9 Energy Tips For Winter

Winter is in full swing and many customers are wondering about the things they can do to help save money on their heating bill. Here are some tips to make your home more efficient and your family more comfortable:

  1. Let the sun in – Open the drapes and let the sun heat your home during the day. Be sure to close them when the sun goes down to help insulate your home.
  2. Move your furniture– Move your furniture so you are sitting near interior  Exterior walls and older windows can be drafty.
  3. Keep your wood fireplace closed – Keep your fireplace damper closed unless a fire is burning. This will prevent warm air from going up the chimney.
  4. Turn off ventilation fans – Turn off kitchen and bath ventilating fans after they’ve done their job. These fans can let warm air escape if left on.
  5. Install a programmable thermostat – Many thermostats give you the ability to schedule temperature changes by the hour for each day. These thermostats are popular because you can set the temperature to reflect your family’s schedule.
  6. Seal leaks – Add caulking or weather stripping to seal air leaks around doors and windows. Even the smallest gap around a door will cause warm air to leave your home.
  7. Schedule service for your heating system – A properly maintained furnace, boiler or water heater will operate more efficiently and also extend the life of your heating equipment.
  8. Insulate water heater pipes – Insulate the pipes around the water heater with inexpensive, easy-to-install pipe insulation. This is particularly helpful if the water heater is in an unheated space.
  9. Properly insulate your attic – If you have an older home, then you may require more insulation. Consider upgrading your insulation with spray-foam or bat insulation.

Do you have more helpful tips to stay comfortable in the winter? Please leave us a message in the comments box below!


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