arthur saltzman says:

    For me, the budget payment plan with downside price protection seemed to be the best option. I will see in May if I made the right choice.

  113. RAY STOKES says:


  114. Pat Doherty says:

    Will be locking in…..somewhere…..Presently, monitoring the quoted pricing for oil and propane.

  115. Corey says:

    First yesr but it sounds like a good idea with the rise of gas and oil prices. We’ll see how it works out.

  116. Linda Wiggins says:

    I chose the budget plan last year and was very thankful I had a set payment each month. Most likely will do it again this year.

  117. Gail says:

    I will be locking in with the Budget Plan which I have done for 3 years in a row now. It has worked out well for us. My only complaint is that each year we are paying more and more for a gallon of propane than the year before. We’ll wait a little longer and see if the price goes down before we lock-in. When will this all end??? When will things get back to normal?? It brings me to tears just thinking about it.

  118. Esther Hoadley says:

    Locking in fuel pricing is like playing bingo. You pay your money, cross your fingers and hope to win. It’s all a crap shoot. You guessed it. I’m an elderly widow in a 100 yr old drafty mausoleum who wears long unders and three sweaters with the thermostat set at 64. After saving $ all year, I lock in and forget it.

  119. Doug N says:

    I am locking in for the coming year, although with prices for oil higher than gas at the pump it is hard to see them rising even higher. Nonetheless, the current price may be realistic from a global perspective.

  120. Burton Bush says:

    I have no idea what is going to happen this year, but locking in the price with downside protection seems to be the best I can do

  121. HM Gennaro says:

    I like the security of “locking in”, and will likely go the route of price drop protection. I can’t see the price dropping much, but want to be on board just in case.

  122. Nicole Boar says:

    We have always “locked in” for our heating oil delivery every season since we have lived here. I have saved much money by doing it this way since it seems prices dip in the summer and then rise over winter. My only regret is I didn’t buy 100 more gallons last year than I did, so I ran out and had to pay much more at current prices to make it through the last of the winter season. I find Irving Oil does all it can to accomodate its customers and they always deliver oil on the day they say they will.
    Thanks Irving Oil!

  123. RAR says:

    We always pre-buy our fuel. Not once in 18 years has the price dropped in the winter.

  124. Lynn Shade-Evans says:

    I’m hoping by locking in, it will save my family cost on heating fuel throughout the colder months.

  125. Jan says:

    We’ve locked in for quite a few years and have always made out better by doing so.

  126. Marty Hebert says:

    For our family, it is the best way to budget out right now.

  127. Nancy Cutler says:

    We still may lock in – but do hope the lock-in price is reflected in the decreased cost of crude.

  128. Michele Boucher says:

    I locked in last year and it saved us quite a bit of money. We plan to lock in again this year if the price is right.

  129. Jeanette5241 says:

    Hoping the price comes down a bit this year. Thanks for the chance to win some free fuel.

  130. Doug Beckwith says:

    Indications are opec is going to increase output keeping prices stable or even lowering them. We do heat with wood also

  131. Ronald Chaisson says:

    Ihaven’t locked in in many, many years…….haven’t really felt the impact of fluctuation

  132. stephen flick says:

    I am locking in my fuel price this winter.

  133. Lilly says:

    Did my research and decided locking in might be the wise thing to do. We’ll see this winter!

  134. Jennifer Lam says:

    Who knows where oil prices will be next season and on the days that I take deliveries?!

  135. shannon capron says:

    I didn’t lock in because I can’t afford to pay that amount it would take to get me through the year. But if I could afford it I would lock in.

  136. Ann Fereshetian says:

    I would love to lock in my rate for 2011, especially after the crazy gas prices we have just gone through, could be a rough winter if things get out of control again next winter. I have never been on the plan, but am looking forward to finding out more about it. I only hope no more companies go under during the season that we need them the most, I felt bad for the people that were left without their oil/propane last winter when the companies never delivered what they had paid for. I too rely on conserving my gas, I even had a programmable thermostat installed and it did make a difference last winter. Hope to be a winner of a free tank of gas or at least on a locked plan. Better safe than sorry.

  137. janice mccoy says:

    I like to pay as I need fuel. I am much more conserative that way

  138. emily moody says:

    no i did not if its high it will cost u ur lock in price when it goes down when i need it i will take my chance or go cold

  139. Laura LaMontagne says:

    I plan to lock in, but want to see what the lock in price is. better safe than sorry!

  140. Bob Slusky says:

    I have locked in my propane price every year and have only had the price go lower once. I think it’s a great program with some excellent options to protect you if the price does go down. I will be watching the prices this summer very closely as there has been a huge increase in the price of propane.

  141. Pat says:

    I am going to lock in but waiting to see if the price goes down. Usually lock in and has been to our advantage. Price last year went up and we did save some money by locking in in July.

  142. Bernice Johnson says:

    Everyone hopes prices go down each year but it aint necessarily so!

  143. Kat says:

    Prefer to take a chance that prices will come down.

  144. Michael Demers says:

    I’ve “locked in” and added the downside protection option. With the market as volatile as it is, I’m not going to let world events dictate what I’m going to spend on fuel this coming year. I’ve always had a positive experience with Irving. I’m a former Eastern Propane and Dead River customer…I’ll stick with Irving.

  145. dei says:

    Do not have auto delivery, pay as we go!

  146. Sue Cox says:

    I did not lock in. I do not like the automatic deliveries. Price is too up and down. I will watch pricing and call in when I need fuel and have the money to pay for it. This is also our back up heat source.

  147. J. Mitchell says:

    Didn’t lock in the price last year but will doing it this year. Budget payments are nice.

  148. elaine nicholas says:

    Decided not to lock in as i have to hope for something good to come…and I am hoping for low prices for the next winter!!

  149. K Nunn says:

    relieves financial stress of seeing the fuel truck in the driveway ๐Ÿ™‚

  150. Lori Moeykens says:

    I plan to lock in but my final decision won’t be made until I see the lock in pricing.

  151. Carroll McMillan says:

    I had a bad experience the last time that I locked in so I am unsure if I want to do it again. I am open to discuss this option.

  152. B Dogan says:

    I don’t like locking in, because of the automatic deliveries. I want to have the money to pay for it before I place an order.

  153. Lucie Garand says:

    Because the market is so up and down right now I think I will roll the dice on this one.

  154. Carmen says:

    At least at this time I’m not locking in on a price. I may change my mind. I have in the past.

  155. Julie Carpia says:

    In years past I have locked in and I have also not locked in. There are ups & downs to both decisions. I just watch the pricing and try to make the best decision based on the information at that time. Good luck to all in making the right choice for them!

  156. cynthia says:

    I have never locked in because then it is automatic delivery and some times I dont have the money right away to get my heating oil so I have to heat my house with my woodstove

  157. ALLEN BINETTE says:


  158. Janet Swan says:

    last year I chose not to lock in and was glad I didn’t as the prices went down. hoping foar a repeat performance this year.

  159. Ron says:

    I’m willing to take a chance

  160. J DUQUETTE says:

    I do not lock in. I like the control of ordering my deliveries and paying cash up front. That way I know its paid for and I dont have that feeling of owing anyone. I have tried the lock in before and It didnt work for my family. We ended up using more propane, and even at a fixed price, in the end we ended up paying for more, because it tends to make you use more. Also it provides a good education for my children. This helps me to be more energy effiecient and teach them to be also. I stress that “this delivery needs to last until xx-xx-xxxx, so lets see what we can do to conserve”. I teach them that being a little chilly isnt going to harm them, and throwing on an extra blanket or sweatshirt isn’t that bad either. With todays heating prices, who can afford to stay toasty warm, a little chill isn’t bad, we can live with that. I also will be getting my tank full this summer, as prices are a little lower in the summer months, compared to winter prices. I work for a gas/electric utility and I know the difference between keeping your thermostat at 70, compared to keeping it at 65. Having the lock in, puts the company in control, even though you think you are at a fixed price, they control everything. I work hard for my money, and being a little conservative goes a long way, thus, is why I dont do the lock in. Having the budget or lock in, just made me use more at the end. Thank You

  161. Simone says:

    I have not had a very good history with ‘attempting’ to lock in with another source.
    We have taken the ‘risk’ of waitng and it has fortunately been in our favor…one can only hope that it will come down and stay down for a long time.

  162. Charles Edmunds says:

    I’m burning wood pellets. I’m using oil as a backup.

  163. Alan B says:

    We have never locked in before and have come out alright. However, we are considering it this year.

  164. R Richards says:

    We have been with Irving for many years and have always used the payment protection plan. Using one of the plans cost efficient and easy.

  165. Stephanie says:

    I am not locking in because I think the price will go down and I can not afford to pay anymore then I have too.

  166. Ryan Braze says:

    I think the fuel prices will continue to drop. Not locking in this year, myself.

  167. brent jones says:

    dont use enough

  168. Matthew T says:

    I haven’t in the past few years but this year I think its a smart idea.

  169. David says:

    We will be locking in to insure that our budgeted amount will cover the cost of the fuel. Any amount saved by a lower rate will be applied to next years heating cost.

  170. I always do it and it is just the smart thing to do. I have a feeling the price will go down this year and that is a good thought . Thanks to Irving for all thje prompt deliveries in rain or snow. Bernadette McLaughlin

  171. Nikki Dunn says:

    I voted No to lock in for a few reasons. My house that uses your oil is my second home (primarily used on weekends). I assume I use less oil than a regular household which may be a reason to lock in or a reason to not lock in….not sure. I do have oil at my primary residence and I have never locked in before so maybe I’m scared of the unknown! Also, I would need more info on locking in such as what is the discount price. I did get a new customer discount which I loved (Thanks Irving!!). I would definetly consider locking in after I talk to someone at Irving and see what’s best for my situation.

  172. Karen W says:

    I can’t even afford what I already owe from this winter. I would love to lock in but don’t have the funds to do so, especially for 500 gallons.

  173. Jaska Hill says:

    Not locking in, usually works out to our favor…Hopefully the pattern will continue. ๐Ÿ™‚

  174. TIMOTHY LABELLE says:

    We usually lock in

  175. Laurie says:

    Hoping oil prices come down like gas prices

  176. John H. says:

    I’m going to let the market set the price and hope!!

  177. stacey says:

    I am locking in, I don’t want prices to go any higher.

  178. Jim Scanlan says:

    I will shop around again this year to find the lowest price without a lock in.


  179. chris s says:

    Locking seems resonable but I try to fill up my tank during the summer and purchase 100 gallons at a time during the winter which is the most expensive time to buy fuel. By spring the tank is pretty dry ad the process begins all over. Seems to work ok for me. If locking in means buying at the lowest possible cost during the entire year, then count me in.

  180. Karen Koch says:

    I have spoken with Brad at Irving Oil quite frequently regarding my move to a home with Propane as well as their price protection plans. He has been a pleasure to work with!

  181. Melodie Lewis says:

    I would love to try the lock in but can’t afford a lot of money up front and I don’t like paying all year round. It’s easier for me to just pay as I go.

  182. Se Kim says:

    I will try to choose a locking-in program in this year to see how much I pay more or less than before.

  183. By budgeting, we know how much we need each month to cover fuel costs.
    Would you rather pay a few dollars per month, or get hit with a huge bill all at once?
    It’s really a no-brainer.

  184. rgehring says:

    Prices can’t get higher and will eventually fall.

  185. Chris says:

    I don’t use price protection, I always follow the market closely and the amount in my tank. When the price is low enough for my threshold I buy and fill my tank. I have used Irving mainly because they are a Canadian company and they aren’t buying from the middle east primarily! I
    Don’t Like supporting the exploitative Nations That sell crude oil.. Keep it as local as possible..

  186. JOHN STEWART says:


  187. G. Billings says:

    Locking in helps to budget. Not many budgets can withstand the near doubling costs of gas, fuel oil and food that we’ve experienced in the last year.

  188. Brent Turner says:

    I’ve never been disappointed with locked in prices when compared to what some of my friends end up paying in the middle of winter!

  189. Angela Wilkins says:

    I have decided not to enroll, because I don’t want automatic delivery. I only use oil for heating water during the warm months, and for heat and hot water in the cold months. I don’t feel the need for automatic delivery when I am using less oil in the warm months. I like being in control of when I get my oil delivery.

  190. Susan says:

    I like the idea of price protection

  191. NM says:

    I am hoping to qualify to lock in this year so I can take advantage of the plan. Irving has been a WONDERFUL company to work with!

  192. judy says:

    This year is such a gamble…prices coming down…but could they go up…best is to lock in and have a secure budget

  193. Young says:

    I hope I can do this and I hope it will save us some money!

  194. Sammie says:

    It is a very tough decision…Will check out prices and decide if we will lock in.

  195. Angela says:

    I have not utilized the price protection plans before. We have done ok without them BUT there is one plan that Irving has that I will find out more about before making my final desicion. It’s the one where you lock in the price but if it gets lower you still get the lowest price.

  196. Kelly Lalonde says:

    I have locked in a number of times before (with Irving and with other dealers). Sometimes I save money and sometimes I end up spending a lot more than if I did not lock in. The lock in does gives me piece of mind, but I haven’t decided if I will lock in or not this year. I am glad that Irving offers the option. I switched from another dealer that did not allow me to lock in my price and have been very happy with Irving over the past 2 years.

  197. Bruce B says:

    Unfortunately, I am unemployed, (for 18 months) and not even sure I will be here to be able to take advantage of this.

  198. Eric R says:

    After being burned by fixed price a few years ago when prices plummeted, it’s better to just use less. Large price changes don’t seem likely right now.

  199. Tammie says:

    I’d like to lock in our propane cost, but due to my being unemployed, we do not have the cash to do so… Its a good idea if you have the $$ though.

  200. Judy G says:

    We’ve used price protection for the past two years with another company & are going to see what Irving’s plan is like. Price protection with downside protection option has worked for us & we have made out both years, if we locked in we would have locked in at higher rates & if it dropped we not have received the lower rate with a locked in price. So, Price Protection works for us!

  201. Harry P says:

    I never have and I have managed to come out ahead every year – sometimes locking in would have been cheaper – but it has averaged out in my favor over the years

  202. Marty Jacobs says:

    In the long run, it makes the most sense to lock in.

  203. John C. Rouman says:

    Irving Oil is the best!

  204. Justin says:

    Hoping prices come down.

  205. Boolie Sluka says:

    We may do that. It depends on pricing and our budget.

  206. Fleda Young says:

    Prices are so unpredictable that I thought it best to lock in.

  207. Joanna Carr says:

    We have always locked in a price for propane fuel.
    It’s always a gamble, but we usually come out ahead.
    We also pre-pay which makes life a bit simpler.

  208. Marie Nadeau says:

    I use less than 2 tanks per winter, and hope prices will go down sometime.

  209. Rene Bouchard says:

    Yes I did,It just felt right thing to do

  210. KAREN SERUNIAN says:

    Had a gut feeling that locking in was the right thing to do.

  211. R Wilton says:

    I lock my fuel costs each year in hopes of saving money.

  212. Heather makechnie says:

    Why would I not?

  213. Tom S. says:

    Pretty soon . . . all prices (even oil) will drop dramatically. Just watch! TRS 6-13-2011. Take that to the bank!

  214. Vera Magruder says:

    I have been utilizing the pre-buy plans offered for our fuel purchases for many years. Over all these years the pre-buy prices I’ve locked in have been lower than the same winter purchase prices, with the exception of just 1 year. Given the current state of the world economy, I will sleep better each cold winter night knowing that my fuel is already paid for, locked in at a price I agreed to, providing me the best kind of comfort through our long and cold fall, winter, early spring seasons.!

  215. John Herper says:

    We are taking a long awaited vacation and do not thae the funds to be able to afford to prepay for the oil.

  216. Lisa Laflamme says:

    My husband and I will be locking in. We have done it for years with the price protection and have been very pleased.

  217. Walter K says:

    Although oil may drop in price, I prefer knowing what my costs will be.

  218. Raymond Shearer says:

    I can’t lock-in it’s not available in my area. I have before and would love to do so again, it makes for a surprise free winter !!!

  219. Cindy Johnson says:

    We did not lock in as we are optimistic and know the price of oil will go down. Yes IT will!

  220. Brenda says:

    I sometimes wish I could come up with the funds up front to lock in, even though it is a gamble.
    However, we try to keep our fuel use down and order as our budget allows.

  221. Leonardo Clavijo says:

    It has worked really well for us. Great way to save money.

  222. Jeremy says:

    I reduced fuel consumption from 1200 gal. LPG, converted to solar and wood. Using LP gas only for cooking and 125 gal is good for two years+.

  223. Frances Rhynhart says:

    I have always locked in my fuel pricing over the past years and only once did the price go down during the season.

  224. oliver wittasek says:

    Thank you for giving us a choice and for proviving helpful information. We appreciate your customer service.

  225. William Brown says:

    I have very recently purchased fuel from Irving for the 2011-2012 season. I have participated in the prebuy program with Irving in the past, with “downside protection”, and have been generally pleased with the results. I believe that there is the potential for large increases in the price of fuel oil before or during the winter season. I would be interested in seeing an offer from Irving in a future season for a low sulphur and biofuel blend. We need to emit less sulphur and less carbon into the atmosphere. I know this would probably cost more, but I think the problem is very urgent. Maybe Irving could sponsor some testing and demonstration programs for blended heating fuel in the near future.

  226. Jane says:

    I am going to wait for the prices to drop before locking in.

  227. Jennifer Brining says:

    Hoping for prices to lower

  228. Jim A. says:

    My wife and I will be locking in our rate for this year. Thanks.

  229. Peter Hosker says:

    not sure how world politics will impact oil prices over next few months

  230. jetro says:

    Will lock in just not sure with who

  231. Jeff says:

    May lock in, but hoping prices drop before then.

  232. Paul W says:

    I have had good luck locking in with Irving Oil and hope to continue the streak! I think prices are headed a little lower so I will wait it out until the last minute then lock in.

  233. Chris C. says:

    I love this price protection option. I am locked in already and am actually paying just a few dollars more than I did last season. I also took the downside protection plan, it’s worth it. My husband and I have used the price protection plan for years. Its nice knowing what you are paying each month, especially if you are on a budget. So thanks Irving for offering this option. Love your service.

  234. Sarah T. McArdle says:

    I’m interested in your protection plan as well, in case the price continues to drop. STM

  235. Matt P says:

    We ALWAYS look for the biggest bang for our buck! Even if we have to shell out a lot in one dose, it seems so much better when you calculate how much you save overall. We have NEVER been disappointed with a lock-in plan.

  236. Valerie says:

    Currently on disability can’t pre-buy this year..Hoping for the best and plan to subsidize our fuel with wood

  237. Art S. says:

    Will sign-up. Waiting for price to come down.

  238. We will see a distinct drop in oil prices this winter. Smart traders will be short the oil market.

  239. Sandra White says:

    We will lock in this year. Who know with this economy which way the price and demand will go.

  240. Michael Krinsky says:

    Have always found prebuy to be most economical and convenient.

  241. Alice says:

    I always lock in and only lost once in 25 years

  242. Kimberly says:

    I’m hoping the prices will come down some more. And for other circumstances I was not able to lock in either. (car keeps breaking down) .

  243. Leigh Roche says:

    It will depend on the price through the summer. I’m already looking at prices to see what they are trending. If the price later this summer is as high as it is now, I will probably not lock in.

  244. Amy Petelo says:

    Hoping to save some $ by a potential lock in!

  245. Drew says:

    Definitely locking in again this year.

  246. JPD says:

    I always lock the price. It is better for budgeting and I know what I will pay for the whole winter. There is no surprise. Oil price goes up and down, but more up than down nowadays. With price protection and maintenance programs, it is the best way to go and have no winter surprise.

  247. Pete T says:

    i will likely lock in, but not at the current time or price level.

  248. Mike Rafferty says:

    I have already locked in – budget plan is the best!

  249. Ron R says:

    Definately will lock in but hoping to do at the right time

  250. kae Cunninghan says:

    We will definately lock in again this year. I like to know what to expect for my monthly budget and with no end to all the world economic turmoil in sight, it just seems like the right thing to do.

  251. Wayne G. says:

    Find it to be the best cost/heat for the winter. Hoping to get the lowest possible price.

  252. Gail says:

    Love the security of no heating bill all winter!

  253. Peter Krupkowski says:

    Too soon to tell.

  254. Darryl says:

    summer prices are usually better than winter prices. Energy is not getting cheaper.

  255. Jeff says:

    knowing my cost ahead of time.

  256. Geno says:

    Seems like the smart thing to do along with downside protection.

  257. Scott says:

    I will lock in but I would like to see the prices drop further.

  258. Cornelia B says:

    I’ve been locking in for years. While some years oil prices have dropped below lock-in level, I would say that over time locking in has saved much more money than time when prices have dropped.

  259. Paul S. says:

    Have always locked in, put hoping prices go a bit lower before locking in this year.

  260. David says:

    Will lock in – but still want the free tank.

  261. Adrienne Bianchi says:

    got to have heat……….see what happens with the price

  262. Carroll Bond says:

    Have you ever seen oil prices go down in the past 30 years? I hasn’t happened and I’ve always saved money over the heating season by locking in prices. As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it!”

  263. Liza says:

    just going to wait a bit longer.

  264. Anne Pappas says:

    A bit of insurance against the rising costs of fuel – I worry less when we elect this.

  265. Rob says:

    It is crazy to not lock in!

  266. Mark H. says:

    I waiting and watching right now, but will likely lock in later on. Arab world is unstable right now and so is oil price.

  267. Corinne says:

    Waiting for the prices to come down a bit

  268. Bill R says:

    Oil prices are drifting downward. Will wait for a better price. Also I got burned the last time I locked in when oil prices were high and will not let that happen again.

  269. Diane P says:

    I will lock in soon

  270. Charles D. says:

    Will lock in as usual

  271. Kim S says:

    I’m waiting. I’ve locked for years, because I like the predictability, but my instincts say not this year.

  272. kathleen robbins says:

    will lock in eventually, just not yet. need to figure out what the new furnace might do for our consumption.

  273. TK says:

    You never know what is going to happen. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

  274. Robyn says:

    Have had better overall season cost control by not locking in over the past 2 years, however the lock in solution was great when we used it for budgeting purposes.

  275. Priscilla Brobst says:

    We have locked in and prepaid for a number of years now and. We “lost” money one year, but ,otherwise, have saved money. Plus, it is a comfort to have it all taken care of. We have been very happy with the service that has been provided by Irving.

  276. Terry G. says:

    As a single parent, locking in and having a set budget is the only way to be able to afford the added expenses of plowing and roof snow removal throughout the winter season. Irving’s customer service is exemplary, making every effort to assist its customers!! Thank you!

  277. facebook.com says:

    I have faith and believe that this year the prices will go down this fall.

  278. margot L. says:

    I think prices are going up, and I’m going to lock in for the first time.

  279. Dulce Ricciardelli says:

    We have used the price protection and pre-buy with Irving for 5 years. Last year we moved and missed the pre-buy date for our new rental, we paid lots more than past years, and it was frustrating to pay for every delivery – I actually prefer paying the larger amount up front and forgetting about it.

  280. Paula says:

    I am planning on it at this point, but need to save a bit before I actually can afford to prepay.

  281. HELENA says:

    Melissa and Debbie were very helpful in giving us the information in order for us to make our decision for our 2011-2012 heating contract.

  282. Lori Enos says:

    Prefer to lock-in for solid budgeting, but the prices have been so high the last couple of years that I have been unable to do so. Am waiting a little longer to see what the prices do.

  283. Robert M says:

    1600 gallons of home fuel, your crazy not to!

  284. Tiffany says:

    We have locked in our price every year for the past 15 years, and have only been on the “losing end” of the deal once! Definitely worth it!

  285. wating to see what happens this summer and hoping for the best

  286. whit says:

    Prices appear reasonably low at the moment!

  287. E says:

    Will lock as usual.

  288. William Abbott says:

    I will pay the cash price and “budget” the money myself throughout the year.

  289. Gary R says:

    As expensive as the budget price is. I’m fairly sure the price of oil and propane will only go up over the next 12 months. Again, the price is high, but I can adjust my own budget to compensate, with no suprizes later in the year.

  290. KAREN A. says:


  291. Ron Cote says:

    I have decided not to lock in at this time. I understand I have until August 30 to do so. I think the prices will come down, at such time I may decide to lock in. Price protection may be considered, also, at that time.

  292. Chris says:

    I may lock in, but am waiting to see if prices go down before I decide

  293. Julie Oliva says:

    In this time of uncertainty, it seems like a good idea to lock in this year.

  294. Karen says:

    I will definitely lock in. Less worry about shifting costs through the winter.

  295. Allan Morris says:

    Have never locked in in case prices decrease over a year; however given the price of oil I will look to lock in once the price comes down again so not to pay a ridiculous amount through the winter months.

  296. Patty L says:

    Not sure about locking in just yet, but probably will. Have done so in the past and have been glad that I did.

  297. We will probably do price protection, it has worked in the past.

  298. yes we will probably do price protection, we have in the past, & it seems to work.

  299. Peter M. says:

    I lock in every year, I think I only lost money one year.

  300. kathy says:

    we may lock in, but not yet – we don’t use that much anyway. 100 gallons per year or so.

  301. Chris B says:

    We don’t lock in because we don’t use that much…we also heat with wood

  302. Meredith Lee says:

    We are going to lock in but hoping that the fuel comes down some more. Irving has been great and gives great customer service on every call.

  303. Tony V says:

    Have not decided – with the high cost of gasoline it may be the right thing to do.

  304. Having the options for price protection available is a great service for Irving’s customers. Thanks Irving.

  305. Linda says:

    We use to prepay but have tried to lower our heating bill by using wood too. We would definitely go back to prepay if we did not use some wood. This year, we used more oil and that was a preference for us instead of wood. We are sure in the future, we will be heating just with oil as we are getting older and wood is very time consuming. And, as others have commented, the peace of mind is tremendous!

  306. marielyford says:

    i am always afraid to lock in

  307. Monica says:

    We have locked in our fuel costs for the past several years and have never regretted doing so. Not only have we saved money and helped nail down our monthly expenses, we’ve eliminated one more thing to worry about!

  308. gary norcross says:

    we have been locking in on the protection plan for a few years now and have been very satisfied as we have also taken out the insurance plan so if the price goes down we get it for that price.It realy helps us to plan with our budget.we have been very happy with your service for years and look forward to many more.Thank you.

  309. Deb D says:

    We have locked in for a number of years now with Irving. It is the most economical way to go.

  310. Tom Kajah says:

    I am holding out to see if the prices will drop a bit more, keeping fingers crossed.

  311. Louis C. says:

    We MAY lock in, but not yet.

  312. Richard Larochelle says:

    I did not lock in last year, and I should have. it’s always a gamble with a commodity, and this year I will not lock in as I feel oil prices have probably peaked, and i’ll take that risk this year. Thnaks for offering this price protection, and giving us a “choice”.

  313. K. Reid says:

    We always lock in. It’s much easier than worrying about the price going up and then having to come up with extra cash to pay for heat. Plus it’s always been cheaper to do the pre-buy in the long run.

  314. Berch Willard says:

    We generally pre-buy it helps with the budgeting and for the most part it seems we end up paying less for heat overall.

  315. Mary Pelletier says:

    I AM SOOOO LOCKED IN!! I have locked in the price for at least 13 years now. I know exactly what my bill will be each month regardless if it goes up or down. The budget plan works great for me as I am only able to work part time and have a VERY limited budget as I know alot of other folks do as well.

    Also, can I just say; ” Automatic Delivery ” (Luv It)!! I have never been without heating fuel as long as I have been a customer with Irving. They have always been willing to help with my questions & concerns. Keep on Fueling Irving!!

    Mary Pelletier

  316. Dave V says:

    We’ve been thinking about locking in or pre-buying this year due to the uncertainty of prices. It seems to make sense with budgeting plans and knowing in advance what you are actually paying.

  317. Jennifer Cetin says:

    We have never locked in, but want to better plan this year. Hoping Irving will come through with fair pricing this year!

  318. FN says:

    I am locking in because I’ve experienced unhappy spikes in prices at times when I haven’t planned ahead.

  319. Tom Winter says:

    We always lock in the price and pre-pay. One payment and our heating, cooking and hotwater is taken care of for the year.

  320. Tom Winter says:

    We always lock in the price and pre-pay. I just don’t want the the worry or hassel. One payment and we have heat, hotwater and cooking for paid the year.

  321. Robert Trowsdale says:

    As summer passes into fall, with signs of winter sure to follow
    The oil prices start to climb, it becomes a bitter pill to swallow
    But our house is snug, our tank is full, for us the season holds no fear,
    Our friends at Irving will keep us warm, with no price rise ’til spring is here

  322. Kathleen Hayes says:

    I like to lock in pricing for the season for the consistency of payment
    and not have to stress out every time I see how high pricing can get.
    I too think the price guarantee is a little steep but it seems to be a sign of the times……its all about the fuel no matter what you do!

  323. Katherine says:

    We don’t always use the price protection plan. We have an alternative heat source now and we don’t meet the minimum purchase point.

  324. Norma Heroux says:

    Living on a fixed income it is great to be able to plan the winter.

  325. Peter Jeans says:

    I have always locked in the price for our fuel. Today’s fuel market is too unpredictable to take the chance of ending up with higher fuel costs.

  326. Robin JB says:

    I always lock in and budget for the heating season. I have always been happy with the arrangement.

  327. Dean says:

    I lock in to have a fixed payment amount to budget.

  328. Rhonda Stitt says:

    We always lock in, as it helps to have the same payment spread out over the year.

  329. I used to lock in but the price of oil is too…”volatile”(pun intended!)now adays, so I take my chances and have frequent small deliveries…risky but locking in can be risky too! I pay a set amount every pay period 26x’s per year to get a cushion built up for the winter months. Would I ever LOVE to win some free oil! That would be the ultimate ‘peace of mind’!

  330. Char Jewell says:

    Much prefer having a consistent bill every month rather than coming up with $100s at one time.

  331. Peter says:

    I think the price of oil will go down in the comming months — Will gamble they do.

  332. john morris says:

    We had 2 house to heat last and unfortunately we couldn’t do a price protection plan because one was for sale and the other we were building. This year we will have a protection plan

  333. john says:

    Last year because we were building a new house and still had the old one we were not protected from the rising winter prices.

  334. Huntley says:

    Unable to pre-buy (perfered choice in years past) due to bad economy and loss of job.

    Irving service has always been tops.

  335. Pia Zaslowe says:

    Pre-buy gives me peace of mind.

  336. Darrel says:

    Locking in is the only way to go!!!!

  337. Pat Lefebvre says:

    I lock in as early as i can. Cant afford to prebuy or risk it going sky high in price. Thank irving for fixed price budget plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  338. Bobbo says:

    Having prices locked in make me wish for a long, cold winter!

  339. john says:

    I like to lock in a price. It is sometime difficult to know when the best time to do it.
    This year is more difficult then most.

  340. dunns says:

    We usually lock in as it helps us figure our monthly budget. A set price is always so much easier to work with than a variable one (like cell phone text plans!!!!)

  341. John says:

    We have locked in for years by budgeting for the pre-buy during the year.

  342. KM says:

    Lock in is great — the extra charge for if the price drops, is a bit steep — overall very satisfied.

  343. Luciann says:

    We always lock. It is just a peace of mind. One less thing to think about when winter comes.

  344. William Nisen says:

    People don’t mind change, but the abhor uncertainty. That’s why I opt to lock-in my propane costs early.

  345. Barbara Fellbaum says:

    We have locked in on a price for the past few years. We like the consistency of a monthly payment and knowing that we received a good price for the heating season.

  346. James Rice says:

    we always lock in. It helps us buget our monthly bills, and it is alot eaiser to pay over the year than having a whopper of a bill when we get a fill up.

  347. cyndi says:

    we always lock in and then don’t worry..piece of mind is well worth it..

  348. Terri White says:

    We always pre-buy and have done so for 15 years! Peace of mind to take care of this in July and not have to worry about it until the next July.

  349. sandy sumner says:

    I have not locked in yet. Hoping it will go down some. I have always been happy with Irving ‘s services and have done the Budget Plan for 5 years now.as a single person I’m hoping it will go down

  350. gordon shalek says:

    Makes sense – One big spike up & it’s over!

  351. kristelreid says:

    We are considering locking in. We were part of the OTEA but this year we didn’t renew because we want to stay with Irving.

  352. ja says:

    I always lock in and then don’t worry for the season – peace of mind

  353. Using the locked in price has almost always worked in my favor. With three places to heat I like doing a budget plan so I know what my fuel expense is each month. This is much better than having to pay to fill 3 tanks in one week. Yikes!

  354. BOB GRAY says:

    With the election brewing this heating season the Gvt is going to do everything in its power to keep Oil prices low to apease the masses. However the unrest in the world can trump that. I will either lock in or pre buy.

  355. cynthia Kelley says:

    we will most likely lock in a price. A few years back, we did get burned by locking in, but other years, it has always worked to our favor!

  356. Martha Manley says:

    I like to make the decision and “bite the bullet” once, and not have to think about it again.

  357. David Askren says:

    I’ve locked in for years. It’s a big assistance to me in planning my monthly budget. It’s paid off almost every single year.

  358. Mike Vassalll says:

    I always lock in because of the market uncertaities stemming from world events as well as the speculators

  359. T says:

    I will lock in…the question is “At what price point?”

  360. Kathy Pitman says:

    We have locked in for many years and find it’s the only way to go! The sad thing is we can only lock in what we used the previous year so if there is a mild winter and then you get slammed with a cold one you can get slammed with a high bill.

  361. Elizabeth Nestler says:

    I agree with Deb Landry. Plus it’s easier to not have to worry about paying monthly fuel bills.

  362. Deb jerard says:

    We always lock in the price as it gives us peace of mind for the heating season. I don’t have to think about it much afterwards. It has always been cheaper to do the pre-buy.

  363. paulette turmel says:

    I have not yet locked in. I am hoping the price will come down.
    We are retired so one dollar a gallon over last year is a big deal to us.

  364. JMMcKenna says:

    We have done price protection for over 13 years and feel better that our fuel is paid for and we usually get a pretty fair price.

  365. Ted Bergeron says:

    We like to pre-pay our propane and get our firewood delivered knowing we’re all set for the winter with no unexpected expenses, and most years it saves us money.

  366. Sean R. says:

    Locking in is the smartest move. With price protection there is no downside. It saved us thousands of dollars last year alone! We locked in at $2.559 for 1100 gallons – do the math!

  367. Richard Bilodeau says:

    We have always been ahead of the game by locking in a fixed price. Knowing what you will be paying ahead of time helps with budgeting and provides with a level of security.

  368. Cindy Bush says:

    I lock in so that there are no surprises in the prices during the winter months

  369. Kathleen Ragonese says:

    Irving Oil has always been competitive with their pre-buy pricing. However, this year the volatility of the market makes it a gamble.

  370. Saunders says:


  371. Julie says:

    I have been doing a pre-buy for the past four years and that works the best for me. I like knowing I’m all paid ahead for the season. I ususally call weekly to check on the prices before I lock in for the pre-buy, you just never know how the price may change.

  372. Ann Richards says:

    I’ve been using price protection plans for many years now. It’s an easy way to have some control over the cost of heating my home.

  373. Catalina Celentano says:

    I’ve pre-bought for several years and the safety and convenience of not worrying about deliveries over the winter or coming up with payments along the way, is worth it for us.

  374. Andrea LaRose says:

    A great way to budget and seems to always work to my advantage in the several years that I have enrolled.

  375. Pam Caulfield says:

    I feel safer knowing I won’t be paying $8.00 per gallon.

  376. Sarah says:

    It usually works out in our favor to lock in- one less thing to worry about if I see the prices rising

  377. Mark Giordano says:

    It would be nice if Irving put on our bill the going rate when get delivery, that way one would be sure they have definitely saved money with the budget or pre buy – which we do every year (pre buy that is).

  378. Michael Kennedy says:

    Locking in helps us to plan our winter budget … and it helps Irving to buy the right amount of fuel they need for customers: good yankee thrift all the way round.

  379. june cosselman says:

    I’ve locked in as soon as the program was offered for the 2012 heating season, Ive been a faithful customer of Irving for 30 years and am so happy with the service and price and the security I feel for the upcoming winter. Irving, you’re the best. Regards, June Cosselman

  380. J Christensen says:

    Locking in seems to pay off every year. I like the predictability.

  381. Sheryl Lake says:

    I have locked in my propane price for many years. I like knowing what my heating expense will be
    over the winter months.

  382. Bill Hill says:

    I have locked in the price protection for the last 5 years because knowing what to budget each month is the only way to go.

  383. C. Vingiuerra says:

    I’ve done pre-buy for several years & for me it’s the way to go. I have never run out of oil or propane & never worry that supplies will not be there. The Irving staff is the best as they are very helpful in answering any questions or concerns I have. They actually encourage me to call anytime I want. I’ve been with Irving for over 20 yrs. I’m a happy customer..

  384. Carol M says:

    I like to know my total cost for the season upfront.

  385. edward brideau says:

    i have locked in for a fewer gallons,than last year and hope that the winter is not as bad as last year

  386. George Lindeman says:

    Ifeel safer locked in.

  387. John says:

    Locking has always paid off except for
    One fluke year

  388. Patricia says:

    I have done price protection for around 20 years and it has always been a good idea. The price of oil rarely will go down over the winter!

  389. Phyllis Harmon says:

    I will most likely lock in the prebuy, because I have consistently saved money by going with the Price Protection Plan.

  390. George Warchol says:

    I have chose price protection plan for many years now. only a couple of years has it not worked for me. I rather be sure and can control my budget without getting surprised.

  391. Cora Parker says:

    I have Locked in for years and find the budget plan easy to do. Now with the
    prices changing so quickly its nice to be secure in my price for heating oil.

  392. Paul Tesoro says:

    I lock in very simply to ensure I optimize my chances of receiving the lowest price per gallon for fuel.

  393. Joanna E. Rapf says:

    In the long run, price protection has saved us money. Initially, it’s a big investment, but then it is comfortable not to worry about the oil all winter.

  394. John Hall says:

    We find the Price Protection, Downside Protectin and Budget Plan the best way to pay for heating our home.

  395. Gary Lunderville says:

    We choose the pepay with the protection plan hoping it will come down.

  396. Gary B says:

    History says this is a good move, but do your own research.

  397. Kimberly McCall says:

    We will be locking in again this year.

  398. Carroll Bond says:

    My reasoning is (almost) purely economics…oil prices go up and NEVER come down. If I lock it in now, I end up saving money in the long run. Historical perspectives don’t lie.

    It’s also easier to budget your payments over time and not get the HUGE bill at once. Easier is good!

  399. Seth Watson says:

    We have used Irving for the past 4 years and are satisfied with their service.

  400. I have and continue to use this plan to help with my budget planning.

  401. Donald Hamlin says:

    I’ve used Irving Oil and their price protection option for years. It is right for us. It gives us the knowledge of a fixed monthly cost to ensure we always have heat. I think it is the best option, even when the price of oil goes down (I don’t think that will happen again).

  402. Jack E says:

    Have price fixed for over ten years and long term has saved us much. The potential to save has exceed the potential to lose over the long term.

  403. mary whittlesey says:

    I use propane. I get a better deal by paying the cost up front in the prebuy. I believe that fuel prices are going up. I read that Japan isn’t using the normal amount because of the earthquake and tsunami recovery, but when they are back on track they will cause fuel prices to go higher.

  404. Mary S. Ewert says:

    I am happy with the fixed price because I don’t have to think about it–but still turn down the thermostat as this is something I can control while everything around is changing.

  405. Siobhan Perricone says:

    Price protection works the best for me every year.

  406. Chris Evans says:

    I have used Irving’s pre-pay program for 8 of 9 years and only 1 year of the 8 did I not save at least $100 over the winter, one year I saved over $500.

    Unless you really believe prices will be lower after the summer for oil #2, then pre-pay or locking in the price is the way to go.

    The one year I did not lock in, 2005 (Katrina oil price spike), I saved over $300 paying the cash price.

  407. Grant McGiffin says:

    Price protection allows me to know that I will be receiving the best price possible for my fuel oil.

  408. Melissa says:

    I have the comfort of knowing that my fuel is paid for in the begining of the heating season. I listened to everyone moan and groan about it last year and how they were struggling to pay for it. Mine will be done and I keep the thermostat where it is! This last year I paid almost a dollar less a gallon because I locked in.

  409. Ben Gorman says:

    In the past, it’s what I’ve needed to feel secure. We’ll see what the rates are this year…

  410. I will most likely lock in again as it is the most cost effective way to purchase oil. Seems like it is just going to keep going up. I like knowing I have oil purchased for the winter. Maine winters are long and cold.

  411. Mary Doud says:

    We are locking in our price this year as we feel the market is too shaky to chance higher prices. We’ve been lucky in the past (by not locking in) but need more stability in our budget this year.

  412. Deb Landry says:

    We have been doing the pre-buy for nearly 20 years and only once has the current market price been lower than we paid for the pre-buy. I will stick with those odds considering current affairs.

  413. Over all I have come out better with the utilization of price protection. I will continue with this potential program benefit because of the uncertainty of oil prices and and my need to know with some certainty my fuel energy cost. I may be wrong, but I think it is a safer bet that oil prices are more likely to go up than come down to any significant degree.

  414. Andrew_in_NH says:

    We’ve been price-protection customers for years. With all the political upheaval in oil-producing countries in the Middle East and the difficulties we have in predicting how severe winter weather will be here at home, it makes sense to continue to lock in our heating supplies. I know that over past years we’ve saved thousands of dollars by taking care of this detail early.

  415. Larry Kunz says:

    I have done the price protection for years. I love the security of knowing what our payments will be all year.

  416. Lisa says:

    Locked in. As with any purchase, there will always be the potential for a better offer down the road; as a long-time, satisfied Irving customer, I have pre-purchased for years and have always been comfortable with my decision. Given the current market/world volatility, there is peace of mind in being allowed to secure a price for the entire heating season and in knowing that Irving is a reputable company that will be there when I need them.

  417. Bob Pope says:

    I have done the pre-pay for over 20 years and yes you can lose but I’ve had 17 years where I saved a lot of money and only three where the price went down and stayed down. Doing pre-pay give you peace of mind and no worries for the whole heating season.

  418. Charles E. Frost says:

    I am locking in to get the best price possible yet allow for budget planning

  419. Wayne Madea says:

    An unstable world raises oil prices. I’ve lock in my price and volume for two years now with peace of mind through the winter.

  420. Dottie says:

    I have locked in for the budget plan. At my age I cannot deal with all the uncertainty. I feel comfortable knowing that I will not be left out in the cold. I know were I stand, and what I have to do each month. Guess-work is not for me. I also have the price protection. I really hope for us all that we will see (DOWN WE GO)

  421. Aaron Rhodes says:

    I’m uncertain which way prices are heading but I prefer to lock in for the peace of mind.

  422. Diane says:

    We will be locking in. Current instability in oil producing countries and speculation in oil markets has caused so much fluctuation in oil prices that it would be crazy not to lock in.

  423. Lisa says:

    This was our first year locking in on the price of oil. It worked out great for us and we definately plan on locking in from now on. It is nice to know how much you will be paying each month so that you are prepared and there are no surprises!

  424. Dave says:

    Fuel prices are so now it’s unbearable, the dollar is tanking fast , which raises fuel prices, I’ve always locked in and can heat with oil or propane but refining heating is way cheaper than gas yet the price per gallon barely shows it and propane use to be a burnt off by product now its threw the roof and sold by quanity go figure ? It’s very confusing ? I like get a pre set price but never pre buy … I want pay for the product when I get it at the agreed upon price but it’s getting harder every year !!! I may have to cut down the forest out back to keep warm ! good luck everyone …..

  425. I hope the price goes down before lock time. Have had a locked price since I became an Irving customer. Only one year did I lose in ten years. All the other years I have benefited from the locked price.

  426. Amy says:

    I’ve been fortunate enough to lock in for 2 years now and it’s been beneficial each time I’ve done it. It’s an absolute win-win for the consumer in today’s economy!

  427. Wayne Yordy says:

    I have locked in every year for the last 10, except in 2008 when I felt oil prices were going to come down as they did. It gives me peace of mind knowing what my budget will be each month.

  428. Jian Yu says:

    Not quite sure at this time, since the fule price is already high.

  429. Having a good company, and being able to set your budget balances are only part of my reason for my locking in a price. The principal reason is the trouble in the middle east between the leading oil producers, and the falling dollar leading almost to a assured inflationary pressure on the barrel oil price and the resulting trickle down cost to our suppliers and henceforth us, the consumers!!

  430. Anne Ivey says:

    over the years, I have locked in with favorable results. I plan to do this again this year as well. The customer service at Irving has been great, and the price protection plan has save me many dollars!

  431. Chip says:

    We’ve pre-bought for a decade; it’s always worked out to our advantage.

  432. Kevin Bartlett says:

    Yes I am returning this year for both oil and propane and will choose locked in budget plan.

  433. Marjorie L. Hascall says:

    I have ‘locked-in’ for years. It helps with my budget to pay the same every month with the knowledge that at the end of the budget year I might have a balance due, but this planned for.

    thanks for providing the opportunity/

  434. Rikki says:

    We lock in every year. There has only been one year that the price went down and that we paid a little too much by locking in. Otherwise, we have always saved money. We really like Irving, they are way better than our last propane provider. Prices are fair and the service is great.

  435. Sarah says:

    Locking in for budgeting reasons.

  436. Pete says:

    Spot market prices change daily; a firm price lets me budget.

  437. Frank says:

    Like knowing what my costs are in advance.

  438. Joanne says:

    I have locked in the price for 14 years. Only once was it the wrong decision and one other time there was no real difference.
    It’s hard to come up with such a large amount all at once, but the alternative is too scary.

  439. Frank says:

    Intend to lock-in have not determined fixed or downside protection at this time.

  440. John says:

    It’s good to know that I’m not only locking in a fair price for fuel and propane, but with a company with excellent customer service.

  441. Deidre says:

    Locking in helps me project household expenses for the coming year.

  442. Steven Mosbey says:

    Price lock is the only real option for those that want to make money be setting the budget. Putting a little at $200.00 away each month can make $29,500 in ten years at 4%. Go for it!!!

  443. Amy Bailey says:

    “Locking In” to me is like warm blanket on a cold day. I just feel comforted knowing that no matter how high the prices may go up, I don’t have to worry about it. It is a gamble, but it’s always worked out in my favor for as long as I’ve done it.

  444. Sue says:

    This is our 3rd year locking in and we have definitely made out better by doing this.

  445. Donna says:

    I find that locking in and having a fixed price to pay every month is much easier than the unknown.

  446. Peter says:

    I have done this for about 5 years and it has clearly been a win/win situation for us. I will certainly continue using this excellent service.

  447. David Welch says:

    I am locking in but I have to hope that the price goes down before I do that. As a person that has been retired since 1993 I have limited resources and need to weigh all expenses accordingly.

  448. John Clark says:

    I have always locked in my price and have come out ahead with the price going up during the heating season. Can not remember the price going down.

  449. I have locked in since I have been using Irving. The value add to price protection is the pre-buy, with upward/downward protection and the ability to pay in 10 installments. It provides and oppoortunity to pre-pay for the winter’s fuel over the summer when heat is not necessary.

    Also, peace of mind and automatic fill is great !

  450. Lynda Putnam says:

    Because it is the wise thing to do! We have locked in our price for (7) years and not one year have we been disappointed!

  451. Samg says:

    Easy to do no hassles just call and its done

  452. Tammy says:

    Yes, we will be locking in and buying this summer. Its nice not to worry about this in the winter when the price goes up.

  453. Lucy Bowman says:

    I have locked in since the inception of the program. It is nice to have the fuel and its cost set for the year. One less thing to worry about and it usually saves money in the long run.

  454. Kim Cornish says:

    We had joined a co-op for oil for several years and last year the co-op didn’t lock in until too late in the season but Irving took us on at a reduced rate. Thank you Irving.

  455. I have locked in for the past several years and it has been a good decision for us. With the current turmoil in the world and the volatility of prices, I feel it is prudent to lock in.

  456. Inger says:

    yes, locking in is a good thing to do. I have had only one year where it did not work out (when checking out the prices retrospectively).

    thank you for offering it!

  457. Ruth Fleury says:

    I have been locking in for years therefore this year is no different. The cost of oil and other oil products are so high we cannot take a chance to wait hoping that things will change and oil prices will go down to a resonable price. I will check to see what will be reasonable and lock in as soon as possible.

  458. Kathleen says:

    We have been a customer since we moved into our home 16 years ago. We have always locked in a price and have felt it has saved us money. Though prices have gone up over the years and we spend a lot more for using the same amount we feel that this option is very valuable for us and have always felt we had good pricing and customer service with Iriving.

  459. Bryan Lonardo says:

    I am planning to lock in but am waiting to see if the price comes down.

  460. Mark McCafferty says:

    Have locked in with Irving 2 years in a row

  461. Jackie says:

    This is a no-brainer….lock in to save money. I have participated in this program since its inception and have not been disappointed. Thanks.

  462. Bob Silvia says:

    I will be locking in this year. I have always locked in during the summer as it has always worked out that it beats buying fuel (propane) in bulk during the heating season. I also believe that the cost of both natural and propane gas may rise due to the high cost of oil and increased demand during the winter.

  463. Karol Hammer says:

    I’ve locked in my price for something like 15 years. It’s only ‘bitten’ me once that I can recall. I like the program because it lets my budget stay somewhat stable while prices fluctuate.

  464. Debbie says:

    have always made out better by locking in–and there is some peace of mind knowing what you have to pay ahead —-but I do struggle with the price of oil—it will really hit the budget for sure

  465. Vickie says:

    I am on a tight budget and when I lock into my price, I know what to expect. It helps me plan the year. . . and with such a volatile market, it’s nice to know what to expect. I like that I can also spend a tiny bit more (in the scheme of things) and if the price goes down, I get the lower price.

  466. Ed Hazan says:

    We will be locking in again as the market is too volatile!

  467. Linda says:

    We have always locked in and will again this year, but will shop for pricing.

  468. Christine says:

    We’ll be locking in at the best price we can and will do price protection. This will help us budget so we don’t have huge bills every month that we fill up.

  469. Ana Teresa says:

    It helps with our budget

  470. Ana Teresa says:

    It helps organize the budget.

  471. Cathy Harrington says:

    I like to lock in to ensure I know the most I will be paying this year. With prices and the economy so crazy, better safe than sorry!

  472. Joe Dokes says:

    My Magic Eight ball says to lock in. It is about as accurate as anything else out there.

  473. Susan Rioux says:

    After the prices of last year, we plan to be more prepared!

  474. linda schliebus says:

    knowing what i am paying makes it easier to budget for

  475. Edward Brennan says:

    They are not making any more of it..lock in now~

  476. Dave says:

    I’ve locked and prepaid for as long as I’ve been an Irving Energy customer and have been happy each time. Will do so again.

  477. Steven Atkins says:

    Yes, I will lock in. I have been with Irving for the past 16 years and locking in helps to alleviate the ups and downs of this unpredictable market.

  478. jamie lawrence says:

    It is part of our financial plan..to know what we are paying and when.

  479. Matt Krauss says:

    It helps our family budget our expenses (especially in the winter months) and offers a real sense of financial stability in a world less and less “stable”.

  480. Ron C says:

    I prefer locking in, however with the economy, I think it is wise to shop prices. I prefer staying with a trusted dependable company, however in today’s world 50 cents per gallon is a significant savings.

  481. Barbara says:

    It only makes sense for planning in this volatile market. It helps me budget carefully.

  482. Tom P says:

    We do plan to lock in. Have locked in with Irving for the past 15ish yrs…only one year (two years ago, I think) did we pay more than street price for annual average…and it was not by much.

  483. Kathy L says:

    Locking in, saves money and is easier to budget for.

  484. Jeff & Sharon says:

    Planning to lock-in with downside protection and pre-buy, plus continue home energy improvements to reduce future use.

  485. Kim F. says:

    I would rather know what its going to cost and not get any surprises at the end.

  486. Bambi F says:

    Yes, I have to lock in because I have to be able to plan in advance how much it will cost me.

  487. John Latimer says:

    We will lock in to budget the cost and be able to get lower prices, which appears to be the current price trend.

  488. Alan Gould says:

    I like knowing what my payment will be.

  489. ginger m says:

    i am so glad that irving does a budget, otherwise, i dont know what i would do. this is the only way i can afford to buy my oil.

  490. Liz Decker says:

    I’m going to lock in, but will wait until the last minute and check prices before signing the contract. It’s always saved us money!

  491. Bruce Riddle says:

    I will lock in with downside protection.

  492. Bethany Creaser says:

    I’ve locked in the past couple of years and have been glad I did. The lock in price tends to be the best overall.

  493. Mike B says:

    I can’t see oil prices coming down anytime soon so I’ll lock in.

  494. Kathy says:

    Planning on locking in, always hope the price doesn’t go down, it’s a good piece of mind in case it does.

  495. Jane m.f. says:

    For the last two years we were paying a dollar less a gallon than others by locking in. Thank you!

  496. Renee Lecaroz says:

    I am confident that Irving will do us all well in getting the BEST price possible for it’s wonderful customers,,,thank you in advance!! I will lock in when this happens!!

  497. jaye michaelis says:

    didn’t price protect one year—-what a mistake. waited to lock in another year thinking prices would go down—-another mistake.

  498. Eugene Vigneault says:

    Locking in, would rather be safe then sorry later.

  499. Dale says:

    I’ll be locking in also. I find it much better to anticipate the known cost instead of getting hit with a big price increase at a time I can least afford it.

  500. Matt says:

    Definately locking in. The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know. Piece of mind!

  501. Fred L. says:

    I’ve always done the prebuy and have always been glad that I did.

  502. Mason D says:

    It is comforting as the cold wind starts to blow to not have worries about heating the home.

  503. Donna H says:

    Will be locking in. Not looking forward to see the prices, but would like to know ahead of time. Great for budgeting

  504. Diane says:

    I usually do the pre-buy but I like to wait until we’re closer to fall. Always hoping that prices will drop alittle more.

  505. Ray says:

    I will be locking in, but not at this time.

  506. C Reynolds says:

    I took advantage of the Price protection plan with downside feature last year and plan to sign up again for 2011-12. It is helpful to have this option during these uncertain economic times. Thanks!

  507. MelissaB says:

    Im going to lock in soon. For the first time i’ll be buying the
    insurance protection. Im feeling uneasy about the direction this country is headed and will spend the extra money to protect myself if the price goes up. Thank you Irving for such great customer service!

  508. erika bh says:

    definately with downside protection

  509. Shannon Labozzo says:

    Going to lock. Better safe than sorry.

  510. Brian E. says:

    I answered “no,” but more accurately I am waiting to see the Pre-Buy price. Wouldn’t mind paying cash up front and then “pay” ourselves over the course of the season if it keeps the monthly breakdown about the same.

  511. Adam Rosen says:

    I believe that Irving will get the best price possible for customers. Additionall my employer, a school district, contracts with Irving and offers a .10 per gallon discount to district employees.

  512. Chris says:

    Have to go over all the info to decide. . .

  513. Karen Wightman says:

    Will probably lock in if the price is reasonable. Like to know what to budget for the year.

  514. Barbara E. says:

    I’ve been locking in every year for several years and done very well. I’m certainly not an energy expert but with all the turmoil in the world caused by Japan’s natural disaster and the rising unrest in the Middle East I don’t expect energy prices to go down. I would expect them to rise as demand becomes greater next winter. I realize this is a gamble but I’m willing to take it.

  515. Alan Hosking says:

    I believe that fuel prices will go down, but I am going to lock in my price. I take comfort in knowing the price is not going to change.

  516. cindy says:

    Will be locking in. Have for several years and always found it the best option. Sometimes have gone with the choice to pay for protection if the price drops then your price drops but that has never happened. Pay now or pay later….. all the same.

  517. Tom G says:

    Locking in provides budget surety and an option for downside protection.

  518. Rick says:

    The bigger risk is a price increase. Hedging is a good strategy.

  519. Angela H says:

    We will be locking in again this year. Nice to know our cost up front.

  520. David Grosse says:

    I will be following the market and decide by August.

  521. Mike Turk says:

    It worked out real well to lock in this past winter. I am going to look into the downside thingy. Sounds interesting!

  522. Ed Lawrence says:

    Locking in, but wondering why prices are artificially inflated and who is getting all the profits while the rest of us struggle just to get through the heating season.

  523. Linda says:

    I’m locking in because it’s been my experience that oil prices usually go higher. Only once since I’ve been locking in have they dropped. it’s well worth the risk to me.

  524. steve says:

    Not locking in at this time, I think oil prices will drop!!!

  525. Gary Stefan says:

    Our family budget is easier to maintain when we know the cost of our heating oil.

  526. Michael V says:

    The peace of mind in knowing what our heating expenses will be is important to us.

  527. Sheldon Holson says:

    Will be locking in this year

  528. Linda D. Ehrlich says:

    I always lock in. Then, I don’t have to pay a bill every month.
    It kind of gives you a warm feeling!

  529. Elaine says:

    Will not be locking in. Several friends got seriously burned a couple years ago. I didn’t lock in and was paying over $2.50 per gallon less than they were and there was not a thing they could do about their price. Even though the price per barrel had gone down, they were stuck at $5 per gallon. At the last minute, I decided not to lock in and it was a great decision. Trying to make an educated guess on something so unpredictable is simply a shot in the dark.

  530. Norman says:

    I will be pre-buying my heating oil for the next season. However I will wait until the end of summer. I shop around for the best price and Irving will typically match it and beat the competitors price.

  531. colin fischer says:

    I have locked in the past 2 years and I plan to again. I like being able to spread my payment out and I definitely saved money last year.

  532. Margaret Salt says:

    I appreciate knowing how much to plan on for fuel each month, and I consider the risk of extra expense to be insurance similar to other insurance I carry.

  533. Mark H says:

    I’ve locked in because I can plan ahead, and I’m not convinced that oil will drop this year

  534. Patti says:

    hoping prices drop a bit, then will lock in.

  535. jon unwin says:

    Haven’t realy decided yet but swaying into locking in

  536. Anne S says:

    I’m not locking in. I’m turning off the heat at my home, and going to FL, where it is much cheaper to live, weather is sunny, and cheerful, and in the Spring and Fall, I’ll enjoy the wonderful heat that my Irving supplier brings to me! Also cutting a little more wood around the edges!

  537. Sally Travis-Scott says:

    I will be locking in too…

  538. Mike Gillis says:

    We lock in if the price seems fair, to avoid surprises on the bill. Ultimately though, we are looking at alternate sources of energy.

  539. Well, I got this e-mail this morning and I had already signed up for the Price Protection. I chose the Downside Protection Plan I feel that it is the best of the plans. All you can do is win this plan, plus on top of that I have the platumn protection plan for my furnace. Great deal , had to have major work done on the furnace last winter and it was expensive, I was thankful that the platmun plan covered the complete job.

  540. Maud P. says:

    Absolutely, peace of mind is key!

  541. Matthew Keith says:

    i decided to lock in and do the budget plan it is just easier knowing what i will pay up front and each month

  542. Bill says:

    Usually lock in, but uncertain this year with volatility in oil markets.

  543. Gloria H says:

    I’m new to the area, and just learning about the lock in’s, and I think we are leaning towards the lock in pricing.

  544. Kathy Callahan says:

    I want to lock in the price because the oil prices increased so much this year that I knew I made the right decision. It was very hard to make the large payments after each delivery. I need to find the lowest price over the winter months. I don’t see the economy getting better anytime soon.

  545. Lou says:

    Locking in; over the years this has saved us money and, has been said, peace of mind!

  546. Don K says:

    It is always a gamble; so I’ll probably lock in 50% of my season’s needs, as a hedge.

  547. Dan says:

    Locking in….works for budgeting and the way world oil politics is now it is anyone’s guess as to what will happen with oil prices in the future.

  548. cathy burke says:

    we may go with the downside protection this year.

  549. Mista McDonnell says:

    We’ll be locking in — prefer to know ahead what our cost will be for budget reasons — it usually is to our benefit financially.

  550. Lise Tierney says:

    I’ll lock in soon. It’s easier to budget the $$$

  551. Theresa Johnson says:

    I’m not sure what to do yet. Will hold out a little longer but i’m leaning towards locking in

  552. Mark says:

    I’m locking in…but…Im insulating my home this year and expect to cut my oil consumption by at least 25%. Next year, I’ll address domestic hot water which accounts for 1/3 of my consumption. Either I’ll pre-heat the water using solar or install on demand water heaters, or both. I also plan on decreasing living space for the heating months by insulating an interior wall and installing an insulated French Door (a nice looking door) to block the seasonal space. This space accounts for 10% of my living space. My current oil consumption is currently 1800 gallons. With the above modifications, I expect to bring my consumption to approximately 770 gallons. I decide on which improvements to implement by using a 4 year or less payback.

    Simple things I do right now that don’t cost a penny are, wash laundry in cold water, and use my Energy Star dishwasher.

  553. I. Sarah says:

    Definitely locking in. It is better for the budget and it brings peace of mind.

  554. Wren says:

    Not locked in – hoping for a serious drop in prices before winter…

  555. Lisa Arnold says:

    As in years past I will be locking in again this year. I prefer to know what the fuel will cost versus rolling the dice on price.

  556. June L says:

    I know there are not any guarantees; however, I like to know I’ve covered most of my winter heating expense.

  557. T.E. Blake says:

    I am optimistic that the high oil prices will drop this summer, therefore, I am not locking in yet.

  558. Benjamin S. says:

    I am locking in. If prices drop, I end up paying more than I might have, but the upside for me is getting the fuel cost settled for the 2011-2012 heating year.

  559. Cindy Vermette says:

    We like to do the prebuy because then we do not have to worry about paying for fuel during the heating season and there are no surprises in what the cost is.

  560. Laurie Dockham says:

    I will be locking in, it is easier to budget monthly expenses, and not have any unexpected extra costs

  561. Tracy says:

    Think this winter season will be fairly similar to last with some ups and downs, but mostly ups as things globally do not seem to be stabilizing and pressures are on the fuel industry more than normal. Last year, locked in at 2.69/gal and most deliveries were around 3.40 and 3.71/gal. so a significant savings really quick.

  562. Jacki Fogarty says:

    In the absence of a crystal ball, there’s at least the knowledge that it can’t get any worse than the lock-in price.

  563. Wendy Rocha says:

    I’ll take my chances that prices will decrease in the future.

  564. Elizabeth P. says:

    I’m not locking in…It’s a gamble who knows oil prices could drop significantly–you never know

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